Hudson and Rex (2019) s04e13 Episode Script

Roses of Signal Hill

1 Every animal deserves a home.
Every kid deserves a best friend.
That's why for the next two months Dalton's Animal Rescue Shelter is waiving all adoption fees, making sure every one of our rescues finds their forever home.
And cut! That's a wrap! Thanks, everyone.
Wait what? They're done? - No closeups? No coverage? - No need for that.
Hey, good job, pal.
Congratulations, Rex.
I can't believe you're in a commercial! Don't let it go to your head.
All right? It's so great of you to support such a good cause, Charlie.
Oh, well don't give him all the credit.
It was my idea to use Rex.
And he's a natural star.
We haven't met.
I'm Melissa.
I'm one of the advertising execs in charge of the commercial.
Melissa of the Three Roses Ad Agency! Yes, Charlie has mentioned such great things about you.
- Oh! - You see, I do give credit where credit is due.
Charlie mentioned that you volunteer at the shelter as well.
I do, yeah.
Every Saturday.
It's so fulfilling.
It's where we met, what, a year ago? - Do you remember, Charlie? - Yeah.
Because you made fun of my jacket.
It was really not your colour.
- You need to answer that? - No.
No, I have nothing to say.
You know, Sarah? I should introduce you to my partners.
Viv, Em! Emily is in charge of art.
And Viv heads production.
I'm in charge of sales.
- We're a full service ad agency.
- Wow! - That is a formidable feat! - Oh don't say feet please.
These heels are killing me.
Oh I love the scarves.
- Very chic.
- Oh thank you, yeah.
We saw Cardi B rocking one in a Chanel ad.
And we thought, why not? Am I adding Rex to tonight's wrap party guest list? Unfortunately no.
We've got to get back to the grind tomorrow.
- Hey, pal? - Oh, Rex.
Charlie ruins all your fun, doesn't he? Okay.
- Killing me.
- Okay.
Bye everyone! Thank you! - Charlie, we'll talk soon.
- Yeah.
Here, let me top you up.
There you go.
Hi Phil! Kendra! Hi! I mean, the kid? Was he good enough? Should we recast? Reshoot? I thought you loved the little ones.
Never said nothing about people.
Think if we turn the lights off people will get the message and just leave? Yeah.
You know what? Why don't you two head home? And I will stick around until everybody leaves.
Really? I feel like we're bailing.
No, go! I've got this.
- Bye.
- Have a good night.
See ya.
I'll just tidy this up.
Hi, you've reached Melissa.
I can't come I'm going to call her again.
She's probably just hung over.
Melissa is never late for work even when she's hung over.
Thanks, pal.
I still can't believe it.
Sarah said you knew the victim.
Uh yeah, I did.
She used to volunteer at the animal shelter.
- Any luck with the cameras? - No.
The motel clerk prides himself on discretion.
No cameras.
Says he just found the body before dawn.
It seems she died of a head injury.
Possibly an arterial bleed.
There was a deep laceration at her temple.
- Profuse bleeding.
- Multiple wounds? No, single.
There was no sign of a murder weapon, or struggle.
Whoever it was got close enough and Melissa didn't put up a fight.
Maybe she knew the killer.
Well, I mean, none of her valuables were taken.
No struggle, no robbery.
Hotel parking lot.
Reads like she was meeting somebody.
Well, her wallet and phone were wiped clean of prints and the ground here by her feet, someone wiped the blood splatter.
- Covering their tracks.
- Yeah.
Only one reason you'd meet someone in a motel in the middle of the night.
You saw her yesterday.
Did she mention anything, anyone? No.
She did receive that upsetting text though.
I remember that, yeah.
Yeah, it changed her whole demeanour.
Well, I'll scrub her phone when I get back to the station.
What have you got, pal? You want to give that to me? Good work.
Melissa's car keys? So we have her keys.
Where's her car? You know what? I'll get an APB out on that.
I should probably go break the news to her partners.
Rex, come on.
I just hugged her in my arms just hours ago! We shouldn't have gone home early.
Don't go down that road.
Trust me, it's But I owe her everything! If we never met at Rose Hall in college, I would never have majored in business.
Yeah, she would cook up soup for you if you were sick or be your New Year's date if you were single.
What do we do now, today? Dalton's demanding reshoots! The shelter meant the world to Mel.
We owe it to her to finish.
And Rex and I are here to help.
But I just need to ask a few questions first.
I have the guest list from last night.
Is there anyone on here that Mel might have argued with - or any enemies? - No, we hire very carefully.
Everyone here is like family.
So you don't know anyone who might have sent her a distressing text? I mean, every other comment on your social feed's distressing.
What about, is it possible she was having a discreet relationship, anything that would have brought her to that motel? No, Mel was single, like us.
So you left the party at 10:00.
And that's the last time that you saw or spoke to Melissa? I got a call from her at what must have been around 1:00 am.
And she said she was heading home.
Emily, is there anything you want to share? Mel didn't have a boyfriend.
But there may be an explanation why she was at the motel.
No, Emily.
We told her to stop.
Well, maybe she didn't! Mel had of bit of a wild streak.
She liked to go to the bar, get tipsy and pick up strangers.
Any particular bar? Yeah.
I knew Mel.
Hard to miss her.
Did you see her here last night? She called around 11:00 to see if she'd make last call.
- What time did she get here? - I have no idea.
Detective, the bar was very busy.
Does that camera work? Yeah, it works but only the manager can access it.
And he's on his honeymoon.
I can't wait that long.
Hey, pal.
Come here.
Track Melissa.
Melissa was sitting there.
Then she moved to that booth.
Do you know who was sitting at the booth? Oh yeah, I certainly do.
A bunch of guys from RWA.
RWA? The oil company? Yeah, riggers or some such.
I saw the logo on their coat.
Bozos skipped out on their bill.
- Where does this door lead? - It's a shortcut to the bar's back parking lot.
- Regulars use it.
- Melissa used it too.
- You work with Joe Donovan, right? - I do.
Would you tell him that Rita said hi and that she's keeping her nose clean? Good job, pal.
You found Melissa's car.
What else you got? Yeah, I see it.
A slashed tire.
I think we'd better get Sarah here.
Pulled this print off the door.
It looks smudged with some kind of I don't know, wet, gooey Crude oil? Could be.
I'll know for sure when I have it analyzed back at the lab.
Lucky guess? No, I'm just putting the pieces together.
Rex tracked Melissa's scent to a booth where a bunch of workers for the RWA rig yard had been partying.
Her friends called it a wild streak.
Wild streak? - Yeah.
- I thought dating norms changed.
Aren't they swiping with agency now? Well, I guess some double standards didn't get the memo.
She didn't drive over anything sharp.
This damage was done with a knife.
It had to have happened after she parked here.
By somebody who didn't want her leaving in her own car.
I bet the answer to who that is lies with ID'ing that print.
Okay, pal.
So we've got Triple Cheese and Veggie Delight.
No, they didn't have any more Meat Lovers.
Alexa, can you preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit please? I have set your oven to bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
It's open! - Hey, Charlie! - Hey, Joe.
Hey, Rex! How are you doing buddy? You all right? Good to see you.
Triple Cheese? What were they out of Meat Lovers? Uh, yeah.
So, listen, I got an update from Jesse on the case.
- On a faraway coast - How are you doing, Charlie? Good.
Made some headway today.
I mean, you know how it is, Joe.
She was a friend.
Yeah, these kind of cases can hit you hard.
Now her dating life is subject to gossip.
Well, is it really gossip? Or just facts from those who knew her best? Can't the facts exist without prejudice? Yeah, well, they certainly should.
Gosh, is it just me? No it's the oven.
Every time it's on, it turns the place into a sauna.
Alexa, set the room temperature to 21 degrees Celsius.
Setting temperature to 21 degrees Celsius.
Oh, in other news, I spoke to the Roses' lawyer and they said that Melissa was looking into getting a restraining order.
Really? That's a new one.
Who? They said that Melissa didn't say.
Didn't give a name.
Only asked a lot of questions.
- So we got anything else? - Just a bartender named Rita said hi.
In the archipelego - Did she? - Mm-hmm.
Well, I successfully cracked Melissa's phone and based on the less unpleasant messages that Melissa was receiving, - I think she might have a stalker.
- Explains the restraining order.
Yeah, I'm still trying to track down the texter's identity.
- What's taking so long? - The messages were sent using an encrypted messaging service.
Any personal information is completely hidden.
What about the prints from her car? There's no match in the system but the gooey substance is definitely oil though.
Gooey? Is that the forensic term? It is if I say so.
The oil ties one of those riggers to tampering with Melissa's car.
Yeah, good enough for Rex and I to check out the rig yard.
Come on, pal.
What's that, Viv? Yeah.
Yeah, Rex can come for reshoots for the commercial.
That's too bad, Rex.
I thought the kid did a good job.
I hear you, pal.
Yeah, I hear you.
- I want a word.
- Hey.
Own up to it.
Uh, I know why you're here, Officer, and for the record, it was an accident, okay? I really didn't mean to.
Like you knocked her over the head and she died, that kind of accident? Aren't you here because I skipped out on our bar tab? Thuggy thinks I should pay up for TBone's bill.
That's fine.
More like he picks up the scent of our murder victim on you.
Look She hit on me.
Right? - That chick - Her name was Melissa.
Look, she came over to me.
And hell, she's out of my league so I shut up and followed her lead.
- And what was her lead? - She pulled me outside.
We made out a little.
I opened her car door.
She changed her mind.
Said she wanted to stop.
And did you stop? I did.
She took my number and I left.
What about the slashed tire? I don't know anything about that.
Like I said, I left.
Wanted to walk off my buzz before work.
How cold was it last night? Cold.
But my license has been revoked for speeding.
So no car to drive.
Well, that's something that we can verify.
You know, what would help right now is your phone.
What time did your shift start? An hour ago.
Jacket's pretty dirty for working an hour.
Is it a crime to skip laundry? No, but Rex smells our victim on you, and I see blood on your collar.
Doesn't look like it's from shaving.
Jimmy got hurt on the rig yesterday.
- I helped him out.
- Great.
So, you don't mind if I run forensics on your coat then? I'd have to be a fool to kill a woman and show up to work with her blood on me.
Do you know how many fools Rex and I have put behind bars? Take your coat off! Yeah, Charlie.
This is a company phone.
RWA blocks installing thirdparty apps.
- Meaning? - Meaning the phone doesn't have encrypted messaging capabilities.
Joey's not our stalker.
Well, maybe not, but he still might be our murderer.
Did you have a chance to run Joey's jacket yet? Yes, and the blood is not a match to Melissa.
- Sorry, Charlie.
- Guys, I think I have something.
But I don't know how much help it's going to be, but, the bar surveillance just came in.
Problem is is that the camera is only pointed at the bar though.
Oh here we go.
The timestamp shows Melissa ordering a drink at 12:18 AM.
There's not much after that.
I mean, we don't see Mel for the rest of the night.
So, we just have Joey's word for what happened to her after that.
Well, yes and no.
I mean, phone records confirmed that Melissa called Vivian at one.
Well, she didn't take her car from the bar.
So, who drove her? - Joey? - No.
No, it wouldn't be Joey.
His story checks out.
His license was revoked.
You know, the motel doesn't have any cameras where Melissa's body was found but there is a nail salon kittycorner to it.
If they have surveillance, might be able to catch Melissa arriving that night.
- It's worth checking out, Jesse.
- Yeah.
Speaking of checking out, I have something to show you in the lab.
No no no.
I'm not handing over my security footage to a complete stranger.
Like I said, I am with the St.
John's Police Department.
Okay? This is in regards to a homicide case.
Even more of a reason not to get involved.
You're not getting involved! I just need access to the camera footage, okay? There might be information on there that could help solve a young woman's murder.
I watch cop shows.
You should get a warrant.
And I know you need one of those if you want to get your hands on my property.
Well, thank you television for making my job so much easier! Okay.
Oh, yeah.
I see it now.
What is it? Any idea? Rust flakes pulled from Melissa's hair right by her head wound.
- So the murder weapon was likely metal.
- Exactly.
Some kind of pipe, I'm thinking.
Rex and I were due at the Roses' studio a half hour ago.
Oh, reshoots are today? Yeah I know.
In the middle of a case but it'll give me a chance to talk to Dalton.
And remember, I want closeups, mediums.
I need a variety.
- Speed! - And action everyone! Playback narration.
Every kid deserves a best friend.
That's why for the next two months Dalton's Animal Rescue Shelter is waiving all adoption fees, making sure every one of our rescues finds their forever home.
You can't do that! We're shooting! Hey.
It's locked, yeah.
Excuse me! I need you to let me into this room! Rex! Tell me we're still rolling! Good job, partner.
- Marlow? - Who's Marlow? He's a rival ad exec.
And Melissa's ex-boyfriend.
What is it? What have you got in your hand? - Nothing.
Get this dog off of me! - Open your hand now! A listening device? What are you doing stealing this from a dead woman's office? Hello? How hard is it for a dude to get an energy drink around here? - Ah.
He's a peach.
- Mm-hmm.
The bug could be accessed remotely so we seized Marlow's laptop.
Jesse's doing a quick scrub now to see if there's any useful information.
- Speak of the devil.
- So we've got a few weeks worth of audio collected.
Mostly just phone calls Melissa made to her clients, her comings and goings.
So Marlow's been following Melissa's every move? Yeah, even the night of the murder.
The bug recorded a phone call she made to the bar.
So if he was listening, he'd know exactly where to find her.
A rival ex-boyfriend who planted a bug.
Sounds like we've got our stalker.
I'd heard the news.
And I knew I had to get my bug back - before someone else found it.
- Why did you plant it? Mel let me wine and dine her.
We talked shop.
We were seeing each other.
Then I start hearing that my primo clients are getting calls from the Roses asking if they're satisfied.
Don't you see? Mel used me.
Well, I'm sure you weren't talking shop - just for the fun of it.
- Okay, look, business is business.
- I mean, Mel led me on! - How did it end between you and Melissa? It wasn't pretty.
I was angry.
Did you do anything that might make her want - to file a restraining order? - Me? Heck no! Look, all I did was plant a harmless bug.
And I didn't get anything useful out of it.
Well, if you had been listening, you would have found out where she was last night.
It gave you opportunity.
Motive, you just spelled out for us.
I haven't listened to it in weeks! Where were you last night? Home.
That's not the strongest alibi.
Okay, look, you're painting me to be some sort of crazed, vengeful ex when Melissa hurt me! If anyone hurt her, it was Tabitha.
Who's Tabitha? Are you seriously asking? No, no.
We like wasting our time.
Tabitha was the fourth Rose until Melissa ruined her life and fired her.
How did we not know this earlier? Melissa never mentioned Tabitha to you? No, but we mostly just talked about dogs.
Well, I did some digging online, and found a photo of a women's power luncheon.
And that's her in the top right.
It's the only photo I could find.
She has no digital footprint at all.
And there's no mention of Tabitha online as a Rose or otherwise.
She's a ghost.
A ghost who likes Scotch.
Check out the top left frame of the bar surveillance video.
Oh, wow.
Tabitha was there the night Melissa was murdered? Jesse, call her in.
I'm going to go check and see why the Roses never talked about her before.
- Will you get Tabitha when she comes? - Absolutely.
Rex! For the record, Tabitha was my friend.
I liked her.
Unlike this stain on my scarf.
We all have extras.
Duty calls.
Mel carried hers in her purse.
We're not here to talk about scarves.
Charlie the reason we didn't mention Tabitha is because Mel told us never to bring her up.
Tabitha was taboo.
Her time here was like a tsunami.
Well How do you mean? Tabitha mismanaged a large account.
Almost bankrupted us.
Mel had to remortgage her condo just to keep us afloat.
I told her every decision had to go through Melissa.
And she refused.
We had to protect the business.
So, we let her go.
- How'd she take that? - She was spiteful.
Started badmouthing us in the industry.
Mel lost sleep for weeks.
If Tabitha hurt Melissa, are we in danger too? There's no evidence of that yet, but you know, just be cautious until we learn more.
They're liars.
They'll tell you I mismanaged an account and had to go.
- So, what is the truth? - Truth was I knew what I was doing.
They're three friends from college who run every thought by each other.
Even lunch orders.
And you didn't fit in with the group.
And they blacklisted me for it.
I couldn't get work.
I had to move back home as an adult woman.
Any chance you've been sending Melissa angry messages? Only because she'd been ignoring me for months.
I have an interview coming up.
She's the only person who can clear my name.
I am good at what I do and I deserve a second chance.
- What about being at the same bar? - I don't know.
Maybe we both like cheap drinks.
Look She ignored me all night and I was fed up.
So when I went outside and saw her car, I slashed her tire.
I guess I could be charged for admitting that.
It wasn't even cathartic, like not like if it had been Em or Viv's car.
What do you mean by that? They're the ones who screwed up the account and blamed me.
Don't be fooled by their good girl act.
Those Roses are nothing but thorns.
Yeah, I think it's time we look into this agency.
I want to know everything that Emily and Vivian have been up to.
Killed by her partners? I mean, Melissa was the brains of the operation.
Their livelihoods depended on her.
- Yeah, why get rid of your golden goose? - Yeah, exactly! I mean, that would be like you guys getting rid of me.
Okay, like getting rid of Rex.
Then me.
Yeah, I'm going to go back to Marlow's bug.
Give it a second listen.
You think there's something on there? Well, I think best friends working together, it's a little more complex and nuanced than I thought.
I can be a second set of ears.
I'll take it.
Come on, pal.
Hold on, where are you going? Don't tell me.
You're going back to the nail salon again? Judge Nguyen needs another 48 hours for the warrant, - so I figured I'd nudge - No, listen to me.
It will take a week, easily.
Jesse, I'm just going to say this once, okay? You're a cop.
And a good one.
You'll find a way without bending the law.
Okay! Okay, time to rock your cuticles.
Have fun at your party tonight! Hi.
Have fun! Hi.
You got that warrant, Officer? Actually, I was just wondering about something I saw in your window.
Didn't take you much for a mani pedi type but let's pick your colour! It actually wasn't that.
It was more the 15% off with cash purchase that caught my eye.
You see, my pals, over at the CRA, they love crosschecking the books of cash-based businesses and their reported income on their tax forms.
Why don't you leave your busy tax friends alone? You want camera footage? Yeah.
Dave, hi! It's Melissa from the Roses! How are you? Oh, couldn't be better.
I wanted to follow up on our pitch last week.
How is your team feeling? - Come on! - That's great to hear.
I'll start drawing up the paperwork! Talk soon! Another few minutes, pal, and then we'll call it a night.
You've been saying that for an hour.
I don't think Rex buys it.
I don't blame him.
How many more business phone calls can we listen to? Okay.
Here's the deal.
Rex and I have a trick for a second wind, but it can't leave this room.
Play Rex's super jam playlist.
Playing Rex's superjam playlist.
Meet me on the dance floor Go to Rome And go to Paris The DJ's gonna get us there If you just meet me - On the dance floor - Come on, let's dance.
- Dance with Sarah.
- Go to London go to Vegas Hey DJ Take us anywhere If you just meet me - On the dance floor - Okay, come on! We got nothing in our pockets - But I know that - Who's a good pup? Woof.
Thank you, Alexa! If you just meet me on the dance floor All we need is love and music Guarantee we'll have the time of our lives We can fly wherever we wanna Without ever even leaving the ground If you just meet me On the dance floor Anything interesting turn up on the bug? Yeah.
There was.
And it was recorded the morning that Melissa died.
Are you even listening to me? Take a walk and cool off Emily.
You care more about other people than you care about us! If it wasn't for me caring about you, you wouldn't have this job.
I'm the only person who'd hire you.
You're a criminal! - Hold on.
Does Emily have a record? - Yeah.
She spent a little bit of time in juvie.
She hit a classmate over the head with a volleyball trophy.
Melissa died from a fatal blow to the head.
So a similar MO.
Yeah, so we checked Emily's alibi for the night of the murder.
She said that she was home at 11:00 but the concierge said it was closer to dawn.
And she was in tears when she showed up.
You might be in tears if you spent the night killing your best friend.
I didn't want to lie.
I just couldn't be honest earlier.
And how about now? I'm in recovery.
There was so much at the party.
I just had to leave and meet up with my sponsor.
There's no judgment here.
- But why couldn't you tell us? - The girls don't know.
I'm in a client facing business.
I need to schmooze, lunch, meet for drinks.
People form an opinion about addicts real fast.
What about your time in juvie? Mel looked past that.
She was really an angel about it.
But every now and then She'd remind you how much you owed her? Friends sometimes just don't realize how their words can sting.
But I swear, I would never hurt her over it.
Thanks, buddy.
Bada bing!! Check out what I found on the nail salon's footage.
Now, I think I can make out a partial license plate.
- Partial? That's it? - Well yeah.
I mean, they parked outside the range of the camera, but the good news is that the car's arrival lines up with our timeline.
Yeah, that passenger could be Melissa.
Same hair.
Same build.
Well, if it is, it proves that she was driven to the motel that night.
So, the question now is: who's behind the wheel? What is it, pal? Something in Melissa's office? Well, since the door is open already, I might as well take a second look.
Looks like you're going to become a star, pal.
Empty picture hooks.
Looks like something's been moved recently.
What is it? Redecorating? Except the delivery address is different.
Hey, Jesse, I need you to check out an address for me.
She was moving out.
So, I guess we were starting to spend too much time together? No, my team looked into it.
And uh - she was starting her own agency.
- What? Why? Why would she leave us? We're the Three Roses.
I thought we shared everything.
Well, I guess Melissa didn't.
- Now that makes sense.
- What? Our three long time clients.
None of them are answering any of my calls.
Melissa stole them.
Excuse me.
Hey, Jesse, what have you got? Well, I just traced the plates of the car - that drove Melissa to the motel.
- Great.
Whose car is it? Amal Malek, but you and I are more familiar with her son, Joey.
So, our oil worker was driving his mom's car with a suspended license.
Shouldn't be getting into a car with a suspended license, Joey.
Hey, my - My mom drove me here.
- Oh yeah.
Sure she did.
What have you got, pal? What's Melissa's scarf doing in your mom's car? I don't know.
Yeah? So, who killed her? You or your mom? Hey.
You about to interrogate Joey? Yeah, heading in there right now.
Is it true that Rex found Melissa's scarf in his car? Yeah, In his front seat.
Okay, check your phone.
I sent you a photo from the crime scene.
What confuses me is you'll see when they found her body, Melissa was wearing the scarf.
How could she lose it and then be wearing it later? Emily said that she kept extras in her purse.
Yeah, but it was the middle of the night.
Why put a new one on? I don't know.
But Joey might.
The company has a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving.
I only had a pint.
- But it doesn't matter.
- Okay so you lied about driving - so that you wouldn't be fired? - That And a woman who was in my mother's car - turned up dead the next day.
- Yeah.
Let's talk about that, okay? What happened after the two of you left the bar? We didn't want the night to end.
Her car was a no-go.
So we got into mine.
We were all over each other.
So her scarf must have come off then.
And you saw her put on a new scarf then? I wasn't paying attention to scarves at that point.
She said to head over to her place.
So I was focusing on driving.
Wait So how'd you end up at the motel then? She got a call.
Got upset.
She saw the motel and told the caller to meet her there.
Told me to drop her off and go home.
You said that she received a call? - You're sure she didn't make the call? - I'm sure.
The only reason the night ended when it did, was because of that call.
I wish she would have ignored it like I said to.
It's the truth.
- I swear.
- Okay.
The problem is that our phone records show Melissa making a call, - not receiving one.
- She called her friend to tell her she was heading home.
I don't know anything about phone records.
But Melissa didn't make a call.
Didn't sound like a friend on the other end.
Never heard so much yelling in my life.
So, Vivian says that Melissa called her.
But Joey swears that the truth of the matter is Vivian called Melissa that night.
Well, an incoming or outgoing call doesn't implicate Joey either way, right? He has no reason to lie about it.
Yet the phone records back up Vivian.
Wait a minute.
Unless they had each other's phones.
Guys, that is the only way that the phone records corroborate Joey's story.
Vivian and Melissa must have accidentally switched phones - the night of the wrap party.
- Vivian takes it home.
Realizes it.
Calls Melissa.
Melissa answers Vivian's phone and suggests that they meet up to switch phones back? Yeah, but why not just hang on to the phones till the next morning and switch them at work? - Why meet at the motel? - Joey said that Vivian was angry.
Maybe it was urgent.
Well, Vivian had her phone.
She must have realized that Melissa was leaving the agency.
So, Melissa meets Vivian in the middle of the night.
And turns up dead the next day.
I was thinking of keeping some of these here.
Can't hurt our image to show we're chummy with man's best friend.
What would hurt your image? A murder charge? We have evidence that Melissa received an angry call from you the night that she died.
Evidence from who? Some guy she picked up at the bar that night? Uh-huh.
Along with the two cell phone towers that we checked.
All right.
Yeah, I I accidentally picked up her phone at the party.
Saw a few messages.
Found out what she was up to.
Mel suggested we get together and hash it out.
So we did.
I left her and she was alive.
Who are you going to believe? Some stranger? Or me? Her best friend? In this case, I'm going to believe him.
You all tie your knots differently.
Melissa she would tie it in a bow but the night that she died, the scarf was tied around her neck in a in a Trinity knot just like yours.
Now why would she let you do that in the middle of the night after you'd had an argument? Unless maybe she was already dead when the knot was tied? - Anyone can tie a knot.
- Yeah.
But not everyone's DNA is going to be on it.
Just the murderer's.
It was an accident.
We both had been drinking.
- Things just got out of hand.
- Out of hand how? How? Mel got mad at me for taking her phone, reading her messages.
Said I broke her confidence.
She pushed me.
I pushed her back.
Everything happened so fast.
But I didn't plan on hurting her.
Vivian! You took a metal rod! I was trying to keep her from leaving so we could talk! But she tripped as I swung! And I the rod! I killed her! What? Really? You don't have to do this, Charlie.
- Rex earned this money.
- We insist.
I can't tell you how many animals are going to benefit from this.
That's awesome.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Thanks, everybody.
- Good night.
- See you, man.
Okay! Hey wait, I thought Jesse wanted to see this.
Yeah, I think he wanted to see Yazmin more.
Every animal deserves a home.
Every kid deserves a best friend.
That's why for the next two months, - Dalton's Animal Rescue Shelter - Oh Rex! You look so good! is waiving all adoption fees, making sure every one of our rescues finds their forever home.
Hey, way to find that puppy a home! Yeah, Melissa was right.
Rex, you're a natural.
Yeah, great Hey, great job, Rex.
So, I've got to go.
I'll catch up with you guys later.
Where are you off to? Just off to have a drink with an old friend.
Say hi to Rita for me.
I don't know what you're talking about Charlie.
- Who's Rita? - Oh, wouldn't you like to know? Yeah.
I would.
Hey, buddy.
I'm really proud of you.

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