Hudson and Rex (2019) s02e17 Episode Script

The Graveyard Shift

Police converged on a warehouse in Shea Heights late last night seizing nearly two million dolllars in counterfeit bills.
It's the first sign of organized crime in St.
John's since the arrest of notorious mobster, Rupert Mankiewicz, eight months ago.
Now with this latest development police fear a new crime boss has emerged.
Superintendent Joe Donovan is quick to dispel those rumours.
Unlike the Mankiewicz situation, this appears to be the work of foreign influence.
We're working closely with CSIS and Interpol to find these culprits.
Organized crime has no place in our city.
Donovan points out Major Crimes Detective, Charlie Hudson, has trained his canine, Rex to sniff out the phony bills based on smell alone.
It was this that led investigators to the warehouse in the first place making it clear that criminals looking to set up shop in St.
John's are barking up the wrong tree.
If the threats don't scare him away, the canine puns will.
Assuming it's a him.
I mean, do we even know who this new crime boss is? Unfortunately, we didn't catch anybody at the scene.
Well, hopefully, processing this evidence will help.
My money is on the Chechen mafia.
In other news my first television cameo is pretty impressive.
You had a television cameo? Yeah.
Right there.
That's my shoulder.
Yeah, it still counts.
Does it? Really? That was weird.
Yeah, he's been on the phone in there for a while.
- I wonder what's up? - He's not ordering pizza.
Is he? You know what that means.
Pizza means late night! There's not much evidence left to process.
We should be okay.
Do you have somewhere you need to be? Well, uh I have a dinner.
Oh! With a woman.
Who is not my mom this time.
Ah, been a while, huh? Only date I have is with a hot bath.
What's happening? You need to push those dinner reservations, Jesse.
Rupert Mankiewicz is here.
Mankiewicz? Since when? Apparently his life was threatened in the Penitentiary.
So they're moving him out of province.
What's he doing here? It's just a stopgap until space opens up.
He'll be gone in the morning.
Which means Joe's going to squeeze him for all he knows about this counterfeit thing tonight.
And we're going to have to be by his side in case anything comes up.
Which can only mean that Who is up for some pizza? I'm sorry to spring this on you guys.
But once an opportunity presents itself, we need to take advantage.
How do we know Mankiewicz is going to co-operate? We don't.
Mankiewicz was pummeled in prison by inmates.
Why was he targeted? That's the million dollar question.
Our working theory is that whoever this new player is is trying to send a message.
That there's a new boss in town.
Mankiewicz's grip on the criminal world is loosening.
If we're lucky, he's desperate.
He knows a lot of players.
He's very valuable to us.
We cannot afford to lose him.
Does Mankiewicz even have a counterfeit background? Actually, Mankiewicz had a brief, albeit unsuccessful, stab at that about six years ago.
So how do we do this? I want you to talk to him.
Just you and Rex.
Nobody else.
You're the closest thing in this building to someone who he thinks that he can trust.
And what about us? I want the two of you to comb over Mankiewicz's counterfeit files from a few years back.
Compare it to the haul that we got last night.
So Jesse.
I want you to go down to evidence lockup.
And dig up those hard drives.
Do a deep dive on all of the data.
That's a lot of data.
And layers of encryption that I've never seen before.
It might take me hours.
Is that a problem? It's no problem.
Sarah, I want you to take a closer look at those counterfeit bills.
- Everybody set? - Yeah.
Let's do this.
Alright Rex.
It's time to introduce you to an old friend.
Come on.
Rex! Shut.
So this is the famous Rex! Not the hellhound I was expecting.
Well, just hope you never see that side of him.
Hello, Hudson.
You look, uh, well judging by that shiner looks like you're not getting along with your neighbours in the Penitentiary.
Oh, it was just a minor misunderstanding.
Yeah, I guess we're holding on to you for a bit before you're moved to Kingston.
Well I hear the people are much more friendly.
Well as long as it has nothing to do with your influence being on the decline.
It must be pretty hard to know there's another kingpin in town.
Now, Detective.
You're not trying to goad me into doing the heavy work for you.
Are you? Now why would I do something like that? Well because I've got the feeling you haven't got the slightest clue as to whose behind all this.
And you need all the help you can get.
And might I suggest that the next time I come to visit that we use these holding cells here for VIPs only? Well we could just send you back to your old prison.
I imagine those bruises will get a lot worse.
Nobody needs to know that we're talking.
But I understand that you used to dabble in phony bills at one point.
That was a lifetime ago.
I bet you still recall some of the players.
They lost me when they went to plastic.
I'd say look to Asia for the high-tech stuff.
My money's on Beijing.
You're telling me that you're completely in the dark about who's behind this? I'm telling you I was smart enough to cut my losses.
My counterfeiting experience was disastrous.
He's not wrong.
These old bills from his counterfeit days Here.
Look at the edges.
Mankiewicz was counterfeiting older paper bills.
And they were easier to spot.
You see that? They bleed.
And they're slightly off colour.
What about the bills we seized yesterday? That's a whole different ballgame.
Modern bills have foolproof security features.
But these are nearly perfect.
They even get the raised ink right.
How is that possible? This one uses multiple layers of ink, all intricately laid one-by-one by the machine.
And the holographic elements are added later.
There might be something to this Beijing crime racket theory.
Their tech is just on a whole other level.
We have to assume the worst.
Well, they still haven't perfected the smell.
We still have Rex.
Yeah, but if an international crime syndicate has taken a foothold here, Rex won't be enough to save us.
I pulled all the players from Mankiewicz's failed counterfeit ring.
And I sent them to you and Charlie for reference.
I also got all the data for the ink layouts.
Anything interesting? Yeah.
I mean we're talking multiple layers with 1200 dpi resolution for printing.
It's pretty impressive stuff.
Is that it? No.
Uh, so all the files are encrypted.
And I don't really know what program I need to use to open them.
And it could take days.
So I don't know if I'm going to be much use here.
Are the files uploaded to the server? Yes.
The server's down.
Well when will it be back up? Well, IT is on it.
But, not to worry.
Because, I got it all saved on this USB key.
So let me get this straight.
Instead of storing this very sensitive data on our secure servers, you're going to keep it for the night in the pocket of your skinny jeans? Well, they're slim cut.
Okay, I'm sorry for making you stay, Jesse.
But we need to play this by the book.
So until that server gets back up, you're going to have to stay.
I see you lurking back there, Mills.
What do you want? To find out how long the server is down.
And welcome back, Morgan.
It's been a while.
IT is on vacation.
So your favourite temp is back.
And well, systems updates take time.
You should have gotten one of those emails you never check.
Ummm Yeah, it's going to take a while.
Look, is there any way that you can I don't know, pause it for a sec? Let me back on? You of all people should know that's not possible.
I'm in a bit of a rush.
This was scheduled to be done during off hours.
Why are you still here? Well, I'm not supposed to be here.
There's something that that I might be missing.
A thing like a date? Yeah, I mean, it's this girl that I've been seeing.
Or not seeing.
I keep cancelling on her.
And this might be the third time.
- So.
- Mmmm.
And three strikes, you're out? Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.
I just want to live my life, you know? Us techies are the unsung heroes of this department.
- Mm-hmm.
- And we don't get paid enough.
Hey, I saw you on the news earlier.
Oh, you mean you saw my shoulder on the news earlier.
Oh, that's your best angle.
Thanks Morgan.
Almost forgot.
Whoah! That is some good work.
You do not get something like this without some serious machinery.
They had a pretty sophisticated press at the warehouse that we confiscated.
I suppose congratulations are in order.
It must really stick in your craw you don't get to play with any of these toys.
We need medical attention in here! Now! Okay.
Back up.
Back up! Aghh! Aghh! Yaghh! Rex! No! Don't shoot!! Come on.
Get up! Get your dog in that cell.
It's okay, pal.
Go on.
Rex, get in! Now, you.
And I want to ask you, what did you think I was doing in jail? Twiddling my thumbs? There is no Beijing crime syndicate.
The person behind this is you.
Yeah, that was a nice move.
Get yourself beaten up so you could play the victim card for a transfer.
Then you find out about the bust from your informants.
Then just put yourself right where you needed to be.
Your cell didn't open on its own.
Somebody had to disable the security cameras.
How many people do you have working for you on the inside? Enough to get the job done.
Well then, how come I'm still alive if nobody's watching? You could have put a bullet through my skull by now.
All in good time, Detective! What did he have on him? Just a phone.
Call from a Sarah! Is that your lady friend? Will she be upset? Please get the dog to stop barking.
Rex! Hold.
That's a magnificent beast.
Well trained.
Good job.
Officer! Look out! Don't worry about him.
How many people do you have working for you? Like I told you, enough to get the job done.
The bird is out of its cage.
Boss, we should get going.
You go with him.
Make sure everything's set.
What do you have planned, Mankiewicz? Check.
So what do you feed him to make his coat so shiny? Hey, Jesse.
Server's still not up? IT is doing a system update.
Morgan said she's trying to speed it up.
Not going to have any pizza while you wait? I'm- saving my appetite.
There are mushrooms on the pizza.
So Well, I'm sorry about having to make you stay, Jesse.
I'm also sorry about the mushrooms, but Do you smell gas? That's still lingering? Um I Mushrooms don't really agree with me.
So No, no no no.
I mean gas gas.
Like Like a gas leak.
Now that you mention it.
Hey, Joe.
I'm still on the ink test.
Just trying to figure out if Sarah, forget about the ink test.
Do you smell gas? Actually, yeah.
Yeah, I do.
Okay, I'm calling building maintenance.
This is not a drill.
Please proceed to the nearest exits immediately.
Sarah, lock up the lab.
Get out of the building.
This is not a drill.
Please proceed to the nearest exits immediately.
This is not a drill.
Please proceed to the nearest exits immediately.
Am I supposed to shut anything off from here? Hey, don't you have a date to get to? I feel like the universe isn't going to let that happen.
Maybe the universe has better plans.
- I'll see you outside.
- Okay.
This is not a drill.
Sorry, folks! Please exit in an orderly fashion! This won't take long.
But we need everybody out! Excuse me.
I need to know how long this is going to take.
I need to speak to one of my detectives.
I'm sorry, Sir.
It's not safe.
You'll have to evacuate with everyone else.
I don't think you understand- I'm in the middle of a time-sensitive investigation.
I need to know how long.
The sooner we can get everybody out, the sooner we can get everybody back in.
Now whoever you're looking for will be waiting for you outside.
So that's what you're up to.
A gas leak.
How very Oceans 11 of you.
You're quick.
This is way too simple of a plan.
Occam's razor, my friend.
The simplest answer is always the right one.
How are you doing, buddy? You're wasting your time.
You know what I love about dogs? They're so straightforward.
They understand and respect the chain of command.
His master indisposed I can see it, in his eyes.
He already feels the balance shifting.
And? Yeah.
Gas is off.
- Ready to fly.
- Alright, well, not till we have everything.
- Okay.
- Your cue, Hudson.
Where is my equipment? Uh, shouldn't we just grab the cash and get out of here? You see, that's why you're always going to be number two, Kai.
You panic too quickly.
I'm waiting.
You really think you're going to get away with this? If Donovan doesn't hear from me, he's going to know something's up.
Already taken care of.
Excuse me for a second.
I need to know how long.
Well it's a bigger mess than we thought.
A blown gasket, ruptured the line in three places.
Should've been upgraded years ago.
You haven't answered my question.
Look, I want to say an hour.
But I'd probably be lying.
Protocol is protocol.
This could take hours.
Well, there goes my hot bath.
Well, I wish that was all I was missing.
Oh, I'm sorry you're missing your date.
It's okay.
Maybe you can grab a late drink? Well, maybe.
If she would text me back.
How much longer? It's going to be a while.
Everybody's gone home except for a skeleton crew.
And we're the skeletons, right? I keep checking with Charlie.
But it just goes straight to voicemail.
Well, speak of the devil.
Hey, Charlie! Where are you? Hey.
The transfer officers moved Mankiewicz back into the transport van.
We've parked it in a safe area.
So I'll hang here until we can head back inside.
Okay, thanks Charlie.
Just keep me posted.
Will do, boss.
Don't worry, partner.
We'll get out of here somehow.
What's the matter? You didn't think the cavalry was coming to save you, did you? Mmmm.
- Talk to me.
- So far, so good, boss.
This place is a ghost town.
Not a single straggler as far as I can see.
Locking down the perimeter now.
You should head to the east corridor immediately.
It's the best way out.
Alright, let me know if anyone enters or exits.
You said this would be quick.
And it will be.
Provided you do everything I say.
Remember our deal.
I get out of here alive, then you get paid.
Yes, Sir.
Oh, poor creature.
All cooped up with no place to go.
He's fine.
I wasn't talking about the dog.
Now I'm going to ask you nicely one last time, Detective.
Where is the evidence? Evidence lock-up? That's what I like about you, Hudson.
Even under the most challenging of circumstances.
We tore lock-up apart.
Found the hard drives.
But not the cash.
Yeah, and I told you I have no idea where it is.
You know, you might not be able to help.
But I've got a feeling that your dog can.
That's a good boy.
It's okay, buddy.
What are we doing here, boss? Well Rex's nose here, is going to lead me to my money.
Why is that so important to you? Well, you see, If I leave my money with you, then all my secrets are revealed.
Why are you talking like that? You sound like a kindergarten teacher.
Well you see-I've done my research.
And I know that aggressive tones might agitate Rex here.
Huh? Isn't that right, buddy? How's that research working out for you? You want Rex to cooperate? You need to show that I'm not in danger.
Which means removing the cuffs.
Don't try anything.
Okay, pal.
Track it.
You keep him calm and cooperating and he just might make it out of here alive.
Good to know.
Good boy, Rex! Good boy! Good boy, Rex.
Good boy.
I think that is everything.
This is it.
All the evidence is accounted for.
One problem.
I just noticed that the data on the hard drives was uploaded earlier tonight.
No, that's impossible.
All the servers were down.
Well it wasn't on the servers.
So it could have been an external hard drive.
So where is it? What is that? Oh, it's just the tools to create a multi-billion dollar counterfeit organization.
It's the data I seized from the raid.
Should you really be playing with that? Yeah, you're probably right.
It's just I can't stop fidgeting.
It's freezing out here.
Alright, Hudson.
No more games.
You downloaded data off my hard drives.
Where are they? Hey.
I don't know where it is.
Not even Rex can help you find it this time, okay? Well you see now, that's unfortunate.
Because that means that your partner- is no longer useful to me.
Hey, no no no no no.
Where's the drive? - I told you, I don't know.
- Last chance! Where are my hard drives? I swear I don't know! One last time! Where's my drives? Hey hey! I swear, I don't know! Kai! Is that funny? I actually believe you, Detective.
You know what else is kind of funny? I could never hurt a dog.
And especially not such a magnificent beast as Rex here.
Lock him in the office while we search this joint.
Go on, pal.
It's okay.
You know what to do.
Rex now! Ughh!! Uhhh! Ughhh! Get him! Go get him! Kai! Ughh! Get him! It's locked! Then find him! Hey! If you have to shoot the man.
But save that dog! Boss? Did you find him! No.
No sign of him yet.
Then I suggest you keep looking! Mm-hmm.
Let's go.
Hello Detective.
Come out, come out, wherever you are! Hey, Hudson.
You can't hide from me forever.
Just an FYI, Charlie knows where the cameras are.
So it's a bit hard for me to track him.
So why are you talking to me? Because we're looking for Charlie.
No! I'm looking for Charlie.
You're looking for that drive.
Don't talk to me again until you've found it! Anything? Almost forgot.
I think I found it.
Talk to me.
Give me five minutes.
I can handle this one myself.
Make it quick.
I've spotted Detective Hudson.
He's in the elevator.
Elevator's on the move.
Elevator's on the move with Charlie.
Damn it.
I've lost eyes on him.
What are you thinking about? I'm thinking I wish I'd grabbed my damn gloves.
Hey, Charlie.
How's it going? Is the data from the counterfeit operation safe? Yeah yeah.
It's with Jesse.
Why? Is everything alright? Just make sure.
It may be important.
And go easy on Jesse tonight.
His girl is about to dump him.
Hey, pal.
Yeah, I missed you too.
I know.
Good job.
You think Joe left his gun here? Come on.
Time to go, buddy.
Let's go.
The elevator was empty.
It's a distraction.
Check on the dog.
Find him! Okay, partner.
I need you to go find Joe.
You're faster than me.
You think you can do that? Alright.
Go find Joe.
So, Morgan? What exactly am I paying you for? Sir? Well I've got no drive! No cop, no dog, no lockdown.
Sir, no one can get in or out.
The only way that happens is if we let them.
- Or - Or what? Precisely.
Or you'd have to pull the fire alarm! Damn it! Lock that down! I'm on it! Date got tired of waiting? I guess you could say that.
You okay? Yeah yeah, I just liked her a lot, you kow? I kind of wanted this one to work out.
There is still time.
I don't know.
Relationships are hard.
Especially when you're married to your job.
What the? Hey hey! How'd you get out here, buddy? - Oh! - Hey! Hey! Rex, where did you come from? Charlie asked me to bring him to you while he finishes interviewing Mankiewicz.
Oh, sir.
Do you know Morgan? She's a temp.
From the IT room.
Morgan, this is Sarah, - our forensics head.
- Hi.
And Superintendent Joe Donovan.
Hey Mills.
Sorry you missed your big date.
Um Listen, you didn't tell anybody about that, did you? No, not a soul.
Okay okay.
I guess, you know, it just wasn't meant to be.
Well maybe there's a consolation prize.
Whatever happens, us techies gotta stick together.
Thank you.
That made me feel better.
Hey Mills.
A word.
My boss beckons.
So, better go.
He's probably going to ask me for a hug too.
Just kidding.
There will be no hugs.
Let me in.
We're done here.
What is it? Hello again! Hi! Mind if I tag along? I thought I'd check in on Charlie.
He's in the prison transfer vehicle, with the holding cell guys.
Isn't that in the parkade? I thought I'd cut through.
Oh! But the station is still on lockdown.
You're in luck ladies.
I just got the all-clear.
- Go ahead.
- Okay.
Come on, Rex.
Everything okay? Yeah.
I think Rex just hurt his paw.
Find Charlie! Rex, go! I didn't want this to happen.
They promised me nobody would get hurt.
I'm sorry.
I don't think you really are sorry.
But you will be.
Sir, we have a problem.
Well, if it isn't Hudson's girlfriend.
This isn't going to be a problem at all.
Hey! Hey buddy! Hey partner! Yeah, I knew you'd be okay.
Hey, Hudson.
We've got a friend of yours with us from Major Crimes.
She'd like to say something to you.
Don't come, Charlie.
It's a trap! Stay away! That's not what we rehearsed.
But I've got the feeling we'll get the same result.
Stay away, Charlie! Don't listen to your girlfriend, alright? And seeing as we're a little pressed for time, you want to pick up the pace? What's the rush? The only place you're going is back to prison.
Well if that's the case, then one more murder isn't going to matter, right? Kai? Hudson.
Say goodbye to your little friend, in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, I'm unarmed.
Thanks for showing up.
I was in the neighbourhood.
Let her go.
Cuff him.
You, up.
Over there.
Actually, cuff them together.
Well alright.
Come here.
Sit down.
- Sit.
- Easy, pal.
You okay? Yeah.
I'm adding something new to our dance card, Hudson.
I'm taking your dog with me.
You see, he's the missing piece to perfecting my counterfeit business.
Because if I can fool Rex, I can fool anybody.
But if he shows any violent tendencies towards me, well, you and I both know how that will end.
Rex, stop.
Go with him.
It's okay.
Come on, partner.
Goodbye, Detective.
I'll find you.
I believe you believe that.
Rex! Go on, buddy! It's going to be okay.
Go on.
Come on, Rex.
You can do it, buddy.
Go! Rex, now! I can't believe he took Rex.
Not yet.
The utility vehicle's waiting for us in the garage.
- We're almost home free.
- Bad news, sir.
East exit is now compromised.
The escape vehicle will now meet you in the south tunnel.
After you.
Come on, partner.
We're coming in! Hands in the air! Don't move! Don't move! Now!! Rex! Go! Aghhh! Ughh! Don't move, Mankiewicz.
It's over.
Morgan, you idiot! You marched us right into an ambush! Who said this was Morgan? You know the old saying, Mankiewicz.
Don't believe everything you hear.
You know, Morgan.
You're right.
We really are the unsung heroes.
Can you give me a minute? Look, Morgan.
I've got to ask.
Why'd you do it? He said no one would get hurt.
It was just a quick job.
And I needed the money.
I wanted out so bad, Jesse.
I was stupid.
And scared.
I don't know.
I mean, to think that I bought all this garbage about, the server being down.
And Us techies have to stick together, and And the hug, and Anyway, um It's fine.
You can Jesse? The hug, was real.
Look at this place.
What a disaster.
Hurricane Mankiewicz.
You know, I can't believe how close he came to escaping.
But he didn't.
You know, I'm really proud of how you handled yourself tonight.
They could never have gotten that SWAT team in place if my tech-genius, hadn't planted fake information in Mankiewicz's ear.
Well, I mean, happy to be of service.
My heartbreak is the department's gain.
Don't worry.
You're still young.
You'll find somebody.
Yeah, but not tonight.
We've still got some work to do.
Married to the job indeed.
Is Charlie going to join the festivities? In a bit.
Something he needs to do.
Go ahead and gloat.
You earned it.
Gloating is unbecoming.
Then what are you doing here? Making sure you don't have any more aces up your sleeve.
Oh, and I came to wish you good luck in solitary confinement.
Tends to get to a lot of people.
And you might be there for a long time.
I like you, Charlie.
In another world we could have been friends.
Maybe even partners.
Rex is my only partner.
I'll see you around, Mankiewicz.
Not unless I see you first.
Hey, little buddy.
That was fun, wasn't it? You helping me out for once? Huh? We'd have made a pretty good team.
Let me scratch you behind the ears one last time.
Come on.
Wasn't that bad, was it? Rex! Hey, bud! Next time on Hudson & Rex Hey.
Hey, Torrie, I have something that I need you to look at.
I can't right now.
- Ok, just - I can't.
Could your wive be any more perfect I don't deserve her Is this really happening? This is really happening.
This is my former professor.
I turns out Vanessa was part of the Kales family and the company behind Oxyterron, the synthetic opioid Their Golden Goose Families have been torn apart by Kales Pharma
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