Hudson and Rex (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Fast Eddie's

1 The timing The timing's just no good The timing Thanks.
KATYA: No! Not again! Damned propane tanks are empty again! Okay.
One Cuban with everything.
Careful, it's hot.
And here.
Extra napkins.
You're going to need them.
KATYA: Gabrielle.
We have a problem.
- What? - The backup propane tank is empty.
Again? We just refilled them! So which one of those jerks is sabotaging us this time? We're not going to have enough fuel to get through the lunch rush.
Take the truck.
Get the tank refilled.
Ask them to check for leaks.
I'm going to go to the restaurant and speak to my father.
We have to figure this out once and for all.
Two Fast Eddies! The timing The timing's just no good The timing The timing's just no good (PHONE RINGING) Crap.
(EXPLOSION) - - (THEME MUSIC) - CHARLIE: Stay here, pal.
- Here you go.
Good morning, Detective.
The usual? You remember my order? Flat white, right? Yeah.
Flat white.
How's your dog? Oh, he's perky as always.
For some reason, he doesn't need caffeine.
Can I get you something else? (PHONE CHIMING) Just the coffee, thanks.
Yeah, okay.
I'm close.
I've got to run.
What do I owe you? Oh.
Don't worry about it.
Be safe.
I will be.
I've got a big dog watching my back.
(SIRENS) Hey! Morning, Rex.
- Charlie.
- Morning, Sarah.
The only person on board was the driver.
Female, we think.
CHARLIE: Careful, buddy.
Don't singe those whiskers.
What does he have? Hey.
Nice find, Rex.
What's this? Katya Melnyk.
Age 24.
Her purse fared better than she did.
So what happened? Well, according to our Fire and Explosives guy there were three explosions that happened in quick succession.
So, see here.
There were two large propane tanks that were on the exterior of the truck.
One blew.
The other didn't, probably because it was empty.
And the next explosion The truck's gas tank, ignited by the initial propane blast.
- Yeah.
Very good.
- And the third? A smaller explosion in the kitchen area.
Probably triggered by aerosols or cleaning supplies maybe.
What caused the initial blast? I won't know until I get the tanks back to the lab.
I see you have a fan.
My barista gave me her number.
I didn't even notice that.
That's awkward.
FIREMAN: Everybody get down! Now! (EXPLOSION) FIREMAN: Sarge! Get in here! So it's going to be that kind of a day.
I recognize her tattoos and her jewelry.
I'm sorry to put you through that.
The food truck-you're the owner? Yes.
My father is.
Your father is Edward Bullock, the restaurateur? That's right.
I can't believe this happened.
I'm sorry, but, because there was a fatality, we need to ensure that there was no criminal negligence.
Yeah, criminal is right.
Last week- we replaced both of the tanks.
The next day, one of them was empty.
So then we replaced the valves and the seals.
And the next day, it happened again.
So I went and I replaced both tanks.
And today, one was empty.
You believe this was sabotage? My father owns twelve restaurants coast to coast.
That success followed us to the truck.
We have line-ups all day long.
The other trucks, not so much.
They want us out of business.
Any specific truck you're referring to? All of them.
Someone messed with the propane.
Now Katya's gone! JESSE: Katya Melnyk.
Grew up in Toronto.
Came here when she was 19 for a summer and never left.
No criminal record.
CHARLIE: I notified her parents back home.
They hadn't spoken in months.
Sounds like they didn't approve of her decision to stay in St.
And Gabrielle Bullock? JESSE: No record.
Went to business school.
Being groomed to take over her father's empire.
Edward Bullock.
He's been around a long time.
And made some shady deals to get where he is.
Edward's daughter seems to think that this is the work of a rival food truck owner.
Ohhh, two rival food trucks fighting to control their territory.
Has a very Shakespearean quality to it.
You know, minus the flowery language that nobody can understand.
- Shutting up now.
- DONOVAN: Thank you.
I'll go check out the food truck corner, and see if there's any credibility to Gabrielle's story.
She may just be assigning blame where there is none.
But make sure you speak to Edward first.
See if he's in a talkative mood.
Have you got a conversation starter? Yeah, word on the street is that he borrowed money from the mob a while back.
Maybe he got himself involved in something and it went south.
I'll head out now.
Rex, let's go.
- Hey, and Jesse - Yeah.
Find out who Edward secured loans from.
Go back at least twenty years.
Will do.
EDWARD: It's good to meet you, Detective.
I wish it was under better circumstances.
Katya was like family to us.
- Are you hungry? - No thanks.
- You're sure? - Mm-hmm.
Let me at least get something for your friend here.
Janine? Will you ask Caleb to fire up a T-bone for our guest here? Thanks.
That's really not necessary.
I just have a couple of questions.
Yeah, so do I.
My daughter could have been on that truck.
Do you have any suspects? We're still trying to establish whether or not this was an accident or foul play.
I told you what caused it.
And we're looking into all possibilities.
Speaking of which, Edward you ever borrow money from organized crime? Would you give us boys a minute to talk privately, dear? - Of course.
- Thank you.
Right to the point.
I like that.
You still haven't answered my question.
If I had, I would assure you that those accounts have long been settled.
Who gave you the loan? I'm an old man.
My memory's not like it used to be.
I can't remember, specifically, you know? CALEB: Lunch is served.
Detective, this is Caleb Cromby, our executive chef.
Nice to meet you.
I'm a bit of a dabbler in the kitchen myself.
Yeah, so is everyone.
All these food shows are putting guys like me out of work.
(CALEB LAUGHS) Enjoy, my furry friend.
Katya was my friend.
If someone is responsible for her death, please find them.
Me and my partner will do our best.
Apparently, after lunch.
(CHUCKLING) It's so sad.
Katya was the best.
No ego, which is rare in our world.
Gabrielle suggests that there's a competitive rivalry between trucks.
More like we're all united against her.
- That's for sure.
- Why's that? She acts like she runs the place.
And she made Katya work like a slave.
So why didn't Katya leave? She couldn't.
If she quit, they'd blackball her in the industry.
That's the kind of vindictive crap they pull.
But Katya was leaving soon.
- To go where? - She was offered a gig as a pastry chef at a new restaurant.
(REX WHINES) Hey Tony! Can you bring out a pupcake? A pupcake? Yeah.
It's a cupcake for dogs.
Gluten free.
Made with coconut flour.
- That'll be good for him.
- Mmm.
(REX SNIFFING) That's weird.
Dogs usually love them.
Maybe he's not a big fan of coconut.
Gabrielle is convinced that she was being sabotaged.
Is there any truth to that? Their name recognition takes customers from the rest of us.
It makes them a target.
A target for what? Slashed tires.
Mouse turds in the condiments.
That's how it's always been with food trucks.
Just one step below kindergarten.
- Who does this? You? - No.
Katya was my friend.
Then who? Come on.
It's a small place.
Well don't say anything.
Just let your eyes do the talking.
SUKI: Look.
I don't hate them.
I don't hate anybody.
I get along.
Mouse droppings in the condiments? Who told you chat? I liked Katya.
So did everyone.
And yet she's dead.
I had to break the news to her parents in Toronto.
They lost their only child.
Can you imagine that? (SNIFFLING) Sorry.
I need a tissue.
Can I get one? Yeah.
Go ahead.
(ENGINE STARTING) Seriously? Rex! Go! (REX BARKING) MAN: Hey, slow down! (REX BARKING) (SCREECHING TIRES) (BARKING) (APPLAUSE) (BARKING) I didn't mean to kill anyone.
You messed with her propane, Suki.
You knew it was dangerous.
Can you tell her parents I'm so sorry.
(PHONE CHIMES) Sarah, what's up? - - (THEME MUSIC) SARAH: So you know how I said there were three explosions? Yeah.
Well, I sent the photos to the RCMP arson lab in Ottawa.
They built a burn pattern model.
Said that we had it backwards.
The first explosion was inside the vehicle.
- The smaller one.
- Right.
It ignited the gas tank, which then caused the propane on the outside to blow.
If the propane tank wasn't the cause, what was? My team is asking that same question.
(BARK) (BARKING) CHARLIE: What have you got, Rex? What is that? Melted plastic.
Long way from the truck.
Must have been launched over here.
It's in bad shape, but I'm pretty sure this is a timer.
You mean from an explosive device? Yeah, that's how it looks.
Then this wasn't an accident- or an act of sabotage.
Katya was murdered.
- You put a bomb on that truck! - No, I had nothing to do with that! You said you caused the explosion.
Not a bomb! I thought it was a propane accident.
All I did was loosen the O-ring on the propane.
You know the other food truck owners.
You see things.
What can you tell me about Fast Eddie's? Hmmm? Listen, if you didn't do it Katya's killer is still out there.
Only thing I know is once a week, a guy comes by that truck.
And he picks up an envelope.
What kind of envelope? A thick one.
What's in it? Money? Drugs? Hmm? What does the guy look like? Um He's white.
Has dark hair.
Wears a leather jacket.
What kind of car does he drive? Sometimes he drives a grey car.
Sometimes he's on a motorcycle.
DONOVAN: Search didn't turn up anything suspicious.
Jesse's still going through her phone and laptop.
The guy she described, picking up envelopes.
He sound like mob to you? You know a guy named Neil Dougherty? I know the name.
Suspect in a double homicide in '08? Mm-hmm.
Collared in connection with a couple of bombings.
Couldn't make anything stick.
- Bombings.
- And he rides a motorcycle.
We'll look into the grey car.
Know where we could find him? Last I heard he'd bought a bar on Milando.
You think he got bored of watering down drinks and is up to his old tricks? I doubt he ever stopped.
N-E-I-L D-O-U-G- H-E-R-T-Y Okay, a person of interest in two mob-style hits.
But in both cases, not enough evidence to make an arrest.
But his involvement in the Casey Street bombing - looks iron-clad.
- I remember that.
That was a few years back.
Two innocent bystanders were seriously injured.
He got off on a technicality.
Oh, here it is.
An illegal search.
Got thrown out of court.
Here, take a look at this.
They found weapons old antique guns.
Turns out he was a collector of World War II firearms.
Had all the paperwork.
So they didn't seize anything.
Scary looking dude.
Printing now.
Both his former alleged hits started out as shakedowns.
That sound familiar? It seems someone pissed him off.
So he turns it up a notch.
Big notch to murde.
Just like this case.
Probably figures his luck will hold.
Let's see if Suki, our food truck runner, can ID this guy.
Thanks, buddy.
We need to get him off the street.
Rex! Is this the guy? Home-made bombs are inefficient.
As they blow they scatter some of the explosives before they have a chance to burn.
In this case, into the driver's compartment.
We did manage to retrieve traces that didn't burn.
What was the accelerant? Triacetone triperoxide.
It's a concentrated, industrial-strength acetone used for cleaning.
DONOVAN: Nice work.
Jesse? JESSE: I called a few informants who said that Dougherty invested in Edward Bullock's empire when it was on the ropes.
Do we have any CCTV footage putting Dougherty at the food trucks? None that I've found.
DONOVAN: Okay, well stay on that.
We need something more solid.
Also, what about Edward? Does he have any enemies that might be looking to hurt his business? Well, he seemed to have stepped on a few toes on his way up.
And the real question is: does he have any friends? Spoiler alert-He does not.
SARAH: Success breeds jealousy.
Yeah, but enough to build a bomb? To take a life? We should focus on Dougherty.
Maybe Edward was late on a few payments.
Or Dougherty was squeezing him for some more money.
And Katya was collateral damage? DONOVAN: Let's go back to Edward.
See how he reacts when you mention Dougherty.
And also let him know that we have an eye witness to the envelopes.
- CHARLIE: Let's go, Rex.
- Thank you.
- Hey, Jesse.
- Yeah.
Check the local stores that sell TATP.
See if you can catch Dougherty in the process of buying the bomb supplies and the timer.
Sure sure.
Hey, Charlie I have something for you.
I ran a background check on Abby Cleese.
You know, the number on your cup.
I figured you'd want to know if she was a psycho or not before you called her.
Turns out she isn't.
But she should really pay her parking tickets.
Jesse, you cannot invade her privacy like that.
Boundaries! Sorry.
Shred that.
I think he likes the place.
We aim to please.
Are you certain that explosion wasn't an accident? Mm-hmm.
We confirmed it was a bomb.
My God.
You think my daughter was the target? I don't know yet.
If she's in danger, I have to warn her! The best way that you can protect your daughter is to tell me the truth.
What's your relationship with Neil Dougherty? I don't recognize that name.
Really? (REX BARKS) The guy goes by your food truck once a week.
He picks up envelopes.
You weren't aware of that? Come on, Edward.
The guy has a history of bomb making.
Now one of your trucks blows up! Okay.
I know him.
He bailed you out when you ran into financial troubles.
That's practically common knowledge.
During the last big recession, people stopped going to dinner.
I got hit really hard.
Neil Dougherty lent me the cash to weather the storm.
And we had an agreement that I would pay him modest weekly cash payments in return.
- That's it.
- And you're still paying.
It's the deal we made.
I honoured the agreement.
And so did he.
Trust me.
You're barking up the wrong tree here.
(BARKING) No offense.
If I knew more, I'd tell you.
It's Caleb, right? You knew Katya well? She was lovely.
I haven't seen her in a while.
But we're all devaated.
Could she have been behind the explosion? That's ridiculous.
Katya couldn't hurt a fly.
What about Edward? He runs an empire.
And empires are built on the blood of others.
A bit dramatic, sure.
But true.
So he has enemies? Most of his former employees, for starters.
What can you tell me about his weekly payments to a man named Dougherty? Hmm? Only that they don't come out of this restaurant side.
Why not? It's all credit and debit cards now at the restaurant.
Nobody pays cash anymore.
So any payments would show up on the books.
Unlike, say-a food truck.
That's a cash-only business.
Skim a little cream off the top.
And the tax man is none the wiser.
Come on.
Smart dog.
Imported Genovese sausage with black truffle.
$50 a plate.
Well, that is why I eat mostly at home.
For your hungry friend.
What do you say, buddy? (REX YELPS) (BARKING) What? I know.
I know.
I shouldn't be drinking coffee this late.
- Charlie.
- -Hmm? I found security footage from Conway's Hardware.
It shows who bought the industrial acetone.
Let me see.
Katya? Yeah.
It's crazy, right? It looks like your victim is the bomber! DONOVAN: Good morning, everybody.
Sarah, do you have autopsy results for me? Tox screen was negative for illicit drugs, alcohol and prescription meds.
Okay, and what did the search of Katya's house turn up? Nothing suspicious on her phone or computer.
But I'm still analyzing her social media pages.
I did a deep background check on both Katya and her family.
Nothing to point to any type criminal activity let alone bomb-building.
DONOVAN: Well, people change.
Well, I have a different theory.
Let's see.
So I blew up a few frames of the hardware store security footage.
And look at what Katya is buying along with the acetone.
Hmm? Okay, well just because she's buying a cheesy travel mug it doesn't make her innocent.
Maybe, but look at her smile her casual body language.
Not a hint of nervousness.
And no timer.
So you think she bought the acetone for someone else, not realizing what it was for? - Exactly.
- Someone like Neil Dougherty? - Why not? - It fits his M.
- Charlie? - Jesse? Do we have anything that remotely resembles a plan? Just follow my lead.
(BACKGROUND CHATTER) Too good to be true.
Neil Dougherty? What's this all about? Detective Hudson.
We have a warrant to search the premises here and at your residence.
What's that supposed to be? A police dog? Or a pussy cat? Oh, give him a try.
See how that works out.
- (REX BARKS) - Okay.
Make yourselves at home.
Not interested in what we're chasing? A wild goose? - Bomb-making supplies.
- Mmm.
Like the kind that was used in the device that blew up Fast Eddie's food truck.
Oh yeah yeah yeah.
I heard about that.
That's a shame, kiddo.
But I'm not in that business.
I run a bar.
So tell me about your relationship with Katya Melnyk.
Who? How about Gabrielle Bullock? Oh, you know her, don't you? Yeah? Was she the target? You know? A way to get back at the old man? For what? I like that family.
I eat at Edward's twice a week.
You guys really are desperate here.
Aren't you? Anyway.
I got work to do.
So, after you come up empty, make sure you get your crowd here a drink on me.
Why do I get the impression that there's nothing here to find? Well, that was just for show so you can do your thing.
Oh! Okay, well in that case Set up two security cameras.
One in the front.
One in the back.
And I'll monitor his cell phone.
Anyone shows up or calls, we'll know about it.
That's what I'm talking about.
- - (SOFT MUSIC) CHARLIE: Stay here, pal.
Hey! Can I make you a flat white, Detective? No.
No, thanks.
I was just passing by.
And I remembered that I forgot to pay for my coffee from yesterday.
Forget it.
My treat.
I thought that maybe you'd call.
Right, the phone number.
Sorry, I have never done that before.
I'm so embarrassed.
No! I thought it was brave.
Yeah, but off the market? More like recently back on the market.
Just not sure I'm ready.
I get it.
No pressure.
I'm Abby.
(PHONE CHIMES) Excuse me one second.
Jesse, what's up? Hey, so Dougherty called the landline at Edward's restaurant a few minutes ago.
Who did he talk to? No one picked up.
But I find it very interesting that the first call he makes after we leave his place is to Edward's.
That is curious.
Let me see what I can find out.
Sorry, I've got to run.
Of course.
Before I go You want to meet my partner? Yeah.
This is Rex.
Rex, come say hi.
- Can I pet him? - Yeah, but watch it.
- He's a hugger.
- So am I.
Hey, Rex! (BARKING) He's not usually like that.
Well, it's okay.
Thanks for the coffee.
Bye, Rex.
Some wingman you are.
Back for more black truffle sausages? Maybe he is.
But I'm here to see Edward.
Well, he left about 20 minutes ago.
Not sure if he's coming back tonight.
What about Gabrielle? Edward made her take a few days off.
I've got to get back in there.
You guys want to stay for dinner? No.
I'd have to take out a second mortgage.
That's a nice mug.
I got it as a gift.
From who? One of the cooks, I think.
Not Katya? Look.
I know she bought that mug a few days ago.
Which means you lied to me about not seeing her recently.
Hey, guys.
Break's over.
Okay, yeah.
I did see Katya recently, when I offered her the position of pastry chef at my new restaurant.
This mug was a thank you for rescuing her from Gabrielle and Edward.
So why lie about it? Come on.
Edward was around.
I didn't want him to overhear.
If he finds out that I'm leaving and taking half his staff with me-? The dude's vindictive.
He'd ruin me.
Okay, well he won't hear it from me.
But if Edward comes back, you have him contact me.
Okay? He has my number.
Rex, let's go.
Rex! (BARKING) Rex! - (GUNSHOT) - Ugh! (SCREECHING TIRES) (BARKING) This is Detective Hudson.
Shots fired from a grey 300 heading north on Kershaw.
Did you confirm that Dougherty owns a grey 300? - Yeah, why? - He just took a shot at Edward Bullock's head chef.
That's impossible.
He's at the bar.
Well maybe he snuck out another exit? It had to be his car.
Well, that may be.
But Dougherty is not behind the wheel.
How can you be sure? Well, because he can't be in two places at once.
And- I am looking right at him.
Who called it in? Building owner.
This level was closed for sprinkler maintenance.
Find anything? Well there are fingerprints on the steering wheel.
Probably Dougherty's.
The shooter was wearing gloves.
Dougherty claims it was stolen from his home garage.
Well, they also stole the key.
It was still in the ignition.
Yeah, maybe Dougherty was involved.
It was pretty smart dumping it here.
By the time it was called in, the shooter was probably at home sleeping.
But who would have wanted Caleb dead? (REX SNIFFING) (BARKING) What have you got, Rex? (BARKING) What have you got, bud? No way.
Looks like the shooter ditched the gun.
Ballistics will confirm.
But how did Rex know it was here? It was recently fired.
He can smell the gunpowder.
You say that like it's nothing.
I'm used to it.
Nice job, buddy.
CALEB: You know-I can't think of anyone who hates me enough to want to kill me.
Any idea what this might have to do with Katya-? Or the bombings? Uh-no.
I know that you were planning to jump ship from Edward's and take Katya with you.
Now she's dead.
And you've been shot at.
I think you can see what I'm getting at here, can't you? Everyone I invited to work with me has a damn good reason for wanting to get out from under Edward.
Especially the women.
They wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that.
Well, until we get this figured out we can offer you police protection.
Uh no thanks.
Excuse me? Protection won't be necessary.
Someone tried to shoot you last night, Caleb.
I don't intend to sit around waiting for them to finish the job.
I appreciate your offer.
But I won't hide from this.
May I go? Yeah.
JESSE: Charlie, I owe you an apology.
I'm sorry for checking into your barista earlier.
She's not my barista.
Well just so you know, I shredded the file like you asked.
I shouldn't have run that background check on her.
It was way out of line.
Not official police business.
Not even close.
Well I mean it was sort of police business.
I mean, you could have rehabilitated her.
What? - (BARKING) - Well, there were.
The parking tickets, sure, sure.
But before that was a long list of priors.
- Really? - Yeah.
Long list.
What-what were the priors? I can't seem to remember.
You asked me to shred the file.
You think I fell for that? Oh, I know you fell for it.
Can't dupe me that easily.
- (BARKING) - Seriously? Bite the hand that feeds you? - - (BACKGROUND MUSIC) You be nice this time, huh? Hi, Charlie.
What can I get you? Actually, I came by to apologize for yesterday.
Rex was a little bit out of sorts.
Weren't you, buddy? That's okay.
Maybe he smelled my cats on me.
You have cats? Yeah, a couple of rescues.
You think that might be it? I don't know.
(BARKING) I swear, he is never like this.
Maybe he senses you're not ready.
Listen, no pressure.
I hope you keep coming back.
You're a good tipper.
You've got a customer for life.
Told you I'm a hugger.
Your hair do I smell coconut? Yeah, I think so.
Take care, Charlie.
Is that actually your problem? Do you really not like coconut? SARAH: Bomb squad confirms the explosive from the bombings when Dougherty was a suspect were also acetone.
DONOVAN: And his car was used in the shooting.
What about the gun? It's German, circa World War II.
And we know Dougherty is a collector.
We'll have ballistics soon.
So what is the connection between the shooting and the bombing? Well, Dougherty is the only one that connects to both crimes.
The bombing-he's a bomber.
As for the shooting, he could have supplied both the car and the gun to somebody else to go kill Caleb while he was at his bar with Jesse as his witness.
What about motive? Dougherty could have been working with Edward, trying to stop Caleb from stealing his staff.
DONOVAN: But what if someone else is doing this and framing Dougherty? You guys should see this.
It is blowing up the newsfeeds.
Caleb is exposing Bullock for sexual misconduct.
- CHARLIE: What? ù - I had no idea how bad it was.
I'm opening my own restaurant.
And I reached out to some female co-workers that I admire to come and work with me.
I heard stories that shocked me.
I urged some of them to speak out.
But they were terrified of not being believed, of being sued.
So I decided to take on Edward Bullock myself.
I'm sorry.
What does this have to do with our case? Someone knew that Caleb was coming forward with these allegations.
I got Katya Melnyk to go public.
And she was murdered.
And then last night someone tried to kill me.
That's how bad Edward Bullock wants to shut down the truth.
- DONOVAN: Any merit to his accusation? - CHARLIE: I don't know.
But he should have shared his suspicions with us first.
- (PHONE CHIMING) - This could hamper the investigation.
It's Edward.
Detective Hudson.
GABRIELLE: It's all lies.
Every word of it.
It doesn't matter.
It's already out there already.
The court of public opinion is having a heyday.
This is a matter for lawyers, not a cop.
Why'd you call me here? GABRIELLE: So you can arrest those jackals - out there, for starters.
- Gabby.
Look, my father, maybe he's a little old-fashioned.
Maybe he flirts a bit more than he should.
But a sexual predator? - A murderer? - EDWARD: Gabby.
It doesn't matter.
All that matters right now is what we do.
You have to go out there.
And you have to take control.
You blame me for everything.
You be very apologetic.
You tell them you're taking over the company.
And you're cleaning house.
It's character assassination.
I don't care.
I didn't build this empire to lose it like this.
Now please Do as I say.
Okay, why am I really here? Sometimes another person has to hold up a mirror before you see the truth.
The allegations are true.
Katya told me she was going to expose me.
I couldn't stop her with threats or cash.
So I- Offered her money for her silence? It didn't work.
So I tricked her into getting the chemicals.
And I I made that device.
You're telling me that you planted the bomb on the truck? I couldn't let her ruin me.
And Caleb? Once I realized he was the head propagator.
I knew he had to go too.
Cut off the head, the body will follow, right? You know what you're confessing to here? Yes.
I murdered Katya.
And I attempted to murder Caleb.
And I acted alone.
Edward Bullock.
You're under arrest.
I know.
(BARKING) Sorry, buddy.
You're going to have to find a new favourite restaurant.
How did you make the bomb? I found instructions online.
I told Katya to buy the acetone, to make it look like she built it.
How did you set it off? With a timer.
How did you know that your daughter wasn't going to be on the truck when it went off? I set the timer for 3 p.
I was going to call her in for a meeting.
And then it went off prematurely.
That's right.
Thank God Gabby wasn't on that truck.
So that's why I decided to switch to something more reliable for Caleb.
When you started looking at Dougherty I broke into his place.
I stole his gun.
I stole his car to make it look like he did it.
You're telling me that you knew where he kept his gun? It took me less than five minutes to find it.
No what? No, you wouldn't get your own hands dirty.
Who are you protecting? What the hell are you talking about? I just told you exactly what happened.
The next time I kill someone you want me to take a selfie? Will that work for you? I don't believe him.
Even if he did, why would he confess? We have nothing on him.
You said it yourself.
He's protecting someone.
There's only one person I can think of who he'd throw his life away for.
I didn't want my father to take the rap.
I would never ask that of him.
So he confessed to protect you.
But not for something that I did.
He's trying to protect me from someone.
Neil Dougherty.
Somehow he found out what Caleb and Katya were up to.
He wanted to safeguard his interest in my father's empire.
So he decided to kill them to kill the story.
Dougherty didn't shoot at Caleb.
So he must have hired someone else.
But Caleb survived.
Got his story out.
So what happens now? I take over the restaurant.
And continue to make payments to that monster.
My father takes the fall for Katya's murder.
And in return, Dougherty lets me live.
Sounds a little one-sided.
That's what happens when you make deals with the devil.
Could you excuse us for a moment? Hey.
Ballistics on the gun Rex found.
Definitely the one that shot at Caleb.
But there's more.
You're going to love this.
Looks like the devil's about to get his due.
Stay put, pal.
This won't take long.
(REX WHINES) You're with me.
You two watch the exits.
(MOTORCYCLE ENGINE) A power cruiser engine.
It's Dougherty.
(SCREECHING TIRES) Ahh!! (BARKING) Get this dog away from me! Good job, partner.
- Get off me! - Bring him in.
Yeah, okay! I can get up! GABRIELLE: Somehow he found out what Caleb and Katya were up to.
He wanted to safeguard his interest in my father's empire.
So he decided to kill them to kill the story.
- Hmm.
- She's mistaken.
She's throwing you under the bus.
Yet you called Edward's after we tossed your place to warn her.
DONOVAN: Tell you what.
You help us out with her, We look the other way with regards to your involvement in this thing.
Yeah? DONOVAN: Yeah.
It's a one time offer.
Take it or leave it.
I didn't build the bomb.
I only told her how to.
That's not illegal.
Maybe not, but the attempted drive-by is.
That was her too.
Not me.
She took the car keys from my pants pocket.
CHARLIE: Well how did she get access to your pants? We're friends.
A little more than friends? Not anymore.
What about the pistol? Your prints were all over it.
And ballistics matched it to a double homicide in '08.
DONOVAN: We didn't get you then.
But we got you now.
And you're under arrest, by the way.
What the hell? We made a deal.
CHARLIE: For the business with Gabrielle.
Not the old homicides.
DONOVAN: Come on, Dougherty.
You do a hit- You've got to at least try to get rid of the piece.
Isn't that in the handbook? It's a souvenir from the war.
I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of the damn thing.
Well, I hope it was worth it.
Lock him up.
We know where you bought the timer.
Junk shop in Mt.
The owner IDed you from your photo.
I wasn't trying to kill anyone.
I hid the bomb on the truck.
I was planning to put it in the trunk of Caleb's car.
It was meant to go off when he was still in the restaurant.
I thought if I could just scare him- But it went off prematurely.
So you decided to shoot him.
I missed on purpose.
I didn't want to kill anyone.
I just I wanted to shut him up to protect my father.
To protect your future, you mean.
To make sure that the Edward's brand, your inheritance, remained untarnished.
It doesn't mean that I don't love my father.
You love him enough to let him rot in prison for you.
I didn't intend for that to happen.
I told you.
I did it! So what? Are you going to take the word of some lowlife mobster over mine? I'm taking your daughter's word.
She confessed.
Let me wear this.
Okay? She only did what she did because of my mistakes.
Don't punish my daughter because her father is a fool.
It's out of my hands now.
This isn't over.
I don't think I've ever seen someone - so eager to go to jail before.
- Yeah.
Have you guys checked social media? It is blowing up.
Three more women who've worked for Edward have come forward with allegations.
Well I guess we'll be seeing him again soon enough.
Maybe he'll be reunited with his daughter.
In prison.
I love a good family reunion.
Hey! Congratulations on the arrests.
Same to you! It was a team effort.
And it looks like that double murder charge against Dougherty is going to stick.
Well- thanks to Rex finding that gun! Hey? What a good boy.
Hey! Did you ever call that number on your cup? Didn't work out.
Well, there's something to be said for being single.
You miss it when you don't have it.
Enjoy it while you can.
You'll get scooped up soon enough.
Good advice.
Huh, Rex?