Hudson and Rex (2019) s06e02 Episode Script

The Good, the Bad, and the Rex

ROSLYN: Now on a clear day,
you can see for miles.
Oh, you must see the living room.
I'm told that actually
the sellers imported this
built-in marble credenza from Napoli.
Take care of her.
MALE ROBBER: Come on! Time's up!
Hey, Joe!
DONOVAN: Possible robbery
reported on the east side.
You're my closest officer.
Okay, Rex and I are on it.
Send me the address.
- Hang on, pal.
- 8989 Red Robin Road.
A neighbour saw two
suspects exit the house.
Okay, you got it.
Turn around.
- Turn around!
Thanks for the detailed
suspect descriptions.
I'll make sure my team
gets the information.
I thought criminals robbed banks!
Who robs an open house?
Well, a different type of criminal.
Viewings were by appointment only?
Yes but they were already
here when I got here at 10.
You said that they asked to
see the primary bedroom first?
Yes, they
They checked every drawer, closets.
Gosh, I wasn't even thinking
that they were casing the joint.
Lots of clients snoop!
What happened after
your next client arrived?
They headed out that door.
And then you two found me.
On the rope that you were tied up with,
the knot on it looked almost nautical.
They didn't seem like boaters to me.
The property have any surveillance?
Yeah! It's state of the art.
But the owners turned it off.
Didn't want their phone pinging all day.
Who is going to tell them what happened?
We can handle that.
Why don't you just have a seat
and I'll let you know if
there's any more questions.
I'll process the rope for prints
after I do a sweep of this house.
This house is stunning.
Yeah, I bet the property taxes are too.
The Realtor said that
the robbers wore gloves.
Huh, so they were meticulous.
Meticulous, yeah. Greedy, no.
They left a lot of expensive stuff.
Just took what they could carry.
Why, what are you thinking?
This was about a fast
score. Not a big one.
Well, they used something
heavy duty to cut through this.
Odd serrations there.
Come here.
Go, Rex.
This is how the robbers got in and out.
The back yard provided cover.
Looks like they
cut the keypad.
Oh, yeah. I'd say blow-torched.
But judging by the way this metal looks,
this wasn't done today.
What's this?
Matches the description I got
of the female robber's hair.
Might have got caught when she fled.
Yeah, I'll test it back in the lab.
What have you got?
It's a knife sheath.
Looks military.
The Realtor said that the
knife looked strange to her.
Well, I can cross check
it against the serrations.
Maybe we can get an ID
what kind of knife it is.
Here. Let's see.
Come on, Rex.
What is it?
Something about the details of
this case just seems familiar.
Officer! I just
remembered one more thing.
Hey, Joe. You contact the owners yet?
a matter of fact, I did.
In Mykonos, of all places.
They gave me a prelim
list of all the valuables
that they had in the house,
but let me tell you Charlie,
the price of this man's watch
is enough to give a
good man a heart attack.
How much do they estimate was stolen?
Over 70K.
- Cash, valuables.
- Listen,
I am going to get Jesse to
trace the appointment details.
But my money is that they use aliases.
What are you thinking?
It was something the Realtor
said to me at the end.
The male robber murmured
a Nietzsche quote to her
- before they escaped.
- So, he's philosophical.
What was it?
Be aware, when you're
fighting monsters,
you yourself don't become a monster.
And this sticks out to you why?
Well, because seven years ago,
I arrested a man, mid-robbery
who quoted me the exact same thing.
Hopper Sun.
Listen, Jessie, Charlie
wants you to pull up
- Hopper Sun's record right away, please.
- On it.
Charlie, you are on speaker.
JESSE: Hey, Charlie.
Hopper Sun, in the flesh.
Well, not really in the flesh,
but you know what I mean.
I arrested Hopper on a country club B&E.
He went after jewelry and cash.
- Didn't have a knife. But he used
- A blowtorch to the back door!
CHARLIE: Yeah, Sarah
found traces of one
at the crime scene today.
Hopper was a tough arrest.
- Left a scar on my right arm.
- Yikes!
Does Nietzsche have a
quote for bodily harm?
DONOVAN: Looks like Hopper's been out
for a few months now, Charlie.
Can't teach an old dog new tricks.
- Yeah, sorry, pal.
Bad figure of speech.
Charlie, do you think Hopper's
returned to his criminal ways?
Well, methodology wise and
criminal MO, they're similar.
If he's out, I'd say he's
our best suspect right now.
Jesse, I need you to pull
up the appointment details
- from the open house, please.
- Yeah.
JESSE: Okay, robbers booked
through the Realtor's website chatbot.
They used the name Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
It's only the second most
common surname in town.
And in the movies.
Any known affiliates of Hopper's?
Anyone who could be our Mrs.?
JESSE: Looks like an
actual Mrs. to be honest.
File said he was recently married.
- That's one heck of a honeymoon.
JESSE: Charlie, I have
an address for you.
It's a church off of Warden.
Says he was a part-time
handyman there post release.
Text me the address.
Rex and I are on it.
SJPD! Don't move!
Officer Hudson?
Officer Charlie Hudson?
Major Sheridan, sir?
Your dad's not around, Charlie boy.
You can drop the sir.
You care to explain why you're
crashing Hopper's welding class?
CHARLIE: Hopper's welding class?
HOPPER: Today? I was with Major Sheridan
walking his vets through
an electrical tutorial.
I can confirm that.
Hopper was with me
since 0900 teaching here.
Okay! Okay, well, thanks Hopper.
- It's good to see you're doing well.
- Yeah.
I owe it to you. You saved my life.
Rex and I don't hear that too often.
Well, it's true.
After you arrested me
I took stock of my life.
Spent my time in the
clink earning a degree.
Got out, wanted to give back.
The major here noticed my
work around the church and,
now I teach his vets.
All right b'ys! Sorry about that!
He's not your guy.
Well, if you're his alibi,
he most definitely is not.
Come on, pal.
SHERIDAN: You're starting
to look like your old man !
- CHARLIE: I'll take that as a compliment.
How's everything with the family?
Same as always.
So, Jack and your dad
are getting into it?
And you're playing referee?
I get tired of the circus.
But what about you?
I'm surprised to even see you.
I thought you'd still be overseas.
I got injured on my
last tour pretty bad.
I came home.
When I was in recovery,
I had a hard time
getting back on my feet.
I missed my comrades.
- Made me think.
- You're probably not the only one.
Bingo. The church offered me the space.
I didn't give it a second thought.
Vets are in dire need of community,
of access to resources.
More and more find us every day!
That's enough about me.
What's this case you're working on?
Ah, two suspects who robbed
an open house this morning.
Terrorized a Realtor at knife-point.
- You're serious?
- Afraid so.
Actually, you can help me out with this.
Our forensicist, she took
some photos of the crime scene.
This knife sheath, is that military?
That's a USM3 military fighting knife.
The military stamps all
its sheaths and knives.
Is it common?
Well, it was if you
fought in World War II.
Probably a million in circulation
now between vets and collectors.
You think these two are military?
Case details are strong
enough to consider it.
You're offended?
No, it just shows how
many good men and women
don't get the care they need!
Only a desperate and dangerous person
points a trench knife
at a defenseless woman!
I hope you and Rex catch these two fast.
And I hope to heck they're not comrades.
Yeah, me too.
Come on, pal.
I'll see you.
I heard you connected with an
old military friend of your dad's?
CHARLIE: Yeah! Yeah,
he was like an uncle to me.
Was he right about the knife?
Yeah, the serrations on the rope
match the blade of an USM3 knife.
Well, Sheridan is rarely
wrong about anything.
I also finished testing the
hair sample from the crime scene.
I've got good news and bad.
Well, that seems to
be this case's pattern.
Yeah, well, the hair is
not human. It's not theirs.
The robber was wearing a wig?
Yeah. So, no DNA to help with an ID.
What's the good news?
It's Angora.
And there's only one place in
town that sells Angora wigs.
That is good news.
SHOPKEEPER: Yeah, we have
Angora wigs for humans or dolls.
It's superior to other
animal haired wigs.
Do you have any recent sales
of a black Angora wig for humans
- made maybe with a credit card?
- Uh, let me check.
Yes, there were two!
Credit card for a men's short wig
and cash for a woman's black wig.
What do you remember about the
customer who bought in cash?
Sunglasses. Hoodie.
Turned her purse over trying to
fight for every last coin she had.
Was she with a man?
Yup! Husband maybe?
- He said something funny.
Like he was in a rush.
What was it?
- Let's hit the silk?
Hit the silk?
Let's hit the silk.
Hit the silk. It's military slang.
It means to bail out.
Usually used by paratroopers
right before they jump
out of an aircraft.
So, the military slang, the
knife, infiltration techniques,
I mean we're definitely
building a profile here.
JESSE: Well, the knot used
to tie up the Realtor
was a bowline knot.
Usually used to moor boats. But also
Let me guess used by the military?
- Yeah.
I'm going to ask Sheridan maybe
to talk to some of his contacts.
See if any paratroopers have gone AWOL
- off the base recently.
- That's a good idea.
Both active duty and ex-military.
Jesse, you have a lead on
any of the stolen jewelry?
Yeah, actually. I ran a few searches.
Got a hit from a local
pawnshop's tweets.
DONOVAN: Do these photos match
the homeowners' missing valuables?
Yeah, they sure do.
I asked them to send photos
of their stolen jewelry.
That way we can cross
reference some of the items
from Platinum Pawn and
Trade once we get them.
Platinum Pawn, huh?
Okay. Rex, let's go.
MASSIMO: Detective.
- How are you?
- Hey.
So, have you been following
that gold heist out of Toronto?
I've kind of got my hands full here.
20 mil in gold bricks!
Marona Mia!
When you called, you said
something about an inscription.
To another 25 years, my darling.
Yup. It's a match.
Good luck to them.
- I'm on wife number three.
Should take a page out of your book.
Uh what do you mean?
Stick to furry companions.
What can you tell me about
the people who sold you these?
I've got so many people coming in
and out of this place all the time,
it's hard to remember.
What about surveillance cameras?
My customers appreciate my discretion.
There's no cameras in here.
Yeah, I've been getting
a lot of that lately.
Sorry, I couldn't be
more help, Detective.
Did you know that pawnbrokers by law
are required to collect
serial numbers, IDs,
background information
on every single item
that they buy from a seller?
I'm going to go out on a limb
and say that you don't have
any of that information.
You more than anyone know how
much of a hassle paperwork is.
Yeah and yet my
paperwork still gets done.
So, are you going to cooperate
or am I going to have to
Hey, listen.
It's not good for business, the cops
coming in here, asking questions.
Yeah, well, lucky for you,
I stop asking questions
when I start getting answers.
Track it.
A woman came in here yesterday.
Said her grandfather died.
Asked me what I can
give her on the spot.
- Was a man with her?
- No, just her.
Very beautiful woman.
I think. She had glasses. Sunglasses.
It's hard to tell sometimes.
Looks like your dog respects his heroes.
Yeah, that may be but
he's working right now.
If he's interested in an item,
it's because he's picking up
the scent of our crime scene.
What can you tell me about these medals?
A guy brought them in last week.
He got upset when I gave him my price.
I guess he thought they were worth more.
Let me guess. No paperwork
with these either?
- No.
- You know what I'm going to say next?
I'll start doing my paperwork.
He said something funny though.
The man. On his way out.
Something about silk?
Hit the silk?
Yeah, that's it.
Got to hit the silk.
Sounded like something
an action hero would say.
Very figata.
That's one word for it.
Come on, pal.
Oh, hello!
Do you have an appointment?
- What are you doing?
What are you ? What is happening?
Open it.
Go, go, go, go!
MRS. DAHL: Okay.
FEMALE ROBBER: Out of the way!
FEMALE ROBBER: Let's get out of here!
Let's hit the silk!
What is happening?
There's been another robbery, Charlie.
An interior designer
just off of off Bonavista.
Rex and I can be there in five.
They're on a crime spree.
And it's getting more dangerous.
Hang on, pal.
How much money was in your safe?
About 16, 17 thousand.
I do bank deposits on Friday.
That's a lot of money
to just keep around.
Yeah, suppliers prefer
negotiating in cash.
And clients want to save on tax.
I've got to play ball
or I lose business.
Mm-hmm. You said that the female robber,
she started to empty the
safe as soon as it was open.
What was the male robber doing?
So, he was moving me toward my desk,
rope in hand. I guess he was
going to tie me up or something.
Yeah that's a good guess.
So, that's when I grabbed the scissors
- and stabbed him in the side.
- Mmmm.
- Quite brave.
- My father, bless his soul,
taught his children how to fight.
You said that she still
had the knife, though?
Yeah but she was over by the safe.
And next thing, she drags him out.
I thought she was going to
come after me after I hurt him!
No no, it was about
getting the money out.
It wasn't about retribution.
Oh, lucky me.
This camera work?
And the one in the parking lot.
Okay, I'm going to need
access to both of those.
Also my forensicist is
going to need to test the scissors
to see if we can get an
ID off the blood sample.
Yeah, by all means. Whatever
helps you catch those animals.
Come on.
When this case is over, remind me to
talk to you about your sugar intake.
- You use hazelnut creamer?
- Yeah, what can I say?
- I like the finer things in life.
- Like what?
The insulin shock?
Well, I mean whatever gets
the feel good hormones pumping.
Hey, so, Sarah's in the lab
processing the blood sample.
Are we waiting on Charlie to
scrub the security footage?
No, he's talking to his military guy.
He wants to find out from the major
whether or not we can get an ID
based on the military
medals that we found.
So, Mr. Hazelnut Creamer.
It is just you and me.
- All right. So
- Bring it.
- Here we go.
Two suspects.
Male and female. She's 5'6".
He's about six foot.
- They're both right-handed.
- Mm-hmm.
There's no identifiable
tattoos, or piercings, or
Hang on.
That. That's an identifying
piece of information right there.
DONOVAN: A partial license
plate. Lucky us!
- Make sure you run that, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Do we have any idea how
they're picking their targets?
I can't make a connection.
There's lots of cash
and jewelry on site.
These robbers are up to close
to a hundred thousand dollars
in their take now. This case
is taking a turn, Jesse.
This last robbery was sloppy.
Sloppy criminals are usually
easier to find, right?
They're also more dangerous.
SHERIDAN: That's a Cross of Valour.
It's a military decoration given
for courage in circumstances
of extreme peril.
Is it valuable?
Define value.
I'd say it's priceless.
Well, the pawnbroker said that
the robber who sold it to him
wasn't happy with the price given.
My theory is that they
were trying to get money
on the straight and narrow
and when they couldn't,
they went to crime.
Yeah, a lot of soldiers
can't make ends meet.
A Cross of Valour
is worth more in honour than dollars.
They wouldn't have gotten much for it.
So, your theory holds up.
Any idea how many of these would
be handed out in the country?
- Less than 40.
- Ever?
- Yep.
- Wow. Okay.
Well, that helps narrow things down.
Could help us get an I.D. Thanks.
Look what I found in my old kit.
CHARLIE: Wow, Dad is so young.
Yeah. I called him.
Told him I saw you.
Yeah, he's always
happy to hear from you.
He'd be happier hearing
from someone else.
You didn't tell me you
two weren't talking.
I told you I'm tired of playing
referee between him and Jack.
He misses his sons.
You know, when you're out
there, like he and I were,
everything is good and evil,
life and death, black and white.
And sometimes,
if you make it home,
you forget that the
world exists in grey.
Don't hold that against him, Charlie.
- Hey, Charlie.
- Hey.
- Hey, Rex.
Yeah, I was getting to you too!
Jeez, someone's testy today.
Yeah, we skipped lunch.
Oh, yeah I get it.
Hangry is as hangry does.
Listen, I was able to trace
the partial license plate
of the getaway car to a
Jeep stolen four days ago.
Owners name is Remy Meyers.
- He's on his way into the station.
- Then so are we.
- We're on it.
- Perfect.
Rex, should I get on some lunch?
- Okay, pal.
On it.
You found my Jeep, right?
Yeah. It's connected to a series
of crimes we're investigating.
You said that it was stolen
from a mall parking lot?
- Which one exactly?
- Uh, Avalon Mall.
I was there buying some ear pods.
Oh, man. Guess I'm never
seeing those again, huh?
They were brand new too.
- Ear pods?
- Yeah. I left the bag on the seat
when I ran back inside
to grab a burrito.
I assumed that's why my car was stolen.
The thief saw the ear
pods and jacked it.
You still have that receipt?
Yeah, I could dig that up for you.
- Yeah!
- SARAH: Yes!
- Wow!
I've never seen someone so
excited about a blood sample.
Well, you would be
too if you just discovered
that this blood has a lower
than average hematocrit value!
Ah! Okay what does that
mean for us non-forensic cops?
Anemia. Our male robber is anemic.
CHARLIE: So, we may be
looking for an anemic soldier.
Joe, can you use your
contacts at the military
to see if we can get their medical
files to cross reference?
Yeah, I'll see what I can do.
- That's good work.
- Thank you.
- CHARLIE: Rex and I are heading back up.
- Okay.
So, this was delivered
to me by HR today.
Oh yeah! Right.
You need two days off
a week from the force?
Yeah, just for some courses
I'm taking up in Halifax
for my PhD work.
Yeah, I see that. It's
Behavioral Sciences.
Uh, I mean, I'll sign off
and support this. But um
Look Sarah. I know how this works.
I know what it means when
one of my best officers
hones up their résumé
and is taking courses.
It usually means I'm looking for a new
forensicists to join the team.
No. No, no, no, Joe.
It's nothing like that.
No, I'm still here!
I mean this is my lab!
It's good!
I'm not going anywhere!
- Okay!
I know. We'll get this going.
- Good morning!
- DONOVAN: Morning!
It is indeed a good morning.
The military has agreed to cooperate.
And they're sending us the
medical files that they have.
Well, that's great. We should have
an ID on the male robber then soon.
Yeah. Hold on a second.
How much creamer do
you put in your coffee?
what's wrong with a little
cinnamon and vanilla in your coffee?
- What about you, Charlie?
- Black?
- Yeah!
Yes! That's my man.
Coffee's not the only thing
making me happy this morning.
- Why you find something, Jesse?
- Mmmm!
Well, you know, not much.
Just stayed up half the night
and pulled off a Marvelous
Mills hack and track.
SARAH: Oh I think they
call that a humble brag.
CHARLIE: What's with all the dots?
JESSE: Okay, I'm glad you asked.
So, using the serial number from
the receipt of Remy's ear pods,
I was able to hack into the
earpods' Bluetooth system
and enable the Find my Ear Pods feature.
And ta-da! It worked!
We now know where the robbers
and the stolen car have been.
How did you do that?
When the Find My Ear Pods
feature is turned on,
it sends out this Bluetooth signal
to all these neighbouring
Bluetooth devices
and in effect, creates this digital map
of all these surrounding pings.
DONOVAN: Hey. Military
medical files just came in.
And we have our guy.
His name is Sergeant Henry Reinhardt.
And it lists here on his medical file
that he is anemic.
Okay, so that ties him to
the second robbery scene.
And he was awarded the Medal of Valour?
Yeah, he won it during
his tour in Afghanistan.
I mean, this is our guy, Charlie.
- All of the details track.
Guys. The earpods pinged
from the hospital.
If he's still bleeding
from his scissors wound,
he's susceptible to bleeding
out. He went for help.
You got it. Rex, let's go.
Like I said, another
Marvelous Mills hack-and-track.
I normally say we don't
allow animals in the hospital.
- But he's
- He's a detective.
Sergeant Reinhardt's a patient of yours?
Yes. But to be honest
What is it?
Unless these robberies of
yours happened three weeks ago,
there's no way the sergeant is involved.
DOCTOR: The sergeant was admitted
when his health took
a turn for the worse.
What's he fighting?
Stage 4 Glioblastoma.
It's a fast growing and
aggressive brain tumour.
Cancer. What's his prognosis?
Less than six months. Like
I said, it's aggressive.
His children took it especially hard.
- Children?
- Yes, Frances and Jamieson.
I've never seen a daughter more shook.
Both of them have been
glued to his bedside
except for the last few days.
Have either of his
children been here today?
Actually, they left right
before you two came in.
Jesse. The robbers are on the move.
Where am I going, Jesse?
- JESSE: Stand by.
- Hang on, pal.
Okay, okay. Just got
a ping on Marine Drive.
Yeah, I got you.
Okay there's a bend. You
want to turn around that.
You want to ease Yeah
follow that street!
Stop breathing so heavy!
I can't concentrate!
Make a left! Make a left!
CHARLIE: Heavy fog
out here. I can't see!
- Right or left, Jesse?
- Charlie, you are so close!
Right or left?
Okay make a right! Make a right!
Okay, they're not too
far ahead of you, Charlie.
- I got them.
- Keep going right.
Turning right, pal. Hang on.
Yeah, I'm right on their tail, Jesse!
- JAMIESON: Go, go, go!
- I'm trying!
JESSE: Speed! Speed, Charlie!
- School bus ahead.
- So, they do too then!
Except they're going past!
- Talk to me, Jesse.
- Okay, Charlie.
They're just stopped around the bend!
Right in front of you!
It's a dead end street!
Come on, pal.
Did you find the Jeep?
But they're gone.
- SARAH: Hey!
Any luck?
Rex tracked their scent
out into the woods.
But we lost them at a river.
Any luck here?
I've got fingerprints
on the steering wheel,
glove box, window handle.
Let's hope the DNA evidence
can get us our two IDs.
Well, Rex and I might be
able to help with that.
- I'm going to give Jesse a call.
- Okay.
- What?
Charlie, you guys find them?
No, we lost them in the woods.
But, hey, Jesse can
you run two names for me?
Frances and Jamieson Reinhardt.
Yeah, okay. Yeah, give me one sec.
Suspects are a brother and sister act.
Frances and Jamieson.
Okay, Charlie, check your phone.
Frances was ex-military.
She took a leave of
absence from active duty.
Says here she has
extensive tactical training.
I guess that explains her
comfort level with a knife.
What do we have on the brother?
Jamieson wasn't military. But
he's working at the
automotive warehouse.
He inherited the anemia from his father.
But other than that,
neither of them have so much
as a traffic violation.
Do we have any addresses?
I have out of province
addresses for both of them.
But nothing local.
Interestingly enough,
their father's apartment recently sold.
So, what is an out of province
tactical expert and her brother
- doing on a crime spree?
- Their dad's sick.
The doctor said he
doesn't have long to live.
Maybe the money's for
funeral arrangements?
Yeah, but Jesse, they're up over 100K.
What kind of funeral are they planning?
Jesse, do me a favour.
See if they have any
experimental treatment
for Stage 4 Glioblastoma.
- Let's see what it costs.
- Okay.
Wait, hold on Charlie. Do
you think they're trying
- to save their father's life?
- Maybe.
Why else would a soldier whose
job it is to protect our country,
all of a sudden put civilian
lives at risk for money?
Okay, here we go.
Out of country experimental
cancer treatments
start at 150 to 180 thousand.
Some of them even go up to 300K!
DONOVAN: Okay. Okay, so
if that's what this is about,
then they're still short.
Which means there's
going to be another score.
Which means that we should be looking
- for cash-heavy events.
- SARAH: Charlie.
Hey, Jesse. Just give me a sec, okay?
- Hey.
- Check this out.
I found it under the driver's floor mat.
MX1 250 to 450 CC?
- Is that code?
- No, motocross bikes.
They're different type of bike models.
Aha! Oh hey!
How is your motorcycle coming along?
Hey, Jesse. Can you check to see if
there's any motocross events in town?
- It's okay, pal.
- Yeah, can do.
These events they usually
have big cash prizes.
That would be my next
target if I were them.
Well, I just hope they think like you.
I wouldn't.
Put the weapon down!
Not today.
Put the weapon down! Nobody
needs to get hurt!
- Rex!
- BIKER: Whoa, watch it!
- Hey!
Hey, Charlie. We're all here.
Frances got away.
But we got Jamieson.
They're taking him
in to the station now.
- DONOVAN: Good job, you two.
Jesse has an update.
Yeah, I just spoke with an
experimental medical clinic in Mexico
that said that Frances
has been in touch
inquiring about their success
rate with brain tumours.
Looks like you were right, Charlie.
And yet it doesn't feel so good.
The success rate for such a treatment
is less than 4% though.
Yeah, I mean the clinicians
explained all that
and yet, Frances was
still adamant to try.
And she even asked if she
could pay in installments.
I guess if you have one chance to
save your dad's life, you take it?
Where are you two headed?
I've got to go pick something up.
Then I'm heading to where
I wager Frances is going.
I wouldn't.
Rex'll take you down before you
even get your foot to the kick start.
Just let me get my dad on a plane.
Okay, after that, I'll surrender myself.
There's no plane, Frances.
The funds are stolen money.
- It's gone now.
- So, what?
Huh? I'm just
I'm just supposed to let him die?
And do nothing?
- No.
The mission was to save him
and I finish what I start.
You tried.
And innocent people got hurt.
Not every mission is meant to succeed.
I can't just
I can't just sit in jail while he's
You'll request visits
on compassionate grounds.
My father is dying.
He'll be alone.
You already have my brother.
Can't you just ?
Just tell them you couldn't find me.
Just give me a few more days.
Do you even know what it
takes to get a Medal of Valour?
How rare that is?
Because it's for exceptional bravery
by someone who puts themselves
in harm's way to protect others!
And it is a one in a million person
in their lifetime that does that!
That's my dad!
One in a million.
And now
he's just fading away
and no on cares except
for me and my brother!
He's been forgotten!
And that is not the way
that a hero should die.
Forgotten isn't how anyone should die!
I think I know someone
who can help your father.
What you have
you know a miracle worker?
No, he's a retired major.
He's a soldier, like both of you.
Maybe he could help
your dad get to Mexico.
I don't know. Maybe he'll just be
here for your dad when you can't be.
I'll make the call
if you get off that bike
and you put your hands up
and you let me take you in.
What do you think?
I think that sounds like
a promise that disappears
once I'm in jail.
I have no reason to trust you.
My dad is in the Navy.
I would not lie to a soldier.
we didn't do all of this
just for the treatment.
Mexico has one of the
seven wonders of the world.
The Warriors' Temple.
My dad always wanted to see it.
Cancer gets his life.
But it shouldn't get his dreams.
A Medal of Valour
does not belong in some pawn shop.
It belongs with him.
Thank you.
SHERIDAN: Well, Rex.
Sounds like you were quite the hero!
What would old Charlie
boy do without you, huh?
Well, you know the value
of a good partnership.
I do.
Looks like you two are the real deal.
What about them?
Frances and Jamieson?
They're looking at hard time.
But they're
very happy that you're
looking out for their dad.
Well, they have you to
thank for arranging that.
Don't be a stranger, Charlie.
You're family.
I won't.
Do you think I could
borrow Rex for a quick few?
There's a vet inside
who's a big fan of dogs.
You want to go for a walk, Rex?
Good boy.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Come on, Rex.
There you go.
Hey! Dad, it's me.
Yeah, it's good to hear your voice too.
Next time on Hudson and Rex
From anywhere in St. John's
- (THUD)
911, what's your emergency?
I think there's been a murder.
Is it true Judge Cameron was in
an altercation here last night?
- Is it true?
- We found a soda bottle
in your mother's office.
When we ran the prints,
it was a match with Shaun Hammond.
Any luck with the
photos that witness took?
I'm running an AI program
that should clear up the blur.
I think you're in danger.
Is that why you sent
a cop to come get me?
I didn't send anybody. Rex!
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