Hudson and Rex (2019) s04e12 Episode Script

No Man is an Island

Oi! Oi! Be gentle! You'll break her bleeding neck! Come here.
A shepherd coaxes his flock to him.
- He doesn't force them.
- I know what I'm doing.
Let me show you.
Come on then! Come on! Come on! Here you go! Hey? H! H! He's back.
Feed them.
I'll deal with this.
All right Tucker.
You lost? Not lost, Henry.
That's more than I can say for you.
No one ever said you weren't funny.
Get off the property now.
There's another vote coming down the pike.
It's got nothing to do with me.
It's got everything to do with you.
I'm not leaving the island.
There's my vote.
So you can sod off, right now.
Don't go down this road again, Henry.
You'll regret it.
We'll see about that.
Now piss off.
Everyting all right, boss? How do you feel about me not leaving the island? Doesn't bother me.
Plus, you pay better than any of them out on the mainland.
Is that right? Maybe I've overpaid you.
I still get confused about the exchange rates.
- That's your problem, old timer.
- Old timer? I'll give you old timer! Oh! - The sheep! The sheep! - No no! Gabby stay here! Gabby! Uhhh! Get up, son! Come on! Get up! Get up! Come on! Sit down! Sit down! Press against it! Press! You're all right, son.
You're all right.
Hi, Rex! Hey, listen up everybody.
Our vic was shot in the shoulder.
The kid says it was an accident but the mother is kicking up a fuss saying that it was attempted murder.
Avalon Island.
Why does that sound so familiar? That's the one with all the sheep.
And the ghost town.
Yeah, it's going to be a ghost town soon enough.
The government is trying to relocate the last few remaining residents offering them $250,000 to move.
But the condition is, they all have to agree.
Yeah and not everyone wants to.
I found your phone in the car.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
You know you could have just left it at the front desk.
Yeah, I could have.
But I wanted you to see my last text as soon as possible.
- Your last text? What ? - Yeah.
So what do you say? A romantic weekend? Just the two of us? I I I would love to but we just got a new case.
I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get away.
Well, you know me.
I can play it by ear.
I'll keep you posted.
I'll let you get back to it.
Okay, bye.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- All right.
Okay, so listen.
The supply boat leaves in one hour.
Sarah, Charlie, Rex, - you guys are on it.
- Yup! Thank you.
Thanks for the ride.
Well, at least the boat ride wasn't so bad.
Wow! Look at that! It's It's so remote and quiet.
How do people stay busy? Well, nothing wrong with a simple kind of life.
Welcome to Avalon! What's on the go, b'ys? How can I help you? Hey.
Detective Hudson.
This is Dr.
Truong and my partner, Rex.
Doctor? Could have used you with that Mostafa boy this morning.
Whoo! Actually, I've got um I suppose you'd call it a rash on my back.
- She's not that kind of doctor.
- Yeah.
Do you think you could help us find Gabriel Mostafa? I'm no tour guide.
Only nine full-time residents on the island.
Should be pretty simple to answer.
Nothing's simple about Avalon Island, b'y.
Looks like your buddy wants a chew toy or something.
I can sell you two for one today.
I've got puffins! I've got sheep! I've got moose! Huh.
Michael? Sorry.
Didn't mean to get distracted.
No no no.
I'm glad to see you happy.
I just wish I was better at balancing my personal life with work.
Yeah, work can definitely take over.
Yeah, it's safer too.
I mean, there's no manual for a relationship.
You've got to live on the edge, Doctor.
Whoah! Can I help you? Yes.
We're looking for Gabriel Mostafa.
He's my son.
It wasn't anything serious.
It was just some hunter.
You and I both know it's deeper than that.
Drop it, Mom.
Henry's a good man.
This Henry, he's the man whose farm you work on? Yeah.
Henry Ward.
Come from away.
Moved here two years ago.
Only man foolish enough to buy into the island in dogs' ages.
And you think this might have something to do with him? Let's just say I'm not surprised someone took a shot at him.
When my great grandfather moved here from Lebanon he knew it wise to get along with the locals.
Henry doesn't seem to understand that.
Wait, Mariam.
Does this have to do with the resettlement controversy? Sure does.
He's the only one holding out.
He's not that bad.
Not bad? There's no schools.
Tourists stopped coming.
There's no clients at the bed and breakfast.
What's he think we're all supposed to do? That's enough reason to resent the guy.
Enough to want to try and take him out? I'm telling you, it was just a stray bullet from a hunter.
Okay? Hey, stay focused, Rex.
Come on.
We're on the job.
Don't discourage him.
It's in his nature to herd.
Let him carry on.
Rex is working right now, even if it doesn't really look like it.
We're here to investigate the shooting of Gabriel Mostafa.
Can you tell us what happened? Nothing special.
We were out here tending to the herd.
A hunter's stray shot came from out of the woods over there.
Gabby got hit in the shoulder.
But he's a tough kid.
He'll live.
His mother seems to think this has all to do with you.
Well, I didn't shoot him.
Let's try this a different way.
Anyone on the island here upset with you? This was an accident.
You're sure it wasn't about the resettlement offer? I don't know anything about that.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to find some sheep that were spooked by the shooting.
You might be at risk going around the island on your own.
So might the sheep.
So I'd best crack on, hey? Hey Rex! Do you want to help me find some sheep, boy? Like I said, he's working.
Suit yourself.
Looks like blood.
Gabriel's? No.
The amount doesn't match Gabriel's wound.
It's too much.
Maybe it's not human blood.
This is a new one.
Oh boy.
A precipitin test can answer that.
Can you hold that? Thank you.
It's not human blood.
There's no reaction.
Probably belongs to one of Rex's new friends.
That would be likely.
What have you got, partner? Is that what you're barking at? Doesn't look like it comes from a hunting rifle.
Both Gabriel and Henry said there was only one shot.
But Rex found five casings.
He must have collected them to hide what really happened.
That somebody's trying to force his hand? Why? Why lie? Gabriel.
Lying to us is a chargeable offence.
You want to give your mother anything more to worry about? I'm not lying.
Tell them the truth now Gabby or I swear I saw Henry arguing with Tucker Moore.
Tucker's the one leading the resettlement drive.
He just asked the government for a new vote.
Thank you.
Come on, Rex.
Henry is standing in the way of that vote.
Let's go pay Tucker Moore a visit.
Come on, pal.
Let's go.
Tucker Moore? SJPD.
We want a word.
Hello? I guess he's not here.
Let's have a look around.
What is it, pal? Oh! 9 millimetre Glock.
Same as the casings we picked up.
I guess he's telling us that the casings and the gun are a match.
Yeah, so that means that this is the gun that shot at Henry and Gabriel.
And Tucker Moore is likely our shooter.
That's a possibility but it's not a given.
Discretion, love.
Who the hell are you? Nigel Banks.
London Metropolitan Police.
An Interpol Red Notice? Henry Ward's a bank robber known in London's underworld as Tommy Tumbler Henderson.
I'm here to take him in.
Nigel, his picture is in profile.
- And it's blurry.
- Look, I've done all the digging.
Pored over the records.
But when I saw his picture in a piece about this resettlement row, I knew my search was over.
It's him.
Nigel, that's hardly proof.
Help me out here.
You know how it is for blokes like us.
What do you mean? You mean cops? Right.
I guess you would say that from your ivory tower.
Looking down at slobs like me slogging away in the fields.
Nigel, you don't know anything about me.
Oh, I do, mate.
I know exactly what you've had to do to stay in that cushy seat of yours.
Yes, suh.
No, suh.
Glad to do that, suh.
You know, first of all, you are in a foreign jurisdiction.
Is that how you go about getting the things you need? Second of all, brother, you should know better.
I speak my mind same wherever I go.
That's half your problem.
We're done here.
Look, the local matter your team is investigating is of no concern to me.
All I want is Tommy.
I'm hoping we can pool our resources and pinch this bastard.
The problem, Nigel, is your criminal is my victim.
And you detaining him with this Red Notice that's even expired, Nigel, is tantamount to kidnapping.
So you so much as breathe near Henry Ward, I will detain you for obstruction.
Your victim killed my partner of five years.
And he's going to pay for that.
Everything okay? You said you found that suspect in the shooting? Yeah, Tucker Moore.
He's pushing the resettlement.
Did the same a couple of years ago.
Yeah, it failed after two people voted against it.
Let me take a wild guess.
His name was Henry Ward? - Correct.
- How about the other one? Died.
I looked into it.
It was natural causes.
Yeah, but Tucker could be desperate.
I mean, he's deep in debt.
His small engine repair business has been suffering - since everyone left the island.
- Okay, well that should give you motive.
And we literally found the smoking gun at his place.
Okay, Charlie, you should head back to Avalon and find out about Tucker.
Hey, you need a sidekick? I'd love to see those abandoned houses.
Jesse, no.
I need you here with me, okay? I need you to track down a character named Tommy Tumbler Henderson.
What are you going to do, Joe? I'll keep an eye on Nigel Banks.
Four days ago, I saw Tucker last.
Spoke about the vote actually.
I assume it's a yes for you? Why assume? Maybe I likes my job.
So, you voted to not resettle then.
Are you mad? Imagine what I could do with $250,000.
Um, sorry.
Can you tell us anything about Henry Ward? Not much.
Keeps to himself.
Only time he comes around is to tinker with his boat over on the pier.
Have you noticed any other strange things on the island? Strangers coming and going, if that's what you means.
Tourists? No, no.
This is a one-time thing with the tourists.
You mind if we borrow that? No.
You can rent it.
Twenty-five for the day.
Listen, Joe.
Thanks for calling.
I was a right proper git with you earlier.
Tell me about Tommy Tumbler.
Nothing complicated.
He's a safe cracker.
Three years ago he orchestrated a North London robbery where his team nicked nearly five million pounds sterling.
But not without a hitch.
He picked the wrong blokes.
A ragtag collection of dunces.
Americans, French, Nigerians.
Didn't know the score and were slow on the uptake.
An off-duty officer acted quickly.
And firefight ensued.
And a few people got killed.
Including your partner? The off-duty officer? Freddie Freddie was like a son to me.
One of the few Black officers on the department.
I took him under my wing.
I have to do right by him.
If we can get Henry Ward's prints, we can match them with the ones lifted from the robbery.
Now that might be something I can help you out with.
Under one condition.
You do not interfere.
Do you understand? You reign in your activities.
You stay in your hotel.
And you wait for my instructions.
Good to be out of the city.
You thinking of getting a place for you and Rex? Well, you know, you've got to grow old with someone.
Michael asked if I wanted to take a weekend trip to Fogo Island.
You're right.
There is no manual for this.
What is it, pal? Tucker Moore? SJPD! Ughh! I told you to stop, Tucker! The name's not Tucker! It's John Harper! And I haven't done anything wrong! If you're not Tucker, then why did you run? Because that's what you do when a rabid dog chases you.
He's not rabid.
He's working.
So what are you doing around here? Just checking out these beautiful abandoned houses.
Is that a crime? Could be trespassing.
Are you going to arrest me? Well, then, I'm going to miss my last boat.
And thanks.
Hey, what have you got for me, Jesse? Oh, well I have the apparent demise of one Tommy Tumbler Henderson.
- You sure? - Well, a man believed to be Tommy perished two years ago off the coast of Spain.
A bunch of beer and baked beans and a trip into the ocean cost him his life.
- Do we have a body? - No, but we have a death certificate.
Spanish authorities confirmed the fatality.
- What about witnesses? - There were a few.
But still, the timing is curious.
So you think he faked his death? Well, I mean, Henry did arrive on the island not long after Tommy drowned.
So the question is, why would a gangster with ten million dollars in his pocket choose to live out his days on a deserted island in the middle of the North Atlantic? You know, there is something else about Nigel Banks.
He's not with the London Met.
He's with the Cambridge Police.
What did he tell you? Well, he said that his partner was killed in a botched robbery.
True and tragic.
But Nigel got obsessed.
Convinced we didn't take the shooting seriously, because, Freddie was Black.
Was he right? Look, these diversity hires, they flash the race card more than their badges.
I wouldn't trust their judgment on these matters.
So this, this Tommy Tumbler, what do you think about Nigel's theory that he's somewhere in Canada? Tommy drowned off the coast of Spain.
Nigel didn't believe it.
His work suffered.
So, I put him on leave for PTSD.
So, did you even bother to follow up on his leads? What for? Look, next time you see Nigel you tell him to get back here.
So I'm going to have my tech send you some prints.
And I'm going to need you to crossreference those against those from the original robbery.
Are you taking the piss? I'm giving you a chance to cooperate here, before Nigel's proven right and you look incompetent for choosing to dismiss him.
Send the prints.
Thanks for your time.
Seems Rex doesn't want to head back.
Let's go see his new friends.
Come on, pal! Dead end! Come on, Rex! Good boy! Come on.
Good boy! I've got you.
Come here, Rex! Uhh! - Turn him this way.
- Okay.
Okay! Aghh.
It's Tucker Moore.
Hey! You ever hear of knocking? Oh, um, sorry.
Look, the prints from the shell casings Sarah found just got a hit in England.
Yeah, Henry Ward and Tommy Tumbler are definitely the same person.
Yeah, Joe.
You've got it.
I'll call you later.
That was Joe.
Henry and Tommy are the same person.
Oh wow! So Nigel was right.
That still doesn't explain why we have a DOA here on the beach.
How long do you think he's been dead for? Wait, you don't You don't think it was Harper? No, no no no.
He's been dead for at least twentyfour hours.
Lividity of the face and neck, maceration of the skin and exudation of froth from the nostrils.
So it looks like he was killed in water but it was 24 hours ago.
So if Harper killed him yesterday, why would he hang around another day? Well, Tucker could have been killed when Henry was going down the hill - to find his lost sheep.
- You think Henry did it? A criminal past.
I could see him trying to retaliate when he found out that Tucker was the shooter.
Except no, I Actually I don't think he did do it because here, look at his fingers.
See that? It's called swan-neck deformity.
Finger are permanently bent towards the palm.
So he couldn't have shot a gun? No.
He's got a severe case.
I doubt he did it, Charlie.
Brilliant, Joe.
You have no idea what this means to me.
Well, I can imagine.
So, how are we taking Tommy in? Well, this isn't in your jurisdiction, Nigel.
Major Crimes will take it from here.
Not this again.
Look, I gave you everything you needed to solve this case.
- I was forthcoming.
I was - Right, Nigel, but you weren't transparent.
I just spoke to your boss - in Cambridge.
- Look, Joe.
No, listen.
Nigel, this is just a courtesy call.
DCS Somerset wants you home.
And he wants you home now.
Look, I'm sorry.
I wanted to tell you but we're so close! Without me, Tommy'll slip through your fingers.
I need you to go home.
I guess I'll have to do this myself.
He's on the island.
Rex is looking very at home with these sheep.
Hi, Rex.
What do you two want? We're here to talk to you about the murder of Tucker Moore.
- He's dead? - Oh, you're acting surprised? I am surprised.
Sure, I didn't like the geezer.
Doesn't mean I wanted to kill him.
Yeah, we were starting to believe that it was Tucker who took shots at you and Gabriel.
I don't believe that.
He couldn't shoot his way out of a paper bag with those fingers.
Oh, so you know about his condition? He couldn't pull the trigger.
Someone else did it.
Someone like Nigel Banks? Yeah, he's been on Avalon.
He knows that you're here.
He saw your picture on the Internet.
He says that you killed his partner.
I don't know what you're bleeding talking about.
I just want to get on with my life.
Your life as Henry Ward? Or your life as Tommy Tumbler? I'd like you to leave now.
We don't have anything to hold Henry Ward but Tommy Tumbler is a different story.
As soon as that warrant comes from Interpol, we'll be back.
Don't leave the island.
You couldn't pay me to.
Ohhh shoot.
Worst twenty-five bucks I ever spent.
I can fix this.
You want to get the hood? - Yeah yeah.
- It's Joe.
Thank you.
Hey, Charlie.
I just landed.
But I have a feeling that Nigel Banks made it before me.
He knows that we matched Henry's prints so he may be bent on revenge.
Yeah, well not on my soil, he's not.
We'll be there soon.
Hey! How are you buddy? Welcome to Avalon Island! What can I do for you? Hey.
Superintendent Joe Donovan.
You didn't happen to see another Black man pass through here recently, did you? - One with an English accent? - That I did.
But I don't see colour though.
Can you tell me which way he went? He said he wanted to talk to Henry Ward.
Where would I find him? Well, I saw Ward down at the pier earlier.
Told the Black gentleman he'd probably find him there.
Easy now.
Drop it, Tommy.
I'm sorry your partner died but I didn't kill him.
But you planned the robbery that did.
Look, I'm not going to spend the rest of my life inside for something I didn't do.
Well, you're not going to have to worry about that, are you, mate? Nigel.
Get out of here, Joe! Not your business! Hey.
Don't worry.
I'm just here to see what you're going to do.
He killed my partner.
I did not! I told you that.
So now what are you going to do? Huh? You going to shoot him? Kill him in cold blood? Is that going to make everything better, Nigel? Leave me be.
I told you.
I'm not going to do anything.
You called me a rule follower.
I'm not following any rules now.
I want you to show me what kind of man you are.
You want to come try this? Handier than I thought.
What are you talking about? I've got a house full of motorcycle parts.
You think they're just for show? So what do you do to me after I do this? I'm just going to throw a gun down Nigel.
Say that he shot first.
You can't! I can do whatever I want.
We are above the law.
We are cops.
Isn't that right, Nigel? Is that what you taught Freddie? Freddie - deserves justice.
- He does deserve justice.
But does he deserve coldblooded murder, Nigel? Because that's all you're going to give him now.
Ugh!! Get down! Get down! Get down! Go! Go! Go! Stay calm! SJPD! Hold your fire! I said hold your fire! Get in, Rex! Oh it ain't that bad.
Ughh! You'll live.
I've been here before.
You guys have any idea who's shooting at us? No.
No idea.
The only one I want is Tommy! This is the SJPD! Stop shooting at us! We've got backup on the way! You'll be dead by then! Get down! Get back here! I want my money, Tommy! I'm not leaving without it! What's your plan now? - Wait until he runs out of bullets? - I told you.
We have backup on the way.
What are they on? Island time? There's no cover.
If we go through there, it's open season.
What are you thinking? What's the play? Let him know he has company.
SJPD! Drop your weapon! Is that what you call backup? Two cops and a dog? It's me that the geezer wants.
- This is my business.
- Hey.
Hey! Hey! Get down! Ughh! Who knows, Rex? Maybe you are a herder at heart.
Hmm? Hey.
You did a good job, given the circumstances.
- Here.
- I was part of Tommy's crew during his last robbery.
But he kept our share of the take.
How did you find him? I knew he was here.
I saw the resettlement story and there was his picture on it.
Thought he could escape to this island.
But why kill Tucker Moore? He saw me shooting at Tommy's farm.
So, you framed him so that you could buy yourself some more time? All I wanted was to spook Tommy into leading me to the money.
But Tucker saw me.
So I had to take care of that first.
I had no other option.
You had no other Come on.
Hey, copper! If you're looking for the geezer who really killed your partner, I'd look at him.
And we should believe you? That's up to you.
I'm just telling you what you deserve to know.
It don't mean nothing if you don't do it in court.
I know that.
You're serious? You can't be a free man if you're always running from your past.
Court might be the only place to put it behind.
I'm going to call Somerset.
Let him know what you did here.
You don't have to do that, Joe.
Yeah, I do.
I'm taking a good long break after this.
I think I've got to heal.
Finally retire.
Well, if you ever need to talk, you pick up that phone.
Would you have let me do it? Do what? Kill him.
Oh, hell no.
I would have shot you first.
This is your last chance to roam free.
So be good to each other, eh? There you go.
I heard you tended to Nigel the moment he got shot.
Well, him getting shot, that was down on me.
Still, it was the right thing to do.
This island will still be here when you get back.
Yeah, but there won't be a soul on it.
I might like it better that way.
Animals will always make better companions than people.
Ain't that right Rex, eh? Thank you.
So with Henry gone, the vote was unanimous.
And Avalon Island is now officially a ghost town.
Well, I still would have liked to visit.
Well, don't worry about it.
We can get Gordo to take you over.
Gordo? Yeah, he's the de facto tour guide.
Anyway, listen.
Buy me a drink.
I'll explain it over here.
- Hey! - Hey! - Oh, sorry.
- It's all good.
- Hey grab me a beer? - Yeah.
Your bag? Yeah.
That means I'm going to Fogo, yeah.
Yeah, I think I owe it to myself to just see where it goes.
You know, after being so wrapped up in work for so long.
About what happened on the island - Oh, we don't have to - No.
Um This friendship is important to me.
So I just I wanted to And yeah, I don't want it to change.
I don't want it to change either.
- Anyway, I should go.
- Yeah.
Have fun.
Next time on Hudson and Rex Congratulations Rex, I can't believe you're in a commercial.
Sarah said you knew the victim.
Uh, yeah, I did.
She used to volunteer to animal shelter.
What's Melissa's scarf doing in your mom's car? - I don't know.
- Don't be fooled by their good girl act.
Those roses are nothing but thorns.
Tell me we're still rolling.

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