Hudson and Rex (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Trial and Error

You're being sure to double check your margins, right? I've done this before, Sebastian.
Shouldn't hover.
Still adjusting to the new position.
Don't worry about it.
It's never easy being in charge.
Allison Daniels! The ghost of Sarah Truong! I was sure you met your end in a Crazy yoga accident or something.
I swear, we spoke more often when you were still in Toronto.
I've just been working so much lately.
Really? This coming from the girl who blew off two days of chem classes just so she could line up for Beyonce tickets.
Yeah, a long way from the old U of T days.
But look at you! Look! This place is top level.
It's awesome.
You are currently standing in a room with 7 of the 12 most dangerous viruses on the planet.
Very cool.
You'll cure them all by the time you're finished.
Now I know you're not here to chat about viruses.
What'd you bring for me? You brought me meth? I need a quick turnover.
You guys have the best protocols and the lowest false-positives.
Think you can he me out? Yeah, just give me one second.
Sir, do you have a visitor's pass? Yeah, I've got one right here.
Get your hands up! Everybody get your hands up! Get over there! Alright? Get your phones out! Get your cell phones out.
You put them in.
Put them in here, hey? Put them in there.
Get them in there.
Okay? - You! What did I say? - Okay, just be calm.
Get your cell phone in there! Get over there! You! Get over here! Is that all of them? Okay.
This is your only warning.
Anybody tries any smart stuff, I'm going to start shooting.
You got that? Now sit down.
Please, be careful with that.
So don't make me use it.
No no.
You don't understand.
There are dozens of deadly active viruses in here for testing.
If a bullet hits the wrong storage case They could go airborne.
Shut up! Hey.
Come here.
Stand up.
Get these on everyone.
Do it.
I texted a friend.
I just hope he got it.
Hey, Sarah.
You need to see this.
A text from Sarah.
Need help gunman 41.
Sarah's in trouble.
You tried calling her? It went straight to voicemail.
Have Jesse track it.
He's already on it.
I'm going to talk to forensics See if they know where she went.
Okay, I'll have tactical on stand-by.
Have you ever seen him before? Never.
If we rush him we could grab the gun.
Just sit tight.
Help is probably already on the way.
You're not even an employee.
Sarah works with the cops.
We'll all be okay, as long as we don't do anything foolish.
Okay? No luck tracking Sarah's phone.
It's must be turned off.
I talked to everyone in her department.
Wherever she is, it's not on her schedule.
The only thing out of the ordinary is that she signed a vial of meth out of evidence.
Meth? If she needed a test she'd take it to an outside lab.
The department uses about a dozen local ones.
Jesse, bring up the list of local labs.
I bet one of them has an address that starts with 41.
4176 Beaumont Avenue.
Call them.
No answer.
Notify surveillance.
We need eyes on this place.
And call Tactical.
Let them know we're on our way.
Tell them to meet us there.
Rex! Sir? Maybe we can help you? Shut up.
No-what are you looking for? Sandifinol drug trial results.
Where are they? Where are they? You-you won't find them in there.
It'll be easier on the computer.
No, Allison.
Don't shush.
Not if you want get out of here alive.
What's the password? What's the password? They use a fingerprint.
Then get up! Let's go! Get over here! No, we can't give in to his demands.
It's You do not want to rile me up.
Trust me.
Get up.
Do it.
- You're in.
- Okay, get out.
Again, maybe if you just told us more about what you need we could help you.
Don't try to manage me, lady.
I just want everyone safe, okay? - Including you.
- It's a little late for me.
Hey! No! Come on, pal.
Which building is the lab in? The lab is Building 10.
That's the front door.
The blinds are drawn.
So we have no eyes.
Sarah's car.
She's here.
Okay, we need to shut down all local traffic.
And Tactical I need a command post set up right over here.
We can cross reference all the vehicles in this lot with ownership records.
Figure out which ones belong to employees so we know how many people are inside.
And we need to see if one of these cars belongs to our gunman.
Or gun men.
What is the story with this drug that he's obsessed with? Sandifinol.
It's a powerful new antibiotic.
If it clears regulatory hurdles it could mean the end of superbugs.
And it's in trial? Stage three.
If it's good, it'll be on the market next year.
Yeah, but why steal the testing information? Maybe he's hired by another company to see if they can get a similar drug to the market first.
I don't know.
He doesn't look like a pro to me.
I think this is personal.
None of this makes sense to me.
You get over here.
And you find me all the drug trial results for Sandifinol.
I don't have access to that kind of information.
Well then who can? You'd need a senior scientist.
Senior scientist.
Your name? Sebastian.
Get to work, Sebastian.
I can't.
Not with these.
Come on.
I need Helen Chafe's drug trial results.
And if those hands do anything but type you're a dead man.
We need snipers on the windows.
Tactical at each exit.
And a breach team on standby.
But no one-no one moves without first hearing from me.
Let's go! What've we got? Seven cars in the lot that don't belong to any employees.
Including Sarah's car.
Yeah, so if he drove here That gives us six possible suspects.
I ran background checks on the owners of the other cars.
No criminal records.
Keep on it.
With the security cameras disabled there's no way for us to get eyes on the place.
We can't just sit in here and do nothing.
And we can't go in blind.
We need to breach covertly.
Get a look around.
Can we get in through the ventilation system? Jesse.
Bring up the floor plan.
Right there.
See? There, it goes directly from the lab to the outside.
Oh, you're right.
But it's a smoke vent used in case lab fires.
It's way too narrow for a person to get into.
What if we didn't send a person? Hey, this could work.
This could work.
We could hide a camera and a microphone on him.
We'd have eyes and ears inside.
Rex is a very smart dog.
I get that.
But an assignment like this requires decision making reasoning.
It's just another tracking assignment.
We give him Sarah's scent and send him in.
No-look at this.
It's not a straight line through the vent.
What if he makes a wrong turn or gets stuck? We train him.
Teach him the proper route through repetition.
I don't know.
It's risky.
There's a lot of people in that lab who need our help, Joe.
Including Sarah.
If this goes wrong- It won't go wrong.
Trust me.
- No.
- Yes.
The only way you do this is if she okays it.
Come on, Joe.
And keep in mind if this goes wrong we could be putting the lives of those people, and Rex in even greater danger.
Thanks for coming, Renley.
You're not going to fit.
I need your help.
I heard your plan.
It can work.
But we need to prepare Rex.
You sure we have time for this? You helped train him back in the day.
I figure if anyone can get him ready in short order it's you.
That almost sounded like a compliment.
Let's just get to work.
We've got three lengths of carpet to exactly match the lengths of the venting system leading to the lab.
We need you to get him to go through your legs to simulate the vent.
Because we're going to be using his muscle memory learning on this course.
Alright? He needs to associate this precise distance with crawling low.
- Good job.
- Good.
Now get him to do it again.
Stay, pal.
We need him to crawl lower to engage those muscles.
Come on.
- That's a bit better.
- Good job.
The next one is the fork in the road.
So you've got to get him to go down and to the left.
Down, buddy.
Okay, go to your left, buddy.
Good job.
Good job.
Now let's go again.
- Under the legs.
- Down.
- Go left.
- Go left, go left.
Good, buddy.
Crawl, pal.
- Stay.
- Okay, buddy.
Stay, buddy.
Read Yeah, I know.
Focus, boy.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Crawl.
- Crawl.
Okay, buddy.
You've reached the fork in the road now.
We're going left.
I know.
Stay focused.
Which way are you going to go? Let's go.
Come on, Rex.
Come on.
Here, this way.
Whew! We need to go left.
Get on him.
Come on.
- Good.
- Crawl.
You've reached the fork in the road now.
We're going to go left.
Let's go.
- Left.
- Good.
- Go.
There we go.
Nice and evenly spaced.
Because it's test time, people.
We'll see if Rex can choose left on his own.
We good? Yeah.
Okay, stay.
Good job, buddy.
This is the part where there's a choice to make.
Okay? Come on.
Yeah! Good job! Yeah, you did alright.
Go go.
On the move.
Oh come on, man.
I thought you were the big man around here.
Files for the drug trials are listed by code numbers- not by names.
I have to check each one manually.
Also, you're making me really nervous.
Am I? Get to work.
Get me the file.
He's going to kill us.
He's going to kill us.
The police are probably here by now.
But if he starts shooting Those viruses they're going to Hey hey hey.
You remember fourth year bio-chem? With Mr.
Shier? Sarah, this isn't the time, right now.
This is exactly the right time.
You were freaking out then too- before the mid-term.
Yeah, because we were studying all night at your place.
Yeah, and you ordered those nachos! Yeah, those were Those were the best, but And went to the door without your pants on.
Well I made the delivery boy's night.
And then you forgot to set the alarm.
No no no.
You were supposed to set the alarm.
- I was on the couch.
- No.
You would never sleep on the couch in your own place in a million years.
Okay, sleep diva? Anyway.
Point is, we made it with 15 seconds to spare.
And we both aced that exam.
There's no need to panic.
We made a good team.
Yeah, the best.
So what happened to you? I mean, we hardly saw you for the rest of the semester after that.
I don't know.
It was the home stretch.
I felt like I couldn't afford the distractions.
But we aced that mid-term together.
So Looks like it's just part of the collar.
Jesse, what's our status? Good to go.
Sound and video are both working fine.
As soon as he's in, we'll have eyes and ears.
Let's do it.
You be careful in there, pal.
Ready? You got it? Good job.
Come on, Rex.
Turn left, just like we practiced.
Come on, Rex.
Come on, Rex.
You can do this.
Turn left.
There's an obstruction.
He won't fit through there.
Call him back.
Not yet.
Let's see what he does.
He's stuck.
Come on, buddy.
Good boy.
Good job, buddy.
I knew he could do it.
He's in.
Now the fun begins.
- Rex.
- What the hell? I know that bark.
It means help has arrived.
Whose dog is that? Mine.
You get him in here.
And shut him up.
Get him inside.
And keep him quiet.
Hey, Rex.
Don't do anything stupid.
Keep him under control.
Shut him up.
Or I shoot him.
And you're next.
Got it? Get in there.
Get inside.
Come on.
Looks like it is a single gunman.
I count seven hostages.
We've got active viruses in here.
So no full force entry.
Okay one gunman looking for files related to the Sandifinol drug trial.
He mentioned- the name Helen Chafe.
I knew Sarah would find that camera.
Pull the records for all the cars in the lot.
And compare him to the driver's license photos.
I'm on it.
Good job, buddy.
There's a representative here from Cooper-Weiss Pharmaceuticals insisting on talking to the people in charge.
You got a name? Reggie Boyd.
I ran his ID.
He checks out.
Bring him in.
What could we do for you, Mr.
Boyd? You can start- by explaining what you're doing to handle this situation.
We don't share that information with civilians.
But I can assure you we have everything under control.
Under control? Everything in that lab is property of Cooper-Weiss Pharmaceuticals.
Important medical research is at risk.
We're more concerned about the people inside than your research.
Of course.
That's not how I meant it.
I just want to end this.
Then we are on the same page.
Now if you'd kindly wait outside.
You know, actually that wasn't a request.
You follow him.
Keep an eye on him, Sergeant.
You got it.
I found our guy! Darryl Perth.
His wife's name is also list under his car insurance.
Helen Chafe.
Let's bring her in.
So she can shed some light on the situation.
his phone number is also going to be in that file.
I want to talk to him.
Got it.
The number you have reached- It's no longer active.
I'll try to track down a current number.
Do it quickly, Jesse.
The subject is agitated.
He may be escalating.
What's taking so long? We can't give him this data.
We have three drugs that are close to market.
- They'll save lives.
- He'll kill us.
Stop talking.
No more delays.
No more talking! Or somebody's going to get hurt! These people have families.
I bet you do, too.
This place destroys families.
Maybe it's time for a little payback.
- Huh? - No no no.
The police are outside! What? How? Come here.
Come here.
Come here! Turn around.
And open that window.
Understand? Yeah.
Movement at the window! Get over here! Get over! What'd I do wrong? What did you do? Get your hands out.
Huh? Put your hands out.
Ughh! What do I do? What do I do? Hey! Get over there! Back to work! Shots fired! Shots fired! That was a warning shot.
We had a shot fired.
What the hell is going on in there? Sarah's sending us a message.
I repeat.
That was a warning shot.
A warning shot.
That means somebody did something that Darryl doesn't like.
The hostages are getting restless.
- The situation is deteriorating.
- Jesse.
I need that phone number now.
This is the only number I could find through his cell provider.
Ready? Yeah.
You should answer that.
The police would have heard that gunshot.
Yeah? Darryl, this is Charlie Hudson.
I'm with the St.
John's Police.
I'm here to help.
Oh, you know my name.
You haven't done anything that you can't come back from.
As soon as I get what I need this will all be over.
Well, what is it that you need? We'll talk about getting that for you.
You let me worry about that.
If any police come through this door I'm going to start shooting.
Why do you need Helen Chafe's file so badly? For proof.
Who is she? My wife.
I told you to keep him quiet! If Rex is barking there is a reason.
Please, I've got to go check that.
I'm watching you.
Hey, Rex.
What have you got? The gunshot must have hit that hose.
The cooling hose is damaged? Looks like it.
That's the cooling system for all the active viruses in the lab.
If the hose is damaged, then the system has shut down.
The temperature inside is going to rise.
And the viruses? They're frozen.
If the unit reaches room temperature they'll activate again.
But they're contained, right? Some of them are airborne.
The unit isn't r-tight.
Well then, we need to fix this.
Right now.
Oh no no.
Nobody's going anywhere.
We don't have much time.
These machines they generate heat.
Without a cooling system, then we've got maybe 30 minutes before everybody's life is in danger.
Well, then you'd better find my file.
Jesse, is there anything you can do remotely? Get the system back online? No, I can't.
The cooling hose needs to be physically repaired.
Okay, we're running out of options.
A tactical strike might be our best hope.
I have Helen Chafe with me.
Darryl's wife.
We're separated.
Has he hurt anyone? Thankfully, no.
We're really glad you're here, Helen.
We need your help.
There's still a chance we can end this peacefully.
We need to repair that hose.
You have innocent people in here.
Maybe now you understand how serious I am.
Whoah whoah whoah.
What did you just do? I'm looking for the file.
I just saw you hit the delete button.
And a bunch of files disappeared.
Okay, let's be calm.
You'd better not be pulling a fast one.
Hold on.
Let me just check, please.
I'll get to the bottom of this.
Get over here.
Where is it? Where are they? They should be right here.
What did you do? I didn't You were watching me the whole time.
Check the trash.
It's empty.
I'm sorry, I You ruined everything! I needed those files to get my family back.
You can't just take confidential files.
There are privacy laws.
And we could be shut down.
This lab does too much good.
There's laws against shooting you in the head too.
Darryl, we can still fix this.
You ruined my one chance! Stop.
If you kill him I can't help you.
Why would you want to help me? Because I can see that you're in pain.
So what do these files have to do with your family, Darryl? I got laid off last year.
I started doing drug trials for the extra money.
The Sandifinol trial it paid big bucks.
But they rejected me.
So I convinced Helen to do it.
When I met him Darryl was the sweetest guy.
And he would do anything to keep us afloat after he lost his job.
But we needed money.
And when she was on the drug, she changed.
She started getting cold and distant.
And the sweet Darryl who I met in high school was surly all of a sudden.
He'd spend entire days locked in the basement.
She started avoiding me around the house.
And then eventually, she just left me.
I just couldn't take it anymore.
It was the Sandifinol.
It messed with her brain.
It messed with her brain.
And she fell right out of love with me.
Emotional and mental distress were never side effects of the drug.
I've been working on it from the start.
You're a liar! See, now, that is why I needed the file.
This drug robbed me of my family.
And I want the proof.
And I believe you.
But guns? Hostages? There has to be a better way.
Oh, I tried to go through proper channels.
Trust me.
Believe me.
I tried for months and months.
I got the runaround from middle managers, just passing my phone calls around, passing the buck.
- Right, you're the victim here.
- This is not the time.
I just want the file.
So that I can prove my wife didn't just fall out of love with me.
And maybe the effects can be reversed.
And I can just have my family back.
Could that be true? Is it possible that the drug affected your feelings for Darryl? All I know is that I couldn't stand to be around him anymore.
But I don't think a drug can make you fall out of love.
Okay, Helen.
Thank you for being so open with us.
Now, I need to ask you to do one more thing.
We have to do something.
Last time you did something you got the cooling hose shot.
Helen? Darryl? Are you okay? It's good to hear your voice, honey.
Darryl, you have to stop.
You're going to get people hurt.
I just need the proof.
Darryl, it wasn't because of the drugs.
You have to believe that.
You're going to let me come home, honey.
You don't just fall out of love with somebody.
We can talk about it.
Just let everyone out.
And come talk to me.
There is a cause to this.
And those bastards at Cooper-Weiss they're hiding something.
If the pharmaceutical company is funding the drug trials they must have their own copies of the files.
Stands to reason.
Radio Renley.
And tell her to not let that pharmaceutical rep - Reggie Boyd.
- Right tell her not to let him go anywhere.
- I want a word with him.
- Okay, got it.
Darryl? We may be able to access that file you're after.
Well I'm happy to hear that.
Sebastian, no! Ugh! Aghh! Stop, Rex! Stay! You're going to get us all killed! Ohh!! Ahhh! Ughh! Nobody else move! Oh no! Allison! Oh no! Allison.
Allison, you with me? At this point you're all I got.
This is all your fault! You're the one holding the gun.
Please don't kill me.
Turn around! Come on! Open the door! Get in there! Where'd they go? He could be executing the hostage.
Darryl, what did you do with him? He's fine.
I just locked him in the other room.
Allison needs medical attention.
No no.
Nobody goes anywhere until Helen's file is in my hand.
No, she can't wait.
If Helen knows it's the drug, she'll let me back.
You'll go to jail, either way.
No, I'm a whistle-blower! No, you are armed! And if she dies At least Helen will know.
We need to get Allison to a hospital.
She's not going to make it.
No! Nobody leaves.
Just keep her alive.
I can't! I can't unless I have the supplies I need.
Wait, what if I send Rex out, to bring in supplies? - The dog? - Yes, the dog.
We are losing her.
Send the dog.
Okay, I need to make a list.
Find some paper.
Please tell me you're going in now.
We think we've found a better way to solve this quickly.
But I'm going to need remote access to the Cooper-Weiss file database.
Are you serious? That's not going to happen.
It's sensitive material.
You can give me what I need right now.
Or you can watch me tear through your entire database from your jail cell.
We've got two dozen lawyers working full time to keep those files confidential.
All I'm asking for right now is the Sandifinol paperwork.
Just the Sandifinol files.
But he isn't going to find what he's looking for.
There aren't any mental side effects related to that drug.
We'll worry about that later.
Go inside and ask for Jesse.
We've got movement! Come here, pal.
What took you so long? Have the paramedics get these supplies quickly.
On it.
That's Rex.
- Let him back in.
- Yeah, right.
So I can get taken out by a sniper? I don't think so.
Go to the door.
And let him in.
No no no.
Come here.
No, I need that equipment now.
I'm checking the dog, first.
Be careful.
He's protective.
I don't care.
It's okay, Rex.
He's going to check you out.
He'll be fast.
I know he looks like a softie.
But he's protective.
Oh yeah.
I knew it.
Aha! I knew they'd try something.
She has no pulse.
Give me that AED! Give me pressure.
She's going to die.
Give it to me! Here.
- What happened? - He found the camera.
We're flying blind again.
Jesse, you find anything in those company files? Actually, yeah.
Thanks to your arm-twisting on Reggie Boyd- we have something that Darryl wants.
His wife's Sandifinol file.
We can end this.
Hold on.
He won't like what it says.
Damn it.
Stand Clear.
Everybody clear.
I've got her pulse back.
But it's weak.
I can slow down the bleeding.
But I can't make it stop.
What does that mean? It means.
She's going to die if she stays here.
I don't know.
Your family was taken from you.
Are you going to take her away from hers? I've never even met her husband.
Please don't let my first meeting with him be a death notification.
Darryl, what's happening in there? Look, I'm not giving up.
But we need paramedics in here.
This lady, she needs to get to the hospital.
We're sending them in now.
But no tricks.
If I smell a cop, I'm going to just start shooting.
Okay, I'll let them know.
Actually, I've got an idea.
Answer the door.
Over here! Don't try anything.
Don't try anything funny.
Charlie, the bag.
Ma'am, could you help us with this? Yeah, of course.
Roll her onto her side.
Get her to safety.
You got it.
Hey hey hey hey.
I know that voice.
You're the cop I've been talking to.
Hey, look.
Take it easy.
I'm not armed.
I just want to talk.
I said any cops come in here, I would start shooting.
Easy, pal.
You can shoot me.
But I have what you want- your wife's file.
Hand it over.
No, first you release the hostages.
How about I release the viruses? Come on.
Take it easy.
You have everything that you want.
All you need to do is let these people go.
It's that simple.
What do you say? Come on.
What do you say? 17 degrees.
We're almost out of time.
- You found anything yet? - Only more problems.
There's an automatic virus containment system that kicks in at 22 degrees.
A containment system? That's a good thing, isn't it? Usually yes.
But not today.
The ventilation system kicks in full force and the entire lab will be sealed off.
Including the doors.
And once it's sealed, no one can leave.
The viruses would be trapped inside.
Along with all the hostages.
So we need to get everyone out of there before it reaches 21 degrees.
Give me the file.
Not until you let these people go.
I make the demands here! I don't think you're going to shoot.
You want to take that bet? You have everything that you want.
And you'll still have me as a hostage.
Think about it.
Get out of here.
Go! Go! Go! I don't want to leave you here.
You should go with Allison.
She needs you.
Be careful.
Take your dog.
He stays with me.
- Darryl.
- Easy! The file is It's in the bag.
Right there.
There's only one file in here.
It's the one that matters to you.
Yeah? No no no.
What? No no no no no no.
- This is a mistake.
- I'm sorry, Darryl.
Your wife was in the placebo group.
No, you're a liar! It's the truth.
She was never on the drug.
This is a trick.
Why would you do it? Why would you mess with me? 20 degrees.
C'mon, Charlie.
Get out of there.
You come in here with your lies and these fake documents! It's the truth.
Trying to mess with my head! This is your fault! You made me do this! Good job, pal.
Need you in here, Renley.
Help! Let me out of he! Rex! Hey.
You should have let me do it.
- You take him.
- What about you? We're right behind you.
Renley's on the way out with the gunman.
Help! 21 degrees.
You just saved this guy's life, Rex.
That's if we get out of here.
Come on.
Time to go.
Rex! Let's go! Take him.
Great job.
Both of you.
Yeah, that was way too close.
Rex never leaves anyone behind.
Where's Sarah? She rode to the hospital with Allison.
I actually feel bad for the guy.
He obviously just snapped.
It might have been out of his control.
I read the rest of the Sandifinol files.
And there was an earlier version of the drug called Delixipan.
He was on that trial.
Had terrible side effects.
That must have been why they rejected him from the new study.
He couldn't do it a second time under the new version of the drug.
One of the reports said that the first drug altered brain chemistry.
So Darryl had the right idea.
It did mess with someone's head.
They went back to the drawing board and relaunched the drug under the name Sandifinol.
Why didn't you just let me do it? I have something important to tell you that might make you change your mind about that.
You mind if I sit down? The trial that your wife was involved in, There wasn't any side effects.
But The trial you were involved in- That wasn't the case.