Hudson and Rex (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Fearless Freaks

1 You know the rule, Dylan.
If you borrow my car, you gas it up before you return it.
I barely made it off the road this morning before it stalled.
And what's this scratch on the side, mister? Hey, just because you're my son doesn't mean you get to talk to me like that! [CRASH] [CAR PULLS UP] [DOOR CLOSES] Okay, partner.
[DOOR CLOSES] Let's go to work.
POLICEMAN: What's with the dog? He's with me.
Morning, Charlie.
Did he jump? Or was he pushed? Not sure.
Car owner called it in.
But he didn't see where he fell from.
Parking garage roof? Seems likely, based on the impact damage.
Rest of my team's up there now.
He was wearing this when we found him.
A luchador mask? Standard issue in the Mexican wrestling league.
Not so common in downtown St.
ID? Nothing on the body.
Well, smells like a brewery.
Yeah, I'd say he was heavily intoxicated at the time of death.
[BARKS] What's up with your boy? [BARKING] He's trained to sniff out illegal substances.
Where is it, buddy? Ah.
Looks like white powder trace under his nail.
Nice catch, Rex.
[BARKS] So what's a guy in a luchador mask doing up there in the first place? Anybody can access the lot by foot.
But it's closed to vehicles from 8 p.
to 6 a.
You got any security cameras? Yeah, just at the entrance and exit, though.
I'm going to need to see that footage.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, when do you start your shift? I've been here since 5:30.
I come in early to clean up before we open.
See anything this morning? No.
I mean, this place is empty before nine.
But I wasn't you know, I wasn't up on the roof.
Can you access the garage from this building? Yeah, just during hours of operation.
Okay, thanks.
Oh, sorry.
Just a heads up, I don't think they allow pets in the building.
[BARKING] He's a highly trained law enforcement animal.
He gets a little sensitive when you call him a pet.
I'm just looking for cameras on adjacent rooftops that might give us an idea of what went on here.
The garage and the building were locked.
So the guy would've had to walk up the eight levels.
Well, unless he scaled the building from the outside.
Yeah, maybe he thought he was Spider Man.
It would explain the mask.
He had a mask on? Yeah.
Blue luchador mask.
Why? That mean anything to you? Yeah, I take it you've never heard of the Fearless Freaks? Sounds like a bad metal band.
There's no such thing as a bad metal band.
No, here, hold this.
They're urban daredevils.
They combine free-climbing with extreme parkour on rooftops.
Then post the videos on their web channel.
MALE VOICE: I know we make it look easy, guys.
But free climbing takes a lot of training.
So don't try this stuff unless you know what you're doing.
Safety first, okay? I'll see you up there! So, are the masks for extra flair, - or to hide their faces? - Maybe both.
It allows them to be internet famous, but stay anonymous.
This stuff isn't exactly legal.
It's not exactly safe either.
You know, my guess He had a few drinks too many, probably lost his balance doing one of these idiotic stunts, and then fell to his death.
You might be right about that.
But he wasn't alone when he fell.
- What do you mean? - They just posted another video.
FEMALE:[ON VIDEO] Lift it up! Hold that stand! Whoa! Go, bro! [LAUGHING] Go, Birdy! Hold on to it! Birdy! - Oh, my God! He fell! - MALE VOICE: Birdy! [CAR DRIVING] FEMALE: [ON VIDEO] Go, Birdy! Hold on to it! Birdy! Oh, my God! He fell! Not sure.
Do you want me to play it back again or ? No, I'm good.
The voices behind the camera Yeah, they have code names.
Monster and Thrill Girl.
The guy who falls to his death is Birdy.
Isn't that ironic? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a second.
These guys actually make money doing this? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sure, you can crowdfund anything now.
A few years back, a guy on Kickstarter asked for funding to make potato salad.
Got over 60K in days.
I'm in the wrong line of work.
The Freaks made over $15,000 on this stunt alone.
Wait, but they failed.
Doesn't matter.
You'll notice there's no refund button.
Not a bad gig if you can survive it.
I'm going to need to find those other two.
Yeah, sure.
I can track them down through their internet provider.
- It won't take long.
- Great.
Charlie, a word.
What's up, boss? I just ran into Sarah.
She has some lab results for you.
Okay, I'll go talk to her now.
There's something else.
I received a formal complaint.
It's about Rex.
I just thought you should know.
What's the complaint? An officer outside of our unit is upset that an ex-K9 dog is working in Major Crimes.
Oh, let me guess.
Renley? Look, look, I'm on your side.
Rex is a valuable member of this unit.
And I do not want to lose him.
But I can't ignore a formal complaint.
So, what I'm asking you to do is just fly under the radar until we figure this whole thing out.
I'm going to take care of it.
[REX WHINES GENTLY] Don't worry, buddy.
You're not going anywhere.
I promise.
I hear you're looking for me.
Yeah, I've got preliminary results.
The blood work confirms he was way over the legal limit.
And the powder under his nail was cocaine.
So he was a drunk and a coke head.
Actually, no.
The tox screen came back negative for all narcotics.
So he handled the coke, but he didn't indulge? That's curious.
And there's something else too.
See this contusion? It's not consistent with the impact injuries.
He hit something on the way down? No, I don't think so.
There was very little blood on the inside of his mask.
It's like this happened before he put it on.
Anyway, I'll know more once I complete the autopsy.
[KNOCKING] Hey, Charlie, I have something for you.
You ID'd the Freaks? No.
But I was able to find the name of the guy who built the web page.
That'll work.
[CARS, CITY SOUNDS] Detective Hudson.
Mark Trainor? Thanks for meeting me out here.
I don't want my boss to find out about my parkour days.
You say that like they're over.
I traded my sneakers in for a stock portfolio over a year ago.
But you used to run with the Freaks? Yeah.
I also set up their web page.
And their online media presence.
But I guess you knew that already.
You heard what happened? Yeah.
Yeah, I still get alerts when the Freaks put up new videos.
Poor guy.
You confirm that's Birdy? Yeah.
His real name was Kyle Woods.
Well I'm going to need the names of the other two: Monster and Thrill Girl.
Craig Templeton and Daria Cross.
You still tight with any of them? We haven't talked in a year.
Well, thank you for your time.
[REX BARKS] Two hot dogs.
Hold the buns.
[CAR DRIVING] [KNOCKING] [DOOR CREAKS OPEN] Yeah? Kyle Woods live here? Nobody here by that name.
That's funny, because his name's on the lease.
Maybe you know him better as Birdy? Come on, does he live here or not? MALE VOICE: Dar, who is it? [REX BARKS] You've got to be kidding me.
You lied to me at the garage.
And you lied to me when I asked if Kyle Woods lived here.
Hmm? That ends now.
All right.
I'm sorry.
I panicked.
We were planning to come in and give a statement later.
Why not just phone the police from the start? All right.
Look we were hung over.
We thought it would look bad.
Well, it looks worse now.
[REX SNIFFS] Going by Birdy's blood alcohol level, I'm not surprised he fell.
I'm surprised that he could function at all.
Yeah, well you know what? Birdy was a machine.
And he held his liquor better than any of us did.
[SNIFFING] [REX WHINES] What is your dog doing there? His job.
[WHISPERING] I didn't leave it.
Not a party without blow, hmm? That's not ours, I swear.
- We're not into that garbage.
- Yeah, it's true.
There's no substitute for pure adrenaline.
Birdy shared that same philosophy? DARIA: He's an ex-addict.
Okay? But he's been clean for a while.
Who all was at this party? Just the four of us.
Fo four? KYLE: Yeah, Birdy's fiancée, Melissa, was here for a little bit, and then she left just before midnight.
That's why we were celebrating.
They only just got engaged.
Melissa have a last name? Lake.
[CRYING] Oh, God We haven't even told her what happened.
I'm going to need that video footage.
Of course.
One more thing, too.
Birdy had a head wound that he didn't get from the fall.
Were you aware of that? DARIA: No, but we injure ourselves all the time during our training sessions.
Yeah, it's true.
I've had three concussions in the last six months alone.
You know That explains a lot.
[MELISSA CRIES] Thanks for coming in, Melissa.
I wasn't able to locate any of his immediate family.
He didn't have anyone else.
He was in and out of foster homes.
History of drug abuse.
MELISSA: Dad, stop.
He's clean now.
He agreed to that drug test you wanted him to take.
Why would he agree to that if he was using again? Melissa, this isn't the time.
[CRYING] - I can't do this right now.
- Mel.
Melissa! She's in shock.
I'll talk to her.
[DOOR CLOSES] I take it you didn't approve? I'm a defense attorney.
I see troubled young men like Kyle come through the system every day.
I wanted my daughter to be happy.
Just not with Birdy.
The things he was doing Those dangerous stunts.
It was never going to end well for him.
And better it happened now then after they got married.
Or worse, had kids.
That's some tough love right there.
She's young.
She'll come out the other side stronger.
And maybe she'll make better choices in the future.
[DOOR CLOSES] What are we missing, Birdy? [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS ON VIDEO] FEMALE VOICE: Yeah! Nice going! MALE VOICE: So sweet! JESSE: Charlie! Charlie! Hey, the security video from the garage, dead end.
That's too bad.
But I've been watching a steady stream of rooftop parkour videos, strictly for research, not for enjoyment.
Although, once you go down the rabbit hole it's hard to stop, so - Get to the point, Jesse.
- Right, sorry.
Thing is The way this death video was shot was bugging me.
How so? Well, based on what I've been seeing, the camera POV is usually set up from an adjacent rooftop so you can see the full body hang.
Right? That's the money shot.
The Freaks video only had his hands on the ledge.
It got me wondering.
What didn't they want us to see? Hudson.
Did they issue your dog a badge and a gun yet? Oh, that's funny.
If you have a problem with Rex, why don't you take it up with the superintendent? Or maybe you already have, huh? Renley.
[CAR DRIVING] Hey! You can't be up here.
This is an active crime scene.
And what are you, the roof police? Major Crimes, actually.
What's your name? Lizzy Westbrook.
What are you doing here, Lizzy? You familiar with the Fearless Freaks? They didn't invent rooftop parkour.
There's a whole community.
You knew Birdy then.
Not personally.
But I saw the video this morning.
I was curious how one of the best free climbers in the city manages to fall doing a routine hang.
Doesn't make sense.
We were wondering the same thing.
Should your dog really be doing that? [REX WHINES CURIOUSLY] Where is she? [SOUND OF METAL DOOR OPENING] Were you worried about me? I'm touched.
I wanted to test a theory.
So, I dropped down one level.
Basic stuff, if you know what you're doing.
[REX SNIFFS] He may not have fallen on his own.
Hey, buddy.
This area's been wiped.
Stay on him, Rex! [BARKING] Okay! [BARKING] [BARKING] [REX PANTS, WHINES] It's not your fault.
Doors are your kryptonite, I know.
Yeah, I have a good idea who we're looking for.
[CAR DRIVING] We need to stop meeting like this.
Hmmm? Where's Daria? I don't know.
She went out.
Was he wearing a grey hoodie when you picked him up? What'd you do? You dump it on the way home from the parking garage? I don't know what you're talking about.
I was just out for a walk.
This was just used to wipe evidence away at the garage.
It wouldn't happen to be yours, would it? I Rex, track it.
[SNIFFING] [REX BARKS] Wow! That's got to be a record for the shortest manhunt ever.
I really hate that dog.
He grows on you.
[TEXT MESSAGE SOUND] SARAH: His skull was badly fractured.
Massive brain edema.
I'm not sure what caused the head wound.
But it was definitely fatal.
This doesn't make any sense.
You're saying that he got this injury before he put the mask on.
But we have video evidence showing that he was alive when he fell.
Maybe you made a mistake? No, there's no mistake.
The fact is, Birdy was dead at least six hours before he fell off that roof.
[DARIA'S VOICE ON VIDEO] Go, Birdy! The video is legit.
No edits, no camera tricks.
And the timecode confirms that the video was shot before he hit the ground.
DONOVAN: Yeah, but how can this be Kyle Woods if Kyle Woods is already dead? CHARLIE: Wait, wait, wait.
Hey, can I get a side by side look at the bird tattoo from this and from the autopsy photos? No problem.
[JESSE TYPES] CHARLIE: Ahhh, look at that.
Oh, you're right.
That's fake.
That's a totally different guy.
So, fake Birdy falls off the roof.
But real Birdy hits the ground? - It's a total mind-freak.
- Yeah.
But I think I know how they pulled it off.
CHARLIE: What did you use? Permanent marker? Looks like you scrubbed away five layers of skin.
It's just a rash.
It's a rash? So if I go get the UV light, it's not going to show me a bird tattoo there? Hmm? Come on.
You posed as Birdy because Birdy was already dead.
Why'd you kill him? I didn't kill anybody.
So it was Daria? You don't understand.
Well, I understand that the cash that you crowdfunded splits better two ways than three.
Listen, it was not about money.
We didn't kill him, I swear on my life.
It really was an accident.
And Daria will back me up, too.
Good! Well she's in the next room.
So if your stories don't line up, then you're going to jail.
We were all super wasted, okay? Birdy went to his room, Daria and I passed out.
We woke up a few hours later to find Birdy dead on the floor.
What happened to him? We found him by the climbing ropes.
I mean, he must've drunkenly climbed one, and then fell, and cracked his head.
So why not just call the police? You won't understand this.
We didn't want his fans to know that he died that way, okay? He deserved to have an epic death.
So, you impersonated him.
Yeah, I mean I I knew that the parking lot would be empty that early.
So we left his body one level below the roof, And then we went up top and we shot the video.
You pretended to fall.
But really you climbed down to where you'd stashed Birdy.
Yeah, and after that, I dropped him off the ledge.
And we got out of there.
And look, I know as well as anyone that it sounds cold, believe me, but I would have wanted him to do the same thing for me.
You're lucky.
Why am I lucky? Daria told me the same story.
Okay, well, hey, then you believe us, right? They could have rehearsed their story.
Gut feeling, but it sounded genuine to me.
Okay, we'll have a forensics team sweep their place, see if the physical evidence matches up with their story.
[REX BARKS] Come on, partner.
Let's go.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's it going at the Freaks' place? My team's up there now.
But I doubt they'll have anything for you 'til morning.
This your boyfriend? Thomas, yes.
He's a paramedic.
We met while I was doing my internship.
Ah, you guys look good together.
He's still in Toronto, right? He'll never leave.
He loves it there, so long distance relationship.
The hardest part is going home to an empty house at night.
I felt the same way last year when my marriage ended.
You should do what I did.
- What's that? - Brought home an ex-K9 dog to keep you company.
You're saying I should find myself a Rex? Everybody needs a Rex.
See you tomorrow.
Rex C'mon, buddy.
Let's go home.
[ON VIDEO] DARIA: Whoo! Nice! Looking good, man! C'mon, bro! So, I finally got the courage to ask my girl to marry me.
And she said yes.
I owe her so much.
She picked me up when I was down.
And she helped me become a better person.
And I can never repay her for that.
So, after tomorrow's stunt, it's time to say goodbye to the Freaks.
All good things must come to an end.
But we had a pretty wild ride, guys.
And even though it's over the Freaks will always be my family.
[CAR DRIVING] SARAH: The UV confirms there was blood pooled at the base of one of the rings.
So Craig and Daria were telling the truth.
Maybe not.
We also found blood and hair on this hand-weight.
Multiple sets of prints.
Probably everyone who's ever handled it.
Craig and Daria never mentioned that.
Maybe their story isn't so perfect after all.
CHARLIE: No more screwing around, you two.
You wanted a polygraph? You got it.
Rex can smell a lie a mile away.
Rex! Up! [REX BARKS] Okay.
Okay, let's see if we have this straight.
You two get in a drunken argument with Birdy.
Things escalate.
And in the heat of the moment, Craig hits him with a hand-weight.
That's not what happened.
So you hit him with the hand-weight.
No! We told you, we were passed out.
It's the truth.
- [REX BARKS] - Is it? Besides Melissa, are you sure nobody else was there that night? Uh, not that we saw.
Yeah, and the door was still locked when we got up.
- Who has a key? - Just the three of us.
[REX BARKS] There's four keys.
Birdy had one cut for Melissa as well.
I'll be back.
A dog as a lie detector? That's a new one.
As long as they believe it.
So this Melissa with the key that's Birdy's fiancée? Yeah, Melissa Lake.
She wouldn't happen to be related to Ron Lake, the lawyer, would she? She's his daughter.
Why? Do you know him? Yeah, we've had a few run-ins over the years.
Yeah, I got them.
Thanks for coming back in.
I just have a few follow up questions.
I don't appreciate being summoned here, Detective.
My daughter is grieving, if you've forgotten.
MELISSA: Dad, it's fine.
How can I help? What time did you leave Birdy's place the night before he died? Eleven, I guess 11:30 at the latest.
Can you confirm that? No, I was working late, prepping for court the next morning.
But my wife was home, she can confirm.
Melissa, I understand you have a key to Birdy's place.
I need to see that.
You don't have to show them anything, not without a warrant.
MELISSA: It's fine.
I have nothing to hide.
It's in here somewhere.
Okay, we're done here.
- We'll let you know when we find it.
- No it's okay.
I can find it.
I have an app on my phone that makes my keychain beep.
Birdy installed it, because I was always losing my keys.
This really is not necessary.
Let's just [BEEPING] [BEEPING] [REX SNIFFS] I do believe your bag is beeping.
Dad? What's going on? Why do you have my key? This is normally when I ask if you want a lawyer.
LAKE: I had nothing to do with the death of that boy.
Then explain to me why you had your daughter's keys.
I took them by mistake.
You really expect me to believe that? I don't care what you believe.
Joe Donovan.
You know, I always said that one day you'd be the one sitting in the hot seat.
Lo and behold, there you are.
Hey, Charlie.
You mind giving me a minute with my friend? Yeah.
You waived your right to counsel, Ron? I am counsel.
I don't know what this is.
But I didn't kill Kyle.
I checked in with your office, Ron.
You didn't work late last night.
In fact, you left early.
Okay, look.
I was with a woman, all right? Other than your wife? Colour me shocked, Ron.
I'll give you her number, and she'll vouch for me.
She'd probably lie to protect you though, wouldn't she? What do you want from me, Donovan? I want the truth, Ron.
Your daughter's fiancé turned up dead.
And we find his key on you.
- It wasn't like that.
- Well, tell me what it was like, Ron.
I'm right here.
I went there.
But not that night.
It was earlier in the day.
Nobody was home.
For what purpose? I planted coke in Kyle's room.
Then I left.
That's it.
Why would you do that? So he'd fail the drug test that I'd arranged for him.
I knew he'd relapse.
Once a drug addict, always a drug addict.
His tox screen came back negative for narcotics, Ron.
Seems you didn't know him as well as you thought you did.
Perhaps you should have given him more credit.
Where'd you get the coke? A dealer client of mine supplied it.
It was high end stuff, not street crap.
Designer snow is usually branded.
It was in a baggie with a blue crown stamp on it.
Look, all I was trying to do was protect my daughter, alright? Now are we done here? I'll tell you when we're done.
Let's go, buddy.
I know you called in that complaint.
Hmm? If I did, it would be well within my right.
Rex shouldn't be here.
You're still pissed that I took him in when K-9 kicked him to the curb.
- Is that what this is about? - He wasn't kicked to the curb.
He was retired from the unit.
It is called protocol.
And it applies to you too, cowboy.
And, for the record, I have no problem with you taking Rex in.
- Oh, really? - My problem is that you put him to work in Major Crimes.
So what? He's helping us solve cases.
Yesterday he sniffed out trace amounts of cocaine under some guy's fingernails.
It doesn't change the fact that you aren't trained - to handle a dog like that.
- I seem to be doing just fine.
- [REX GROWLS] - The fact that you believe that only shows - how out of your depth you are.
- Back off, Renley.
You don't understand - [REX BARKS] - Rex! Rex! Easy, man.
- Easy, buddy! No, no, no.
- [BARKING] - Take it easy.
- Sit.
Rex! He's trained to sense your aggression.
And react accordingly.
But I'm sure you knew that already.
No, that's it for now.
Thanks for your time.
JESSE: Bad news? Ron Lake's alibi checks out, which means he's not our killer.
But he still planted coke at the scene, right? Yeah.
Speaking of which, what happened to that? A bag of coke doesn't just vanish.
Maybe Birdy flushed it, or Craig and Daria ditched it to protect him.
If Ron Lake can get coke from one of his clients, he could easily hire one to kill Birdy, right? Yeah, very true.
I'm going to need a rundown of all the lowlife clients he's represented the last year or two.
Way ahead of you.
Oh, you're starting to read minds now? Actually, there was this interesting case, and It was against Birdy.
Birdy? Yeah, he was being sued.
Case never went to trial.
Who was the plaintiff? I didn't recognize the name.
Huh! But apparently you do.
CHARLIE: Why didn't you tell me about the lawsuit? It was a while ago.
I didn't think it mattered.
You tried to sue the three of them for defamation of character.
Why? Because they passed off stunts I created as their own.
And then they were telling their fan base that I was the one who stole their ideas.
That's not much of a case.
I know.
I was just trying to get their fans to stop calling me a poser.
And there are four of them, by the way, not three.
Four? I had my lawyer look into their financials.
The crowdfunding they bring in is split four ways.
The other guy's name was Mark something.
Mark Trainor? Yeah, that's it.
Am I under arrest? No, you can go.
Let's make it happen.
High risk, high reward, right? Yeah.
I gotta call you back.
You had some questions for me? Yeah.
Our conversation yesterday, you told me that you hadn't spoken to the Freaks in over a year.
That's right.
[PHONE BUZZES] I'm so sorry.
I've got to take this.
I'm just in the middle of something.
What? Right now? Okay.
My boss.
He needs a file that's sitting on my desk.
- I'll just take a second.
- Go ahead.
[REX SNIFFS] No way! A baggie with a blue crown on it.
You just found the smoking gun, Rex.
Rex, go! [REX BARKS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUOUS] - VOICES: Hey, man! - Hey! What are you doing! - VOICES: Over there! - That way! [MARK PANTS, OUT OF BREATH] [REX BARKS] [BARKING] CHARLIE: Rex! [BARKING] [REX WHINES] Where is he? [BARKING] MARK: Help! I need help! [MARK WHIMPERS] Please! Help me! [REX BARKS] [REX BARKS] I tried to climb down.
But there's not enough to grip on to! Can you climb back up? No, I can't move! Okay, then stay put! I'm going to call for help! No, no, wait! I can't hold on much longer! It'll be too late.
- [BARKS] - All right! All right! I'm coming.
- Can you reach my hand? - No! Okay.
Grab my hand.
- Grab it! - [BARKING] You can't support my weight.
I'll pull us both down.
Just grab my damn hand before I come to my senses! [BARKING] Argh! [BOTH MEN GRUNT] Rex! Rex! Grab that hose! Rex, go fetch! Rex, get the hose and bring it to me! - That's it, buddy! - [WHEEL SQUEAKS] Ahhh! [SQUEAKING] - Keep trying.
- I'm trying! Or we're both dead! [SQUEAKING] Arrgh! CHARLIE: Good boy, Rex! Now, grab the hose! Arrgh! [BARKING] [REX BARKS AND WHINES EXCITEDLY] [MARK GROANS] [BARKING] Thank you! You saved my life, man! I sure wish I saw that hose before I went over the edge.
Next time Let's take the stairs.
CHARLIE: I've been looking through your finances, Mark.
For a Wall Street wannabe, your accounts aren't looking too healthy.
Markets tanked last quarter.
I took a beating.
But you still have your share of the cut with the Freaks.
And, hey, with Birdy dead, now your cut gets even bigger, huh? Come on.
You had the coke on you.
That puts you at the scene.
I wasn't looking for a bigger cut.
I just wanted what I was owed.
The Freaks haven't paid me for the last several stunts.
And when I saw what they were making on this latest one You went over there to collect.
It was pretty late.
Birdy was super wasted.
The other two were passed right out.
So what happened? You went over to get the cash.
Birdy wasn't so forthcoming.
So you smashed his skull in with a weight? You didn't even need to wipe your fingerprints off the murder weapon.
Because they were already there.
You used to train with those weights, same as the others.
I didn't mean to kill him.
It was self defense.
I swear.
What happened? We argued.
I threatened to shut down his website if he didn't agree to pay me.
They didn't have a backup.
Everything would have been lost.
And that's when Birdy completely went off.
I didn't mean to hit him so hard.
I just wanted him to get off of me.
How did you lock the door behind you with no key? I climbed out the upper window.
Once a parkour guy, always a parkour guy.
You know, the one thing I don't understand? Why did you take the coke? You wouldn't have made that much money selling it.
You took it for yourself.
I couldn't keep up with the pace.
I just needed something a little extra.
Well, maybe you should've stuck to parkour.
I hear there's no substitute for pure adrenaline.
Hey, that is some fine work, you two.
You too! It must have felt good, getting back in the interrogation room like that.
For the record, I did not go in there looking for any personal gratification.
- Uh-huh.
- I had a job to do.
And I did it.
And off the record? - It felt damn good.
- [CHARLIE LAUGHS] Oh, before I forget, that other thing Don't worry about it.
Wait, you mean the complaint? Yeah, it's been officially retracted.
Rex is in the clear.
- Wait.
Why? - Just-hey.
Don't worry about it.
It's a good thing.
Let it go.
Well, you heard the boss.
- You hungry? - [BARKS] Of course you are.
You're always hungry.
It's on me.
Let's go.
You retracted your complaint.
Why? I heard what happened today.
Rex did good.
So you've come around on him? I never had a problem with Rex.
I oversaw his training myself.
My problem is you, Hudson.
You think you're always in control, infallible.
You're right.
I don't have the training needed to control him.
Not completely.
Are you saying you're going to sideline him? I can't.
He's too valuable to the unit.
So, what are you saying? I'm saying that I'm going to get the proper training.
Take some classes.
And maybe you could help me with that? If you're serious I'll see what I can do.
[SIGHS] Right? [REX WHINES CURIOUSLY] Don't worry, buddy.
We'll get there.
Next time on Hudson & Rex.
Oh, my God.
The victim was found with a scarf wrapped around her throat cutting out her airway.
Is that the guy who called 911? Tyler Holden.
Paranormal researcher.
- [REX BARKS] - Did you know that dogs are in tune with the spirit world? Nancy's been a busy girl.
Nancy was looking for her brother, but she didn't expect to find him alive.
There's an old story about this cemetery being haunted.
[REX GROWLS] [REX BARKS] Put your hands on your head - and step out where I can see you! - [REX BARKS]