Hudson and Rex (2019) s02e14 Episode Script

Tunnel Vision

1 (PANTING) I'm lost.
Nell, where are you? There is something down here.
Oh my God, Nell! I thought you left me! I've been going around in circles for hours! No no no.
That's impossible! We just split up a few minutes ago! It's Caleb.
He's toying with us! No no no.
There is no Caleb.
It's just a story.
- Arrrrghhh! - Yagghhh!!! You should see your faces! - Ugghhh! - (FAST FORWARD) What? Yagghhh!!! I don't know, Nell.
I mean.
I think we should again.
The whole scene just feels too scripted.
That's because it is scripted.
Brilliantly scripted.
But Blair Witch made over a hundred mill in the box office because people thought it was real.
And that's why we're using our real names.
Those tears were real.
I'm sorry.
But you do remember our vows? For richer and poorer.
In sickness and in times Ian wants to reshoot? Okay.
But you owe me.
(KISS) Clarke? Yeah, boss? Get Jay back.
We're going to go again.
- (WALKIE TALKIE BEEPS) - Jay, you there? - (WALKIE TALKIE BEEPS) - Come in, please.
Battery's probably dead.
Yeah, or out of range.
He's always exploring down there.
So annoying.
He knows not to go outside the filming zones.
Clarke and I will go.
You just stay here and work on your lines.
Not that you need to.
You're perfect.
IAN: I swear, if he got himself lost Hey.
What's that? Jay? Hey, you okay? - - (THEME MUSIC) CHARLIE: Black Cove Mine.
I always wanted to check this place out.
SARAH: Yeah.
You were born during the wrong time.
It's been shut for 50 years.
What have we got, Sarah? Dead male.
Appears to have died from severe respiratory distress.
Any sign of foul play? Not that I can see.
You okay? Yeah yeah yeah.
I'm just supposed to be on a plane.
I'm going to miss my class reunion.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing to be sorry about.
You know, it's just sometimes things happen.
It makes you wonder how you ended up where you are.
(REX SNIFFING) Checked his fingernails yet? Yeah.
Bloody and broken.
Maybe something else.
Looks like wood! (REX BARKING) Good find, Rex.
Wood? That's odd.
This deep underground, I think we are far beyond odd.
His name is Jay Tomlinson.
He's Was an actor in our film.
And a close friend.
You're an actor as well? NELL: Yeah.
That's how I met Jay.
We were in class together.
We're both pulling double duty.
Acting and co-directing.
Quite the power couple.
Yeah, that's the goal.
I mean, but we're still starting out.
I mean, this is our second indie feature.
It's a found-footage film.
Dirt cheap to make.
What's it about? You know the legend of Cold-Heart Caleb? Yeah, the ghost story.
Maybe not just a story.
Jay and our producer, Gloria Hamlin, said they saw Caleb in the tunnels.
IAN: Yeah, but it's super dark and creepy down there.
It could just be their minds playing tricks.
NELL: How can you say that when Jay is dead? You're right.
I'm sorry.
It just all doesn't feel real, you know? CHARLIE: Yeah.
Listen, Jay's body was found pretty far from where you were filming.
Any idea why he was off on his own for so long? We've been asking ourselves the same question.
CHARLIE: Clarke? - Clarke Maitland.
- Yeah.
I'm Detective Hudson.
You were with Ian when you found Jay? It's so surreal.
I've never seen a dead body before.
Not a real one anyway.
Were you friends with Jay too? No, you're not supposed to be friends with the talent when you're a P.
- P.
? - Production Assistant.
Yeah, bottom of the ladder.
It's my job to know where everyone is.
But Jay Jay would never tell me where he was going.
Would Jay wander off a lot? Constantly.
It was like running after a toddler.
I don't mean to talk bad about him.
Jay was a really good guy.
CHARLIE: So it was just you, Ian and Nell and Jay in here this morning? Wait.
Gloria popped by at some point.
Gloria Hamlin.
That's your producer? That's right.
GLORIA: That's enough.
I need to speak with whoever is in charge around here.
CHARLIE: Miss? Detective Hudson.
Why don't we have a little chat? Gloria Hamlin.
I'm producing the Caleb movie.
I can't believe this happened.
This is devastating.
Jay was such a special actor.
How soon before my crew can get back to filming in the mine? This is a police investigation.
It's not a movie set anymore.
That's disappointing.
I'd hate to see it get shelved, just as our film's message went viral.
What message is that? That Caleb may be long dead.
But the Black Cove Curse is alive and well.
JESSE: Caleb O'Conner.
AKA Cold-Heart Caleb.
AKA The Black Cove Mine Killer.
Bluhhh! Born in 1875.
And disappeared in 1917.
You've heard the story, right? Yeah.
I've heard a few versions of it.
He was a miner who snapped and killed a bunch of people.
Right! See, what had happened was he murdered his crew members before disappearing into Black Cove Mine where it was presumed he got lost in the tunnels and died, allegedly.
And that is where the urban legend part kicks in.
Bingo! See, 20 years after he disappeared, other miners claimed to have seen him wandering the mine at night.
And anyone who saw the ghost of Caleb died mysteriously within 24 hours.
There have been eight deaths linked to what has been known as The Curse of Caleb.
How do you know so much about this? My friends and I used to scare each other with stories of Caleb.
We even dared each other to go into the mines.
- And now? - Well now, I'm older.
- And more mature.
Aghhh! - (REX BARKS) I'm working on gathering all the historical documents so I can confirm the story.
(PHONE BUZZING) Autopsy's in.
SARAH: Thank you.
- I got your message.
- Hey.
So, official cause of death is a fatal asthma attack.
What triggered it? Oh, dust, mould, bacteria.
Take your pick.
We're running tests on some particles we found in Jay's lungs.
But here.
In the meantime, have a look at his lower back.
Looks like a bad case of road rash.
That wound was made post-mortem.
Charlie, I don't think he crawled through that tunnel.
I think he was dragged.
Then we may be looking at a homicide.
IAN: Still rolling.
JAY: First I have something to say.
I love you guys.
I mean that.
Cross my heart.
And can I get a pay raise? (NELL LAUGHS) As requested Production sent us all 32 hours of the footage shot so far.
But, what exactly am I looking for? Ooh, tension between the actors.
Or the crew.
Anything like that.
Well, I did find something unusual.
What did you find? Well, they sent us one file of every iteration of the script dating back two years.
And they all had Jay listed as the writer except for the earliest draft which he had a co-writer.
Clarke Maitland.
The production assistant.
Not exactly motive.
But it is interesting.
- What is it, Joe? - Take a look.
Black Cove Curse Kills Again.
I refuse to believe that was leaked by one of us.
Any ideas? GLORIA: Okay.
I don't deny giving the photo to the press.
But I did it for Jay.
For Jay? Or to draw up interest in your project? That's not fair.
Do you know why I cast Jay in the film? He loved the story of Caleb so much.
He believed it was all true.
And his passion for it won me over.
And now that he's gone, I want to make sure that all his hard work wasn't for nothing.
And what about you? Do you believe in this curse? I believe this isn't working, Detective.
I need to get back into that mine.
One of your actors, Nell, says that you claimed you saw Caleb.
I saw something.
And so did Jay.
But I may have got caught up in his excitement.
I don't know.
And now Jay's dead.
If the curse killed Jay, then I should be dead too, right? But no, he died of natural causes.
If there is anything that you want to tell me, now is a good time to talk.
If I could help you, I would.
Any word on what happened to Jay? We're still working on it, Clarke.
Hey, listen.
Why didn't you tell me that you were one of the original writers of the script? It's not what you think.
Jay didn't steal my script.
I brought it to him.
So he could erase your name? Look, I was just in film school.
And he had a few real credits.
He's the one who pitched it to Gloria.
Plus, he was really into the Caleb legend.
So I thought maybe he could help.
He offered to do a pass.
And I said yes.
The truth is, he made the script way better.
And he got Gloria to give me this job.
So that's something.
I swear.
I had nothing to do with Jay's death.
I barely even saw him.
I was way more distracted with everything else that was going wrong.
What exactly was going wrong? What wasn't? The equipment malfunction.
Strained batteries.
A $2000 light smashed when the stand fell.
And it wasn't an accident, either.
I stabilized that light myself.
Do you still have that stand? - Yeah.
- (REX SNIFFING) That one.
Looks like your dog has already figured it out.
Well, I'm going to need to take it with me.
But we need that.
(BEEP) JESSE: Charlie! Charlie! - Okay.
- Yeah? I think you should see this.
This is pretty dark, Jesse.
- What am I looking at? - Mm-mm, mm-mm.
Just top right corner.
Just look, just look.
Wait a second.
Is that? Cold-Heart Caleb.
This is either a hoax, or an intentional part of the film.
If that's not someone on the film crew Then it's somebody in the mine that we didn't know about.
According to the legend's curse, we have 24 hours to live.
JESSE: Can you explain this to me? I don't know anything about this.
It's not a member of your cast? No, we never intended to show Caleb as a physical entity.
So you didn't notice him standing there when you were shooting the scene? No, he's pretty deep in the shadows.
I must have missed it.
Yeah, okay.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
(REX GROWLS QUIETLY) Maybe there is something to the curse.
Except whoever this is, they're flesh and blood.
Just like you and I.
I hope you're right, Detective.
Any news? So I ran the prints I pulled from the light stand through the database.
I came up with a match.
You were right.
They didn't belong to anyone on the film crew.
Don't tell me it was Caleb.
Well, ghosts don't typically leave prints.
It's one of the perks of the afterlife.
No, the name is, Murray Whitmore.
He's a local antique dealer with a few minor priors.
Trespassing, illegal removal of artifacts.
That sort of thing.
Antiques dealer? I wonder what his prints would be doing on a movie light stand? - Do you have an address? - Nothing on file.
But he does run an online business.
Private viewings only.
Where's the store? Wherever he parks it.
He has an RV registered to his name.
Appointments by email.
Antiques on wheels.
I'll get Jesse to set us up an appointment.
Murray Whitmore.
Detective Charlie Hudson, SJPD.
Not again.
- - (DRAMATIC MUSIC) - (REX GROWLS) - Oh! (REX BARKING) Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Okay okay okay! (JAIL DOOR SLAMMING) You can't just keep me here, man.
Oh, actually, we can.
Because you ran from the police.
- Didn't he? - (REX BARKS) Yeah, and that was pretty stupid.
You should probably just get comfortable.
Come on, Murray.
We know that you were in the mine.
We found your fingerprints on the film crew's equipment.
- What were you doing there? - It's how I make my living.
I search out abandoned sites.
I sell whatever I find there.
Antique mining equipment fetches great money.
- So you were trespassing.
- That mine is abandoned.
And at least I respect the history.
I take photographs every step of the way to make sure that that place is exactly the way that I found it.
It's a time capsule.
Yeah, and why did you knock over that light stand? Huh? Trying to sabotage the film? Uh No.
- I was there first.
- (REX BARKS) It was my third day at Black Cove.
And then all of a sudden, the movie people showed up.
And they're traipsing through that place like it's their own personal playground.
You sound awfully bitter, Murray.
Real miners gave their lives to that mine.
Exploited by the mining companies, they lived in poverty and sickness.
That is the story that they should be telling.
But no.
No no no.
They want to paint a hard-working man as a monster.
Are you talking about Caleb? I've done extensive research on Black Cove Mine.
Caleb O'Conner never did any of the things that they say he did.
Those are all lies.
Okay, what does your extensive research say about this, huh? That's very accurate to the period.
Almost something you'd expect to find in the possession of an antiques dealer.
You think that I dressed up like Caleb to scare that film crew? Yeah, maybe they didn't scare so easily.
And you had to dial it up a notch.
- No, that is not me.
- No? Not a chance.
That is not me.
And I was not in the mine the day that man died.
- Then where were you? - I was at home.
Can anyone confirm that? No.
- Okay.
- But, you know, this isn't about me.
You want to find your culprit? You go to that film crew.
Give me five.
Well four, in your case, I guess.
(REX BARKS) Don't get saucy.
I appreciate you coming, Mrs.
Anything to help.
Listen, I saw some footage of you and Jay between takes.
You two seemed to have a real chemistry together.
It's an acting thing.
You have to open yourself up totally to another person.
Well, can you help me to understand what Jay was doing wandering around a part of the mine that was off limits? Jay liked to push the limits.
He was a bit of an adrenaline junkie.
When we got the permits, they warned us not to stray outside the main tunnel.
Do you have any idea what Jay was doing? Getting his kicks.
Apparently the off-limit mines are unstable.
You're not even supposed to yell in case the vibrations of your voice trigger a cave-in.
That's why they closed.
CHARLIE: I realize this is not exactly a play date in the park.
But thanks for letting me follow my hunch, partner.
Now, wait up.
A lot of tunnels in this place.
You go down the wrong one I might never see you again.
(REX WHIMPERS) Yeah, okay.
Let's be quiet in here.
Cave-ins are not my style.
(REX GROWLS) What is it, pal? (REX GROWLS) - - (OMINOUS MUSIC) Don't move! - (REX BARKS) - Rex! Go! (REX BARKING) (REX BARKING) (REX BARKING) What have you got, pal? Good job, partner.
SARAH: So my team and I went back to process the door you found at the end of the tunnel.
CHARLIE: And? Dampness rotted the wood making it impossible to lift any prints.
But there was a section at the base of the door where it looked like somebody had clawed at it.
Well, that would explain the wood that you and Rex found in Jay's fingernails.
It's got to be connected to Gloria's murder somehow.
Yeah, and Gloria died from a blow to the back of the head with the flat side of the pickaxe found at the scene.
Were there any fingerprints on the weapon? Only the victim's.
Gloria handled the pickaxe? That's what the prints say.
I mean, her killer must've been wearing gloves.
What about the old mining helmet? No prints.
But I did take it apart.
And there were samples of hair stuck under the interior bands.
Now, gauging by the discoloration, I'm probably the first one to ever look under there, so the samples are pretty old.
That's not going to do us any good.
It could be anybody in the last century.
Yeah, it may not be our mystery miner.
But, I sent them in for DNA analysis anyway.
And maybe we get lucky.
Whoever was in that mine last night, they knew exactly where they were going.
Even in the dark.
There can't be that many people who are familiar with that layout.
Wait there is one person that fits.
You're free to go.
There was another death in the mine.
Come on.
And since I was locked up then I couldn't have done it.
So what then? You've come to see me off personally! Ah! I'm touched, Detective.
Not quite.
You said that the mine is dangerous for anyone who doesn't know their way around.
- How come you do? - A few years ago I picked up an antique mine ledger at auction.
And it had a blueprint of Black Cove Mine inside.
I'll need to see a copy of that.
I made a bunch.
You know, there's a big market in old maps.
People love to hang them in their living rooms.
Have you sold any copies recently? Maybe half a dozen in the last year or so.
I'm going to need a list of everyone who bought one of those maps from you.
- (REX BARKS) - Just tell your partner to cool it with the puppy dog eyes.
I'll see what I can do.
Detective Hudson? What's going on? Well, I might ask you the same thing.
I just came to drop off some equipment.
You hear about Gloria? Yeah, on the radio this morning.
I still can't believe it.
You purchased a map of the Black Cove Mine from an online dealer a few weeks ago.
Yeah, Gloria asked me to.
Production reimbursed me after.
You can check the receipts.
Yeah, we will.
That means you know your way around the mine pretty well.
I guess.
(REX SNIFFING) Am I in trouble? Well, that depends, Clarke.
Where were you between 8:00 and 10:00 last night.
- (REX BARKING) - At home.
Can anyone corroborate that? I live alone.
But maybe a neighbour saw me or something.
Hey, don't you need a search warrant? (REX BARKING) Looks like we found our Caleb.
That was you, in the mine, last night Clarke.
Yeah, only because Gloria asked me to meet her there.
She was already dead when I arrived.
So why run? I was dressed as Cold Hard Caleb.
Why do you think I ran, man? Where did the pick-axe come from? Gloria got it from the studio props department.
The whole costume thing was her idea.
Whole costume thing? Ian and Nell, they didn't want to show Caleb as a physical being in the film.
But Gloria didn't think it would be scary enough if we didn't see Caleb onscreen.
Is that you in the background? That's Jay.
It was their idea from the start.
He was always way more into the Caleb legend than me.
He even bought this old miner's helmet that was supposed to be Caleb's.
And Ian and Nell, they didn't know anything about this? No.
Gloria wanted to surprise the cast, make the scares more authentic.
And then Jay died.
And she got you to fill in.
I should've said no.
But she was very good at getting people to do things for her.
What kind of things? CHARLIE: There's just one thing that I don't understand.
Why would you two agree to help finance a film when you don't have any money? Because Gloria promised us a big piece of the back end.
That's where the real money is.
We thought we'd get back ten times our investment.
And instead, you're having trouble making ends meet, and Gloria put you in that position.
I know how this looks, Detective.
But neither of us were anywhere near that mine last night.
We were both at home the whole night.
That's true? Yes.
Do we need to call a lawyer? No.
You can go for now.
JESSE: I went through Jay's phone.
And you'll find the texts between him and Nell rather interesting.
Wow, there certainly are a lot of them.
Yeah, well I found a bunch of times where they discussed meeting together for acting class.
Ah well, from the clips that I saw sounds like a wise investment.
Oh, savage.
And sad, because they actually did meet for acting class.
But I found out the dates in the texts didn't line up with the class schedule.
So you think acting class was code for something? Yeah.
I think it was definitely code for something-something.
So Nell and Jay were having an affair.
Ian was on camera at the time of Jay's death.
But maybe Gloria found out? And was blackmailing Nell? SARAH: Hey.
I got results on what triggered Jay's asthma attack.
- Fungal spores.
In his lungs.
I hate mushrooms.
They ruin pizza.
And Smurfs live in them.
It's a fungus that might be something called Taxomyces Andreanae.
It's a fungi that produces toxic compounds used in the creation of antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs.
CHARLIE: So wait.
Jay was killed by a fungus that has life-saving properties? Oh! Death by irony.
- Just go.
- I'm gonna go.
I'm going to head back to the mine tonight to get some samples to confirm my theory.
Oh, I'll drive you.
We're just about done here.
- And Rex could use a walk.
- (REX BARKS) Hey, buddy? He never misses a beat.
Let's go.
CHARLIE: Good, Rex.
(SARAH CHUCKLES) What? It's dark in here.
Almost lost him last time.
There you go.
Wait, are these fungal spores they're not dangerous to Rex, are they? As long as he doesn't eat them.
All mushrooms are magic mushrooms for a dog.
He could go on quite the trip.
Well, that does explain last Christmas.
(REX BARKING) - What have you got, buddy? - (REX BARKING) Sarah.
It's not like my team to miss that.
(REX BARKING) Step out where I can see you! Put your hands up! Drop the gun! Woah woah woah woah woah! No no, it's not a gun.
What are you doing down here? Ian, this is a crime scene.
Is that Nell's phone? I've been looking for that.
I've been trying to call.
But there's no reception.
You lied to me.
You and Nell, you weren't together all night, were you? We got into a fight.
Nell left for a few hours.
And when she came back, she wasn't herself.
And her phone was missing.
She told you that? No.
But she seemed like she was looking for something.
And when I asked her where her phone was she said it was charging.
But it wasn't.
And you assumed she had just lost it? I knew she was lying about something.
Then I found out about Gloria.
I didn't think she was a killer.
But I hoped I was wrong.
I prayed I was wrong.
But I had to be sure.
I could charge you with obstruction of justice.
What were you going to do? I don't know.
Figure something out.
Hear her side.
She's my wife.
I love her.
Wait a second.
Where is she now? She's just outside the mine.
NELL: Ian! Where are you? I'm lost! Sounds like she's just a couple tunnels away.
Nell! Can you hear me? Follow my voice! - (CRUMBLING ROCK) - NELL: Yes! Do it again! Ian, keep your voice down.
NELL: Ian! IAN: Nell! - (CRUMBLING ROCK) - Ian! - (REX BARKING) IAN: Nell! NELL: Ian! - (CRUMBLING ROCK) - SARAH: Ian! The mine.
- (REX BARKING) - She can hear me! - (CRUMBLING ROCK) - (REX BARKING) NELL: What's happening, Ian? IAN: Nell! Can you hear me? Follow my voice! - (REX BARKING) - (METAL SNAPPING) - (CRASHING) - Ahhh! Uhhh! (CRASHING) (REX BARKING) (REX BARKING) (REX BARKING) (REX WHINING) (CRUMBLING ROCK) Rex.
Hey, buddy.
- Hi, Pal.
- (REX WHINING) Sarah, are you okay? (REX WHINING) I I yeah.
You? - I'm stuck! - Yeah.
I can't get out! Help me! We're all stuck! You just need to calm down.
I never told anybody that we were coming here.
- Did you? - No.
And we can't make or receive calls down here.
Then we're going to have to find our own way out.
We need to get out fast.
This debris could cave in at any time.
Can you move? Ughh! Aghhh! Uhhh! Uhh! Come on! Aghhh! My leg is pinned.
Can you guys move? I can't.
I can't.
Uhh! Sarah.
SARAH: What? There's a narrow passage just behind you.
Can you see it? Charlie.
We can't fit in that.
Come here, pal.
Hey, buddy.
Are you up for this? Huh? Are you up for this? (REX WHINES) (REX YELPS) Yeah.
I thought you would be.
(TEXTING ON PHONE) What is that? What are you doing? I'm texting Jesse.
As soon as Rex gets outside and finds a cell signal, it'll send automatically.
And Jesse will know where we are.
(REX BARKS) Okay, Rex.
You can do this.
- (REX BARKS) - Yeah.
Okay, outside and wait.
Alright, Rex? Outside and wait.
I'll see you soon.
SARAH: I hope he has a clear path all the way out.
(CRUMBLING ROCK) (CRUMBLING ROCK) (CRUMBLING ROCK) CHARLIE: If anyone can get through, Rex will.
- - (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) - - (HEROIC MUSIC) (CRUMBLING ROCK) Ian? Ian? Is he okay? Neurally mediated syncope.
His anxiety got the better of him.
At least he won't hyperventilate while he's passed out.
(CRUMBLING ROCK) He might not make it, Charlie.
He's not the one I'm worried about.
(SARAH CRYING) (REX BARKING) No no no no no.
Don't go in the mine.
Don't go in the mine.
No! Okay, you're going in the mine.
I can't read this.
Oh no.
(PING) (REX BARKING) You know what I said? I wondered I wondered how I ended up here.
I didn't mean It's it's okay.
No no.
It's not okay.
You misunderstood me.
I've been happy here.
In this mine? (SARAH LAUGHS) Oh! You set a low bar, Truong.
(LAUGHING) No, please don't make me laugh! Oh, it hurts! You know what I mean.
I just want you to know I love working with you.
And Rex.
I'm glad.
I um Because you're going to be stuck with us for a long time.
(BZZZT) (CRUMBLING ROCK) JESSE: It's not scary! It's just a book.
It's not scary at all.
(PING!) - - (DRAMATIC MUSIC) Charlie and Sarah are in trouble! What? They're in Black Cove Mine.
And part of the tunnel collapsed.
Get emergency services and an excavation team to that mine ASAP.
And find Rex! (CRUMBLING ROCK) Charlie? Charlie? Charlie, stay with me.
Stay with me.
Go find Charlie! (REX BARKS) (REX BARKING IN DISTANCE) Hello? (REX BARKS) - Hello? - (REX BARKING) Help! (REX BARKS) Help! (REX BARKS) Rex.
(DRILL IN DISTANCE) That sounds like a drill.
(REX BARKS) Hey, pal.
Hey, pal.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, buddy.
Come in? Anyone? - (WALKIE TALKIE BEEPS) - He's got a walkie, and there's rope.
- Hello? - (WALKIE TALKIE BEEPS) DONOVAN: Charlie! Thank God you're okay! We're only 12 feet away, according to the rope that we have on Rex.
Who else is down there with you? (WALKIE TALKIE BEEPS) We're trapped under the debris but we're fine.
Ian is with us.
He's unconscious.
I don't know where his wife, Nell is.
- Do you? - (WALKIE TALKIE BEEPS) DONOVAN: We'll organize a search for her asap.
Meanwhile, let's get you guys out of there.
That's one heck of a partner you've got there.
Sure do.
CHARLIE: I'm glad to see you're okay.
Any word on Nell? Have a seat, Ian.
Crews are doing everything that they can.
But many of the smaller tunnels collapsed.
I'm going to be straight with you.
It's unlikely your wife survived.
And it gets worse.
Because I'm going to have to arrest you for the murder of Gloria Hamlin and the suspected murder of Jay Tomlinson.
What? We found Nell's phone in a part of the mine that our forensics team had already swept.
They never would have missed it if it was there the first time.
It's almost as if someone planted it there.
I never touched that phone.
Well then, you won't mind if I do a little test? Huh? Yeah? See, the great thing about having a dog for a partner is they never miss anything.
And they never lie.
Their sense of smell is so sharp that they can even tell who the last person was to touch an object.
(REX SNIFFING) Track it, pal! (REX SNIFFING) (REX BARKING) He's a dog! I mean, you can't be serious! That's the only evidence you have against me? (REX BARKING) You knew where Gloria died.
That information wasn't public.
Only the killer would know where to plant that phone.
Nell told me she did it.
She admitted everything and begged me not to confess.
That's why I put the phone down there, so she didn't know it was me who gave her up.
There is one other thing.
Jay's death.
That was an asthma attack.
Yeah, but somebody was with Jay when he died.
Somebody closed a door in the mine, so he couldn't get help.
That's tantamount to murder.
Why would I do that? Jay's my friend.
You said earlier that your wife wasn't the type of person to have an affair.
I think you were lying.
I think you went down to confront Jay.
Maybe you even intended to kill him.
But you found him already dying from an acute asthma attack due to the mould in the mine.
But you had to make a choice.
So you held that door shut until you were sure Jay was dead.
You were worried that you left some physical evidence at the scene.
So that night you picked a fight with Nell so you could storm out and go back to the mine and cover your trail.
I don't know what you're trying to prove here.
But it's not true.
Yeah, but Gloria spoiled your plan when she showed up at the mine.
And when she saw you she knew.
Didn't she? GLORIA: Ian? What are you doing? I I - No! No! - (WHACK!) (REX BARKS) That didn't happen.
After that, all that was left was for you to take Nell's phone, plant it at the mine and frame her for Jay's murder.
Nell killed Gloria.
And Jay too, like I said.
She confessed.
I don't believe that.
Well, you don't have a choice.
It's my word against hers.
And like you said, she's probably dead.
So? Can we count on your testimony? You'll have my full cooperation.
(KNOCKING) Hey! Whoa! You okay? Uh yeah.
Yeah, how about you? - Always.
- (REX WHINES) Well, you're not going to believe it.
But we found only one hair in the helmet.
And it was nearly a hundred years old.
I'm guessing we weren't able to I.
it then? No.
But when we took the helmet apart we found initials on the inside.
Caleb O'Connor! Cold-Heart Caleb himself.
And we're able to confirm that? Well, we can't match it to Caleb, obviously.
But we ran DNA anyways and found a match to a living descendant.
That doesn't make any sense.
Because Jesse said that Caleb had no living descendants.
Well, who are you going to believe? Me or Jesse? (REX BARKS) You've got to be kidding me.
Caleb O'Conner was my great-grandfather.
Our family kept the truth secret at his request.
What is the truth? He was tired of seeing fellow workers hurt or killed due to unsafe working conditions.
And I know you're not going to believe any of this.
- So - Actually, I do.
My colleague, Jesse He found some old correspondence that confirmed that Caleb was actually beloved by his fellow co-workers.
See? All he was wanted to do was convince those miners to unionize.
Which would have put a big target on his back.
Yeah, he moved to a different town.
Changed his name.
Met a woman.
The rest is history.
Rex, come on pal! - This belonged to Caleb.
- Hey! So it belongs to you.
(REX BARKING) That's right, buddy.
Ah, thank you! Both of you! My great-grand-daddy thanks you too! (REX BARKING) Next time on Hudson & Rex I have prepared a mouth watering young calf wrapped in a rich buttery pastry (SCREAM) Looks like we're dealing with one angry vegan Who would go to this length to discredit Chef Gregory You don't think I know it was you - that put that thumb in there? - Just calm down.
There could be somebody out there who's dead or in serious trouble.
We need to move fast - (BARK) - Rex, go! (BARK)
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