Hudson and Rex (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Murder She Thought

I miss you too, Bro'.
But there's no way I'm flying up there to visit you.
Look It's only a few more semesters, then you can come home, and do your internship here, right? No, any hospital would be lucky to have you.
Don't worry about the money.
You can pay me back when you land your job as head surgeon.
What, I can't have faith in my little brother? Yeah yeah.
Okay, talk soon.
OLD MAN: Oh! Sorry Neil, I didn't see Oh! you there I-I-I-I'll just be on my way.
Oh! Help! I-I-I think he's dead! Help! Help! Help! It's-it's Neil! I-I think he's dead! Code blue! Code blue!!! - Is it true? Is Neil dead? - Just Not now, Miranda.
It's happened again! This is the last straw.
I'm calling my nephew.
He's a detective.
- Hey! - Hey, Charlie.
Sarah, thanks for coming.
My Aunt called me and said there had been a murder.
But now I'm hearing that may not be the case? It appears the pharmacist died of heart failure.
Neil Kline.
33 years of age.
There were no signs of foul play.
33 That's pretty young to die of heart failure.
He had a congenital heart defect.
He was wearing a medic alert bracelet.
Who found the body? Oh, Harold Payne.
He claims he got confused and went into the pharmacy thinking it was his room.
Um I think your aunt is trying to get your attention.
She has your inquisitive twinkle! Ohhh.
Don't be fooled.
She is a tough one.
- Almost as tough as Rex.
What a good boy.
Residents aren't allowed to keep pets.
So a visit from Rex is always a big hit.
Of course it's been a while since we've seen him.
Sorry, Aunt Miranda.
You know I've had a heavier caseload than usual.
I know, I know.
Too busy for us fossils.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Sarah.
It must be so exciting to work alongside my nephew.
Well, you have nothing to worry about, Miranda.
Neil died of natural causes.
You're sure he wasn't murdered? There's a security camera in the pharmacy.
Maybe you should check it.
It won't be necessary.
He died of a heart attack.
It's not just Neil.
There have been other mysterious deaths.
This isn't the plot of one of your mystery novels.
I am telling you, Charlie.
Other residents- one day, healthy and vital - dead the next.
- Aunt Miranda, statistically speaking- in a place like this, - probably - Charlie Hudson.
Don't you patronize me.
I'm just saying.
I don't want you to worry about something that isn't true.
If it would make you feel better- I I can look into it.
It would be a simple matter of obtaining some medical records.
Oh, I like her.
- She gets it! - NURSE: Hey, Sir! Could you please keep your dog away from Mr.
Linden? CHARLIE: Come here, Rex.
Come on! He's a police dog.
He would never harm a civilian.
Would you? NURSE: Let's get you to your room, Mr.
Excuse me.
Huh! Are all the nurses so friendly? Eloise gets a bad rap for being strict, because Well, she's stationed in the hospital wing along with the older, more frail residents.
And she's very protective of them.
Well, Mr.
Linden did seem a little out of it.
Advanced Alzheimer's.
He's been here a few weeks now- and never said a word.
He just sits and stares.
- Could happen to any of us.
- Well, you seem very healthy to me.
That doesn't seem to count for much around here lately.
I'm just saying.
I don't want to you worry about something that isn't true.
Uh, you know, I should get back.
But it was so nice to meet you Miranda.
You too, Sarah.
- We should go, too.
But I will come and check in on you soon.
Well, see that you do.
Rex, let's go.
Bye, Rexy.
Oh! And Charlie Say hi to Julia.
It's been a while since you brought her around.
Come on, Rex.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye, dear.
- SARAH: It's a nice place.
- Yeah.
Miranda picked it out herself after Uncle Larry died.
- Oh, thanks, by the way.
- What for? Humouring her.
She still seems sharp as a tack.
But these stories about residents dying mysteriously and you know mistaking a heart attack for murder, It's a little concerning.
Wait-so you're not investigating? No, but I'll have Jesse check out the pharmacy security cam footage just to prove to her that it's nothing.
Yeah, I hope we can put her mind at ease.
You haven't told her yet? Hmm? About you and your wife splitting up.
No, I haven't had the heart.
They got along so well.
I don't really know how to break it to her.
I'm sure she'd understand.
You guys are close, I can tell.
We spent a lot of time together when I was a kid.
After school, I used to go and sit on the floor of the mystery section in her book store.
And I'd read for hours.
And there wasn't a single book - in that section she hadn't read.
- Oh.
It's no wonder you became a detective.
Yeah, Miranda had a lot to do with that.
Well, I'm over this way.
- Alright, see you tomorrow.
- Yup.
JESSE: Well, there's nothing on the security camera.
What do you mean nothing? Well, here.
Take a look.
The footage starts out fine.
You can see the pharmacist working away.
And then just before ten the feed goes dead.
So it's been tampered with? - [REX GROWLS QUIETLY.]
- Well, possibly.
But it's an old system.
It could be a loose wire.
They seriously need an upgrade.
Uh, great.
So much for proving to my Aunt that this wasn't a murder.
Yeah, well I can appreciate the over-active imagination.
I've got one of those myself.
Aunt Miranda.
Excuse me, Eloise? Yes? The pharmacist who died Neil Kline.
- Did you know him well? - No.
He kept mostly to himself.
Oh, judging by your expression, I can see you weren't - his biggest fan.
- Look.
I don't like to speak ill of the dead.
But he wasn't very good at his job.
He made a lot of mistakes.
What kind of mistake.
Mix up with residents' prescriptions, wrong dosages, stuff like that.
- He was sloppy.
- Hm.
But I feel bad he died.
I need to deliver these.
Your pills.
There you go.
I'll take that.
Detective Hudson, Major Crimes.
I saw you here last night.
That's right.
I was wondering if I might have a moment of your time.
Oh, I suppose so.
But remember, kiddo at my age, every moment is a gift.
HAROLD: What is it, Detective? That must have been quite a shock- finding Neil in the pharmacy like that.
Oh, I got turned around.
I thought it was my room.
Am I in trouble? Why would you be in trouble? Residents aren't allowed in the pharmacy.
- House rules.
- Well.
I think under the circumstances they'll let it slide.
If it wasn't pitch black in there, I would've known right away - I was in the wrong place.
- Wait, the The lights were out in the pharmacy? - Are you sure? - Positive.
Does that mean something? I'm not sure yet.
- Aww! Rex! What are you doing here? Ohhh.
Of course I'd find you two together.
Well, this is a nice surprise! I I wanted to have a little snoop around.
But it's locked.
You don't carry a lock pick, do you? No.
But I have something better.
How do you have that? Well, I'm a police detective.
I just asked them.
And they gave it to me.
Don't touch anything.
Ha ha.
Charlie, what are you not telling me? I talked to Harold Payne.
Oh, yeah.
I know Harold.
His room's down the hall.
A bit of an odd duck.
He told me the lights were out when he found Neil.
Well that doesn't make sense! If he had a heart attack while he was working The lights would've been on when he found the body.
So there was someone else here.
- His killer.
- We don't know that.
Don't jump to conclusions.
- There's something under there.
- Yeah! Okay, pal.
That syringe doesn't belong here.
What do you mean? Well, the pharmacy only issues pills and liquid oral medicine.
Any injections have to be done at the clinic.
I identified the contents.
It prevents cells from using oxygen, which in turn causes heart failure.
Neil was poisoned! I had the coroner at the hospital do a more thorough autopsy.
They found a needle prick on the back of Neil's neck that they missed the first time.
Then Aunt Miranda was right.
Neil was murdered.
We ran a background check on the victim.
He has a brother in medical school in England.
But no other family here.
Never been married.
No mention of a partner.
Sounds like he was a bit of a loner.
Well, he must have made some enemies, somewhere along the way.
A brutal death like this I mean, it seems personal.
What are you thinking? Well, if my Aunt was right about this one, maybe she's right about the others.
What others? Miranda mentioned a few other residents she felt may have died under mysterious circumstances.
Well who's in charge over there? Director of Operations is a woman named Rachel Hildebrand.
Great, time to pay Rachel Hildebrand a visit.
Got it.
RACHEL: Neil was murdered? You're certain? We are.
Well I'll tell the staff right away.
Can you take me through your security procedures? The doors are kept locked at night.
And we have security cameras at the main entrances of each building.
- That's it? - This is a home.
It's not a prison, Detective.
All the residents who are able are free to roam the property as they please- as long as they're not outside unescorted after curfew.
What about the ones who aren't able? Well, the sick and infirm are in a more secure area, with 24 hour care.
Can you think of anyone who might have wanted to harm Neil? Anyone at all? Well, we did have an internal issue some time ago between Neil and another member of our staff.
But The matter was resolved.
I'm going to need the name of that employee.
CHARLIE: So what was your problem with Neil? Look, I felt I had no choice but to issue a formal complaint.
The people we care for here, have very specific prescription doses for a reason.
Okay? You get that wrong, they could get seriously ill or worse.
Well and do you think that that happened? Neil's mistakes harmed a resident? I don't know, but I wasn't going to take a chance.
Whatever came of the complaint? I was assured that it was being looked into.
- But it never went further.
- Mmm.
That must have been frustrating.
A lot of the people we care for, they can't stand up for themselves, okay? Somebody's got to look out for them.
And that person is you? I do my part.
MIRANDA: Charlie? Oh, I was just coming to see you.
Well-why didn't you tell me you were going to be questioning suspects? I know these people.
- I could have been of help! - It's not that easy.
This is now an official police investigation.
Because of me! - [CHARLIE SIGHS.]
- Have you looked into those deaths - I told you about? - We're working on it.
Not fast enough! [REX WHINES.]
I just want to help.
I know.
Why don't you come over for dinner tonight? I have something important I'd like to tell you.
That sounds lovely.
I've got a few theories I've been working on I'd like to run by you.
See you tonight.
That woman never gives up.
And you wonder where I get it from.
These are the medical examiner's reports for every death that took place at Forest Lawns in the last 36 months.
Anything stand out? All 16 were deemed natural causes.
Only a few are heart-related.
So Aunt Miranda was wrong.
She was right about one aspect.
Which is? Some of the residents received clean bills of health within weeks of their death.
And in those same cases it was an aggravation of their underlying condition that they succumbed to.
So they stopped responding to their treatment? Or their medication.
Either way the pattern is troubling.
A rapid decline isn't unusual in one or two patients, but half a dozen? Too many to ignore.
So what is the connection between these deaths and the murder of Neil Kline? I'm not sure they are connected.
I've got something.
- What is it? - Well I checked Neil Kline's bank statements.
And pretty much every salary deposit is matched with a payment to his brother's school.
It's like he's on some sort of payment plan.
Well, he was putting his brother through medical school.
That's a pretty big sacrifice.
But here's the thing.
I mean- He's got no other savings.
The guy is flat broke.
How is he paying for his own living expenses? Beats me.
But I contacted his landlord.
And he says he hasn't missed a rent payment in three years.
He's getting money from somewhere.
I'd like to get in and search his apartment.
Okay, I'll get you a search warrant by the morning.
Well, I mean The lease is under his brother's name.
We could contact him for permission.
- It might be faster.
- Do it.
Give me a call the second you hear anything.
- Okay.
- Rex, let's go! Well, where are you headed now? I have a dinner date.
A dinner date? CHARLIE: So what do you think? MIRANDA: Mmmm! That was delicious.
Well, it's your recipe.
The famous Hudson lasagna.
I used to beg you to make it every time I went over to your place.
I remember that.
Who could resist, that smile that lit up the room? Still does! No! No! Not a chance, buddy.
You've already had two servings.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you- about Neil being murdered.
It's the worst thing about getting old.
People stop taking you seriously.
I won't make that mistake again.
Thank you.
That means a lot.
Listen, we need to talk about something else.
You're finally going to tell me what happened between you and Julia? - You know about that? - Well It doesn't take a detective - to figure out she's gone.
Why didn't you say something before? I assumed you'd tell me when you were ready.
So what happened? Well, it wasn't any one thing.
We just kind of grew apart.
And then she went to Montreal to go back to school.
Julia is a good person.
But you got married too young.
You should have waited- like I did for my Larry.
When it's the one, you just know.
Well, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.
I didn't want you to be disappointed.
Oh, Charlie.
I'm not disappointed.
I'm excited for you.
- Why? - It means your one is still out there.
You've still got that ahead of you.
- Hmm.
- Alright.
Enough chitchat.
Let's get down to work.
What's this? It's a list of the residents and staff members at Forest Lawn.
I have a few names for you to run background on.
I think they might be involved somehow.
I can't just run background on people without proof of wrong-doing.
I know that, dear.
That's why I've run tabs on them for you.
- You? Who is that? It's Jesse from my work.
I just got permission to search Neil Kline's house.
Great! Let's go! No! No.
We've talked about this.
This is a police investigation.
I cannot bring you.
Remember the deal.
Stay in the car.
You don't have to keep on reminding me.
Come on.
Cold in here.
- Rex! Go! [REX BARKING.]
- MAN: Ohhh! - [REX BARKING.]
Charlie, we got him! I could be helpful, you know.
You are.
You're helping me keep an eye on Rex.
I know who's keeping an eye on who.
One obvious reason to break into a dead pharmacist's house- Yep-drugs.
An extra set of hands wouldn't hurt.
I'm already in for an earful from Donovan if he finds out I brought her.
I'd rather not make it worse.
Aunt Miranda! Traitor.
Oh, stop it.
Oh, stop.
You know I could never stay mad at you.
Ohhh! [KISS KISS.]
It's mutual.
Found something.
What's this? - Empty pill capsules? - Gel caps.
Some people use them to make their own vitamins.
Somehow, I don't think Neil was in the home-made vitamin business.
Wait a second.
I think this is sugar.
Neil was making sugar pills.
- Placebos.
- If he was selling those, he would have been found out pretty quick.
You think that's why he was murdered? I have a different theory.
Nurse Eloise told me, that she caught Neil more than once, giving wrong dosages to the residents.
What if he was holding back pills so he could sell them? So instead of withholding their meds, he was replacing them with sugar pills.
- That's right.
- It would be very hard to detect.
But it could do long-term damage.
Which means I was right about the other deaths too.
Only It was a different killer.
It was Neil.
It fits.
But it doesn't explain who murdered Neil.
Then I guess we've got our work cut out for us.
MAN: This isn't going to make the news, right? My coach is going to freak.
Well that depends how cooperative you are, Reid.
Judging by how hard you hit me, I'm guessing you're what, a linebacker? No, tight end.
What does a young athlete need with pharmaceuticals? You addicted to pain killers? Is that it? No, I've never been injured.
Then what? I suffer from anxiety.
I needed something to slow my heart rate, and keep my adrenaline in check.
Let me guess.
Beta blockers.
I can't play without them.
And when I saw on the news that Neil was dead I freaked out.
You broke into his house looking to grab his stash.
The window wasn't locked.
- I didn't break anything.
- It's still breaking and entering.
Did you know that Neil was stealing these drugs from elderly people that relied on them? I didn't know that.
I would never have bought them.
Tell me how it worked.
You met Neil at his house? No, outside the place where he worked.
Forest Lawns? Right.
Once a week, he met me at the end of the road, on his lunch break.
He told me if I ever called him, or showed up unannounced, that he'd cut me off.
So if Neil Kline was selling pills on the side, perhaps his murder was the result of a deal gone bad.
Well, I mean if one of Neil's customers did killed him, then why not rob the pharmacy at the same time? None of the drugs were touched.
Well what about the nurse? - The one that reported him? - JESSE: Eloise Benson.
No police record.
No history of violence.
Nothing to indicate she'd be capable of murder.
Okay, well there is a first time for everything.
The poison was administered by syringe.
That's a tool of the trade for a medical professional.
Or for a junkie.
Hey Jesse, can you set up some additional security cameras at Forest Lawns? I want eyes on the grounds - surrounding the property.
- Sure.
Uh, is there any particular reason? Well your first theory sounds the most credible.
I'm hoping that some of Neil's customers didn't hear that he died, and show up looking for his drugs.
I'll get started right away.
I know what you're going to say, Joe.
I shouldn't have had my Aunt there.
Go ahead.
Just take it.
We'll finish this conversation later.
- Aunt Miranda! - Charlie! You have to come right away.
Why? What happened? It's Mr.
He's disappeared! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
RACHEL: I think there's been some mistake Detective.
Linden's stay was always meant to be temporary, while his regular caregiver was away.
So he was scheduled to check out today? Actually, next week.
But it appears they moved up his timeline.
Thanks for letting me know.
It will put my Aunt's mind at ease.
Actually, I wanted to talk to you, about your Aunt Miranda.
What about her? She's been making some of the other residents uncomfortable, questioning them about Neil's death.
Maybe she's trying to figure out what's going on here.
Meaning what, exactly? We discovered that Neil was replacing prescription medicine with placebos and selling the real pills.
My God! That's horrifying! If I had known about this, I can assure you I would have put a quick stop to it! The last thing we need is another lawsuit.
What do you mean another lawsuit? Last year, the son of a woman in our care accused the medical staff, of negligence, leading to her death.
Based on what we know about Neil, d maybe he was right.
Where's this lawsuit at now? It was dismissed a few months ago.
Do you still have those court documents? I do.
MIRANDA: Isn't he a dear, Mrs.
Kamden? Try cleaning up after him.
Oh, Charlie.
What did you find out? Well, Mr.
Linden isn't missing.
He moved out.
That's strange.
Nurse Eloise seemed so surprised that he was gone! He's fine.
And with Neil gone, you don't have to worry about any more mysterious deaths.
What about Neil's killer? Well, I have no reason to believe that he's targeting anyone else.
But we'll find him.
Well unfortunately, we have to go.
But I will come and see you later, okay? - Hmmm.
- Mmm? Rex.
Let's go, buddy.
Come on.
Bob Kippen? Detective Hudson, Major Crimes.
What can Io for you, Detective? Well, I just had a couple of questions about the lawsuit, that you filed against Forest Lawns last year.
Yeah, sure.
Can I put on some coffee? No, don't trouble yourself.
- Ah, you've been away? - Yeah.
Annual fishing trip.
I stayed a few weeks longer than I intended.
The fish were biting.
Where's your spot? Lake Foshay, New Brunswick.
I go down there every year.
Yeah, I still smell like fish.
Don't I, pal? So What do you want to know? What made you launch the lawsuit? Look.
My mom was healthy as a horse one day.
Stone cold dead the next.
Something wasn't right about that.
And I couldn't get any answers.
You suspected medical negligence? Yeah, it might have been the grief talking.
But I was pretty sure somebody screwed up.
I guess we'll never know for sure.
Oh, you're not pursuing it? Well, the case got tossed due to lack of evidence.
And dwelling on it is not going to bring my mom back, right? Hey, can I offer you some rainbow trout, - for you and your dog? - No.
We're good.
Thank you.
Thanks for your time.
- Jesse.
- Hey! Can you believe this place? Wow! I can't wait to be 80.
Uh, what about the cameras? Right.
Sorry, yes.
Duty calls.
I have four feeds set up.
Three covering the main grounds and one at the end of the road, where I thought Neil might meet his buyers.
Now with this, you can watch all four or toggle between them.
Great job.
Hey, did you get my text about Bob Kippen? I did I did, I took a tour through his social media.
He's posted tons of photos of his fishing trip.
And there's a credit card trail of campsites and restaurants that lead him from one end of Lake Foshay to the other.
- Wow.
That was quick.
- Yeah.
Yeah, even by my standards.
I mean the wifi here is a lot faster than what we have at the station.
- Anything else? - No no, we're good for now.
Okay, great.
I guess I'm done for the day! Alright! Where were we? Huh? [QUIET THEME MUSIC.]
Did you tell her that we're here? [KNOCKING.]
You want some company? I brought cocoa.
- This is nice.
You know I could get in to a lot of trouble, for you being here, right? You want me to leave? - Nah.
- Ah.
Hey, can I ask you a question? Sure.
Why do you keep living here? I mean, you're more than capable of looking after yourself.
I didn't move here because I'm old and helpless, Charlie.
This is a retirement community.
It's not a nursing home.
I came here because I was lonely after your uncle died.
You could have come to stay with me and Julia.
Sure, just what you two needed.
Your Aunt in the room next to yours? That's a recipe for romance.
No, I mean- Sure, it's been a bit spotty this past year.
But I still love it here, Charlie.
I have friends.
The food's great.
The pool's heated.
I'm just a quick bus ride away from my favourite library.
What more do I need? Okay, well You know, if that ever changes- I have plenty of space.
Oh, you're sweet.
I'll keep that in mind.
Ooh! Who's - Bob Kippen? - No.
That is for my eyes only.
What? Nice find, pal.
Who is that? Harold? What's he up to? You, stay here.
Ohhh! Stay.
CHARLIE: Harold? It's Detective Hudson.
What's do you have in your hands, Harold? Just having a little treat.
Chocolates? Why aren't you eating these in your room? No no no no no no.
If the-if the nurses find out, they'll take them away from me, on account of my diabetes.
So this is your secret sugar shack? [HAROLD LAUGHS.]
Never thought to call it that.
- Oh - No, thank you.
I can only eat a few at a time.
So I make a few trips out here a day.
Night's easier.
Less staff around.
You know there's a curfew, right? Mmmm.
Come on.
I'm not the only one creeping around.
Just last night, I saw a guy sneaking out of a first floor window.
I could swear it was Mr.
Linden's window.
But no, it wasn't him.
This-this guy was younger.
And you're sure? Positive.
He bumped into me in the dark.
I-I said hello.
But he kept on walking.
- Hey! Get your own chocolate! - Rex, what is it? - Hey! Where did you get these, Harold? They were, they were in a package someone left at my door.
I assumed it was Betty across the hall.
Smells like almonds.
She's sweet on me.
How many of these did you have, Harold? - Oh! - Harold? Hang on.
Hang on.
- This is Detective Hudson.
I need an ambulance at Forest Lawns right away! Oh! - Hang in there, Harold, - Oh! Come on! Stay with me! Glad to hear he's stable.
Harold's a tough nut.
I'll give him that.
I ran some tests on the chocolates.
And I can confirm a small amount of cyanide was injected into each one.
Cyanide smells like almonds.
So he wouldn't have thought twice about it.
He's lucky that Rex is trained to sniff out various poisons.
You're right about that, if he'd ingested even one or two more, he would've died before the ambulance reached him.
Hey, did you check the box itself for physical evidence? No print no DNA.
Whoever sent it was very careful.
Why would someone target a harmless old man? I think Harold saw someone the other night who didn't want to be seen.
It nearly cost him his life.
Hey, Jesse, did you find.
Linden yet? I want to make sure he's okay.
Actually, I was just talking to Superintendent Donovan.
And here's the thing, there is no Bradley Linden.
- What? - I mean, the guy simply doesn't exist.
- How is that possible? - I read his medical history.
It all appeared to be genuine.
Yeah, well the key word is appeared.
- It's all fake.
- JESSE: Yeah, I made calls, to everyone on his intake paperwork doctors, family members, emergency contacts.
And most of them aren't real, and the ones that were never even heard of him.
So - He fooled everyone.
- CHARLIE: Not everyone.
Rex was very interested in Mr.
It was almost as if he sensed there was something not right about him.
Well, if we're going to find this guy, we're going to need more than a description.
Have his nurse sit with a sketch artist.
Forensic evidence might hold some answers.
I'll process his room for fingerprints and DNA.
That guy's got to be Neil's killer, right? Well if he is, why not just kill Neil in his house, or out on the street? Why go to all this trouble? These are all good questions.
Find Mr.
Linden and get your answers.
Let's go.
When you told me Linden checked out, I thought you had staff confirmation of that.
Like I said, his file indicated he was scheduled to leave.
Yet none of your staff actually saw him leave.
How does a patient just walk out of here without anyone noticing? Some of our staff quit when word got out that Neil was murdered.
I haven't had a chance to replace them.
We're short-handed.
I think it runs deeper than that.
I'm recommending a full investigation of this facility.
You doing okay? Yeah, it's just You know, if Mr.
Linden is a killer- How could I not see it? I mean, I took him for a walk every day.
Wait, for a walk? That's it? You didn't help him with his grooming? No, that would be the orderlies.
They take a record of their rounds on the resident's care sheet.
I can't make out those initials.
I think that's the point.
Our Mr.
Linden was initialing it himself.
MIRANDA: Of course, to keep any of the staff from learning his secret! I feel like such a fool.
Oh, you can't blame yourself for this, dear.
The room's been scrubbed of all physical evidence.
So there's nothing to go on? There's a partial print on the shower curtain bar.
But that easily could have been from a previous resident.
Let's find out.
You have any luck with that print? Uh, yes and no.
The print showed up in the employee database of the Canadian Bureau of Specialized Police.
It belongs to a cop? Presumably, yes.
But the name of the person has been redacted.
It can only be accessed by someone with proper clearance which I don't have.
And what about the citizens that you are putting in danger? There was an attempt on a man's life! MAN: There is no evidence to support that! We have every right! How's it going with the Bureau Commissioner? Uh Whew! That good, huh? Here's t artist's rendering- Matching back to suspect's finger print.
- Wow.
That's really close.
- Mm-hmm.
You think we could de-age this about 20 years or so? Yeah, I'm on it.
CHARLIE: So I take it you didn't get the name.
Apparently, their guy is part of a specialized unit.
His file was redacted after his retirement for his protection.
Without any more evidence, the Bureau's going to protect their own.
He might be telling us more than he intended.
Look, here's a list of all the officers that retired from the Bureau in the last five years.
Why don't we just take the artist's rendering and match it to a departmental photo? All these names.
It's going to take us days.
Wait a second.
You recognize this name? - Robert Kippen.
- The guy from the fishing trip? There's nothing in his background check to suggest he was a former cop.
Yeah, how fast do you think you could get me a warrant to search his place? CHARLIE: There's nobody here.
Let's get to work.
- Charlie.
- Yeah.
Charlie, you need to see this.
How does your Aunt know Bob? I have no idea.
Unless, oh my God.
I left Bob Kippen's file in the car with her.
When I went to talk to Harold, She must have read about the lawsuit with the home.
Do you think she knows Bob might be involved? Probably not.
But if Bob suspects she does.
She's in danger.
2:30, that is in 20 minutes! She's not answering.
Ross King? Does the name mean anything to you? Ross King.
That's the library Miranda goes to.
You stay here.
You finish the search.
Rex, let's go! [SCREECHING TIRES.]
You're on the door.
Nobody leaves till I say so.
OFFICER: Yes sir! Where is your mystery section? [CLICK.]
Constable? Can I have a flashlight? Damn it! Where are you? Okay.
Sarah, what's up? Have you found your aunt yet? - No, not yet.
- Okay, listen.
I'm still at Bob's house, and I found cyanide.
- He's our guy.
- I also found theatre make-up and a false beard.
He confirms he went to Forest Lawns pretending to be an old man.
So we were right.
He made himself look a couple of decades older.
Yeah, it looks like it.
Well, if he can change his appearance that drastically, maybe it's not Bob we're looking for Or Mr.
He could be pretending to be someone else.
I'll call you back.
Yeah, okay.
Be careful.
He can hide from me.
But he can't hide from you.
- Get his scent, buddy.
Oh!! Drop the weapon! Now! Bob Kippen A.
Bradley Linden.
You're under arrest for the murder of Neil Kline.
Charlie! My bus was late! What'd I miss? Oh! [MIRANDA GIGGLES.]
I created Mr.
But I didn't go there to kill anybody.
The court threw out my case due to lack of evidence.
So I did what I was trained to do.
I went undercover to find proof of a crime.
Then what changed? I found out what the pharmacist was up to.
It was no accident! His actions led directly to my mother's death.
And what about Miranda? She called me up.
Said she had information about my mom and a bunch of other deaths at the home.
I thought she'd figured out what I'd done and was going to blackmail me.
So you went there in disguise, with a gun, prepared to eliminate yet another threat.
Just like Harold.
I regret it, alright? I panicked when he saw me leaving.
I'm glad he survived.
Yeah, we'll be sure to pass on your regards.
It was supposed to be a safe place where my mom could get the care she needed.
Instead they killed her, and [BANG ON TABLE.]
What? And if I'd been there maybe I would have figured out what was going on! Maybe I could have saved her.
How's it coming? Oh, better than I expected.
All those years reading mysteries.
And I never thought to try writing one myself.
Oh, and uh, thanks for the research materials.
Yeah, remember, these cold case files do not leave this house.
I'm going to do a bag check when you go.
Hey! You don't trust me? Absolutely not.
Smart boy.
That's why I'm calling my book series: The Charlie Hudson Mysteries.
Don't forget my sidekick, Rex.
- All right.
My partner.
The Hudson and Rex Mysteries.
You know what? That has a nice ring to it.
- Yeah.
- Aunt Miranda, I have something I'd like you to deliver to Harold for me.
- Candy, huh? - Only the finest.
Hmmm, I assume we'll be keeping the fact that they are sugar-free, to ourselves.
What he doesn't know won't kill him.
- Yeah, buddy.