Hudson and Rex (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

A Cult Education

1 Congratulations, girl! Coming by at eight to celebrate.
Here's a little something to get the party started! - - (BACKGROUND ROCK MUSIC) Starting with me I'm starting with me Look in the mirror And what do I see Something's always upside down Upside down Hey RECORDING: Please leave a message.
Hey D.
Where are you? Let's get this party started! Diandra? (GASP) Oh! (BRAKES SCREECHING) Oh! Oh! Reverse is the other one.
What do I always say? Elevators are for wussies? (LAUGH) What else do I say? Think before you act.
Think before you act.
- Okay.
- Okay? Let's try it again.
Mom? What are you doing here? DONOVAN: Wendy.
What's going on? Joe.
I've done something really bad.
Thank you.
(SIRENS) You know what? Take that.
There you go.
I thought I lost this.
You didn't tell me you'd been sober for ten months.
I was going for a year.
I wanted to surprise you.
Wendy, please tell me you didn't do this.
That's the thing, Joe.
I can't.
Everything's a blur.
I'm just going to have a talk with your dad.
CHARLIE: I'm sorry about this, Joe.
I'm sure there's got to be some explanation.
Yeah, it might take a while to find it.
She doesn't remember much.
She had a relapse last night.
What do we know? She mixed alcohol with painkillers and blacked out.
Woke up and found her roommate stabbed to death.
I know it's been a roller-coaster ride with Wendy.
But we won't jump to any conclusions until we've seen all the evidence.
She's been trying so hard, Charlie.
She got a new job and everything.
She's come a long way since her informant days.
Left everything behind except her addiction.
It's been real hard for Wendy.
Even harder for Camilla.
No one ever said it was going to be an easy road.
I never planned on easy, Charlie.
I just never planned on murder.
- Come on, buddy.
- (REX BARKS) Charlie! Charlie! - Yeah.
- Look.
Mom didn't do this.
I mean, she's a mess.
But she's not a killer.
Well, if there's evidence out there that supports her, I'll find it.
- Promise? - Absolutely.
I've got a lot of tools at my disposal.
(BARKING) And I've got Rex.
- - (THEME MUSIC) - Hey.
- Hey.
Good job, Rex.
The table was full of acetaminophen and hydrocodone.
How's Joe holding up? Taking it pretty hard.
What a complicated relationship between him and Wendy.
Yeah, I'm not sure I could've handled it.
But he stuck to it and became Camilla's legal guardian.
That tells you something about our boss (REX SNIFFING) Diandra Popovich, 34.
Wendy's roommate.
She was stabbed in her bed with a letter opener.
No blood stain near the stab wound.
Which could mean the stab happened post-mortem.
What's with the toe? Looks like some kind of a kink.
Yeah, there's also blanching on the bottom of the foot.
Likely rigour setting in.
I'm guessing the toe curl happened in the original position of death.
The body was moved? It's very possible.
Rigour takes about four to eight hours to set.
So it's possible that Wendy was framed.
Unless Wendy killed her last night, and then moved the body this morning.
Yeah, seems like an odd thing to do.
And Wendy's pretty slight.
You'd be surprised what people are capable of under the influence.
Sometimes I hate my job.
A tattoo? What's with the E? Maybe an initial or a symbol? I don't recognize it.
Better ask Jesse.
Obscure references are more his speed.
Anyway, I've made sure our stills guy got that on record.
What have you got, buddy? We haven't processed these yet.
I didn't see blood on them.
(BARKING) Good job, Rex.
Were there were any tensions between you and Diandra? No.
Well then, what was the fight about? There was no fight.
Well, maybe you can help me with this.
This is a bunch of emojis with apology signs.
Why would Diandra feel like she needed to apologize? Wendy.
We want to help.
But you've got to be straight with me.
You alright? Oh yeah.
It's my new tattoo.
They itch when they're fresh.
Can I see? Nice.
My spirit animal.
It means the metamorphosis begun, or something.
When was the last time you saw Diandra? I black out when I drink.
I'm not talking about last night.
From before.
When you were sober.
Where is the last place you saw her? What did you talk about? Was there anyone else with you? Did she have a boyfriend? A girlfriend? A boyfriend.
His name was Jay Piper.
JAY: I still can't believe she's gone.
Diandra was my life.
She's the reason I woke up every morning.
Does that make any sense? When was the last time you saw her? She stayed at my house two nights ago.
I haven't seen her since.
And where were you last night? I was at my parents' house in Gander.
A cousin's wedding.
I can get you all the contacts that you need.
(REX SNIFFING) They let dogs in here? Only the ones on duty.
(REX SNIFFING) Looks like his duty is begging for snacks.
Well, looks can be deceiving.
When you were in Gander did you try and contact Diandra? No, I was too busy with family.
Why would she want to go visit Wendy? I thought they were friends.
Diandra's in a recovery program.
Wendy is an enabler.
Or maybe the other way around? We found two glasses and pills that weren't there before she arrived.
No way.
Not Diandra.
She would never tempt a fellow addict that way.
She sent a text message sounding pretty eager to see her.
Something about getting a party started.
Party? Party is a trigger word in recovery.
That doesn't sound like Diandra.
Thank you for your time.
The desk clerk will take your statement.
(GENTLE KNOCKING) I brought you something.
No thanks.
But it's it's chocolate mint.
It's your favourite.
You know that I'm on your mother's side.
Why does she have to spend the night alone in jail? It's not jail.
It's holding.
It looks like a cell to me.
And why am I not allowed to see her? She wants to see you, too.
And she will.
But this is a murder investigation.
And there are rules.
You're the superintendent.
I know.
But unfortunately, it does not give me a string to pull.
I'm sorry, Camilla.
No, I gave you my last one.
You win.
You made me spill ice cream on my pants.
Okay, so I have good news and bad news.
Give me the bad news first.
Well, the bad news is that there are no CCTV cameras in the area.
And the traffic cameras are pointed in the wrong direction.
- Anything else? - Yeah.
We unlocked Diandra's cell.
The only person she communicated with in the last 48 hours was Wendy.
When? Her last correspondence was a text at 11:03 last night saying, I'm outside.
That means that if Wendy did kill her, there was enough time for the rigour patterns to set in.
Yeah, assuming that she moved the body the next morning.
I mean, which still would be a weird thing to do.
So what's the good news? Oh! Yes.
Yes! So I found out what the E on her arm means.
The place is called Excellium.
It's a wellness centre that specializes in addiction.
Sounds like a hoot.
Yeah, well, not according to a columnist by the name of Martin Booker.
He wrote a scathing takedown of Excellium a month back.
Now in it, he accuses the organization of fleecing its members along with a mess of other tactics.
It's definitely worth a read.
Highlights? Well, members are required to record their darkest secrets, which some claim Excellium uses as collateral.
There's also these rumours of isolation chambers where members are locked in a room with the drug of their choice for 24 hours, or more.
Sounds more like a cult to me.
Yeah, Booker thinks so too.
See if you can track down Booker's contact info.
I'll have a talk with him.
(DOOR BUZZER) Show me your tattoo.
That's not your spirit animal.
It's about what it's hiding.
An E For Excellium.
I joined Excellium over a year ago.
It was supposed to help me go clean.
I paid all the money.
And I did all of their stupid growth exercises.
And I even got Diandra involved.
You brought her into the program? A regret I will live with forever.
Tell me how it works.
There's Level One, newbies that are just learning the ropes.
Level Two.
Your commitment deepens.
And they start isolating you from family and friends.
And then there's Level Three where they basically own you.
How far did you get? Level Two.
And Diandra made it to Level Three.
And that's why she moved out.
Where was she living? I honestly don't know.
Maybe with other members.
I Okay.
Tell me about that fight.
When I quit Excellium, I realized how much money I had wasted.
And Diandra was getting fleeced.
So I confronted her outside of the centre with an article that I had found.
The one by Martin Booker? - Yes.
- Hmm.
He must have had a mole, because every single thing that he said was bang on.
And I thought that it would bring Diandra to her senses.
It didn't work? She just accused me of being jealous.
And we got into a huge fight.
And then before I knew it, I was just getting tossed out.
Tossed out? By who? You don't understand these people.
They threatened to hurt Camilla.
What do you mean by they? Do you have a name? Do you have names? Wendy, look! If you want us to lay charges.
We need names.
But I can't.
(DOOR BUZZER) Oh, hi! (WENDY CRYING) Wendy's blood had traces of meperidine and hydrocodone in it.
Her alcohol was at .
What about the prints? The prints lifted off the letter opener were hers.
We also checked the highball glasses.
One was Wendy's.
The other was Diandra's.
Which seems to suggest they were together and happy for some time after she arrived at 11: Which doesn't quite make sense, given the time frame of the rigour.
But there's also something else rather odd.
This was lodged in Diandra's back.
A wooden splinter.
Looks like pine.
How do you get a splinter there? Good question.
It was on an upward trajectory, so If she were framed, the splinter may have happened post-mortem when her body was being dragged.
So we're still thinking the body was moved? Actually, yeah.
Thanks to Rex.
While no blood was found on the clothes she had worn before bed, there was something else that we had missed.
- Bed bugs.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm impressed.
- Yeah? - Don't worry.
We've contained and removed them.
I guess they're going to have to fumigate Wendy's house.
No no, actually.
There were no bedbugs anywhere else at Wendy's house.
Only on Diandra's clothes.
And not the night clothes that she was stabbed in.
Just the discarded day clothes.
How do you explain that? The only thing I can think of is that someone changed her into her night clothes post-mortem to make it look like the death happened there.
So there is another crime scene.
We just need to find it.
You mind if I take these? - Yeah, just bring it back.
- You got it.
- - (THEME MUSIC) LARS: Welcome to Excellium.
I'm afraid there are no dogs allowed.
Oh, well I'm afraid you're going to have to make an exception.
Because we're police.
Can I talk with the person in charge? I'm afraid you'll need an appointment to speak with Laura Klume.
You hear the part where I said that we're police? It's alright, Lars.
Laura Klume, Excellium's founder.
How can we help you? Do you know Diandra Popovich? Yes.
She didn't show up to her monthly check-in this morning.
Is she okay? Diandra's been murdered.
Oh, my God.
I can't believe it.
When was the last time you saw her? Oh, not since last month's check-in.
Well, Rex will see if that's true.
This article of clothing has Diandra's scent on it.
If she's been here recently, Rex will know.
(REX SNIFFING) Alright, buddy.
Go track it.
(REX SNIFFING) Do you know Diandra well? She was one of our best.
She recently graduated to our highest level.
Remind me again when the last time was that you saw her.
Around three weeks ago.
She was arguing in front of the centre with Wendy Larson.
You know Wendy, too? She was with our program.
But quit.
Well, maybe she had a good reason.
What do you mean? I understand you play psychological games to keep your members close.
- You read the Booker article.
- Should I not have? That article is full of inaccuracies.
The writer didn't even have the gall to use his own name.
It's likely a jealous ex-member or a rival.
What part was inaccurate? All of it.
But, don't take my word for it.
Best you see for yourself.
MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO: allow others to feel for you.
These people are all addicts - food, alcohol, sex, gambling.
Through hard work and discipline we've eroded their personal toxins and built a stronger core.
By using their darkest fears against them? And locking people in a room with their drug of choice? We share our fears, so we can conquer them.
And those isolation chambers referenced in the article are a gross exaggeration of our process.
Which is what, exactly? A simple visualization exercise.
You meditate on the vice of your choice for as long as you can endure it.
So the drugs aren't actually there? Only in the members' minds.
Nothing, buddy? (REX YELPS QUIETLY) Can I help you with anything else? No, we're good for now.
MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO: You can only overcome your flaws through admission.
We believe in you.
You are powerful.
You are capable.
GUARD: Want some? Sunflower seeds? No, I'm good.
Crazy addictive.
LARS: Max, that's enough.
Why didn't you tell me you worked security for Excellium? Because I'm not just security.
I'm a member.
You didn't answer my question.
I'm an alcoholic.
I'm not proud of it.
And I know this place has a bad reputation.
But I also know that it's the only thing that's worked for me so far.
And we have absolutely nothing to hide.
Then why are three security guards ensuring that Rex and I make a quick exit? Rex, let's go.
Camilla needs to see you.
Joe, I told you I'm not ready.
I don't like lying to her, Wendy.
She doesn't believe you did this.
And I'm not sure that she's right.
Do you have any idea how hard this is for me? Just to look at myself through my daughter's eyes and just to see an addict? And just to add to that, now a possible murderer? That is not how she thinks.
Everything that you have done for me I can never repay you.
Covering for me when I missed Camilla's birthdays.
And making excuses for my benders.
And now this is just more of the same.
What do you want me to say to her? You'll think of something.
JESSE: Charlie.
Tell me you found something.
You mean lie? I looked into the legal grounds for Excellium using personal info as collateral.
And what these places do is they have non-disclosure agreements to protect the methods and processes unique to the institution.
So they all signed N.
Yeah, and they all did it voluntarily.
So they've got their bases covered.
Will you at least find contact info for Booker? Oh, yeah.
Turns out Booker is a pseudonym.
So I paid a little visit to the editor over at the Telegraph.
And got him to cough up a name.
You've got to be kidding me.
(KNOCKING) Everything you told me was the truth? Huh, Jay? Or should I say-Martin Booker? Easy, bud.
What's going on, Jay? I'm a journalist, okay? I'm undercover with Excellium because I'm writing a book.
Well, this would have been a lot more helpful to me yesterday.
Yes, well I got spooked when we first met.
I didn't want to blow my cover.
This is a murder investigation.
And nothing that I told you will impede that.
Look, I want what you want.
I loved Diandra.
And I think that, somehow, Wendy is being set up.
That's a cute dog.
How old is he? Stay focused, Jay.
How long have you been writing this book? I went undercover for the Telegraph article six months ago.
Once the article caught fire, I leveraged it into a book deal with Paradox.
I was talking with Laura Klume.
She claims your article is BS.
Yeah, well she's lying.
Look, I know I'm just a Level One.
But, I've heard the stories.
From who? Diandra.
You were using her.
I was going to tell her when the time was right.
It's just she was so deep into this thing.
You said that Wendy's being set up.
What did you mean by that? I think that Excellium pushed Diandra to O.
And I think that they're using Wendy to cover it up.
Do you know where this happened? Diandra told me about these, these isolation chambers.
Okay? They're real.
I think she was in one of them, locked in a room somewhere with drugs.
And she must've O.
Any idea where that might be? No.
Well, look, I can't stop you doing what you're doing.
But if you hear anything, you call me.
You understand? Absolutely.
And I'm going to need your book and your research.
You'll get it back after the investigation.
Yeah, I can drop it off this afternoon.
Everything you've got.
I mean, this is it.
This is my life for the last six months.
Please don't lose that file folder.
I've had it since high school.
Don't lie to me again.
Rex, let's go.
(DOOR CLOSING) Camilla? Did you talk to your father? Oh yeah.
He says I'm not allowed to see you.
But I knew he was lying.
So I told the guard I had his okay.
He was just trying to protect you.
Or maybe it was me he's trying to protect.
I like your sweater.
It's from you.
Yeah, I remember now.
You didn't get me this top, did you? Camilla, I love you.
I do.
But I'm an addict.
And sometimes addicts slip.
Look, I have bought you presents.
I have, over the years.
But sometimes Joe helps me out when I fail.
He's the best thing that happened to either one of us.
Camilla, please don't be upset.
No, it's not you I'm upset with.
(DOOR BUZZER) (SLIDING DOOR) This is a real page-turner.
Laura Klume is like the love child of Teal Swan and L.
Ron Hubbard.
Focus, Jesse.
Is there even anything useful in there, Jesse? Well, yeah.
There is one thing.
On page 163, there's a reference to members handing over all their vices before joining.
Which is not uncommon for rehab centres.
Except when it comes to drugs.
There's usually a deal with law enforcement, where police will seize and secure everything, no questions asked.
And no such deal has been made with us and Excellium.
Which would make them guilty, at the very least, of possession of illegal substances.
Is that enough to get a warrant? Well, it gives us probable cause.
I think I can make that warrant happen.
A little reminder.
These guys have excellent lawyers.
They may have excellent lawyers.
- But we have Rex.
- (BARKING) That's right, buddy.
- You're back.
- Yeah.
And this time I come bearing gifts.
A warrant.
So step back, while my partner does his job.
Okay, pal.
Find it.
(BARKING) (BARKING) (BARKING) Open this door.
(BARK) (BARKING) That too.
(BARKING) (BARKING) Yeah, I'll talk to Laura Klume, now.
True recovery is not possible without sacrifice, Detective.
It's one thing to lose weight at a weight loss clinic in the middle of nowhere.
But when you have to pass three burger joints on your way to work, that's another story.
There's a big difference between a beef burrito and synthetic opioids.
I'm not up on my drug terminology.
Well, it's an umbrella term for many drugs, codeine, oxycodone, morphine, fentanyl.
All of which we found in your secret cupboard.
Surely you're familiar with the story of the cod and the catfish.
Refresh my memory.
When fishermen are transporting cod they often arrive half-dead and tasteless.
So they figured out a way to keep them fresh.
Add a single catfish to the barrel.
A predator.
Sounds like an urban myth from some movie.
What does this have to do with drugs? Our vices are our predators.
We need to keep them close so that we can feel their charge and ultimately conquer them.
You put your members in dangerous situations.
I'd be very careful what you're implying.
You're the one that's guilty of possession of illegal narcotics.
Which my lawyers will clear.
And this will never even make trial.
We're going to get a warrant for all these confessionals that you're using as collateral against your members.
You don't need a warrant.
You're welcome to all the video material if you think it will help this investigation.
Anything else? No, you can go.
We would never leave anyone alone with enough drugs to kill them.
SARAH: She's lying.
The drugs in Diandra's system were more than enough to kill her according to our toxicology reports.
What kind of drugs are we talking about? She had exceedingly high traces of fentanyl in her blood.
6 micrograms per litre to be precise.
That's enough to kill her many times over.
Which would make Laura liable if she provided the drugs.
That's a big if.
You look tired.
When was the last time you've eaten? Does gum count? Charlie, go home.
Have yourself a meal.
Yeah, okay.
Well, there's somebody who needs a good meal first.
Catch you later.
Let's go, pal.
Sunflower seeds.
Good job.
DONOVAN: So now we've got an attempt at an officer's life? How far are these people willing to go? JESSE: Uh, guys? I've been reviewing Wendy's confession on Excellium.
You need to see this.
The blackouts are the worst.
Sometimes I wake up with blood and broken glass, and mud on my pants.
Once I woke up with a kitchen knife in my hand.
And I have no idea how it got there.
I guess when I'm under the influence, I'm capable of almost anything.
The knife story isn't true.
What? Wendy, why would you say that? Do you know how damaging this is? I know.
But you don't understand how these people operate.
No, just wait.
They keep pushing for demons-even if there aren't any.
The darker the truth, the greater the reward.
So I found myself embellishing.
Okay okay.
Then you just tell me exactly what is true.
Look, there's something that I never told you.
When Camilla was little, and I was using, I came to one time.
And I saw bruises on her.
I mean, kids get bruises, right? I mean, that's normal.
Yeah, but that's not what this looked like.
I don't know for sure.
But I think that they were from me.
Which is why I agreed that you would become her legal guardian.
Listen, Wendy.
I know all about the abuse that you suffered as a child.
And I want you to know that you are not your father.
But I am in one way.
I am.
Look, alcohol is like a toboggan for me.
Once I start, I can't stop.
I know.
But that still does not mean that you did this.
I know why I fell in love with you.
Because you never give up, do you? You know, I keep thinking about that weekend that we spent on Fogo Island.
Remember? Yeah.
Those were good days.
I'm just so grateful that Camilla has you.
You remember the first time she saw you? What was she? Four years old? And her eyes lit up.
Like you were always meant to be her father.
If only it wasn't for your addiction, things could have been so different between us.
I don't understand how I slipped.
It's a disease.
It's the toughest one to beat.
But it was different.
I felt it.
It was like my inhibitions were gone.
Or that they were taken away from me.
Maybe they were.
SARAH: Actually, yeah.
Wendy's blood had high levels of hydrocodone, which is known to loosen inhibitions.
Which could have been what prompted her to drink and cause the spiral to begin.
If that brownie was laced with hydrocodone, none of this is Wendy's fault.
Well, it would absolve her of the drinking, but not of the murder.
That testimonial was pretty damning.
Maybe this will help.
Okay, you see these? These faint streaks? This is an alignment issue.
Now this is mostly due to some dirt on the drum.
But this flaw is unique to a specific printer.
Now this one here? This was allegedly from Diandra.
But this, came from Jay Piper.
CHARLIE: Rex, let's go.
JAY: This has to be a mistake.
Printer flaws are like fingerprints.
No two are the same.
Let me see.
This isn't from my manuscript.
What do you mean? It's a page of monthly tasks.
I swiped this from Excellium for research.
You can back this up? I've got a key.
I can tell you exactly where it is.
CHARLIE: Yeah, it's a match, alright.
(REX WHINING) What is it, buddy? Good find, partner.
Really? (KNOCKING) It's the police department! Everybody out of your rooms! Right now! You're lucky he's not here for drugs this time.
Your chance to shine, buddy.
(REX SNIFFING) Track it.
(REX SNIFFING) (BARKING) (BARKING) Good job, partner.
You found the crime scene.
CHARLIE: Let's just walk through this from the beginning, okay? So Diandra, she gets promoted to Level Three.
That's where she gets her new secret tasks.
One of which involves being locked in this room for an unknown length of time with the drug of choice.
Now she starts to pace, fighting her urges.
Eventually, she loses the battle and pops the pills.
And ultimately succumbs to an overdose.
Wait a second.
This is pine.
I think as she slid down the wall a sliver got lodged in her back.
This could be where her foot landed, crushed up against the bed frame like so, causing the post-mortem kink in her toe.
So when Diandra is found dead, Laura panics, and gets her goons to move the body to Wendy's house.
I bet they used her finger to unlock her phone.
It's a perfect way to stage the text messages.
Create a fake scenario? Stage it to look like Diandra was there for hours? And pin everything on Wendy Larson, the ultimate patsy? What do you think? I think we've got enough to bring these guys down.
Is there a problem, Detective? For you, yeah.
You're under arrest.
On what charge? Oh, let's see.
Obstruction of justice.
Indignity to a human body.
Let's throw conspiracy to commit murder on the table too, just because I'm feeling plucky.
You'll be hearing from my lawyers.
The judges that I know, they don't take it lightly when an attempt has been made on an officer's life.
You and I both know this won't stick.
Tell me.
Was it a thrill? Locking vulnerable people like Diandra up in rooms with enough drugs to kill themselves? I have a brand to protect.
Why would I threaten that with fatal doses? CHARLIE: Hey! How does it feel to be a hero? Well, I wouldn't go that far.
Stop being so modest.
The country's most secret cult just collapsed.
And you're the reason for it.
We got Laura Klume and her security team on multiple charges.
They're guilty of a massive cover-up.
And they deserve to go to jail.
Have a seat.
What can I do for you? I just had a few more questions about your partners in security.
Lars and Max.
I'm just dotting a few Is.
I'll do what I can.
I only worked with them for a short while.
So, just to be clear.
You say that you never saw the isolation chambers.
- Is that correct? - Right.
The vivid details in your brilliant article came from your girlfriend Diandra? Yes.
So here's what I don't understand.
Why would Diandra go so far as to describe every detail, but then stop short of telling you its location? Uh She was under strict orders not to give that up.
I believe you.
But here's the thing.
Rex doesn't.
And Rex is never wrong.
Lucky for me, I had something with your scent on it so Rex could do his thing.
And wouldn't you know it? Of all the rooms, the only room that Rex found your scent was the one where we now know Diandra was killed.
(BARKING) We can place you at the scene, Jay.
Are you sure there's nothing you want to tell me? Let me give it a stab.
You used Diandra.
And then you killed her.
- No.
- You never loved her.
Yes I did.
And you used her death to boost your own career! I loved her! She didn't love me! All I did was visit her.
I told her everything.
I told her I was going to expose the truth.
- No! Just no! - It's about us! Let me do my thing.
I wanted her to be in my life so she could share in the bounty! We were going to move to San Francisco.
That was her dream! So I did love her.
But when she chose Excellium, which I had done everything in my power to expose, I was floored.
And then what happened? Nothing.
I left.
That's not the whole story.
You came back and you brought something with you.
Rex found it in the garbage on the west side.
It has your fingerprints on it.
And traces of fentanyl from the pills you crushed inside it.
You may have gone with these good intentions.
But you clearly had a backup plan in place.
The author emerges as a hero.
Helps the police expose and take down a parasitic cult.
The same one, that was responsible for his own girlfriend's tragic demise.
You go ahead.
You convince yourself that this was about love, and that it was an accident.
Me? I'm going with greed, and premeditated murder.
How many of them were from you? Excuse me? Mom's presents.
The ones she got me for my birthday, for Christmas, for nailing the algebra tests.
How many of them were from you? Camilla.
Your mother loves you.
So much.
She just needs some help showing it sometimes.
(CAMILLA CRYING) Excuse me, Ms.
Larson? Your limo awaits.
Oh, hello.
Wait, you're driving? Yes! I passed the test today.
So buckle up! Okay! DONOVAN: Well, listen.
I hope you're all hungry.
Because there's a pizza party at our house tonight in honour of your 10 months sobriety.
We're going to catch up with you guys a little bit later.
Rex and I have something we've got to take care of.
- I'll see you guys soon.
- Okay, bud.
Okay, Mom, come on.
We did good with her, didn't we? We sure did.
Come on.
Um, Wendy? You didn't slip.
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