Hudson and Rex (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Art of Darkness

1 - - (EERIE MUSIC) (FOOTSTEPS) (ALARM) (POLICE SIREN) (ALARM) Want to bet it's a false alarm? I'll check the perimeter.
(ALARM) Door's open.
I'm moving inside.
Copy that.
I'm on my way.
- (SMOOSH) - What the hell? Oh man.
Oh man.
You're not going to believe this.
Yeah yeah.
Okay, I'll be right there.
(BABY CRYING) Oh, please tell me you weren't up watching TV all night.
(REX WHINES) What? Come on.
Time to go to work.
- - (THEME MUSIC) Oh, watch your step, Charlie.
The scene was already compromised by the responding officers.
Same goes for you, Rex.
Nice shoes.
I was in the middle of a 5K when the call came in.
I didn't know you were a runner.
I like to get out a few times a week.
I guess we have that in common.
Who do we have here? Joshua Spall.
Forty-three years old.
His wallet was in his pocket.
ID and cash intact.
Spall Gallery.
I take it that's not a coincidence.
He's the owner.
His jugular was cut with a short sharp blade.
No weapon's been found, though.
The camera on the door may have picked up something.
I'll get Jesse on it.
(PANTING) (SNIFFING) Looks like somebody broke in- was surprised to see the victim was still here, and killed him.
Anything missing? Yeah, actually.
According to Spall's assistant, a sculpture is gone.
That's her there? Chloe Shipman.
Arrived a little while ago.
In shock.
(BARKING) What have you got, buddy? A short, sharp blade.
Nice job, pal.
(REX BARKS) - - (THEME MUSIC) CHARLIE: Chloe? I'm Detective Hudson.
I'm sorry, but I need to ask you a few questions.
Of course.
Can you tell me the last time you saw Joshua Spall alive? I left at eight, like I usually do.
Joshua was finishing up some paperwork.
And you had no further contact until this morning? He sent me a text around 10 PM- asking me to come in early.
Could anyone have entered the premises after you left? The alarm sets automatically during closing hours.
You need to put the code in to open the door.
Who has the door codes? Just the two of us.
Joshua changes it every week.
What can you tell me about the piece that was stolen? It's part of our newest show- the "Phoenix" exhibit.
Phoenix? He's an up-and-coming artist.
The pieces are from Veronica Kaatchi's private collection.
She's the gallery's most prestigious benefactor.
So she would have worked close with Joshua? More like she dictated to Joshua what collections he'd host.
We were supposed to be showing her coveted Basquiat collection.
But she pulled it at the last minute, insisting that we show Phoenix instead.
You ever see this before? I'm not sure about that specific one.
But we do use box cutters to unpack the crates.
Find anything on the cameras, Jesse? Yeah.
Have a look.
So the gallery only has cameras pointed at the front door.
There are no other points of entry.
Now here's the assistant leaving here at eight PM sharp.
And then nothing until three AM.
There's your killer.
Unfortunately, the camera never catches his face.
What about when he entered? Here's where it gets strange.
He never entered.
What do you mean, never? Well, the feed automatically renews itself every twenty-four hours.
And in that time frame, nobody remotely close to matching this guy's build or size entered the gallery.
Well, I mean he had to get in somehow.
A window? Or sky light? It would have triggered the alarm.
But I did find something.
I checked local CCTV feeds in the area at the time the alarm was triggered.
And I saw this a block away from the gallery.
Take a look.
Do you see it? That's the stolen sculpture.
My theory was right.
It was an art theft.
And Joshua Spall was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
SARAH: No fingerprints were found on the murder weapon.
Even with small particle reagent? No, the killer must have used gloves or wiped it down before dumping it.
Any evidence that Joshua fought back? No.
The angle of incision suggests the attack came from behind.
Probably never knew it was coming.
Give me a time of death.
Blood analysis puts it between eight PM and midnight.
No, more like ten PM and midnight.
The assistant, Chloe, mentioned that Joshua had sent her a text at ten PM.
I was able to confirm that it came from Joshua's phone.
Next steps.
Well, we know the collection was added at the last minute.
We need to figure out why someone would want to steal that statue.
I think it's time we talked to Veronica Kaatchi.
Nah, that's easier said than done.
I did background.
She's a British citizen.
Extremely wealthy.
Lawyered up to the gills.
She's also famously reclusive.
I'm a bit of an art enthusiast.
And Veronica is like a legend in that world.
She doesn't like to be photographed.
All I could find was this article about her recent buying spree in Europe.
If she's out of the country- maybe we can set up a call.
No, I contacted MI-6, trying to gain access.
They told me not to hold my breath.
Let me try to cut through the red tape.
I'll see what I can do.
- Thanks, Joe.
- Yeah.
In the meantime, since we can't get in touch with the owner of the stolen art- Rex and I will go visit the next best thing.
Rex! Let's go.
- - (THEME MUSIC) (POWER GRINDER) Detective Hudson.
Major Crimes.
Are you Phoenix? Sadly, no.
I'm Frederick Bouchard one of Phoenix's assistants.
I didn't realize artists had assistants.
We're simply labourers.
(SNIFFING) (BARKING) What have you got, buddy? Huh? PHOENIX: He smells the Bakelite.
It's a moulding material I use in my art.
It has a mild fish odour.
Not my cup of tea.
But dogs go wild for it.
You must be Phoenix.
The same.
I assume you're here about the incident at the gallery.
Are you talking about the theft or the murder? Both.
The theft is a devastating loss for the art world.
And Joshua.
It's no secret I wasn't a fan.
But he didn't deserve to die.
What did you have against him? Better question is what did he have against me.
I mean, for years, he refused to display my work.
Can you tell me about the stolen sculpture? I called it Autumn Tears.
It symbolized death and rebirth.
Well actually I was just curious as to why the thief chose it specifically.
Any idea how much it would have gone for? Art is subjective.
It's worth whatever a buyer is willing to spend.
- Hmm.
- Or whatever pretty penny Veronica's collecting from the insurance on it.
Veronica Kaatchi.
I hear she's a big supporter of yours.
She has great taste.
It's because of her that my work is even being shown in Joshua's gallery.
How so? Joshua wanted only the Banksys of the world.
But Veronica has her sights set on the next big thing.
When was the last time you were in touch with Veronica? This morning, actually.
She just commissioned several new pieces.
Think we could give her a call right now? (PHOENIX LAUGHS.
) (CHARLIE LAUGHS) Veronica Kaatchi contacts you, Detective.
Not the other way around.
Hey, Sarah.
Cool sneaks! I meant to change them.
I went for a run early this morning.
A run? See, everybody around here seems to run but me.
I should really give it a try sometime.
Why wait? Company's the best motivator.
I'll pick you up tomorrow morning at five.
Five? Like in the AM five? Mm-hmm! Yeah, is that too early for you? No.
No no no.
I'm usually on my third cup of Joe by then.
- I'll see you at five.
- That's great.
- Hey Jesse.
- Yeah.
There was an art fence turned informant that worked with us on a case last year.
The insurance scam.
I need you to track him down.
He may be our best chance to find a back channel to Veronica Kaatchi.
Sure! I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
Five AM.
Really? Charlie.
You should see this.
So, I was following the route of the art thief and built a timeline using traffic-cam footage.
You found him? No no.
He went off road.
And I lost him.
But not before I noticed something interesting.
Take a look.
Okay Two cameras set three blocks apart.
Spot the difference? Explain it to me like I don't.
You're no fun.
I mean, look at his bag.
Come on! The sculpture's gone in that one.
Sowhere between these two cameras, the sculpture disappeared.
He must've handed it off to someone, or stashed it somewhere.
I'm going to need a map of the area.
- Yeah.
You got it.
- Good job.
(CAR ROARS) JESSE: Anything yet? CHARLIE: No, I've already searched three blocks.
What do you think? (BARKING) (BARKING) What you got, pal? Huh.
SARAH: It's charred pretty good.
But I can confirm trace amounts of oil paint and Bakelite.
That's the scent that Rex picked up.
Why go to such lengths to steal a statue only to destroy it? I don't know.
Maybe the thief got cold feet.
Or maybe my original theory was wrong.
I thought that Joshua was killed because he interfered with the robbery.
Maybe it was the other way around.
What, you think the sculpture was stolen to throw you off the trail? Exactly.
Maybe Joshua was the real target the whole time.
Thank you.
Chloe, thank you for coming in.
Of course.
Anything to help.
I just wanted to get a sense of who Joshua was.
- We checked into his - (PHONE CHIMES) Oh.
It hasn't stopped ringing since word got out.
Everyone in the art world wants to know what's going on.
I like your phone case.
Oh, thanks.
Are you a fan of the surrealist movement? The what I I'm more of a paint-by-numbers kind of guy.
We checked into his next of kin.
No kids.
No significant other.
The gallery was Joshua's first love.
Do you know of any enemies he might have had? Personal or professional? I thought this was about a stolen sculpture? Just covering our bases.
The only contentious relationship that I know about is with Hugh Reid.
He was Joshua's partner.
Part business partner? And life partner.
They were together for years.
Until six months ago.
What happened? Joshua wouldn't talk about it.
I can't imagine Hugh would ever hurt Joshua.
Well, that often is the way with crimes of passion.
No one sees them coming.
Thanks for your time.
A pleasure.
I heard about what happened.
But I'm having trouble accepting it.
Were you still close with Joshua? Truthfully, no.
We haven't spoken since the breakup.
That was his choosing, not mine.
So you still cared for him? Of course.
It was that witch Veronica who came between us.
- Veronica Kaatchi? - Yeah.
How did she factor into your relationship? Every gallery owner wanted her support.
And Joshua somehow made the cut To gain access to her collection, Joshua had to run his gallery according to her every whim and fancy.
I made the mistake of standing up to her.
A few days later, Joshua broke it off with me.
And you think that she put him up to it? Oh, I know she did.
She probably threatened to cut all ties with him if he didn't.
So what did you do? Tried to start up my own gallery.
But I soon learned I was blacklisted.
Veronica holds a lot of influence.
I had to close after just three months.
And it nearly bankrupted me.
I'm done with all that now.
Do you think Veronica is capable of murder? I'd say that woman is capable of anything.
- Ahhh.
- Hey! You okay there? Yeah! Yeah yeah yeah.
Sarah took me on a run this morning.
Oh! You stretched first, right? That's a thing you do? - No, I didn't.
- Yeah.
Okay look, I have something to show you.
I've been trying to find photos of Veronica Kaatchi.
And let me tell you, she is no selfie queen.
I mean, shot after shot, she manages to avoid the camera.
This is the only image I can find of her that actually shows her face.
How recent is this? It's 20 years.
But I think I know how to get to her.
How? Well, an informant told me about an art auction happening tonight, three hours down the coast.
And Veronica Kaatchi will be selling a few high-end pieces there.
- Doesn't mean she'll be there.
- True.
But apparently they're unveiling some recently-discovered Rembrandt sketch.
And I'm told that everyone who's anyone - wants a crack at it.
- Rembrandt.
Oh, he was the guy who painted the sunflowers, right? Wrong.
I think.
I don't know art.
But our guy has arranged for you and a guest to attend the auction as buyers.
And you'll also be put up overnight at the estate where the auction is being held.
Who should I take as my plus one? I suggest finding someone who knows more about art than you do.
Oh, I know the perfect person.
(REX WHINES INQUISITIVELY) A Gourley! And a Petrovitch in the same room? Mmm.
There's some high-end pieces in here.
So what do you say? You in? Oh, I don't know.
I've got a bit of a backlog to get through in the lab.
Okay, that's fine.
Just Are you insane? Of course I'm in.
But we can't We can't go like this.
We need to look the part.
Uh What's wrong with my look? - - (THEME MUSIC) Let's go, buddy.
So what do you think? I love my job.
(CHARLIE AND SARAH CHUCKLE) Shall we? This is a good look for you.
Yeah, you clean up well yourself, you know, for a lab nerd.
(SARAH LAUGHS) Rex, let's go.
CHARLIE: Maybe you can get something for yourself! SARAH: On my salary? - (GAVEL) - Sold for $90,000! (APPLAUSE) Anyone look like a Veronica to you? - (REX WHINING) - Hmm? Yeah, rich people look all the same to me too.
Dogs are not allowed on the auction floor.
He's my emotional support dog.
I can't function without him.
Our next piece up for bidding is a sculpture from the Kaatchi collection, Shrinking Violets.
A new work by Phoenix.
I'll start the bidding off at 8,000.
I have eight.
Now, ten.
Now 10,000.
And 20? And 20 I have.
20, and 30? 30.
30,000? 30.
30 and 30.
We'll go to 30 now.
30 to the gentleman in the back.
And 40.
We'll go to 40 now.
- Oh! - No.
40 I have.
Oh thank God.
I thought you had it.
Any luck with Veronica? Looks like she's a no-show.
And 70 and 70.
And 70 I have.
- Now 80,000.
- Or fashionably late.
Going once, going twice - (GAVEL) - Sold for $70,000! (APPLAUSE) 70,000? Seem a little steep? Yeah, well it pays to have your work at the centre of a murder investigation.
That's starting to sound like a motive.
- A $70,000 one.
- Huh.
Our next item up for bid is - (GASPING) - What did I miss? - (APPLAUSE) - So good to see you all.
My apologies, darling.
Wait, I thought you said this photo was twenty years old? It is.
What? Wow! Someone's had some impressive work done.
VERONICA: And if you could get my things and put them together for me in the morning.
Excuse me, Ms.
Could we have a quick word in private? I don't think so.
What if I say please? Well! Alright then.
Shall we? CHARLIE: So you've been avoiding us.
Ah, I haven't heard anything about it.
You had no idea we were trying to reach you? I have a lot of people that shield me from unpleasantness.
That's what this is about, isn't it? Joshua? You don't seem very upset.
Oh, that must be the Botox.
I was devastated when I found out.
I had a great deal of respect for that man.
Hugh Reid paints a different picture.
Hugh Reid is a paranoid curmudgeon.
He seemed to think that I was coming between him and Joshua.
- You weren't? - (LAUGHS) No.
Their breakup had nothing to do with me.
He knew I was interested in Phoenix, and yet kept refusing him gallery space.
So, I stepped in.
That's it? Seems rather petty.
Well, what good is money and influence if you don't wield it? SERVER: Oh, sir.
I can't let you in without an invitation.
No, I'm not staying.
I just need to have a quick word with one of the guests.
And when you say that you were interested in Phoenix, is that artistically or physically? Must it really be one or the other, Detective? HUGH: No, you're not listening to me.
I told you.
I'm not staying! Just five minutes to talk to someone.
SERVER: Let's just take this outside.
Excuse me.
Veronica! Rex! HUGH: I've been looking for you! - [REX BARKS.]
- Oh! Ugh! [REX GROWLING.]
What are you doing here, Hugh? I thought you were done with art.
So did I.
After we talked it brought back a lot of pent-up resentment.
I knew Veronica would be here.
And I needed to confront her.
You drove three hours to yell at someone? Not yell.
Face to face.
That woman ruined my life.
And I want an explanation.
She owes me that.
How'd you know she was going to be here? Well just because I left the scene, doesn't mean I lost all my contacts.
Well you should go home.
Okay? Whatever explanation you're looking for from Veronica You're not getting it here tonight.
CHARLIE: Oh, yeah.
You ready to eat like a king? There you go.
We always watch your TV show.
I'm picking this time.
(BARK) Okay, fine! Fine.
(DOG BARKING) (SCREECHING) We're getting separate rooms next time.
CHARLIE: Morning.
SARAH: Hey! How'd you sleep? Uh, comfy bed.
But I never sleep well with Rex in the room.
- He snores.
- (SARAH LAUGHS) You know you do.
Your chariot awaits.
Let's go, Rex.
SARAH: Hey! Isn't that Hugh with Veronica? I thought you told him to go home.
I did.
They look pretty chummy.
Be right back.
That's okay.
It's alright.
I just saw you talking with Hugh Reid.
Oh! You're back on friendly terms? As a matter of fact, yes.
He came to me with an intriguing business proposal.
What kind of proposal? Well, you see Joshua took out a sizeable mortgage on the gallery, so, Hugh suggested I buy it from the bank and let him run it as a way to honour Joshua.
You don't strike me as the sentimental type.
Oh, but I am.
The Spall Gallery holds a very special place in my heart.
For making me a hell of a profit over the years.
Anything else, Detective? No.
Thank you.
What? What do you think? I just can't see her being involved in Joshua's death.
Not directly.
There's no profit in it for her.
Welcome back, Detective.
Your dog has a good eye for art.
(REX SNIFFING) Not really.
He thinks it's a hydrant.
I just have a couple of questions.
You use box cutters to sculpt? Only for the fine detail work.
It's a lot busier in here today.
Yes, I've had several new commissions over the last few days.
Right after Joshua was killed? And your art was part of the story.
It's not how I saw myself moving up to the next level.
But I'm more than willing to embrace it.
You want to tell me where you were the night Joshua was murdered? Am I a suspect? How thrilling.
But alas.
I have half a dozen assistants who will confirm I was here working.
This sculpture was at the Spall Gallery.
How did it get back here? It's a re-creation, Detective.
A sister sculpture of the one at the gallery identical in every way.
No, not totally exact.
The base is larger on the original.
You're mistaken.
I know my pieces inside and out.
It's exact.
CHLOE: What was it you wanted to see? Phoenix insists that he made an exact replica of this sculpture.
But I swear the base on this one is larger.
What do you think? Uh Yes, it does seem slightly wider.
(REX SNIFFING) I don't think your dog should be doing that.
Something got his attention.
(SCRATCHING) What have you got, buddy? It's a Trojan Horse.
Or a Trojan, whatever this is supposed to be.
What are you talking about? This is how the killer suddenly appeared in a locked room.
He came in with the art.
(REX BARKING) What's in here? We reserve this space for our permanent collection.
Mostly older, more valuable works.
(BARKING) Oh oh! That's a Marc Lagache.
Easily the most valuable work here.
It would probably fetch two to three million at auction.
Well, he's not admiring the brush strokes.
It smells slightly fishy Like the Bakelite at Phoenix's workshop.
That's impossible.
Oh my God.
What? A big part of this painting's value is its incredible history.
Its provenance was documented by the labels on the back of the canvas.
So what's the problem? This canvas is blank.
It's a forgery.
The smell Rex detected was definitely Bakelite which, it turns out, can be melted down and mixed with paint to create an aged effect.
Even the canvas was aged artificially.
CHARLIE: It's a professional job.
Besides the hint of smell that Rex picked up on, it was perfect.
DONOVAN: So if this is all part of some sort of elaborate plan, how does Joshua fit into it? JESSE: Maybe he doesn't.
Maybe we're just back to Joshua being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
And the stolen sculpture? CHARLIE: A distraction.
We go chasing the sculpture.
And the true theft goes unnoticed for months maybe years.
There is still one mystery that's been nagging at me.
How did the killer go so long without peeing? (REX WHINES INQUISITIVELY) CHARLIE: Well, I'll be sure to ask him when I bring him in.
The trap door in the sculpture's design narrows our list of suspects dramatically.
- Phoenix.
- Yeah.
He had a solid alibi.
But he created the sculpture.
He had to be involved.
Rex, let's go.
PHOENIX: I don't know anything about a trap door.
I make art, not magic tricks.
But you said it yourself.
You know all your pieces inside and out.
Look, I really don't know anything about a trap door because I didn't build it, merely designed it.
What was it your assistant Frederick called you? The architect? Art starts as a vision.
I let the others do the bulk of the physical labour.
But in the end, it's still my vision.
So who really built the sculpture? Funny you should mention Frederick.
I believe this was mostly his work.
Was he here working with you the night that Joshua died? Actually, he called in sick the day that we installed the collection at the gallery.
(REX BARKS) You're going to love your jail cell.
FREDERICK: I didn't kill anyone.
CHARLIE: C'mon, Frederick.
We're way past this.
We have your fingerprints and your DNA all over the inside of that sculpture.
That was really smart, actually.
The base of that sculpture was designed to be solid.
But you made it hollow.
So that even with you inside- it would weigh the same.
Then all you had to do was sit tight and wait for your chance to move.
Hmm? How long have you been planning this? It wasn't my plan.
Whose plan was it? Huh? Phoenix? No.
Hugh Reid.
So he cooks up a plan to steal an expensive work of art, and get a little bit of revenge against his ex at the same time? And I'm telling you, I didn't kill Joshua Spall.
I was only there to steal the painting and replace it with a forgery.
Hugh said he was lining up a buyer.
And I'd get 15 percent of the selling price.
Well, that is a big cut.
I could open my own studio.
I'm ten times the artist Phoenix is.
Well that dream died the moment you stuck a box cutter into Joshua's neck.
That wasn't me.
Hugh must be setting set me up.
I take the fall for the murder.
And he keeps my cut of the painting.
Hugh never entered or exited the gallery.
- But you did.
- I'm telling you.
The first time I saw Joshua, he was already dead on the floor.
I'm not a killer.
Listen to me, Frederick.
Your hiding place was not sound-proof.
- You would have heard something.
- I had earbuds in.
It would've been unbearable in there without music.
I'm not convinced.
Wait! What? I was carrying a gun.
Not for anything.
Just for protection if things went bad.
Why would I use a box cutter if I had a gun? - Where's the gun now? - It's at Hugh's place, in the backpack where I left it with the rolled up painting inside.
You're-you're telling me that Hugh is still in possession of the painting? Not for long.
Some Russian power player.
Hand-off's happening tonight.
Where? (CAR ENGINE) Hey, Charlie.
Coast Guard told me they're tracking a private vessel near your position.
It could be the Russian.
Any word on Frederick's backpack? Yeah, Donovan sent a team to Hugh Reid's place.
They found the backpack with the gun inside.
So it's being processed.
But there was no sign of the painting.
Hold on.
There's a car approaching.
Looks like they're sending a tender to the dock.
The tender is about six minutes out.
Our Russian buyer.
At least Frederick was right about that part.
I've got eyes on Hugh.
Easy, buddy.
Not yet.
It's about four minutes out.
I'm looking at three people on board.
Close off the roads.
But be discreet about it.
Got it.
What the hell is this guy doing? No idea.
The guy's in the wrong spot.
I'm calling him off now.
Wait a second.
I think he's spooked.
Yeah, it's me.
It's not good.
Target's on his cell.
Can you track who he's calling? I think I already know.
The tender's heading back to the ship.
They're calling it off.
Damn it.
Easy, pal.
CHARLIE: Hugh Reid! You're under arrest! Get down to the ground! Now! - Go.
Rex! Go! - (REX BARKS) He's trying to dump the evidence.
I told you he took it easy on you last time.
That painting was my ticket to finally being a player.
Especially with Joshua out of the way.
- I didn't want that.
- Hmm? Look, I thought if I gained some cachet of my own, that he would want me back.
I should never have brought Frederick into this.
That little weasel.
Why did you choose him, anyway? I saw his work.
I knew he could create a convincing forgery.
And I knew he was ambitious.
Like you.
I didn't realize he was capable of murder.
That's funny.
Because he's convinced that you killed Joshua yourself.
- That's preposterous.
- Is it? I was nowhere near the gallery that night.
I was madly looking for a buyer.
Stolen art is harder to move than I thought.
That's why you went to see Veronica at the auction.
I had to dump the painting fast.
It was too hot after the murder.
I asked Veronica to buy it.
She said no, but offered to set me up with the Russian, for a finder's fee.
She wanted a cut of the profit? A large cut.
I had no choice but to accept.
DONOVAN: What do you think? We have them for the forgery and the theft.
But not the murder.
It had to be Frederick.
- Mmm.
- He was there.
And he had access to a box cutter.
But why kill him up close, where Joshua could fight back? Why not just use the gun? You sure he had it with him? His fingerprints were all over it.
Yeah, that's not enough to prove he was carrying it with him at the gallery.
JESSE: I've gone over every scrap of data we've assembled, for hours.
And there's no trace of a gun.
Let's look at it with some fresh eyes.
Wait wait wait wait.
Are you still in pain from your run with Sarah? No, actually.
It's all new pain.
Sarah said she enjoyed the company so much that she wants to run with me more often.
So maybe, if you're cool with it, kill me, now? I still need you for a bit.
Let's go through this from the start, hey? Yeah.
No no.
That's too far back.
- Okay.
- Let's go from, the Wait wait wait.
Zoom in on her back pocket right here.
It's just her phone.
I've seen her phone case.
She has some surrealist painting on it.
Well, if it's not her phone, whose is it? Who would have thought that one gallery would have see two unrelated crimes on the same night? I don't know what you mean.
That's not your phone.
It's Joshua's.
And after you killed him, you took it with you.
Why would I do that? To create the perfect alibi.
Your fingerprints were all over it.
Of course they are.
I used to update his schedule for him all the time.
You took the phone with you.
And then you sent yourself that text message.
The one asking you to come in earlier.
You came back the next morning, when our team was there.
And you left the phone where forensics could find it.
You didn't know that the same night of the murder- that the gallery would be robbed.
But you used it to your advantage.
Didn't you? Why did you do it? Joshua was a tyrant.
Impossible to work for.
What's this? What the hell is this? I had an interview for a curator position at the art museum.
My dream job.
I knew that Joshua wouldn't support me.
So I wrote a reference letter in his name, and forged his signature.
He was furious.
How dare you betray my trust? You're done, Chloe.
You hear me? He fired me and told me he was going to call the museum first thing in the morning.
You can forget about the museum.
When I'm done with you, you'll never find an open door in a gallery room again.
I don't even remember what happened.
Next thing I knew, I was holding a bloody box cutter.
You were still level-headed enough to wipe and stash the blade.
Not to mention the phone trick.
I just wanted a change in my life.
I think you're about to get your wish.
Have you seen Jesse? I want to see if he's free tomorrow morning.
My guess is he's hiding from you.
What do you mean? He hates running.
What? Then why did he come with me? He just doesn't want to hurt your feelings.
A murder and an art theft.
Two cases wrapped up for the price of one.
We aim to please.
- Right, Rex? - (REX BARKS) You know, the only thing that would have made it better is if we were able to wrap up that Russian buyer in the net too.
But-well, I guess that's too much to ask for.
Oh, before I forget, I just got the expense report for your little trip.
I thought the rooms were comped for auction guests.
The rooms were.
But the mini-bar was not.
Anyone want to tell me who ate three tins of caviar? Don't look at me.
Why would I want to eat overpriced fish eggs? Definitely not me.
I won't tell if you don't.
(REX BARKS) Burning the midnight oil? Oh, hey.
Yeah, I was bummed about not catching the Russian.
But I was able to track down some satellite imagery of the ship's deck.
How did you manage to? Oh, trust me.
You don't want to know.
But here.
Take a look at this.
That's Veronica Kaatchi.
She's working with the Russian? Well I'm actually starting to think that she is the Russian.
Or more specifically- There was never any Russian.
What makes you say that? Well the boat's ownership traces back to a European company with ties to Veronica.
And I'm starting to think that maybe she created the Russian as a means to buy stolen art but still keep her hands clean.
Okay, well I'll alert Interpol.
That might help connect her with more stolen art.
Did you show this to Charlie? No, not yet.
He went home.
Said he had somewhere to be early in the morning.
(REX BARKS) (REX BARKS) No way, buddy.
- (REX BARKS) - No! No, you need to get some sleep.
(REX BARKS) It's not going to happen, pal, okay? We've got to be up bright and early tomorrow.
Yeah? Goodnight, Rex.
Even when you're feeling lazy you can still get lazy.
Free delivery right to your doorstep, with the purchase of a dozen or more donuts! Nothing tempts like Donut Temple! CHARLIE: You always work out before you run? Yeah, of course.
You don't? Sure! Yeah.
So what'd you tell Jesse? Oh I told him I was taking some time off from running.
I think he knew I was lying.
Trust me.
He's glad that you did.
I guess I was enjoying having a running partner so much, I didn't realize that he wasn't enjoying it.
Well, I think you'll find your new partner much more capable.
Rex! Hey! You're coming too! Just have him back by nine.
You're not You're not coming? Of course I am.
Just kidding.
You had me for a second there.
You think you can keep up? Please.
I'm going to leave you in the dust.