Hudson and Rex (2019) s02e19 Episode Script

In a Family Way

Wow! What a day to shred the pow.
Way to nail the snowboard lingo.
Yeah, well let's face it even our lingo is better.
I mean, you should seriously try snowboarding.
Okay, I've shredded some pow back in my day.
But I think skis have more speed and versatility.
Okay, well obviously you haven't seen Hunter Dobson.
I hear he's in town right now.
Yeah, it's all over social media.
Apparently he's recharging his batteries for the Worlds.
Maybe we'll catch him up on these hills.
Okay, well maybe he can teach you how to shred the pow.
Are we going to do this or what? - Oh yeah.
- Alright.
I'll give you a head start, Charlie.
Since you've got to drag those poles along with you.
Ah-ha, sure.
Listen, when you wipe out try and steer away from the trees, if you can on that thing.
See? Okay, that attitude is why skiing hasn't been cool, since the 80s.
Whether you stake the landing and crush the competition or just shred some fresh powder in the morning, if you want to fly like me you've got to free fall! Free Fall Hard Wax.
Official sponsor of Hunter Dobson.
There you go! Keep shredding.
Thanks, man.
Stop following him.
It's a free country.
He doesn't want you near him.
Last thing he needs is another fangirl.
A fangirl? I'm much more than a fangirl.
I am closer to Hunter than you will ever be.
He just doesn't know it yet.
Hey, Kelly! Where's Sarah? Stuck at the lab.
You'll have to make do with me.
What are we looking at here? Multiple blunt-force injuries.
But no distinct markings.
This is full body trauma, likely instantaneous.
Found at the bottom of a cliff.
So she probably fell from up there.
Suicide? Unlikely.
Someone tried to cover up the body.
That sounds more like murder.
Did we find any footprints? No.
The ground's too frozen.
The snowfall didn't help us either.
Well, it hasn't snowed in over a week.
So the body's probably been here for a while.
No ID, no wallet.
Nothing in her pockets, either.
There's not a heck of a lot to go on at this point.
Rex! What have you got, pal? What have you got? Whoever buried the body, was digging here.
There's some sort of residue.
That's what Rex was picking up on.
Good job, pal.
It's sticky.
Racing wax.
Specifically, Free Fall Hard Wax, aka Hunter Dobson's sponsor.
We think somebody used a snowboard as a shovel to help conceal the body, leaving that wax behind.
How common is this stuff? Pretty common.
I mean, they were handing out free samples at the ski resort.
And how far from the resort was the body? Well, the main run is mostly here.
But there are also a couple of practice runs here and here.
Now, the body was found on the other side of the mountain- a few kilometres away up by Quarry Point.
Quarry Point? Well that's where locals go sometimes to see the view.
Yeah, but there are some better runs further east.
I mean, it's not an odd place to snowboard.
But it's still possible that someone shredded from the other side to the top of the resort hill.
Jesse How close are we to an I.
? Nothing turned up in the system.
And so far, there are no missing person reports.
So it's a real Jane Doe.
Sarah? Do you have the autopsy yet? The body's not fully thawed.
Some frozen cadavers can take a week.
Well, surely you have a sneak peek? Her death was instantaneous.
So that's one good thing.
Now, the crime scene tells us that the perpetrator came down to bury her in the snow.
Which brings me to something rather odd- - Look at this.
- Mm-hmm? You see those dark blotches on her lower abdomen? - Blood pooling? - Yeah.
The blood would have pooled shortly after death.
But the victim was found on her back.
So she was moved? The body shifted anyways.
Which I assumed happened when she was buried.
But this tells me that the body shift happened hours later.
Well that doesn't make any sense.
Why would you not hide the body right away? I don't know.
The killer might have gotten worried after the fact, and went back to cover their deed? Yeah, it doesn't seem very logical.
Unless Unless the person who concealed the body was someone else, and not the killer.
I remember her.
Strange girl.
Probably homeless.
Why do you say that? I found her rifling through garbage on more than one occasion.
Plus she did a dine-and-dash at our caf, which I should've seen coming.
Because of how she was acting? Because of how she was dressed.
She had on a winter jacket that was way too big for her.
So it was probably stolen.
It's an old dine-and-dash trick.
Leave behind a stolen jacket as cover, skip off on the bill.
Do you still have that jacket? Won't do you any good.
It's likely stolen.
I'd still like to see it.
Yeah, well give me your digits.
Is she dead? Why would you say that? Police sketches aren't usually good news.
Well unfortunately, you're right.
She is dead.
Did you know her? She used to follow us around.
No idea what her name was though.
Who is us? Me and Hunter.
Are you two an item? I don't swing that way.
But I think your Jane Doe had the wrong idea.
She was obviously jealous.
We're talking serious stalker vibes.
Can you tell me where I could find Hunter? Where he always is.
Getting into trouble.
He's probably in the out-of-bounds area.
Hunter Dobson? Detective Charlie Hudson.
This is my partner, Rex.
I was wondering if you could help me out for a second.
Do you recognize that woman? I've never seen her before in my life.
That's not what your friend Piper says.
She says she'd been following you around.
A lot of girls follow me around, man.
Why don't you to take another look? I'm sorry, dude! I can't help you! Rex, why do they always run? Didn't get all dressed up for nothing.
Did we, buddy? Go ahead.
Ughh! That's why you don't run from an officer of the law.
That's a killer takedown for such a cute dog, man.
I haven't had a face-plant like that since grade school! Let's try this again.
The woman in this sketch was murdered.
So I'm going to ask you- Have you seen her before? Uhh Yeah.
Yeah, I saw her.
But, it was only from afar.
You never connected? Uhh Can I help you? I'm Ross Dobson.
This is my son.
What seems to be the problem? I'm Detective Charlie Hudson.
And this is my partner Rex.
Hi Rex! We're just investigating the murder of a young woman.
Oh, and you think Hunter can help you? Well that's what we're trying to figure out.
Hunter, you were about to say something.
Had you connected with her before? No.
I'm sorry, Detective.
I guess we're done.
Found it.
- You're sure this is hers? - Positive.
That's right, partner.
This is our Jane Doe's coat.
I doubt you're going to get anything off it.
Uhh Never say never.
Uh, sir? No dogs.
Stress on our patients equals stress in the womb.
Well, he doesn't seem to be causing too much stress to me.
Detective Hudson.
This is my partner, Rex.
He's a working police dog on an active investigation.
Has this woman been in to visit you? It's hard to tell from a drawing.
But if it's who I think she is A week ago last Tuesday.
She met with Dr.
Liam Copeland.
Chelsea Waters claimed she was pregnant.
But she wouldn't let me test her.
I could tell right away there was something wrong.
Why would you say that? Lack of eye contact.
Her dress and demeanour.
I did catch her trying to steal some paper with our letterhead.
She really wanted someone to think she was pregnant.
Sounds like it could be a honey trap.
Honey trap? To convince somebody that she was having his baby.
Maybe for monetary gain.
Do you think that would be possible? I hate to say it, but yes.
Chelsea Waters.
24 years old.
Born and raised in Corner Brook.
Her mother died three years ago.
No father listed.
And she's definitely not pregnant.
How did her mother die? A car accident.
Chelsea stopped posting around that time.
So there wasn't much for Jesse to scrape from her social media.
What about employment records? Uhh.
Her last job is listed as a waitress for Hurley's three years ago.
Presently she has no fixed address.
So she was homeless.
And alone.
Talk about a downward spiral.
Yeah, we did manage to find a car listed in her name.
A 2008 red sedan.
License HZP 230.
Okay, I'll put out and APB on that car right away.
- Here you go.
- Take that.
I managed to trace a handle back to Chelsea on a snowboarding chat site.
She asked a bunch of personal questions about Hunter Dobson.
You know, what side of the bed he sleeps on, what he dreams about, what his blood type is Smells like a stalker to me.
Anyone reply? Yeah.
Mostly just randos telling her to get a life.
But then I found this.
Is it some sort of battle of the fans? That's what I thought.
But look at Chelsea's messages.
Hunter, I need you to talk to me.
Hunter, I need you to see me alone.
Hunter, We are a family now.
This must have to do with the fake pregnancy.
Just like the doc says.
Which HunterLover271 didn't like.
Because look at this response.
Stay away or you'll be sorry.
So we have a jealous fan.
It wasn't a fan.
The handle belonged to Hunter himself.
Hunter Dobson is- HunterLover271.
Since I saw you last, we know two new things.
Her name was Chelsea Waters.
And you were in contact with her shortly before she was murdered.
- Yeah, maybe I do know of her.
- Mmmm.
But I don't know her.
Why'd you lie? Because I knew that what I had said in person and online looks bad.
Is that why you used a fake account? HunterLover271? No, everybody on my level has a fake online profile or two.
Yeah, but not everyone uses them to make threats.
She was harassing me.
She'd DM me privately- saying all this weird stuff.
And when I blocked her- she'd pop up under a new profile.
What kind of stuff? That she needed to be alone with me.
And when I refused she started following me around and rifling through my garbage.
Truth is, she scared me.
Were you two intimate? Whoa! Don't answer that.
Detective At what point do we call this witness harassment? Hunter is not a witness.
He's a person of interest.
On what grounds? The threats that he made before Chelsea Waters ended up dead.
In order for a threat to hold water in court, it's got to be credible, real and imminent.
A woman is dead.
Is that credible and imminent enough for you? Hunter has done everything he can to avoid this person.
If anyone is the victim here, it's my son.
Well, if you want to help your son, I think you should get him a lawyer.
I am his lawyer.
So, unless you're going to charge my client, I suggest you leave him alone.
Before I slap police harassment charges on you.
I'm going to keep this.
Come on, pal.
See you, Hunter.
Just our luck.
The dad is a lawyer.
Jesse, did you find Chelsea's car yet? Nothing at White Valley Resort.
And nothing yet from the APB? No.
Anyhoo I figured since Chelsea didn't have a fixed address that at some point she must have lived out of her car.
So I contacted her last landlord and found out the exact date he kicked her out of the apartment- and found all the traffic logs for that day.
He said she moved her stuff into a red sedan.
And here we go.
2008 sedan.
HZP 230.
The car rolled in but never rolled out.
And where is that? An industrial park, west of Pine.
There's a big lot behind it with one road going through.
A lot of homeless people set up camp there.
That's good work.
Yeah, we've got to check that out.
- Ready for a road trip, partner? - Yes.
- Not you, Jesse.
- Sorry.
Come on.
Hey, Kelly.
Hey, good timing.
Took us forever to dig out the car.
Looks like it's been here for a while.
From everything we've been able to piece together so far, she must have been living in her car.
Yeah, she built a nice little nest for herself.
Blankets, pillows and toiletries.
But nothing so far to tell us where she went.
And you're going to want to see this.
What do you think she was up to? I don't know.
Looks like a stalker's filing cabinet.
What have you got there, buddy? Let's see.
A cell phone.
Maybe this will tell us more.
Not creepy at all.
Stalkers often take totems of their targets.
But they don't usually stalk so many people.
Yeah, and not label them so neatly with initials.
Hey look.
Hunter Dobson? Probably.
But what about these others? KP? JR? We won't know much more until we crack that phone.
It's encrypted, and virtually un-hackable.
It's great for somebody who doesn't want to be traced.
That's pretty smart for Chelsea.
And I'm surprised she could even afford a phone.
Well lots of homeless people carry cell phones.
It's their only link to shelters and keeps them connected.
- Hey Charlie.
- Yeah? Ski patrol just sent us some footage from the Search and Rescue camera unit.
You're going to want to see this.
I'll be back.
They couldn't find anything on the main hill itself.
But the last camera on the east end can catch the other side of the mountain.
This camera, catches Quarry Point.
Look at what happens at 16:23.
That's her.
That's Chelsea.
But look at what she's carrying.
What is that? - It looks like a satchel.
- Mm-hmm.
But we didn't find a satchel - on the scene.
- Right.
Which is why I'm willing to wager the killer wanted whatever was inside.
So if we find that, we find our motive.
I might be able to help with that.
I was able to hack Chelsea's phone.
I thought you said it was un-hackable.
Yeah, well, you will never guess who sent her last text.
Hunter Dobson.
Meet me at Quarry Point- at 5pm.
Quarry Point.
Same place we found the body.
Puts him at the crime scene.
Whoa! Hey, little buddy! Where's your pops? We need to talk, Hunter.
Is everything okay? Yeah, no, it's all good.
Yeah, see? How bad can it be when his partner likes me so much? That's a police dog signaling.
I have to ask you to take your jacket off.
Take your jacket off, Hunter.
There may be a leftover power bar in there.
What is it, pal? Uh-huh.
Yeah, I don't think Rex thinks this is leftover power bar.
I think he thinks it's blood.
Yeah, no, I took a face plant last week.
I thought you said you hadn't had a face plant since grade school.
You know what? I'm going to submit this jacket to forensics, and see if the blood matches Chelsea Waters'.
Why would it be Chelsea's? It's It's not.
It's all good.
It's not all good, Hunter.
I need you to answer some questions.
It's a mistake.
Was asking her to Quarry Point a mistake too? Look at me, Hunter.
The evidence suggests that there may be more than one person involved.
So if you have anything to say in your defense, now's the time to do it.
I don't.
I killed Chelsea Waters.
The second that I told him that someone else might be involved, he copped to the murder.
Why? Hmmm.
You need to release my son.
What is it? Invalid warrant? Improper search procedures? Hmm? It's my confession.
I killed Chelsea Waters.
It's all there.
Let me hear it in your own words.
Chelsea had been harassing my son for weeks.
She was following him around- and said she had news.
She needed to see him alone, claiming she was family.
Hunter assumed she was claiming he had got her pregnant.
But he swore he had never slept with her.
And you believed him? Yeah.
Because I knew the truth.
Before Hunter was born, my wife Andrea was having trouble conceiving.
And it put a stress on the relationship.
And I strayed.
I assume that Chelsea was a product of an affair.
And you wanted to keep that secret? You have no idea- how much pressure my son is under.
He came home to unwind before the World Championships.
The timing on this news is not good.
So how did you reach out to Chelsea? I used Hunter's That's Up app.
I sent her a text and told her to meet me at the peak of Quarry Point.
I have a daughter.
She won't let me anywhere near her phone.
Hunter and I are very close.
We lost Andrea to cancer when he was five.
And I was all he had.
So you took your son's cell phone.
And pretended to be him.
And what happened when she arrived? When she saw that I wasn't Hunter, she became hysterical.
I reached out, to try to calm her.
And she pulled back and slipped.
I immediately went down to try to help her.
But there was, it was just, she was bleeding, and And that's when you decided to bury the body.
Yeah, in the snow so nobody would find her.
What about her purse? What about her purse? CCTV footage shows her carrying a purse.
It was red.
Black piping.
I threw it off the La Manche Suspension Bridge.
Nice play on the purse.
Not that we needed to trick him.
We already knew he was lying about the timeline.
The body was buried five hours after she fell, not immediately.
He's covering for his son.
Or his son is covering for him.
Two confessions for one crime.
You can see my predicament.
Except it was your jacket that had Chelsea's blood on it.
You were the one that she was harassing.
And there's no concrete evidence linking this crime to your father.
You know what I think? Maybe you and your father even worked together.
I think there's more to this story.
My father didn't do anything.
It was all me.
Dad? Dad, what did you? Don't say a word, son.
It's been two hours.
I don't think they're going to talk.
We need to find a way to break them, Charlie.
My gut tells me there's something in that satchel.
The satchel is gone.
We've got to work with what we have.
While you guys were grilling Ross, I've been trying to make sense of this puzzle Chelsea left for us.
She was collecting things like plastic spoons, cigarette butts- tissues, used band-aids.
Anything with blood or saliva.
She was sourcing DNA.
I've been swabbing the samples and testing them myself.
The first three weren't in the system.
But I did get a hit for KP.
- Did you get a name? - Yeah.
Kaleigh Pierce? Yeah.
She's a dental hygienist from Torbay.
Looks like I'm heading to Torbay.
- You mind if I take this? - No, go ahead.
And while we're talking about DNA, do you think it's possible to confirm if Ross is telling the truth that Chelsea is his daughter? Yeah, if you get me a discarded coffee cup or used gum.
Well, that shouldn't be a problem.
We'll give you that mug.
You're the best, Sarah.
I met her.
Two weeks ago.
Out of the blue.
Yeah, turns out we're sisters.
I was a donor baby.
My mom-she used a single-use donor at New Dawn Clinic.
So we weren't expected to have any siblings.
Can you tell me about the meeting? Yeah.
We figured out all these things we had in common.
We're both left-handed.
Both bad at math.
Both allergic to peanut butter.
We even have the same laugh.
And then, things got a little strange.
Strange how? She said there were other siblings.
Like, way more.
I didn't know what to think.
I got so overwhelmed I had to leave.
Did Chelsea ever mention Hunter Dobson? Yeah.
She was desperate to tell him herself.
To tell him what? We're all siblings.
Okay, wait.
So Hunter, Kaleigh and Chelsea are all half-siblings.
Just how many affairs was Ross having? Well, we don't know for sure yet the three are related.
Actually, we do.
I ran the DNA material.
And Chelsea was right.
Kaleigh, Chelsea, and Hunter all have the same DNA.
But, their father isn't Ross Dobson.
Wait, then who is their father? Here's what we know.
Chelsea Waters was searching for her biological siblings, one of which was Hunter.
I already told you.
I had an affair when my wife and I were having trouble.
But Chelsea wasn't your biological daughter.
And Hunter is not your biological son.
What? We tested DNA from Hunter and Chelsea and compared it to the swab we took from your coffee cup.
We tested the DNA twice.
No, the whole point of going to a clinic was so I could have my own child, not somebody else's.
And it worked.
You went to a clinic? Yeah, New Dawn Fertility.
They were cutting edge at the time.
They confirmed that Hunter was my biological son.
Do you still have the records? - I don't think so.
- Mmmm.
You need to run that DNA test a third time.
There is a mistake here.
The only mistake that we know of, is in your story.
There was no red purse.
And your timeline doesn't match our forensics.
I was under some severe stress.
It's possible that clouded my recall.
The court is only going to take your lies as more proof of Hunter's guilt.
So I'm going to give you one chance to revise your statement regarding your role in the death of Chelsea Waters.
I'm Hunter's father.
My confession stands.
So, Hunter's mother used the New Dawn Clinic.
So did the mothers of Kaleigh and our murder victim, Chelsea.
Three mothers, one father.
I processed the rest of the DNA Chelsea gathered and found eight more half siblings, aged 14 to 29.
How can that many people come from one donor? Well sperm can keep frozen for 30 years.
If it works, it works.
Well, the bigger question is how does it connect to Chelsea's murder? Wait.
Could you go back? Just to the photo before? Where is this photo taken from? It's taken from inside the clinic.
One of the moms snapped a photo, 25 years ago.
Can you zoom in on it? Yeah.
Wait a second.
I know that guy.
That's Dr.
Liam Copeland.
The doctor that Chelsea met, who claimed that she was trying to steal his letterhead? What if she went there to confront him with evidence about what went down at New Dawn Clinic? What if the evidence was in her satchel? Well if the satchel is in the office, Rex can find it.
Yeah, I just It's not enough to get a warrant.
Yeah, but we also have to do something.
This girl lost her mother.
She lost everything.
And all she was trying to do is find family.
And she died for it.
I know, I know.
But we have to find a subtle way to get Rex in there.
We just We need some sort of a distraction.
Actually, a distraction that could involve you, Sarah.
I'm not coming out.
Come on, Sarah.
You have to.
Does it fit? Yeah, but it's, weird.
Where did you get this thing anyways? From the Galloway sting a couple of years ago.
The thing worked like a charm.
It has to be good luck, right? Uhhh Come on out, Sarah.
This is going to be fun! You two make a fine couple.
How is this not against protocol? There is no law against faking a pregnancy.
Oh, do we have a name yet? Uhh For our, child? Uh Yeah.
You like Ella.
And I like Bella! You know what? Don't worry.
This is not going to take that long.
I just need you to ask a few questions while Rex and I look around.
You know I did not go to forensics school for this, right? I look ridiculous.
No, that's not true.
I think you look beautiful.
Detective Hudson! You're back.
Yeah! And this time, I brought my partner, Sarah.
- Hi.
- How many months? - Eight.
- Seven.
It's hard to keep track of time with all the excitement.
I rounded down.
Let's get you to Room A for an examination.
No! We thought, we would see some of the facilities first.
We have many different options for your baby's needs.
Why don't I give you a quick tour? That would be lovely.
- Excellent.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
Come here, pal.
Good job.
Track it.
And we have prenatal yoga classes, - if you're interested.
- Oh, glad to hear.
I left my doctor because he wasn't able to facilitate my birthing plan.
Oh! Which is? Uh Is your facility set up for a Norwegian birthing swing? As for the specifics of your birthing plan, it's best to hear from the man himself.
Let me go grab Dr.
They're interested in alternative.
Yeah, okay.
Thank you.
I'm surprised to see you back, Detective.
I had no idea that you were expecting a child.
I was so impressed with your facilities- I needed to tell my partner.
- This is Sarah.
- Hi.
It's hard to get a read online.
So we thought we would come and see it in person.
You brought your dog? Uh Yeah! That's Rex.
Charlie takes him everywhere.
Sometimes I think he pays more attention to him than he does to me.
I really love what you've done with this office, Doctor.
Did you design it yourself? Yeah.
I especially love the colour palette you've chosen.
Now I was thinking a simple white for the nursery Maybe, um, water chestnut.
It's both soothing and stimulating.
He can't be back there.
You know, nurseries are messy.
White is difficult to clean.
So maybe we should go with something a little darker.
Like maybe a scotch mist.
Oh Honey, you're not going to pull out the swatches again, are you? I mean, the doctor can appreciate importance of a good colour palette.
Am I right? He also understands that a clean white brings out more light in the baby's room.
Hey, you know what? Let's split the difference and go with oatmeal.
Excuse me just for a moment.
Oh! Oh! - Oh! - Oh! Are you okay? Oh yeah.
Just a false alarm.
Uh You're not pregnant.
What is going on here? That's what we're trying to figure out.
You can't just take my property without a warrant! This isn't your property.
This belonged to a young woman who was murdered.
You're under arrest.
That's was well played, Sarah.
What's with your dog? It's like he was picking up a scent.
Wouldn't Chelsea's scent have dissipated by now? Hmmm.
Chelsea Waters.
Raised by a single mother who used a donor from New Dawn Fertility Clinic, during your time there.
Hunter Dobson.
Conceived also with the help of New Dawn.
Kaleigh Pierce.
Her mother requested a single-use donor from New Dawn.
So there shouldn't have been any other siblings.
Three distinct cases.
All related.
You know, Rex was the first to figure it out.
That scent from Chelsea that he picked up on you was genetic.
These women were desperate to have children.
And somehow the samples got corrupted.
So you used your own sperm.
I have an IQ of 160.
I have no health issues.
In many ways, I'm a perfect specimen.
But you never asked their consent.
And when it worked, it felt good.
I was building families, creating lives.
So Chelsea confronted you with the truth? Hmm? Yeah.
She wanted my help looking into New Dawn.
She found matches through online genome sites.
And she found 10 of her siblings already.
And I couldn't let that information see the light of day.
I followed her after she left, up to the quarry, I thought if I came clean about my own mistake, maybe she'd find some closure.
Find somebody to talk about it.
I don't want to talk about it.
Think about how many lives I even offered her money.
But she wouldn't take it.
I don't want to go anywhere with you.
She believed that everyone had the right to know where they came from.
She was going to destroy so many lives.
Let go of the bag! I tried grabbing her satchel.
She fell.
No! Dr.
Liam Copeland just confessed.
He's responsible for Chelsea's death.
No, you're not out of the woods yet.
Obstruction of justice charges are still pending.
But, for now, you're free to go.
Thanks for coming.
My dad told me everything.
Everything as in? Genes don't matter.
He's still my father.
I'm just grateful that he's not responsible for Chelsea's death.
Yeah, what made you think that he did it? Well, I found the message that he sent, you know, pretending to be me.
I whipped down there with my snowboard.
And I found her body.
I thought that maybe she took her own life.
And that my dad would be blamed for it.
She was just lying there in the open.
I mean, I had to do something.
And I buried her in the snow.
I should have just listened to her in the first place.
Well, maybe not all her work is in vain.
Listen, I know there's somebody you've been waiting to meet.
I'm Kaleigh.
Your sister.
Your bro.
This is so weird.
I know.
I think Rex and I are going to let you two get to know each other better.
What do you say, pal? Come on.
Let's go, Rex.
I just can't believe this.
Okay! You know, I wish Sarah and Donovan were here to see this.
Ah, it's probably a good thing to spare you the humiliation of losing.
Okay, we're going to settle this.
You and me.
Skiing versus snowboarding.
The final word.
Here we go.
Do you think he thinks we're racing already? Yeah.
A little cold out isn't it? Yeah.
- And windy.
- Yeah.
And look.
I mean, we both know he's going to win.
I mean he's so far ahead already.
Makes you kind of wonder why we're even trying to do it.
The chalet has spiked hot chocolate.
- Yeah, why don't we call this a draw? - Yeah.
Rex! Let's go, buddy! Give me some love! You were very fast! That was really fast!
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