Hudson and Rex (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Bad Water Rising

1 (CRASH) (SMASH) WOMAN: That wire better go to the alarm.
- (BEEP) - (CLICK) (CLICK) MAN: Okay.
Camera one two and three.
WOMAN: Okay.
(SPRAYCAN) (SPRAYCAN) (SPRAYCAN) I thought you said it might be hard.
Never underestimate a woman with a crowbar.
We've got to be quick.
You know what to do.
- Meet you back here in ten minutes.
- Okay.
(SPRAYCAN) (SPRAYCAN) Frank! What are you doing? Are you crazy? That's not what we're here for! I can't let you do that.
WORKER: Connor.
What is it? WORKER: Someone call an ambulance! - - (THEME MUSIC) Come on, buddy! - - (COUNTRY MUSIC) Come on! Hey! Go get it! No? Come on! I'm glad one of us is enjoying the snow.
Hey! Hey, come on! I know you'd play all day.
We know who he is? Frank Joseph.
Found his wallet in his pocket.
Cash and ID intact.
And this For an upcoming protest on the reserve.
Some kind of call to action to stop Evans from taking their water.
The Evans Company has a long-standing contract to take water from several of our lakes.
Our victim appears to have taken issue with that arrangement.
Just a kid.
Tough to process.
Cause of death? Penetrating trauma to the head.
That looks familiar.
It was found inches from the body.
No fingerprints.
We'll test the blood and hair found on it.
But it's likely Frank's.
And this symbol on his tattoo appears to be tribal.
Where's his bandana? What bandana? He was wearing it in the security footage.
Before they blacked out the cameras.
It wasn't by the time we got here.
- Huh.
- (REX WHINES) Ah, Rex has his scent.
Go, buddy.
See what you can find.
(SNIFFING) (BARKING) Broken glass.
Good luck getting a print off that.
Well, Rex, you're going to make me look bad.
WORKER: This is on you! It's your fault! What do you think that's about? Based on what I overheard earlier? Something about a key card.
CONNOR: It wasn't until this morning I even realized it was missing.
And how late would you say you were out drinking? Until they kicked us out.
2:30 in the morning, maybe.
There was a bunch of us there.
People can vouch for me.
Well, I'm going to need those names.
You're sure you didn't give anyone your key card? No, I mean, it must've fallen out of my pocket at the bar.
But it's just a blank card.
How could anyone know what it's for? Unless the person who found it knew exactly what they had.
Anyone try and chat you up? Buy you a drink? No.
You were here when the body was discovered.
Did you recognize him? From the bar maybe? I can't say I've ever seen him before.
Evans According to your VP of Operations, there's no one in here overnight.
Can you corroborate that? Yes.
When I left last night around nine the place was completely empty.
You ever had an incident like this before? We've had protests happen outside the front gates.
- But never a break-in.
- Mmm.
I've never understood why they're so angry with us.
They? The so-called environmental activists.
Always more interested in getting their message across than actually learning about what our company really does.
And what exactly is that? We support local communities and environmental charities.
We work hard to protect natural resources through outreach and sustainability.
The list goes on.
We've been generating jobs and boosting the economy in this community for more than three generations.
We're not the enemy.
- - (SAD PIANO MUSIC) Thanks for coming in, Odina.
Again, I'm very sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
I'll walk you out.
Were you and your brother close? Very.
I always worried his environmental interests would get him into trouble.
And by interests, you mean activism.
The Evans Company has been promising our community a water treatment plant for years.
But the project keeps getting delayed, and Frank had finally had enough.
Why is that? Eight years ago we lost both of our parents in the span of two years.
There's no proof.
But Frank was convinced it was caused by our drinking water.
Do you recognize this person? Allora Crawford.
They were a couple.
They recently moved in together.
Does Allora have a temper? Well, she could be passionate.
But I wouldn't call it a temper.
I've known Allora since we were kids.
And she wouldn't hurt a fly.
And neither would my brother.
CROWD: Clean water! Now! Clean water! Now! FRANK: Okay okay! For years the Evans Company has been taking clean water - from our aquifer.
- CROWD: Yeah! Leaving us with the polluted water to drink! CROWD: Yeah! We're done with their lies! CROWD: Yeah! We have a right to clean water! And if we have to fight to get it We will! Yeah! There's more like this.
But the message is the same.
Impassioned speeches are one thing.
Breaking into the plant is a big escalation.
Good news.
I got a partial print off the broken glass we found at the scene.
It's a match for Frank.
It was in pieces.
How did you pull a print off of that? By scanning the individual shards and digitally reassembling the pieces.
I helped with that part.
It's not important.
Any idea what was in the jar? As a matter of fact, yes.
I just got the results back.
Coli? You're sure? Yeah.
That's what it says.
If that got into the filling tank it could've been bottled and shipped out to the public.
People would get sick, maybe even die.
So much for not hurting a fly.
We've tested the water in the filling tank for contaminants.
Thankfully, the chemical analysis came back clean.
So they didn't go through with it.
Whether they went through with it or not, Detective, we're no longer talking about protestors here.
This This is terrorism.
I think until we know exactly what happened here You're kidding, right? These two criminals could have killed ROSALYNN: Alan.
I appreciate you bringing this to us, Detective.
I can assure you we'll be working out the bugs in our new security system immediately.
You think this could have been an inside job? I'd like to believe that our employees are loyal.
We treat them very fairly.
Well, I may have some questions for you later.
Any time.
You'll have our full cooperation.
(SNIFFING) You may want to stick to tap.
- - (UPBEAT THEME MUSIC) Easy, pal.
Come on, buddy.
Get out of there.
- (REX WHINES) - Sorry about that.
Detective Hudson? Odina.
You never mentioned to me that you were a cop.
Well, I was focused on my brother.
Is there something I can help you with? I have a warrant to search Frank and Allora's place.
I was hoping to get a little local backup.
Well, I know the way.
You could follow me.
- - (SOFT MUSIC) My guess is Allora came back grabbed a few things, and ran.
Yeah, well according to the neighbours, nobody has seen her in 24 hours.
I guess she came late at night to avoid being seen.
How long have they been living together? Around six months.
(SNIFFING) Yeah? What have you got, buddy? That's what passes for drinking water around here.
Residents are asked to boil their water and not drink from the tap.
But some do anyway.
Not all of us can afford the bottled stuff.
Can I ask what you hope to find here? I'm not entirely sure.
Rex, let's go.
Okay, buddy.
- (SNIFFING) - Yeah.
Get that scent? Okay, buddy.
Track it.
You sure he has the scent? There's nothing back that way but miles of woods.
Hard place to find someone.
Maybe that's the point.
You could follow faster on this.
I hope you're seeing better than I am.
I've got satellite imaging of your current location.
Okay, it looks like there are three paths that cross through these woods.
But it's mainly just brush.
Yeah, I can see that.
Hold on, hold on.
I see a structure.
It's almost imperceptible by satellite.
But looks like it's slightly northeast of your current location.
(BARKING) I think whatever you're seeing Rex just picked it up too.
I'll call you back.
That's interesting.
You set me up.
You had me take the ATV so you could get here first.
Hi, Allora.
Detective Hudson.
I know how this looks.
But it's complicated.
(BARKING) (GUNSHOT) (BARKING) Get down! Rex, go! Get her inside and stay down! - Come on.
- (ENGINE) What is it, buddy? What is it, pal? Rex, go! (ENGINE) (GUNSHOT) Rex, down! That's it.
Stay here, boy.
Stay down.
You did good.
How are you doing, kid? Look, whoever that was, he was here for you.
We need to get you out of the woods into a controlled environment.
Where's Odina? I'm right here.
(BARKING) Easy, pal.
I'm sorry, Detective.
But you're not taking Allora anywhere.
- Pulling a gun on a fellow officer? - You can report me later.
I need to take her in.
She'll be safe with me.
You take her in, and she's a sitting duck.
I won't let that happen.
Well, I can't take that chance.
Someone just tracked her here and tried to execute her.
Aren't you the least bit curious who sent them? Put the gun down and we'll talk.
Come on.
It started out with peaceful protests.
What made you escalate to breaking and entering and causing property damage? Frank was convinced that he could find proof that they never intended to build a water treatment facility.
With that type of evidence, we could go to the press.
And maybe people would start listening.
You left out the part where you were planning on poisoning the water.
That was never my plan.
Frank He made a mistake.
Frank, what are you doing? Are you crazy? That's not what we're here for.
I can't let you do that.
I don't think Frank would have gone through with it, even if I wasn't there to stop him.
(SMASHING GLASS) Where did you go after that? Frank went looking for the evidence.
I stayed and did more tagging.
That was the last time I saw him alive.
You didn't see anyone else? After I found Frank's body I heard footsteps and I just ran.
And now there's someone hunting you down, trying to silence you.
To cover their tracks.
I still need to take Allora in.
She's the central figure in a murder investigation.
If you want to stop me, you're going to have to shoot me.
- And Rex too.
- (REX WHINES) (REX BARKS) Yeah, we'd both prefer that didn't happen.
- I'll go.
- Allora, no.
I want to help you find Frank's killer.
He would do the same for me.
I'll personally see to it that Allora is protected.
You have my word.
Jesse said you were closing in on a location.
And you just reported shots fired.
Are you okay? Yeah, we're good.
I'll explain when we get back to the station.
Just tell me you're bringing in the girl.
We need a safe house, Joe.
She's in danger.
Look, Charlie, there is no safe house.
We literally have her on camera, holding the murder weapon.
We cannot be seen overcomplicating this case unnecessarily.
You hear what I'm saying, right? This is a lot more complicated than we thought, Joe.
Is she or is she not with you? She fled during the shoot-out.
Rex and I can track her down.
We just need a little time.
So the moment you find her, you know what to do.
(BEEP) (SCREECHING TIRES) ALLORA: Thank you, for helping me.
I'm not sure I am helping.
I might be making it worse.
(KNOCKING) Hang tight.
Come on in.
SARAH: Yeah.
I got your text.
Allora, meet Sarah.
You sure about this? Look, I know I'm putting you in an awkward position.
You don't have to do this.
I know that, Charlie.
Thank you.
It's just temporary.
After that, back to going by the book.
Sounds like a plan.
You know that trust that you share with Odina? I share that same trust with Sarah, okay? She'll take good care of you.
Alright, I'll be in touch soon.
Let's go.
Did Detective Hudson offer you anything to eat or drink? Yeah.
I didn't think so.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Don't mention it.
You must be starving.
First things first though.
Let's do something about that.
Detective Hudson.
How can I help you? Well, I believe there was a third person in the plant when the murder took place.
And I want to know who that was.
Wait, I thought we'd established it was the girl who did it? Who else has access to the building at night? Nobody from the factory floor.
I mean, we have custodial staff that comes three times a week.
But that was an off night.
All the workers have key cards? Yes.
But the alarm is totally automated.
There's only a few of us that have the code.
Including you and Rosalynn? That's correct.
And were either of you two here? Well, I can't speak for Rosalynn.
But I was at the Revival House.
I was seeing a midnight screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Oh that is a great film.
You keep your ticket stub? I don't think so.
- I could double check.
- Mmm.
Am I a suspect, Detective? These are just routine questions.
Mind if we look around some more? By all means.
SARAH: You're lucky the bullet just grazed you.
Yeah, Detective Hudson's dog saved my life.
Rex? He has a tendency to do that.
I didn't realize how much it hurt until right now.
You're going to have a little scar.
But the good news is it'll pair nicely with the tat.
Frank had the same one, right? Yeah.
We got them together.
It's an ideogram.
It means forever.
As a symbol of your commitment to each other? Yeah, and our community.
Well, it's very beautiful.
You know, people thought Frank was trouble.
Because he could be so intense.
But they didn't know him.
He was kind, and, thoughtful, and Oh.
Oh, honey.
Come here.
(CRYING) JESSE: Charlie.
Charlie, I called every hospital in St.
And no-one matching your gunman's description checked in with a bullet wound.
It doesn't surprise me.
Just means he knows what he's doing.
Also, I went down to the lab to get Sarah to run tests on the blood sample you collected from the woods.
And she wasn't there.
No-one seemed to know where she was.
- Did you get the blood results? - Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I had to sweet-talk one of the techs.
No matches in the system.
- You follow up on my text? - I did.
I did.
Alan Booth used his debit card to buy an online ticket for a midnight showing of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Yeah, he made the purchase at 8:47 PM.
It's a great movie.
Yeah, I wish I could pull off a fedora.
Where's Allora? Oh, she's asleep.
I let her take your room.
Even Rex's dog bed is looking good to me right about now.
(BARK) Couch works fine too.
(SARAH LAUGHS) What's all this? She was showing me pictures of Frank.
Apparently, they were all she grabbed from her place before taking off.
- They were a cute couple.
- Yeah.
Oh, look.
Classic boys' weekend shot.
You recognize this guy? Picture him with shorter hair.
Oh, isn't that? The factory worker from the plant, who said he'd never seen Frank before.
For someone you've never seen before, you sure look awfully chummy.
What happened to your eye, Connor? - It was a misunderstanding.
- Misunderstanding? Is that what you call a shootout in the woods? A shootout? What are you talking about? I don't even own a gun! You'd better hope that that's true.
How did you know Frank? I was dating a girl from the rez for a while.
I met Frank through her.
And we hung out a bit.
I wouldn't say we were friends.
But He came to me a few days ago and asked me for my key card.
Why'd you give him your card? Frank said he wanted to tag the place.
That's it.
I mean look, I wish now I'd said no.
Frank would still be alive.
There must have been something in it for you.
I wasn't paid if that's what you mean.
Look, I just wanted to support his message.
Okay? I thought it was harmless.
You should have told me about this the first time that I asked you.
Your lies could have got Allora killed.
I know.
I wasn't thinking straight.
What happened to your eye? A guy came by the factory.
He pulled me aside after my shift.
And he started grilling me about Frank's girl.
- Where to find her.
- What'd you tell him? I told him to go to hell.
He didn't like that.
Can you describe him to me? Six feet, give or take.
Dark hair.
Ever seen him around before? A few times, just hanging around the plant.
I'm going to put you together with a sketch artist.
I'm sorry, I don't recognize this man.
- Who is he? - Take another look.
Are you sure he doesn't work here, Ms.
Evans? Not one that I recognize.
But I don't know the names and faces of everyone in my company.
We have a lot of turnover on the floor.
I understand that you promised a water treatment facility to the victim's community.
That's correct.
It's in the works.
In the works? What's the delay? It's a complicated process.
There's a lot of planning and testing that needs to happen before construction can begin.
Meanwhile the lake water is making people sick.
I know.
I have a team working on it full time.
Alan Booth is heading up the project.
(PHONE CHIMES) Excuse me.
ODINA: Charlie.
It's Odina.
Someone broke into Allora and Frank's house.
I'll be right there.
(SNIFFING) A neighbour reported seeing the door open.
Someone really wants to track Allora down.
You think it's our guy? If it is, he's searching for something.
Even the plates on the electrical sockets have been removed.
He's not just going after Allora.
I think she has something that he wants.
Hey, I'm on my way back.
Can you put Allora on speaker? Yeah.
Hold on a sec.
Okay, you're on.
Allora, you said that Frank was looking for evidence that the Evans company was lying about building that water treatment facility.
That's right.
Do you know if he might have found what he was looking for? I don't know.
I never got a chance to ask him.
Walk me through everything that happened after that.
Frank went upstairs.
Then, maybe ten minutes later, I heard a noise.
So I went looking for him.
And I got turned around.
And then I found him, lying there.
He his eyes were open but he he wasn't And after that? Then I heard footsteps.
And I panicked.
I grabbed our stuff, and I ran.
I shouldn't have left him there.
But I was just so scared.
It's okay.
Okay, I want you to check your bag.
Really go through it.
And see if there's anything there that doesn't belong to you or Frank.
There's not much here, Charlie.
A couple of cans of spray paint.
Some clothes.
Personal photos.
Is there anything there you're not sure about, Allora? No.
(SMASHING GLASS) What was that? SARAH: Charlie Something was smashed.
It sounded like a window.
I'm going to go check.
No no no.
Stay away from the windows.
I'm calling for backup.
But I'm only five minutes away.
Take Allora.
Find a place to hide.
(SIREN) Nice and quiet.
- (WHACK!) - Aghh! Oooh! Ergh! Stop! Or I'll kill you.
I don't think so.
- I'll do it.
(SMACK) Drop it.
He copped to the whole damn thing.
I know you're not buying it any more than I am.
I was just contacted by Abrams, Hollis, & Associates.
Apparently our friend here is their newest client.
That's an expensive firm.
Who's paying the bill? Well, that I don't know.
But what I do know is they also represent the Evans Company.
Where's the girl now, Charlie? Allora is with Sarah at the hospital, getting checked out.
I've got two uniforms at the door.
I'm sorry I lied to you, Joe.
Yeah, we can address that later.
Sounds like a deal's been made.
I'll have the paperwork drawn up for you in less than an hour.
(KNOCKING) Let me call you back.
Detective Hudson.
I don't believe we've met.
Superintendent Donovan.
We're here to talk to you about a suspect that we have in custody.
You caught your killer? Well, the suspect signed a full confession at the advice of his lawyers.
DONOVAN: And you add to that the fact that your company and he have the same legal team.
Are you saying that you think he was acting on our behalf? On my behalf? Because that's ridiculous.
I've been completely supportive of this investigation from the very start.
(BARKING) I think he smells my Power Bars.
You mind if I take a look? Be my guest.
(SNIFFING) Definitely wasn't the Power Bars.
- What the? - Well, what do you know? That's I've never seen that thing before in my life.
CHARLIE: Still isn't talking? Not without her team of lawyers.
The woman knows her rights.
Well, I've got to tell you.
She doesn't strike me as someone who would make a dumb mistake like keeping incriminating evidence in her office.
Yeah, well it's not just that.
But Rex and I were in her office the day of the murder.
Rex didn't smell Frank's bandana.
Because it hadn't been planted there yet.
So we find who put it there.
We find our killer.
Bring up the Evans security feed.
Now just start it back from before they get into the picture.
What are we missing? Oh, that's interesting.
What's that? Most of these environmental slogans are angry.
Prepare to be exposed! House of Lies! We don't want you here! Except for this one.
It's a symbol meaning forever.
Wow, you know your stuff.
Can you decipher hieroglyphics as well? I know because both Frank and Allora have that symbol tattooed on them.
This is close to where we found his body.
It was like a final gesture of love for Allora, maybe? Seems like a strange show of love, since the tag implicates Allora.
Right right.
It's like signing your names on a crime scene.
Good point.
Unless it's not a tag at all.
Maybe it's an X marks the spot.
Rex, let's go.
JESSE: Okay.
So if X marks the spot, then what exactly are we looking for? Frank found something he may have been trying to hide it and tell Allora at the same time.
All I see is concrete and steel.
Did you know that steel is 100 times stronger than iron in its purest form? I mean, even looking at the date stamps suggests Right.
That's not the point.
(SNIFFING) (BARKING) What is it, buddy? (BARKING) Chewing gum? SARAH: Oh.
That's disgusting.
SARAH: There's an indentation on it.
Something was stuck to it.
Something like this? What do you think's on that? Those two, obviously.
Alan Booth.
What's this about? You recognize this? No.
I don't think so.
in Well your prints are on it.
I'm sorry.
Is that a crime? No.
But what's on it, that's a different story.
Bring him in.
Rex, let's go.
CHARLIE: Turns out that the midnight showing of Indiana Jones at the Revival House isn't the hottest ticket in town.
What? Apparently, only a handful of people turn up at the best of times.
And the night in question drew exactly three teenagers.
Can you confirm that you're in charge of heading up the construction for the water treatment facility for the reservation? I am.
The interesting thing about this drive is that it shows that money from the planning and testing phase of the project was actually used to create roadblocks to keep the construction from ever getting started.
And do you know where another chunk of that money ended up? No.
Well, it ended up in an offshore account that our tech consultant just happened to trace back to you.
What does that have to do with murder? This drive was accessed by somebody using your username, in your office, twenty minutes after the power was cut to the security cameras.
You caught Frank in the act of stealing the drive, didn't you? He had everything that he needed to expose the truth, which was that you had no intention of ever building this facility.
You knew, that if this drive went public that you'd be looking at serious jail time.
And you weren't going to let that happen, were you? Hey! Give me! So you caught up to him! But not before he managed to hide the drive.
You hey Just give me what you took.
And I'll even let you walk out of here.
(CRACK) Where is it? Where is it? CHARLIE: You wiped your prints and took the bandana to set up Rosalynn Evans.
But when did you realize that he was not there alone? I remembered the backpack.
And I assumed he slipped the drive in there.
And then I went back to check for it, but It was gone.
So you hired somebody to finish the job that you started, huh? Well, I wasn't sure if she saw me or not.
So I couldn't take the chance.
(DOOR CLOSING) ROSALYNN: He told me about the delays on the construction of the facility.
And I trusted him to handle the situation.
He covered his tracks well.
I can't express how grateful I am to your department for discovering this.
See, the thing is, he wasn't the only one covering his tracks.
I'm not sure what you mean.
Well it turns out that the Evans Company, your company, has been extracting water far in excess of its legal allotment.
Now, we're still working through the numbers.
But, um the numbers seem significant.
And it's been happening for years.
There must be some mistake.
Oh, we both know there's no mistake.
The only question is, what do we do about it? I'm open to suggestions.
State of the art water treatment facility.
Shovels hit the ground in less than six months.
To be completed before the end of next year.
And, in the meantime, you provide the community with bottled water free of charge.
Well, I take it she took the deal? Yeah.
Well, I am very convincing.
You make that face that you make? You know, the Is that the face I make? Well it's a little more intimidating.
Yeah, well, you know I pulled out all the stops.
- Let's just say that.
- Yeah.
Hey, Rex.
Good boy! Huh? You did such a good job.
Good boy.
Hey, wait.
Why is he getting all the credit? What did he do that I didn't do? Well he didn't lie to me, for starters.
I'm never going to live that down, am I? Nope.
No you will not.
Hey, buddy.
Good job.
Sorry we're late.
Rex can't get enough of this snow.
I'm glad you could come.
It means a lot to us.
And to Frank.
So what did we miss? I was just telling them the news.
Is it true? We're really getting the new water treatment facility soon? Yeah, the city has already approved construction.
No more delays.
Your sacrifice has paid off.
Well, the water is just the tip of the iceberg.
And I'm going to take over where Frank left off.
Our community needs a leader to be their voice.
And she won't be fighting alone.