Hudson and Rex (2019) s02e13 Episode Script

In Pod We Trust

Calling out to all my Dick Traceys and Nancy Drews.
It's time for another episode of St.
John's most explosive true crime podcast.
I'm Phoebe Spring.
And this is Under the Rock.
Tonight, we're going to continue our deep dive into one of the SJPD's most controversial cases the MacLennan Murder.
Let's recap.
20 years ago, high on Signal Hill police officer Jonas MacLennan fell to his death.
His body was found with defensive wounds from a knife across his palms.
His death shook the SJPD to their core.
It was quickly ruled a homicide.
And a manhunt began.
The victim, Jonas, was the youngest member of St.
John's oldest police family.
His father is former Police Chief, Mac Bulldog MacLennan.
Now Let's fast forward.
Today A man was released from prison.
Romeo Green, a small time drug dealer, was convicted of the murder.
He was paroled earlier today after serving 20 years.
But our story doesn't end there.
Many people believe that Romeo was framed.
His only crime being young and black at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Tonight it's time for the mystery guest that I've been teasing all week long.
Ty MacLennan, a police officer and the older brother of the victim, has asked to speak with me live on the anniversary of his younger brother's murder.
He's just texted me that he's waiting for my call.
And he promises to reveal shocking information about what really happened on that night 20 years ago.
I'm calling Ty's number right now.
Is that who I think is this? It's Ty MacLennan.
Jonas MacLennan's brother from the MacLennan Murder? Yeah.
He fell from the top hill.
Just like Jonas.
That's a pretty big coincidence.
Two brothers ending up dead on the same rocks.
You think he was pushed too? I won't know until I get up there.
But based on the body's rigor time of death is between 9:00 and midnight.
That's when he was supposed to be talking to Phoebe Spring.
From Under the Rock? Yeah.
I didn't take you for a podcast fan.
What do you think? It could have also been a suicide.
Maybe a copycat killer.
That is possible.
Or maybe he had a few, he slipped hit everything on the way down.
The podcast said that he was a bit of a drinker.
Rex! How did he get up there? That dog is a ninja.
What have you got, partner? We'll take it from here, thanks.
Good job, Rex.
Two sets of tracks.
But only one leaves the scene.
So he could've been pushed off the cliff.
Hey, Sarah.
Do you recognize that woman over there? No, she's not part of my team.
But she's in a forensics jacket? Hey! Excuse me! Rex! You know what to do.
Come on! Hey! I need you to turn around! Now! Phoebe Spring! Mac! You need to calm down! My son is dead! You know who's responsible! We do not know that Romeo was involved.
He killed my first boy.
Now he took my second.
If you won't stop him, I will.
He threatened what? To take down Romeo himself.
Do we need to be concerned? Chief MacLennan has a nasty rep.
No, I think it's just the grief talking.
To lose a child is any parent's worst nightmare.
But to lose two? Okay, board's up, boss.
I remember that photo like it was taken yesterday.
This is Mac MacLennan and his two sons.
And Jonas.
Under the Rock said that they were one of St.
John's oldest cop families.
And most infamous now that both brothers were murdered on Signal Hill.
Is that the man who was charged for the first MacLennan murder? Yes.
Romeo was paroled yesterday after serving 20 years for Jonas's murder.
He was released into his brother Monty's supervision.
Why would anyone want to murder Ty? I mean, wasn't he just some sad desk cop who worked in Archives? No, not always.
He used to be a beat cop.
He was resentful that his younger brother was promoted to detective before him.
Police brutality, witness intimidation, harassment.
Good thing Ty wasn't promoted.
Yeah, he definitely had the MacLennan temper.
It got worse after Jonas was murdered.
He would pick fights.
Show up to work drunk.
He was turfed to Archives.
The Bulldog wanted to keep his pup out of sight.
Yeah, but Jonas Jonas was different.
He was a good cop.
You know, with him, it was like the badge was about something higher.
We were really shocked when he was murdered.
So we have very different brothers with the same murder profile.
Not quite.
In her podcast Phoebe said Jonas had defense wounds on his hands.
I didn't find any on Ty this morning.
Do you think it's possible that Mac is right? That Romeo murdered Ty for revenge? Maybe.
But one thing is certain.
These two cases have more in common than just the victims' shared DNA.
Jesse, you mind bringing up the original case files from 20 years ago? There might be some leads in there that relate to last night's murder.
I'm on it.
One second.
Here's the thing.
These files haven't been digitized yet.
And it usually happens when the files are really, really old.
And these are super old.
Like ancient.
They're very historical, really.
So I just I'm going to put a request in with Vicky Gumble, the chief archivist.
No, I think you've just bought yourself a one-way ticket to those ancient archives, Jesse.
You know, I'll meet you there.
First, I'm going to find out why Spring came early to our crime scene.
You want to tell me what you were doing contaminating my crime scene? A fan tweeted that the SJPD was up there.
Hi boys.
So I went to make sure you didn't bury the truth again.
Please have a seat.
Truth about what? That Romeo Green did not kill Jonas MacLennan.
Well, I'm investigating who killed his brother.
It's all connected.
Someone killed Ty just before he could tell me what happened that night.
Any idea what Ty was going to say? My source suggests that the SJPD buried evidence that Romeo was actually a police informant working with Jonas.
They pinned Jonas's murder on Romeo.
Made it look like a drug bust gone wrong.
So maybe Ty knew who did it.
Does your source have any proof to back this up? I have to keep them anonymous- for their protection.
But there is someone who might.
I'm listening.
Back when Romeo Green was first arrested- an Officer Young gave an interview to MacNay's Magazine.
Officer Young also believed that Romeo was a police informant.
But then Young was railroaded by the SJPD.
The name Young is a pseudonym.
And the magazine won't give up the source.
Any leads into Young's real identity? Not yet.
But find them and we might find the truth.
You were on the force when they brought Romeo in.
You ever hear of an Officer Young? Mac made sure we all heard about Officer Young.
Yeah, it took a long time before people around here started trusting each other again.
But if this Officer Young thought there was a cover-up, they did the right thing by speaking up.
I'm sure they thought so.
But they were never able to find any evidence to support the theory, so- Don't go chasing ghosts, Charlie.
Come on, pal.
Well, this feels like the exact opposite of Christmas.
I know.
But it's our best chance of finding a connection between the two brothers' murders.
Everything from the original MacLennan Murder is in that box- from '95.
You can't be serious.
Paper? Yeah! Well, pretend like you're Indiana Jones, and you're - Really? - Hunting for lost treasure.
Well, they probably have the Ark of the Covenant down here.
In Locker 66-C.
So you're the ones stuck with poor Ty's murder.
A lot cuter than I expected, I'm happy to say.
Vicky Gumble.
Head Archivist.
Ah, nice to put a face to the name at the bottom of all my file requests.
I'm Detective Hudson.
And this is Jesse.
Tech Analyst extraordinaire.
Honey, I'm afraid you won't find any Control-Alt-Delete down here.
We're a strictly vintage operation.
Yeah, it's kind of got that library vibe.
- Jesse.
- Yeah, well.
You know, life in the stacks wasn't for Ty either.
Mac stuck him in here with me after we got that last complaint about him.
And I did my best for the boy.
But I mean, Mac gave me my first job.
I owed him at least that.
It seems like some of the files are missing.
Really? Well.
Files get marked for digitization.
And well, things get lost in the transfer.
Any way we can track them down? Rex is pretty good with finding things.
Oh, no thanks.
Karl is my back-up.
If you're ever looking for anything- come and find me Hey, Charlie.
It says here that Romeo was convicted because his switchblade was found in the victim's hand.
He must have grabbed it before falling.
His boot treads were also found at the scene.
Boot treads.
That reminds me of something.
Thanks, Jesse.
Hey, Sarah.
Are you pulling anything from those tracks this morning? Yeah, the tread pattern is a match for a standard, prison-issue sneaker.
Same kind of prison-issue sneaker that Romeo Green wore for the last 20 years? The exact same kind.
And I still need to compare the cast taken from Ty's murder with the original boot casts from Jonas's murder.
And Ty's autopsy? Anything there? Tox screen came back clean.
I mean, Ty's liver was plenty used, but not recently.
And his X-rays showed signs of a cylindrical shaped wound on the back of his head that was not consistent with the bruising from the fall.
So he might have been hit before he fell? Yeah, it looks that way.
I appreciate your rushing this, Sarah.
Yeah, no problem.
I know how Rex gets when he's antsy.
See what you can find on Romeo being an informant.
Sounds like I'll have more fun in the archives! - Hey, Charlie.
- Yeah.
I'm coming with you.
- That's okay.
- Rex and I got this.
No no no.
It's not you I'm worried about.
It's them.
Do your jobs! Do your jobs! Do your jobs! Phoebe tweeted.
And they showed up.
Do your jobs! Do your jobs! Do your jobs! Do your jobs! We have to be really, really careful with the optics on this one.
Do your jobs! Do your jobs! Do your jobs! Do your jobs! Do your jobs! Do your jobs! - Do your jobs! - Camilla? What are you doing out of class? Making sure the SJPD doesn't frame an innocent man again.
Is it true? Is Romeo Green a suspect? I cannot discuss an open case with you, Camilla.
So Phoebe is right.
Do your jobs! Do your jobs! - Do your jobs! - Come on.
Let's drive.
Do your jobs! Do your jobs! Do your jobs! Romeo's brother is a lawyer.
He's a damn good one, too.
So we've got to play this by the letter.
Can't leave any room for loopholes.
Montgomery Green? Superintendent Joseph Donovan.
This is my detective, Charlie Hudson.
I was wondering when the cops would show.
Releasing the hounds is a bit much, no? Don't worry about it, pal.
Monty's just being funny.
Is your brother around? Not at the moment.
That's okay.
We'll wait.
Then show me your warrant.
Oh come on, Montgomery.
Romeo's on parole.
Spot checks, perfectly legit.
Why don't you take Rex out back? You got it.
Thank you.
You won't find anything.
I hope you're right.
Were you on the force when my brother was arrested? I was.
Did you believe that Romeo was guilty? That's what the evidence said.
But my brother was a small-time pot dealer.
Why would he kill a cop over a few joints? It makes no sense.
Your brother didn't unpack.
If you two are so tight why didn't he sleep here last night? If your brother broke curfew you have a duty to report it.
And if he had anything to do with Ty's death, you could be held as an accessory.
Saved by the bark.
I found this in your back yard.
I don't want to jump to any conclusions.
But it looks like blood.
So? It could be anyone's.
Except we took this sample from Ty's body this morning.
So Rex would have something to track.
And that's how he found it.
Is there anything you'd like to report? I am Phoebe Spring And this is Under the Rock.
Breaking news, True Detectives.
Romeo Green's brother and advocate, Monty Green, is being harassed by Newfoundland's finest.
Major Crimes is making a major mistake setting up Romeo again.
Are we getting anything back on the tire iron? The blood's a match to Ty.
And I've got a hit from the prints in the database.
It's Romeo Green.
Okay, thanks for the quick turnaround, Sarah.
You need to tell me where your brother Romeo is.
Or this becomes Obstruction of Justice.
I don't know where he is.
We got into a fight last night and he left.
What did you fight about? When Romeo came home from prison Phoebe was here.
She and I wanted to do an interview.
Spark more interest in the case.
So you could charge the force and make a killing? My brother deserves the chance to clear his name.
Look, I thought he'd take it that way too.
But Romeo stormed out.
He hasn't been home since.
I grabbed this from Romeo's knapsack- so Rex has something to track.
Come on, pal.
Get the scent.
Track Romeo.
My brother is innocent.
It's my fault why he didn't come home last night.
I wish that mattered.
Let's go, people! Chief! Got something.
Looks like Romeo's trail leads down here.
Let's go.
What is it, buddy? Joe.
Rex, go! He could be armed.
Call Rex back.
Everyone else stand down! Hold your position! Rex, come back! Romeo! It's Joe Donovan! I used to work the beat in your old neighbourhood! If you come out peacefully you'll be treated fairly! You have my word.
Why are you chasing me? I didn't do anything! Don't fall for it, Joe! He killed my son! I'm not going to let him get away with it! Put the gun down, Mac! Sorry, Joe.
Ugh! Ughh! Justice for Romeo! Justice for Romeo! Justice for Romeo! Dad! You're using Romeo as a scapegoat! You're the superintendent! You can stop this! Be the change we want to see! We'll talk about this at home.
No! I'm not coming home! I'll stay at Skye's tonight.
Justice for Romeo! Justice for Romeo! Justice for Romeo! I can take Mac down to booking if it's too awkward.
No, we've got his gun.
Just let him off with a warning.
Whoa whoa! A slap on the wrist? He just pulled a gun on a suspect.
I know! Hey hey! I know what he did, Charlie.
Okay? I don't appreciate you telling me how to do my job.
Justice for Romeo! Justice for Romeo! You wanted to see me? Yes, I want to be fully briefed on forensics before I interrogate Romeo.
I compared the cast of the tracks taken from Ty's murder with the cast taken from Jonas's murder.
The tracks from Ty's site had to have been made by someone other than Romeo.
The weight distribution is wrong.
- Wait - Romeo pronates.
His gait turns inward.
So had Romeo made the tracks at Ty's site the imprint would've been deeper along the inside of the foot.
Hold on.
But his fingerprints they were all over the tire iron.
It doesn't add up.
Unless he's being framed.
Camilla wants me to be the change that we want in the world.
You're a good cop.
- She knows that.
- Yeah.
Well, a good cop follows the evidence.
A good chief backs up his team.
But, I know that black men are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement.
It's just you can't win.
Sometimes- I think we get so caught up in how people see us and what we think that says about us that I don't know we forget to trust ourselves.
Am I interrupting? No.
Sorry I snapped earlier.
I was upset about Camilla.
Already forgotten.
Jesse found something in the archives.
Looks like Romeo was an informant.
Someone on the inside buried it.
Yeah, we've got to find this Officer Young.
They're the only one who went on record doubting Romeo's arrest.
Well, you can stop looking.
He's standing right here.
I'm Officer Young.
I went through this before.
Doesn't matter what I say.
Yes it does.
The last time you were charged, I was not Superintendent.
You think because we're black that makes us brothers? I was Officer Young.
I know.
I know it may seem like a cop-out because I used an alias.
But I was new to the force.
And it wasn't my case.
And the colour of my skin made it difficult for me to speak out and be heard.
So no, we may not be brothers.
But we're definitely kin.
You sound like Jonas.
He always went after the truth.
No matter the cost.
He was a good cop.
We all looked up to him.
I was his informant.
Jonas was investigating a new player on the drug scene.
I was his eyes and ears on the street.
The night he was killed- I went to get paid at our usual spot.
Top of Signal Hill.
Jonas said he couldn't use me anymore.
He thought his investigation was being interfered with.
He traced the source of the drugs.
Wait, to whom? Wouldn't say.
To protect me.
You don't believe me.
Romeo, I want to.
But your switchblade was found in his hand.
And his palm was shredded with defensive wounds.
I don't know how.
My knife was seized the first time I was arrested.
For possession.
Six months earlier.
Why didn't you say that before? I tried.
But I was a dealer accused of killing a cop's kid.
My name was being dragged through the mud.
But whatever I said my family paid the price.
This stops now! It's okay, Monty.
No, it's not okay.
It's not okay for you to talk to the police without a lawyer.
For you to have your words twisted around by the cops again! Are you charging him? No.
Then we're leaving.
Come on, Romeo.
Any luck tracking down that missing file- with the evidence from Jonas's murder? Nothing yet.
Ty left a real mess.
Well, you know, I did find something.
Ohhh! How cute are they? Before Ty was assigned down here, did Ty and Donovan ever work together? I wish.
Then maybe some of Donovan's work ethic might have rubbed off on Ty.
Yeah, I heard a lot of complaints about him.
Was he really that bad? I mean, he was the boss's kid, you know.
And he went around acting like the sun shone right out of his keester.
But I knew I knew how hard Mac was on him.
And that's why I was kind of soft on him here, you know? Not that it did him that much good, anyway, in the end.
You've got me misting up like a perp in a box.
Oh, that's okay.
You know, I'm usually the over-sharer of the group.
Well, if you get sick of punching away at those keys come and see me.
I don't know.
I keep wondering about Phoebe.
You check her alibi.
I want to know how she's always two steps ahead of us.
She's about to start a very special livestream.
Well maybe it's time we set up a very special interrogation.
Ready for work, Rex? Time for another chapter in the story of Romeo Green.
One man's battle with the St.
John's Police Department.
And for all my troops rallying outside of the SJPD today, I've got a treat for you.
A VIP guest.
Welcome, Detective Hudson.
Guys, he's on, he's on! Alright.
So I thought we could kick things off with a little game.
For every question of mine that Detective Hudson here answers, I'll answer one of his.
You sure you want to do this on air? Well I have nothing to hide.
Do you? Where were you on Monday between the hours of 9:00 and midnight? Oh, I was right here preparing for my livestream with Ty.
But your live stream was audio, not video.
So can anyone actually confirm that you were here? Tsk tsk tsk, Detective.
You can't jump your turn.
Do you actually believe that Romeo Green murdered Jonas MacLennan? Well, I tend to believe what the evidence tells me.
Did you go to Monty's that night and drop something off? No.
Are you suggesting that somebody planted evidence? I'm not suggesting anything.
I'm just asking a question.
Who's your anonymous source? I don't know.
That's what anonymous means.
What have you got, Rex? Ahh.
This whole interview was just a distraction so your dog could sniff around my house.
Very clever.
Too bad you don't have a warrant.
Rex's bark is all the probable cause I need.
There they are.
The missing files from Jonas's murder.
And from last night, Rex, you must have remembered the smell of the mud from Ty's murder scene.
My turn.
Were you wearing these the night that you killed Ty MacLennan? Free Phoebe! Free Phoebe! Free Phoebe! Free Phoebe! Free Phoebe! Free Phoebe! Free Phoebe! This is our third interview, Detective Hudson.
You know what happens on a third date, don't you? Yeah, I'm thinking about more like a third strike.
In here.
We found you at the scene of Ty's murder wearing an official forensics jacket.
Where did you get it? I bought it on the internet.
The same place that you got your fake ID badge that you used to sneak into the evidence archives? Nice try.
I don't have a fake ID badge.
No? Then how did you steal all the evidence? I didn't steal it! Somebody gave it to me.
Your podcast nearly tripled in viewership since last season.
Nearly quadrupled since Ty's murder! And you think I murdered Ty for ratings? That's a bit far-fetched.
Not if you used those ratings to land a major television deal.
If you listened to my podcast- then you should know I don't care about ratings.
And I don't care about fame.
- I care about justice.
- You know what I know? I know that we found a pair of prison sneakers and a box of evidence in your house.
Footprints from those same sneakers were found at the scene of Ty's murder.
The rubber on the outside of your boots.
It's been worn smooth.
Which means, you supinate when you walk.
Just like Ty's murderer.
You lifted Romeo's fingerprints from that box of evidence.
- No, I didn't.
- You made a mould.
You put it on the tire iron.
And then you planted it in Monty's house.
- You murdered Ty! - Listen! I might bend the rules! But that would never extend to murder! Then where did you get the box of evidence? Why lie about an anonymous source? I didn't make it up! The box is my source.
Families of victims often give me evidence to convince me to take a case.
But this is different! Those are police files pointing at cop corruption.
I understood why my source was trying to stay anonymous.
Look, if it's not the family of a victim, it's usually a cop with a conscience to clear.
Hey, Joe.
The protestors outside the station have almost doubled.
We're on the verge of a riot.
They'll get bored soon enough.
And move on to another issue to get worked up about.
SJPD found a box of case files at Phoebe Spring's studio.
Any idea how she got a hold of them? We caught a bunch of those podcast detectives lurking around outside the archives, trying to trick my guys into giving them classified case details.
We just got rid of them.
If I find that even one of your officers is exchanging bribes for evidence, that's on you, Vicky.
Did you see Phoebe? No! But look, Joe.
I'm not on the clock 24/7.
I want a list of everyone who had access to those files, Vicky.
- Everyone.
- Okay.
Hey hey hey.
I found the inventory of the weapons seized at Romeo's first arrest! His switchblade is on it.
Wait, so Romeo was telling the truth? He didn't have his switchblade the night of Jonas's murder? What if it was planted on Jonas to frame Romeo? The stolen evidence from 1995 was given to Phoebe.
Her anonymous source sounds like a cop.
What if it was Ty? What if he gave the files to Phoebe? Feeding her information for her podcast on police corruption? Vicky gave Jesse a list of everyone who had handled the case files.
Ty's name was on that list.
See, Ty was assigned to a different section.
But he swapped with another officer because he wanted to digitize Jonas's file off the record.
But if he was chasing a lead then why not come forward? Because it was the one person Ty couldn't turn in.
Hey, Mac.
I went through some old files.
And I pulled all of Jonas's old cases he was working on when he was murdered.
There were drug busts.
Court orders for the drugs' destruction.
But you and I know that they were never destroyed.
They were resold on the streets.
By your crew.
That's a load of crap! Where's your proof? Where's your proof? Your son Jonas was going to expose you.
You tried to bully him into keeping his mouth shut.
But he wouldn't play ball.
And you fought.
That's when things got out of hand.
I didn't kill my son! Which one, Mac? Ty knew that you killed Jonas.
That's why he leaked the evidence to Phoebe.
Then he turns up dead.
And Romeo gets framed! Arghhh! Ty fought Jonas.
He always had a bad temper.
But he didn't mean to kill his brother.
But you covered it up.
You framed an innocent man to keep your drug operation from being exposed.
I covered it up because I couldn't lose both my sons.
I got a tip that Romeo was asking too many questions.
I knew he was an informant.
So I had Ty tail him.
See who he was giving his information to.
Ty couldn't believe it was Jonas.
That he was about to sell out his own flesh and blood.
They fought.
Ughh! Ughh! Ughh! Uhhh! Huhh! Ohh! Ahhh! Ty called me, panicked.
I told him I'd take care of it.
I planted Romeo's switchblade.
Cut Jonas's hand to make it look like a defensive wound.
I didn't kill my son.
Either of them.
But I may as well have.
Ty wanted to come clean.
How do I know you didn't kill him to keep him quiet? You don't.
But If I did, I'd admit it.
I've got nothing left.
Mac claims he didn't kill Ty.
Well, isn't that what they all say? Did he point to anyone else as a suspect? Mac's not naming any names.
He refuses to cooperate.
Jesse's right.
Maybe he's not naming names because there is no one else.
He already helped cover up the murder of one son.
Is killing the other one really that much of a stretch? I don't know.
Call it police instinct, or parental intuition.
But I just don't feel like Mac's lying.
I don't think he killed Ty.
Right now, he's the only one with clear motive.
Well-what about Romeo? I mean-he was cleared for Jonas's murder.
But there's no proof he didn't kill Ty for revenge.
It wasn't Romeo.
The shoe print at Ty's crime scene didn't match.
But, his fingerprints were still on the tire iron.
Someone could have planted them.
Wait-how does that even work? Well, you take a high resolution photograph of the fingerprints.
And then you flip the image.
And print it out on transparent overhead paper.
Then you apply quick bonding glue to capture the raised fingerprints to create the mould.
So it has to be Mac then.
He admitted to stealing the evidence to frame Romeo - for Jonas's murder.
- No he didn't.
He admitted to planting the evidence.
But didn't reveal how he got access to it.
Because he didn't work alone.
After Jonas was murdered he would have needed an accomplice to get Romeo's knife out of lock-up And there's only one other person that had that kind of access to evidence.
Ohh! And if she helped to cover Jonas's murder, then she also has a pretty solid motive to keep Ty from talking.
Hello? Okay, pal.
If Vicky forged Romeo's fingerprints- she probably used this.
Track it.
You got something? Good nose, buddy.
I'm guessing this is a mould for Romeo's thumb print.
Thanks Officer, I'll take it from here.
Yes, sir.
You murdered Ty.
I wasn't going down for that family.
Not after what they did to me.
When Ty murdered Jonas, Mac threatened to pin his entire drug scheme on me if I didn't go along with the cover-up.
I kept Ty's secret for 20 years.
And suddenly he's going to come clean? On the air? When I heard Phoebe was jawing on about her special guest I had a hunch it was Ty.
I robbed a pair of prison sneakers in Romeo's size.
I followed Ty that night.
He said he couldn't keep lying about his brother's murder.
That the guilt was eating away at him.
I tried to make him listen.
He wouldn't.
And I was going to be arrested for trying to cover up a murder! It was him or me.
And it wasn't going to be me.
So you were right.
Romeo was an easy scapegoat because of the colour of his skin.
You know, I I suspected it back then.
But You know, at the time, everything felt like a test.
A test of who I was.
I was a black man.
I was a cop.
But by not fighting for Romeo, I feel like I let down every part of myself.
I can't even imagine how hard it must have been for you.
It still is, sometimes.
But I want you to know how proud I am of you.
How you always fight for what you believe in.
For justice.
Where do you think I got it from? Ty MacLennan, was going to confess live on air the night he was murdered.
But in case he lost his nerve, he recorded a mea culpa which arrived on my doorstep today.
So Here's the man, in his own words.
Ty: Okay, this is for the record.
And of my own free will.
My name is Ty MacLennan.
And I want to confess.
Well, I guess I want to confess to you, Jonas.
When I saw that you were Romeo's handler all I could think of was how our family would lose everything.
I couldn't see past what this would do to our father and the reputation he built.
I thought I had to protect him.
Dad wouldn't have survived if he was sent to prison.
Over time I've come to hate myself.
I was crooked.
And you were what a cop should be.
I was so lost, selling drugs for my father and framing an innocent man, because I killed my brother.
I'm sorry, Jonas.
I'm proud of you.
I'm proud of who you were.
Forgive me.
Our tears belong to Romeo Green.
An innocent kid who lost 20 years, stolen from him by a wrongful conviction.
But with the help of his brother Monty and a large donation from the Police Association- Romeo is starting Project Right the Wrong, a pro-Bono legal aid for the wrongfully convicted.
And that is the measure of these men.
Well, friends.
That's our story.
Thank you for fighting the good fight.
I'm Phoebe Spring.
And this is Under the Rock.
Next time on Hudson & Rex Ahhh! What do we got, Sarah? Dead Male, 26 His name is Jay Tomlinson He was an actor in our film You know, The Legend of Cold Heart Caleb? Yeah, the ghost story.
Maybe not just a story.
Wait a second, is that? Cold Heart Caleb This is either a hoax or an intentional part of the film Ah! He murdered his crew members before disappearing into Black Cove Mine where is was presumed he got lost in the tunnels, and died.
Don't move!
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