Hudson and Rex (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The Hunt

1 We've been running so long But still we're carrying on Can't get this load off our backs Whoa But were growing tired Whoa Can't you hear them singing How much further? Can't carry our feet no more Come on! Can't carry our feet no more How much further? - Can't carry our feet no more - [REX BARKS] Yeah, 10 K.
And you didn't break a sweat.
I know.
I love your dog.
Hey! Can I pet him? Sure.
[SQUEALING TIRES] [GIRL SCREAMS] - Rex! Go! - [REX BARKS] AMY: Come on! Come on! Let's go! Let's go! [SQUEALING TIRES] [CAR ROARS] Detective Charlie Hudson, reporting a 10-43 at Carriage Park.
Blue van, now heading west on Belmont.
[REX PANTING] [VAN DOOR OPENING] WOMAN: Come on! Pick up the pace! We've got to hit the road! [REX PANTING] [REX PANTING] WOMAN: Ugh! Give me a hand over here! Your stuff's everywhere! - What is it? - Nothing.
Let's go.
[SIRENS] [VAN DOOR SLIDES CLOSED] [SIRENS] [REX WHINES GENTLY] DONOVAN: Now I'm sure I don't need to remind you all that time is not on our side here.
We released an Amber Alert based on the girl's description.
But as yet, she remains unidentified.
We're looking for at least two suspects.
One male.
One female.
We need to find that vehicle.
I did some checking.
And a van matching the make, model, and colour you described was reported stolen earlier this morning.
Thanks, Jesse.
What we need to do is check the red light cameras in and around the area of the park.
See if we can identify the driver.
Okay, folks, let's get to it! You okay? Rex should've turned up by now.
He's a smart dog.
He's going to be fine.
Hey, so we pulled one set of prints off the bike.
But they weren't in the system.
That's not surprising, given her age.
Well, we also traced the serial number back to the bike's owner.
But he sold it in a garage sale two years ago.
He can't even remember if it was a man or a woman.
- [PHONE RINGS] - Excuse me.
Where? Okay.
Yeah, lock it down.
I've got a team on the way.
Hey, good news.
We just found the van.
CHARLIE: No CCTV cameras in the vicinity.
Probably why they picked the place.
SARAH: We found this shoved under the seat.
The girl was wearing that when she was taken.
School textbooks.
Grade ten.
That puts her age at 15 or 16.
Anything with a name? Doesn't look like it.
Too bad.
But we do have the name of the school.
North Ridge High.
Her student picture was pulled from the school database.
See, I never took a good student picture.
I always blinked right when the flash went off.
I didn't get a good look at her.
How are you so sure this is her? Well, I called the school.
Got a list of all female grade ten students who were absent today.
There were three.
You talked to the families? Yeah, yeah.
Turns out one of them was home sick.
The other one had a dentist appointment.
So Superintendent Donovan sent officers to both homes.
They confirmed the girls are safe.
What about Evelyn? Calls went unreturned.
Nobody answered the door.
What do we know about the family? Well, Evelyn's being raised by her dad, Leonard Boonstra.
Now, I ran his name through the system.
The guy's got no priors.
Not even so much as a parking ticket.
[KNOCKING] [KNOCKING] This is Detective Hudson! If anyone is in the home, identify yourself! [DRAWER OPENS] [DRAWER CLOSES] DONOVAN: What do you mean Boonstra's gone? Mm-hmm.
No sign of forced entry.
Nothing of any real value was taken.
I'd say that he packed up what he needed and left in a hurry.
Before or after he discovered his daughter was taken? If they were demanding any ransom, they're going to be in for a surprise.
Boonstra's gun vault was open.
A least one of the guns was taken.
No, no, no.
I ran a background.
There is not a single gun registered in his name.
Probably why they were hidden.
I have something you both should see.
JESSE: A traffic cam took this two blocks from the garage where the van was found.
Wait wait wait.
She looks familiar to me.
I ran the image through a facial recognition program connected to the station database.
Amy Nunzio ring a bell? Amy Nunzio? Yeah.
She works with Rupert Mankiewicz.
Looks a little young for that job description.
No, no, no.
That's Mankiewicz's MO.
He finds troubled young people.
And then gives them opportunities.
Next thing you know, they're deep under his thumb.
Mankiewicz is a trafficker, right? JESSE: Yeah, amongst other things.
I mean, the guy's got a rap sheet longer than a Neil Stephenson novel.
They're super They're like a thousand pages.
It's crazy.
The point is, for a scary dude, I mean, he doesn't seem to do a whole lot of jail time.
Hold on.
There's another guy who does work for Mankiewicz.
His name is Mickey Mikey something.
Yes, yes.
Mickey Dolan.
Yes, that's the guy I was thinking of.
This is the guy from this morning.
I'm almost sure of it.
Which means that they either went rogue, or it was Mankiewicz who ordered the abduction.
DONOVAN: That makes sense.
Because the last thing I heard, Mankiewicz was being held without bail waiting for his preliminary hearing on a double homicide.
- CHARLIE: When's the hearing? - JESSE: Tomorrow afternoon.
This is connected somehow.
It has to be.
Yeah, the question is how does Boonstra fit in? Maybe he's a Crown witness.
CHARLIE: So Mankiewicz takes Boonstra's daughter as incentive to forget what he saw.
That's an interesting theory.
Let me contact the Crown Attorney's office.
And see if Boonstra's on the witness list.
While you're doing that, I'm going directly to the source.
Thank you, Tom.
Much appreciated.
[DOOR CLOSES] So what can I do for you, Detective? For starters, you can tell me why you arranged to have a 16-year-old girl abducted this morning.
Oh, I don't know anything about that.
You see, I'm locked away in here.
No connection to the outside world.
Oh, I've seen your visitor list.
I've got a lot of friends.
[LAUGHS] What can I say? I'm a people person.
How many of those friends are not on the payroll? I have a hearing tomorrow that I have to prepare for.
So Get to the point, Detective.
Who's Leonard Boonstra? [MANKIEWICZ LAUGHS] You know, I've heard the name.
I just can't remember where from.
Okay, you know what? I'm going to give you a one-time only offer here.
Turn Boonstra's daughter over to me unharmed.
And I'll ensure that you receive no extra charges.
That is a good deal, Detective.
But how do I turn over someone I don't have? You know You came in here for some information.
So let me give you some.
After my hearing tomorrow, I'm going to walk out of here a free man.
And there's not a thing you or anyone else can do about it.
And as for Evelyn Boonstra Well, I don't know anything about that either.
[BUZZER] I never said her name was Evelyn.
See you around, Detective.
Maybe we'll bump into each other again.
Who are you people? Where am I? Just keep quiet and behave yourself.
- And I won't have to hurt you.
- You can't keep me here.
What, you think your guard dog scares me? What guard dog? Remember what I said.
Any more games, and you'll get hurt.
[DOOR SLAMS] Charlie.
I have forensics - from the Boonstra house.
- What'd you find? Prints throughout the house.
Some matching the ones found on the bike.
Other prints belong to an adult male.
- Her dad, Leonard Boonstra? - Presumably.
But his prints aren't in the system.
So we can't say for sure.
But look, okay so here's the kicker.
So those prints are also a match to a partial print found in connection to an unsolved case from seventeen years ago.
- What case? - A hit job.
You're telling me that our law abiding, single-parent-of-the-year, Mr.
Boonstra, is a killer? This hit matches the MO of several hits over a ten-year period, all of which stopped roughly around sixteen years ago.
- The year Evelyn was born.
- Exactly.
So you think that he left the life to raise his daughter? That would explain the unregistered guns.
It's speculation, but it fits.
Now his daughter's been taken.
Mankiewicz is trying to force him back into the game? Yeah.
But if we're right, finding his daughter isn't going to be our biggest problem.
Boonstra is going to kill somebody.
[REX PANTING] [REX WHINES] [REX SCRATCHING] [BARKING] [REX WHINING] I just spoke to the Crown Attorney's office.
They have a star witness who's able to put Mankiewicz away for years.
She's testifying at his hearing tomorrow.
You got the name? No.
It took two hours of cutting through red tape just to confirm that that witness even existed.
I bet you Mankiewicz has the name already.
So Mankiewicz kidnaps Boonstra's kid to force him to take out the witness.
Why not just pay him? Maybe he tried.
Boonstra says no.
He's out of the game.
Okay, but why make things so complicated? Why not just hire someone who's willing to do the job? Okay.
Let me get back in touch with the Crown attorney's office.
I'll tell them what's going on.
And I will get them to postpone the hearing.
Which could put the girl in more danger.
We need to find her now.
We have every available cop out there looking for her.
Okay? Rex too.
It's not enough.
Mankiewicz alluded to the fact that she's out of our reach.
So what do you suggest? Get through to the one person who can end this without bloodshed.
[DOOR CLOSES] I saw you at my place.
I know you're looking for me.
But I need you to back off.
I can't do that.
I just want my daughter back safe.
You chose this life.
I chose to walk away from this life.
I was young and stupid and angry when they brought me in from the street.
I was used.
By Mankiewicz? He started me off with just small jobs.
You know, just break a window here.
Deliver a package there.
And then it escalated.
I hated it.
But I was very good at it.
And so Mankiewicz kept pushing for more and more.
And if I told him no, he just reminded me that I owed him.
And that he could end me.
I just felt trapped.
So what changed? I fell in love.
And my little girl, Evelyn, came.
That was it.
I walked away.
And I told him, "You do whatever you're going to do.
But I'm out.
" How did Mankiewicz take your resignation? Oh, I thought he moved on.
He was just biding his time until he could pull me back in.
And now that my cover's blown I guess he thinks I've got no choice but to come crawling back to him.
And will you? I'm not going to let him get his hooks in my daughter.
What about Evelyn? Does she know about your former life? I'm just her dad.
I get it.
Who's the target? I can't tell you that.
What if I get you Evelyn? And what if I bring her back safely? Would you call it off? In a heartbeat.
I just need a number where I can reach you at.
Evelyn knows how to reach me.
When she's safe, I will know.
I'm going to need you to stand up against that wall.
Face it.
If I asked you to count to a hundred before you came after me would you? Hell no.
You're an honest guy.
I like that.
[GUNSHOT] Good luck, Hudson.
No, no.
No worries.
No sign of cops.
No sign of anybody.
It's all good.
[REX PANTING] Where'd you come from? Are you lost? [REX WHINING] My dad'll find me.
Is someone looking for you too? [REX WHINING] [PRISON DOOR SLAMMING] MANKIEWICZ: I thought I was clear.
I'm not interested in anything you're selling.
I know Boonstra's a hit man.
A lot of people know that.
The right people, at least.
And I also know that you abducted his daughter as incentive for him to do a hit for you.
I don't know anything about that.
Why Boonstra? Why take his daughter? Why not just find somebody willing to do the job? I don't need a hit man.
I'm a legitimate business man.
What he chooses to do in his spare time Well, I'm not responsible for that, am I? What's your point here? My point is that in the ten years he was with me, no matter what task I threw at him, he never once failed to deliver on an assignment.
Not once.
He's that good.
And you reward his service by taking his daughter? Where is Evelyn? You know what I'm going to do when I get out of here? I'm going to go have a steak at Edward's.
- You been? - Tell me where Evelyn is.
You know what else I'm going to do when I get out of here? I'm going to take a look into you a little bit.
You're a real interesting fellow.
You should get yourself some new books.
You're going to be here for a while.
[CHAIN RATTLING] [REX PANTING] [BARKING] [GROWLING] Where the hell did you come from? [BARK] Nice doggy.
Soon to be dead doggy! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! No! The prosecutor won't halt proceedings.
- Why not? - She's convinced the witness is secure.
She's offered to double protection detail.
But in her words, "the show must go on.
" They're underestimating Boonstra.
No, I agree.
The witness is most vulnerable during the transfer from the safe house to the car.
That's when Boonstra going to strike.
Well, our team could re-create a hand-off right before the real one.
Try and draw him out.
Get Boonstra to reveal his position.
Then take him out before the real witness leaves the building.
Yeah, I like that.
Let me put together a tactical unit.
I found it! - What, the vehicle? - Yeah.
And you're not going to believe this.
This is the vehicle that they switched to.
How can you tell? The windows are all tinted.
Well, I wasn't having any luck with the traffic cam.
So I started checking CCTV feed.
And, uh I saw him.
- You saw him and saw who? - Here.
I knew it.
DONOVAN: Oh, you son of a gun.
Where's that truck headed? Well the road ends at the pier.
The pier? There's only one reason to go to the pier.
- The ferry.
- Yeah.
And there was only one boat that departs within an hour of the footage.
Bell Island Ferry.
Two hour trip.
DONOVAN: Okay, I'll put together a team.
And we'll go in by chopper.
They may be waiting for air traffic.
We go in by boat.
It's probably best to stay off their radar.
Coast Guard can get you there pretty quick.
It's a pretty small island.
Coast Guard activity may draw attention.
I've got a better idea.
She may not look like much.
But she can move when she has to.
No one's going to blink twice at an old fishing trawler.
Even one loaded up with undercover cops.
Let's shove off! [SEAGULLS CRYING] [BOAT ENGINE] SARAH: I can't believe Rex managed to stow away in that truck.
That dog never fails to surprise me.
Hey, you know, I've never heard the story.
What story? How Rex went from K9 to being your partner in Major Crimes.
Oh, well I was called to a crime scene where a K9 officer had been killed in the line of duty.
Rex was there, refusing to let anyone near her body.
For whatever reason, I was able to calm him down and get him to come with me.
I decided I'd take him home with me for a few days.
That's a big responsibility.
I didn't have much choice.
If no one claims the dog of a deceased K9 officer, the dog is euthanized.
Oh, wow.
I wasn't going to let that happen.
I started using Rex to help with cases.
Joe saw the potential in it and made it official.
And now we're partners.
I think I know where they are.
- Shoot.
- Okay.
So there is a mansion on the easternmost point of the island that's undergoing major renovation.
Now, the company hired to do the reno is a Toronto-based firm under the ownership of one Linda Kowalski.
Where's this going, Jesse? You're supposed to ask me who Linda Kowalski is.
Who's Linda Kowalski? Kowalski is in fact the maiden name of Rupert Mankiewicz's grandmother.
Nice catch.
I'm sending the coordinates to your boat captain.
He'll have you on the pier in twenty minutes, give or take.
Good job.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hi! I guess we're in this together now, huh? [DOOR SLAMS] There you are.
[REX BARKING] - [BANG] - [GUN GOES OFF] [REX BARKING] Ahh! What's going on in here? That dog What dog? Where's the girl? - Hey! Hey! - Ahh! If we lose her, we're both dead.
Ugh! Oh, Mickey.
Come here.
[SEAGULLS] She's gone.
Damn it, Amy! What do we do now? I'll take the truck, check the roads.
We're at least five kilometers from any populated area.
What do you want me to do? You stay here.
Keep an eye out for her in case she comes back.
And if she does, don't do anything stupid, okay? - We're in enough trouble.
- Fine.
But once Boonstra completes the job she's no use to us anymore.
Let's go! [REX PANTING] Okay, what you're looking at is a digital recreation of the block surrounding the safehouse.
Now I've created an algorithm based on distance, height, and accessibility to see which building would offer the best vantage point for a sniper.
So first we determine which building Boonstra plans on assassinating the witness from.
Then we pinpoint his location within that building? Exactly.
Take a look.
I've already zeroed in on the most promising structure.
It's perfect for Boonstra's purposes.
And any room above the second floor will offer an unobstructed angle of every north-facing hotel exit.
What if he chooses the rooftop? It's too exposed.
- He knows we're looking for him.
- Okay.
Determine which rooms are empty and which ones have short-term rentals.
- Got it.
- And do it quickly.
We're already cutting this too close as it is.
- Okay.
- Okay, listen up.
You two are going to rendezvous with the Coast Guard.
Sarah and I are going to go ahead.
And we're going to surveil the area around the mansion.
Once we confirm the girl is there, we all move in together.
Let's go.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [CAR DOOR SLAMMING] All right! Listen up! We've targeted these three apartments as having the best conditions for our shooter.
Team one, you'll enter right here.
Team two, here.
Team three, right here.
You'll all hit your targets together on my signal.
- Do you have any questions? - OFFICER: No, sir! Let's go! OFFICER: Alright.
Okay! Let's move.
SARAH: Maybe they aren't here? CHARLIE: Let's go take a look.
JESSE: All three teams are in position.
DONOVAN: Witness is due in court in thirty minutes.
It's now or never.
Send in the decoy car.
OFFICER: Tactical needs to get to Boonstra before he takes the shot.
[TENSE MUSIC] DONOVAN: Decoy is exiting the building.
This is team leader.
All teams move in! Go! Go, go, go, go! [KICKING DOOR OPEN] OFFICER: Team one, clear! Team two, clear.
Team three, report in.
Do you have eyes on the target? OFFICER: Negative, sir.
There's nobody here.
Maybe we got the location wrong? Then where the hell is Boonstra? Damn it! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Charlie.
CHARLIE: Oh, doesn't look good.
Blood's starting to dry.
This happened at least a few hours ago.
And from the amount, I'd say it was a shallow cut, probably not life-threatening.
Maybe not.
But it sure hurt like hell.
And I'm itching for a little payback.
That is a load of garbage! And you know it! No, I don't want to hear your excuses! You should've been straight with me from the start! Pack up! Let's go! What's going on? The crown prosecutor just admitted that the witness was never here.
They're at a safe house a few blocks away.
I'll radio the coordinates to tactical on the way there.
Let's go.
[SQUEALING TIRES] Drop the gun.
We're not interested in you.
We're just here for the kid.
- Drop it.
- Easy.
We have to go before they come back.
It's not too high.
You can jump.
Come on! [GUN LOADING] CHARLIE: Just take it easy, Amy.
Where's Evelyn? [REX WHINING] [REX BARKING] I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Who's first, huh? Me.
I don't think so.
[REX BARKING] AMY: Ahh! SARAH: Drop your weapon! Ahhh! [HANDCUFFS LOCKING] Rex! Hey, pal! You had me worried.
Good job.
- Where's Evelyn? - I don't know.
She took off.
Yeah, it's Hudson.
The girl might be headed your way.
[REX BARKING] Rex! Where are you going? Shut up! [EVELYN CRYING] Shut up! [EVELYN CRYING] Let her go, Mickey! Not going to happen.
[REX BARKING] - Easy, boy, easy.
- How did you find us? It doesn't matter.
It's over.
I'm going to take her to that truck.
You try and stop us, she dies.
- [BARKING] - Easy, boy.
- [EVELYN CRYING] - Coast Guard has the island surrounded.
You've got one play here.
Let her go.
I do that, I'm a dead man! You testify against Mankiewicz and we'll get you in witness protection.
What's it going to be Mickey? I'm thinking! [REX GROWLING] Tactical unit should be right behind us.
Building directly across the street.
There it is.
Top floor, corner unit.
Yeah, I see it.
Okay, you stay here.
You keep your head down, okay? You contact the Sheriff's department.
You let them know to lock down the witness.
Yes, sir.
All right.
Target in sight.
All units converge on my position.
Time's up, Mickey! What's your choice? [REX BARKING] You going to keep your dog in check? - [BARKING] - You hurt her and Rex will make you wish that I shot you.
Do you know who her father is? - Don't! - [BARKING] Ahhh! - [GUNSHOT] - Uhhh! [BARKING] [CHARLIE KICKS GUN] Uh! Oh! Hi! [REX BARKS] It's okay.
You saved my life.
Both of you.
Now we need your help to save somebody else's life.
Call your dad.
Come on.
Come on.
Pick up.
Pick up.
Pick up.
No, no, no! No, no, no! Get back! [RIFLE LOADING] Get back! Get back! Get inside! [GUNSHOT] [WOMAN SCREAMING] [CELLPHONE BUZZING] - EVELYN: Dad? - [CRYING] Dad? I love you.
Okay, Joe.
DONOVAN: He's lucky that bullet hit him in the damn vest.
Thanks for letting me know.
And you You saved a life today.
You should be proud.
I just want to see my dad.
We'll, we're going to be heading back to the mainland soon.
We'll see what we can do about that.
Okay? And after all that, I don't even know your dog's name.
Well, he's not my dog.
- He's my partner.
- [LAUGHTER] His name is Rex.
Uhh! Jesse.
Welcome back.
Why does it feel like I got hit by a truck? It was a high velocity round, actually.
And you're lucky it caught you in the vest and not a couple of inches higher.
Oh, I messed up.
You're damn right.
You almost got yourself killed in the process.
When I give you an order, I expect you to follow it.
I'm sorry, sir.
Well, that being said if you hadn't taken that bullet, the witness would be dead.
You saved a life.
And uh, Boonstra did we Did we get him? No.
No, he slipped through our net.
[REX PANTING] But, hey, you've got visitors.
Hey! Hey, you found Rex! And Evelyn? Yeah, we got her back.
She's safe.
I got shot.
We heard.
It sounds painful.
Oh, only when I breathe.
CHARLIE: I can't believe our tech specialist got shot in the line of duty.
That's got to be a first.
Oh! Don't make me laugh.
Rex! [LAUGHTER] Well, Rex is happy you're okay.
Yeah, well the feeling's mutual.
Nothing takes away the feeling of intense pain like the love of a dog.
- Eh? - No.
I need painkillers very strong ones.
- Well, I'll go find a nurse.
- Thank you.
CHARLIE: Any word on Boonstra? No.
But I've got every car in the city out looking for him.
We've notified the airport, all private airfields.
And what about Evelyn? Child Services is coming in for her.
They're going to pick her up.
She'll be in good hands.
She wants to see her dad.
Well maybe we should use that as incentive to bring him in.
He obviously cares about her.
- Hmm.
BOONSTRA: I guess I owe you one, huh? Boonstra? Where are you? Don't worry about that.
I just wanted to say thanks.
You're just going to leave without saying goodbye to your daughter? My daughter means more to me than anything in this world.
I would never leave without her.
Go check on Evelyn.
Look, I know you were backed into a corner.
You couldn't see a choice.
But turn yourself in.
And maybe I can help you.
We both know that's not true.
She's gone.
Is Evelyn with you now? What can I say? A girl needs her father.
Is this what you want for her? A life on the run? It sure beats the alternative.
Maybe we will see you around some time, huh? [CELLPHONE DROPPING] [CAR STARTING] They had a contingency plan.
He's making a mistake.
This is no life for Evelyn.
We'll find him, Charlie.
What if Mankiewicz finds them first? [SIREN] [DOOR OPENING] Welcome home, pal.
[REX YELPING AFFECTIONATELY] Ha, ha, ha! It was not the same without you.
Huh? Yeah, hey.
You know what? You must be starving.
I'm going to cook you a special meal.
How about I barbecue us up some rib-eyes? Hmm? Rex? Or maybe not.
[TENDER MUSIC] Nice work, partner.
I'm proud of you.