Hudson and Rex (2019) s02e15 Episode Script

Finger Foodie

1 - - (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) (FLAMES) (TICKING CLOCK) And we've got six seconds left on the clock! (TICKING CLOCK) - Time's up! - (BELL RINGING) Thank you, chefs.
I look forward to tasting it.
Chef David.
Please tell me about your Beef Wellington.
What I've prepared will satisfy the most intense meat cravings.
But, it is 100 per cent plant-based.
I think you'll find that my Vegan Wellington lacks nothing in terms of taste or texture.
Plus, it has the added benefit of a social conscience.
Mmm, that's savoury.
It's juicy and tender.
Oh, it's very surprising.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- - (INTENSE MUSIC) Chef Gregory.
Hello, Joan.
Hello! Please, tell me about your Beef Wellington.
Imagine Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington being fed some plant protein concoction, right before defeating Napoleon in the battle of Waterloo.
(CHEF GREGORY CHUCKLES) We'd all be speaking French right now.
(JOAN LAUGHS) I have prepared a mouth-watering young cal, wrapped in a rich, buttery pastry.
Because, why mess with the classics? Okay, let's see! It's a little bit tough.
That's impossible.
Maybe the knife is dull.
Ah, well (JOAN SCREAMS) - - (THEME MUSIC) - (REX GROANING) - CHARLIE: You hungry, buddy? - (REX MOANS) Yeah, just one second.
(DRAWER OPENING) You know what? Let's make this interesting.
A little eating contest.
First one to win earns bragging rights, okay? Ready, and Go! (PHONE BUZZING) Kind of cheating, I think.
But Alright, pal.
Time to go.
(REX BARKS) Another meal left uneaten.
Let's go.
- - (UPBEAT THEME MUSIC) How bad is it? Actually, we got lucky.
Chef Gregory prepared a perfectly rare Beef Wellington leaving the integrity of the thumb fairly intact.
Enough to give us a read on anything? We know it's Caucasian.
Definitely subjected to butchery.
It's a clean slice, right through the bone.
Well, that doesn't give us much to go on.
It's all I've got.
We're still waiting to see what comes back from the thumb print we lifted.
Which means there could be somebody tied up in a basement somewhere bleeding out of a missing thumb hole.
I've sent the thumb in for processing, along with all the knives we found on site.
Can you let me know as soon as you hear anything back? - Yeah, of course.
- CHEF GREGORY: You idiot! Holly! Do I need to tell you what a sous-chef does? CHARLIE: Is that Chef Gregory? The one and only.
He's a little fired up.
He keeps insisting that he oversaw every step of the meal's preparation.
That makes you wonder why he baked in a human thumb! Hey.
Have you ever prepared a Beef Wellington? Can you cook that in a microwave? It was a staple in my house growing up.
Little known fact, It's chilled for about thirty minutes immediately prior to baking.
Meaning there was a window where someone could have swapped it out.
Yeah, maybe someone in the crew? Mm-hmm.
Maybe someone slipped in the back door, unnoticed.
Wouldn't be too hard either.
No security cameras in the area.
Everyone's buzzing around a TV set.
Yeah, the question is, though, who would go to this length to discredit Chef Gregory? Hmm.
CHEF GREGORY: You scumbag! This is low, even for you! What, you don't think I know it was you that put that thumb in there? - Just calm down! - Yeah, I'll calm down! - (REX GROWLING) - Ughh! Ughhh.
- Good job, partner.
- (REX BARKS) Detective Hudson.
I see you've met Rex.
Come on.
CHEF GREGORY: You want to know who's behind this, huh? This guy right here! CHARLIE: I do and I will.
But first, I'm going to talk to you.
Come on.
CHEF GREGORY: I invited Chef Dave onto my show to settle the debate once and for all.
What debate is that? Who's the better chef, obviously.
I mean, not that there was ever any doubt.
This whole thing is a PR nightmare, okay? Do you know what this could do to my rep? Well, I could care less about your rep.
That thumb belongs to a person.
That person could still be alive.
So why don't we try this again? Why would Chef Dave try and sabotage you? He doesn't like me.
Why not? Why don't you go ask him yourself? (REX BARKS) I have no idea what he's talking about.
CHARLIE: You're sure? Because there has to be some reason why Chef Gregory accused you of sabotage.
Maybe he can't let go of the past.
(REX SNIFFING) We used to be partners.
We had a restaurant together, back in the day.
What happened? It went under.
He insisted on an old school menu.
I kept pushing for vegan options.
So you blamed him for the failure? Oh, he blamed me.
He went online.
Started making jabs.
Making fun of my vegan ways.
I sometimes think he became this caricature of a boorish meat-eater, just to spite me.
Oh, that must've upset you.
Yeah, a little.
He used to be one of the good ones.
You know, he once told me that the act of sharing a meal is what saved his parents' marriage.
As if it's ever really that easy.
Never underestimate the power of food, Detective.
- It's the great equalizer.
- (REX SNIFFING) Chef Gregory understood that once, too.
Back when he respected his craft.
And now? Now, it's all about the angry chef act.
It's made him lose track of what matters.
I do not work that way.
And how do you work? Ethically.
Growing lettuce in the garden instead of trucking it in from Mexico.
Oh, and I happen to respect people.
And dogs.
So, you had nothing to do with this thumb? Do I look like the kind of person who carries around an assortment of human appendages? I'm only asking about one.
My brand is about 100% compassion.
Veganism isn't just a diet.
It's a lifestyle.
It's a little off-brand for me.
Okay, well, if you had nothing to do with this then do you have any idea who might want to sabotage Chef Gregory? The real question is, who wouldn't? What do you mean? The angry chef act may be fake.
But the fallout is real.
JESSE: This is from an episode where Chef Dave's staff faced off against Chef Gregory.
You call that cooked? You (BLEEP) waste of space! That is stone (BLEEP) cold! Hey! Look at me in the (BLEEP) eyes when I'm talking to you! - You can't cook for (BLEEP)! - (REX WHINING) Ah, you call that seared? No, it's (BLEEP)! Stick it up your (BLEEP)! Get out of my kitchen! Go! (BLEEP) Idiot! Yeah, I don't get it.
It seems pretty fake to me.
Yeah, but not everyone knows that.
For some contestants the line between real and not real can get blurred.
JESSE: Yeah, it's not like reality TV attracts the most stable contestants.
I mean, there have been at least 40 ex-reality TV stars who have died by suicide.
This is what happens when humiliation goes viral.
Maybe that's what Chef Dave meant by fallout.
JESSE: Yeah, but none of that's happened on this show.
At least not what I can find with a quick search.
It doesn't mean that this guy's behaviour didn't tick somebody off.
Let's just hope that this is a tasteless prank done with an already dead body.
Except I checked the local morgues.
All thumbs accounted for.
Which means that there could be somebody out there who's dead or in very serious trouble.
We need to move fast.
Okay, Jesse.
I need you to pull every single contestant that Chef Gregory has either mocked or humiliated.
Got it.
So our working theory is revenge.
Well, that sounds better than a dust-up over veganism.
Um, I'm not so sure.
I mean, that's a polarizing topic.
As a practicing vegan, I myself have admittedly adopted what some might consider extreme ideologies.
But, I temper myself.
- By eating a BLT? - What? Yeah, you had one last week.
(REX GROANS) You asked me to buy it for you.
Bad news.
Um, okay, here's the thing.
There are least 500 contestants.
This might take a while.
Okay, well it looks like you'd better find someone to help you speed it up.
Oh! Thanks for biking all the way down here.
- MOLLY: Oh.
- Chef Gregory deserves it.
But I am telling you, you're wasting your time.
It's all an act.
I've been his sous-chef for years.
Trust me, the guy knows how to drum up ratings.
Really? All the yelling, and threatening, and cursing Oh, well, no one takes it personally.
They know it's all a part of the show.
Behind the scenes he can actually be a completely different person.
Well, except in the immediate aftermath of finding a thumb in his meal.
I mean, the night before the whole thumb incident, we were working practically until dawn developing a new menu.
And it was an absolute pleasure.
Well that doesn't sound like a lot of fun.
Ah well, Chef Gregory made it fun.
You know, when he isn't playing to an audience, he can be downright genial.
(REX SNIFFING) Oh, good nose, buddy.
(REX WHINES) It's Chilean sea bass.
It's hard to get the smell out of my hands even after I wash them.
So you don't think that any of Chef Gregory's previous contestants would have wanted to put a severed thumb in his meal? The only people cracked enough to pull a stunt like that are probably those crazy activists.
Which activists? Oh, we have a couple of vegan fanatics that loiter outside the restaurant.
Why there? Chef Gregory isn't the only chef in town that cooks meat.
Oh, well they've had it in for him ever since he expanded his menu - to include the bison, - (REX WHINES) horse, foie gras.
And then he took it a step further.
How so? He was so fed up with them loitering outside the restaurant.
So he decided to butcher a deer leg in the window right in front of them.
I mean, of course, they have it in for everybody.
I can't even drive to work anymore.
They've started egging my car.
That sounds pretty hypocritical.
Oh no.
They were tofu and nutritional yeast-based eggs, of course.
Is that a thing? - No.
- (CHARLIE LAUGHS) Listen, do you think those protestors are down there now? Yeah, probably.
Pamela Simmons and her gang is there all the time.
Oh, that is a lot of paraphernalia.
That's a lot of sentient beings that don't belong on the menu.
Incidentally, dogs that abide by a strict vegan diet live longer and healthier, statistically-speaking.
Really? Hey! Come here! You want a treat? Hey, bud! Look, I've got a bunch of treats for you.
Here you go.
(REX GROANS) Yeah, but are they happier? You know what? That's a question for another time.
I understand that you and your cohorts here were protesting last night.
Just exercising our democratic right.
Are you exercising your democratic right to destroy Chef Gregory's reputation? You think that was us? Just asking questions.
In case you haven't noticed, we're anti-cruelty.
That extends to humans.
Well, in that case, you won't mind giving me a list of all the protesters' names.
I'm not legally required to provide you with anything.
No, that's right.
I could just come back with a warrant.
Let's go, Rex.
For so-called fanatics these protesters have pretty clean records.
A few cases of vandalism and disturbance of the peace.
But nothing that screams dismembering psychopath.
Tell me you found something.
Well, the thumb showed no signs of having been frozen.
So, it's likely it hadn't been separated from its body for more than a couple of days.
- Any ID? - I was able to lift a print.
But no matches in the system.
But based on the DNA results, we know the thumb belongs to a male, with brown hair.
Now we're getting somewhere.
- Anything else? - Actually, yes.
Two substances under the thumb's nail.
When I broke it down it turned out to be cornstarch and sacha inchi protein isolates.
Is there a version in English? It's a plant-based protein most commonly used as a meat alternative.
I've never heard of it.
Neither have I.
But I'll bet we know someone who has.
JESSE: Sacha inchi.
It's pretty popular in vegan circles.
I'm surprised I'm the only one who's really heard of it.
What's more surprising is our token vegan eats pastrami.
Oh, you noticed that too? Okay, I had one or two cheat days.
Big whoop! Speaking of vegans though, I went down a bit of a rabbit hole and found some interesting info on the dark web.
It's sort of a hit list of some of the greatest local offenders, written by your friend, Pamela Simmons.
Why does that not surprise me? Well, what's equally unsurprising is that Chef Gregory made the list along with a slew of other meat-loving chefs, a few butchers and a food scientist working out of a nearby lab.
A lab? You know, that cornstarch could have come from latex gloves.
Jesse, what's the food scientist's name? Aaron Tarr.
What was his focus? Let's see.
Oh, what do you know? Looks like he's published a few research articles denouncing the health benefits of a certain vegan product.
Sacha inchi.
- - (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) SARAH: Oh, this is Aaron Tarr's lab.
It's a big space.
Oh, I detect a hint of jealousy! (REX BARKING) What have you got, partner? It's not just big.
It's immaculate.
CHARLIE: Yeah, a little too immaculate, don't you think? Almost as if it's been recently cleaned? (REX BARKS) What is it, pal? Can you get the lights? Yeah.
(REX BARKS) For someone working in plant-based materials (REX BARKS) That is an awful lot of blood.
So? So this is definitely a crime scene.
Any other blood type found? No, just the one.
We did find blood and brown hair on that fire extinguisher.
It was probably used as a weapon.
Yeah, it's certainly heavy enough to do some damage.
Anything back yet on that thumb print you lifted? Yes.
It's official.
The thumb definitely belongs to Aaron Tarr.
Then where's the rest of him? (REX BARKS) Aaron Tarr.
38 years old.
Lives at home.
He's been working at this research facility for just under five years, specializing in food sciences.
No sign of him at his home.
No trace of his silver SUV.
And he hasn't shown up to work.
What else do we know? I was scanning some of his work.
And a research paper of his claims that sacha inchi protein can cause liver damage and high cholesterol.
I should get a checkup.
(REX GROANS) Okay, so let's recap.
We have a, dead or seriously-maimed, pro-meat food scientist's thumb turning up in the dish of a renowned pro-meat chef.
Looks like we're dealing with one angry vegan.
CHARLIE: But is our vegan a kidnapper? Or a killer? CHARLIE: Why was Aaron Tarr on a hit list published by you? It was not a hit list.
It's a record of people worth demonstrating against.
And Aaron practically asked to be on that list.
How do you mean? His published research was so abundant.
It felt almost personal.
So we held the odd protest outside his facility.
Just exercising your democratic right.
You know, it technically is a food scientist's job to study the basic elements of food and analyze their nutritional content.
Not like this.
I swear, his research is bunk.
Yeah, she's not wrong.
Jesse got me into Aaron's computer.
And I've been going through his data.
And It doesn't add up.
His research doesn't support any of the claims he's made in his publications.
- You're sure? - Yeah.
Even his findings on sacha inchi, for example, point to the exact opposite of what he published.
And his conclusions, actually require long-term studies which couldn't have been completed yet.
Why would he purposely falsify his information? Maybe he has a personal stake in the meat industry.
Or maybe he was in somebody's pocket.
See, based on his banking records, Aaron was carrying some serious debt, until recently.
I'm guessing this isn't about his smart investment decisions.
Not exactly.
See, I was trying to find a connection between Chef Gregory and Aaron Tarr.
It turns out, he was listed as a consultant on Chef Gregory's cooking show, Seared and has been receiving a regular paycheck from the production.
Was there any evidence that he actually was a consultant on the show? Well, as far as I can tell he did an episode about a year ago.
I'm still trying to track it down.
Wow, that's a pretty good deal for a one-time gig.
Let's go, pal.
- - (PERCUSSIVE THEME MUSIC) CHEF GREGORY: I hope he's not a shedder.
Because fur and filet is not exactly a great look.
Well, I'm sure if you cooperate we'll be out of here before the health inspector can swing by.
Do you know Aaron Tarr? Yeah, Aaron.
He was on my show.
The guy's an absolute hoot.
Well, I'm afraid, he might be dead.
Can you help me understand something? He was on your show occasionally.
Yet he received a regular payout.
Yeah, he was on retainer.
He was a good gimmick from time to time.
What kind of a gimmick? Well, when he was on the show I would have him analyze the health benefits of our contestants' meals.
You know.
Shake things up.
And how does that shake things up? I don't know if you've heard, Detective.
But meat kind of has a bad rap.
Okay, a lot of people are talking about how it's unhealthy and inhumane.
Did you know that a single cow can feed over 800 people? What's more humane than that? Using its fields to cultivate crops that could feed thousands? How woke of you, Detective.
Despite some trendy disillusions, the human body needs more than grain and water to survive.
I had Aaron on my TV show, okay? To challenge some common misconceptions.
And how'd that work out? Beautifully.
Not everyone loved what he was saying.
But we had some arguments, some threats, some profanities.
TV at its finest.
When was the last time you saw Aaron? Not since that last appearance.
(REX WHINES) Let's talk about the so-called health benefits of sacha inchi.
800 grams of sodium.
5 grams of saturated fat.
14 grams of sugar.
DANIEL: Man! Those numbers are fake! That's ridiculous.
The only thing ridiculous around here is your your idea of a healthy meal.
Yeah, the trash you call food has twice the amount of sodium as a Big Mac.
You're selling people cancer! Get out of here! This was a mistake! Well, that was painful.
Yeah, well it gets worse.
That chef who stalked off, he died two months later.
Daniel Owens.
He was a real up-and-comer.
- How'd he die? - Overdose.
Just after the episode aired.
What do you think are the chances of that being a coincidence? Well, that's not the only thing.
I did a little digging.
And you'll never guess who his mentor was.
Chef Dave.
- - (SOFT THEME MUSIC) CHARLIE: Why didn't you tell me that Chef Daniel Owens, your protégé, overdosed shortly after being berated on air by Chef Gregory? I did not sabotage his dish, I swear.
That's not what I asked you.
Look, it's true.
I knew Daniel Owens.
I had only mentored him a month or so.
He was a promising young chef.
We had similar philosophies about food.
You were both vegan? Yeah.
After the TV show, he changed.
He got quieter and quieter.
Started showing up later and later.
And then didn't show up at all.
One day, they found him on the ground.
Was it an accident? All I know is he was real depressed.
Depressed? Depressed about what? He had just started building his brand.
He developed this sacha inchi steak which really put him on the map.
He called it the healthy alternative to rib eye.
That was the meal he made on Chef Gregory's show.
The meal that so-called food scientist tore apart.
He was driven to make a revolutionary food product, a meat alternative.
After the TV appearance, his investors backed out.
His deals with food vendors fell through.
Everything he'd been working towards.
People have turned to drugs for a lot less.
You know, if a protégé of mine had been treated that way, I think I'd want to strike back.
That's not my style.
I'd prefer to let Gregory drown in his own guilt.
If he still has a conscience.
(REX GROWLS) (REX BARKS) Your dog has good taste.
Those are going to grow into Craigella tomatoes.
Those are my favourite too.
I don't think he's admiring your seedlings.
What have you got, pal? - - (DRAMATIC MUSIC) (REX BARKING) Is this your style? - Hey, Sarah.
- Hey.
We found ID in his pocket.
It's Aaron Tarr.
Yeah, the missing thumb kind of gave it away.
Well, that's not what killed him though.
The deep blow his head was more likely the cause of death.
Was the blow fire extinguisher-shaped? I'll tell you after the autopsy.
But I'd say it's likely.
Hey, tell me something.
So, what did Chef Dave say when Rex dug up the body? What do you think? Where were you two nights ago? I was at my restaurant.
Then I went home.
- Can anyone corroborate that? - My lady's out of town.
She went to visit her sister in Stone's Cove.
- That's convenient.
- It's also the truth! You're sure you're not leaving out any pertinent information? Hmm? See, because my team is looking into it.
And it turns out that you didn't just take Chef Daniel under your wing.
You also partnered with him on the sacha inchi steaks.
Which means when the sacha inchi brand was destroyed on Chef Gregory's show months ago, you lost a significant, significant investment.
I didn't think that was important.
I think it's motive.
Motive for what? Killing a guy? Cutting off his thumb? And baking it into a pie? I would never do that! Besides, what kind of idiot hides the body in his own vegetable garden? We are not going to get away with holding Dave much longer.
Talk to me, people.
What are we thinking? Jesse, let's go through the movements one more time.
Okay, so based on the blood and murder weapon, which we've now established as the fire extinguisher from the lab, the initial confrontation between Aaron Tarr and his killer took place at the research facility, here.
And then the body was transported to Dave's greenhouse on Freshwater Road, here.
Only for the body's thumb to turn up, inside a Beef Wellington at Chef Gregory's restaurant, here.
DONOVAN: Okay, Jesse.
I want you to check the CCTV footage from two days ago.
See if the same vehicle turn up in more than one of those locations.
Well, Aaron drove a silver SUV that hasn't been seen in a couple of days.
Okay, well I'll keep an eye out for any silver SUVs on the CCTV footage.
CHARLIE: While we still have him in custody, I'm going to swing by Chef Dave's kitchen.
See if Rex can pick up any traces of Beef Wellington.
Alright, partner.
This is not the freshest.
But do your best, okay? (REX SNIFFING) Okay.
Track it.
Let's see what we've got here, shall we? (REX SNIFFING) Chef's knife.
Utility knife.
Paring knife.
Bread knife.
Definitely not getting a clean slice with any of these.
(REX BARKING) What have you got? (REX GROWLS) Well.
This is either icing sugar, or Chef Dave is cutting something else.
SARAH: That's cocaine, alright.
What is it with professional kitchens and drugs? Might have something to do with the high pressure, intense speed, long hours, and forced closeness.
Oh, you seem familiar! Yeah, I waitressed a bit through university.
Some of the things I witnessed in kitchens would horrify you.
- Like what? - (PHONE BUZZING) (SARAH LAUGHS) - Hey, Jesse.
- Charlie.
You might want to come see this.
Jessie's got something.
The fact that the attack on the research facility happened in the middle of the night meant the roads were fairly quiet.
So I got a little lucky.
Here it is.
At 1:35 AM, the silver SUV driving south two blocks from Aaron Tarr's research facility.
- Is that Aaron's car? - It's the same model.
But I couldn't get a proper angle on the plate.
But I did, however, get this.
Notice the driver's cap.
The image is a little blurry.
But it looks familiar to me.
Right there.
How fanatic is this woman? PROTESTERS: Here me bleat! Don't eat meat! - PAMELA: Meat is murder! - Ahhh! - I have a few questions, - (REX BARKING) about Aaron Tarr's murder.
This is CCTV footage - of the night of the murder.
- That isn't me.
Just someone with the exact same hat and general disdain for Aaron Tarr? The two go hand in hand.
You know, you have a pretty militant approach to veganism.
Bloody spray paint one day.
Murder the next.
The spray paint is a symbol for blood.
It doesn't make me a murderer.
I'm not Sweeney Todd.
Uh, but you clearly have a hate-on for Chef Gregory.
And Aaron's research, that must read like heresy to you.
So we have a dead Aaron Tarr, and an assault on Chef Gregory.
Two people on the top of your, let's call it hate list.
And now we have this CCTV footage of you or someone who's doing a damn good impression of you.
I've got to be honest with you.
It's not looking good, Pamela.
Look, we have a deal going.
Who? Chef Gregory and me.
He pays me for the stunts.
The protests, the chanting, the disruptions.
All of it.
The showier the better.
So he gets a steady stream of publicity.
And you get to spread your message without fear of having a restraining order slapped on you.
It's win-win.
The only legitimate charge we have against Pamela is assault.
Any luck here? JESS: Actually, yeah, check this out.
So I pieced together the silver SUV's route using CCTV and nearby security footage.
I was able to locate it near the second location here, making its way away from Chef Dave's greenhouse.
- What time was that? - Shortly after 4:00 AM.
But here's the thing.
Around here the SUV just disappears.
Vanishes into thin air.
I was unable to find it on any of the footage.
Then it might still be in between those two spots.
- Rex.
(CLICK) (REX SNIFFING) (REX BARKING) (SIREN) I dusted the shovel you found for fingerprints.
- It was clean.
- So it was wiped it down.
There was a stain, in the lining of the trunk.
- Blood? - Maybe.
I couldn't tell against the dark fabric.
So I sent it in for testing.
Huh, anything else? Yeah.
Actually, this.
Orange thread.
(REX BARKS) SARAH: We've confirmed that the orange thread is from a towel belonging to Chef Gregory.
Could Chef Gregory actually be behind all this? Maybe.
I mean, we've got a dead guy who was likely in his pocket to falsify reports and discredit an industry.
Maybe Aaron got too greedy.
He threatened to expose Chef Gregory, - unless he ups the ante.
- JESSE: So he killed him? And framed his rival? I mean, that sounds a bit extreme.
- (REX GROWLS) - CHARLIE: Sure, but Chef Gregory, he's a pretty extreme kind of guy.
Why plant a thumb in his own dish? JESSE: Well, maybe, maybe to create the illusion of innocence.
Well, it's also publicity.
Um Everybody knows that Chef Gregory loves the limelight.
(REX BARKS) Well, I mean, that's a new shirt.
Thanks, Rex.
His popularity has never been higher.
Everybody online is talking about the thumb debacle and the court of public opinion are coming down hard - on the vegan terrorists.
- Mm-hmm.
So instead of discrediting him, the thumb motivated his supporters.
His restaurant has never been busier.
The thumb exonerates him.
And his clientele responds exactly like he would expect them to.
I hope we're not disturbing you, Chef.
Not at all.
I was just getting ahead of the game before my staff arrives.
Well, we won't stay long.
How can I help you? I was just curious as to what type of knife could cut through bone easily.
You mind if I look at your collection? Be my guest.
This one looks like it could do it.
It certainly does.
Of course, if you're implying something, I should say that my collection is very standard.
Any chef worth his salt uses a meat cleaver.
Unless they don't cook meat.
(PHONE BUZZING) I did say any chef worth his salt.
Excuse me.
I've got nothing.
Find anything, Jesse? JESSE: Maybe.
I tracked the GPS records from Gregory's car.
Where was he the night of the murder? At the restaurant.
Prepping his new menu, allegedly.
That's strange.
Because his car was somewhere else.
Good job, Jesse.
See if you can find anything that places him at his car, okay? I'll call you back.
What is it, pal? What have you got? (REX BARKING) That's not (REX BARKING) Rex, go! - - (DRAMATIC MUSIC) That's a new one! (REX BARKING) (REX BARKING) (REX GROWLS) CHEF GREGORY: Ughh! Good job, partner.
(REX BARKS) Get your dog away from me! Yeah yeah.
(HANDCUFFS CLASPING) - Let's go, partner.
- (REX BARKS) That was fun! This is ridiculous.
I didn't kill anyone.
I was framed.
- Is that right? - Yes.
I already told you it was Dave! My success is eating him up inside.
(REX BARKS) Then why did you run? I hadn't used this particular knife set in a while.
Okay? I pulled this one out because your guys took my other one in for evidence.
Today, I opened it up to find the cleaver, which was missing yesterday, suddenly back.
It had blood stains on it.
And at that moment I realized I was being framed.
So the cleaver shows up right when we arrive.
That is awfully coincidental.
You're damn right it is, okay? And I know how it looked! So I panicked.
And I wiped the cleaver down.
And then I threw the rag outside.
You really expect me to believe that? Even if I did kill the guy, which I didn't, okay, I obviously would have wiped down the cleaver.
A chef's knife is like his paintbrush! Then why are you lying to me about where you were the night of the murder? Excuse me? You know what? It's no problem.
You don't want to come clean about where you were? I'm sure I can find someone who can be persuaded to come clean for you.
Thanks again for coming in, Molly.
You know, I still don't get why I'm here.
Well it was like I said on the phone.
We just had a few things I wanted to verify about Chef Gregory's alibi.
You said that he was with you, prepping a new menu, the night that Aaron was murdered.
Yeah, that's right.
Well, we have evidence that suggests otherwise.
And I just need some clarification as to why he, or you, might be lying.
Was it because he was purchasing cocaine to fuel the long hours creating the new menu? Hmm? He owned up to it.
He didn't want his illegal dealings to get wrapped up in all of this.
So I lied about where he was.
I mean, there's an unwritten code between chefs.
The bonds of the kitchen are sacred.
I was just trying to protect him.
There is a special bond between chefs.
But yours wasn't with Chef Gregory, was it? It was with Chef Daniel.
So I asked myself, why you'd go to such lengths to incriminate and discredit so many people.
But then it occurred to me.
Chef Gregory.
Chef Dave.
Pamela Simmons and Aaron Tarr.
What do they all have in common? Daniel Owens.
AARON: Let's talk about the so-called health benefits of sacha inchi.
CHARLIE: Aaron Tarr.
He provided the false research.
What are you talking about? Those numbers are fake, man.
You're a (BLEEP) hypocrite! CHARLIE: Chef Gregory humiliated him.
Chef Dave provided the cocaine that led to his demise.
They killed him.
All of them.
Do you know what it's like being a chef? Hmm? You have zero social life.
So when you find someone that you connect with, it's a miracle.
When did you meet Daniel? During pre-production.
I was Team Gregory.
And he was the enemy.
The lightweight vegan.
We cracked each other up about it.
And then, one night, he dared me to let him cook for me.
And then something happened.
And we were still up when the sun rose.
Daniel was this really passionate, creative soul.
And they just destroyed him.
For what? Hmm? Ratings? So you killed Aaron Tarr.
I only went there to expose his lies.
To set the story straight.
For Daniel.
His car wasn't there when I got there.
But he came back.
And he caught me.
And he threatened me.
Things escalated.
I just grabbed the closest thing I could.
I swung! It was an accident.
With the thumb and the body and the multiple cover-ups, I don't think anyone's going to buy self-defense as one of those ingredients.
- - (UPBEAT THEME MUSIC) DONOVAN: Yeah, we've got six uniforms on the case.
- Hey! - (REX BARKS) DONOVAN: So we're just fine.
It's funny.
- Lost my tag.
- One second.
Hey, buddy! Hey! JESSE: Hey! Hey guys! Lunch is on me! What is this? Beef Wellington? Oh, you're kidding, right? That is dark, Jesse.
Even for you.
JESSE: Well, I figured I'd never had one before.
Figured I may as well try it.
I thought you were vegan? (JESSIE LAUGHS) They are not Beef Wellingtons.
They are Pea Protein and Tofu Wellingtons.
Delicious! Should have known.
No such thing as a free lunch.
Right? - JESSE: Come on! Try it! - (REX GRUNTS) It's an acquired taste.
And what if we don't want to acquire it? Fine.
To each their own.
I'm just trying to do my part to end animal cruelty and save the planet.
But I get it.
Being vegan's a commitment.
And not everybody's up for the sacrifice.
CHARLIE: Is that salami stick vegan too? CHEF GREGORY: Your dog has good taste! CHARLIE: Hey! Chef Gregory.
I came here to say thank you for solving the case.
And to also invite you all to a fundraiser I'm having at the restaurant.
Don't worry.
No cameras.
No publicity.
It's all about food.
And we're raising money for victims of substance abuse.
Why not? I could use one of your meals.
It'd be nice to have some real meat.
Actually, I think we're going to try something new.
Thanks to my new consultant.
Hey everybody! JESSE: Hey! Score one for the good guys! CHARLIE: You know, I think this is great.
Finally doing your part to save the planet.
CHEF GREGORY: And capitalizing on cheap publicity.
Old habits die hard.
PAMELA: He came over to the dark side once he realized how much vegan ingredient have improved.
Hey? (REX BARKS) Come on and get it! Yeah, there you go.
(LAUGHTER) JESSE: He likes it! CHARLIE: Way to go, partner.
Next time on Hudson & Rex (CRASH) We're too late It's the historic Merkley house.
It's gone So, you're on the Green Bottle Bomber case Asher Browning.
Nice to meet you.
I've been chasing this pyro since the beginning So we've got mafia connections, dead body, potential cover-up.
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