How to Sell Drugs Online: Fast (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Life's Not Fair, Get Used to It

1 [gasps] [grunts] [girl] Lisa, are you up? Come down here! [grunts] Agh! [whirring] - Lisa, we'll be late for math! - Oh, God.
- [bangs] - [groans] - Why didn't you wake me up earlier? - I was cleaning up! Fritzi, move it! You don't know my parents! Hello! Hi.
We weren't expecting you.
[vacuum beeping] Fritzi, parents.
Parents, Fritzi.
- Hi, Gerda.
Everything okay? - Yeah, it's good.
We have to go.
See you later.
You stay here! Did you forget about your coaching for college applications? [father] It sure cost us enough! - Hmm.
- [Gerda] Bye! [rattles] A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme music playing] [grunts] [man speaking over computer] - Agh! - [low buzzing] [man continues speaking] [Lenny] Morning! Already have a plan to get back the cash that you took from our joint account? Immediately would be good.
[tapping] LIKE BEFORE? What? Because that always worked so well.
[Moritz] Presenting [both] Mixed Bag! Like MyMuesli, but with candy.
- Presenting - [both] sDreamShare! Looking for people to share your Netflix account with? - We present - [both] YoungSt(art)ers! We want to be millionaires, and you can help us get there.
[Lenny] And? [man continues speaking] [grunts] BEYOND BELIEF: FACT OR FICTION [Moritz] If there's one thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful people, it's persistence.
ANONYMITY AND SECURITY Every great success is ultimately the consequence of well-handled defeats.
Believe me.
I'm very familiar with defeats.
LET'S MEET AT 11:30.
When you definitely want something, then you can't, under any circumstances, give up.
Whether it's in business or relationships, you have to learn from your defeats, recognize your strengths and weaknesses and, most importantly, wait for the right moment.
[vacuum whirring] This is Rinseln, Germany.
Population 28,734, of whom 19,700 have an Internet connection.
[dog barking] The most common search term on Google is "Google.
" The most popular search terms on YouPorn are "Deutsch," "German" and "sex.
" I think that's about everything there is to say about this city.
For Lisa and me, there was only ever one plan get out of there.
[man speaking in English] Lisa, focus.
Let's move on.
Tell me.
What do you consider to be your greatest weakness? [in English] I don't know.
I'm very Hey! More energy! [sighs] I'm a perfectionist.
Are you kidding me? Oh, my God.
Hang on a second.
- [door latch clicks] - Lisa! [in German] Every one of our elite universities listens to about 100 people a week.
[in English] "Blah, blah, blah.
" Same thing every time.
[in German] What they're looking for is authenticity.
- [in English] Okay.
- It's about your future, not your funeral.
[phone chiming] YOU FEEL AS SHITTY AS I DO? #HANGOVERVIBES [chuckles] - [whirrs] - [voice] Two, one [recording] MyTems TRADE GAME ITEMS ONLINE! We gamers only level in one direction ff-shht! Up.
Of course, you don't want everyone to know if you had a little outside "help.
" [both] MyTems That's why "MyTems" only uses encrypted communications and cryptocurrency.
Anonymous, dependable, and guaranteed anonymous.
Our customers can trust us 100 percent.
I can only trust my long-term colleague, Mr.
Zimmermann, - about five percent - Cut! [crutch clatters] You don't betray your best friend for your ex-girlfriend.
[beeps] First, we're just taking a break.
And second, I already said I'm sorry.
That's why I'm trying to make it right! [Moritz] It doesn't fucking matter where we get the money from.
As long as it comes from somewhere.
Name one crowdfunding campaign that worked.
- You see? - Pebble Time.
[scoffs] Coolest Cooler.
- Pebble Time 2.
- Moritz! That laptop charger that's also a USB hub and a power bank.
The one that burned through users' desks after two weeks? [Moritz sighs] Huh [mother] You're doing great! I don't know what's wrong with her today.
[in English] Okay.
Next question.
So, third time's a charm.
Why do you want to change the world? [in English] To be honest, I don't want to.
Did you know that there are billions of earth-like planets just in our galaxy alone? [sighs] We're insignificant.
This is insignificant.
It's all meaningless.
[Lisa] I mean, if the actions of Hitler, Gandhi, Jesus Christ anyone who had ever existed and anyone who will ever exist - [father] Look at this.
- [Lisa] if they all don't matter then why should anything matter that I do? [in German] Okay, maybe not so authentic.
- [in German] Lisa, what is this? - [in German] What? He told me I should be authentic.
- What is this? - [mother] Hello? - Uh - [door opens] - [father] Lizzy? Your mother asked you a question.
- [father] Hmm? - [Lisa sighs] [indistinct chatter] [chuckles] - [friend] The glasses, man! - Give 'em to me.
Put them on.
[Dan] Now it really looks like Ed Sheeran.
- [laughs] That's perfect! - ["Flight of the Valkyries" playing] - Here, take a few more photos.
- [ringtone continues playing] Hey, what's up? I'm at school right now.
[man] One of your retard schoolmates was at my pizzeria yesterday.
- Did you tell anyone about it? - No, of course not.
Okay, listen up.
[sniffs] If any of my fucking pills show up anywhere, call me right away! Is that clear? He owes me money, you know.
- Yes, of course I'll call you.
- Okay.
Yo, Dan! Lisa texted you.
Her mother found something.
[audio fluttering] gamers are Maybe the competition people were right, the idea's just not good.
The back end is too time consuming for it.
When was the last time you wrote a line of code? [phone beeps, buzzes] Why is Dan messaging you? And why are you still on Facebook? Dan's not messaging me.
Dan's messaging Lisa.
So you did log into her account? You're crazy.
Deleting messages from my girlfriend's Facebook before she's read them, not exactly my finest hour.
But do you remember what I said before about the right timing? This is it.
The moment I'd been waiting for.
Lisa needs help and it would be highly unreasonable to leave it to this guy.
Pull her out of a burning vehicle? Fine.
[Dan laughs] Or save her during a zombie apocalypse? Why not? [grunts] [Moritz] But not when it comes to complex family disputes.
[mother] I was wondering if you'd ever show up again.
Lisa stopped talking about you.
I was worried about you two.
Moritz has a lot going on right now.
- Yes.
I'm really focused on a new project.
- We're having a cris We're having a crisis discussion at the moment.
But I'm sure you were at her party, too, right? - What party? - We know about the party.
- [inhales] About Lisa's drugs - Oh, you knew Lisa takes pills? - [stammering] Well, I - Did you know my mom takes pills? - That's medicine! I'm sick! - Your mother has an illness! [mother] I take pills so I can be myself.
Mom, people take MDMA so they can be themselves.
You think downing two Tavors with a bottle of wine every day is any better? Well, you can definitely forget about studying abroad now.
- [mother] I'm sure that was in that - [father] Jacksonville.
Jacksonville, where you first tried this.
What do you think, Moritz? She must have brought the pills back from there.
There's something I need to clarify.
- [father] Yes? - The pill was mine.
[chuckles] And where would you have gotten them? Lisa didn't know I brought them.
[father] Moritz, you don't have to lie to us.
And I guess you finally found a reason to keep our daughter from moving out.
Congratulations! It's so easy for you.
You sit there silently, and now [father] Now what? [Mom cries] Just because you're screwing your secretary, it doesn't mean you can get out of raising our daughter.
[door opens] [door slams] [father sighs] [door opens] [door closes] [indistinct chatter] Thank you for taking this break so well.
[Moritz chuckles] You still have my "brain cell"! Yeah.
I even took it to America.
My host family thought it was a ginger root.
[Moritz chuckles] Why would anyone have a plush ginger root? No idea.
Definitely the most intelligent gift anyone's ever given me.
- Thanks.
- [chuckles] You know in America, I was afraid that I'd come back to find everything had changed and that I'd missed it all.
[Lisa] But it's the exact opposite.
- Nothing changed.
- Yes, but It's like time stood still.
It was really kind of you to lie for me just now.
But I don't want to stop you from living your life.
Maybe something did change.
It really was your ecstasy? [indistinct chatter] Yes, I got it for you.
I was gonna give this to you yesterday as a welcome gift.
But then Daniel broke my Lisa, it's fine with me if you want to try new things.
Maybe I can help you figure out what it is you really want.
[door opens] I think I need to find that out for myself.
- [door closes] - [footsteps approaching] I think it would be better if you leave now, Moritz.
[Moritz in English] Okay.
[man speaking over P.
] [Moritz] When you make a plan, the probability that it will fail is about 50 percent.
[sobs] Either it works or it doesn't.
- [sighs] Hey.
- [indistinct chatter] [Moritz] If you don't make a plan, the chances of failure are zero percent.
[phone beeps] MOM DID YOU GET MY CAKE? KISS.
[Moritz] Life is what happens when you're making other plans.
It never happens the way you think.
[panting] [Moritz] Maybe sometimes you should just stop planning and start doing.
BLOCK MESSAGES FROM MOM [sighs] [rain pattering] [recording] MyTems! We gamers only level in one direction.
[glissando sound effect plays] Anonymous, dependable, and guaranteed anonymous.
Do you want to know why? You don't betray your best friend for your ex-girlfriend.
- [key clicks] - ex-girlfriend.
[key clicks] [inhales] [snaps] NEW EMAIL Hey Lisa, I've been thinking.
I think it's all right that you need a little space right now.
Take your time.
It's all quite normal when you've been separated for a year.
I Googled that myself: ONE YEAR WITHOUT BOYFRIEND TIPS/EXPERIENCES FROM ABROAD But let's not give up our plans because of this.
And about your parents, don't worry.
I'll get the money for studying abroad somehow.
With both ["Off The Radar" playing] Hear me, no one sees me, no one I'm off the radar RENAME - We make up everything - [snaps] We tell it as we want TRADE GAME ITEMS ONLINE! I am the carrier I am the carrier I'm off the radar We'll take whatever shines ERASING METADATA Whatever can blind an open eye I'm off the radar Hear me, no one sees me, no one Hear me, no one sees me, No one Hear me, no one sees me, no one I'm off the radar [Moritz] How do you sell drugs online? I suppose most of you have Googled it by now and discovered that if you do everything right, it's pretty easy.
The hard part is doing everything right.
So if you really Googled that, you already made the first mistake.
[Moritz] Because on the regular Internet, you leave traces everywhere you go.
So it's best to start with the Darknet.
Forget all the horror stories you've heard about it.
In my generation, everyone has been to the Darknet at least once.
If you have no idea what the Darknet is, you were probably born before 1990.
Here's someone you like and who knows all about facts.
[in German] Hello.
My name is Jonathan Frakes, and I'm going to explain the Darknet.
Did you know that every time you take a photo, your location is stored in the image file's metadata? Maybe you did.
Are you also aware that when you buy a robotic vacuum cleaner like this, you give the company permission to take measurements of your home and sell that data to third parties? Fucking outrageous.
By the way, the company that makes these vacuum cleaners is called iRobot.
Like the Will Smith movie where robots tried to destroy humanity.
Think about that.
We live in a world where big technology companies know more about us than we do about ourselves.
It's totally understandable that some people prefer to remain anonymous on the Internet.
For that, they use a special network called The Onion Router or just - [man laughs] - [whistle blowing] "TOR.
" [indistinct chatter] If you open a site on the Internet, the data packet containing the content comes directly from the provider's server.
Totally traceable.
If you open a Darknet address, the data packets are not transferred to you directly.
[Frakes] First, they're routed through the TOR network from node to node.
And each node only has contact with the previous node and the next node, but never the whole chain.
That means it's no longer possible to trace who originally sent the data package.
[cheering] Are you really sure that it's Lisa who sent the data? Or did we use the Darknet to keep you in the dark? Oh, yes, one more thing.
Don't do drugs.
COPY - [Lenny] One long! One long! - [indistinct gamer chatter] Tsk.
Okay, shit.
I'm down.
[gamer] Fuck, it's lagging.
[gunshot, bomb exploding] [keyboard clicking] [Moritz in English] Fuck! Lenny's server password? [Lenny] The PIN is the date we had the idea for MyTems.
[beeping] [Moritz in English] Sorry, Lenny.
[panting] [brake squeaks] [doorbell plays] - [phone beeps] - Google, read my last message.
[automated female voice] Hello, Lenny.
You'll think this is really dumb, I get that.
But now you have to listen closely.
Moritz realizes that he screwed up big-time.
He shouldn't have just taken the money.
He wants to say sorry for that.
- Apology accepted? - Hey.
- What's wrong with you? - But then he screwed up again.
He took your code for the MyTems shop system and reprogrammed it to use as a Darknet drug shop on your server where drugs can be bought anonymously.
He knows that he should have asked you first.
Moritz is an idiot.
He was only thinking of Lisa the whole time, and he totally forgot about you.
Lenny, you are his best friend.
- End of message.
- Tsk.
You turned MyTems into a drug shop? Yes, sorry.
I thought that way I could pay you the money back.
Let's see it.
It's okay, the emails are still unencrypted here in the database.
And for sign-up, you'd need to embed a new captcha.
But otherwise [chuckles] Moritz, not bad! I did some math.
Based on the market price, resellers have a profit margin of 200 percent.
Apple only makes 65 percent on the iPhone.
It's a business case.
- It's a business case - [knocks on door] that could land us in jail.
Thanks, Mom.
Sander] It's nice seeing you do something different than always shooting around.
[in English] I don't know.
- Lenny, think about it.
- [spray hisses] This could be our thing our ticket out of this dump! If this thing works, we can do anything we want.
Well, then [computer chimes] [Lenny sighs] [keyboard clicking] So, first rule of the shop we do not talk about the shop.
That's Fight Club! I've never seen it.
Sure, you know it! With the two guys that smack people in the face the whole time.
But actually it's just one guy who's completely crazy.
Mm-hmm, sounds great.
- [in English] Fuck, fuck! - What's up? I didn't pay the dealer his money.
Fuck it.
He's forgotten you by now.
Fuck him, fuck the cops.
Now we seed the link into a few Darknet forums and make some real money, man! Okay.
A piece of history will be written today.
[in English] Five, four, three, two [in English] Lenny and Mo, back in business.
[in German] Don't look at me like that.
What could happen? Well, Daniel.
[police officer] You know you can screw up your entire future this way, right? I mean, what other job is there after this? [sighs] Postman, bus driver Yeah, so, actually, mainly these two.
I'm sure Daddy the national player and Mommy the bank boss imagined it differently for their sweet little guy.
It's just four pills.
- Small quantity.
It's for personal use.
- [officer laughs, sighs] Listen up, Riffert Jr.
You have to read to the end of the Wikipedia article.
Colleague? Baby bird.
[clucks] Ahem.
Now come on, Daniel.
Nobody wants to imprison you here.
Just tell us who sold you the stuff, and we'll waive the charges.
We're interested in the big players, Daniel.
[Moritz's dad] These are chemical drugs, dangerous substances.
Whoever brings something like this to the people on a grand scale must be punished for it.
[game voice screaming] [Lenny] What do we do if our customers have questions? Just make a regular FAQ.
Can I make my order securely through your shop? Yes.
Just add the desired quantity to the cart and enter your address at the checkout.
[Moritz] Your personal data is automatically encrypted using PGP and deleted after the order is dispatched.
Our team of professionals then packs the goods in clean-room conditions, and ensures smooth and secure processing.
[Lenny] Can I really only pay with cryptocurrency? [Moritz] Yes.
We only accept payments in Bitcoin, Ripple, IOTA and Ethereum.
The payment procedure is not complicated.
You just need to set up a suitable wallet.
We do not offer Payback or other bonus systems.
We weren't born yesterday.
[Lenny] How can I receive my order anonymously? [Moritz] Our shipping department operates around the clock to help you, to ensure fast and risk-free shipping.
The delivery happens within a few days.
You order can be sent to any valid postal address, PO box, or package station.
Thanks to our highly complex and decentralized system, the transfer to the logistics service provider is already anonymous and cannot be traced back.
Fifty grand by the time we graduate.
Then we go offline and do everything we've ever fantasized about.
[in English] Deal.
But I hope you don't mean what's in my browser history.
[Lenny] By the way the doctor said I only have two years left.
- They said that six years ago.
- Yep.
[sighs] - Okay, let's say 100 grand.
- [car door closes] Otherwise you won't get anything out of it.
Let's say one million.
[postman] Caught you red-handed! Just kidding, boys.
You can put your mail right in here.
Come on, toss it in.
What's with the gloves? Dermatitis.
Yes, me, too.
Yes, it's often caused by warm air from heating.
Or fabric softener.
Or stress.
I can tell you something about that.
Now that people can even order their toilet paper on the Internet, the delivery industry is totally overstretched.
If it goes on like this, I can hang myself by Christmas.
Not that I'm planning to do that, but it's a hard job sometimes.
I earn just over minimum wage, while Amazon's top brass keep getting richer! - Huh? - Mmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, boys.
[postman] And make sure to always use enough stamps! - [screams] - [grunting] Yeah, we did.
[scoffs] [Lenny yells in English] Fuck you, Rinseln! What do we even have now? [Moritz] Uh, Bio.
[Lenny] Shit, did you do the homework? [Moritz] No, I wanted to copy Gerda's.
Sander? [Lenny] Hello? Do I know you? Congratulations! I mean, reaching sixth place is really, really great.
Oops! What? I didn't wash my hands.
[sniffs] Pieces are captured Your muscles and your bones I am the carrier I am the carrier I'm off the radar - Hear me, no one sees me, no one - I'm off the radar Hear me, no one sees me, no one Hear me, No one sees me, no one