Hudson and Rex (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

School Daze

1 [BACKGROUND CHATTER] What's up guys? You guys ready for midterms? What? Dr.
Sharpe isn't here yet? STUDENTS: No.
STUDENT: We haven't seen him.
TOBY: Okay.
Let's go.
Sharpe! Hey! Hey hey! Dr.
Sharpe! Get He's dead! [REX SNIFFING] CHARLIE: This one sure took a lot of planning.
And research.
It's pine tar.
As in "tar-and-feathered" The centuries-old revenge and humiliation ritual.
Is that what killed him? Doubtful.
But I haven't found any other signs of trauma yet.
- Okay, thanks.
- Yeah.
Detective Hudson.
I understand you discovered the body? Uh, yeah.
I thought he was passed out.
I tried to wake him up.
What's your name? Uh Toby Whalen.
I'm the teacher's assistant.
I was supposed to invigilate the midterm this morning.
Did Professor Sharpe have any enemies - that you were aware of? - Um, I mean He was a pretty divisive figure around here.
I was fielding death threats against him on social media.
But neither of us actually thought that someone was going to follow through.
- Death threats? Did you report them? - Yes.
I sent them all to Campus Security.
[REX BARKS] Excuse me.
[REX SNIFFING] More pine tar.
Come here.
There's more pine tar out here.
Yeah, there's more.
Yeah, the trail ends here.
The killer must have gotten into a car.
With any luck, the vehicle and driver were caught on camera.
We'll pay a visit to Campus Security.
SECURITY GUARD: We were ready for you, Detective.
The head office gave us a call.
Here's a list of the death threats.
Although I don't know if you could call them that.
At less of the "I'm going to kill you" and more of the "go die" variety, but Well, it seems a lot more credible now that he's dead.
And what about the security footage? Well, I didn't find your mystery car.
But maybe you guys will have more luck.
Maybe the driver knew what route to take to avoid the cameras.
Is the building secure at night? Yeah, we lock up every night.
But we keep a log of the comings and goings.
Professor Sharpe used his key card to let himself in at 12:08 AM.
That seems late to be arriving.
These guys keep strange hours.
I've known profs to sleep here.
Where's his parking spot? Uh, not far.
But he didn't come here by car.
His spot has its own security camera.
He was a prime target for vandalism and key scratches and Popular guy.
You know I was actually going to be a cop.
I would've made the cut too if You know not for my bad knee, but - Thanks for this.
- Yeah.
[THEME MUSIC] SARAH: We got the tox-screen back.
Sharpe's blood alcohol level was within the driving limit.
But there was something else in his system Rohypnol.
He was roofied? How much Rohypnol does it take to stop a man's heart? A lot more than he took.
It wasn't what killed him.
- Huh.
- See here? Petechial hemorrhages in the face.
Plus edema - And cyanosis.
- So he suffocated.
I won't know for sure until the autopsy.
But it looks that way.
I also ran the DNA I found on the feathers that were thrown on him.
- You I.
'd the goose? - Ha.
I figured the down probably came from a coat or a pillow.
Over time they can absorb sweat, saliva.
- So we checked for human DNA.
- And? There was DNA.
But I didn't find a match in the system.
- Hmm.
- [CELL PHONE CHIMES] How can new ideas be presented Civil conversation be generated When the media's a a fascist lynch mob! I graciously agreed to be here today.
Why? So I can be tarred and feathered for free speech? Have we really sunk so low? JESSE: This is Professor Sharpe six weeks ago.
"Tarred and feathered.
" Someone used his own words against him.
There was a recent newspaper profile on Sharpe.
He seemed to think it would be flattering.
Instead they called him out for stoking hatred.
DONOVAN: Hatred towards? Anyone who didn't look like him "Your skirt, your hoodie, or hijab "was asking for it" sort of thing.
No shortage of people hated the guy.
JESSE: I checked all the security data.
And there were a few other people aside from Sharpe who had access to the lecture hall.
There we go.
The cleaning staff, the campus security, - and the teacher's assistant.
- Toby Whalen.
The guy who found the body.
Yeah, the logs show that he was in the building just a few hours before the murder.
SARAH: As teacher's assistant, he would have had easy access to the professor.
Would have known his schedule.
He also had pine tar on his hands.
That's because he touched the body.
Ah, or maybe he touched the body to hide the fact that he already had pine tar on his hands.
SARAH: And what about Sharpe's car? It's not at his house or in his designated spot at the University.
If he was feeling the effects of the Rohypnol, maybe he left his car somewhere and took a cab? Well, I'll check with the cab companies and rideshares - see who picked him up.
- My understanding is that the University's McGrail Residence had an incident where a large quantity of drugs were confiscated.
That's Toby Whalen's residence.
DONOVAN: Then it's time we paid Toby a visit.
[REX B AKS] Yeah.
CHARLIE: As a resident advisor, you must know a lot about the students on your floor.
What can you tell me about Toby? Um he's quiet.
Keeps to himself.
But he gets pissed off when people take his clothes out of the dryer.
Do you know where he is? Yeah, his room's on the third floor.
Room 315.
Let's go, pal.
Look, to be honest I didn't agree with Professor Sharpe's politics.
But he was a master in the field of Anthropology.
I mean his ideology on modern human behavior It's It's revolutionary.
What were you doing in the professor's office last night at nine PM? I go in every evening to help prepare - for the next day's class.
- Where did you go after you left? There was a party here.
I hung out with some friends.
And then I crashed around two AM.
Well, I'm going to check that out.
And I'll be back again.
CHARLIE: Excuse me.
What's up? - [REX WHINES] What is it? [REX SNIFFING] [REX WHINES] [OMINOUS MUSIC] WOMAN: This university abandoned Meagan when the systems designed to protect her To protect us all abandoned her at her every turn! She may be gone.
But we cannot let her be forgotten! What happened to Meagan? She was assaulted on her way home from the student pub.
A few weeks later, she took a bunch of pills and drowned herself.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know her personally.
It's more about what her death represents.
She was publicly shamed.
And her life was destroyed because of it.
She said so as much in her video.
What video? [CRYING] I'm sorry, Mom and Dad.
I just wanted you guys to be proud of me.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
She was found two hours later at the bottom of the pool.
It must have been a difficult time for her friends.
Yeah, no doubt.
She posted the video to a message board on the university website.
It was taken down quickly.
But not before it was passed around.
SARAH: It's impressive that Rex could smell pine tar through the garbage.
Unfortunately, that same waste compromised any retrievable DNA.
That's too bad.
I did find something unexpected in the autopsy.
- Huh? - I was partially wrong - about cause of death.
- Wait.
He didn't suffocate? He was drowned.
Well, dry-drowned To be precise.
Scratches found in his windpipe suggest he was intubated.
And a small amount of water was poured into his lungs.
It would have taken hours for him to suffocate and die.
Was that before or after he was tarred and feathered? - Well, we're still working on that.
- Hmmm.
Drugged and drowned.
That's the same way Meagan Bailey took her life.
That could be a coincidence.
I think they're connected.
You're kidding me, right? No no.
Not a good idea, sorry.
I think you should find someone more qualified.
Look, I just need someonek, I just to go into the residence undercover as a student.
Alright? It's where the gloves were found.
And it could be where the Rohypnol came from.
Yeah, and Sharpe's TA is still a person of interest.
Let's not forget Meagan Bailey's suicide.
It cannot all be a coincidence.
- But why me? - You can still pass as a student.
Okay, but I still have so much work to do.
I've got to go through all the campus security footage.
And there's just a lot of stuff! I've got that.
Okay? Just leave it to me.
I'll take care of it.
Okay, just don't Please don't close all my tabs, okay? They're all important.
Just Don't you worry about it.
Just uhhh Remind me what a tab is.
[DONOVAN LAUGHS] I'm kidding, Jesse.
- It's a joke.
- Come on.
Let's get you set up.
We don't want you to be late for class.
[PING] That's the BOLO I put on Sharpe's car.
- It's been spotted.
- Where? JESSE: Here the campus student pub.
CUSTOMER: No worries.
You see this guy here last night? He comes in most evenings.
Alone? That's none of my business.
[SLAP] Okay, he was at a table with a bunch of guys for most of the night.
Then he had a drink in the back with a young woman.
Did they leave together? No, she left first around 9:30.
He left a half hour after that.
- Was he drunk? - No.
He only had a couple.
Why did he leave his car here then? How would I know? This girl Did you recognize her? She's the voice of the college newspaper.
She bought the round.
Put it on her credit card.
I'll take that receipt.
Hello again! Hi! Aliciaillis.
I didn't properly introduce myself last time.
I'm Detective Hudson Major Crimes.
- What's this about? - You had a drink at a bar last night with Professor Sharpe just hours before he died.
I bought him a round in exchange for a sound bite for a piece I've been working on.
I wanted to know how he slept at night knowing the role he played in Meagan's suicide.
What role was that? After she was assaulted, Sharpe went on his YouTube channel and made an example of her.
Said it was her own fault for getting drunk.
Did you get your sound bite? Yeah.
No, I had nothing against Meagan Bailey as a person.
As a noted doctor of anthropology, I'm well versed in both male and female behaviourism.
And I merely shared an informed Anervation.
Where did you go after you left Sharpe at the bar? I went home Watched a movie with my roommate.
Around midnight, I Skyped with my parents.
I'm going to be late for my next class.
One more thing.
How did you feel about what happened to Sharpe? I mean The guy's a total ass.
But nobody deserves that.
SARAH: How's it going over here? Uhh, there's no trace of any cars leaving the professor's building after he was tarred and feathered.
And my eyes are going buggy.
I have no idea how Jesse does this all day.
Oh, wait.
- Hmm? - Pause it.
- What is that? - A sedan? Yeah, dark coloured.
Navy blue maybe? Taking a tight corner, almost as if it's trying to avoid the camera.
Alright, I'll check to see if we can see it anywhere.
But you know what? A set of fresh eyes would be a big help.
- Ohhh.
- Think of it as video forensics.
Hmm? Okay, slide over.
[ROCK MUSIC] - KEVIN: You lost? - Uh, no no no.
I'm actually transferring from University of New Brunswick.
- Jesse Goodman? - Yeah, that's me.
Okay, cool.
I've been expecting you.
I'm Kevin Conway the resident advisor.
- Nice to meet you.
- Let me show you around.
- Great.
- This is the common area.
Great for game nights and study sessions.
Ping pong in here.
Well, I heard a rumour you guys were The party residence.
That party favours were easy to find.
- You mean drugs? - Uh, yeah yeah.
It's true.
I'm the guy who makes sure things don't get too crazy.
- Okay, yeah.
- But you know, we do have lots of other fun amenities A screening room free use of the pool in the next building over.
Well, you don't need to sell me.
I mean, just getting farther away from my parents is reason enough for me.
So I hear that.
- Oh, Toby.
- Hey.
Jesse, this is Toby Whalen.
- TOBY: Hi.
- Toby, hi.
You were Professor Sharpe's TA.
Right? I heard about what happened.
I'm sorry.
He's one of the reasons why I transferred over here.
- Really? - Yeah, yeah.
His essay on culture versus conflict was intense.
Well some of us are getting together here tonight to pay tributee to Dr.
You're more than welcome to join us.
Yeah, I might just do that.
Okay, cool.
I'll see you soon, then.
See you, man.
Right this way.
I'll show you the other floors.
SECURITY GUARD: I went through the list of campus parking passes for dark-coloured sedans.
What about that one? Why? What's special about it? It belongs to Toby Whalen.
Warrant came through? Have a look at this.
Pine tar.
Yeah, with fibres that appear to match the work gloves found at the residence.
There was also something in the trunk.
I don't know if it's related to the crime.
But - It's interesting.
- What is that? Is that a bike grip? It's too wide for a bike.
[REX BARKING] - Rex, go! - [REX BARKING] [PERCUSSIVE MUSIC] [REX BARKS] STUDENTS: Oh! No! Go on! Hey! TOBY: Ugh! [REX BARKS] [REX BARKS] [REX BARKING] [REX BARKING] [REX YELPS] Fleeing from the police does not help your case, Toby.
I didn't kill Professor Sharpe! Innocent people don't run.
So, why run? I saw you searching through my car.
And I I just freaked, okay? There was pine tar on the steering wheel.
Did you drive your car this morning? What? No, I walked to class.
I swear It wasn't me! What was in the backpack? That's the thing about dogs, Toby.
You can't hide anything from them.
You recognize this? Huh? Here.
Let me help you out.
This is the answer grid to the exam that Professor Sharpe was giving this morning.
Hmm? We found multiple copies in your bag.
Teacher assistant is a low-paying job.
You were selling the exam answers.
I was just trying to avoid having to ask my parents for any more money.
But this This proves I didn't kill Professor Sharpe.
How do you figure that? Because the midterm was cancelled because of his death.
Why would I sell exam answers to an exam that wasn't even going to happen? That doesn't even make sense.
You're releasing him? His alibi checks out.
His friends say that he was at the party.
And pictures from social media back it up.
Well, maybe he slipped away for a few minutes.
His car was at the scene.
He had pine tar on his hands.
Letting him go might lead us to some more answers.
I hope you're right.
TOBY: Professor Sharpe Well, he lived life on his own terms.
He would never let a little death come between him - And some good scotch.
- [LAUGHTER] So tonight we follow his lead As we celebrate a complicated man and his groundbreaking work.
To Dr.
Sharpe! To Dr.
Sharpe! - Here here! - [ROCK MUSIC] I'm glad you could stick around, Jesse.
- Wouldn't miss it.
It's my girlfriend.
I'll be back.
Hey hey.
I'm glad you called.
I have a question for you.
What is the protocol on drinking while undercover? Moderation is key.
You know, I don't think I really like scotch.
Uhhh, it's an acquired taste.
- Need to ask you something.
- Okay.
I'm putting together a social media timeline for the party at the residence last night.
But I'm having trouble identifying the participants.
Oh, well easy.
Just instead of finding everyone on Instagram, just check the people who tagged themselves at the residence that night.
And use hashtags.
That'll give you something close to the full picture.
Of course.
That makes sense.
Thank you.
Can I give you some advice? - Yeah, of course.
Of course.
- When doing undercover work, do not lie more than you have to.
Okay? Just be yourself.
People can sniff out B.
faster than Rex can sniff out a T-bone.
- Oh, hey! - Hey! - You're still here! - Yeah yeah.
Gotta go, babe.
Babe? [QUIET ROCK MUSIC] So I heard you were the one who found him this morning.
Somebody actually took the time to tar and feather him.
That you know what? That is so unbelievably twisted.
What sort of demented person would do such a thing? I don't know.
I don't know.
What What drew you to Dr.
Sharpe, anyway? I lost my parents in an accident when I was nine.
I was raised by my uncle my dad's brother.
And he wasn't really around.
So, I spent a lot of time alone.
And when I was a bit older, I came across some of Sharpe's earlier writings.
And Yeah, his ideas just put everything into focus.
You know? I didn't feel alone anymore.
I can't explain I can't explain it.
TOBY: Hey.
I'd say you just did.
And I think you earned another one of these.
Oh! Well, in that case Twist my arm.
[FOOTSTEPS] - Thanks.
- Hey! Oh, I'm glad I caught you.
I solved the mystery of the rubber grip in Toby's trunk.
It's from a wheelchair.
That might explain how Sharpe was moved from the car into the classroom while unconscious.
- Any prints? - Several.
The chair was probably in public use.
But none were a match for Toby Whalen.
Well, that supports Toby's story.
Maybe somebody did borrow his car without him knowing.
Yeah, maybe.
Where are you parked? Just out front.
We'll walk you out.
Let's go, Rex.
Rough night? Yeah.
I could use some Tylenol.
Really? I heard maybe you were looking for something stronger.
So what is it you're looking for? I'm looking for "'Slow Molly.
" Forget it.
I heard you were cool.
Wait wait wait.
What's wrong?'s You're asking for Rohypnol.
It's for my own use.
Rohypnol calms me down.
So can you help me out or not? Money's not an issue.
Campus security busted my stash last week.
All I have is my back-up kit until I replenish.
When will that be? When I'm restocked I'll find you.
I think I found something.
Just the man I'm looking for.
I was just about to go on my rounds.
Well I won't keep you for long.
My sources tell me that someone on your team confiscated drugs from a dealer in the McGrail Residence.
You know anything about that? No.
It mustn't have been on my shift.
I can assure you our policy is to notify law enforcement any time drugs are seized.
[REX BARKS] Whose locker is this? I think it's a spare.
Mind if I take a look? Uh, don't you need a warrant for that? Well, you tell me.
Do I need a warrant for that? Let's have a look.
Whoah! Who put those there? For somebody who wanted to be a cop, you should know not to touch evidence with your bare hands! Come on! Yeah, right.
I know.
I wasn't thinking.
I can assure you, I will be doing an internal investigation to find out who seized those.
Yeah, you do that.
In the meantime These are coming with me.
What's up, Joe? So it turns out Professor Sharpe did order a rideshare the night he died.
- From the bar? - No.
An apartment building near the campus.
11:45 PM.
Well, that was more than an hour after he left the bar.
I got the names of every single renter in that building.
One name popped.
Who was it? CHARLIE: Easy, pal.
Easy Alicia Gillis! We need to talk.
Why didn't you tell me that Sharpe was in your apartment? Uh, um.
Okay, yeah.
So He just showed up.
I don't know how he got my address.
I mean He sounded wasted on the intercom.
So I went downstairs and told him to leave.
That was it.
Sharpe left the bar at 10 PM.
And he called for a ride at 11:40.
Your apartment is only three blocks from the bar.
That timeline does not track, Alicia.
Well, he wasn't that drunk when I left.
So maybe he stopped in another bar.
So you're saying that he was never in your apartment? That's right.
What's this? It's a warrant to search your apartment.
- You can't.
- We already did.
And if Sharpe wasn't in your apartment Then why did Rex pick up his scent all over your sofa? I really don't even know how to explain it Not even to myself.
Um He was charming.
I guess he seduced me.
SHARPE: Don't stay out too late.
You have mid-terms in the morning.
And being drunk is not an excuse.
Where have I heard that before? Oh, right.
You said the same thing about Meagan Bailey after she was brutally assaulted on campus.
It was those same hateful words - that led to Meagan's death.
- No no.
That's enough.
Everyone should be free to express their opinion without the fear of retaliation.
And I'd very much like to hear what else you have to say.
Oh God.
This is humiliating.
Professor Sharpe had Rohypnol in his system.
Any idea how it got there? You think I roofied him? He came onto me.
After we messed around a bit, I realized he could barely function.
So I sent him home.
I'm going to show you something.
I graciously agreed to be here.
Why? So I can be tarred and feathered for free speech? I'm familiar with the sound bite.
I did some digging.
And it turned out that you were there that night And not just in attendance.
He was responding to a question that you asked.
I'm in journalism.
Asking questions is what I do.
And there were a lot of other people there that day.
But nobody else brought him up their apartment the night before he died, and then lied about it.
I pride myself on being one of the leading voices of feminism among the student body.
How would it look if people found out that I just let myself be seduced by the most misogynistic professor on campus? Hmm.
- You checked out her alibi? - Yeah.
Her roommate backs up her story.
And her parents confirmed that she was on a video call with them at the time of the murder.
Seems convenient.
It's all a little too perfect.
Well, it doesn't mean she wasn't involved.
It just means she didn't act alone.
I'll check in with Jesse Tell him to keep his ears open.
Let's go, Rex.
JESSE: Great.
Yeah yeah.
I'll see what I can find out.
Looks like someone needs electrolytes even worse than I do.
Drink up, my man.
It'll help with the hangover.
Oh, thank you.
It's that obvious, huh? Well, they didn't make me an R.
for my pretty face.
- Hey.
- Cheers.
Oh hey, when you get a chance There's so paperwork I need you to fill out for non-residents who crash overnight.
Oh yeah yeah.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to put you guys out.
Oh no.
No, no worries.
I'm going to go grab a bite.
But if you meet me in my room in like half an hour, - I'll get you squared away, okay? - Sounds good.
- Alright.
Later, man.
- Later.
It's I ran the bag of drugs for prints.
There were a couple of sets on it.
One was presumably the dealer, who is not in the system at the moment.
She will be soon.
And the other? I got a hit from the SJPD database.
Are you telling me there's a cop involved? Not quite.
So every recruit who tries out for police training gets printed as part of - their background check.
- Uh-huh.
These prints came from the academy applications.
- Lane Wheatly? - Uhhh.
He was rejected, by the way.
If only the hiring process was as stringent for campus security.
The genius grabbed the with his bare hand when we opened the locker.
Well actually, the prints I'm referring to were on the inside of the bag.
On a blister pack of pills.
What kind of pills? Rohypnol.
CHARLIE: One of the students was circulating illegal drugs which appear to be involved in the death of a professor.
Want to tell me how your prints got on these pills? You're the one who confiscated them.
- You think I killed him? - You were on campus the night that Sharpe died.
You have access to all the buildings.
And no one thinks twice when they see you there.
If anyone would know the best routes to take to avoid the security cameras it's you.
I was in another building.
You can check the logs for when my key card was used.
How can I be in two places at once? Hey, buddy.
[CHARLIE YAWNS] Tough day? Uhh.
It's just all too neat.
Three suspects.
Three solid alibis.
I just need a thread that I can pull at.
I might just have that thread.
When you thought Sharpe's murder was connected to Meagan Bailey's suicide, - I did a little research.
- [SECURITY KEY BEEPS] - Yeah? - She requested a rape kit.
But because of a backlog, it went unprocessed.
That's terrible.
Yeah, and all too common, I'm afraid.
No wonder women don't come forward.
Anyway, I went ahead and had Meagan's kit expedited.
I just got the results back.
- Do you know who assaulted her? - No.
Unfortunately, no.
We didn't get any DNA from the man who attacked her.
But We did get Meagan's DNA.
And it matches the DNA on the feathers we retrieved from Sharpe's body.
I think they were from her pillow.
So Sharpe was killed in the same way that Meagan took her own life.
And then the feathers from Meagan's pillow were used as part of the crime.
The killer knew Meagan personally.
Hey, you're up.
Hey, thanks for letting me hang out last night.
Well hopefully we can do it again when you transfer here.
Hey did you know that girl Meagan Bailey? Not well.
I saw her around the residence.
It was really sad for Kevin though.
Kevin? Why? They were friends Maybe more than friends, I don't really know.
I think it hit him pretty hard.
[DOOR SLAMS] How long you planning on keeping me here? Not much longer.
We have your friend Alicia in the next room.
And she's telling us a fascinating story.
I don't know any Alicia.
Oh, she knows you.
In fact, she's telling us that you are the mastermind behind this whole plan Apparently you had a real grudge against Sharpe.
I don't know what you're talking about.
She wants us to cut a deal for her.
She gives us you.
And then we let her off on a lesser charge.
You sit tight.
Sharpe He loved to humiliate me Telling me I'm useless Calling me a rent-a-cop.
So you killed him for it.
It was supsed to be a harmless prank Humiliate him in front of his students like he did me.
How was I supposed to know that he'd have a heart attack or whatever? That's how he died, right? It's not like the tar and feathers killed him.
How many people were in on this prank? It was just the three of us.
You, Alicia and Toby.
Toby? You don't know what you're talking about.
You're fishing.
I'm done talking.
[KNOCKING] What are you doing? I I'm looking for Kevin.
That's not his room.
It was Meagan Bailey's room before she died.
Uh that's I saw Kevin come out of here yesterday.
Kevin had a weird Fixation with Meagan.
He even switched from pre-med to poli-sci to spend more time with her.
It was super weird.
But if you're looking for him, his room is downstairs.
It says "R.
" on the door.
Oh thank you.
Whoah whoah whoah.
No more scotch, ever.
[KNOCKING] Kevin? Oh, good.
You found your way in here.
I see my little cocktail kicked in.
Why did you drug me? You lied to me.
What, first you couldn't wait to get out of your parents' house? Then they died when you were a kid? Two different stories.
So I did a little research.
And it turns out that you work for the cops.
Killing Sharpe Took a lot of planning.
I can't have you messing it up now.
JESSE'S VOICE: I'm not here.
You know what to do! [BEEP] What's this? Uh, I'm going through a photo timeline of the residence party, - trying to find a gap in Toby's alibi.
- And? Well, his alibi holds up.
But there seems to be someone else who was there who was staggering his posts.
To make it look like he was there the whole time? Exactly.
You know, the images don't quite match up with all the others uploaded around the same time.
So he faked the timeline? - Who was it? - This guy here.
Kevin Conway The resident advisor.
We need to let Jesse know.
Well, Jesse texted me a few minutes ago.
And it was gibberish.
I tried to call him back.
But he didn't answer.
I thought it was a butt-text.
But now I'm not so sure.
I think he may have been trying to type "Kevin Conway" under duress.
I'll send every available car to meet you.
- Go.
Now! - Rex, let's go! Split up! Knock on every door! [KNOCKING] [KNOCKING] KEVIN: hat can I do for you, Detective? Where's Jesse? I don't know what you're talking about.
What have you got, buddy? [REX BARKS] Ahhhh! That's Jesse's phone.
Tell me where he is! Now! [SPLASHING] You're too late! Ahh! Ahhhh! [SPLASHING] Ahhhh! [REX GROWLING] [SNIFF] - Chlorine.
- I told you! You're too late! Arrest him.
Have Sarah Truong and the paramedics meet me at the pool! [REX BARKS] [REX BARKING] [REX BARKING] [REX BARKING] [CHARLIE GASPS] [REX BARKS] [REX BARKS] Ahhh! Come on, buddy! Ahhh! - Charlie! - Jesse! Over here! - Any response? - I don't think he's breathing.
Come on! How long was he under? I have no idea.
You don't know how long he was out? No.
He swallowed a bunch of water.
Where are the paramedics? They're on the way.
Come on! Come on, Jesse! Come on Jesse! [REX WHINES] - Come on, Jesse.
- Come on! [JESSE COUGHS] Over here! Oh, you're okay.
You're okay.
Get in here.
I don't know how long he was under.
[CHARLIE SIGHS] I have most of the pieces.
And I know how they fit together.
But why the tar and feathers? Alicia and Lane wanted to humiliate him.
It was their idea of a prank.
But you wanted more.
I wanted justice for Meagan.
I only needed the other two so that we could be each others' alibi.
All I had to do was roofie him and hail him a ride back to his place.
But the bartender was watching me the whole time.
So I never got the chance.
That's why I was forced to invite the professor over.
KEVIN: I grabbed Toby's car keys Drove to Sharpe's house and waited for him.
When he got dropped off, he barely knew where he was.
He didn't even resist when I put him in the car.
And that's where you intubated him.
Something I learned in pre-med.
I knew if I poured just a trickle of water into his lungs, he'd drown slowly.
That way he'd still be alive when you handed him off to Lane.
I needed him to think it was just a prank.
We put the prof in a wheelchair so I could move him easier.
And then Kevin took my security fob so he could hit all my checkpoints for me.
But not before Kevin made sure that Toby saw him at that party Establishing his own alibi and supplying you with one at the same time.
And I used the professor's fob to get into the lecture hall.
That's where I did the tarring and feathering.
But he was still alive.
- But not for long.
- Yeah, I didn't know that.
I never would have participated if I had known.
But you did participate in the cover up Which makes you an accomplice.
KEVIN: Whatever happens to me it's worth it.
I loved Meagan.
And she loved me.
If Meagan loved you, why did she file two complaints against you last year, with the university? That's a lie.
Hmm? MEAGAN: I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
You see that? MEAGAN: I know I shouldn't have had those last few drinks.
Look at her.
[KEVIN BANGS TABLE] Your unwanted advances contributed to that moment.
You blame Professor Sharpe for his role in her death.
What about your own? [PHONE RINGING] [PHONE RINGING] He's still at the hospital with Jesse? Mm-hmm.
We almost lost him today.
He took a big risk.
But he also knew if he got into trouble, you'd be there for him.
And you were.
We were.
I mean you, too.
[SARAH LAUGHS] You know I'd never forget you, buddy.
[SARAH LAUGHS] Hey, welcome back, Jesse.
- Great work, man.
- I don't know about that.
Are you kidding me? Kevin's going down for murder.
And Alicia and Lane will be lucky if they get off with manslaughter.
And you were a big part of that.
Oh, that's that's good.
Case closed as we say.
Obviously we don't really say that.
- There's just one problem.
- What? You went into Kevin's room unlawfully.
Uh, I mean, I was roofied.
I don't think you have to worry.
But Superintendent Donovan wants to see you right away.
Really? Am I in trouble? I don't think you'll be suspended.
But I mean it's probably just a warning.
This'll go on my permanent record.
- Won't it? - Almost certainly, yeah.
- SARAH: Hey! - [APPLAUSE] DONOVAN: Alright! Here here! [REX WHINES AFFECTIONATELY] Congratulations on your first undercover job.
You did great.
But you did scare us a little bit there at the end.
So - [JESSE LAUGHS] - SARAH: Okay, enough praise.
Let's cut the cake! Uhhh! [LAUGHTER] Looks like someone already beat us to it, huh? You know anything about that, buddy? Huh? [LAUGHTER] Let's take that away! How was it? Pretty good? [LAUGHTER] It looks delicious! Alright! Who wants cake? DONOVAN: Hey! Alright Jesse! Next time on Hudson & Rex I bet you've never seen a tree used as a murder weapon before.
[REX BARKS] What is it pal? What are you doing out here all by yourself? The name is Brooklyn Webber.
She was a live-in pet-sitter.
Brooklyn belongs to a web-based job site called Creature Comforts that pair pet-sitters with pet owners.
Mm Hmm.
I just finished with Brooklyn Webber's autopsy.
Go! Where were you between 4 and 7am yesterday morning? I'm a suspect? That's worth looking into, right after Rex is done his lunch.
Hey! What are you doing? Hat's mine!