Hudson and Rex (2019) s04e15 Episode Script

Nightmare on Water St.

Yeah, I know, I know.
Look, look, look I'll be there soon, okay? Listen, the party doesn't really get started until I get there anyway.
Uh? Okay, Happy Mardi Gras to you too.
I'll see you in a bit.
We need to finish getting ready.
Okay? They're expecting us at the bar.
It is your party at your bar.
We can be a little late.
I told Keith to meet us here.
Are you going to tell him tonight? Well, that's the plan.
Well, better do it quick before he gets a few drinks in him.
Wow! That's a hell of a getup, Keith! I like it! You're early.
Felicity is still getting ready.
Flashy look Keith! Yeah, he had to show us all up.
Come on.
We'll have a drink before we head out.
Devin! You almost ready to go? Devin! Devin! Devin! Devin! Careful, Rex.
This one's rough.
You're not kidding.
Three stab wounds.
Abdomen, heart, and base of the throat.
The killer used a five-inch blade.
Likely a curved hunting knife.
Seems like overkill.
Like every blow could have been fatal on its own.
Um, do we have a suspect? Yeah, the wife pointed the finger at a Keith Traymore.
He's a high school friend of the victims.
Does this look like the work of a high school friend to you? Well, Devin pulled out of a business deal they were working on so that could sour a friendship quickly.
Why, what are you thinking? I've been digging into some new developments in criminal investigative analysis.
You mean like FBI profiling? Yeah, the author I'm reading believes the crime scene can tell us a lot more about criminal intent.
So, what's this telling you? Well, if this was between friends, you'd expect a crime of passion would be messier.
Some hesitation perhaps.
- Yeah, no sign of a struggle.
- No.
I think this is the work of a highly organized killer.
It's just it's too efficient.
There's no weapon or trace evidence left.
Would a highly organized killer do something like this with Felicity just in the next room? Well, they would if they didn't care if the body was found quickly.
The risk might have been part of it.
Paging Dr.
Lecter! You joke.
But this might be what we're dealing with.
Well, we do have a suspect and motive that are saying otherwise.
Care to make it interesting? You mean like a bet? No, just dueling theories.
- Hmm.
- I I just don't think this killer was a friend of Devin's.
Okay, and I think this was highly personal.
So if I lose That author that I mentioned, he's coming to town for a lecture.
You can get the tickets.
If I lose ? You buy lunch for a week and Rex likes the good sushi place.
What is it, pal? Smile, Sarah.
We're on camera.
Ughh! And we know what happens next.
This doesn't confirm it was Keith.
But it does confirm my theory.
The killer was poised and ready.
Look at how swiftly he attacks.
The killer lifts his mask but doesn't say anything.
Ughh! Jesse, do we have a better look at our guy? No, that's the best we've got unfortunately.
That's creepy.
So, why tonight? Why Mardi Gras? Well, the killer was probably taking advantage of the holiday.
Lots of people walking around in costumes.
Better chance of staying hidden.
Blending in.
Do you notice how the killer showed Devin his face before he died? The killer wanted him to know who he was.
He was making a statement.
Yeah, the more I think about it, I don't even care why he did it.
I just want this guy off the streets.
I don't think it's going to be that easy.
A murder this well planned, he likely had his escape planned too.
So I sent an officer to Keith Traymore's place.
Keith Traymore? SJPD.
There's no answer.
I'm going to go check out back.
Yeah, copy.
Any luck Lafferty? No sign of our suspect.
But I think we've got another victim.
Hasan, where are you? - You're supposed to be here by now.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm late, okay? But I had to go to three different stores to get the exact brand that you want.
I don't even know how you can tell the difference.
- I can.
- Okay, well I'm on my way, all right? You'd better be.
Just get here as soon as you can, okay? Hey, watch out, man! - You still there? - Sorry, yeah.
Just a lot of crazies out tonight.
- I'll see you soon.
- Love you.
Okay, bye.
So what's our second victim of the night telling us? She's a woman in her forties.
Same pattern of stab wounds that we saw on Devin.
So we officially have a spree killer on our hands.
This woman's been dead for a couple of days.
This is bigger than just tonight.
So how does this fit with your profile? Would a socalled organized killer really stash a body in their back yard? There have been a few serial killers known to keep their victims close to home.
I mean, it's a bit risky.
Hey, Jesse.
What have you got? Hey, we've got an ID for our new victim.
Marsha Aston.
She owns the house.
She evicted Keith.
A lot of bloodshed for money troubles.
I've seen people killed for a lot less.
- Great Jesse.
Anything else? - No.
Yeah, yeah, actually.
Just got a hit on the APB out on Keith.
He was spotted on Majors Street at Bedford.
Okay thanks, Jesse.
- Come on, pal.
- Let's go get him.
Oh! Shhhh! Easy pooch.
- Easy.
- Hey! Get out of my yard! What the hell? Keith Traymore.
You've got some explaining to do.
What were you doing prowling around in somebody's back yard? Well, I wasn't prowling.
I When I heard the sirens, I was just looking for a place to hide.
How did you know the cruisers were for you? Because I saw my own face turn up on the TV at the bar I was drinking at! I wish you'd used a better photo of me! Well, our mug shot was the only picture we had on file.
Looks like you've had a few brushes with the police.
Some petty theft.
- A few dining and dashing incidents? - Yeah.
So, that's all behind me.
Really? So, your money troubles all squared away now? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Except you were getting evicted from your apartment.
And spent over $10,000 on useless brewery equipment.
It's not useless.
Devin and I are going to have that brewery up and running by the end of the year.
Speaking of Devin, what time did you show up at his place tonight? I never made it.
We were supposed to meet downtown and then he asked me to come by his place for 9:00.
Well, somebody showed up.
Felicity thinks it's you.
What the hell was going on here? What happened to Devin? Quit playing dumb, Keith! He's dead! Just like Marsha Aston, your landlord, - who we found in your back yard? - What? That's impossible! I just spoke to Devin! You were having money troubles with both of them and Devin he was going to pull out of the microbrewery deal.
What? Where did you hear that? Must have been terrible to have your dreams just dashed right in front of you.
I didn't kill him! Okay? He was my best friend! And I didn't kill Marsha either! The This is the first time that I'm hearing any of this! Make me believe you.
I can prove it to you! I was drinking all night downtown tonight at the Lazy Sod.
You can call and ask.
You ready to pay up on that bet? - Do you believe him? - Well, he seemed pretty shocked about the microbrewery.
And if he didn't know about it before There goes his motive.
Also Keith doesn't strike me as coolheaded enough - to pull off a murder like this.
- Yeah, we should check his alibi, just to be sure.
For what it's worth, Rex believes him.
When? - Yeah.
Okay, thanks.
- What's up? Emergency dispatch just received a call.
Somebody's being rushed to East General with multiple stab wounds.
Morso, dial 237.
Morso, dial 237.
- Excuse me! - SJPD.
- Is this the man that was stabbed? - Yeah, he's lucky to be alive.
- When was he brought in? - Paramedics just got here.
Did he say anything about the person who attacked him? He was ranting on about some sort of clown.
Custodial to OR2, please.
Custodial to OR2.
Excuse me.
We have to get him prepped for surgery.
Charlie, it's the same killer.
And we had Keith in custody - when this man was attacked.
- Which means he's not our killer! I don't think this guy is going to be able to tell us anything.
What have you got, pal? Yeah, I see it.
Well, Keith might not be our killer but I think we might be getting closer to finding out who is.
Your alibi checked out, Keith.
You're free to go.
Sorry about the misunderstanding.
I get it.
Devin and Felicity were expecting me at their place.
It was an honest mistake.
And I forgive you for growling at me.
Good boy! Can you think of anyone who might have a grudge against Devin? No.
His whole staff loved him.
And he supported the local little league team.
There wasn't a dishonest bone in his body.
Even pulling out of the microbrewery deal? I mean, he didn't tell you about that.
He would have.
We'd known each other for too long to keep any secrets.
Either of you know Hasan Dar? He was stabbed while you were in custody.
It doesn't ring a bell.
Get home safe.
All right, pal.
Let's go.
I need you to patrol every single neighboorhood.
We are looking for anyone wearing a jester mask.
Okay? Until we know who this killer is targeting, we need to be vigilant.
Let's find him folks! Jesse, what do we know about our latest victim? Hasan Dar.
A local tax consultant.
Young father.
Bad bowler.
I mean, nothing to suggest that he'd be a target for murder.
Any connection to our other victims? None that I could see.
I mean he and Devon are around the same age, but along with Marsha, none of them have crossed paths.
If there's a connection, we need to find it.
And we need to find it now.
Otherwise, we've got a killer out there who's targeting random civilians.
Well, there has to be a connection.
And if we can identify what it is, then we could know where he's going to strike next.
Yeah, I'm with Sarah on this.
All right Jesse, I need you to do a deep dive on this because I need to address the media in less than a half an hour.
Okay, my team's done their scrub at the scene - where Hasan was attacked.
- Okay, ride with Rex and I.
Come on, pal.
So what is it that made you want to add psychology to the arsenal? Weren't satisfied with the doctorate? No, I just wondered if there was any more I could find in my analysis of a crime scene.
Maybe he's got the scent of the killer leaving the crime scene? Only one way to find out.
Looks like a rugby field.
What are you sensing, Rex? Motion sensors.
Killer's on the move.
Rex, come on, pal.
Looks like we've got to climb.
Should we give it a go? I like your style.
- The lights end here.
- So does the rugby field.
That's him.
Let's go, pal.
Come on.
SJPD! Freeze! Rex! Oh my God! Keith! Keith, hey hey hey! Can you hear me? Okay, Keith.
Stay with me.
Hey, hey! Come on, Keith.
Hey! Come on! Aghhh! The suspect's on foot.
Headed East towards Majors Street.
Rex! If we'd kept Keith a little bit longer, he might still be alive.
No, we couldn't have seen this coming.
I should have.
We found Marsha dead in his back yard.
Oh God.
So, the killer was scoping out his house - planning tonight's attack.
- Yeah, but he found Marsha instead.
What the hell was Keith doing at a rugby field? Maybe the killer lured him here.
What have you got, pal? Keith and Devin were on the same team.
Looks like they shared something else too.
Can you come look at this? Look at this scar.
Looks like it was branded and Devin had the exact same one.
I wonder if ? Bingo.
Sarah, check this out.
Can't be a coincidence.
We need to talk to him now.
Look, I'm sorry but I just I really don't want to talk about it.
We need you to tell us what you remember.
Keith Traymore and Devin Neiman were also attacked tonight.
God! Is Devin all right? Did you know Keith too? Yeah, but only by name.
He graduated before my time.
What happened on that rugby team, Hasan? It was intense.
They had this nasty tradition of hazing during tryouts.
What kind of hazing? Rugby is a brutal sport, okay? You had to prove that you could take the hits.
When did the scars come into play? It was part of the final initiation.
Team Captains would, take a championship ring hold it over a flame and then brand you with it to anoint a new champion.
You, Keith, and Devin were all team captains, right? Yeah.
Keith gave the brand to Devin and Devin gave it to me.
I am not surprised that someone is still angry out there.
Looking back I'm really ashamed of the way that we treated those players.
Like who? Everyone who tried out was put through the wringer.
I feel bad for those kids that didn't even make the cut.
It stopped a year after I graduated, after one kid one kid, he got it the worst.
Liam Rivera was 16 when he tried out for the rugby team.
He fell two stories when he failed to make the jump over a gap on the school's roof during a hazing.
The season was cancelled and the coach, Henry Sutton, was fired.
Okay, now that we have a connection, we have no excuse, if another body drops tonight.
Jesse, let's look at possible targets.
Well, the victims are all team captains in their senior year.
I mean, maybe the killer was holding them responsible.
Hasan said that the hazing ended the year after he graduated.
So, who was the captain that year? Oh, let me see.
Um - A guy named Randy Kinneman.
- Randy Kinneman.
Okay, we send uniforms to his house right now.
And we're looking at every other member of that rugby team.
Anyone who's missing could potentially be our killer.
Even players that didn't make the cut were hazed.
So, we also need the names of all the players who tried out too.
Yeah, there are only records from this year's season - at the clubhouse.
- Actually, you know, the old coach still lives in town.
Maybe he has the records.
Okay, that's a good place to start, Jesse.
Why don't you go talk to him? All right.
All right.
I'm coming.
- What's all this about? - Randy Kinneman? - You need to come with us.
- You've got to be kidding me.
This is ridiculous.
Can you tell me what we're doing here? Someone will explain at the station.
Come on, pal.
- Liam Rivera? - Who are you? I'm Detective Hudson.
This is Dr.
Truong and my partner Rex.
- We're hoping you can help us.
- I don't like dogs.
Unfortunately, I think that's the least of your worries.
Thank you.
- Thanks, guys.
- Yep.
Thank you for coming in, Mr.
It's not like I was given a choice.
What the hell is going on? Several former captains from the St.
Charles High rugby team have been attacked.
Two of the men have died.
More of us gone.
Sorry, what do you mean? We, uh we lost a member of the old team a couple of years ago.
Trey Dallas.
Killed by a drunk driver.
Have a seat.
I'm afraid that this has been a bit more deliberate than that.
Three of the men were attacked by the same perpetrator.
And you think I'm next? It's possible.
Which is why we need your help.
We need you to tell us if you think there's anyone from the team who could have done this.
No, no.
The boys on that team are like brothers.
None of them could do this to their own.
What about someone who was cut? I don't see how that's relevant.
Kinneman, we know about the hazing.
So if you want us to protect you, you need to tell us everything that you know.
And now.
I'm Constable Mills.
I'm looking for Henry Sutton.
You'll have to excuse him.
He's not exactly himself tonight, but Dad, there's someone here to see you! - Come in.
- Thanks.
When they cancelled that season, I lost everything, okay? My athletic scholarship, gone.
I just I just want to leave that all in the past.
Seems like that past is catching up with you.
If you guys were brothers like you said you were, how could you possible haze each other like that? It was just part of the tryouts.
The captain always reported back to the coach telling him who stood up to the trials the best.
Wait, hold on.
The coach was a part of this? It's how the team got picked.
We didn't want any weaklings on the roster.
Look, I regret how intense it got.
I really do.
Especially after Liam fell.
But it's just the way it was always done.
Is there anyone who got it worse than the others? We were hard on the players who tried multiple times and failed.
But we were even harder on the ones who seemed like shoe-ins.
I need names, Randy.
You don't look like a cop.
Sam break his parole or something? He's only out of jail five days.
Dad, come on.
Unpaid parking tickets? He killed a man.
It was manslaughter.
It was an accident.
You got behind the wheel drunk as a skunk.
Shame the accident wasn't forgetting your seatbelt.
Look, Mr.
Uh, we really need your help.
We're looking for the old tryout records for the St.
Charles rugby team.
One of my boys in trouble? A few of the team mates were attacked.
We think it might have had something to do with the hazing.
Yeah, everyone made more of that than it had to be.
Rugby is a man's game.
You couldn't be too soft on them as they were coming in.
Dad, you have those records, right? Sam here tried out year after year.
If he didn't run the gauntlet and fail, the little weakling would be eaten alive out in the field.
I guess it was for my own good.
That team hasn't won a championship since.
That's no coincidence.
Sutton, we really need those records.
Dad, they're probably in your files in the basement, right? I can go help you find them.
Always such a fuss! Thank you.
Liam, if you don't mind me asking, your limp, is that from the fall? Mm-hmm.
That must be hard to live with a constant reminder of that accident.
I always thought I was destined to be an athlete.
But on that roof, it all got taken away from me.
I would have made that jump.
What do you mean, would have? I was pushed.
You've reached Detective Hudson.
- Leave a message.
- Charlie, hi.
It's Jesse.
I'm at 1312 Kilgore Avenue.
You should come here straight away.
Something's not right.
Hey! You mind giving us a hand down here? Oh, no.
That's what hurts most.
- - The fall was no accident.
I'm sorry.
What? I was pushed.
You were pushed? By who? It happened so fast.
I'll never forget that feeling.
Someone behind me grabbed my shirt and shoved hard.
Hey! Get your dog away from there! I'm serious! You don't have a right to search without a warrant! Rex's detection is probable cause.
And if you don't have anything to hide, then Go ahead, pal.
What have you got, pal? Please.
It's the only thing that helps me manage the pain.
Go down into the dark creepy basement, Jesse.
That's a great idea.
Really good.
Hey, guys.
Look, I'm heading back to the station.
You have my number.
You can call me if you Aghhh! Sam! Sam, give it up! Give it up, okay? I'm calling for backup! Look, Sam! Sam, you already killed four people, okay? You don't have to make it five! What do you mean, four people? Look, Hasan survived, okay? He survived! So that should shave some time off of your sentence! Just Sam, please! Please come peacefully! SJPD! Open up! Jesse! Back here! Jesse! Are you all right? It was Sam.
The coach's son.
Where is he? Clear.
Rex, hold on.
He's dead.
Jesse, did Sam say anything to you that might hint at his next move? Uh, just that he he was surprised to learn he only killed four people.
- Sam knows Hasan lived? - Yeah.
Charlie, I think he's going to finish the job.
Paging Dr.
Lund! Hi.
I'm sorry to bother you but is there another pillow - you could bring me, please? - Right away.
Thank you.
- Paging Dr.
Lund! - No! No! - Paging Dr.
Lund! - Miss.
You okay? Hello? Rex, go.
A little help here, please? Hey.
I found her like this.
Paging Dr.
No! Sam? No.
No no no! No no no! No no no no! No wait! Wait, Sam! Wait! It's over Sam.
Good job, partner.
You want to handle this one? Without you, Hasan would have been a goner.
You've been in Sam's head all night.
Well there's no use denying it.
You've been on my tail all night.
Seen what I've accomplished.
Accomplished is an interesting choice of words.
You took the lives of four people, Sam.
Why Mardi Gras of all nights? Didn't matter when.
Mardi Gras just gave me a mask.
I could do a lot of things at once.
You seem almost proud of the efficiency.
When you have a goal, you give it your all.
That's what my dad always used to say.
How long have you been planning this? Well, I've had a lot of time to think being locked up.
Do you know about the hazing? - What they put us through? - I do.
- You do? - Mm hmm! Oh! Great! Okay.
Well, then you know that going through something like that, being treated like that, really sets your life down the wrong path.
Doesn't it? And I didn't think it was fair, that I had to keep suffering while they got to live their lives.
And what about your father? Why did he have to die? Dad always denied knowing anything about the hazing.
But tonight that truth came spilling on out, didn't it? It was like something came over me.
I thought maybe this was the only way to end my pain.
It felt like I didn't have control.
I don't believe that's true, Sam.
Following your trail tonight, I saw nothing but control.
What can you tell me about Trey Dallas? Trey - Dallas is the last name? - Dallas.
Oh, he's that kid who died in that car crash.
I hit him with my car when I was drunk.
For a drunk driver, you've got incredible aim.
Trey was he was on the rugby team too, wasn't he? It's not the most elegant way to take a life.
But then you've had these these impulses in you even before that.
Right? Do you recognize him? Him? Him.
- I don't think I do.
- Liam Rivera.
He fell during the hazing.
By the way he tells it, you were behind him on the roof next to make the jump and you pushed him.
He was your first victim.
You're good! She's good.
So, everything I'm saying is true.
Well, I'm going to tell you something else my dad always used to say to me.
When the odds are stacked against you, you've still got to find a way to play the game.
And I won.
Yeah, you did.
I hope that victory lasts you, Sam.
Because you're going away for a long time.
Wells to OR3.
Wells to OR3.
- Hey.
- Hey, buddy.
- A little something for you from SJPD.
- Oh! Thanks.
You doing all right? Yeah, thanks to you and Rex.
I'd have been a goner.
His dad was a tough old nut.
But the way we treated him couldn't have helped.
You know, sometimes sometimes I wish you could just go back in time, you know? Well, when you're feeling up for it, you could reach out to some of your old teammates.
Can't turn back time, but, maybe there's some amends to be made.
Hey! What are you guys doing here so early? Just booking a lecture for next weekend.
Yeah, a former FBI director's coming to show the tricks of how to identify a serial killer's crime scene.
Well After the night we had that could be beneficial for everyone, I would say.
I could probably find that in the departmental budget, I think.
- Nice! - Yeah! Oh, but you're not getting off that easy.
Actually, you know what? I'm going to take your side of the bargain.
Lunch for a month, please.
A month? Oh, and starting with Rex's favourite restaurant.
The sushi place.
You know, the fancy one? I believe I said a week.
Who's side are you on? Next time on Hudson & Rex Rebel! K9 230.
Officer down.
I need backup.
Whoever did this is violent and extremely dangerous.
Everyone's upset that a K9 was attacked.
They want to help.
There he is.
This is the man that we were chasing.
- Who is he? - Chris Scoffield.
He appears to be living on the street.
- Stop! Stop! Stop! - You killed my dog! - I want a lawyer.
- Charlie, is your judgement - on the right side of this thing? - I understand her anger - about her partner.
- We know who did this to you.
I'm gonna get him.

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