Hudson and Rex (2019) s02e16 Episode Script

Flare of the Dog

1 Charlie where do we keep the creamers? Come on Jesse.
You know the real cops drink the coffee black.
What the real cops don't know is that cream adds texture and masks bitterness.
Okay? Here you go, boy.
Really? You're the one who wanted to go to the park.
Okay now.
I'm sorry I sound a little bit on edge.
But the coffee shop ran out.
And well, there's nobody around.
Well that is your fault for going in to the office on a Sunday.
Well, I work better when it's quiet.
Stand by for details on- Then why do you have the police radio on? Because sometimes I get lonely.
Are you going to tell me where they are or not? We have a possible break-in at Tony's Wharf Restaurant Jesse, can you turn that up? I repeat.
Possible break-in at Tony's Wharf Restaurant.
1215 Aspen Avenue.
On our way.
Okay, right after you tell me where the creamers are.
Charlie? - This is 1217.
- Charlie, hello? Heading there now.
Come on, pal.
Yeah, I bet you wish we were at the park now.
Hey!! Ughhh! Oh! Oh yeah.
I was worried about you, too.
Rex saved my life.
If I had gone into that building I wouldn't be here right now.
Yeah, he pulled you out of the water.
Ohhh! Oh, that explains why my leg hurts so much.
Yeah, you busted up your ankle real good.
The Green Bottle Bomber, Joe.
I saw him.
Caught him in the act.
He must have blown up in the explosion.
Actually, no.
No he didn't, Charlie.
Forensics didn't find any human remains in the debris.
You suffered a lateral malleolus fracture.
So we'll need your leg elevated.
And you're going to need plenty of rest.
And can we try and keep the paws off the bed? Yeah.
Ohhh yeah.
- I'm feeling pretty woozy.
- Yeah, that's the Tramadol.
Listen, Charlie.
I need you to try to shake it off.
We've got a bomber to catch.
You said you saw him.
I need a description if you can.
Around six feet.
Hey!! Green jacket on.
He was wearing a face mask, and And curly, brown hair.
Okay, that's good.
Why don't you get some rest, okay? We'll take it from here.
Yeah, I know.
I don't like hospitals either.
So this is the Green Bottle Bomber's fourth hit.
So far, he's burnt down a pet shop, a house, a gambling den and a restaurant.
And other than Charlie, only one person has seen him.
Sharon Yearwood.
Wife of fire fighter, Bud Yearwood.
He lost his life during the second burn.
Well that makes our guy not only an arsonist, but a murderer.
And the accelerants he uses varies.
And so far, there's no connection between any of his targets.
The only consistent factor is the igniter.
He always tosses a Molotov cocktail in a green bottle.
Yeah, except this time, he tried to lure Charlie inside- and escaped out another exit- where we caught him on CCTV cam.
It's too bad it's only in black and white.
Well, patience.
There we go.
See, I did that.
That was colour based on Charlie's memory.
A male, at least six feet, with curly, brown hair.
Last seen wearing a puffy green jacket, a black hoodie and a half face mask.
- Speak of the devil.
- Hey guys.
What part of Get some rest do you not understand? It's about the explosion.
I just remembered something.
There must have been somebody cooking in the kitchen.
Because I smelled garlic.
Are you sure? Because the case file said there was no sign of human remains.
It may not be about cooking.
Some chemical combinations replicate the smell of garlic.
Yeah, the fire department needs to know about that.
Sarah, I need you to go talk to the firemen.
Yeah, yeah.
I can talk to fire fighters.
I'm still a functioning cop.
I can do plenty from bed.
Okay, well follow up with Bud Yearwood's widow.
She's the last person to see our guy.
Good, I'm glad you feel that way.
She's on her way to see me now.
Please dial 529.
That's my Bud.
We were on our way to dinner when dispatch reported unusual chemical smells in a residence.
Bud knew what it meant.
So he raced to the scene.
Do you remember what you saw? It all happened so fast.
In a few seconds, the place was a fireball.
And Bud was gone.
Oh, he's so sweet.
Thank you.
I didn't know you were allowed dogs in a hospital.
What's his name? Rex.
And he's not your ordinary dog.
I still roll over to wake up Bud, only to realize he's no longer there.
It's like losing him all over again.
It's the hardest part.
Even harder than the money problems.
You didn't get insurance? Not yet.
The department is holding the settlement.
Something about Bud being under investigation.
Under investigation for what? That hasn't been made clear to me.
I have enough to worry about.
What with funeral costs and making ends meet.
Um Listen, if there's anything that I can do- Find the man who did this.
And put him in prison.
No one should have to go through what I've been through.
Well, I'm not surprised he smelled garlic.
The white phosphorous tends to replicate the smell of garlic.
And that was what he used to light his first fire at the pet store.
He's recycling his greatest hits.
Yeah, unfortunately it's easy enough to make at home.
All you need is some finely powdered charcoal, cinnamon, a couple of beakers, and the pièce de résistance Urine? Ah, I see you know your way around incendiary munitions.
Yeah, as head of forensics, I'm a bit of a Jill-of-all-trades.
Oh, I'm kind of a science geek myself.
Back in high school, everybody had their favourite athlete.
But I was really into chemical compounds.
- Really? - Yeah.
What was your favourite? I want to say technetium because I dig radioactive isotopes.
But, I'm going to go with oxygen for obvious reasons.
See, I'm a bit more of a mercury girl.
You know, it's as beautiful as it is toxic.
Wow! You surprise me, Dr.
Truong as someone from the SJPD.
Call me Sarah.
What's your beef with the SJPD? I just get the sense that you guys don't think very much of us.
We can be a little dismissive.
I mean, I haven't even asked your name yet.
Asher Browning.
Nice to meet you.
So you're on the Green Bottle Bomber case? Yeah, aren't we all? Some of us more than others.
I mean, I've been chasing this pyro since the beginning.
Coming up on a year since the first fire.
Can I help you? Uh, Sarah Truong.
I was assigned from the SJPD.
Deputy Fire Commissioner Larisa Sanders.
This is a secure area.
And I can't risk contamination.
Until your name is on the list of cleared personnel I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
Sure! Thanks.
Alright! Yummy! Take a look at this! Enjoy! Thank you.
Excuse me, could I get another brownie? Please? If it's not too much trouble? No.
It's one per patient.
And you haven't even eaten that one yet.
Before you go, could you check my cast? Oh, um Well, I am studying to become a doctor.
- So - Great.
Let's look at your chart.
I'll just review everything here first before we get going.
Let's see here.
Umm Looks like you're diagnosed with lateral malingus.
Mm-hmm? Oh yeah, you're right.
I can see that.
- Okay.
- Sorry about that.
Anyway, the cast looks good.
No cracks, no deterioration.
It's dry.
If it feels uncomfortable, it's because your ankle's broken.
What I'm going to need you to do is keep this immobilized.
Orderly's orders.
Yeah yeah.
Yeah yeah yeah, I got you.
Yeah, good job! Way to go! - Sarah! - Hey! And you brought me flowers! Oh, actually they're not from me.
This is Asher Browning.
He's from the Metro Fire Department.
Yeah, fire roses.
A little department humour.
Beautiful dog.
Hey there buddy.
Yeah, that's Rex.
He probably just smells the smoke on you.
So Asher's been on the bomber for months.
He thought maybe you could help him out.
Wow, a fire fighter coming to me for help with an investigation? I thought I'd never see the day.
Yeah actually, I'm here to question you.
You are the one who saw him.
Maybe you can give me a little something first.
Pulling information from you guys is like pulling teeth.
Yeah, our Deputy Commissioner is a bit of a hard-ass.
When it comes to information flow.
But I'm hoping to change that.
What do you need? Anything out of the ordinary at the fire site? Um-, what were you? If he's using any unusual ingredients maybe we can pin a purchase point.
And if there's any CCTV footage- then maybe we can get a visual with security cameras catching him as he goes to buy the items.
The only problem is, he's actually using common ingredients.
Ground charcoal, cinnamon.
It doesn't take much to make white phosphorous.
And when you combine that with gasoline it makes one heck of an orange bang.
But it was blue.
Are you sure? Positive.
It was the last thing I saw.
A big blue flame.
Blue flames would indicate butane.
Yeah, and he'd need a lot.
Still easy to get.
But for large quantities there's only one wholesaler in town.
I was told someone matching the suspect's description went in earlier.
What have you got, Jesse? Wait, hold on.
Stop right there.
What do we have here? Green jacket.
Curly brown hair.
And a whole lot of butane.
Please give it.
Say hello to Malcolm Wild.
Is that a cell phone number? - Maybe you can - I'm getting a ping! Malcolm Wild! St.
John's PD! We're too late.
Okay people.
Let's dig in! Our arsonist's name is Malcolm Wild.
He's on the run.
Let's find every single one of his hiding spots.
Okay, well, he's your textbook Unabomber type.
27 years old.
And a chem school dropout from Heritage U.
Of course he is.
His father is deceased.
His mother estranged, living in Kansas.
He has a brother.
But it doesn't look like they're close.
Any idea why he dropped out? Well, according to school records- he started exhibiting some behavioural problems.
Probably for pulling stuff like this.
It looks like our arsonist's manifesto.
A bunch of weird drawings and nonsensical poems.
1892? Does that mean anything? That's the year of the Great Fire of St.
The flames completely decimated the entire East End.
There's got to be something in there that will lead us to him.
Oh, wait.
Hold on.
Ruth Cain.
Is that a Bible verse? One sec.
Let me see.
At this they wept aloud again.
Then Orpah kissed her mother-in-law goodbye.
But Ruth clung to her.
Well that clears things up.
Maybe it's not a Bible verse.
Maybe it's a date.
Or a set of geographical co-ordinates.
Let me see.
Hang on.
There are a couple of names here.
Cynthia Zeb.
Harry Beam.
All followed by four numbers.
Maybe it's a puzzle.
See, this is the kind of thing that Charlie is good at.
Yeah, well maybe it's time we pay our favourite puzzle solver a visit.
Yeah, we could do that.
But also- I mean, I've been known to help Charlie with puzzles.
He would agree that, this is a Bible verse.
I'm guessing it's an acronym.
Like a text.
Laughing out loud.
In real life.
Well that's ridiculously juvenile.
In my humble opinion.
Well I don't think anyone who's setting buildings on fire is winning any trophies for maturity.
Right buddy? Oh, somebody's dying to get back into the field.
He's not the only one.
What do we know about his family? His brother hasn't spoken to him in years.
His father is deceased.
How did he die? I can't believe we missed this.
Malcolm's father Grant died in a fire at Rouge Hill Bottling Plant.
Let me guess.
They make green bottles.
Yeah, Jesse.
Get everything you can find on this.
Well luckily, we have an in at the fire department.
I'll check in with Asher.
Shall I arrange for you to meet with the brother? Well, not in this place.
But we should probably do it at the police station.
Yeah, but you can't leave the hospital, Charlie.
Well maybe somebody can do it for me.
What? Hey, thank you, for coming down to talk about your brother, Clive.
Okay, so Nope.
Nope nope nope.
Okay, um Your father died in a fire.
Can you give us anything as to his state of mind? My parents were never happy.
My father was an old-school traditionalist.
And my mother owned a small flower shop.
Oh, yeah.
Were your mother and Malcolm close? After the marriage fell apart my mother developed a gambling habit.
Malcolm ratted her out to my father.
So you can guess how she felt about him after that.
Oh yeah, okay.
She pretty much disowned him.
My mother and I switched to her maiden name after the divorce.
And so that's why I'm a Geller and not a Wild.
Has your mother heard from Malcolm at all? Has he reached out? I'm not even sure he knows where she lives.
My mom relocated to the States to franchise her business.
20 stores and counting now.
Look, um, Clive.
Can you give us any insight- on your brother? Any at all? I'm afraid not.
Thanks so much for helping out.
We might have a possible connection to this old case.
Well yeah, that bottling plant fire is legendary.
It was before I was transferred to St.
But I still heard about it.
Do you know how it started? Those plants-they use flammables to clean.
But if they don't properly vent it Kaboom.
Malcolm's dad died in that fire.
This explains everything.
It's the 10th anniversary.
That's a hell of a way to commemorate it.
Hey, do you think I can take these files with me? I'd have to get clearance.
Okay, well let's see- if Charlie can tell us what to look for.
Hey Sarah! Hey, Charlie.
I'm here with Asher.
Hey, Charlie.
Oh, here.
I'm putting you on speaker.
Hey Charlie, listen.
I've got the file for the fire that killed Malcolm's father.
What should we be looking for? Well, see if you can find anything that connects to Malcolm's manifesto.
Maybe it's an acronym.
Or anything with the names Ruth Cain or Cynthia Zeb? It could be a chemical code, a date.
- Maybe some kind of a ratio.
- Ms.
What's going on? I'll call you back, Charlie.
In my office.
Did I not make it clear to you that you're not to access our files without the proper clearances? I filed for a request earlier.
Which hasn't been processed yet.
I'm sorry.
Thanks, pal.
Always looking out for me.
I know.
Hey, Charlie.
I just got an earful from the Deputy Fire Commissioner.
Larisa wants you and Sarah to stand down.
Maybe the police should stick to investigating.
And the fire department should stick to inspections.
Right? Yeah well, Rex seems to agree, huh? Uh Those guys, the most action they get is telling people that they need a permit or that they're not sticking to the code.
Cynthia Zeb and Ruth Cain.
The initials RC and CZ.
Commercial Zoning and Residential Code.
Wait, those numbers They're not dates.
They're building permits.
Malcolm's manifesto has five names in it.
And he's lit four fires.
The last name is Harry Beam.
- Harry Beam? - 28:65.
, Charlie.
He's going after a Heritage Building.
Joe, hand me my phone.
I'm going to get Jesse to call the City and find out where Malcolm's next target is.
Good timing, Jesse.
You got the news on? No.
Why? What happened? It's the historic Merkley House.
One of the oldest buildings in Newfoundland.
It's gone.
Somebody torched it to the ground.
The Green Bottle Bomber strikes again.
It looks like white phosphorous again.
Even more than before.
These fires are escalating.
Why hit one of Newfoundland's oldest buildings? We can't get that history back.
You know, I really do think that you and Charlie and I, we could solve this if we work together, if it wasn't for my Deputy Commissioner.
Old fire fighter-cop rivalry.
Maybe the cop-fire fighter rivalry.
Well anyway.
Maybe I'm not the one who needs to hear this.
If you don't tell, I won't tell.
Okay? Deal.
I brought Rex some treats.
Well, the way to Rex's heart is through his stomach.
Do you mind? You know You remind me of my partner.
We lost him, trying to take this bastard down.
Bud Yearwood was your partner? I'm afraid he was.
He was He was one of a kind.
He called me the night he went into the Green Bottle Bomber's second fire.
But my ringer was off.
I could've saved him.
You don't know that.
Losing a partner is something that haunts a man forever.
Yeah, a lot of people are hurting from this.
I met with Bud's widow, Sharon.
Rex lost a partner.
She was gunned down right in front of him.
When the paramedics came, they found him curled up by her dead body.
I guess you and I have a lot in common, huh? Listen, Charlie.
Those files, for the fire that killed Malcolm's father.
I'd love to get them for you and Sarah.
Your Deputy Commissioner has other ideas.
Uh What she doesn't know won't hurt her.
Uh Enjoy the treats.
These files are absolute gold.
They prove that bottling plant managers were negligent during the fire that killed his father, Grant.
The only question is, how is it connected to the five fires his son lit recently? This is nice.
You know, you and I, just figuring stuff out together.
I like playing the Charlie.
I'm the Charlie in this situation.
Uh, well let's just Let's review, shall we? So, we have a pet shop.
A suburban house.
A gambling den.
A restaurant.
And now an old heritage house.
All burnt down seemingly to commemorate a past tragedy.
Wait wait wait.
Past Maybe it's not what the buildings are now, but Oh oh oh, but what the buildings were then? Okay, let's start with the pet shop.
Shall we? Now, that opened four years ago.
But ten years ago, it was occupied by a A flower shop.
Wait, Malcolm's brother Clive said that their mother owned a flower shop.
Hannah Geller.
That's her.
Okay okay.
What about the suburban house? Okay.
Yeah! She was listed on the lease ten years ago.
And the gambling den? Clive also said his mother had a gambling problem.
Boom! Who's the Charlie now? Okay okay.
Still you.
Okay, we just need to find a connection between Malcolm and Antonio's restaurant.
I can give you two million connections.
I've been looking over the insurance claim at Antonio's Restaurant.
It's been over-valued and inflated to the tune of half a million dollars.
So his motive was money.
Follow me.
Now, I traced the insurance claim from the original owners to the DeAngelis family.
The Mafia? Is using Malcolm for fire insurance scams? Wait.
That doesn't make sense.
Because there'd be no point in them burning up a heritage building like the Merkley house.
That has no tie to the Mafia whatsoever.
I wouldn't be so sure.
To what do I owe this pleasure, Joe? Hey, Frank.
Why don't we talk about the casino that you wanted to build on top of the old Merkley House? Okay.
It's alright.
Why don't I start? Three years ago you submitted a municipal development proposal to build a casino only to hit a snag, by the Historic Preservation Society.
Your plan was threatened by a two-hundred year old building that no one even visits anymore.
Wouldn't it be nice if someone just burnt that thing right down to the ground? I come in thinking I'm going to get news on the nut job who torched my restaurant.
Instead, I'm being accused, not of one but of two fires.
You disappoint me, Joe.
Always trying to take down a hard-working man.
But only if your job is crime.
So Malcolm burns buildings for family revenge and for the mafia? Looks like these last two fires work in DeAngelis's favour.
Maybe even the gambling den.
It's the only burn site that hasn't been reconstructed.
You know, this is the part of the caper where you and I would go check it out.
You know, you don't need me.
You could take Rex.
He's up for it.
You never know what he might find.
We won't be allowed on site without clearance from the fire department.
Well, don't you have an in? I am so getting fired for this.
Don't pretend you don't love it.
It's cold.
Did you say you're cold? - Yeah.
- Here.
- Take this.
- Oh no no no.
- That's okay.
- Oh, come on.
Take it.
What is it? I don't know.
We'll soon find out.
Hey, Sarah.
How did my partner do? He was amazing.
He found something.
I hope you're sitting down for this, Charlie.
Not like I have much of a choice.
Rex found a body.
What? Rex found charred traces of human remains.
I went over the case file for the gambling den.
But there's no mention of a body on record.
That's not possible.
Unless someone at the fire department is covering it up.
Sarah, this is big.
You mean like someone removed the body before the police arrived? Well there wasn't much left of the sample.
I sent the DNA in for testing.
But unless it's a known felon- it's unlikely they found anything in the system.
Tell Rex he did good.
I've already got that covered.
He may only want to solve cases with me from now on.
Keep me posted.
You earned it, Rex.
Oh hey, Joe.
I'm glad you're here.
I've got news.
No, me first.
The Fire Commissioner has kicked it up to a national level.
The Bureau of Special Police is taking over.
Well that doesn't make any sense! Charlie's the only officer who's actually seen the Green Bottle Bomber! It's not my call, Sarah.
We're done.
Please tell me this is some Tramadol fever dream.
I'm afraid not.
We're really off the case.
The CBSP came in.
Seized all the evidence about an hour ago.
Why would the Fire Commissioner pull something like this? She went over my head.
She declared St.
John's to be in a state of emergency.
And now the feds are forced to intervene.
So we've got mafia connections, dead body, potential cover-up.
We're officially letting this case go.
Right? Well, I mean, you're on leave.
There's no way you could be investigating from here.
I mean, I didn't even think to make any duplicates of the files on the cloud.
And I wouldn't have requested a duplicate of the DNA report.
So it's official.
We are not looking into anything.
Understood? What's up, Charlie? You guys have the CBSP radio on? No, why? They've got another ping for Malcolm's phone.
Three, in fact, all along Duckworth.
But foot patrol can't spot him.
- Duckworth? - Yeah.
Well that street was gutted during the Great Fire of 1892.
This is Malcolm's manifesto.
And while they can't find him, they found suspicious accelerants in the area.
Fuel to help the fire spread.
Joe, they think he's in the area, ready to strike.
I know Rex can find him.
We've got to get him down there.
Charlie! Are you sure this is a good idea? It seems the special police have this under control.
Rex! The special police don't have a Rex.
And Rex is our best chance of picking up the trail of our arsonist.
And this is where I remind you, that every time I go out in the field-something bad happens.
I've been shot! I've been drowned! And this is the part that I tell you that I trust you.
And you can do this.
And more importantly, Rex can do this.
Did you get the bag? Yeah, I just came from Evidence, where they had everything ready as per your instructions.
Listen to me carefully.
I need you to open the second zipper.
There's a plastic bag inside.
What is this? Flame retardant? No.
It's cheese dip.
For Rex's treats.
We're dealing with a madman arsonist.
And our greatest weapon is cheese spread? Our greatest weapon is Rex.
And Rex runs on snacks.
Also in the bag- is Malcolm's mask.
We found it in Malcolm's hiding spot.
You can use that so Rex can get the scent to track him.
How does this work? You hold it up to Rex's nose so he can get the scent.
And you say, Rex, track! Alright.
Rex, track! Not now, Jesse! You're in the office! You wait until you get down to the waterfront where the accelerants are.
Uh-okay yeah.
I'm sorry, I'm a little nervous.
Hey, this is going to work.
With any luck, Rex will lead you right to the Green Bottle Bomber.
What do I do if I see him? You'll be fine.
Charlie, what if he lights me on fire? He's not going to Jesse, okay.
You know what? Just stay with Rex.
Ahhh! Charlie? There's something wrong with this latest target.
Malcolm has always been one step ahead.
His phone has been quiet since the last raid.
And his cell was nowhere when he set fire to the Merkley House, so- Why would he turn it back on now? He wants us to go there.
Why? Maybe it's a distraction.
What if it's not Malcolm at all? Charlie, what are you thinking? What if it's Malcolm's body that Sarah and Rex found? I'm going to get DeAngelis back in here I'll put his feet to the fire.
You told me Hudson and his team were kicked off this case.
So why am I getting called to the SJPD? I don't like loose ends.
So change of plans.
He goes, or you go.
Hey, Sarah.
I got the DNA results back from the clothing sample we found at the gambling den fire.
Your hunch is right.
- It's Malcolm.
- Really? It was his body that disappeared in the fire.
- Hmmm.
- And also, I just got a panicked call from Jesse.
Did he ask you to go with him and Rex? Well, apparently there's strength in numbers.
I should be there.
Good luck, and - be safe.
- We will.
Thanks Charlie.
Okay! This is going to be good! We got this buddy, right? Yeah, totally under control.
I'm the Charlie.
This is going to be good.
No no no! Rex, please please no! No.
Hey! Good to see you too! Rex, what are you doing? Oh, thank God you're here.
I thought I was going to lose him.
What has gotten into Rex? He's acting like he's been instructed to track something.
I don't know.
It's weird.
I just gave Rex the scent of the mask we seized when we raided Malcolm's place.
He's tracking the bomber.
But I don't know why he went straight for your jacket.
It's not my jacket.
It's the one Asher gave me when I was cold.
I brought Rex some treats.
Excuse me.
Can you? Do you mind grabbing my phone for me please? Yeah, let me Ughh! Uhhh! Uhhh! It's a sedative, Charlie.
Charlie's not answering.
I saw your tattoo.
You're working for DeAngelis.
Well then, you know how we operate.
He doesn't like any loose ends.
Your partner.
Is this what Bud would have wanted? Bud did not know what I know.
And he turned down DeAngelis's offer to legitimize his insurance scams.
And I agreed with him at the time.
But what does the department do when Bud gives his own life? When Bud gives his own life? They freeze payments to his family.
So now it's my job to take care of them.
Don't pretend like you're some kind of hero.
This is about money.
You don't get it.
Ughhh! Uhh! Charlie.
Come on.
Stop, Charlie.
It won't do you any good.
It won't do you any good.
Ahhh! What are you doing? The security guard is gone for at least an hour.
That gives me plenty of time to evade the CCTV cameras like I always do.
I'll respond to the call! And I'll try and save you.
I was only going to light a few more fires for DeAngelis.
But thanks to you, that's going to change.
Ughhh! Just relax.
It's time to let go.
Okay? And when we sift through the ashes, we're going to find the heroic detective, Charlie Hudson.
Aghhhhh! A fighter till the end.
I'll toast at your funeral.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of Rex for you.
You mean he'll take care of you.
Ughh! Detective Hudson.
I'm guessing this is Rex.
That's right.
Well, I called you in, because I wanted to clear something up.
We suspected Asher of collusion with DeAngelis.
And we just didn't know how deep the corruption went.
So you suspected us? I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
We would have done the same thing.
Well with Asher behind bars- I'm happy to report that the investigation with Bud Yearwood is closed.
That's great.
So Sharon Yearwood will be receiving her delayed payment.
Which is why me and the guys are pushing pause on our little rivalry with the police department to honour you.
And especially Rex.
Go on, pal.
This is for you.
Rex, for your heroism, bravery, and selflessness, I'd like to swear you in as an honorary member of the Metro Fire Department.
Good job, partner.
Nice boy! Okay, everybody in for a photo.
Come on! Say cheese! You know what? I think this might be the start of a beautiful friendship.
Next time on Hudson & Rex Police converged on a warehouse seizing nearly two million dollars Organized crime has no place in our city Whoever this new player is is trying to send a message I heard there's a new boss in town Do you smell gas? Actually yeah.
Yeah I do.
Sarah, lock up the lab.
Get out of the building.
Your partner is no longer useful to me.
No! No! Don't shoot!
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