How To Get Away With Murder (2014) s06e04 Episode Script

I Hate the World

1 Previously on "How To Get Away With Murder" They're her therapy sessions with Sam.
Solomon Vick was screwing our client's wife.
Got her pregnant, too.
Your dad wasn't the client, Michaela.
He's the lawyer.
Denver was keeping files on all of you.
I destroyed them already.
So no yelling at me for hiring Bonnie.
Can I yell at you for not telling me that you have a wife? - You recognize this girl? - They said they'd kill me if I talked to anyone about where I dropped her.
Hey, Frank.
You need to give us help to close one of ours.
- What case? - Annalise Keating.
We have a dead informant on our hands, Michaela.
I need help in here! Help! Help! Connor, Connor.
Stay with me, Connor.
- It's gonna be okay.
You're okay.
- What's going on?! Is Connor okay?! Someone answer me, please! What's wrong with Connor?! Tell me what's wrong! Please, Connor.
No, no, no.
Bermuda North Atlantic Bank.
May I please have your personal access code? Bravo, Bravo, Tango, Whiskey, Echo, 8-1-1-2.
Thank you.
How may I help you today? I'd like to make a transfer into my account.
What was the amount? $50,000.
Maybe I've just been using Eve as some kind of an escape.
An escape from what? Me.
Hating myself.
You don't hate yourself around Eve? No.
I like myself more when I'm with her.
What's the problem with liking yourself? Liking myself isn't the problem.
It's how I got there.
- You mean falling in love with Eve? - Falling in love with a woman.
That crap might fly in a white family, but mine My father would stick me in a mental clinic - if he found out.
- And why does your father's opinion of you matter if you're happy? - I didn't say I was happy.
- Wake 'n bake, baby! Ooh! Uh, it's a work day.
A work day.
What's that? You know, someone at C&G is gonna notice - that you haven't been there in weeks.
- Until then, I'm just gonna get high and bake cookies! - Okay, everybody out.
I've got to pack.
- For what? Gabriel got us a cabin in the Poconos for the weekend.
- Oh, can I come? - Ooh, sexy.
- No.
- Oh, get him to take a pic of his - Okay.
Get out.
I said out.
- You don't want - Out! Get out! - I was Yeah.
Annalise, are you in love with Eve? I don't know.
Maybe I'm just running from everything that happened to me.
Your uncle? The abuse? Of course.
Happy first day of the new job! Here's some Buster's to start the day, greased up and ready to work.
I'm too nervous to eat.
Everyone at C&G's gonna love you, BonBon.
And if they don't, - they're gonna have to answer to me.
- Thank you.
But you're just here to get a ride, right? Yeah.
Happy masturbating, Franky! He didn't come home last night.
- One-night stand? - Probably.
Let's go.
Can I offer you an alternative? That you're with Eve not because you're running from men, but because you're running to somewhere safe.
Okay, we're all set.
- The transfer has gone through.
- And the balance? With the current exchange rate, $208,000.
Thank you.
How to Get Away With Murder 6x04 I Hate the World You get something on Price? No.
It's about Ronald Miller.
We have new evidence leading us to believe that he was not involved in your father's death.
What evidence? Something that will help close your father's case.
But first you need to help us close one of ours.
What case? Annalise Keating.
You're the FBI.
If there's a reason to take Annalise down, I'm sure you can do it without my help.
Why do you keep sacrificing yourself for her, Nate? Before you met her, you were a respected detective.
Leadership was eyeing you for Captain.
What's your point? That your entire career was ruined because Annalise Keating framed you for her husband's murder.
You have to want something better for yourself than whatever it is you do these days.
I want my pops's case solved.
That's what I want.
So do we.
Just give us something on Annalise.
And, hell, there might even be a job for you here.
Special Agent Lahey.
It sounds good, right? Carl, everyone at Flirt Inferno is sensitive to your complaint, but under Section 230 under the Communications Decency Act, Ms.
Turpin cannot be held liable for any discrimination felt from the app's other users.
That said, we are prepared to offer you $50,000.
As part of the settlement, obviously Ms.
Turpin will admit no liability.
Standard NDAs apply.
$50,000 so your client can discriminate against mine? My app unites people.
It does not discriminate.
Then why does it only pair me with disabled women? The users tell us what they want, and we give it to them.
I can't help it if they're prejudiced.
But you profit off that prejudice and Flirt Inferno is a digital platform, which means it has statutory immunity from any bias its users demonstrate.
Take the 50K.
How are you okay with this? The law is the law.
You changed the law at the Supreme Court on behalf of poor people of color.
Now you're okay persecuting a disabled man? Since when is having trouble dating persecution? This is an amended complaint under Title II of the Civil Rights Act.
What civil rights are being violated? My client is being humiliated in a place of public accommodation.
It's on a dating app, Zeke, not in a restaurant.
We're arguing discrimination laws applicable to physical spaces should be applied to digital ones, as well.
How much money do you want, Carl? - $75,000? $100,000? - I don't want any money.
I want a fair shot at love, just like everyone else.
- That's something I can't give you.
- You can.
If you rewrite your algorithm to be more sensitive to people like myself.
We'll give you 48 hours to agree to change the algorithm, or we file in court.
Wake up! C&G just took on a civil rights case, and we are tapping your brilliant minds to help.
Civil rights is my forte.
Too bad it's one of our clients violating them.
No one's violating anything.
- Robert? - Yeah.
Robert Hsieh, in-house counsel for Flirt Inferno I use Flirt Inferno.
That's great.
Then you know it's not biased.
Now we just got to find some precedents to support that.
Uh, question.
When did this clinic stop being about helping the underprivileged? You mean when Tegan drove to Maryland to stop your dumb ass from getting our clients deported? Now, uh, this is the first time I've ever heard of anti-discrimination laws for physical spaces being applied to the Internet.
So we are in a whole new frontier of law.
Just not the final frontier.
That would be space law, right? And when the laws fail us, then we'll find dirt on our plaintiff - to shut him up.
- The disabled guy? Just get Oliver to dig.
Where is he? - Working from home.
- I never approved that.
Get him here now.
And now and then, I fall apart And I need you now tonight And I need you more than ever And if you only hold me tight We'll be holding on forever And we'll only be making it right You miss your sexy boo-thang already? Not me.
The jig is up.
And bring Michaela so she can see me flirting up an inferno.
Um, she's not here.
What? Where is she? Gabriel rented a cabin in the Poconos.
They'll be back Sunday.
- You paid how much for these tickets? - It's fine.
I'll be able to afford my own island once I prove paternity.
Excuse me.
So what's the plan? You gonna rush the stage, yank some of his hair out? No.
I just need his water bottle.
- Why not just talk to the guy? - He'll deny everything.
You don't know that.
This is the man who knocked up my mother, let her get shot, then allowed his own daughter to be raised by white-trash swamp people.
Now he needs to pay me for his sins.
What if you want more than just his money? You sound stupid.
Shh! Thank you.
Thank you.
I couldn't be more excited about our keynote speaker.
He's a lawyer, venture capitalist, disrupter, a change-maker.
And the tech gods in Silicon Valley refer to him as "the Money Magnet".
Oh, and he also calls himself a feminist.
Fourth wave.
Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to Solomon Vick.
- Good to see you.
- You too.
She left out next President of the United States! Solomon, let's talk about your sudden interest in the women's space.
Oh, my interest in women is not sudden, Kelly.
Business-wise, you've taken on a feminist mantle, something many women in this audience might find self-serving.
Let's be clear women have no power.
Quite frankly, it's my belief they never will.
Power comes from money, and today only 3% of venture funds go to women-led businesses, with 2.
2% almost exclusively going to white women.
The only people to blame for this inequality are rich, powerful, historically selfish men.
- I kinda like him.
- So you're saying it's up to men to save women from this predicament? What I'm saying is, men typically invest their money, while women donate it.
Now, until that changes, it's on men to right the financial wrongs that they created, and the best way to do that is to invest in women.
Well, how do you personally plan to do that? As of today, Vick Capital is opening a $500 million fund to invest solely in women entrepreneurs.
Now, who wants some of that? Anybody? Because I cannot wait to give it away.
I'm here.
I'm here.
- Michaela's dead body show up on the porch yet? - Nope.
- Are you still high? - Yup.
- What am I doing? - Digging up dirt on this guy.
So we're the evil empire again.
I don't think we're the bad guys here.
I've been swiping left and right on this thing, and not one of sign of discrimination yet.
- You're able-bodied.
- And white.
Try using a dating app when you're an Asian guy.
Well, it's not the app's fault that people are horrible.
I'm not sure about that.
The app asks, "Would you date someone without a steady job?" That's a biased question.
The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is more than twice the rate of people without disability Booya! Take a look at this matchy-match! Would you be that excited if she weren't a super-model? I'm not gonna discriminate against a woman just 'cause she's "foine".
"Dearest Lacey, how honored I feeleth to match with a woman as beauteous as you.
" Here's how we can be done with this case real fast Heidi changes the algorithm.
- Nah, she's not gonna do that.
- Why not? She's been designing that thing for 10 years.
Doesn't mean it's not trash.
- Annalise.
- No, no.
No, she's right.
I agree.
I'd die before using any dating app.
That's something only a good-looking man could say.
- You think I'm good-looking? - Let's just work.
- So, what do you think, Annalise? - You're okay.
No, I meant, what are your feelings about online dating? Assuming you're single.
Here's my executive decision we file this response under tortious interference, prove there's economic harm to Heidi's business.
See what you think.
- Danielle said you needed me? - Yes.
Bullet-point the Communications Decency Act for me and any cases involving public-accommodations protection extending to the digital space.
What's the case? Flirt Inferno.
File's upstairs on my desk.
Mess up, and you're fired.
What's this? Tegan's divorce papers.
All her financials are listed.
Maybe there's something linking her to Jorge or Xavier.
Not bad for your first day.
Just see what you can find.
How do Tegan Price's divorce papers help us with our case against Keating? They don't, but they might help me solve my pops's murder.
- Nate - She has her assets listed.
Follow the money.
It probably leads to the Castillos, the Governor.
Even if that's true, I assume she didn't just give you these? You want my help.
First you need to help me.
$20 almonds? Why, yes, Daddy Warbucks.
We should order room service.
How many lobsters do you want? What'd you say? You know, you don't have to stay.
I mean it.
I'm fine doing this alone.
Well, it's too late.
I'm here for you.
What are they talking about now? - You want to listen? - Ew, no, it's weird.
So I'm weird.
Got it.
Okay, maybe just for a second.
How's the sex? I don't want to talk about that.
You were sexually abused.
It's important.
I didn't know they were gonna talk about this.
When you're having sex with Eve, do you dissociate or do you enjoy it? Both.
So you'd say Eve makes you feel good? - Sexually speaking? - Can we please talk about something else? - Understanding how you react to sex - is critical to understanding your trauma, Annalise.
Eve makes me feel safe.
How does it feel? - Hmm? - Getting hit on at work.
It's like the fool hasn't heard of "Me Too".
Well, if he was hitting on me, it's only 'cause he works for the FBI.
'Cause no one can actually find you attractive? Is this about your wife? She calls you once, and now all you see is sex everywhere you look? - Stop.
- Why don't you call her? What could it hurt? Because she's seeing someone else.
Sign the damn papers already.
We won the case.
Carl's an incel.
- A what? - "Involuntary celibate".
They're men who blame women for not wanting to have sex with them.
Carl wrote all of these terrible things online.
I hate the world.
Yeah, but not as much as Carl hates women, which means he's a very bad, bad man.
We win.
I assume you've decided to change the algorithm? No.
What we've decided is to spare Carl from a public stoning.
He just needs to drop the suit.
Why would I do that? "Women are hopeless femoids who'll never be a man's mental equal.
" "Girls like rape 'cause they're just whores who want it rough.
" Just imagine how much harder it's gonna be for you to get a date, let alone win a lawsuit.
The only reason I became an incel is because I was sick of all the rejection that I experienced as a result of your bigoted algorithm.
You are the bigot.
Okay, we'll see you in court.
You'll lose.
It's not against the law for me to be an incel, but it is to discriminate against one.
I'll give you a million dollars.
- You can't buy me.
- $5 million.
Say a number.
This has never been about the money.
I just want the algorithm changed.
She's only into you for your money, jackass.
So what's the appropriate waiting time before I ask to move into Laurel's room? You're not gonna miss listening to Michaela and Gabriel hook up through the wall? I don't listen to them usually.
What are you doing? - Researching the local gays.
- How rude.
Us singles are out here trying to find love, and you two are on there just Looking for sex.
- What? - Yeah.
What? I'm open if you are.
To a threesome? - Quiet.
Since when? - Since forever.
You've never had one, though.
Oli, you've never done a threesome? Ooh, we got a match.
PReP, positive-friendly.
And he's got actual books on his bookshelf.
- That's more hot.
- Should I message him? Look, the the FBI or the Castillos are gonna barge in here any second, so we might as well give them a show when they do.
See if he responds.
"Hey there, handsome.
Open to couples?" I hate being straight.
You lied to me.
I do speak fluent Klingon, but I'm still not teaching you.
You're on Flirt Inferno.
As are you, apparently.
Oh, no, just for research.
- I don't put my actual face on this.
- No, no, no, - you'd get way too many matches.
- That's not the point.
I know, Annalise.
This is called small talk.
You really should try it sometime.
This isn't the only secret you're keeping from me, is it? Heidi offered Carl $5 million like it was nothing.
But I looked up Flirt Inferno's valuation not impressive.
So what are you not telling us? You know I can't say.
Again with the secrets.
You know, you think this little act is cute, but you're really just pissing me off.
She's betting on her future.
Meaning? Heidi is licensing her algorithm to the U.
government for $50 million.
$50 million? We're in the wrong business.
Only if you're okay with making money off of discrimination.
Oh, come on.
The government is gonna use it to weed out people of color from housing, employment applications, all because an algorithm deems them as less than desirable.
You want that to be part of your legacy? You've got some nerve talking to me about legacy.
Tegan, I know I got blood on my hands, but now is the time - that we have to make things right.
- We? - That's your legacy, Annalise, not mine.
- Really? You wanna leave the world worse off than you found it? I want power.
I'm not shy about that.
We take on the world every day, and it's still a mess.
Unarmed black men killed for daring to live - Yeah, but - and a legal system with enough loopholes to drown in.
So, yeah, I want power to fix all of it.
You don't need to sell out to the highest bidder - to do that.
- I'm not selling out.
I'm getting what's mine, what I have worked very hard for.
You hear me? I gave up a hell of a lot, and I'm not about to let anyone snatch it away.
So get off your soapbox and help me win this damn case.
Most people try to band-aid our parity problem.
Now, they focus on equality, ensuring everyone has equal access, instead of equity.
How do you propose we fix it? Besides the $500 million I pledged yesterday? Money can't solve everything.
Well, then we need to act on our beliefs, which is what my firm does.
Now, we have wage parity among my male and female employees, and I'm very proud of that.
Why are they all clapping? - He's a con man.
- They can hear you.
- Good.
They need to know.
- Michaela.
Excuse me, Mr.
I have a question.
Actually, let's wait until the Q&A.
Vick, you claim to be devoted to supporting women in the professional space, but do you hold yourself to that same standard in your own personal life? Oh, wow.
Um, your name? Laurel Castillo.
Your answer? I have made it a personal goal to hold myself to account in both my professional and my personal life.
So, professionally, you've never, say, slept with a client? Alright, let's move on Sleeping with anyone involved in a case you work on - could get you disbarred.
- I think I know that.
So you have or haven't? - I have not.
- Are you sure? I'm not sure we're on topic.
That behavior would demonstrate an affinity for exploiting vulnerable women.
I would think that could tarnish the feminist legacy of the great Solomon Vick.
Wouldn't you agree? I would.
And any man who does not agree should be fired, disbarred, all of it.
Now, does that answer your question, Ms ? Castillo.
Yes, I am very clear on where you stand now.
Carry on.
Let's go over to Kibwe.
What's your take on parity in the corporate world? Let's call this a, uh, bad news bear claw.
I prefer a doughnut.
I tried my best.
Heidi refuses to change the algorithm.
Can't blame the woman.
She wants her money.
Here's my Hail Mary file a suit under the Defend Trade Secrets Act and claim he acquired the algorithm and misappropriated it.
And get an ex parte order to seize his property to prevent the dissemination of the algorithm trade secret? - Exactly.
- No.
Enough of you trying to sabotage this case.
I'm telling you how to win.
Carl wants women like Heidi to burn? Let's give him the match.
Hey, Carl.
Uh, you don't know me.
- My name's Asher.
- You work at C&G.
What the hell is this? - Look, I could get fired for telling you this.
- So don't.
Heidi's selling her algorithm for $50 mil.
- That's why she won't change it.
- Why tell me? 'Cause everything that's gone wrong with my life is because of stupid sluts like Heidi.
- I'm not saying that.
- Then you're fired.
Everyone already thinks I'm some frat bro meathead.
- Why do you think we're asking you? - We're not asking.
We're telling.
Or maybe you're okay with letting the Nazis win? Life was better before dating apps.
Men we used to ask women out.
We would tell them what to do, how to dress.
Now women think they have all the power, that they can say no.
That's Heidi's fault.
We don't actually talk like that.
Here's how you win your case.
What's that? Heidi's passwords.
There's no way in hell I'm giving you my passwords.
What, your privacy is more important to you than a $50 million government contract? In what world do we give my number-one enemy access to things that could destroy me? It's Carl's lawsuit that'll destroy you, not some salacious video or photo.
How do you know there's anything to find? Come on, Carlito.
She's a whore.
I knew from the second I saw her.
Has Ms.
Turpin decided to meet my client's demands? - Or are we going to trial? - Trial.
Just not the one you think.
Your client posted this on Reddit a few hours ago.
This is your chance to put me to work.
- Just say the word, and I'll do it.
- Oh, my God, is that - Yours truly.
I look good, right? - You're the boss.
Carl, are you aware that uploading sex tapes onto the Internet without consent constitutes sexual assault? I didn't upload that.
But I thank whoever did.
- This won't look good to your board, huh? - I don't know.
Kim K.
wasn't hurt by hers.
Annalise, didn't you say our I.
expert - pinged that upload to Carl's I.
address? - I did.
Then I was hacked.
Just like you hacked our client's personal accounts? Something I'm sure a search warrant will find out.
And then comes our lawsuit against you for defamation, harassment, sextortion, and conspiracy.
Ooh, that's a lot of jail time.
What What is that, like, 10 years? I bet that $5 million you turned down looks real good right about now.
You set me up.
I'll prove it.
Carl, sometimes there comes a point - to throw in the towel.
- I disagree.
I'll die before surrendering to a room full of women.
We looked at Ms.
Price's divorce papers, as you suggested, and something in her financials caught our eye.
Price owns stock worth a half a millions dollars in a company called Barrington Holdings.
And? Guess who owns it.
Laurel Castillo.
This is it our proof.
Of what? Tegan owns stock in a company Laurel owns.
Or it's just in her name.
Or Tegan is the one who helped Laurel disappear and the stock is how Laurel paid her.
What's your endgame? President of the incels? - I just want the matches I deserve.
- Oh.
You know what? That's your problem "deserve".
Only thing you deserve is a kick in the ass.
You dump your pain on women as if it's your birthright 'cause you don't think anyone understands what you're going through.
Everybody's going through something.
People stare at you in the supermarket? Ask how sex works for you? Reject you? I'm a dark-skinned black woman.
Rejection has been my theme song my entire life.
Intimidating, unwanted, undesirable.
There are men that don't find me sexual or attractive.
They see me as a threat.
And I've hated them for it.
But that hate has poisoned me, not them.
I know you're looking for a woman to love.
Why don't you start loving yourself? Carl dropped the suit.
And he's agreed to a permanent injunction stipulation.
How'd you do get him to agree? Trade secret.
You're welcome.
Thank you so much.
All of you are amazing, a real dream team.
You don't agree with me, I know, but - Wrong.
I don't like you.
- Annalise.
You're perpetuating racism, sexism, homophobia, you name it.
And you're handing it to a dangerously flawed government for coin, selling out the potential of so many brilliant people to come.
That's not worth all the money in the world.
You're condemning me? Didn't you get famous getting rapists and killers out of jail? Yeah.
And I'm probably going straight to hell.
I'll see you there, Heidi.
Annalise! Annalise! Great job in there with the takedown of Mr.
Hatemonger and my boss.
I haven't enjoyed a double feature like that since the Jimmy Stewart retrospective at the Algonquin.
- Robert, are you hitting on me? - Hmm? Maybe you're gay or just nice, but people think that you're hitting on me.
Well, which answer convinces you to have a drink with me? I don't drink.
How about dinner then? - I already ate.
- Dessert? You know what? I have a lot on my plate.
Dating isn't a good idea.
I like ice cream.
- Stop cooking.
- Why? Ravi wants to come over tonight.
Dinner's canceled.
You two aren't actually going through with this, are you? Uh, yeah, we are.
I think? Yeah.
It was my idea.
I just need to manscape.
- I'll help.
- What about me? My balls aren't that hairy.
I mean why does no one want me? Girls say they want a nice guy, and and I I think I am, or at least I try to be, but what's the point of being nice if they don't even want me? Unless the point of how much respect I give a woman should not be about getting laid.
God, am I a baby incel? No, of course not.
You're overreacting.
Michaela is dating literally the last person on Earth that she should be dating.
- Michaela has terrible taste.
- Well, I don't.
And I want someone and not just a super-model, but someone who's friendly and funny and Oh, I take that all back.
- What? - Why? Lacey, who happens to be a super-model, wants to hang out at my place tonight.
Looks like you two are not the only ones getting lucky tonight.
Daddy is back in action! Yeehaw! Here's the research on the CDA, starting with Title V from 1996.
Did I screw up? No.
I did, by forgetting I asked you to do all this.
The case is over.
We won.
I'm sorry.
I'll go.
I'm too tired for that tonight.
You settling in? Let me know if anyone messes with you.
I read your divorce papers.
When I was getting Heidi's file, I saw them on your desk.
- You're fired.
- You shouldn't sign them.
Okay, you Is your brain okay? - Listen - We are not friends.
You do not get to read my diary.
I don't care about your personal life.
I care about being a good lawyer, and I would be a bad lawyer if I didn't tell you I think you're getting screwed on this deal.
Why shouldn't I sign? The Barrington stock it's made money since you and Cora split.
And since Cora left you, there's no way she should be getting half of those new dividends.
She can have it all.
It's worth $500,000.
It's blood money from the Castillos.
Jorge gifted me that stock years ago, back when I worked at C&G in Mexico, and I regret what I did to get it.
However, I won't regret killing you if you ever go through my stuff again.
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
Sleeping with a man is easy.
Or a woman.
Sex isn't complicated.
Most patients I see think sex is extremely complicated.
I think the part where you have to talk to each other is more complicated.
We've got an in! He just sat down to dinner with a new lady friend, so that should give us enough time to break into his room.
- It's 921.
- Wait.
What? You just have to go to the front desk and say that you're him.
You realize that I could get arrested.
Well, only if you screw up.
Look, just go talk to him.
Tell him who you are.
Why did you come here if you didn't want to help me? I want to help you, but you don't even want to hear his side.
He abandoned me.
That's his side.
Well, at least he's still alive.
Meanwhile, I'm here eavesdropping on Annalise's sex life to learn something about my father, when you could literally go talk to your dad right now.
Instead, you're fixated on destroying him.
- He deserves to be destroyed.
- Alright.
Well, your anger isn't letting you hear me right now.
Nice line.
Did you pick that up from Sam's creepy-therapist bit? - I'm trying to level with you.
- You mean control me.
Protect you so you don't go breaking into a man's hotel room to steal his DNA.
Asher would do it for me.
You know, maybe this is why people leave you because you won't listen to anyone but yourself.
- Get out.
- See? We can't even have a fight.
Gabriel, if you can't support me on my journey to find peace and closure the way I have decided to, then I don't want you here.
Please leave.
Now! Turn-down service! Oh, hi.
I came to change before dinner.
- Uh, can you come back? - Of course.
Appreciate it.
I-I must've entered the wrong room, uh I know you, Michaela.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Ahh.
- Oh, that's good.
Okay, so, um, should we set some ground rules or, um, talk about the process or I love that.
What are your guys' rules? Whatever you want.
- No, not whatever you want.
- Don't worry.
I'm pretty standard when it comes to the kinks.
I just hope kissing isn't off the menu.
I like kissing.
Should we kiss? - Right now? - Um Do you want me to go first? Um, no.
Uh Or maybe.
I just I-I don't know.
Somebody just do something.
What? Uh, I-I-I just thought that this would be harder.
Harder like this? And off we go.
Your most embarrassing secret.
You go first.
- Never gonna happen.
- Okay.
I will settle for your second most embarrassing secret, but that is my final offer.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What just happened? Where'd you go? Just say it.
- Tell me you don't work for the FBI.
- Wow.
You don't really think that that's the only way anyone would want to date you.
It takes one Google search to find all the reasons why someone wouldn't want to date me.
Pretty quick Google search, yeah.
So why are you here? - 'Cause I want to be.
- Mm.
I like your mind.
I'm an alcoholic.
A bad one.
My second most embarrassing secret.
I have bad credit.
That's not embarrassing enough.
- Oh, no? - Mnh.
Why don't you try being a single man my age, a lawyer no less, and having to come out to potential romantic partners as broke.
- Try that.
- Mm.
Well, you know, everyone thinks that I killed my husband.
You didn't, I hope? No.
But no one believes me.
They all think I'm mean, selfish, a bully.
'Cause I am.
I got anger issues.
I'm getting that.
And that's just the surface, topsoil, 'cause underneath all this it's messy.
I'm messy broken.
We all are.
Doesn't mean I don't want to know you.
Look, Annalise, I'm not here to fix you.
I'm too old for that and for this whole chase thing that you clearly want me to do.
I'll pursue you.
I'll pursue you all day.
Hell, I'll I'll even eat this ice cream, despite the fact that I'm lactose intolerant.
But I won't chase.
I hope that's enough.
It's over.
I broke up with Eve.
Really? Why are you acting surprised? Because I am.
Last time you were here, things were going well with Eve.
So what happened? I met someone else.
I was hoping to see you again.
- Please sit.
- Only if I get to ask you whatever questions I want.
Can I, uh Can I get you a drink? When did you know it was me? The panel, while you, uh, were prosecuting me.
How? I've been waiting for this day for a long time.
We got this, junior.
Welcome to the castle, me lady.
What are you - What What are you doing here? - Okay, just hear me out.
Chloe, go away.
I have a girl about to come over.
How am I supposed to explain that my sister's here? I'm her, Asher.
You You catfished me? Please.
I just want to talk.
It's Cora Duncan.
I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
I'm ready.
Let's finally do the thing.
- You're being naive.
- No.
Jorge gave Tegan that stock, not Laurel.
According to Tegan.
Why would she tell me all of that if it weren't true? Because she knows we're on to her.
- Or you're wrong about her.
- Don't be foolish.
Just like maybe I'm wrong about you.
Whatever this is, I don't want it.
It was all you.
Get out of my house.
- You said he was bad guy.
- Who? But it was you who manipulated him.
Last time you were here, things were going well with Eve.
So what happened? I met someone else.
- Who is it? - A man.
He's kind, caring, handsome.
Problem is, he's my therapist.
Who told you Laurel owns that company? The FBI? Are you working with them? No.
Do not lie to me right now.
Frank? No, no.
No, no, no, no, no.