Hudson and Rex (2019) s04e14 Episode Script

Roll the Bones

I thought the bid was a sure thing.
Laila, I swear, I'm just as surprised as you.
I don't know why it went to someone else.
What did you do wrong? Did you even file the paperwork or were you out all night partying? Of course I filed the paperwork! This was your only job! I can't believe you screwed it up! Hey! Last time I checked, I was the boss.
Then act like it.
Dad was a fool to have left you in charge.
Laila! Laila, open the door.
Laila, don't leave! Laila! Laila! Come on! - Hey, Sarah.
- Hey! - Got an ID? - No, nothing yet.
No phone or wallet.
My team is dusting the equipment for prints.
Actually, hold on.
We did find this in his pocket.
Dominion Taxi.
A cab receipt from last night.
- Should we go take a look? - Yeah.
Looks like he had a hell of a night.
Yeah, didn't end well.
Bullet's still in him.
What have you got, pal? I see it.
Our victim, Abel Rivers.
He's a general contractor and owner of Rivers Construction.
Phone and wallet.
It's not something a mugger would leave behind.
Someone had another reason to kill him.
Abel had a wild side.
He would go on week-long benders.
Get himself into jams.
And then into worse trying to dig himself out with very sketchy people.
- He told me he cleaned up his act.
- Did he? My dad believed he did which is why he left him the company.
The whole oldest child family business thing.
Did you believe he did? I wanted to.
But he never met a vice he didn't like.
Drugs, alcohol.
I'm sorry.
This is such a terrible way to speak about him.
Did Abel have a reason to be at the construction site at night? This was supposed to be the site of a recreation centre that St.
John's is building.
He was supposed to secure the contract.
Said he had an inside track.
We just found out yesterday that the bid was rejected.
Did you drive this man last night? Abel Rivers? Yeah.
Yeah, I picked him up around 2:00 am.
Corner of Queen and George.
Wasn't in the best of moods.
You know what I mean? He's a beauty.
- Can I pet him? - He's working at the moment.
Fair enough.
What was it that put him in such a bad mood? Oh, before I picked him up, he was in a scrap with this tall bloke.
Abel fought someone? - Can you describe the guy? - I just did.
He was tall.
You know, probably handsome.
Short hair.
A bit of scruff.
Where exactly did you say you picked him up again? The Fox and Puffin.
Fox and Puffin.
Okay, thanks for your time.
- Jesse.
- Yeah.
- Find anything? - No.
No, not much.
I mean, there's only one spot on Abel's record.
He was pulled over for suspected impaired driving and they found an unregistered gun in the trunk of his car.
Now, charges went away before he was arraigned.
Yeah, that sounds typical of the Rivers family.
They had a lot of pull when Mr.
Rivers was still alive.
Now, so Charlie spoke to the bartender where Abel was last seen and said he didn't recognize him.
- Great.
- I also found alternate versions of the Rivers Construction website.
Looks like it was just Laila and her dad until two years ago.
Yeah, Laila was the heir apparent until Abel took over a couple of years ago.
I mean, there may be something there, Jesse.
Uh, Joe.
We managed to pull a fingerprint off a bulldozer.
So five completes on the right side.
Five partials on the left.
Now, we know these prints belong to the killer because we found a bullet casing on the scene and we lifted a fingerprint and it's a match.
The bullet's a .
32 ACP.
Judging from the striations, it's looking like it could come from a Bersa TPR9.
- Okay, that's good work Sarah.
- Uh there's more.
So both of Abel's thumbs were broken shortly before he was killed.
Broken thumbs, broken debts.
The cab driver said that he saw our victim arguing with some unidentified guy but I still don't know where he was before he got in the cab.
Well, wait for it.
This could be helpful.
So we also found traces of ink on Abel's hand.
You know, like he'd written something then washed it off.
I processed the area with sulfide and brought out the ink particles.
Looks like a phone number.
I know this number.
Joe Donovan? The myth! The legend! How are you, pal? It's been a while! Reggie, we just found your number on a dead man's hand.
- What? - Tell me what you know about Abel Rivers.
I'd seen him around.
At my new job.
I got a bartending gig at a private club.
Hold on, Reggie.
By private club, do you mean unlicensed? Yeah.
I mean, this establishment is kind of an exclusive place.
An unmarked door in a back alley type of spot.
Need to know somebody to get in.
Who do you need to know, Reggie? You need a password.
Password changes every night.
To get the password, you need my number.
So wait a minute.
You're telling me that Abel called you yesterday to get the password? He was there last night, yeah.
Reggie, this is a murder investigation.
It's serious stuff.
I need your help on this one.
I was worried you'd say that.
Anything you need, Joe.
Abel Rivers was at an underground casino last night.
But casinos are illegal in Newfoundland.
Which is why it's underground.
His sister mentioned something about him having a gambling problem.
That might explain the broken thumbs.
The casino was close to the Fox and Puffin.
Okay, so we can presume that our suspect who fought with Abel was probably at the casino as well.
Wait, if we go in there flashing our badges and our suspect isn't there, then I mean - the place is just going to disappear.
- Yes.
Which is why we are going in undercover.
Yes! Yes! Undercover! Oh, sorry.
Play it cool, Jesse.
- Michael! - Hey, Sarah! I'm glad you called.
I'm so sorry.
I have to cancel tonight.
You beat me to it.
I have to work too.
Oh! Okay, wait.
Weren't you just telling me that your favourite thing about the Crown is the stable hours? Yeah, a case came up last minute.
Rain check? Um yeah.
Tomorrow? Uh, why don't I make you dinner at my place? - I'd love that.
- Okay.
See you tomorrow, gorgeous.
Okay! Each of us, including Rex, has an undercover identity in these folders.
Reggie has just confirmed that these identities have been cleared by the casino security.
We are on the lookout for anyone who matches the description of our suspect.
A tall, dark complexioned man with short hair and some facial hair.
Our mission tonight is to fit in.
Make friends.
And find out who Abel's killer is.
Probably going to be a lot of people matching that description.
Which is why we're on the hunt for fingerprints.
We get them anywhere we can.
Off of casino chips.
A drinking glass.
And when we find them, we're gonna give them to Sarah.
And she can analyze them right away with that.
Fingerprint powder! Discreet! Now, Abel's favourite place to hang out was at the poker table.
So Charlie, your identity is that of Lucky Chuck.
A professional poker player.
And remember, you spend a cent over the SJPD limit, it comes out of your wallet.
Sarah is your backer.
The mysterious benefactor funding your gambling.
She's staking your play.
She's a retail magnate looking for new and interesting investment opportunities.
And what is a poker entourage without a security detail? Which is where our boy Rex comes in.
He'll stand guard next to you, as always.
So who am I? Jordan Kentucky? Fast food franchiseur? Or perhaps Vladimir Levitsky? Russian shipping magnate? Jesse Milton? Casino staff? Really? Mm-hmm.
Get practicing.
Your job, Jesse, is to be the blackjack dealer.
Make friends.
Talk to people.
Find out about all of Abel's movements last night.
You certainly know your way around a blackjack table.
You come here often? What about you? Me? I'm Joe Donnell.
CEO of bespoke travel company.
Look who cleans up nice.
Well, I see you saved the best wardrobe for yourself.
Well, you're just mad that he knows how to rock a dinner jacket better than you ever could.
Okay okay, kids.
Let's keep it together.
Game on.
Come on, baby.
Big red! Yo, this guy's dice are loaded, man.
- Yo, give me my money man! - Hey.
- You're cheating! - Don't do that.
You lost fair and square.
- But he's cheating.
- Don't take it out on the new guy, no no no.
- You drink Macallan right? - Yeah.
How about I buy you a glass to help ease the pain? - Yeah, okay.
- Can you get him a glass? Apologies.
Do you remember everybody's drink in there? Well, I'm the manager.
So yes.
- I'm Brielle.
And you're new.
- Joe.
- Joe Donnell.
- Oh.
CEO of Travel Luxe.
Yeah, I memorize the guest list.
My friend Abel told me about this place but I haven't been able to see him all night.
- Do you know where he is? - Well, any friend of Abel is a friend of ours.
And I'm sure he'd hate for you to be waiting alone.
- Why don't I introduce you to some people? - Thank you.
Joe Donnell.
This is Kevin Sajak.
He's in specialty transportation.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- I don't believe we met.
No, I'm based out of Montreal.
Good for you.
I don't travel.
Let's introduce you to the mayor's daughter.
- She's one of our regulars.
- Okay.
Joe Donnell, this is Terri Glass.
She will be able to direct you to all the best the city has to offer.
Pleased to meet you.
Mister Donnell.
Brielle knows me well.
You can ask me anything.
Thank you.
I may take you up on that.
And we have some other visitors tonight.
Charles Hoffman.
Better known as Lucky Chuck and his financial backer retail mogul, Sarah Tung.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- You mind? I'm concentrating.
Charles, manners.
Sorry, he's focused on the game.
Of course.
Nice dog.
If you want to switch it up from the Old Fashioneds, we just got a bottle of Henri Cinq.
- Henri Cinq? - Mm-hmm.
Uh, I'm impressed.
I've been looking for a bottle of that for years now.
Came close to finding one in Switzerland.
Oh, you were close.
We found this one in Italy.
- Oh! You like to travel? - Whenever I can.
Hey, how is it that you know Abel? Oh, you know him.
Life of the party.
Makes friends wherever he goes.
Well, he certainly made the rounds here but he's never come in with anyone before.
Well, I'm not just anyone.
All right.
Place your bets.
Place your bets.
Deal me in.
Yes, sir.
Don't stray too far, pal.
Is that your pet? He's my lucky charm.
May I join you guys? Of course.
That's for you.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
It's very nice to get a tip from a tall dark stranger.
A tall dark stranger.
I've got to take care of something.
Your wife is gorgeous.
We're not married.
Well, whoever she is, you'd better lock that down.
Well, we do work well together.
Real question is: are you going to bet on this hand? Raise five hundred.
Not with these cards.
What do you say, pal? Take this guy's chips? Let's see about that.
Whoo! Anything fun happening over here? Oh, I'm sorry, miss.
You can't have your purse on the table.
Oh! Apologies.
Not a problem at all.
- Want to deal me in? - With pleasure.
So what do you think? You going to buy in another thousand? Who says that I was planning on going that steep tonight? What the hell.
Yes? Yes.
One thousand dollars.
Pair of kings! A little risk pays off, huh? He got it! Whoo! What's happening here? I got something for you.
Think you're going to like the one on the top.
Hey! Hi, Terri! What are you doing over here? Uh, just freshening up.
So you're the money behind our new poker star? Brielle said you were in retail.
But I don't know that I've heard of you.
What brands are you in? Actually, I don't divulge my business.
Everyone who needs to know me knows me.
Oh! - I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- I just like - I was just curious.
I just like to keep things confidential.
Everything I do affects stock prices.
And reporters would have a field day if they knew about my particular interests, so Well, your secret's safe.
I was only asking in case we might be able to do business.
What kind of business? Well, this club has a lot of important people from all over the city.
And I put them together to facilitate their goals.
And what do you get out of it? Well, I've always been a matchmaker at heart.
But if the people I connect end up doing well all I ask is that they consider donating to my charitable foundation.
It's called Terri's Table.
I will keep that in mind.
Hmm! That's a pretty penny.
Oh hey, it's got shmutz on it! Thanks.
I fold.
Hey, Gus.
I didn't take you for a gambler, Detective.
Well, I gambled tonight on finding Abel's killer here.
I guess it paid off.
You got the wrong geezer.
You lied to me about where you picked up Abel.
You knew he was here.
And as far as we know, you're the last person who saw him alive.
As far as you know.
But you don't know much.
Ain't that right? You're facing obstruction of justice charges at the very least.
So talk.
Or go to jail.
When you put it like that Sometimes, I loan money to people who need it.
You're telling me you're a loan shark? That's interesting.
Abel had his thumbs broken.
That you? Yeah, look.
It's not a part of the job that I like.
But sometimes you've got to or else this lot will walk all over you.
So you're admitting to roughing him up? Hmm? - Why stop there? - He told me it was sorted.
And I'd have my cash in 24 hours.
- So being a good bloke - Who are you working for? What do you mean? - Who are you working for? You're - I'm independent.
You're a cab driver with a hundred thousand ? You're telling me that nobody is staking you? Start small and you can work your way up.
If you know where to find the real problem gamblers.
Any of those gamblers in there have a problem with Abel? And if not, things are really not looking good for you, Gus.
Well, lucky me.
Because that guy he was arguing with is in there tonight.
Show me.
What's going on? Well, Gus says that he can ID the guy that Abel fought with here.
Don't worry.
We're still going to take your fingerprints before you go.
Just in case.
Yeah, not necessary.
That's the man you're looking for.
Is that Michael? So, why are you here? You said you got a last minute case.
What are you doing here? And I assume this is the famous Charlie and Rex? Michael.
Why are you here? And why is a witness saying that you got into a fight with Abel Rivers last night? Sounds to me like I'm the case you're working on.
I'm sorry.
I need answers Michael.
I can't comment on any connection to Abel.
Are you serious? The man was murdered.
And you were one of the last people who saw him alive! Not to mention, you're here! At an illegal casino after lying to me about what you've been doing! Probably a good idea to tell us what you know.
Sarah, I'm not trying to hide anything from you, but, I can't comment on what I'm doing here or on Abel Rivers.
I'm going to need fingerprints.
You don't have cause.
- You're refusing? - I am.
What is going on with you? Sarah I want to help, okay? But this is attorney client privilege.
Who's the client? You know I can't say.
But you probably already know that Abel was in big trouble.
He owed a lot of money.
- And I tried to talk to him.
- Okay.
So when the taxi driver saw you and Abel fighting Yeah, I'm not going to comment on that but I wonder if the taxi driver might have overheard Abel saying that he would have the money tomorrow even if he had to blow the lid off to get it? What does that mean? I can't say.
Because of your client? Yeah.
You think he might have something to do with this? Do you? Jessie, you're not at your table.
What's your twenty? Sorry, boss.
Brielle replaced me at the blackjack table.
Jesse, what did you do? You know what? Apparently, losing six times in a row is bad for business.
Don't worry about it.
Just monitor the situation from the van.
You know, Michael told Sarah that Abel would have the money and he was willing to blow the lid off to get it.
I just I don't know, maybe he was threatening to expose someone.
Maybe it's the casino.
He was a hundred thousand dollars in debt.
So maybe maybe he was threatening to expose this place if they didn't clear his tab.
Where does the casino keep the ledger? Brielle has it on her at all times.
Except for the except for the fifteen minutes when she takes a smoke break at 1:00 am.
And what happens during those fifteen minutes? She locks it in the back room, Joe.
And there's only one way in or out.
You're not thinking of breaking in, are you? No.
We're planning on it.
I'm just heading outside.
I'll be right back.
Do you need anything? Left pocket.
Hey! Brielle.
Do you happen to know where I could vape, by any chance? I'm just heading outside for a smoke myself.
I know it's bad.
- Why don't you join me? - That'd be great.
Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
So I've been trying to quit for years.
It just hasn't really worked out for me.
I've got the keys.
Big man.
Can you help me with something? Let's see what we've got here.
What have you got? Rex found something.
Okay, pal.
Back up.
Down! I just found a big case full of guns.
Maybe multiple cases.
Change of plans.
You might want to hurry up.
Don't know how much longer Joe can keep Brielle outside.
Bersa TPR9.
Same gun that killed Abel.
And if Rex senses it, it's been recently fired.
Get me a sample.
I could confirm that.
All right, pal.
Yeah, I hear you.
Let's check it out.
Good job, Rex.
Okay, come on.
Well, listen.
I'm telling you that if you're a foodie, Singapore Chili Crab.
You've got to try it.
It's in my top five.
No, it can not be better than bigos in Poland.
- Bigos in Poland? Well - Yeah.
uh, why don't we go on vacation? Try them both? Come back, and we can argue about it then? Fine but it'll be game over when that bigos hits your palette.
So, how do your employers feel about you taking time off? Feels like you you run this place.
Yeah, it's not that bad, actually.
I set my own schedule.
Speaking of, I should probably get back to my guests.
Um How do you feel about um, - getting a drink at some point? Hmm? - Yeah, I'd love to.
Well how about I give you my number? You give me a shout.
Because I would love to pick up exactly where we left off, if that's all right with you.
Well, I will call you soon, Joe Donnell.
Serial numbers have been filed off.
Ready for market.
This is way bigger than we expected.
Well, the Bersa definitely matches the type of gun that killed Abel.
We've got to shut this place down right now.
We still don't have our killer.
The casino ledgers have a lot of people on them.
Terri Glass.
She runs a healthy tab.
She's all settled up though.
I mean, maybe Daddy helped her.
And Abel Rivers doesn't owe the casino any money.
Well, if Abel never owed the casino any money, why would he take out a $100,000 loan from a loan shark? What was he up to? Let me pull up Abel's bank records.
He was broke, guys.
I mean, he was taking out large sums of money in cash every few weeks.
No clue where it was going to though.
What about the guns? So Abel brought a hundred thousand into the casino and was killed by a smuggled gun.
There was that old gun charge on his record.
Well, maybe this isn't about money for gambling.
Maybe this is about guns.
If Abel was involved in weapons dealing, maybe that's what got him killed.
Guns? Whoah whoah whoah! I didn't know anything about any guns! - It's just a private club! - Reggie.
Any legal off-the-books private club with a stash of untraceable guns? Reggie, you don't know anything about that? I thought it was just back room deals.
Joe, I arrange the meetings.
Okay, how? I get a text with a time for somebody to meet and they always meet in Brielle's office.
Did Abel ever partake in that messaging system? Yeah, a few times.
Last time was yesterday.
Gus said that Abel came to him with a sob story about getting screwed over.
Said that they took his hundred thousand dollars and then left him out to dry.
Did Abel ever threaten to snitch on the weapons deal in order to get his money back? I don't know about any of that, Joe.
I just got the message.
It's going down now.
- Table three.
- Yes, ma'am.
All eyes on Reggie.
He's got our man.
He's taking a drink to our weapons dealer.
- Everything all right, sir? - Yeah.
Okay, thanks.
Sir, it's time.
Sir! You are not authorized to go in there.
- I think I am.
- No.
- Sir! Hey! - Hey.
Stay where you are.
Looking for something? Just lost my way.
I know what's in there.
Ughh! Don't move! What have you got, pal? Aghhh! Looks like somebody beat you to it.
Joe Donovan.
Joe Donnell.
Must have stayed up all night thinking of that one.
This photograph was taken at 1:00 am.
Right around the time we were having a smoke together.
And when we busted Sajak, all those weapons went missing.
Where did they go, Brielle? I don't know anything about this.
Did Abel Rivers have something to do with it? I doubt it.
He was a gambler.
A bad one.
Nothing more.
This gun was recently fired.
The gunpowder matched residue that was found on Abel Rivers.
This gun was with all of these other now missing guns.
Are you saying I had something to do with Abel Rivers's murder? Where were you the night before last at around 2:00 am? - I was at the club.
- Can anyone confirm that? I had furnace trouble.
I was on the phone with the service person at 1:45 and he came right over.
- Furnace trouble.
- Yeah.
That's right, yeah.
Brielle, I do not want to arrest you.
But I've got so much to go on.
Gun smuggling.
Operating an illegal casino.
Conspiracy to commit murder.
Girl, you've got to give me something.
You didn't tell me you were a cop.
Well, you didn't tell me you were an arms dealer.
So, I guess we both have secrets.
What if ? What if I was to tell you the name of the other person who has access to that back room? I'd say you have to set up another meeting.
I was so pleased to hear from you.
And this handsome fellow.
I thought he belonged to Oh Charles is not the only one I keep on a leash.
This boy is mine as well.
I see.
You wanted to see me? Mm-hmm, yes.
I was I was thinking.
What does a contribution to this Terri's Table get you? A good deed comes with rewards.
Contributors find that basically any door in the city is open to them.
Call it karma.
- And the money goes to ? - Any number of causes.
- Ah.
- You know what they say.
Those of us who have plenty should help those who have less.
Yeah, I don't know who would say that.
It's all tax deductible, I suppose? Of course.
I was thinking of starting at $500,000.
That would help a great many people.
I don't particularly care who it would help.
Other than my tax bracket.
As long as it helps me, you can burn my donation for all I care.
Wow, cold as ice.
You know, if there's any money you care to simply hide, I've made accommodations to take money of the books for clients in the past.
Yeah, there may come a time when I might need that.
Well, I think a drink is in order.
Just one more thing.
Fire away.
I've heard rumours that you could supply other things that might be somewhat difficult to obtain.
Especially in this country.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, if you won't be straight with me, I can take my money elsewhere.
Keep her on the hook.
What do you need? A weapon.
Something small but lethal.
Can you provide that? - When? - Now.
- It might take some time.
- No, I don't have time.
I Listen, I am concerned about my personal safety.
Charles has become increasingly unstable.
Wait a moment.
Okay, okay.
Just wait for the exchange.
Yeah, we're ready.
You've got Rex.
Trust him.
He's good at this.
This will do the job.
Is it loaded? There's just one bullet missing.
That's funny.
I know exactly where it is.
Sarah Truong.
John's Police.
You're under arrest! Ahhh! Sarah, you good? Yeah.
Mmghh! Cold as ice, hey? You can wait for your lawyer but it may be in your best interests to talk now.
Want to leave us alone for a minute? Come on Terri.
How did you get involved in this? It was simple at first.
I used my connections to help people cut through red tape.
Fix some municipal contracts.
All while using your charitable foundation to move money? Okay.
That's still a long way from arms dealing.
I was so far in the hole.
The guns seemed like the only way out.
So you made a deal with Sajak? It's easy for a politician's daughter to get things across a border.
The thing I don't understand is, you didn't give him the guns.
Why? I found a buyer who would give me more.
I'm going to need that name.
Why'd you kill Abel? When the contract I promised him fell through, he wanted his money back.
I didn't have it.
I just meant to scare him.
The gun went off in my hand.
And you killed an innocent man.
Come on.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I wanted to let you know earlier.
Michael was helping me with my brother.
But you work for the Crown.
I was investigating Abel as a favour to Laila.
Privilege still applies.
I thought Abel was gambling the company funds and asked Michael to find evidence.
Abel recognized me at the club and we argued.
When he was murdered, I suspected he might have been involved in something else.
Well, not exactly.
Abel told the truth.
He wasn't gambling again.
He went to the casino to try to get an edge for your business.
And just got tangled up with Terri.
We did get a full confession out of her for your brother's murder.
I'm glad to know that now.
I just wish I believed him sooner.
I'm truly thankful for your help.
Do you mind if we ? You know you can tell me anything, right? I thought I did.
It's all out in the open now that Laila's given me permission.
Yeah, but Laila You don't normally take personal cases.
Uh I didn't think it would matter.
But she's my exgirlfriend.
We're just friends.
I didn't want to worry you or, - you know - What? What? Make me jealous? Oh, Michael.
I would rather know even if it did make me jealous.
It was dumb to keep it a secret.
Uh since we're on the topic of exes you and Charlie? Uh No! - No, never! - It's just at the casino, you two were so in sync.
I thought you know I might have been a little jealous.
No no.
We've never dated.
No, there's no need to be jealous.
Next time on Hudson & Rex Wow, you're early.
The killer used a five inch blade.
- Seems like overkill.
- This is the work of a highly organized killer.
I need you to patrol every single neighborhood.
We are looking for anyone wearing a jester mask.
Until we know who this killer is targeting, - we need to be vigilant.
- No sign of our suspect but I think we've got another victim.
We officially have a spree killer on our hands.
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