Hudson and Rex (2019) s06e01 Episode Script

Ghost Ship

Good morning!
Welcome aboard The Wonder.
I'm Shawna, and that's my dad.
But you can call me Captain or Archie.
Welcome aboard!
We've had a pod of whales
playing up a storm out there this week.
With luck, you'll find them.
Ready for all your
dreams to come true, love?
This is my daughter, Shawna.
She'll take good care of you.
- Enjoy the tour!
- Welcome aboard.
It's a beautiful day for it, folks!
And everyone who expected bad weather
cancelled and stayed away!
So you lucky four get the whole boat!
Our voyage lasts just over an hour
and of course we'll be
on the lookout for whales.
A few safety items before we begin.
Come on!
Good job!
Is anybody in there?
How could this happen?
How is it possible for
six people to disappear?
Did you have radio
contact with the boat?
I talked with Archie around eleven.
I could hear Shawna in the background.
Everything sounded normal.
You have the names of the passengers?
They have to sign
waivers for the insurance.
Okay. I'm going to get those from you.
- All the lifejackets still on the boat?
- Yes.
Lifeboat, too.
And your husband and
daughter both experienced?
We do the same tour five times a day.
Archie for twenty seasons
and Shawna since she was fifteen!
And the boat returned on its own steam?
New autopilot.
Archie's idea. I said what
do we need that for, but,
he loves his gadgets.
How far does The Wonder
usually take guests out?
The route is 15 miles round trip.
About five miles offshore, usually.
But not always? Sometimes more?
Archie never wants to send
guests away without a good show.
He might push into deeper water
if the tour doesn't
see whales or something.
But he wouldn't stray
that far off course.
Any chance they might divert
or disembark at another port?
Maybe if there was an emergency?
Not without calling it in, but,
I don't see reason in any of this!
Okay, well we're doing
everything that we can
to bring your family
home safely now, okay?
We'll talk again.
Charlie Hudson. Hey.
SJPD Major Crimes.
This is my partner, Rex.
Hi, Rex. Marta Keller,
Atlantic Coast Guard.
- Hey.
- You think this is a crime?
Well, why else would six people
just vanish into thin air?
We've already ruled out every
possible natural explanation
that could've sent
these people overboard.
Submerged iceberg, whale strike
Both which would cause
damage to the boat
- that we would have seen.
- And the water is calm today.
So, no wave came and
washed them away either.
Water's about seven degrees right now.
What are the chances that
you give them of survival
if they did go overboard?
We're looking at hypothermia setting in
within about twenty minutes.
I just can't make any sense of it.
I'm glad you're here, Detective.
- I'm going to brief the volunteers.
- Yeah.
Gentlemen. Thank you
for your assistance.
I'm Marta Keller, Onscene
Search and Rescue Coordinator.
We have our search area identified.
The Wonder's usual route
taking them from home port along here,
to this turnaround point
and same route home.
combined with ocean currents,
gives us our priority search area.
Coast Guard vessels are here,
here and here.
We'd like you guys to
fill in these areas.
So, we're looking for six
folks on the open water?
Correct. If you spot anything,
radio immediately and we will divert
our nearest rescue vessel to you.
All right, let's do this.
All right b'ys.
All right, you can stay with me, okay?
- Come on.
- Captain Keller.
This is Archie.
Don't see you either, bud.
We're making a third pass.
You're not going to find them up there.
Either the whole pod's
way off course today
or we are.
- You see any sign
- Hey!
or we are.
- You see any sign
- Hey!
What ?
It came back all on its own, empty.
You know what that means.
Ghost ship.
- You believe in ghosts, Jesse?
- I don't not believe in ghosts.
Here comes the team, partner.
Come on.
- Stay, pal.
- Hey.
You find anything?
Something's strange on the
captain's last radio transmission
but no signs of a struggle.
Everything's in order.
Water's calm today.
So, how did everybody aboard disappear?
- Well, there's
- Assuming ghosts didn't take them.
- Putting the drone to work today?
- Yes.
I figured it would be of assistance.
You know, this thing has
a range of eight kilometers
and can withstand 40 km/h winds.
- So
- Ah!
That's Marta. She's got the search area.
Okay, so my team's already
started fingerprinting but I mean,
there's got to be hundreds
of different prints.
Five tours a day.
Yeah, I see it, buddy.
It was cut recently.
Missing bumper.
Well, if the crew and the
passengers had to disembark
because of an emergency
Why would they take the
time to remove a bumper?
Now my eyes weren't
playing tricks on me!
Just let the search and rescue
people do their jobs, Eddie.
Detective Hudson.
- Eddie?
- Yeah.
He was out on the water this morning.
I'm here to be of assistance.
Were you on the radio
with Archie this morning?
Yeah. Yes, I was.
Because Archie wasn't on the right route
- for the whales!
- If he wasn't on his usual route,
he would have told me!
Okay come inside and
show me on the map Eddie.
You know these waters well?
Better than I knows meself.
I fished these waters my entire life.
Did you see any unusual boats
- when you were out this morning?
- Just the same guys every day.
Okay. Marta can we use your map?
- Go ahead.
- Did you have a visual on The Wonder
when you were on the radio
with Archie this morning?
Oh yeah. They were heading up here
around these islands.
And he starts pulling off
more towards where the
tourists likes to go
and see the puffins.
But I was trying to tell him
that's not where the whales are!
Was there any boats in
the vicinity of The Wonder?
- No. No.
- What time was that?
Well, now, I don't know
as I can say for sure.
Okay, well we appreciate the help Eddie.
That's all I wants to do is help.
Take Eddie's word with a
grain of salt, Detective.
You don't trust him?
Can't resist a drink.
Let me get you those passenger names.
Can you tell me what
you remember about them?
There were two couples. Um
- just typical tourists.
- How did they pay?
Cash. The next couple
paid with a credit card.
Are there any cameras in here?
Archie put up one of
those doorbell cams.
It gets everyone entering and exiting.
Here's the waivers.
Those signatures are
completely illegible.
Wait a second. Peter Sadowski.
Interesting. Peter Sadowski?
Is that strange?
Name's familiar.
There's a Canadian billionaire
who made his fortune in
- pharmaceuticals.
- This was never a billionaire!
- They were
- Probably somebody with the same name.
That's him!
But they were just normal people!
His wife was excited to see whales!
Okay, you get us those doorcam images.
I'll be right back. Rex, come on.
- Jesse.
- Yeah.
Peter Sadowski was on
The Wonder this morning.
- Sadowski Pharmaceuticals?
- Uh-huh.
That guy is rich enough to have his
own fleet of whalewatching boats.
What was he doing on The Wonder?
What was he doing in St. John's anyway?
Well, it is a lovely place to visit
- this time of year especially.
- Besides that.
Do you think you could do
a little bit of research?
Find out if he was mixing
business and pleasure
- on this trip, just in case?
- Yeah.
I'll land this puppy and look into it.
Charlie, we got a call from 911.
They think it's credible.
A ransom demand.
They say they have Peter Sadowski.
So, this is a kidnapping.
I have the crew and
passengers of The Wonder.
I have Peter Sadowski.
I want ten million dollars.
Instructions for transfer will follow.
Now stop the search.
Or hostages will die.
- It's not a prank?
- No. Peter Sadowski was on the boat.
Which is not public knowledge.
Look, to move six people,
you'd have to tie up alongside
and that takes time!
So, why wouldn't the
captain radio for help?
They were probably at gunpoint.
That could be how the
bumper went missing.
Yeah, used the bumper rope
to tie the boats together.
Couldn't get it off after?
Well, however they did it,
we may have six hostages now.
We stop the search.
But if any of those
people are in the water
- and we call off the search
- They're not in the water.
Well, some of them could be.
What if they only kept Sadowski,
left the others to drown?
If they only wanted Sadowski,
they could have left the others behind.
Call the search boats back.
I'll take responsibility.
This is OSC Keller.
All rescue vessels return to port.
I repeat. All rescue
vessels return to port.
- Copy that.
- I'll get a rush on those fingerprints.
The 911 call sounded like a recording.
Yeah, it was. The caller
didn't even respond
to any of the operator's questions,
just played his demands.
Any idea where the phone call came from?
It's a web call. Traced
to a server in Kazakhstan.
Right, but it didn't
start in Kazakhstan.
No no. It's not a relay.
It's probably untraceable.
Can you take the filter off the voice?
No, but I can analyze the audio.
I have the crew and
passengers of The Wonder.
I have Peter Sadowski.
I want ten million dollars.
Instructions for transfer will follow.
Now stop the search,
or hostages will die.
Play that last part again.
the passengers of The Wonder.
I have Peter Sadowski.
I want ten million dollars.
What's he hearing?
It seems like there's
a background noise.
Okay, let me see if I can isolate it.
Here we go.
ten million dollars.
That's you!
That's Rex!
Wait, Rex barked once
this morning on the scene
when you and Sarah arrived.
Yeah, we got here at 11:20.
So, you're saying the
kidnapper was here on the dock?
At least one of them.
I informed Sadowski's
company this morning.
This should be them.
- Joe Donovan.
- Let's go, Rex.
You're calling off the search?
Nobody will tell me,
- have they found something?
- Not yet.
We can't bring the boats
back until we find them.
Tell them to go back.
They have to keep looking.
I don't understand!
I'm afraid I just can't give
you the details right now.
My husband and daughter are
out there, Detective Hudson!
And we are doing everything that we can
to bring Archie and Shawna home to you.
I know it's scary.
Believe me, I hear you.
We just need No we do not
recommend paying the ransom.
No, I understand.
Yes, of course. Our
investigation is already underway.
Yeah, fine.
That's Sadowski's company.
They're prepared to pay the ransom.
But they want us to keep it quiet.
Well, paying doesn't guarantee
the safe return of all those people.
If the kidnapping gets out,
they're worried that there's
going to be a catastrophic drop
in stock prices.
True humanitarians.
I've got to head back to the office.
Brass has already got wind of this
and they want an update.
I need the names of
those other two hostages.
- We'll get them.
- Thank you.
Come on.
If you took any photos around here
between eleven and noon
or if you guys have any information,
you let me know. It could help.
Right behind you.
Something smells
familiar about this one?
You were right. They were on that boat.
I hear you.
Is this the jackpot, pal?
Yeah, I got a name for you.
Orman Rentals. Angela Houston.
She could have been on the boat.
I've been Peter Sadowski's
head of security for six years.
And I don't say this lightly.
If it was just Peter in danger,
he'd say we don't negotiate.
But his wife and innocent
bystanders are involved.
He's a caring man.
I'm hearing from my bosses, too.
If this gets out, it
could be bad for tourism.
Our government wants
this handled quietly.
Yeah, we're already making
arrangements for the ransom.
But as you say,
it's no guarantee of a safe return.
I've got my best team on it.
Who would know the
Sadowski's travel plans?
He keeps a low profile.
But his wife posted about
their trip on social media
- a couple of weeks ago.
- Mm-hmm.
Is there anyone who's holding
a grudge against Sadowski?
Peter's well liked.
There are a couple of nuisance lawsuits.
- I'd like to see those.
- We'll get them to you right away.
So, get this.
Sadowski's security guy told Joe
that there'd been some
unusual cyber attacks
- to his company recently.
- Unusual how?
The hackers were targeting
Sadowski personally,
sending him phishing
messages made to look like
they were coming from
inside the company.
They were whale phishing, Charlie!
- What?
- I mean it's like catphishing,
but with a bigger target, you
know, like a billionaire CEO.
- A whale.
- Okay, so, did Sadowski take the bait?
Yeah, I mean his generation
really needs to learn
to not click suspicious messages.
That's where the hackers got into.
But Sadowski's accounts
were locked tight
even with access to his email,
hackers couldn't get into his bank.
Maybe that was just their Plan A.
Was there anything in his emails
about his trip to Newfoundland?
Yeah, there was, actually.
So Sadowski Pharmaceuticals
is looking to set up
an Atlantic division and lab here
in St. John's within the year.
That must be why he's in town.
That must be why the company
doesn't want the stock price to drop.
There must be a lot
riding on this expansion.
But it's hard to know for certain.
I did also get some bystander
photos from 11:20 this morning.
- Here.
- Hey, good thinking.
Nell says he's got a
shack down that way.
- Hey.
- Any progress?
This rope is too porous to
be useful for fingerprints.
No hits yet on the ones
we lifted from The Wonder.
Listen, I'm going to
send you some files.
Peter Sadowski's pharmaceutical
company's been hit
with several lawsuits in the past year.
Now the company seems to
think they're nuisance suits.
But uh
you know, maybe someone's
taking them more seriously.
They all have to do with medications.
So, maybe you can tell
me if there's any merit.
- Okay, I'll look into them.
- Okay, thank you.
You onto something, buddy?
What have you got buddy?
Good find, Rex.
The missing bumper from Archie's boat.
Good find, partner.
I have the crew and
passengers of The Wonder.
How's that for a smoking gun?
Hi, Eddie.
I wouldn't run if I were you.
Rex. Corner!
Good job, pal.
I've got a couple of
questions for you, Eddie,
if you're done running from the law.
How did you get these
items from The Wonder?
I've never seen those before in my life.
Then why'd you run?
I've been crab fishing
without a license.
I figured you'd be after me for that.
Eddie, this isn't that
type of investigation.
So, you're not going to snitch on me?
What was this bumper
doing in your shack?
That is a mystery.
I don't lock the place.
There's nothing of value in there.
What about this recorder, huh?
This isn't you down
on the docks using it
earlier this morning before
you joined the search?
What am I going to be
doing with a recorder?
That's me on the phone!
- With who?
- Sonny!
And he never pick up!
Sonny wasn't answering
his radio on the boat!
So I tried his cell. Is that a crime?
If you want to find Archie
and the rest of them,
you've got to follow the whales!
The whales have moved
south since this morning.
Probably avoiding all
the search vehicles.
It's a mystery why
Archie didn't see them!
You know whale habits?
I studied marine biology in school.
Whales are not just social and smart.
They look out for one another.
They're powerful, but they're sensitive.
And watchful.
I try to track them when we're
not on search and rescue operations
to see how they'll surprise me.
You know, I bet they know
where the kidnappers went.
Probably they do!
Oh, sorry. Joe.
Hey, any luck?
Yeah, Charlie and Rex found
the bumper and recorder
- and sent them to the lab.
- Found them where?
In a fishing shack but Charlie
thinks they were planted.
We'll check them for prints.
Hey, you get a chance
to look at the lawsuits
- filed against Sadowski Pharmaceuticals?
- Yes.
Um, hold on one sec.
Uh yes. Most of them deal with
patents, business disagreements,
but one of them did jump out.
Local, and seems more personal.
- What's it about?
- Older gentleman.
Samuel Wells. He was taking
one of Sadowski's meds
for a heart condition. He
died and then his son sued.
- Any merit?
- Based on what was submitted in the claim,
there's no reason to think so.
It's a common drug with
no serious side effects.
Right, but Mr. Wells' seems to think
- that his father was an exception.
- Yeah and he didn't let it go.
The suit was started two years ago.
And the last motion was
filed three months ago.
You've got to have to
have pretty deep pockets
- to go the distance against Sadowski.
- Yeah.
Maybe the money for lawyers ran out.
Jesse, what have you got?
- That car rental agreement.
- Angela Houston?
Yeah a 90 year-old lady
who lives in Squamish
is our Angela Houston.
Someone else was using
her credit card and ID.
Rental company sent over the
picture of her driver's license.
It matches this passenger.
You think it's a coincidence
that one of the passengers
was traveling on a fake ID?
Captain Keller?
You wanted to know when that
final volunteer vessel was back.
It's just returning now.
They stayed out that long
after being ordered back?
Hey. Detective Hudson, SJPD.
This is my partner, Rex.
Sonny Boyle.
can you tell me why they
called off the search?
Have you found them?
No, not yet.
I'm wondering if you could confirm
that you received a call this morning?
Might have done.
Don't remember.
Mind if I take a look
at your call history?
- Fill your boots.
- Thank you.
Took you a little longer
to get back than the others.
What were you doing out there?
I don't like your tone, son.
You got the message that the Coast
Guard had called off the search.
I don't take no orders
from no Coast Guard.
Excuse me.
- Yeah.
- Charlie.
The kidnappers have made contact again.
I'm sending you and Jesse a file.
If you don't take orders
from the Coast Guard,
you'll take orders from
me. Stay off the water.
Come on, pal.
This is Peter Sadowski.
Pay them whatever they want.
Help these people get home.
Pay the money.
Look, they were careful with
what they put in the frame.
I don't see any recognizable landmarks.
This beach could be anywhere.
There's one hostage unaccounted for.
Okay, so, Archie, Shawna,
Peter and Lori Sadowski, they're
all identifiable in this shot.
But no Angela Houston.
The video contains Bitcoin
transfer instructions.
Sadowski's company is going to pay.
- That's a mistake.
- They feel they have no choice.
Sadowski told them to do it.
The kidnappers have
proven they're serious.
They've killed someone.
They've tipped their hand.
What if this isn't what it seems?
Yeah, okay. Got it. Thank you.
Thanks, Sarah.
Hey. Okay, Sarah got a match
on the prints from the bumper.
Gus Wells. Not only does
he match for fingerprints
but she believes he had
motive to go after Sadowski.
Wait a minute. Okay.
This photo matches the guy who got shot!
Of course.
I'm glad that makes sense to you.
Sarah said he had motive?
Yeah. He'd been suing the company.
I mean he believes that their
medication killed his father.
Okay, it says here his
profession is tech support.
Is there any chance that
he's your whalephisher?
Jesse Can you check to see
if Gus Wells has any
connection with Sonny Boyle
whose boat was out after
the search was called off?
Wait, so you don't think
that anybody shot Gus?
Do we actually see the shot hit him?
I mean he moves like
it hits him in the side.
But do you see it hit him?
Or is it just theatre
to demonstrate to Sadowski that
they're willing to use force.
- And make sure the ransom got paid.
- Wait, wait, what
- What's that?
- What?
The whales!
Looks like they do know
where the kidnappers went.
It's usually not too
hard to find whales.
They're wherever the food is.
And at this time of
year, that's the capelin
that spawn along the coast.
Okay. So find the fish,
find the whales, find the hostages.
- Exactly.
- On the radio this morning,
Archie seemed pretty surprised
they weren't catching any sightings.
Yeah, they should have had
a couple at least. I mean,
capelin usually stay close to the shore
and Archie's usual route
goes right through
this cluster of islands
where there should have been lots.
Could be that the feeding frenzy
has dried up in the area for the season.
We spotted some whales further south
around here earlier today.
Headed towards Summer Island.
There must still be some
schools of fish on these shores.
Nell said that sometimes
Archie would take tours
out into deeper waters
if there weren't any sightings. So,
if he was travelling offroute,
travelling around Claim Island,
diverting off the usual
course where Eddie told us,
then The Wonder continues along here
and the kidnapper's boat
could approach from back here.
Where Eddie wouldn't be able to see him.
Directly on course to Summer Island.
Jesse, get your drone.
Okay, take it south to the
whales' last known location.
- Okay.
- But keep it high, Jesse.
So, the kidnappers don't hear it.
There. Junior and Simba!
- You named the whales?
- Of course!
- I bet you named this drone.
- No!
Okay, Jesse, take it over to the coast.
Yeah, okay. Turning.
Jesse, make sure you keep it high.
Yeah, we won't be able to see
No no no no no no no no!
- What happened?
- Oh my baby!
Did they shoot it down?
We must have been close!
Okay, what was the drone's
last known coordinates?
Okay, so, we know from their video
that the whales were right here.
If we triangulate off the drone,
we got them. Let's go.
We've almost reached Summer Island.
We're going to go silent for a while.
Don't move until my signal.
Let's go.
How did he get here?
Take it easy, Gus. It's just a dog.
- But what's he doing here?
- He's lost.
Stay here.
I thought you were dead, Gus.
Yeah, I'll bet you're hungry
but you won't find any food in that bag.
What the hell? Gus!
Gus isn't coming.
Good boy!
Where did you come from?
Suspects are contained.
The hostages are safe.
Charlie has Gus and Michelle in custody.
Okay, so, now we see if our accomplice
has access to the ransom.
Blockchain Explorer.
There's the ransom
address. Okay, I'm in.
Has anyone moved it?
One sec, just flagging
it with the miners.
Yeah. A transfer's been initiated.
- Our guy's after the ten million.
- Who is it?
I can't say, but
he's nearby.
- Okay, let's go.
- All right!
- Sonny Boyle!
- SJPD, hands up!
You're under arrest for
suspicion of kidnapping.
You've got the wrong man!
I'm just as much a
victim in this as anyone!
Yeah? That's why you're the
first one to the cash, huh?
Yeah. The whole untraceable
cryptocurrency thing
doesn't work if you access
it from your cell phone.
Those two came up with the plan!
- I just got wrapped up in it!
- Those two?
You're really going to act like
you just met those guys, huh?
Yeah, I mean, once we got Gus's name,
didn't take too much digging to find out
that you're his halfbrother, Sonny.
You know the waters.
It was your plan.
You had just as much reason
to target Sadowski as Gus did.
It was your father that died too.
So you can quit the theatrics.
You've got to look out for family.
That's what's most important.
I'm sure the families of your
hostages felt the same way.
Come on.
Here they come.
Hey, buddy!
Good job, Rex.
Thank goodness!
Oh, come here, you!
I'm so happy to see you both!
Thank you, Detective Hudson.
I'm glad everybody got back safe.
And you too, Rex.
Good working with you, Jesse.
Yeah, I'm glad it worked out.
So, what did you name your drone?
I knew it.
Well, Eddie, you were right.
All we needed to do
was follow the whales.
Good job, partner.
Well, at least this time,
the department insured the drone
so, a replacement is on the way.
I heard the head of security
at Sadowski's company
was pretty impressed with your work.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm!
Do you think he'll
tell his boss about me?
- You want him to?
- Well, I mean, yeah!
I would love it if Peter
Sadowski knew my name.
What if he offers you a job
for millions and millions of dollars?
Oh, I'm not in it for the money, Sarah.
I'm in it for the justice.
This is our third time this week.
To see the whales?
Rex's new favourite thing.
Welcome aboard The Wonder!
Good to see you again, Rex.
Good boy.
Next time on Hudson and Rex
- Take care of her.
- Possible robbery reported on the east side.
I thought criminals robbed banks.
Who robs an open house?
Well, a different type of criminal.
It's a knife sheath,
looks military.
- What are you doing?
- Open it. Now.
Out of the way. Move!
They're on a crime spree.
It's getting more dangerous.
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