Hudson and Rex (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

The Mourning Show

1 Vicky: So tell me, Sam.
Is the ketogenic diet for you? Sam: I don't know, Vicky.
Giving up bread? Bread is life for me.
Very true.
Carbs are the enemy of keto.
But you can always have that big juicy steak, guilt free.
Go on.
You know, viewers at home can join in our 45-day keto challenge by following the recipes and guidelines - on our website.
- Thanks, Sam.
We'll be right back.
(TV morning show music) Director: We're clear! 30 seconds to air! Sam: Hey, Chris.
I don't suppose you had a chance to Chris: Oh, we'll get around to that, Sam.
Don't worry about it.
How is it you grow more lovely each day? Ohh.
It's been a month.
How long is this honeymoon going to last? Forever.
Get used to it.
(Vicky laughs) We're almost back.
Get your breakfast.
Chris: Alright.
Break a leg, gorgeous.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Director: We're back in 4, 3, 2 Sam: Cutting it a little tight, aren't you? (TV morning show music) Welcome back to Rise and Shine.
Time for my very favourite segment.
You know what a huge movie lover I am.
As am I.
So it's always a treat to have Teri Hart here in the studio to give us the latest from the entertainment world.
Welcome back, Teri.
Thanks so much, Vicky and Sam.
With blockbuster movie season set to kick into high gear, we thought we'd take a look at some of the most anticipated movies set to hit cinemas in just a few weeks.
We'll start at number five with a certain wall-climbing super-hero that is almost Dad.
Chris: I'm just off to the bakery.
Can I get you something? Yeah, I'll come along.
Can we discuss that report? I told you.
Stay out of it, Tad.
Tad: Dad.
Dad? Dad! Tad: Why won't you listen to me? I am just looking out for you.
I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself.
You can't just ignore this.
Stay out of it.
You hear me? Director: We're clear! Teri: Hey, guys, thanks so much.
That was really fun! Hey.
Great to see you, Teri.
You too, Sam.
Vicky: Are you sure you can't stay a couple more days? Chris and I would love to take you to dinner.
I'd love to.
But I've got to fly back to Toronto.
I promised I'd be back on Breakfast Television tomorrow.
Safe trip home, hon.
Nice to see you.
Must be nice to be appreciated.
Vicky: Have a safe flight.
- Okay.
Take care.
- Thanks.
Beth: That was such a good show today.
Thanks, Beth.
-So, today I have you scheduled for the pre-interviews with the bachelors for the charity auction.
The notes for tomorrow's Botox segment, They're on your desk.
And a lunch meeting with Philipe.
You know, I've been thinking.
Chris and I need a weekend away together.
Could you find me some hotel options? Of course.
You know what Chris likes.
I'll get started right away.
- Alright.
- Okay.
Sam: Beth.
I'll catch up with you, Vicky.
Could you do me a solid? Could you get me ten minutes with Chris today? I am an associate producer, Sam, not Chris's personal assistant.
Yeah, I know, I know.
But you have Vicky's ear.
And if anybody has his schedule, it's her.
Why don't you ask her yourself? She doesn't bite.
Well, I Mm-hmm.
(Beth gasps) He's dead! He's dead.
- - (theme music) Charlie: Chris Harrison.
CEO of Harrison Media.
Big personality.
What killed him? It looks like anaphylactic shock.
Co-workers confirmed he had a severe peanut allergy.
- (Rex sniffing) - Death by muffin? I'll need to run tests to confirm.
So why am I here? Vicky Harrison, the wife, wants to talk to you.
Detective Charlie Hudson.
Very sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
There's something you wanted to tell me? Yes.
Chris was very careful.
He ate the same breakfast every morning from the nut-free bakery across the street.
You don't think that he accidentally ingested a nut? Everybody in this building understood Chris's condition.
The entire station is nut-free.
An accident is just simply impossible.
You're saying that you suspect foul play? He was murdered.
(Rex whines) If only he hadn't been alone.
It must have happened so fast.
He didn't even have time to reach for his EpiPen.
Where does he keep it? Top desk drawer.
You have to find who did this to him.
Well, we'll do our best to get to the truth.
Now- You should go home and get some rest.
If you have any more questions, Beth knows where to find me.
You find an EpiPen in there? An EpiPen? No.
Checked the top drawer of the desk? Yeah, no.
There was no EpiPen.
Do you think she's right? That this might be a murder? Well, if his breakfast didn't kill him, we need to find out what else he ingested.
Maybe it wasn't food.
For people with severe peanut allergies even skin contact can cause a reaction.
I didn't know that.
That gives me an idea.
Sarah: Sir.
No no no.
You can't come in here.
Who's in charge here? Charlie: Is there something I can help you with? (barking) I'm Tad Harrison.
This is my father.
Well I'm very sorry for your loss.
But this is an active crime scene.
I can't believe she actually did it.
What are you talking about? It was that gold-digger, Vicky.
She rushed him into a wedding, so she could take his fortune.
You're telling me that his wife wanted him dead? I warned him that she was dangerous.
And he didn't listen to me.
She did it.
You need to prove it.
(Rex barking) (barking) No shortage of suspects around powerful people, I suppose.
Vicky Harrison was on live TV when Chris was killed.
Alibis don't get much stronger than that.
Just in time.
If there's a single peanut in this room, Rex will find it.
Okay, pal.
(sniffing) Okay, Rex.
Find it.
Is Is Rex broken? He's acting weird! (barking) (barking) No.
He smells peanuts everywhere.
What is this? (Rex barking) (barking) Let's see.
It's a diffuser.
Hmm? You put water and aromatherapy oils in it and it steams.
Could you put peanut oil in it? If someone did, then Rex was right.
It's in the air.
The entire room is covered in peanuts.
It was on a timer, set for 7 AM.
The same time that Rise and Shine goes to air.
So, if Chris Harrison was that sensitive to peanuts- why go through so much trouble? Why not just slip a drop into his coffee cup? Well, maybe the killer wanted to make sure that Chris died at a specific time.
- To establish an alibi.
- Yeah.
They wanted to make it to look like it was his breakfast that killed him.
If Rex hadn't been there, we might have missed the diffuser altogether.
Hey, buddy? It would have been pretty tough to prove intent.
Jesse: Now, who would be more likely to kill? Vicky or Sam? Because Vicky is upbeat, right? But she could be hiding a dark side.
And Sam I mean, he just seems like the kind of guy who would snap.
I watch it every morning.
I get up early, and They do a wonderful cooking segment.
Let's run background checks on both, Vicky and Sam.
So, there was peanut oil residue in the diffuser.
It might be possible to identify the brand of oil.
But I'll need to run some more tests.
That's all you've got? Well, how about fingerprints? Would that satisfy you? Satisfy me? I'd be walking on air.
(Sarah laughs) Charlie: Sarah found prints on the diffuser.
Excellent! Unfortunately they don't belong to anyone in the system, including Vicky Harrison.
Well, actually, as it turns out, I have an idea of whose they might be.
Sam: After the oil is in, you I mean it's so small.
It would virtually disappear on any kind of living room side table.
And with the metallic strip, you could safely adhere it to any surface.
It'd make a great gift, wouldn't it? I sound like I'm doing an infomercial, here.
But you're saying it actually has some health-ly You handled the murder weapon.
For a segment on the show.
I do hundreds of these segments.
It's not like I own the products, personally.
You never saw it again after that? Here, bud.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Actually, this one I did keep.
I used it for about a week until the free oil samples ran out.
Then what did you do with it? I don't remember.
I lost track of it.
It was cheap junk.
Don't tell production I told you that.
Thanks for your time.
(bumping furniture) Woman: Oh! (bumping furniture) Woman: Oh! Uhh! Uh! What is it, buddy? Woman: Oh! Oh my God! (kicking door) - Woman: Ah! - (gasp) Uh, Detective.
Sorry, we were just Nah, uh.
Could you just excuse me for one second? That was, - awkward.
- Yeah, sorry.
Rex thought somebody was Beth and I, were just, comforting each other.
We're both distraught over my father.
But if you wouldn't mind, we're trying to keep our relationship under the radar.
Why is that? Beth is worried that our colleagues would think she's getting special treatment.
And my father would not have approved.
Dating employees is forbidden.
Not that it ever stopped him.
Is that why you and your father have had a strained relationship lately? Everyone I've talked to has mentioned frequent arguments.
I didn't kill my father, if that's what you're implying.
(phone chimes) You should be really concentrating on his new wife.
Thanks for the advice.
Jesse: You know, for a public figure, it's surprisingly hard to find information on Vicky Harrison's past.
It's like she's a member of the Illuminati or something.
Tell me you found something.
Well, I checked her records.
Seems she's moved around a lot, previously in the last several years.
But she did have a previous husband.
Jason Wyatt, a building engineer.
He was killed in a fall on his construction site a few weeks into the marriage.
An apparent accident.
Police investigated but no charges were laid.
He was successful.
Vicky must've inherited bundles.
This is two years ago.
Two dead husbands in two years? Try three dead husbands.
A car accident.
Seven years ago.
Single vehicle collision.
Killed the passenger, Tom Boudreau.
His wife- She was driving.
And she survived.
That's Vicky? How long were they married? He died seven months after they tied the knot.
I'm beginning to sense a pattern.
You know, they have a name for it.
Black widow.
Both of my previous husbands died in accidents.
Both under suspicious circumstances.
In the accident that killed your first husband, what was his name again? - Tom.
- Tom.
Why did it take you 25 minutes to call 911? Because he didn't want me to leave him.
At first, I couldn't find my phone.
It had been thrown under the seat.
Well it says here that you left Stephenville shortly after he died.
I was devastated! I needed a change.
I went back to school.
And I took some broadcasting courses.
And your second husband? Jason.
See, with him The police suspected foul play.
But they just couldn't prove it.
Because there was nothing to prove.
And it was at that point that you had already inherited your first husband's estate.
Estate? It was a two bedroom bungalow with a small life insurance policy.
- Sit down.
- No.
- Sit down.
- No! Chris-he was richer than both of them, wasn't he? I didn't marry for money! I married for love! And I would give it all back if it meant having them alive again! Okay, well in the police report about your second husband, what was his name again? - Jason.
- Jason.
It's hard to keep track of them all.
It says that you actually argued with him less than an hour before he fell.
Couples fight! Did it escalate? He was standing too close to the ledge? You gave him an angry push.
No! God! Do you know how many times I've answered these exact same questions? Is that why you hid the truth? Because Chris- he wouldn't want to marry you if he had known the truth.
He did know! I told him everything! And he still wanted to be with me! That's just the kind of man Chris was.
And I loved him for it.
Terrific actress.
Or she's telling the truth.
Three husbands dead in the first year of marriage It's got black widow killer written all over it.
You know, and even if the first death was a legitimate accident- I'll bet it gave her a taste for profiting off her marriages.
Look deeper into the second husband.
This is the building that Jason Wyatt was overseeing construction on when he died.
It was his pet project.
He secured the financing himself.
And it was going to be the tallest building in the city.
All green energy.
The building never got finished? What's the story there? I don't have an answer for that yet.
But I'll keep sniffing around until I find something.
Looks like Rex's technique is rubbing off on me.
Sarah: Hey pal? Charlie, I have the autopsy report on Jason Wyatt for you.
Oh, anything unusual? He was on anti-depressant meds, which can impair motor skills.
They found a high dose of Escitalopram in his system.
But there's nothing in his medical record that suggests he had a history of depression.
Well, the drug is also used for anxiety.
He did have a stressful job.
Maybe a stressful marriage too.
He was Vicky's second husband.
Thanks for this.
Hey, Jesse.
The initial investigation focused only on Vicky.
Did anyone else benefit from her husband's death? Well, he only had one other beneficiary in his will.
His sister, Nora Wyatt.
Nora: I never trusted that woman.
There was something about her.
I can't put my finger on it.
How close were you with your brother, Ms.
Wyatt? Very.
We practically raised each other after our Mom passed.
His death was, is, really hard on me.
He was my rock during a difficult time.
Difficult how? My son was diagnosed with leukaemia four years ago.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
I'm a single mother.
And I can't work and be there for him.
So, Jason was helping me out financially.
We were lucky.
The treatments worked.
And My son's been cancer-free for over a year now.
That's the one good thing to come out of all this.
Did your brother ever give you any indication that he was unhappy in his marriage? Jason doted on Vicky.
She had him under her spell.
You don't think that she loved him? I don't know what I think.
But then I saw she was getting married again, in the paper.
After what? Only two years? She got over Jason's death pretty quickly.
Do you think Vic was responsible in some way for your brother's death? I wasn't there.
I only know what the police told me.
- But - But what? I'm not convinced that she could do something that evil.
Okay, well, thank you for coming in to talk to me.
Seems to be a lot of interest in Vicky and Jason all of a sudden.
What do you mean? Some private investigator came by my house last week, asking the same questions.
Did you get his name? Actually, he gave me his card.
(knocking) Yeah? Detective Hudson, Major Crimes.
You mind if I have a word? Uh, yeah.
What do you need from me? I'm investigating the death of Chris Harrison.
Yeah, I heard about that.
Nice dog.
(barking) And here I was- thinking that police dogs were supposed to be, friendly.
They are.
Unless they smell trouble.
(Rex growls) Who was it that hired you to investigate Vicky Harrison? That's an interesting woman.
Answer the question.
I don't think I will.
You see, Detective, I offer my clients confidentiality.
And without my integrity, I'm nothing.
(phone chiming) Jesse.
What've you got? So Chris Harrison' lawyer was eager to cooperate with the investigation.
So I got all the details of his will.
And also, Vicky Harrison just officially achieved one-percenter status.
Look, I've been thinking, Vicky, she had access to her husband.
She could have killed him anytime, in untraceable ways.
Yeah, I suppose that's true.
So why do something so complicated? I don't know.
I've been wondering if somebody knew about her history and was using that information - to set her up.
- That stands to reason.
(car starting) I've got to go.
Talk to you soon.
(screeching tires) What the hell, buddy? - Move your car! - You almost hit me! What if I say now! Okay, move your car.
It's a police matter! Well that doesn't give you the right to like pull out! - Rex, track him.
- What the hell? Aghh! Rex? Hey! (barking) Mason: You followed me here? Seriously? Mmmm.
And you brought Officer Friendly with you.
(barking) Well, that's his way of saying it's time for you to leave.
Don't worry.
We'll talk again later.
Oh, can't wait.
You hired a private investigator to look into your step-mother? And I'm glad I did.
She had two dead husbands before my dad came along.
- Did you know that? - Yeah, I did.
When did you find out? A few days ago.
Not that it made any difference.
My dad claims she already told him.
I tried to warn him.
And look what happened.
You're so sure that it's Vicky.
Who else could it be? Well, someone who knew Vicky's history and had a motive to kill your father.
I can't think of anybody else who would want my father dead, except her.
Well, according to his will, you stood to gain from his death.
You still think I'm a suspect? She has conned you just like she did my dad.
If you want to talk to me again, call my lawyer.
- - (rock music) Hold this for a second.
(barking) Come on in, Sarah! Hi! How did you know it was me? Well, it was either you or the pizza guy.
And we didn't order any pizza.
Oh! Oh hey, Rex! Hey! You want a beer? Yeah.
Tad Harrison.
That's his son, right? Yup, he hired a P.
to dig into his step-mom's past.
- Here.
- Thank you.
So he knows about her previous husbands.
You think he might have killed his father? It's a good way to speed up an inheritance.
And with Vicky going down for murder, he kills two birds with one stone.
You're a good judge of character.
What do you see, when you look at this photo? Two people in love.
Yeah, me too.
So what'your next step? Well, we know, that Vicky has skeletons in her closet.
But what about Chris? Charlie: Looks like someone paid our crime scene a visit.
(Rex sniffing) You've got the scent, buddy? Track it.
Vicky: As many of you have probably heard- my husband, Chris Harrison, passed away yesterday.
While I will be taking a brief hiatus from the show- I wanted to be here today to pay tribute to a man who was so many things to so many people.
He was the love of my life.
Sam: Taken from us too soon.
(barking) - What is this? - (Rex barking) (barking) - What is this? - Sam Bronstein.
- We need to talk.
- What is going on? We're live! Uh Uh We might want to go to commercial? We'll be right back.
(barking) Did you have to make a fool of me like that? On live TV? You brought it upon yourself when you broke into an active crime scene.
That clip is probably all over the web now.
I'm never going to live that down.
Okay well, that's the least of your problems.
Rex, get out of there.
Now why did you break into Chris's office in the first place? I wanted a copy of my contract.
- Why? - About a year ago, Chris assured me, absolutely assured me, that I was next in line to be lead host.
And then he met Vicky.
Oh, he gave her the job instead.
I am sick and tired of playing second banana to whatever the flavour of the week is.
I have been through four lead hosts.
And I am the sole reason that ratings have stayed stable over the last decade.
And the contract? A couple of days ago, I gave him an ultimatum.
I said if I'm not going to be lead host- I'm going to be paid as lead host.
Or I walk.
What was his response? He agreed to every one of my demands.
He signed the contract right in front of me.
Even without his lawyer present.
Imagine that.
And he told me he'd courier the contract over to my agent.
But he died before he got it done.
I was afraid that if his son, Tad, got a hold of the contract, he'd destroy it.
So I needed the original copy.
Yo weren't surprised at all that Chris was suddenly agreeing to all your demands? No.
He couldn't afford to lose me.
Really? He did seem a little upset about something else that day.
He was a little distracted.
With what? I don't know.
When I got to his office, he was meeting with somebody else.
Nobody I recognized.
Neither of them seemed very happy.
Describe him.
Yeah, like five-foot-ten.
Black, shaved head.
(Rex whines) (knocking) Charlie: Mason, you here? It's Detective Hudson.
Come on, buddy.
(Rex barking) What is it, buddy? The ambulance just left.
They said if you hadn't found Mason when you did, he would have died.
So he's going to make it? Well, he's in really bad shape.
A hard strike to the head with a narrow, blunt instrument.
I don't think whoever did this was just trying to knock him out cold.
I guess they didn't count on him having such a hard head.
Well from the way the blood's starting to dry, I'd say this happened four or five hours ago, from the time of attack, between 3 and 4 a.
What was he doing here so early? Well, maybe he never left.
So someone came in, hit him over the head, and then searched the place? You think this is connected to the Harrison murder? Well, Mason probably had a lot of enemies, but he did have a connection to Chris Harrison.
(barking) What-? What the heck? (laughter) Right now? We're live! Rex has a lot of fans.
What do the comments say? Cutest police dog ever! This dog can arrest me any time.
If only cops were that smart.
Oops, we can just skip that one.
(Donovan clears throat) Jesse, can you bring up the Harrison file? Jesse: Yeah, sure.
(bark) Jesse: That Um Whoever broke into Mason's office was looking for something.
And you think it was the same person who.
Who killed Chris Harrison? Well, it's too early to tell, but, Mason has a reputation of using the dirt that he digs up as blackmail material.
Donovan: So perhaps he found something that Chris would pay to keep quiet.
Yeah, maybe something on Vicky, or Sam, or Tad.
I think he'd pay to protect every one of their reputations.
So Tad hired Mason to work for him.
But then found out, that Mason was blackmailing his father.
That would have made him upset.
Jesse, let's see if Tad Harrison went to see Mason's office this morning.
Any security cams in the building? No.
But maybe a, local CCTV camera picked up something in the vicinity.
Alright, I'm on it.
Charlie: Okay, buddy.
We can do this.
Ready? Cuffs.
Come on.
Good job, buddy.
We'll keep working on it.
I've got something on the CCTV cam! What have you got? Well, it's mostly just beater cars in Mason's neighbourhood.
So this one stood out.
Do you see the driver? No no.
But I've got a plate.
Running it now.
Well, that's a surprise.
It's registered under Harrison Media.
Really? I'll see who it's assigned to.
I just need to get my badge.
Good job.
Beth, can you step away from the car, please? What's happening here? We're conducting a search of the vehicle.
Vicky: Don't you need a warrant for that? Well, this car is leased by the company.
And Tad Harrison gave us permission for a search.
Go ahead.
I have nothing to hide.
Can you tell me where you were in the early hours of this morning, Mrs.
Harrison? I was at home, asleep.
I got to the studio about 30 minutes before our show went live.
Well, that looks like blood.
Belonging to David Mason, I believe.
That's not mine.
I don't know how that got into my car.
Look, I couldn't have woken up if I wanted to.
I I took a sleeping pill.
Beth got them for me.
Right, Beth? It's true.
I did.
Charlie: What kind of a pill? I have them here.
Oh! Charlie: Give.
Peanut oil.
Vicky: That's not mine! I've never seen that before! Just like you've never seen the tire iron before? I would never do anything to hurt Chris.
Yeah, that's what you said to the police after the death of your last husband.
And that's true! Jason was the sweetest man ever.
I would never do anything to add on to his troubles! His troubles? Bring her in.
What? No.
Call my lawyer.
You don't have a confession yet? Charlie: No.
And frankly, I'm not convinced she did it.
You found the murder weapon in her purse.
And the attempted murder weapon in her car.
That's my point.
She's smart enough to kill her two previous husbands, and now she's making amateur mistakes? We're missing something.
Jesse: Hi.
Guys, hi.
Sorry to interrupt.
But I did some digging on Vicky's second husband, Jason Wyatt.
And I found out why that construction project he started was abandoned.
We're listening to you, Jesse.
Well, the original property was a gas station.
And when they removed the fuel tanks from the ground, they didn't do the extraction properly.
So they leaked fuel.
The entire area was contaminated.
I guess Jason didn't realize that when he broke ground on his project.
Jesse: Yeah yeah.
And once they discovered the contamination he'd already invested heavily.
It would have cost a fortune to clean up.
That's a fortune he didn't have.
He would've had to scrap the project.
At a huge loss for his investors.
Have you looked into Wyatt's financials? Yeah.
Yeah, I checked with the credit card bureau.
And contrary to appearances, Jason was in debt.
He risked everything on this project.
There was no inheritance.
But there was a life insurance policy that Vicky collected on as soon as the police ruled Jason' death an accident.
What? What is it? Sarah showed me a copy of the autopsy report.
Jason had been on a heavy dose of anti-depressants.
I think I know what happened.
Thanks for coming.
What's this about? I already answered your questions.
Please, sit.
I just wanted to update you on the investigation.
I have some good news.
Vicky is in jail.
And we're going to charge her with the murder of Chris Harrison.
And we're going to re-open your brother's case.
No no.
But I told you she didn't kill Jason.
No actually, what you did say was, you didn't think she had it in her.
No I, I just, I didn't My brother wasn't murdered.
His death wasn't an accident.
Jason died by suicide.
Jason was the best building engineer in the city.
And he had a beautiful wife.
And he just bit off more than he could chew on his first project.
You know, he was already in financial trouble before he even found out the land was contaminated.
And- It broke him.
Jason loved dogs.
Vicky was there that night, scared about what he would do.
You know, she tried to stop him.
But, she couldn't.
He said it had to look like an accident, or we wouldn't get the insurance.
And she tried to grab him.
And even when the cops suspected her- she made me promise that I wouldn't tell.
And I offered to say that she was with me.
But she wouldn't let me lie for her.
She didn't want you to give her an alibi? She was protecting me.
She gave me all the insurance money, to pay for my son's medical expenses.
And now that the truth is out, I'll have to pay it back somehow.
But I can't keep lying and let her go to jail.
What is she doing here? Sam: What are we all doing here? I brought you together- because I thought you might like to learn which one of you killed Chris Harrison- and tried to kill David Mason.
Sam: Wait, what? Who's David Mason? Tad: It's obvious.
It was Vicky.
I heard you found a tire iron, in her car.
I suspect that she was framed.
Probably by somebody who knew her past.
Someone like you, maybe? Other people knew as well.
Tad told me about her other husbands.
He thought his dad was in danger.
Tad: Sam knew as well.
He came to me, trying to get Vicky fired, for violating her morals clause.
What? No, I Vicky: I can't believe you'd go that far just to get my job, Sam.
Sam: It was my job before you came along.
So you all knew.
Why would I try and kill Mason? I hired him.
I think Mason had blackmail material on one of you.
And he went to Chris, looking for a payout.
See, Chris's killer went to Mason's office looking to retrieve something.
And whatever that was Well apparently, it was important enough to try to kill Mason over.
What is that? This is Mason's tie.
It still has his scent on it.
You see, I think something was taken from Mason's office.
And it would still have Mason's scent on it.
So Rex could find it.
Track it, buddy.
(sniffing) (barking) Who would have guessed? Sam: Hey, so Vicky really is the killer? I'm being framed, Sam.
Try to keep up.
Vicky's bag.
Are you going to arrest her now? That's not mine.
You know whose it is though, don't you? (barking) I trusted you.
Yeah, this is definitely Beth's computer.
Vicky confirmed that sometimes Beth leaves her stuff in her dressing room.
Mason must've snuck in looking for Vicky's computer and took Beth's by mistake, when he was investigating for Tad.
The activity log shows he accessed the hard drive.
What'd he find? Jesse: Oh! Beth and Chris together? - Yeah.
- Huh.
There are more.
These get pretty racy.
Oh, that explains Mason's meeting with Chris Harrison.
He was blackmailing him, probably threatened to show these photos to his son, or even worse, his wife.
Yeah, but how did Beth know that Mason took her computer? Can you print these up for me? Yeah, sure.
Those are private.
They were stolen.
I had a right to get them back.
You didn't have the right to try and kill somebody to do it.
I didn't think he was going to be there.
I couldn't let him see my face.
So I panicked.
How did you know that Mason had these in the first place? You know what I think? I think you found them in Chris's office, when you took the EpiPen out of his desk.
Knowing Mason, he probably, left his business card attached to the envelope.
You have no idea what you're talking about.
You know what I see in these photos, Beth? I see a woman in love.
And I see a guy having a fling.
Not a fling.
He loved me.
How soon after, these photos were taken did Chris meet Vicky? A few weeks.
And you were suddenly cast aside.
He gave me a promotion as a consolation prize.
Associate producer.
You know what that means? Mm-mm.
A small bump in pay, sure.
But I was still the one fetching their coffees and booking their weekend getaways.
It was humiliating.
So you went after Chris's son instead? Another shot at the gold ring? After all, he was going to inherit as much as Vicky was.
You have no proof of any of this.
Our forensics team searched your apartment today, Beth.
This is a copy of a receipt for peanut oil from a Chinese grocery in the North end.
The owner picked you out of a photo array.
Well, you won't be able to hold me.
Tad is going to hire the best lawyers.
Tad thought Vicky was a gold-digger.
Imagine his regret when he found out that his own girlfriend was the real risk to his family.
He made a public statement an hour ago, saying he was misled, and naming Vicky Harrison the new CEO of Harrison Media.
If you ever have a chance to do this again, Beth, make sure you date for the right reason.
So Beth confessed to the murder of your husband and to the assault of David Mason.
Thank goodness.
But it still won't change people's minds about me.
Maybe it's time to tell the truth.
It's time to retake control of my life.
Thank you.
She insisted on coming.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm sorry.
I know I promised not to tell.
It's okay.
It's for the best.
No more secrets.
Thank you.
And thank you, Rex.
Well, you just let us know if there's anything else we can do for you.
Actually, there is.
And let me assure you, I'm not making excuses for my actions.
Insurance fraud is a very serious crime.
And I am prepared to face the consequences, whatever they may be.
Vicky, I just want to say I think it's incredibly brave of you to come forward like this.
And I have tremendous respect for you right now.
Thank you, Sam.
And speaking of bravery- We have two very special members of the St.
John's Major Crimes Unit who helped me find the strength and courage to go public with my story.
Why don't you introduce yourselves? I'm Detective Charlie Hudson, and (bark) This is my partner, Rex.
Right buddy? - I'm Detective Charlie Hudson.
- (barking) And this is my partner, Rex.
Sam: So I suppose we can look forward to a lot more adventures from our favourite crime-fighting duo.
Well, we'll just keep doing what we do.
- (knocked over glass) - Oops.
(laughter) Charlie.
This is terrific promotion for the department.
You really managed to show the public our human side.
Haha! Good job.
You both look great.
The camera doesn't add ten pounds at all! Very funny.
(Sarah laughs) Charlie: Hey.
Good job, partner.
Good job.