Hudson and Rex (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

The Pet Stiffer

1 Good morning, Gus.
You don't fool me.
I know, you're just a big ol' softie.
[PHONE RINGS] Hello? Why are you calling me here? How did you even get this number? No! I'm not having this conversation with you right now! I know, Gus.
I'm nervous too.
But no matter what happens, we'll get through it, okay? I promise.
[DOG BARKS] [COUPLE LAUGHING] WOMAN: Stop it! MAN: You stop it! [PHONE CAMERA SNAPS] - Oh! Oh my God! - Look at you! We're so cute! - Wait.
- [MAN LAUGHS] Do you see that? There's someone there.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Oh my! [WATER DRIPPING] [REX WHINES] [BARKING] What's up, bud? You need to go outside? Oh! Pipe must be leaking.
[PHONE RINGS] Looks like the park's going to have to wait.
Yeah, we'll be right there.
Well, looks like we're going to the park after all, buddy.
Come on.
SARAH: Charlie.
Bet you've never seen a tree used as a murder weapon before.
Went through her back and pierced her heart.
u-Would've taken a lot of force.
And the angle of impact suggests she was shoved backwards.
Time of death is between 4 AM and 7 AM.
Any I.
? No.
No phone.
No wallet.
Just a house key - 40 dollars cash.
- [REX SNIFFING] Oh and these.
Doggy poop bags.
Only one reason to bring those to the park with her.
If she has a dog, where is it? - Huh.
- [REX BARKING] What is it, pal? Ahhh.
Good find, buddy.
Bite marks.
[REX PANTING] Could belong to our Jane Doe's dog? - Looks like we're about to find out.
- Oh! [PERCUSSIVE MUSIC] Hey, buddy.
Good job.
What are you doing out here all by yourself? Do you live here? - [GROWLING] - Easy, pal.
- Just going to check your tags.
- [DOG GROWLS] - [DOG SNAPS] - Ah! Hey! Almost took my finger off! [RATTLING KEYS] [DOOR OPENING] Hello! This is Detective Charlie Hudson! Anyone home? [REX PANTING] CHARLIE: The key we found on the victim opened the door.
But it wasn't her place.
What do you mean it wasn't her place? The homeowners are in Australia for a month.
Wasn't a lot of the victim's belongings there.
But we did find her duffle bag in the guest room.
Name is Brooklyn Weber.
Didn't find a cell phone.
But we did find this a digital camera - which is a little bit strange.
- What's strange about that? I own the exact same camera.
Exactly my point.
The young kids use their cellphones.
And speaking of young people and their phones Right.
Where is hers? There's a phone registered to Brooklyn Weber.
But the address on file is Naomi Turner, - the victim's sister.
- Can you track it? There's no signal, but I set a tracking ping for every five minutes.
So if the phone turns on, we'll know it.
Hey hey hey! What are you what what are you doing? Come on! That's mine! - Don't you ever feed him? - That's all I do.
- He's a bottomless pit.
- [REX SNIFFING] What else Okay, so Brooklyn belongs to a web-based job site called Creature Comforts.
It pairs pet sitters with pet owners who require short or long-term assistance.
Here's her profile video.
I know how hard it is to leave your babies at home when you're away.
But I promise I'll care for them as if they were my own.
Staying in your home looking after your loved ones I don't consider it a job.
I consider it a privilege.
[KISS KISS] So she gets a place to stay and a pay cheque for her troubles? That's not a bad lifestyle for an animal lover.
And each pet-sitter on the site is vetted to reduce any risk for the owners.
Does Brooklyn have a client list? Uh, should be up on her page.
But I'll need some time to crack her password Okay.
Well, if anyone stands out for any reason, - you let me know.
- Okay.
Will do.
[THEME MUSIC] [WOMAN CRYING] [DOOR OPENS] This is Brooklyn's sister, Naomi Turner, and her husband, Scott.
Detective Hudson.
Very sorry for your loss.
You were close with your sister? She was my only family apart from my husband.
We took care of each other after my parents died.
She would stay with us between her pet sitting jobs.
But we haven't seen her in a few weeks.
Did Brooklyn have anyone else in her life? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? I don't think so.
She didn't like to be tied down.
Can you think of anyone who might've wanted to do her harm? No Okay.
[SNIFFLING] Can I see her now? Of course.
This way.
Come on.
] Thank you.
What's up? Charlie, you asked me if any of Brooklyn's previous clients stand out.
- Yeah.
- Well, I found someone interesting A client named Paul Snell.
Interesting how? Well, at the end of jobs, clients are free to review their pet sitter.
And Brooklyn has a high overall rating.
Everyone she worked for loves her.
And by everyone, I mean almost everyone.
PAUL: I am absolutely shocked.
I mean, what is happening with this town? - It's not safe anymore.
What is it you needed from me, Detective? I just have a few questions about Brooklyn Webber.
You know, municipal law states that your dog needs to be on a leash.
They make exemptions for cops.
Can we focus on Brooklyn? You hired her recently to take care of your dog while you were out of town.
That's correct.
My little Princess doesn't do very well on long car rides.
[MMWWAHH!] I see.
Uh, so you travel a lot? One week out of every month, I visit my mother in Stephenville.
Though I was forced to come home early, last trip.
- Because of Brooklyn? - Correct.
I don't have a lot of rules.
But I take them seriously.
What kind of rules? No shoes or socks in the house.
You get an exemption, because you're a police officer.
And the big one no visitors.
That's the one she broke.
- She had someone over? - Yeah, a guy.
A boyfriend, I suppose.
Well, if you were out of town, how did you know? Neighbour told me.
What neighbour? I'd love to talk to them.
Okay okay fine.
I didn't hear it from a neighbour.
I saw it on the Princess-cam.
The um what? The Princess-cam.
- You spy on your pet sitters? - I do not.
I keep an eye on my Princess.
I know my rights.
It's not illegal if it's not in a private area.
What do you do with the recordings? There are none.
It's a live feed.
- Could you describe Brooklyn's guest? - Medium build I I I don't know.
It was weeks ago.
What if I put you with a sketch artist - Would that help? - I really don't remember.
All I saw was red.
I don't like rule-breakers.
Which is why you left her a scathing review on the website? Exactly.
And it broke my heart to do it.
[THEME MUSIC] Easy, pal.
[KNOCKING] Hi, Detective.
Sorry to bother you, Naomi.
But your husband had mentioned to me that Brooklyn stayed with you guys between jobs.
I was just wondering if I could check out her bedroom.
- It'll only take a minute.
- Of course.
But if it's okay, could your dog stay outside? I have allergies.
Of course.
Stay, pal.
CHARLIE: You said that Brooklyn hasn't been here for a few weeks? The guest room's exactly as she left it.
I I don't come in here because she brings home animal hair on her clothes.
And it triggers my allergies.
So she was on a new job.
That's why she hasn't been here? To be honest, Brook and my husband didn't always see eye to eye.
It all came to a head a few weeks ago when he asked her to pay partial rent.
Brook took offense and left.
And you haven't spoken to her since? No.
Now I wish I'd called.
Your husband at home? No, he's at the office.
He works in ad sales.
It's crazy long hours.
Just one last thing.
One of Brooklyn's clients had mentioned that a man came to visit her at his house.
He thought maybe it was a boyfriend.
Are you sure she didn't mention anyone? No, not that I'm aware of, unless There was this guy she dated briefly - a few months ago.
- Hmmm.
But he was such a deadbeat.
Do you remember his name? Uh, Robbie, I think.
Robbie McCann.
Easy, pal.
[KNOCKING] I don't think Robbie's at home.
What is it, buddy? [REX SNIFFING] - [BARKING] - You! Get out of the car! Slowly.
What's going on? was just resting my eyes for a minute.
- You Robbie McCann? - Yeah, why? - You know Brooklyn Weber? - Yeah, she's my girlfriend.
W-what's going on? It's not fair.
Brooklyn was the best thing that ever happened to me.
According to her sister, you two were only together for a short time.
We kept our relationship quiet.
- And Naomi doesn't like me.
- Why's that? You see that I live in my car, right? When was the last time you saw Brooklyn? A few nights ago.
We see each other less when she's working.
Why's that? Most of the people she works for don't allow her to bring guests.
So you never just popped by to see her had a quick visit? No way.
She takes her job seriously.
She was such a good person.
I want you to know that about her.
- Hey, it's Sarah.
I just finished Brooklyn Weber's autopsy.
Find anything out of the ordinary? Well how about a digital SD card? That could be the one missing from her camera.
- Where'd you find it? - Well, get this lodged inside her lower intestine.
This thing is in bad shape.
What, did it take a bath in a deep fryer? No, but it did take a ride through Brooklyn Weber's gastrointestinal tract.
That's gross.
Okay, well Stomach acid could do a lot more damage than battery acid.
How long was it in there? Sarah estimates she swallowed it around 12 hours before she died.
I don't know if I could pull anything off of it in this condition.
I'm going to have to repair it first.
Yeah, just do what you can.
And when you have a chance, I want to run some background wa on Naomi and Scott Turner.
Yeah, sure.
Anything in particular? No, but it sounds like they weren't on the best of terms with Brooklyn.
And I'd like to know why.
Sounds good.
Also, I found another one of Brooklyn's pet sitting clients - who you might find intriguing - Why's that? Well, for starters, she doesn't exist.
Well, that got my attention.
She's listed under an assumed name.
So I sourced the name back to the homeowner Tracy Thomas.
That sounds familiar.
Yeah, she's the best-selling author of a series of healthy eating weight loss books.
- She's got a huge following.
- Mm-hmm.
People like her are why kale's a thing.
You'd be surprised, a lot of her recipes are delicious.
- So I've heard.
- Hmm.
Well, it still doesn't make her a suspect.
Well there's more.
So Brooklyn has been working for her several times over the past few years, and was always paid by direct deposit on the last day of the job.
The last time, Ms.
Thomas never paid Brooklyn for her services.
When was this? About just over a month ago.
That's worth looking into Right after Rex is done his lunch.
Hmm? [REX CHOWING DOWN] Uhhh! CHARLIE: Tracy Thomas.
- Thank you for coming down.
- TRACY: Yes, I only have a minute.
I have three book signings scheduled for this afternoon.
I just have a couple of questions to ask you about Brooklyn Weber.
I saw it on the news.
It's so sad.
And she was so good with my Heidi.
American Wirehair kitties - they need extra special care.
- [REX PANTING] So you had no complaints with her work? No! No, she was part of the extended Thomas family.
I adored her.
Then why didn't you pay her the last time she worked for you? Oh I remember.
She specifically asked to be paid in cash.
She was probably trying to avoid taxes.
But I'm not in trouble for that, am I? That would be a question for your accountant.
- Thank you for coming in.
- [SNAP] Detective.
I'd like to give you a signed copy of my book "Say No to Potato.
" Good luck with the case, Detective.
Brooklyn will be missed Especially by my Heidi.
Let's go, Corey.
Can't keep my fans waiting.
JESSE: Hey, Charlie.
I did some digging on Naomi and Scott Turner, like you asked.
And I found something.
Scott recently changed careers.
Naomi said he was in ad sales.
Yeah, he was, and he was making good money.
But now he's making minimum wage at the bottle recycling plant.
That's not exactly a lateral move.
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
Oh, uh For you.
Rex, let's go.
What's wrong with potatoes? [THEME MUSIC] [CAR ENGINE] SCOTT: You think I like lying to my wife? I just don't want her worry now Especially with her sister.
How long has this been going on for? A few months, but - It's temporary.
- Hmmm.
Can't be easy on the feet Standing around in dress shoes all day.
Yeah, well I've got to keep up appearances.
Suit, jacket, and tie are in the car, along with my dignity.
Will you get? What is your? [REX SNIFFING] He's curious about what's in your pocket.
And now, so am I.
Come on, Scott.
What are you hiding? Hmm? Drinking on the job? Helps with the boredom.
Did drinking help with the boredom at the last job too? What does any of this have to do with Brooklyn's death? Huh? That's a good question.
Where were you the morning she was killed? I told you, man.
It was super early, I was asleep.
So was Naomi.
[CELLPHONE BUZZING] I'll be in touch.
Rex, let's go.
- Yeah.
- JESSE: Ping, Charlie! I got a ping! Got a ping! - A what? - A ping.
You know, from from Brooklyn's phone.
I'm tracing its current location right now.
It might lead you to her killer.
- Send me the address.
- Okay.
[THEME MUSIC] Long way from the club district, buddy.
[BACKGROUND CHATTER] Hey! This place licensed for alcohol? - Oh! - Okay, I'll take that as a no.
[RUNNING] Rex! Go! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [BARKING] [BARKING] Damn! [SNIFFING] [PANTING] What have you got, buddy? Ahhh.
Good job.
[BANGING] Get out of there.
[SNIFFING] I guess this looks pretty bad, huh? What's the matter, Robbie? Living in your car not rock bottom enough for you, huh? Why'd you have Brooklyn's phone, Robbie? - ROBBIE: Do I need a lawyer? - You're entitled to one.
Why? Do you have something to hide? No! I told you I found the phone in the bar.
It was dead.
So I charged it to see if I could find the owner.
S-so you don't recognize your own girlfriend's phone? Not when it's dead.
And she doesn't keep it in a case or anything.
You said that you haven't seen Brooklyn for a few days.
But she didn't call you to try and tell you about her phone? My phone was disconnected because of non-payment.
I know I'm a screw-up.
Okay? I have no house, no cash.
I I bartend at an unlicensed booze can.
I don't know what Brooklyn saw in me.
But she was the only thing that was going right in my life.
I would never do anything to hurt her.
Well, it's a touching story, Robbie.
But it's not entirely true.
What? We searched your car.
You said that you're broke.
But we found nine thousand dollars in cash, taped under the driver's seat.
- [SLAP] - Hmm? That's Brooklyn's money.
She gave it to me.
She told me to use it to get me back on my feet.
She handed you an envelope full of cash? Why do I find that hard to believe? You don't know Brooklyn.
She'd do anything for the people she loves.
How much did you spend? None of it.
It's all there.
She didn't tell me where it came from.
So I held onto it in case she needed it back.
And when I found out she died, I I wondered if the money was the reason.
Why didn't you tell me about this when we talked earlier? I was scared! Okay? I don't trust anyone right now.
You have an alibi for early this morning? I was at the bar until sunrise.
I've got twenty regulars who can vouch for me.
Not exactly reliable eye-witnesses, Robbie.
I don't care what happens to me.
Without Brooklyn in my life, what's the point? And as for the money I'd pay ten times that amount just to bring her back.
A nickel for your thoughts? Don't you mean a penny? Well, they don't make pennies anymore.
Where you been? I'm trying to understand how a young woman who gets paid in room and board somehow ends up with nearly ten grand in cash.
What have you got cookin'? Oh, I'm just trying to digitally clean up the photos on the damaged SD card.
- Pill bottles.
- Yeah, I sent the image to Sarah to see if she could identify the pills.
She thinks it's Adderall.
The ADHD drug.
Also prescribed for narcolepsy.
But people use Adderall for unintended purposes You know, like hyper-focus or appetite suppression.
Maybe Brooklyn was selling them.
It would explain where she got the money.
Hey, you unlock that phone yet? Six digit code.
- Tougher to crack.
- How long will it take? No, I meant it was tougher to crack.
Took me 20 minutes.
I'm not proud of that.
You find anything useful? Well, she didn't have many contacts.
So there wasn't a whole lot to go through.
But she did get a text message a few hours before she was killed.
Take a look.
"Where R U? We need to talk.
" Yeah.
No contact name.
Just the initials, S.
Scott Turner.
It's not exactly incriminating.
He's involved in this.
I'm sure it.
I trust your judgment.
How do you want to proceed? You think we've got grounds enough - for a search of the house? - I'll make a couple of phone calls.
You'll have a warrant in the morning SARAH: Hey, Charlie.
- Hey! - Heading home? Yeah, after a quick stop at the hardware store.
It's pretty late.
Everything okay? We've got an unwanted water feature in our living room a constant drip that's keeping Rex awake.
Oh, could be a compression leak.
Those are pretty common.
Make a big mess.
But they're - pretty easy to fix.
- You know your stuff.
Yeah, my Dad taught me.
What? Huh.
SARAH: That should hold for now.
Just let it dry before you turn the water back on.
Much appreciated.
Any time.
Now, to hold up your end of the bargain.
- Ah, pizza's on its way.
- Thank you.
- Rex says thank you very much.
- [SARAH LAUGHS] Don't you, buddy? SARAH: Hmmm It's quite the man-cave you've got here.
Not much for art, I take it? Well, I haven't done much with the place since I moved in.
You know, I've been so busy.
I haven't really had an opportunity to you know, get properly settled.
That's nothing new for me, though.
How so? I moved around a lot as a kid - Navy brat.
- Hmm.
Whenever my dad got new orders, we'd be forced to ship out on short notice.
I'd be curious to know what your taste in art is.
I think you'd be pretty disappointed.
The last piece of art that I bought myself was a painting of dogs playing poker.
It's timeless.
Cheers to that.
[BARKING] The best thing about Rex is he can smell the pizza guy - from a block away.
- Ah.
[DOORBELL] Wow! That is impressive.
Rex! Every time! [THEME MUSIC] CHARLIE: Thanks, Joe.
I'll head right over.
[BACKGROUND CHATTER] [NAOMI SNIFFLING] NAOMI: You think we had something to do with my sister's murder? We're exploring every possibility.
- Where's your husband? - At work! [SNEEZES] Your dog It's a murder investigation.
You're going to have to crack a window.
What have you got? Third stash we've come across.
I knew Scott was hiding his drinking.
But I had no idea it was that bad.
Oh that that's my blood.
I I cut myself in the shower shaving yesterday.
See? Well, I'm going to have to take a cheek swab, to compare the DNA.
I can't believe this is happening.
She was my sister.
[SNEEZES] [REX BARKS] What have you got, buddy? Here.
Let's see.
There's something under here.
Oh, it looks like about a thousand! I swear I've never seen that before.
I I told you I don't come in this room.
is - I don't know anything about any hidden money.
Okay? You're sure? Seems like you have a habit of leaving little stashes around the house.
Okay, sure.
I like to keep a few bottles hidden for a rainy day.
But I don't know anything about hidden money.
Tell me about the text message, that you left for Brooklyn the night before she died.
Okay, look.
I can explain the text.
Okay? I messed up, and I was trying to make things right.
Brooklyn and I had a fight.
And she wasn't talking to her sister because of it.
You wanted her to pay her share.
Yeah, why not? She was staying there half the time.
Why not chip in? But she freaked out and left.
And I I don't know.
Naomi was struggling with that.
I made a mistake.
And I was trying to undo it.
That's all.
You didn't go to talk to her in person? No.
She never returned the text.
Look, I don't know anything about this hidden cash.
And I sure as hell did not kill her.
We pulled two sets of prints off the envelope.
Brooklyn Weber was one.
What about the other? Scott or Naomi Turner? - or Robbie McCann? - No, none of the above.
But there was something else on the envelope A single cat hair stuck to the envelope glue.
Not uncommon for a pet sitter.
True, but it came from an uncommon breed of cat an American Wirehair.
You won't find many of those in St.
Maybe not.
But I know who has one.
TRACY: Feet rooted into the ground.
Taking the energy from the earth.
CHARLIE: Easy, pal.
Elbows down.
Focus is forward.
We need to talk, Ms.
I'm in the middle of a class, Detective.
Make an appointment with my assistant, Corey.
I'm not asking.
I'm telling.
Please continue, class.
I'll be right back.
[TRACY SIGHS] What is it that is so urgent? I know why you gave Brooklyn Weber an envelope full of cash.
I told you.
I paid her in cash.
Ten thousand dollars was withdrawn from your account.
Which is the exact same amount that Brooklyn had in her possession.
Which is 20 times more than her going rate.
A woman is dead.
Do you want to finish this conversation at the precinct? How dare you treat me like a criminal? I I'm the victim here.
How do you figure that? Brooklyn Weber was blackmailing me.
Could you explain to me how you were blackmailed? Brooklyn demanded I pay her ten thousand dollars cash.
Why? What did she have on you? That's between me and her.
Of course - The photo.
- Shhh.
Adderall is used for weight loss.
Hmm? Would you keep your voice down, please, Detective? I have a reputation to keep.
Look, I count every carb.
I jog every day, but sometimes it's just not enough.
That photo she took could ruin me.
So you paid her off.
Did she demand any subsequent payments? She said it was a one-time thing.
Where were you between four and seven AM yesterday morning? Oh so now I'm a suspect? Oh, this is ridiculous! I was jogging.
Anyone see you? I jog alone.
It is the only time of day I get to myself.
Speaking of which, I've got to get back to my class.
[HAPPY CHATTER] I think they're otherwise engaged.
Let's go, Rex! [THEME MUSIC] Are you still working on the photos? Yeah yeah.
Three of them are somewhat legible.
The rest are too corrupted to save.
More medicine cabinet shots? Actually, no.
One is a credit card bill.
One is a passport.
And the third is a mortgage statement.
sounds like identity theft.
Who do they belong to? Well, two of them are illegible.
But I was able to clean up the name on the credit card bill.
She stole my credit card bill? You haven't noticed an suspicious card activity? No, but I wasn't looking.
I mean, who reads those things? Well I did notice something from your statement.
It was monthly charges, from a cloud data storage company.
It's important to back up your data.
You know what uses a lot of storage? Video.
I'm sure I don't know what you mean.
Your camera It's not just a live feed.
Is it? - What are you doing? - Well, there's this mineral in small electrical devices called coltan.
Has a really distinctive smell that police dogs can detect.
[REX SNIFFING] Got it, Rex? [REX PANTING] [REX BARKS] Oh! Another camera! Why is it down here? All you could see is feet! Oh! That's why you have people take off their shoes and socks.
You have a thing for feet, Paul! No! It's so I can watch Princess! The bathroom? Paul! I mean that would classify as a private space.
Wouldn't it? I'd like to speak to my lawyer, please.
Yeah, I think that'd be a good idea.
Seven cameras, and over a hundred hours of bare feet.
Never seen anything like it.
Concentrate on the days that Brooklyn was there.
Well, easier said than done.
None of the files are time-stamped.
Do you really think that Paul killed Brooklyn? No, I doubt it.
He didn't even know that she was stealing from him.
But what I want to know is who the mystery man that she brought to the apartment was.
Well, if he's in here, I'll find him.
While you do that, I'm going to canvass Tracy Thomas's jogging route to try and confirm her alibi.
There might be an easier way.
Yeah? Yeah! I mean she's a minor celebrity with a big social media presence.
Makes her the prime candidate for a cyber trail.
Here you go, Rex.
I packed two sandwiches today just in case.
Here you go, buddy.
Back to the cyber trail.
Well Fans take photos of celebrities without them knowing all the time.
So all I have to do is a name search and see what pops up.
There is no privacy for civilians these days, - let alone celebrities.
- Mmm.
Oh, here, here's one from yesterday morning.
Pine Lake Road.
5:45 AM.
That's only two blocks away from the park where Brooklyn Weber was killed.
Well, of course I lied.
I was scared.
I knew how it looked.
It looks worse now.
Look, I have a team of lawyers who warned me not to cooperate.
Yet here I am.
So that must count for something.
Why were you at the park? Brooklyn left me a note at my gym.
She wanted me to meet her that morning.
To ask for more money? That's what I assumed.
But no.
Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact.
She said she was sorry.
That she'd made a mistake.
Someone had put her up to it.
And she should've said no.
She brought you there to apologize? Yeah.
Not only that.
She offered to pay back some of the money.
And then she offered to work the rest of it off, over time.
What did you say? Well, I told her I would think about it.
Frankly I was considering it.
She's that good with my Heidi.
You should've told me this earlier.
I was the last person to see my blackmailer alive.
I'm no fool, Detective.
I understood the optics.
Then you understand why you're still a person of interest.
Check this out.
This is the only footage I could find of two people together.
Now, I'm not a hundred percent sure it's her.
But we may be able to make a positive I.
by comparing this screenshot to the morgue photos of Brooklyn's feet.
That's not necessary.
That's her.
- How can you be sure? - Because I know who she's with.
Those dress shoes belong to Brooklyn's brother-in-law Scott Turner.
Naomi, is Scott home? NAOMI: No.
I'm sorry.
He's not here.
He went for a walk.
Do you know why he would've gone to visit Brooklyn at one of the houses she was staying at? - No.
- Hmm.
Brook was always adamant that nobody visit her while she was working.
- Hmm.
- He was he was there? Scott told me that you two were sleeping the morning of the murder.
Can you confirm that? As far as I know, yeah.
What do you mean by that? As far as you know? Were you sleeping or not? When Scott comes home drunk I make him sleep in the other room.
In the guest room? I lost my sister.
Now I'm losing my husband.
I mean, I don't know I don't even know who he is anymore.
SCOTT: How can you say that? So what if I like to have a few drinks, huh? Went for a walk, huh? I'm sorry.
I didn't want you to see him like this.
See me like what? Hmm? See me like what, Naomi? - Take it easy, Scott.
- Okay.
Screw this.
Screw this! I'm out! Rex! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] - [BARKING] - Okay okay! - Okay okay! - Okay.
[REX BARKING] You're coming with me.
SCOTT: She blames me for her sister's death.
She thinks because I chased her off, that what? I had something to do with it? You lied about your alibi, Scott.
No I didn't! I told you we were both home, asleep.
But you failed to mention that you were in separate beds.
I didn't kill Brooklyn, okay? Why won't you believe me? She's my wife's sister! But she was more than that, wasn't she? What are you - What are you talking about? - She was also your partner in this little racket that you two had going on.
For the past six months or so, Brooklyn's been committing cash fraud against her clients.
Do you know anything about that? Ah, and then she started blackmailing, because someone put her up to it.
Okay, well that's news to me.
You never went to go visit her at her work? Help her rifle through drawers? Steal sensitive information? No way.
What if I told you that one of her clients had a secret nanny-cam set up and that you showed up on it? Whose idea was it, Scott? It was hers.
She told me if I didn't help that she would turn her sister against me.
So I had no choice.
And she just kept wanting more and more.
That's funny.
Something you might not know is that she offered to pay the blackmail money back.
She wanted out.
Is that why you killed her? So that she wouldn't bring you down with her? Whoah whoah whoah.
Okay okay, look.
We may have scammed a few people out of a few dollars, okay? But I'm no killer.
Make me believe that.
The night before she was murdered I come home to find Brooklyn there.
Naomi was out.
I'd had a few drinks.
BROOKLYN: I'm done! I can't do this anymore.
You can't stop, okay? Not yet.
Just not yet! She wanted out.
Maybe she never even wanted in in the first place.
She owed us! Okay? We'd been supporting her for a long time, so I told her, "If you want out, fine! You're out!" But I still wanted the photos so I could at least finish what we started.
You're being naïve! Here! - Give me that! - Let go! - Give me that! - You jerk! It's over! SCOTT: And after that she left.
And I really was asleep when she was murdered.
You can ask Naomi.
She was up before me.
She can verify that.
You're sure? Yeah, by the time I woke up Naomi was already showered complaining about cutting her leg shaving, or something.
Probably blames that on me too, but It proves I was passed out.
But you're sure she took a shower? Why would she lie about that? Why indeed? [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Sarah.
Do you have the materials here to make a bite cast? Well, I'm not a dentist.
But I think I can get my hands on some alginate.
- Hmmm.
- Why? Whose teeth do you need to make a cast of? Some yappy dog.
Detective Hudson.
I got your message.
Are you releasing my husband? No, not yet.
I called you here on another matter.
The DNA test that we took from you was contaminated.
And we need to take another one to confirm that the blood on the towel was yours.
- Oh.
- I know it's inconvenient.
But it'll just take a minute.
This way.
I wonder if you'd mind if we took some blood instead of saliva? It's just more reliable.
I'm I'm I I really don't like needles.
How about your shaving cut? We could take a swab from that easy enough.
NAOMI: Okay.
I guess.
CHARLIE: Naomi, sorry.
I haven't been totally honest with you.
What do you mean? It matches.
What is what is that? A bite mould from the dog Brooklyn was walking when she died.
You didn't cut yourself shaving, Naomi.
You got bit by a little dog.
So did I.
Feisty little guy.
No, that's.
SARAH: I also tested the blood on the towel, looking for canine DNA.
When a dog bites, it leaves traces of saliva behind.
Your towel tested positive.
CHARLIE: We know you were there, Naomi.
[CHARLIE SIGHS] I I didn't mean to kill her.
I just I wanted to air it all out.
Sisters fight.
That's that's all it was.
What were you fighting about? Scott and Brook were having an affair.
I'd suspected it for a while.
How did you know that she was going to be at the park that morning? She's a creature of habit.
She walks her dogs at the same time every morning at whatever park is close.
So you went to confront her.
And she kept denying it.
I just I wanted the truth.
And then that dog bit me.
And I just lost control.
And you shoved her.
How was I supposed to know about that branch? I wanted to hurt her for what she did, but not like that.
She's my sister.
I love her.
JESSE: You think they were really having an affair? CHARLIE: No.
Naomi read the situation wrong.
She figured they were up to something behind her back.
But it wasn't what she feared.
I used to fight with my brothers like that, - back in the day.
- Mmm.
I got a lot of black eyes.
Gave out a few myself.
But accidents happen.
And then you start lying and trying to cover things up.
- The jury may not be as forgiving.
- Mmm.
I've got to admit though, that was pretty clever using the imprint of the little dog's teeth.
I'm surprised he didn't try to bite you again.
Yeah, about that Rex put him in line with a pretty hard stare.
Right, buddy? - [REX BARKS] - [LAUGHTER] [REX BARKS] Yeah, buddy.
Good job.
Stay, pal.
pa [KNOCKING] Detective Hudson.
Are you here to arrest me or something? Or something.
You're giving me back the cash? I'm returning the property that we confiscated.
I suggest that you use it to get back on your feet.
Then maybe get a real job.
Hmmm? I thought this was evidence.
The case is over, and the person it belonged to suggested we donate it.
I figure if Brooklyn believed in you, why shouldn't I? Just don't let me down, okay? I'll do my best.
It'll be nice to sleep in a bed again.
And now I can get my car fixed.
Why? What's wrong with your car? Engine won't turn over.
Why don't you pop the hood? I'll take a look.
- Really? - Come on, before I change my mind.
[UPBEAT MUSIC] Here we go.
Oh won't you tell me baby why you makin' me plead What's this? You gotta show me some mercy let me off of my knees - [CHARLIE LAUGHS] - I'll take twenty years to right my wrong What do you think it is? Just don't keep me from my love that long, honey Oh won't you tell me baby - why you walkin' away - [REX BARKS] I know.
I'm excited too.
Won't you tell me baby what ya want me to say She wanna find some other company She says she just - What do you think? - [BARKING] I agree.
Oh and when it hits the skids It's perfect.
The losers take the walk And it is what it is It's love on the rocks Next time on Hudson & Rex.
Help! It's the ah There have been other mysterious deaths Other residents, one day healthy and vital, - dead the next - I'm just saying I don't want you to worry about something that isn't true He wasn't very good at his job made a lot of mistakes A brutal death like this, I mean it seems personal.
He can hide from me, but he can't hide from you.
I could be helpful you know.
You are.
You're helping me keep an eye on Rex.
I know who's keeping an eye on who.