Hudson and Rex (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

The Rex Files

1 Now.
LONNY: Come on, come on! I got it.
I got it.
Just relax.
- It's coming.
- Go go go! It's like taking candy (ENGINE REVVING) from a baby! Woohoo! (SCREECHING TIRES) - Whoo-hoo-hoo! - (LAUGHING) Whoo! Whoah! Where did you learn to do that? YouTube! (LAUGHTER) Whoah! (SCREECHING TIRES) What the? Dude! Turn your lights on! - - (EERIE MUSIC) What the hell is this? I can't see! Dude! (ZAPPING) I can't see anything! - Pull over! - I can't! I can't! Nothing's working! (CRASH) - - (THEME MUSIC) (SIREN) CHARLIE: You picking up on something, pal? Let's have a look.
Let's go, Rex.
Detective Hudson.
What happened here? Head on collision with an electrical pole.
Not a happy start to my day.
Any fatalities? Passenger was dead on impact.
- Hmm.
- But the driver made it.
They took him to East Shore.
Did you get a name? Dante McGuire.
Looks like car theft.
You can see where they pulled the wires out and then manually jacked them together.
They were probably speeding away when they lost control of the vehicle.
Did the owner called it in yet? No.
But it's registered to a Shelley Whitby.
She's probably just waking up now to find it gone.
(REX BARKING) What is it, pal? (REX WHINING) Huh.
Everything okay? I'm not sure yet.
The circuitry is completely fried.
I've seen a lot of hot-wires go bad before.
But not like this.
Hey, Joe.
It's Charlie.
There's been a car crash at the corner of Hamilton and Cornwall.
- You okay? - It wasn't me.
It was a grey sedan registered to a Shelley Whitby.
Charlie, tell me what does this have to do with Major Crimes? I don't know yet.
But I have a hunch.
This crash took a life.
And the car's circuitry is totally fried.
Doesn't feel like a regular accident.
And Rex is picking up on something.
It's like we both have this hunch.
When you get hunches, I get nervous.
You've got 24 hours on this.
Make that 23.
Hey, can you have Jesse take a look at the mechanic's report as soon as he gets in? Yeah, sure thing.
Come on, pal.
Let's go.
We don't have a lot of time.
- - (THEME MUSIC) (BEEP) (CLICK) Don't look at me like that.
- I'm not finished yet.
- JESSE: Charlie.
I went over that mechanic's report like you asked.
Total destruction of the wiring harness.
Everything with an electrical current fried simultaneously- according to the analysis.
Any indication it was tampered with? Well, if it was a tampering job, then I would have been able to isolate the sabotaged components.
But the fuses blew at once.
Does the analysis offer any explanation? It offers one.
Lightning storm.
But it was a clear night.
I mean, here's a theory.
Electromagnetic pulse.
Yeah, exactly.
It's an intense burst of man-made electromagnetic energy that is designed to shut down electricity within a certain blast radius.
Sounds like science fiction.
It pretty much is.
The boss hasn't given me much time on this one.
So let's talk to Sarah.
Let the science expert decide, huh? Sure.
(REX WHINING) Buddy, I'd say you were right about this case being weird.
You earned it.
I'm so sorry.
But I can't do it.
Come on! But this one's going to be a fun one! And geek conundrums are your specialty.
I know.
But I promised Donovan I'd finish this high-profile case first.
Dead judge.
You know the drill.
Yeah, well I'll see your dead judge.
And I'll raise you strange phenomenon and a mysterious car crash.
Jesse thinks they're EMPs.
As in electromagnetic pulses? Wait no! No, I can't.
I made a promise.
And I'm already going to have to pull an all-nighter.
I'll leave you to it, then.
Rex and I are going to go see the crash survivor.
See if he can shed some light on this mystery.
Don't solve it without me.
Oh, we will.
CHARLIE: Don't worry.
He's friendly.
I'm Detective Hudson, SJPD.
Are you Dante McGuire? You drove your car into an electrical pole? It was an accident.
What were you doing in that car in the first place? It was clearly hot-wired.
I didn't steal it.
I bought the car with my ex.
Paid half for it.
It was just stupidly registered in her name.
After we broke up, she basically held it hostage.
I was just borrowing it.
At 3 AM? With, judging by the marks on the door, a slim jim? Looks more like you were making a speedy getaway.
I wasn't speeding.
Not when we crashed.
I remember because I was nearly hit by an oncoming car just before.
He was driving with his lights off.
I swerved and just barely missed him.
But it freaked me out.
And I slowed way down.
Then what happened? You're not going to believe me.
I know this is going to sound weird, but- There was this- There was this light, this This bluish light.
It completely blinded me.
Another oncoming car? No.
No, it was- It was coming from the sky.
The car shut down completely.
I couldn't move it at all.
I couldn't move anything.
And the next thing I remember was coming out of the wreck.
Lonny I'm sorry about your friend.
What would you say if I told you that when the motor was fried- the driver saw a strange bluish light? Really? There has been a lot of online buzz lately, specifically about lights in the sky.
And they're being described as blue.
Coming from who? A guy.
What guy? Aliens.
I know when we last worked together, you had some doubts about the phenomenon I had reported on my Haunted Truth website.
But, I've been tracking the light sightings for some time.
And I'm convinced- that they are extra-terrestrial in origin.
- Okay thanks for your time, Tyler.
- Whoah whoah whoah.
I've been in contact with each and every eye witness who posted about the sightings.
Was one of those witnesses Dante McGuire? Yeah.
I caught up with him at the hospital.
And-he says the same thing as all the others.
That he saw a bluish, blinding light in the sky.
And there's other phenomenon, too.
Dogs behaving weirdly.
Jewelry tingling.
And, oh.
One of the eye witnesses, gave me this.
Says he found it at the location of one of the sightings.
What is it? Great question.
But it's a bit like a lot of things, but not exactly like anything I've ever seen before.
Could this be one of those EMP devices? EMP? Like what they used to fight the Sentinels after they attacked the Nebuchadnezzar - in the Matrix movie? - Exactly.
Or what the Mjolnirs use against the Sentinels during the Battle of Zion in The Matrix Reloaded.
That's interesting, although The battle you're referencing actually happened in The Matrix Revolutions.
- That is so embarrassing.
- Okay.
CHARLIE: Focus, guys.
Could this be from an EMP device or not? In all honesty, I have no idea.
JESSE: Actually You know what? There's a local guy who's leading the charge on electromagnetic pulses.
Graham Pry.
He's also published a few papers on EMPs.
Alright, let's pay him a visit.
Tyler, I'm going to borrow this.
Oh, um CHARLIE: Rex, let's go.
TYLER: Sure, yeah.
CHARLIE: So what do you think, Mr.
Pry? Technically, it looks like some kind of capacitor.
But I can't say I've ever come across one quite like it.
What's different about it? First of all, it's crude and unrefined.
Not the kind you'd find on store shelves.
Secondly, the voltage breakdown is higher than any I've ever seen on a capacitor of this size.
Could you buy these components in a store? And then maybe it was somehow modified? Anything is possible if you're clever enough.
(CRASH) Please be careful.
This is years of research.
He's incorrigible.
Quit snooping around.
Rex, get over here.
(REX WHINING) May I ask where this came from? It was found at the site of unusual light events.
May have played a role in a recent fatal car crash.
Oh my.
JESSE: Do you think that this capacitor could be part of some kind of EMP device? I've never seen a capacitor that could withstand the voltage of an EMP's intensity without short-circuiting.
But like I said-anything's possible.
(DOOR OPENING) So sorry to interrupt.
Hon, help.
I'm super-late.
And I look like a dork in these glasses.
Do you know where my contact lens solution is? You look fine.
I promised my girlfriend Fiona a ride to work.
Unless there's anything else? That's fine.
Thanks for your time.
GRAHAM: I'll bring the car out front.
Ready for this? (BARKING) - Yeah? - (BARKING) Last time was just bad luck.
Here we go.
Don't worry about it.
You'll get it next time.
(PHONE BUZZING) Don't tell me you're still at work.
Oh, yeah.
Time got away from me.
But I found something that I think you might find interesting.
It's about that capacitor.
Yeah? It occurred to me that if Pry didn't even know about it, then perhaps it's a new invention.
That's assuming it's not extra-terrestrial.
Ah, yeah.
I ran down a list of scientific intellectual properties that had patents issued over the past year.
I spent the last five and half hours scouring it.
I'm a little loopy.
But, I came across our capacitor.
It was patented about three months ago.
To? Wouldn't you know it? Graham Pry.
And if he's lying about that What else did he lie about? Come on, buddy We've got to go see a man about a capacitor.
(SCREECHING TIRES) God! Can no one drive in this town? Let's go, buddy.
I'm fine.
Come on, pal.
(SIRENS) Any word on what happened? We're still documenting the debris field.
But it's unlikely that the explosion was an accident from within the shed.
How can you be certain? Well, the force of the blast, which was instantly fatal.
Poor guy didn't stand a chance.
Now, if the victim caused the explosion from inside the shed, all the windows would have blown out.
Like this one.
See the remnants of broken glass? However, that window over there What do you notice? No broken glass.
That one was broken inward.
You're a quick study.
So somebody launched some kind of a bomb through that window, and took off before it detonated, killing Pry inside.
Yeah, that's my guess.
You didn't happen to hear anything unusual? No.
But I can't say the same for Rex.
He picked up on something.
If he hadn't, I'd probably be lying here too.
What is it, pal? (SIREN) Give.
- Do you mind if I take this? - Be my guest.
I've got more than enough for my analysis.
MAN: Excuse me, Commissioner.
(SIREN) Hey.
Hey! - Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Just a couple of scratches.
Uh-you're cleaning up! Is that good news? Just closed the dead judge file.
And for the first time in forever I have nothing on my plate.
Well then, maybe this is the perfect time to, show you this.
And there go my plans for a work-free evening.
Buy you lunch tomorrow? Doesn't this stuff usually go to the forensics fire guys? They have too much to process.
And with Pry's murder, Donovan caved.
Now, this is Major Crimes.
Also, Rex sniffed this one out himself.
And, well, you know The fire guys are good.
But they're not, Sarah Truong good.
You had me at I'll buy you lunch.
No need to keep working it.
Oh, I'll have the Bento Box D, extra wasabi.
I know! Rex.
So what have we got so far? Dante McGuire's car broke down after witnessing blue lights in the sky.
At a previous light sighting, an eyewitness found what appears to be the capacitor patented to Graham Pry.
Who lied, saying he knew nothing about it.
And now Pry's dead.
Wait, did the phone records turn up anything? Well, he made a call after Charlie and I left his place.
I traced the phone.
But it was deactivated.
What if Pry was developing a new powerful EMP jammer? And the car incident took place during the testing? As in the test accidentally knocked out Dante's car, which in turn caused the accident? Manslaughter is a good reason to lie, right? Well, it doesn't explain his own death, and the bombing of his work shed.
Let me check in with the girlfriend.
See if he had any enemies.
In the meantime, I'm going to swing by Tyler's to see if he's found anything else.
Seriously? Yeah, I want to look into the light sightings.
And besides, he gave us that capacitor.
Might not be alien.
But it could be helpful, right? Okay.
- Oh - Yeah? May the force be with you.
No, that's not how you Forget it.
CHARLIE: I'm sorry for your loss, Fiona.
I used to joke, that Graham would, end up blowing himself up one day.
I just, I never, actually thought it would happen.
We have reason to believe that may not have been Graham's doing.
How do you mean? Well, we're still trying to figure that out, but Do you have any idea who may have wanted to harm him? Probably? He was a bit of an electrical engineering superstar.
He was always hyper-paranoid about his designs leaking.
Is that very common? I guess.
That's why he quit academia and moved his workspace to the shed.
He liked the privacy.
And is there any specific person that you can think of who wanted to do him harm? Honestly, I- it's just not my scene.
But for the most part, Graham was well-liked.
And what about you? Where were you last night around 10:30 when the explosion took place? At work.
I took the late night shift.
Five to midnight.
I'd be happy to put you in touch with my employers.
I'd appreciate that.
One last thing.
At the time of the explosion, I was going back to talk to Graham about this.
He claimed that he didn't recognize it.
But it was his own patent for a capacitor.
Why would he lie about that? I couldn't tell you.
It's just wires and junk to me.
I just wish he never started with this stuff.
I don't want to be without you, babe I don't want to sleep without you no TYLER: The sightings seem completely random.
You know, at first, I thought aircraft.
But the lights don't match up with any published flight patterns.
Okay, here's something interesting.
The lightings seem to coincide with two things, complaints of dogs barking Very common in situations like this.
And reports of power outages whenever the blue lights have appeared.
- Huh.
- Buildings nearby go dark.
That is interesting.
I checked with the electrical company's records.
And there are no malfunctions-no rolling blackouts, no unusual weather that would coincide with any of these sightings.
That makes your EMP jammer theory that much more plausible.
Hey Tyler, do you have a map? Yeah, why? Well I think that maybe we can find a pattern.
Let's go through it, one by one.
You got the co-ordinates to the very first sighting? Yeah, uh Okay.
47 North.
52 West.
Okay, 47 North.
52 West.
Right there.
I got your text.
You move fast.
Like you said Geek conundrums are my specialty.
So I managed to put together a partial recreation using the fragments Rex identified at the blast site.
My hunch is that it's a drone.
But I don't know what this part would be for.
Now What's interesting is these fragments were completely saturated in nitro-glycerine- which makes this the likely delivery system.
Someone flew a bomb-carrying drone into Graham Pry's window.
Pretty much.
You have Rex to thank for having found those fragments.
Oh, and see this? Barely.
Looks like it's been scratched out.
It's a serial number.
And I was able to lift it and trace it to AHD Technology.
Got the belt like a king Heavyweight champion of the whole damn thing, y'all Full of gas Full of spin Jekyll and Hyde are the evil twin I don't know.
It looks like it could be part of the Mavic 2.
Except these parts here don't match the Mav- or any of the models we sell.
It's pretty cool though.
Um What about this? WOMAN: Good question.
Looks like some kind of stabilizer or something.
MAN: Oh wow.
Yeah, that's awesome.
Has anyone purchased this model of drone recently? Yeah, we've sold a few.
I can put a list of names together for you.
That'd be great.
I'd appreciate that.
Oh, one last thing.
Do either of you know Graham Pry? I don't.
- Isn't he that EMP guy? - Yeah.
I've read one of his research papers.
Like, I don't know him personally, but I'm a fan.
Let me go get that list of names for you.
Thank you.
I cross-checked the names of everyone who bought a Mavic 2 from AHD Tech, but- Couldn't find any connection to Pry.
So if a drone was used to fly a bomb into Pry's shed, with the intent to kill him, then, perhaps a similar drone was used to fly an EMP jammer over Dante's car.
What I don't get, is these lights in the sky.
They've been described as blinding.
When was the last time you've heard a drone - described as blinding? - CHARLIE: Even if somebody was able to rig a spotlight- I mean, it would only go so far.
And why is it always blue? JESSE: I don't know about the colour.
But I did manage to find some intriguing patterns associated with them.
Cross-referencing the city's call centre showed there were power outages at every single sighting, as well as complaints of dogs barking.
(BARKING) - No, I didn't mean you.
- (REX WHINES) CHARLIE: No, actually.
That's in line with Rex's reaction.
He went crazy minutes before the explosion.
JESSE: Well, the power outages did allow me to determine the radius of the EMP attacks.
So the first one cut power to a house right here.
The second one, a store, here.
A third, a few homes here, here, and here.
And the last, a city block.
So the targets are getting bigger.
DONOVAN: But aside from the car accident, there were no other crimes associated with the power outages.
JESSE: Well, I mean, I'm assuming that the car accident was just that, an accident.
And these EMP attacks are escalating as if they're growing its power until it reaches the size that it'll do what they need.
It's like these attacks are just- just practice runs for something bigger.
CHARLIE: And if that's the case- what's their endgame? All this work must be leading to some kind of a payoff.
And how does Pry's murder factor into all of this? Burning the midnight oil? It all comes down to two questions.
What was Graham Pry's role? - And why did he lie? - How about, what the hell do those blue lights mean? Okay, three.
Well, I'll tell you Staring at this map all night is not going to make anything clearer.
We'll retrace our steps in the morning.
Walk through everything from the beginning.
In the meantime- you go home and you get yourself some rest, Hudson.
That's an order.
You too, Rex.
TYLER: If these power outages are any indication, they seem to be ramping up.
Over this past week there's been a power outage every night.
The progression seems to suggest we can expect one tonight! Here, take a look at this.
I cross-referenced the sightings using the city's electrical grid.
And so far-none of these have occurred in the same zone twice.
Possibly to avoid attracting too much attention? Spread the wealth, so to speak? Yeah, maybe.
But whatever the reason, assuming it's intentional- there's only two areas it hasn't hit.
Which means their most likely target area tonight is one of these two zones.
Detective Hudson.
How are you feeling? Pretty good, actually.
Things are better.
I'm just here with Shelley, you know? Just hanging out.
Glad to be back together again.
Good for you.
That oncoming car that narrowly missed you.
You said that it had its headlights off.
Yeah, that's why I couldn't see it.
But you still had control of your vehicle at the time.
It was a few seconds later when everything just shut down.
Did you happen to see the oncoming car? Did it have any identifying traits? Yeah.
Like, red tape on a light.
I thought that was pretty weird.
(SCREECHING TIRES) Hey! Hey! Was it by chance a dark grey four by four? Yeah, how did you know? Call Jesse.
(CAR PHONE RINGING) This is Jesse.
The oncoming car that Dante almost hit It was a grey four by four with red duct tape on one of the front lights.
It's the same car that cut me off on the way to Pry's minutes before the explosion.
Coincidence? I don't believe in coincidences.
Oh, and Also, Tyler and I narrowed two possible zones for the next EMP attack.
We split up to see if we could catch one in action.
Wait, you split up? Yeah.
Why? Is that a bad thing? Jesse, this isn't a sci-fi movie.
We're dealing with murderers, here.
Where's Tyler? He's headed to the waterfront.
Okay, well I'll find Tyler.
In the meantime, you keep your eyes open for a grey four by four.
And be careful.
Call it in.
And keep your distance.
- They're dangerous.
- Okay.
Will do.
Alright, what's up, Haunted Truthers? It's 10:44 PM.
And I'm coming at you from the waterfront- where I'm hoping to get first-hand video evidence of the mysterious blue lights which have been sighted around the city.
(DOGS BARKING) Hear that? Dogs.
And barking dogs are thought to be closely associated with the phenomenon.
My running theory right now is that the UFOs are putting out high frequency waves, which are present but are only detectable by dogs.
I mean, think about it.
Some time in the future, dogs might be our first line of defence against the inevitable alien invasion.
(DOGS BARKING) (DOGS BARKING) I'm expecting to see a blue light any second now.
(DOGS BARKING) I'm just following the sound of the dogs, trying to figure out what's setting them off.
(DOGS BARKING) Judging by the volume alone, I think I'm close.
But I have no idea.
(ZAPPING NOISE) Holy Truthers, you've got to take a look at (BUZZING) Whoah whoah! No don't! Tyler! What have you got, buddy? - (REX SNIFFING) - (REX WHINING) What is it? Tyler's phone.
DONOVAN: I've got crews out scouring the city.
But there's no sign of Tyler yet.
I checked the CCTV feeds.
But the EMP or whatever it was that fried everything with an electrical current knocked out any pertinent footage.
God, I don't know what I was thinking.
I shouldn't have let Tyler go alone.
CHARLIE: Hey Tyler has a knack of popping up in dicey situations, okay? - Yeah.
- We'll find him.
You have anything on that grey SUV? Yeah.
I ran down a list of owners.
But without a license or even a partial license, it would just take a significant amount of time to get through.
I'll put an APB out on that vehicle.
Was Tyler in contact with anyone before you two headed out? Not that I know of.
And I've checked with all of his friends.
An all-nighter, huh? Why do I always miss the cool stuff? It's not cool.
Tyler Holden is missing.
- What? - DONOVAN: Yeah.
What can I do to help? We've done all we can.
Only thing left to do is wait.
It's just like me and that dead judge case.
We weren't getting anywhere, either.
Yeah, how did you solve that? It turns out, there was a fingerprint we missed.
We didn't find it until on a whim, we went back to our very first piece of evidence.
When all else fails, go back to the beginning.
Hey, Jesse.
Do you still have that key for the Haunted Truthers' headquarters? CHARLIE: You said that the attacks increased in size until they reached the length of an entire city block.
Yeah, that was right here.
And based on our projections, the next strike is likely I'm not interested in the next strike.
I'm interested in the earlier ones.
I want to take this back to the beginning.
Well, Tyler logged it all.
I mean, this thing-goes back months.
(REX WHINES) Okay, well here we have the very first witness.
- Well, that's interesting.
- He was microwaving dinner in his basement apartment when he noticed a blue light that seemed to be coming from outside his window.
Everyone else references blue lights in the sky.
These ones sound like they were fairly close to the ground.
Because our guy was fine tuning his device.
Considering how bright it apparently is, maybe the light wasn't outside But actually coming from inside his neighbour's basement.
You think you can figure out who the next door neighbour is? You think you can give me twenty five seconds? Andrew Sullivan.
Mean anything to you? Yeah, it does.
He's one of the employees at AHD Tech.
Lives at 84 Forest Road.
Rex, let's go.
Hey, Joe.
How quick do you think you can get me a warrant? (KNOCKING) Andrew Sullivan! Open up! ANDREW: Can I help you? SJPD! Open the door! Just let me put on some pants! Open the door now or I'm coming in! Rex! (SCREECHING TIRES) Rex! (REX WHINES) (REX BARKING) (ZAPPING) (BUZZING) You've got to be kidding me! - (CLICK CLICK) - (BARKING) - (CLICK) - (BUZZING) - (CLICK CLICK) - Come on! - (CLICK CLICK) - I know! I know! (BUZZING) Aghh! Ughh! (BUZZING) Coming through! Agh! (BUZZING) Agh! Aghh! (BUZZING) Stop! Police! Rex! Catch! (SCREECHING TIRES) CHARLIE: Hey, Joe.
Anything yet? DONOVAN: Yeah, I've got Jesse studying all CCTV footage in the area.
And I've got a team on the ground searching for the pickup truck.
You got no eyes on the driver at all? No, they were too far away.
In that case, who is Andrew working with? OFFICER: Detective.
You might want to see this.
Hey Joe.
I've got to go.
What have you got? Aluminum powder- nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide- Just your standard bomb-making materials.
What have you got, bud? I think I recognize these glasses.
They belong to Graham Pry's girlfriend, Fiona.
JESSE: Ding ding ding.
I did some digging on Fiona's bank statements.
And she may have been living with Graham.
But she was paying mortgage at a different property, a cottage just outside of town.
590 Maddox Cove Road.
(BARKING) What is it that you're picking up, pal? That's the four by four.
Easy, buddy.
Mmphh! Mmphh!! Tyler! - Mmphh!! - (BARKING) Sorry about this.
Ahhh! Detective! I was taken by a man and a woman! Look, whatever these guys are up to, it's going down tonight! They're calling it their big payday! Walk me through this one more time.
After Andrew threw you in the back of his car- We drove for a while.
I never saw his partner though.
- Fiona.
- Right.
But I overheard bits of conversation they had over the phone.
SARAH: Other than, something happening tonight, did you get anything else? A location? A target? You know, they did say the words Liberty Star more than once.
Liberty Star? What does that mean? Well, since you asked And this is all pure conjecture.
But hear me out.
To me, Liberty Star could refer to, a spaceship.
I know it sounds far-fetched.
But what if they're in league with an extraterrestrial race, that want to knock out the power grid? I really do think this is worth looking into.
DONOVAN: Absolutely not.
Have you found anything at any of the houses? Actually, yeah.
I went over the evidence from Andrew's.
And Do you mind? Yeah, thanks.
Okay, so- There is an eight block radius highlighted.
And I mean.
It is consistent with our map.
DONOVAN: Well that's significantly larger than anything we've seen to date.
Do you think they have the capacity? TYLER: That depends on which type of alien we're talking.
DONOVAN: Enough.
There are three banks within this zone.
Do you think it could it be a heist? Well I need uniforms on each of those banks.
Wait wait wait a second.
Is The Soho in this radius? FIONA: So sorry to interrupt.
So sorry to interrupt.
I'm super late.
And I look like a dork in these.
Do you know where my contact lens solution is? That's where Fiona works.
Anything happening there? Well, The Soho is a members-only club.
It's a place where people eat and drink and hobnob.
I can't imagine anything of any value being there.
Wait a minute.
They're hosting an event there tomorrow night.
It's a coin show.
The big draw here is a coin valued at over six million dollars.
The Liberty Star Nickel.
A coin? - Damn it! - A coin.
Let's go.
Okay buddy, find.
(BUZZING) (BUZZING) Drop the remote, Andrew! Uh! Rex! Catch! You're not going to get very far! Ugh! Ughh! Good job, pal.
A little practice goes a long way.
Come on.
Now where's Fiona? (BARKING) CHARLIE: Look on the bright side.
Since we caught you before your coin heist, you're not being charged with theft.
Something tells me that's not the only charge.
Well, let's start with your partner.
Him we have for manslaughter in the death of Lonnie Raskin.
And first degree murder in the death of Graham Pry, the man you called your boyfriend.
Now you-we have you for a few other things that we're, trying to figure out, including your involvement in the deaths.
The first one was an accident.
The, the second one, I don't know.
Andrew said that he would take care of the Graham problem.
I thought just meant talk to him.
And by Graham problem- you mean he discovered what you were doing and wanted to shut you down? He never would have found out had you not told him about the accident.
There's something I don't understand, Fiona.
You see Andrew told me that Graham knew that you were using his tech for theft.
So? So It's doubtful he'd call the cops.
And then I'm just wondering Was that the real reason that the bomb was flown through his window? I don't know what you mean.
That's interesting.
Because Andrew also mentioned to me that you designed a brilliant capacitor in Tech Club.
Didn't you? Back in your university days? In fact, it was so brilliant that that's the reason why Graham's high-powered EMP device even works.
And he patented that under his name alone.
He said, that it would benefit both of us in the long run, because he could bring more attention to it.
He promised me that he would tell the world how much I had to do with it.
Ah-but he didn't.
He took credit for the whole thing.
He took all the credit.
And now all future earnings go only to him.
I was not going to let him steal from me again.
That's why I told Andrew to take care of the problem and get to the I thought, it was Andrew who volunteered to take care of the problem? I want to speak to my lawyer.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
JESSE: Okay, so the drone was not only equipped with the EMP jammer- but also a laser scanner that identifies the target, rendering the jammer directional.
Yeah, it's how they maintained the integrity of the drone while releasing the pulse.
You guys are playing with the evidence again.
Yeah, there's more.
Tell him, Jesse! Right, right.
So the drone is also equipped with stabilizers that offset the power emitted by the pulse.
SARAH: And these stabilizers use compressed air, which accounts for the high-frequency wave that the dogs were picking up on.
You guys are really in your element over here, huh? - Well - TYLER: Yeah, she's a beaut.
- No doubt about it.
- Yeah.
TYLER: I mean-considering how advanced this tech is- there's no wonder why I thought this thing was alien in origin.
I mean, it's a completely understandable mistake.
Right? Rex, let's go.
The truth is out there, Detective Hudson.
You've just got to look up! You're barking up the wrong tree, pal.
Oh, look at this! CHARLIE: Good night, guys! Rex, you going to stay with the drone? Or do you want pizza?
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