Hudson and Rex (2019) s02e18 Episode Script

Old Dog New Tricks

1 I want you back You give me this feeling this feeling, this feeling this feeling, this feeling I want you back You give me this feeling this feeling, this feeling this feeling, this feeling this feeling, this feeling this feeling, this feeling, this feeling - (zap) - (music dies) Crowd: Ohhhh.
- - (intense percussion) - - (techno music resumes) Hey! Hey Tori! Tori! Hey! What are you doing here? Babe, you are completely out of control! Do you even know what night this is? Alright, look.
I have something that I need you to look at.
Alright? I have five minutes till my next set.
- I can't right now.
- Okay? I just I can't.
Droppin' low, droppin' low, droppin' low Drop it like Droppin' low, droppin' low, droppin' low Drop it like Droppin' low, droppin' low, droppin' low Sarah: Oh, I'm sure they'll be here soon.
Maddox: I can't believe they missed a whole meal.
Oh! I'm so sorry, darling.
- Mmmmm.
- (kiss) I had a conference call.
It went on and on.
That's alright.
This is Sarah.
- Hi.
- Lovely to meet you.
- You as well.
- Maddox: Any word from Tori? Vanessa: Um, she just texted me.
The club needed her to cover for a DJ.
She's really sorry.
Maddox: Ah.
The club.
Sometimes I worry.
Vanessa: Well, at least she's found a job she can enjoy.
Viktor sometimes has trouble remembering his daughter, is a grown-up now.
Are you sure you don't want any champagne? No, I'm okay.
I have to drive.
So it sounds like Tori's still the wild child I used to babysit.
Maddox: Oh, she still marches to the beat of her own drum.
That's for sure.
Sarah was more Tori's zookeeper, - than babysitter.
- Vanessa: Wait.
He made you babysit Tori? I just can't believe she missed all this.
Well it's just so typical of her.
Well, more champagne for us.
Yeah, I'm looking for Vanessa Maddox.
Will you excuse me, just a moment? Not here! Hello.
- Is that Dr.
Shahar? - Mm-hmm.
The Head of the Forensics Association himself.
Vanessa sits on the awards committee with him.
Could your wife be any more perfect? I know.
I don't deserve her.
Oh, yes you do.
Just like you deserve winning the Association's Lifetime Achievement Award.
Well, you have to say that because you were my favourite student.
A man whose work with the Toronto Major Crimes Unit, has put hundreds, hundreds of criminals behind bars, and whose expert testimony has really just brought justice across the world! Okay, now you're just mocking me.
(Sarah laughs) Well, it's still true.
Ah, I'm making the professor blush.
Maddox? Are you feeling okay? You do look a little flushed.
He's allergic to compliments.
Vanessa: Although you know, Sarah's right.
And you actually feel warm.
Do you want to go upstairs and have a lie down? - I can keep Sarah company.
- I may have to.
- Vanessa: Yeah.
- You're sure you don't mind? Yeah yeah yeah.
I'll see you at the ceremony tomorrow.
I'm so sorry! (Maddox clears throat) Excuse me.
- Goodnight, darling.
- Okay.
(kiss) Hmmmm.
I did tell him not to order the pasta.
It's too much cheese for him.
(Sarah laughs) But don't listen to an old, married biddy like me.
What about you? Is there a boyfriend? Anyone special? Okay, buddy.
This is the memory game, okay? Ready? - (slaps down card) - Where's the soccer ball? (Rex mumbles) Yeah.
I know you like that picture.
That is a picture of you! But this is actually serious police work, okay? We're training your memory and your intellect.
So where is the soccer ball? Yeah! Good job, buddy.
There it is.
Good job! Alright.
Where's the rope? Two for two! Good work, buddy! Alright! - Where is? - (Rex barking) Huh? (Rex barks) (Rex paws table) (Rex whines) (Rex barks) Okay.
Where is the picture of you? (Rex yelps) (Rex barks) Oh, you did it! Good job, buddy! You are so good! (phone buzzing) Hey, Sarah.
Everything okay? Be right there.
(revving engine) (spinning tires) - - (mysterious music) Sarah, what's going on? Inside.
Come on, partner.
Sarah: It's just in here.
- - (mysterious music) (Rex whines) - - (dramatic percussion) - - (saxophone theme music) - (Rex whines) I uh I need to call my daughter.
She needs to know about this.
Vanessa was like a mother to her.
Sarah: I'll take care of it.
Here, you just grab a seat.
This is my former professor, Dr.
Viktor Maddox.
Charlie: You think you could explain to me what happened? Maddox: Uh I I woke up.
And she was just there.
There was There was blood everywhere.
And I didn't know what to do.
- So I - Called Sarah.
Is this really happening? This is really happening! Remember how you told our class, a forensic scientist never lets emotion impact their work? You just need to think clinically.
Okay? Show me your arm.
I'm going to need to take a sample.
Yes, of course.
So I I wasn't feeling very well, after dinner, as you know.
And um Vanessa told me to come up here and lie down.
And when I awoke The position of the body suggests there was no struggle.
Sarah: Lack of defensive wounds suggest she never woke up.
It's likely she was drugged.
And your symptoms suggest you were drugged as well.
We have a short window to test for certain drugs.
Here, let me do it.
I have I have fussy veins.
Uhh! Charlie: What time did you get back to your room, Doctor? Um Around 9:00.
Yes, I remember I remember lying down on the bed.
And then I must have passed out immediately.
Vanessa was Uhh.
Vanessa was She has multiple stab wounds measuring approximately 15mm in length.
Sarah: Could be a household knife.
Maybe a paring or steak knife? You should probably take my clothes too.
You'll need to process them.
Charlie: Sarah? A word in private please? Yeah.
I Don't leave me.
I'll be right here.
I'm staying, I promise.
Rex, stay.
Listen, Sarah.
I know that this is personal for you.
But we can't process a crime scene before it's been secured.
I just wanted to get a head start before the cavalry got here.
We also can't have a potential murder suspect advising on his own crime.
It's a conflict of interest.
No, Charlie.
He's being framed! He didn't kill Vanessa! - Based on what? - I know him! He's here to accept the Forensic Association's Lifetime Achievement Award tomorrow night.
All the best forensic minds in the country are staying at this hotel.
I mean any one of them could've framed him.
Well, do any of them have a grudge against him? He consults on cases all over the world.
Professional jealousies are part of the landscape when you have a luminous career like his.
But jealousy is also a key motivation in domestic violence.
That's not what I saw at dinner.
No, they were very happy.
But he called you.
Not the police.
Yeah, but he's in shock! Look.
You can see him.
Yeah, I understand.
I do.
But if we don't follow procedure we're not doing Maddox any favours.
Sure, let's wait for the cavalry.
- - (suspenseful music) (door lock beeping) Okay, I'm here! - Donovan: Jesse.
- Yeah.
Sorry to call you in the middle of the night.
But I appreciate you getting here so fast.
No no.
That's okay.
I was able to start my internet scrape on the ride over here.
And we've got motive up the wazoo.
- Um - Oh.
It is the middle of the night.
- Yeah, well - Okay.
It turns out Vanessa was part of the Kaylis family.
As in Kaylis Pharma family? Winner winner chicken dinner! See, Kaylis Pharma, is the company behind Oxytarin, the synthetic opioid.
Their golden goose.
Weren't they accused of profiting off of addiction? Yeah, there's been a bunch of lawsuits against them.
But none successful so far.
Were any of the hotel guests part of those lawsuits? Still looking into it.
And I've got work I have to do on the computer, but You'll never guess who was sponsoring the Forensic Association Awards.
Kaylis Pharma.
- Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
See? A bunch of the members were pretty unhappy about it.
So they published a bunch of shouty articles about how big drug companies are interfering with research.
And Maddox was married to the enemy.
Do you think any of them felt betrayed enough to stab him in the back? Et Tu boo-tay? It's Brute.
- Yeah.
- Et Tu-Brute.
No, I know.
I just figured stabbing in the back.
In the rear.
In the buttocks.
Just find out if anyone was angry enough to murder Vanessa.
I'm on it.
Maddox: The knife that killed Vanessa We should've found the murder weapon already.
Well if it's in the hotel, we'll find it.
I just wish there was something I could do to help.
Best thing is to just let us do our work.
Sarah: Speaking of work, I just got blood results.
Your blood and Vanessa's blood show traces of GHB.
It's a drug like Rohypnol.
- They were roofied? - Well, similar.
But GHB can only be detected in blood for a few hours.
Whoever drugged you likely intended for you to sleep through the night.
Then the drug would be untraceable by morning.
They probably planned for housekeeping to find you.
If the killer planned for Maddox to be out till morning, then we don't have much time to catch him unaware.
Alright, I'm going to need that shirt.
Let's see what we can find, buddy.
You know the drill, partner.
(Rex sniffing) Track it.
- - (suspenseful music) (Rex sniffing) (Rex sniffing) What have you got, pal? (Rex sniffing) (Rex barks) (Rex barking) Oh, man.
I've got to stop working doubles.
(Rex barks) (man clears throat) Charlie: So before your naptime, did you notice if anyone touched Maddox's drink? Just me and the waiter.
They ordered wine.
But we open bottles at the table.
What about water? That's me again.
Busboys fill the water carafes.
And waiters get all the perks.
Did you notice anything out of the ordinary about the meal? Uhh A bottle of champagne was sent over.
The most expensive bottle we have.
By who? I think it went on the Award Committee's tab.
Okay, listen.
I'm going to need all the receipts from tonight.
And what are my chances of getting my hands on that bottle? If I help you promise not to tell my boss that you caught me sleeping on the job? - (Rex sniffing) - (Rex whines) You can use my employee discount! Anytime! - Rex.
- (Rex barks) Maddox: Did you swab the wounds? Sarah: Mm-hmm.
You took samples from under the fingernails? Of course.
Body temp readings? This isn't my first rodeo, Dr.
How is it I can process a body but I can't process my wife is dead? (Sarah sighs) I can't imagine how hard this must be.
First, Jenny.
Now Vanessa.
I never thought I'd get married again after Tori's mom died.
The cancer was too painful to watch.
Vanessa brought me back to life.
Tori, too.
Made us a family again.
Charlie: Sarah.
Rex may have found how the poison was ingested.
He tracked the scent in the champagne.
Oh, good job, Rex.
(Rex sniffing) (Rex barking) What is it, pal? (Rex barking) Did you find anything on her hands? Sarah: No.
I checked, but there was nothing.
Rex is definitely picking up on something.
Wait a second.
Dogs can see in different colour spectrums than we can.
Sarah: Charlie, look.
What is that? It's a black-light stamp.
A lot of dance clubs use them as proof of payment.
So I contacted a few of the clubs downtown.
And its design is used at one off of Pontiac called Darkade.
(Jesse chuckles) At the dinner with Maddox Vanessa said that she was late because of a conference call.
I wonder why she was at the club? You know what? There was a well known DJ playing there that night.
I'm sending you a pic now.
(ping) She wasn't there because of the music.
Charlie: DJ NoTORlous? Do you know her? That's Maddox's daughter, Tori.
I used to babysit her.
- - (dramatic percussion) Vanessa told Maddox that she was late for a conference call.
But really she went to go see Tori at her club? - I'm sure there was a reason.
- (camera snapping in background) I need to break the news to Tori about Vanessa's death.
She was like a second mother to her.
They were incredibly close.
She'll be devastated.
And Tori's been through so much.
I know she's had addiction issues.
- - (suspenseful music) (Rex sniffing) I totally understand your instincts in wanting to go see her.
But, you're too close to this.
And, for all we know, Tori could be a suspect.
(Rex grunts) (clanging dishes) If someone is trying to frame your professor he needs you in the lab where you can help him the most.
(Rex barking) (Rex barking) Charlie: What have you found? Well, it looks like we can cross murder weapon off the list.
(Rex growls) - - (eerie music) (car engine) Come back tomorrow.
Club's closed.
Not for us.
Detective Hudson.
This is my partner Rex.
Are you Victoria Maddox? Uh Why? Is everything okay? Charlie: Look.
I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but (beep) (whirring) (Rex barks) What do you keep up there? Snacks for my set.
(Rex barks) (Rex groans) Hey, do you have a warrant or something? I don't need a warrant when it's in plain sight.
(Rex barks) Snacks? I can't believe it.
When Dad remarried, I assumed Vanessa was just some dumb trophy wife.
But she really cared about me.
Where did the Oxy from? Was that Vanessa? No! No! I nicked them from the sales reps' sample supply.
I used to work for Kaylis before DJing took off.
My key card still works.
Why would Vanessa lie about meeting up with you? She was covering for me.
She thinks I'm back on Oxy.
She doesn't get that I only use it now when absolutely necessary, like to help with my music.
Well, if you're as good as they say you are, your music doesn't need drugs.
You sound just like Vanessa.
Charlie: When Vanessa was in earlier was she telling you anything specific? She had something she wanted to show me.
Probably just another rehab centre or something.
(Tori sniffs) (door lock beeps) Thank you.
Donovan: Dr.
Superintendent Donovan.
I wish we were meeting under better circumstances.
I was head of forensics in Toronto before I taught.
I know a perp walk when I see one.
Well let's get to it then, shall we? Yeah, well I imagine I'm going to be here for a while.
I'd better use the bathroom.
Right this way.
Maddox, do you know a Dr.
Reese Shahar? Of course.
He's the Chair for the Forensics Association.
Which explains why he signed for that bottle of champagne they sent you.
It took me by surprise.
It always seemed to me he didn't like Vanessa and I very much.
Well, why is that? Well, Dr.
Shahar and I are often on opposite sides in the courtroom.
Expert testimony is a bit of a blood sport.
He must've gotten over it to send you that bottle of champagne.
Oh no.
I believe that was for Vanessa.
I think earlier in the day they had a bit of a tiff.
Excuse me.
(bathroom door opening) (door closing) What did she give you, Dr.
Shahar? My insulin kit.
I forgot it at a meeting we had earlier in the day.
You seemed pretty upset.
Argument or low blood sugar? We had a disagreement over the running order of the ceremony.
She was supposed to give a speech on behalf of Kaylis Pharma.
But she backed out at the last minute.
She didn't want to steal her husband's thunder.
Did you disagree with Dr.
Maddox receiving a Lifetime Achievement? Vehemently.
But I'm only one vote.
But I mean, even you have to admit, Maddox's CV, it's pretty impressive.
And he sold it to the highest bidder every chance he got.
Like in the Dexter Barr case.
It was eight years ago.
A personal suit against Kaylis Pharma.
And you were the expert witness for the plaintiff.
Not a very good one, apparently.
Barr lost.
Well, partly because Maddox testified that it was human error, not Oxytarin, that was to blame.
And that in fact, if Oxy was taken correctly, it was no more addictive than regular painkillers.
Before Barr broke his leg the strongest medicine he took was penicillin.
After he was prescribed Oxytarin, he became an addict.
Explain that.
I'd rather you explain how it felt to be beaten by Maddox.
Look, Barr isn't the only (Rex barking) person whose life was destroyed by Oxytarin.
Families have been torn apart by Kaylis Pharma.
(Rex barks) As a scientist Maddox had a duty to the truth! Instead, he traded it for a six-figure salary and a young wife with a private jet.
Given your feelings about Kaylis Pharma why did you let them anywhere near those awards? As I said, I only count for one vote.
But according to the transcripts of that meeting the vote was unanimous.
I uh I'm sorry.
I don't recall.
Because you saw an opportunity to get revenge and destroy an old rival.
Kill Vanessa.
Blame Maddox.
Two birds, one stone.
Hmmm? I'd like to speak to a lawyer.
That won't be necessary.
Am I being charged? Oh.
You guys left a bottle of $200 champagne on the table.
I just wanted to see what it tasted like.
Yeah, the champagne you drank might have been drugged.
So I just need to retest what's left of it to find out.
So you're only testing for what knocked me out, right? Not like other perfectly legal substances.
Only GHB.
It's untraceable in blood after four hours but can be detected in urine for up to 12.
And you're not going to tell my boss I had a couple of sips on the job? Promise.
But you may have to tell the judge.
An innocent man could go to jail if you don't.
Okay, thank you.
Yeah, you're good.
(Sarah sighs) (door opening) Tori.
Did this really happen? - - (soft instrumental music) (Tori crying) Hey! Here, you could use a Pumpkin Spice injection.
- Been a long night.
- Hey.
Thank you for letting Tori see Dr.
Did you find out why Vanessa met with Tori? (Charlie sighs) It was an intervention.
Vanessa found out that Tori was using Oxy again.
- I'm sorry.
- (Sarah sighs) Well, she beat it before.
She'll beat it again.
Listen, uh Did we get any prints on the knife we pulled off the cart? All Maddox's.
But someone easily could've wrapped his fingers around the knife while he was unconscious.
You still think he's being framed.
Well, the prints were unusually perfect.
And hey after speaking with Dr.
Shahar, you don't think it's a possibility? Well, according to Jesse Dr.
Shahar's key logs show that he was in his room at the time of Vanessa's murder.
Yeah, but the key logs only record when they've been unlocked from the outside.
So he could have jammed the door from the inside.
And when he returned the key logs wouldn't have picked it up.
Giving him the perfect alibi.
You know, you'd make a great murderer.
Thank you.
Don't you forget it.
- - (suspenseful music) Good job, pal.
(knocking) Dr.
Shahar! SJPD.
(door lock beeps) Alright, pal.
You look for GHB.
I'm going to check out this door.
(Rex sniffing) (Rex sniffing) Looks like Sarah was right.
There's something sticky on the door latch.
Some kind of adhesive.
(Rex sniffing) Any luck, partner? (Rex whines) Ahh That's okay.
One out of two ain't bad.
I assume you have a warrant.
Yeah, I do.
I hope you put everything back where you found it.
Housekeeping are overworked enough.
(Rex growls) (Rex growls) Why would Rex be interested in your bag? Uh I have no idea.
You mind if I take a look? (Shahar sighs) Sure.
Go ahead.
Alright, pal.
(Rex sniffing) (Rex barks) That's my insulin kit.
I'm diabetic.
What is GHB doing in your insulin kit, Doctor? - - (dramatic music) Yeah, I don't really feel like playing either, buddy.
Shouldn't take Sarah too long to test Shahar's kit for traces of GHB.
Sorry, pal.
She's also testing the adhesive on Shahar's door latch.
So Sarah was right? Shahar framed Maddox.
Still feels like we're missing something.
Well, we looked into Maddox's financials.
And he has been on retainer with Kaylis Pharma for over eight years.
At 150K a year that's over a million dollars by now.
So if Vanessa's company is the gravy-train, then what does he have to gain from her death? Well, I mean, he couldn't touch her family's fortune.
That was protected by an iron-clad corporate pre-nup.
So that's not enough to build a case on.
We've finally got two guys who look good for it.
We're strong on suspects.
Weak on motive.
Jesse: Hey, buddy.
Come sit over here.
Charlie: Your daughter seems like a good kid.
Sarah said she's been through a lot.
Oh, yeah.
When Tori's mother died, she was very angry.
She acted out.
And Vanessa was able to get through to her in ways I never could.
Tori told me she had problems with Oxy.
Yeah, Oxy.
And alcohol, you name it.
Oxy was just the easiest thing for her to get her hands on.
Speaking of which Sarah managed to track down the original drug trials of Oxytarin.
And they concluded that that Oxy is more habit-forming than most prescribed painkillers.
Yet you testified at several different trials that it wasn't.
That is because subsequent studies said otherwise.
It's not like Sarah to reference out-of-date research.
Even if that research was funded by Kaylis Pharma? (Maddox sighs) Just because you fund the research doesn't make your findings less true.
I consult for some of the biggest companies in the world.
And they pay me an awful lot of money to do that.
I did not marry Vanessa for her money.
I married her because I loved her.
Then why would she keep secrets from you? What secrets? Vanessa lied to you about when she arrived in St.
She actually came in a day early to talk to Tori.
Oh, she didn't tell you about that? Maddox: Well I trust my wife had a very good reason to do so.
I understand that Vanessa and Dr.
Shahar they worked very closely together on the awards ceremony.
My wife was not an adulteress, if that's what you're insinuating, Detective.
Sarah: Charlie, can I see you for a minute? Excuse me a moment.
Sarah: I think you know we've found Vanessa's killer.
What's this all about? Yeah.
It was Dr.
Shahar, in the hotel room, with a knife.
It's my favourite board game.
- Jesse.
- Jesse: Sorry.
Okay, so The drug found in Dr.
Shahar's insulin bottle was the same drug found in Vanessa and Maddox's champagne.
Take a look.
Now, the champagne was sent from the Academy Committee account which only Vanessa and Dr.
Shahar had access to.
I'm, you know, I'm just going to Hear me out, okay? I found Shahar's DNA on a napkin from the room service tray.
Then the blood on the knife is a match for Vanessa's.
He returned to his room around 9:30.
His meal was delivered by 10:00.
Vanessa's time of death was around 11:00.
So he had plenty of time.
- Sarah.
- No no no.
Hold on.
The substance on his door latch was spirit gum.
An adhesive.
That's how he kept it open without the key log recording it.
He finally gets back at his rival.
It all tracks.
It's tells us who touched what, when and where.
But you think I want it to be Shahar.
Charlie, we have hard evidence.
I'm just following where it leads me.
Yeah, I know.
That's what you were taught to do.
But, sometimes we overlook things that should be clear to us.
Especially when it involves the people we care about.
- - (dramatic percussion) If you really keep me here, Detective, I'd like to know the charges.
Well, let's start with possession.
- Door please.
- (door buzzer) What was GHB doing in your insulin kit, Doctor? - I don't know! - Mmmm.
Did anyone else have access to your kit? - Only Vanessa! I told you - Over here.
I told you I forgot it with her at our meeting.
We found your DNA next to the murder weapon.
We know how you disabled the door.
And the GHB, from your insulin kit is an exact match to the drug that we found in the bottle of champagne you sent to Vanessa and Maddox.
(Rex barks) Okay.
(door buzzer) I think your lawyer would suggest that you cooperate.
Hmm? What were you and Vanessa arguing about that night? It was about Kaylis Pharma.
She wanted to sponsor the awards to use it as a platform to tell the world the truth, the truth about Oxytarin.
She said she had evidence of corporate corruption.
I don't know what it was.
It must have been documents, records, something.
We might know someone who knows where to find them.
(door opening) (Sarah sighs) (Maddox sighs) How are you holding up? Better, now that you're here.
Do you need anything? Yeah, news.
News of anything that's happening.
I hate feeling so helpless.
I know.
I I shouldn't be saying anything, but, things are looking up.
So Hey.
Don't lose hope.
(Maddox sighs) - - (eerie music) Sarah Truong Not only were you my most brilliant student, you are also the kindest.
(Sarah sighs) The evidence is compelling.
It's more than compelling.
I'm going to need your help.
Only way to get to the truth.
- - (suspenseful music) Maddox: Thank you.
(knocking) - Hey.
- Oh! I heard they were letting you go.
Which means there must have been a break in the case.
You know I can't say anything.
(Maddox sighs) How can I ever thank you? Just take care of Tori.
She is going to need the support.
You know, I really, really thought she beat it last time.
Addiction is a disease.
Okay? There's nothing to be ashamed of.
Still, I can't help feeling that I'm a failure as a parent.
Well, you can take comfort that it was Tori's addiction that inspired Vanessa to take on her family's empire.
Take on? No no no no.
Vanessa didn't want to have anything to do with her family's company.
Tori's disease changed that.
Apparently Kaylis Pharma has been lying about how addictive Oxytarin is for years! Well, of course it's addictive.
Even Valium can be habit-forming if it's used irresponsibly.
Yes, but according to Vanessa, Kaylis was bribing doctors.
Suppressing reports.
Really? Any proof? We believe Vanessa was stealing confidential documents and hiding them in her computer.
We also think she made a copy for Tori.
That's the real reason Vanessa was late to our dinner.
I see.
(cheering, laughing) Tori? Dad! They let you out? Yes, that part's over.
Thank goodness.
Why didn't you call me? Why are you here? I understand Vanessa came to see you last night.
Did she give you anything? She had a hard drive.
Something about Oxy being addictive, I think.
They're all lies, Tori.
Her family tells me the only reason she was doing that was because they were going to cut her off of her trust fund.
They're lying, Dad! That's why Vanessa was keeping everything so secret.
She knew they'd say anything to stop her! They're a very powerful family, Tori.
I don't want you in their crosshairs.
I'm already in their crosshairs.
The reason Vanessa is dead is because of me.
No no.
It's not your fault.
Yes it is.
Vanessa was planning to expose them because I'm an addict.
Well then, let's finish her work for her.
Right? Together? Where is the hard drive now? It's in my bag.
(Rex barking) (Rex barking) (crowd cheering) (Rex barking) (crowd laughing and cheering) - - (dramatic music) (Rex barking) (Rex barking) (Rex barking) (handcuffs clasping) (door buzzer) (door opening) (door buzzer) Maddox: If this is when you do the big speech about how I let you down, the Drama Department is down the hall.
You framed Shahar by making him look like he framed you.
When did you know? I knew I'd followed protocol to a T.
Except with your blood sample.
I let you help.
- - (dramatic percussion) So, trusting you was a huge mistake.
To fake a sample, you'd need to hide blood laced with GHB under some kind of prosthetic or latex skin.
Which means my needle would never have broken through your actual skin.
So I looked for a puncture wound.
There was none.
So I retested your blood sample and found lithium heparin.
Almost missed it because the anti-coagulant we usually use is Sodium heparin.
Then I found spirit gum under your sleeve, from when you glued the latex skin on your arm to hide the sample.
Same adhesive you used on Shahar's door.
I managed to fish this out of the bathroom pipes.
Vanessa never did get those documents to Tori.
I need you to look at this.
I can't right now.
My next set starts in five minutes.
She tried to, the night you killed her.
We just finished the job for her.
Or pretended to.
And I believed you.
Because I was expecting your full loyalty.
How could you? How could she? Vanessa was going to throw me under the bus.
After all those years that I lied to protect her and her family's legacy.
You never loved Vanessa.
You loved her net worth.
And you found a way to get it when she was about to toss you aside.
If you think this is about the money, then you don't know me as well as I thought.
She was going to destroy my name, Sarah.
I didn't think it was about the money.
I just wanted you to say something truthful for once.
It seems like the only thing that matters to you is yourself.
I didn't expect you to understand.
(Sarah sighs) I'm not the one who needs to understand.
(door buzzer) (Sarah's footsteps) - - (quiet piano) You earned this.
How're you feeling? Ummm Like I just put my Dad in jail.
Well, I've met your dad.
He's not really the murdering type.
Your mom on the other hand - (Sarah laughs) - (Charlie whistles) Thanks for for always checking my blind spots.
(phone chimes) Ah, it's Jesse, asking us to game night! Oh! (Rex barks) - - (upbeat music) Looks like Rex wants in.
Well, I know what he wants to play.
(Rex barks) Yeah, I knew it.
His favourite game of all time.
Well I think I might know why.
(Sarah laughs) (Charlie laughs) Charlie: Yeah, buddy.
(Sarah sighs) (clinking glasses) (Rex barking) Next time on Hudson & Rex (scream) You recognize that woman? Never seen her before in my life.
That's not what your friend Piper says.
She was obviously jealous.
We're talking serious stalker vibes.
Stop following him.
He doesn't want you near him.
There you go.
I'm closer to Hunter than you'll ever be.
He just doesn't know it yet.
She was collecting things like, plastic spoons, cigarette butts.
She was sourcing DNA.
(Rex barks)
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