Hudson and Rex (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Haunted by the Past

What's up, Haunted Truthers? It's 3:35 a.
, and I'm coming at you from the cemetery behind St.
Julian's church.
Oh, I want to shout out to MALC98 for recommending this haunted hot-spot.
Now, over the years there have been dozens of reports of glowing figures wandering amongst the headstones.
Hopefully this ghost hunt will turn up some evidence that lends credence to those claims.
Alright, the electromagnetic field meter is spiking.
- That's a pretty good indication of a possible presence.
There's no wind, but I'm literally freezing.
Oh, yeah! Take a look at that.
The temperature's fallen ten degrees.
I mean, I'm definitely not alone here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Guys, the energy fluctuations are next level.
I mean, they're off the charts.
They seem to be leading me right to this specific area.
Oh, my God! OFFICER: Come on through.
- Sarah! - Morning, Rex.
Dragged you two out of bed, huh? - Ha.
- Ha.
Can you walk me through it? Of course.
Just over this way.
The victim was found with a scarf wrapped around her throat, cutting off her airway.
Paramedics were able to resuscitate, but it was close.
She say anything? No, she hasn't regained consciousness.
Her purse and wallet were found lying next to her.
Just over there.
Has she been identified? According to her driver's license, she's Nancy Rubic, 26 years old.
What have you got, Rex? Somebody lost their phone.
Screen's locked.
But it could belong to our victim.
Nice job, buddy.
Hey, do you mind if I keep this? Jesse might be able to unlock it for us.
Just make sure I get it back.
We still have to process it.
Is that the guy that called 911? Yeah.
Local ghost hunter.
Says he was tracking spirit energy when he found her.
Of course he was.
Officer, you mind if I borrow him for a minute? I'm Detective Hudson.
You are? Tyler Holden, paranormal researcher.
Is that a real job? It's more of a hobby.
But I was out here trying to record some EVPs when I came across her, just lying there.
EVPs? Electronic Voice Phenomenon.
You know voices from beyond the grave.
So you what, randomly chose this cemetery for your ghost hunt? No, I encourage my subscribers to leave me tips on haunted locations on my YouTube channel.
One of my fans suggested this place.
He was actually going to meet me here.
But he was a no-show.
I'll need a name.
I've never met him in person.
His username is MALC98.
Easy, Rex.
Hey, did you know that dogs are in tune with the spirit world? Yeah, they can actually detect EVPs with the naked ear.
Huh, you learn something new every day.
The officer will take the rest of your statement.
- Can I have a word, please? - I'm sorry.
I was just trying to stay out of the way.
This cemetery is on my church's property.
Well, it is still a crime scene.
Can I have your name? I'm Father Xavier.
I live just across the road.
You hear anything unusual last night, Father? No, I was asleep.
The ambulance woke me up.
What's happening? Well, we're still trying to figure that out.
You get many people here at night? No.
Not really.
There's an old story about this cemetery being haunted.
Tends to keep people away.
You believe in ghosts, Father? Only the Holy One.
I'm afraid the rest of it is just an old wives' tale.
DONOVAN: No, it is not an invasion of privacy.
It's a simple question.
No, there's no need to jump down No, come on, we both know Hello? Camilla? Damn it.
Everything okay, Joe? Yeah, yeah, it's just It's a father daughter thing.
Uh, what happened at the cemetery? A 26 year old woman was strangled.
She survived.
But she's in a coma and we don't know if, uh Um Joe? Oh, yeah, sorry.
Sorry, you were saying? You know what, I can tell that you're busy.
Why don't I do a little background on the Rubic case? - I'll get back to you.
- Whoa.
Rubic? - Yeah.
- As in Malcolm Rubic? Who's Malcolm Rubic? You know, it's a local case from about 20 years ago.
Eleven year old Malcolm Rubic disappears, walking home from his math tutor's house.
It's the last time anyone ever saw him.
Nobody looked good for it? Oh, no, no, no.
They went hard at the math tutor.
But a body never turned up.
So without any physical evidence, they couldn't lay charges.
The investigation went cold after that.
My victim's name is Nancy Rubic.
Nancy, huh? Malcolm had a four or five year old sister around the time he disappeared.
Care to guess what her name was? Stay here, buddy.
I know the feeling.
How's she doing? She hasn't woken up.
The breathing tube is just a precaution.
As soon as she stabilizes, they'll remove it.
Anything we can use? A few of her fingernails were broken.
So if she fought back, we might get some DNA.
I'll know more once I get a full medical workup, but The attack doesn't appear to be sexual in nature.
What are the odds she suddenly wakes up - and gives me a name? - I wouldn't bet on it.
We have no idea how long she went without oxygen.
She may not wake up at all.
And even if she does, damage caused by cerebral anoxia could be severe.
There's nothing we can do for her at the moment.
Sure there is.
We can catch whoever did this.
What's with all the old case files? It's a cold case that Joe thinks might be connected with the woman in the cemetery.
Hey, you think you could unlock a phone for me? Sure.
See what I can do.
Thank you.
Where do we get started, huh? You know what? Why don't we divide and conquer? While I get up to speed with Malcolm, you just focus on finding Nancy's attacker.
Oh, yeah, okay.
Sounds like a plan.
- Yeah.
- So Is everything okay? I mean, you just seemed a little upset on the phone earlier.
My daughter, Camilla has been keeping something from me.
I don't know what it is.
It could be drugs.
I just I'm worried that she's going down the same path as her mom.
I'm scared that I'm failing her.
You're being too hard on yourself, man.
She's a teenager.
I mean, doesn't every dad think that their teenager is on drugs? Yeah, but every dad's not a cop.
Point taken.
You know what you need? A dog like Rex.
Huh? Can't hide drugs from a drug sniffing dog.
Listen, Charlie.
You know, she gets out of school at 4:00.
- Ohhh.
- You and Rex could be in and out of there in five minutes.
No, come on.
I wasn't serious.
Listen, if I don't figure this out now, who knows how far it'll go.
I unlocked the phone.
You Wait.
I just gave it to you.
Yeah, well her pass code is her birthday, which is literally like half the population's pass code.
I mean, I can Sorry.
Look, she was in the middle of texting someone.
H-E-L Hello? Help? What's the timestamp? 3:35 a.
That's just a couple of minutes before Tyler called 911.
Tyler as in, Tyler Holden? Yeah, why? That's the name of the person that Nancy was trying to text.
I didn't know it was her.
I swear! I always thought MALC98 was a dude! CHARLIE: Nancy was attacked at 3:34 a.
, Tyler.
You were there at the scene.
I didn't hear anything.
It's a big place.
And I was busy recording.
Wait, wait, wait.
EVPs pick up sound frequencies that can't be heard with human ears.
But they are sensitive enough to catch distant audio.
Yeah, hey? You really know your stuff.
CHARLIE: Do you still have the recordings you captured this morning? Of course.
It's all uploaded to my server.
Welcome to Haunted Truth HQ.
Wow! This setup is sick! Hey! Thank you very much! Custom built by me.
All of it.
Yeah, we're going to need to take those recordings back to the station and analyze.
JESSE: Easier said than done.
I mean, our system is too modern.
This is all severely outdated tech! Making it completely hack-proof! That's how I designed it.
I mean, we could do the analysis right here.
It'd be a lot faster! Uh Fine.
Just Get it done.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
You'll find that these recordings have a lot of elements to them.
This is going to take a while.
I'll check in on you guys later, huh? And, Jesse, you're in charge.
- DONOVAN: Charlie.
- Yeah.
I have some information on the Malcolm Rubic case that could prove relevant.
You do know you're the superintendent, right? - You can delegate this stuff.
- Are you kidding? This is the department's great white whale.
I've got to make sure we do this right.
This house belongs to our primary suspect, Floyd Walker.
- The math tutor.
- Exactly.
And this house.
That's where Malcolm and Nancy grew up.
What's the significance? Well the house went up for sale just about a year ago.
But guess who bought it? Wait, wait, wait.
You're telling me that Nancy moved back - into her childhood home? - Yeah.
That is curious.
Let's go.
What is it, buddy? [SQUEALING CAR FAN BELT.]
Yeah, to your ears, that must be like fingernails on a chalkboard, huh? [TRUCK DOOR CLOSING.]
Hey there! You here to see Nancy? Detective Hudson.
You are? Ben Draper.
How long have you lived here, Ben? My whole life.
So you knew the Rubic family? Sure.
What can you tell me about them? You know about the boy, - Malcolm? - Yeah.
Well, not too long after he vanished, Nancy and her mom moved away.
And the father? He stick around? Just long enough to drink himself to death.
It was tragic as hell.
And Nancy? She's been back a while.
Any boyfriends? Partner? Hard to say, we don't socialize much.
She's had it pretty tough.
So I try to help out where I can.
You know, mow the lawn and stuff like that.
She's not in any trouble, is she? Thanks for your time, Ben.
You might want to get that fan belt replaced.
Yeah, it's Hey, Rex! Hey! Hey! The house was locked, lights off.
No indication anything was amiss.
She's been back a year.
Still hasn't finished unpacking.
Yeah, I don't think settling in was her biggest concern.
Come with me.
Right? Nancy's been a busy girl.
Yes, she has.
Floyd Walker.
Malcolm's math tutor.
Nancy's marked out every possible route Malcolm could have taken home from there.
And this route right here goes right past the church cemetery.
What is it, buddy? [SNIFFING.]
You recognized Tyler, huh? [BARKING.]
Rita Collins.
Psychic advisor.
Psychics and ghost hunters.
What's the connection to Malcolm? Nancy was looking for her brother, but she didn't expect to find him alive.
"Stay away or there will be consequences.
" This email was written less than a week ago.
Who sent it? Would you believe? Floyd Walker? Floyd Walker.
I need to ask you some questions.
I've got nothing to say to you! Get off my property! Get off my property! - I've got nothing to say to you! - Is that right, Floyd? Because I have the perfect conversation starter.
"Stay away or there will be consequences.
" Oh! You remember that, huh? Yeah.
Or are you going to deny that you sent Nancy Rubic this threatening email? Where were you between the hours of one and six a.
this morning? I was sleeping.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
"Stay away.
" You know what that tells me? That tells me that you knew she was back in the area.
You know what I think? I think she gave you a call or came by the house.
And was asking some questions about her brother.
What happened, huh? Did she get a little too close to the truth? Answer the question! I answered the questions twenty years ago.
And what did I get for it? You people tore apart my life, my reputation! You just you took everything! You were the primary suspect in a missing child investigation.
No, I was the only suspect! And why? Because I'm gay.
So I must be guilty, right? Right? Gays, pedophiles.
What's the difference to the cops? There's a difference.
Okay? - Times have changed.
- Have they? After all these years people were just just starting to forget.
And then she shows up on my doorstep not once, but multiple times.
So yes, I was threatening consequences of a legal nature.
I was planning on slapping her with a restraining order.
It's already in the works, actually.
- And your lawyer can verify this? - Yes! But it won't be enough for you.
It never is! [PHONE RINGING.]
Hey, Joe.
No, not yet.
I got busy.
Yeah, I'm going.
Charlie? Camilla! Hi! What's going on? Is my dad okay? Uh, yeah! Oh, no, he's fine.
He's Yeah he just he'd asked me to come by to pick up some work that he left here.
Classic dad.
Wait, aren't you forgetting something? Sorry? The work you came to get? Oh, yeah, right.
No, no.
I took it to the car already.
And then I came back to use the bathroom.
Don't go in there.
Okay, bye now.
Rex! Rex! CHARLIE: Your daughter is not hiding any drugs at the house.
Smart girl.
She's hiding them somewhere else.
You're imagining it, Joe.
No way.
She goes out every night.
And doesn't tell me where.
And she doesn't take her cell phone with her.
Think about it.
What sixteen year old do you know that doesn't take their cell phone? Something's changing with her.
I don't know what it is.
I want you and Rex to follow her.
You're not serious.
Listen, I need to know where she's going.
Okay? And if you're right, and there's nothing going on, I will never doubt her again.
All right.
Now, where we at with the Walker thing? The lawyer verified his story.
We don't have enough to charge him.
Yeah, and history repeats itself.
Look, I'm not saying he's in the clear.
But the Department put his life through the ringer.
Look, the case against him was strong.
Do you know why he was a private tutor? Because three years earlier, he was fired from his teaching job for inappropriate conduct with a student.
Now it wasn't anything sexual in nature, but connect the dots.
Right? [KNOCKING.]
I have something for you.
Nancy Rubic's credit card statements.
How's it going with the audio files? Still a lot to go through.
Tyler had to leave, so I thought I'd come back here, and check on these.
What's this Second Sight Inc.
? Oh, yeah.
A corporation belonging to a Rita Collins.
A fortune teller? Really? There's like two or three charges here a week.
That's a lot of palm reading.
RITA: Welcome, Detective.
How can I help you today? How did you know I was a detective? Well, Rita knows all.
Well, then you know I'm not here to read tea leaves.
I'm here to talk about one of your clients, Nancy Rubic.
She was assaulted last night.
What happened? I thought Rita knows all.
I considered Nancy to be a friend.
Please, if I can help in any way, I will.
- Hi! Hi, buddy.
Did you know that dogs can communicate with the dead? Yeah, I've been hearing that a lot lately.
Tell me about Nancy.
Well, she first came to me when she was trying to contact the spirit of her long missing brother, Malcolm.
And what does something like that cost? I run a business, not a charity.
Shall I continue? By all means.
She'd been having vivid dreams of her brother.
She felt like his spirit was trying to call her to him.
During this one session, I had this psychic flash of this church.
Nancy took it to mean that her brother's spirit could be contacted at this specific church in her neighbourhood.
What else? A lot of her dreams were of her brother in childhood.
Almost like suppressed memories.
She'd started to document them in journals.
And I think Yes, here we are.
And I have others.
I'll start with this one.
Call me if more journals turn up? Rex.
Let's go.
You want to get out of here? [REX BARKS.]
What is it about this place? [REX WHINES.]
Put your hands on your head.
And step out where I can see you! [BARKING.]
MALE VOICE: Okay! Hey, don't shoot, okay? I'm unarmed! - [BARKING.]
- This is a microphone! Okay? Detective Hudson? Oh, man, you scared the crap out of me! Tyler, what the hell are you doing here? This is an active crime scene! I'm look, I'm sorry.
I had to come back and finish my investigation.
There's still a presence here.
I'm sure of it! [BARKING.]
CHARLIE: What is it, Rex? TYLER: Dude, I'm telling you, your dog sees dead people! He's a trained cadaver dog, and we're in a cemetery.
His senses are probably just overwhelmed.
No tombstones here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What do you think is under here? Only one way to find out.
Dude Is that what I think it is? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
What condition was the body in? The remains were mostly skeletonized, which isn't surprising, based on how long they've been underground.
Where's where's Rex? He's napping in the car.
Yeah, that's an impressive nose he's got, being able to pinpoint this one body in a cemetery full of them.
Well, he wasn't buried as deep as the others, and he wasn't sealed in a pine box.
But yeah, he's a rock star.
Is there a positive ID? Not officially, but Young male, same body type, traces of his jacket match.
These are most likely the remains of Malcolm Rubic.
Hey! Excuse me! Detective? Sorry.
- Ben, right? - Yeah.
Everyone's saying you found a body! Yeah, I can't confirm that.
Oh, listen, I understand.
I'm sure you're busy.
It's just You know - We're all wondering if - I understand.
But I can't really discuss it right now.
Okay? SARAH: Uh, Charlie? Sorry, can I talk to you for a second? - Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
Looked like you could use a save.
Yeah, big time.
Hey What? If a psychic claims to have a vision of a church, and a missing kid ends up buried near a church, is that proof of her psychic abilities? Does this have something to do with you showing up here last night? Nancy Rubic she kept journals related to her brother's disappearance.
A psychic kept a couple of them.
And they pointed me back here.
I can't really explain it.
Wait! Just hear me out! What do you think that's all about? I doubt he's inviting them to the church picnic.
Please! You can end this! [TIRES SQUEAL AS THE CAR PULLS AWAY.]
Father? Can we talk? What can I do for you, Detective? What was your relationship with Malcolm Rubic? Excuse me? It's a small community.
Everyone seems to know everyone.
The Rubics were members of my congregation.
I was fond of the boy, and Nancy as well.
But after his disappearance, they turned their back on the church.
Anything else? Yeah.
You were having words with somebody up on the street in a silver sedan.
Who was that that you were talking to? Why do I get the feeling you already know the answer? I ran the plates.
The car belongs to Floyd Walker.
What's your relationship with him? Soon after Malcolm disappeared, Floyd came to me asking me for forgiveness.
I thought he was trying to confess.
And you didn't talk to the police? No.
I believed that my oath prevented that.
But today, just watching the boy's body come out of the ground, I confronted him.
I pleaded with him to turn himself in.
I'm guessing he passed.
Put your hands on the car! - Do it now! - What is this? - Now! Do it! - What is this about? [BARKING.]
You taking a last minute vacation, Floyd? [BARKING.]
I didn't do anything! Then why are you running? I'm not running.
I'm leaving! I'm just going to stay with my sister for a while.
What did Father Xavier say to you that got you so spooked, huh? Put your hand on the car.
What are you talking about? He wanted you to finish the confession you started twenty years ago.
I wasn't confessing.
No, no, no! I-I can explain! I can explain.
I asked for forgiveness, yes, but not because I murdered Malcolm.
After our tutoring session finished that night, he asked me for a ride home.
And I just said no! I didn't have a reason.
I-I just I just didn't feel like it.
And then as soon as he left the house, it started raining.
I mean, it was like it was like really coming down! I could have got him home safe, you know? I messed up.
Instead, he didn't get home at all.
I didn't kill him.
But I've always felt responsible for whatever happened.
And I've carried the guilt of that with me every day.
Every day.
I'm going to need you to come down to the station.
Answer a few questions.
Hello? Rita! What can I What? Okay, calm down.
Tell me who's in the house? Okay, Rita, I'm almost there.
Just stay on the line, okay? [ENGINE STARTS.]
Hang on, buddy.
You okay? Let me see.
Did you see who it was? No.
They came from behind.
Don't move.
I'm going to call an ambulance, okay? - [REX BARKS.]
- Yeah.
What do you have, pal? [SCRATCHING, SNIFFING.]
Cedar chips.
You recognize those too, huh? Whoever broke in here was at the cemetery this morning.
I got your text.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
DONOVAN: The body.
It was definitely Malcolm.
Dental records confirm it.
Cause of death? Extreme blunt force trauma.
Broken femur and cracked ribs, basal skull fracture.
The list goes on.
Any forensic links to Floyd Walker? Or Father Xavier? I found cedar chips and fresh earth at Rita's.
Father Xavier was at the dig site this morning.
There's also what appears to be paint remnants on the boy's coat.
We're analyzing that now.
But I mean, other than that, there's very little to work with.
I'm giving a press conference today where I'm supposed to paint this as a win for the department.
But there's no win here.
There's nothing more I can do until results come back.
I'm starving.
You want to grab a bite? I can't.
I've got to do this thing for Joe.
How do you feel about takeout? This is pretty good, right? I mean You have to book the place months in advance.
But fortunately, I know the maître d'.
No, it's not bad at all.
So, you really think Donovan's daughter is doing drugs? I doubt it.
Doesn't really seem the type.
Yet you still agreed to do this? It's his daughter.
His heart's in the right place.
Besides, this is a one-time only deal.
It's kind of cute how joined at the hip you and Rex are.
I mean, considering it's been what, six months since you took him in? Yeah, pretty much hit it off from the start.
I mean, he's ex-K9.
So He pretty much takes care of himself.
Seems more like you take care of each other.
CHARLIE: Here we go.
SARAH: What is she doing? Maybe Joe was right.
You know, I'm going to stop this.
Oh, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
- Oh! - Yeah.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
She's definitely up to some real shady business.
Yeah, we're done here.
CHARLIE: Rex! No! - Ohhh.
- Yeah.
CAMILLA: Rex? Charlie? SARAH: Oh, boy.
Charlie? Did my dad put you up to this? Are you going to rat on me now? I am so sorry.
I did not mean to intrude.
I'm not in the habit of outing teenagers to their parents.
CAMILLA: Outing? No okay.
This isn't the middle ages.
My dad knows I'm into girls.
Oh, well, why all the secrecy? I promised my dad I wouldn't get serious with anybody until after high school, okay? CHARLIE: Oh, okay.
Look, I'm not going to tell him.
But my advice Would you just talk to him? Okay? He's worried sick.
I'm sorry I dragged you into this.
Oh, no, I'm loving it.
Dinner and a show? [LAUGHING.]
What's up with Rex? I don't know.
What did you just do there? I pressed pause on the audio file.
- Let me hear it.
- Hear what? I thought if I stripped out the ambient noise, I could pick up the underlying audio better.
But there's nothing there.
Rex disagrees with you.
Press play again.
Whoa! Do you think he's picking up ghost chatter? CHARLIE: No.
Rex hears four times better than we do.
There's nothing supernatural about it here.
Play this last part again.
And try and isolate and amplify it as much as you can.
Ever hear anything like that before? As a matter of fact, we have.
Like fingernails on a chalkboard.
What? [BARKING.]
There's somebody in there.
You go around back.
Move, and I'll kill you! Come on, Ben.
What are you doing? I said don't move.
You take another step, and I'll kill you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait Look, there's no good way out of this situation.
Unless you put the gun down.
Where's Nancy's journals? You heard me say that at the cemetery.
Yeah? That's why you went after Rita.
That's why you're here.
You thought Nancy had some information that pointed to you as Malcolm's killer.
The paint chips on his jacket, they're from your car, aren't they? It was an accident.
I was coming home from the jobsite and the kid came out of nowhere.
Pouring with rain I only lost control for a second.
Why didn't you report it to the police then? Why? Why cover it up? Because I'd had a couple of drinks with the guys after work.
I panicked, okay? I didn't want to go to jail.
Well how about how you hid the body? Yeah? That was really smart, burying him in the cemetery.
That was genius.
It was my worksite.
I was part-time on the landscaping crew.
It just seemed like a good idea.
Yeah, I believe you.
I believe Malcolm was an accident.
I do.
But Nancy That was attempted murder, - pure and simple.
- I didn't want to do that.
- No? - She started talking about the church.
I thought maybe she'd started to figure out the truth.
So I followed her.
NANCY: Ben? Why'd you come back here? Why couldn't you just let go? - [CHOKING.]
- It's okay.
She never should've come back.
It was over! Everyone had moved on! Nobody moves on from this.
I said shut up! I said shut up! Rex! [GROWLING, BARKING.]
It's over, Ben.
Uh! - [CAR DOOR.]
Give me some love.
Good boy! Good boy! Good job.
Good job.
You're still here? Yeah, just finishing up my report.
I'll put it on your desk when I'm done.
Okay, you got his formal confession? Mm-hmm.
And he admitted to the attack on the psychic? Yeah.
It turns out that he thought that Nancy's diaries might have some incriminating information in them.
Did they? Yeah.
Nancy seemed to know some details about the disappearance.
But that doesn't make sense, because she would have been a little kid, home in bed when Malcolm died.
So you believe that Nancy receives psychic images from her dead brother? I wouldn't go that far.
But I just I can't explain it.
Oh, my God, look! Goosebumps! Ohhh! [LAUGHING.]
But I do got to admit, it is good to be able to close the case after this long.
- Right, buddy? - Mm-hmm.
You guys have a good night.
Goodnight, boss.
Oh - Before I forget - Mm-hmm? Camilla called, and said that she wants to have a heart-to-heart later on when I get home.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
Said there's someone that she wants me to meet.
You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you? No.
I wouldn't know anything about that.
- Not gonna to happen.
You must be Charlie.
And this furry fellow here is Rex.
Hi! Nice to meet you! SARAH: Nancy got her final all-clear from neurology this morning.
I'm very happy to hear that.
SARAH: Tell tell Charlie what you told me! While I was in my coma, Malcolm came to me.
He told me that you found him.
He's at peace now because of you.
And Rex.
Well we're just happy that we were able to help.
I've decided to have a funeral.
After all these years, my brother will be properly laid to rest.
Well, we-we would like to be there.
Really? - Yeah! - [REX BARKS.]
In fact, I think the whole police station would like to be there.
Thank you.
I know Malcolm would really like that.
Next time on Hudson & Rex.
This one sure took a lot of planning.
It's pine tar, as in tar and feathered.
The centuries old revenge and humiliation ritual.
I just need someone to go into the residence under cover as a student.
- Jessie Goodman? - Yeah, that's me.
Okay, cool, yeah.
I've been expecting you.
This university abandoned Meagan.
She may be gone, but we can not let her be forgotten.
Drugged and drowned.
That's the same way Meagan Bailey took her life.
That could be a coincidence.
I think they're connected.

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