Hudson and Rex (2019) s06e03 Episode Script

Hound and Vision

You headed home soon, Judge Cameron?
Not home, exactly but soon.
You sure you don't want me to stay
and help prep for tomorrow's trials?
No, no, no. You go ahead.
I'll see you bright and early.
BROOKE: I'm Brooke Weaver
and you're listening to Sound Judgement.
From anywhere in St. John's,
I'm told you can see The Battery,
a community of houses dotting
the base of Signal Hill.
To some, the sight only
serves as a constant reminder
of the grisly crimes
that took place there.
- Hey!
- MAN: Hey, did you get in okay?
Yeah, I'm just settling in.
Okay, how's the place?
The room's not bad actually.
They say I have a nice view!
Are you all set for tomorrow?
Yeah yeah. I have all the
addresses for tomorrow's interviews.
I had to stop one of them
from spilling the whole
story on the phone.
- Save it for the podcast.
MAN: You there?
The walls are damn thin here though.
Good luck editing the
background noise out of this one.
Okay, let's try this again.
From anywhere in St. John's,
I'm told you can see
JUDGE CAMERON: Get out of my way!
- MAN: No! No!
Doesn't the punishment fit the crime?
- Get off of me!
- You can't do that!
OPERATOR: 911. What's your emergency?
there's been a murder!
JESSE: Charlie, no sign of Judge
Cameron turning up anywhere.
The press are already all over this.
- Any luck contacting her family?
- No.
No, I mean her daughter
Lucy's number is disconnected.
No social media presence.
One missing person at a time, Jesse.
Look, I want you to start digging
into Judge Cameron's trial record
for any controversial rulings.
What sort of suspects
am I looking for here?
I mean, the 911 caller was adamant
that a murder took
place there last night.
I won't know until I get in there
but we should be prepared for anything.
Joe's good friends with the judge.
So, I'm hoping for the best.
Yeah. Okay.
Detective Hudson! What happened here?
REPORTER: Is it true Judge Cameron
- was in an altercation here last night?
- No comment.
I've got a couple checking
into this room tomorrow.
Are you sure this is a crime scene?
Because this doesn't
look like a crime scene.
Maybe to you.
How many of your guests vanish
in the middle of the night
and leave all their stuff?
And their car keys?
Point taken.
Until I say otherwise,
this is a crime scene.
The judge lives
on the other side of town.
Any idea why she was staying here?
No idea. I just take
the bookings, all right?
Look, none of the other guests
complained about noises last night.
I'll talk to the one who did.
Are you here about the murder next door?
Uh, we don't know it's a murder yet.
If you heard what I
heard, you'd know it was.
Please, come in.
My partner Rex is going to come in too.
- Are you okay with dogs?
- Rex?
Hi, Rex!
You're Detective Charlie Hudson!
Did you get my emails?
No, I don't think so.
I'm Brooke Weaver.
That's right. The true crime
podcaster from Ottawa, right?
Yeah, that's me! Sound Judgement.
I'm doing the story on
The Battery Murders of '07.
Yeah, well, let's just try
and keep this to the present
for right now. Um
What exactly did you hear last night?
After the woman from
next door came home,
a man came up too.
They immediately started arguing.
- Did you hear what they said?
- Not clearly.
But there was a crash.
And I heard the woman
collapse to the floor.
How did you know who it was?
He had heavier footsteps.
I heard the difference when
he started dragging her.
Just like how I can hear you
walking around the apartment
while I'm standing here talking to Rex.
Right. Sorry. You were
saying about the footsteps?
And that's when I took the photos.
What photos?
Can you describe the pictures to me?
What did I catch?
It's a man passing by your door.
The face is visible but it's blurry.
Thank you.
Did you get the sense that he
knew that you were here, listening?
Do you think that there's a
chance that he might come back?
It's not likely.
It seems like they knew each other.
Well, it sounded like
he hit her pretty hard.
You didn't find any evidence
of murder in that room?
No, it was pretty much
exactly the same as this.
It was clean, and identical, except
You know what? This has actually
been very helpful, thank you.
So, when can we sit down to
talk about The Battery Murders?
I'm here until Monday.
Brooke, I don't do interviews.
But I do love true crime podcasts
and I look forward to listening to it.
Okay, well if you need anything,
you know where to find me.
You mind if I take your vase?
Oh, it's not mine.
Bye, Rex.
Looks like the judge
owes me a damage fee.
DEAN: Hey, hey! Whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
We just put new floors in here!
It's not him you need to worry about.
You're going to have to call that couple
and cancel their stay.
Sarah, I need forensics.
JESSE: Supreme Suites guarantees
a peaceful and secure stay.
Guess which one of these
statements is false.
I'm going to go with option A.
Our witness Brooke didn't sleep too well
after what she heard last night.
Trick question Charlie. It's all bunk.
- CCTV is completely bust.
There were no working
cameras in this place?
Well, there are, yeah, but
I mean their memory cards
have been full since 2018.
We're flying totally
blind on this one, Charlie.
May want to adjust your phrasing.
Did you get that email that I sent?
Yeah, yeah. But who took these pictures?
Annie Leibowitz?
CHARLIE: No, Brooke Weaver.
Suite 202. She's blind, Jesse.
Right. I'm sorry.
Um yeah, these are blurry
but I'll try to clean them up,
see who we're dealing with here.
Okay, while Sarah's
processing the scene,
I'm going to head
down to the courthouse.
I'll keep you posted.
Did the Judge give any indication
she wasn't going to be in today?
When I left her last night,
she was preparing for the trials today.
The court reporters had a field
day when she didn't show up.
That explains how the
press found out about this.
Do you know why she was
staying at Supreme Suites?
Her place was being fumigated.
Carpenter ants.
She has a lot of mahogany.
What type of cases did she
have on her docket lately?
Anything contentious?
I mean, it's a criminal court.
They're all contentious.
We've been wanting to interview
her daughter Lucy all day.
Any idea where she's living now?
No idea. We used to see
a lot of Lucy around here.
Not so much lately.
Hmmm. Kids grow up.
Did the judge have visitors often?
On occasion.
Judge Cameron had a sweet tooth.
She kept these around to offer guests.
Any visitors on her schedule yesterday?
Not that I know of.
Well, someone dropped in unannounced.
Looks like dried paint?
Probably oil-based.
It doesn't match the
courthouse colour scheme.
Someone must have tracked it in.
I also brought these for
you to lift a print off of.
I doubt we'll be able to match these
to any of the prints in here.
The guy put a dish glove on?
We found the packaging in the trash.
And he also went to the
effort of cleaning up too.
A swab of this showed up traces
of benzalkonium chloride.
Our guy's resourceful.
I'll give him that.
Did you pick up any more
pieces of that broken vase?
No, no. Just the one that you found.
Our witness said
that she heard that smash
and then the judge
fell and hit the floor.
Why would you take the
shards with you unless
- unless your fingerprints were on that vase.
He did that before he put the gloves on.
Okay, pal, keep back. Come on.
The killer threw something out?
Looks like it.
- Could've taken the stairs!
Yeah I know.
It looks like it's been emptied.
Track it.
Hey! Hey, down boy!
It's okay. It's okay,
we're police. SJPD.
Easy, pal.
Can I get you to open that cache?
Come here.
We've been looking everywhere for you.
Is it true?
Your mother was one of the most
formidable people I ever knew.
And I promise you, we're
going to do everything we can
to find out who did this.
I just, um
I just thought we would
have more time together.
The last few months have been
rough, since I moved out.
Why's that?
My boyfriend and I, we
found this really great spot
off of Bremigan's Boulevard.
Lots of space.
Even has room for my
photography darkroom.
Lucy, this is an industrial area.
Your mother couldn't have been happy
about you living in a warehouse.
She thought it was a death trap.
She never really approved
of any of the choices
that I made for myself.
Was your boyfriend another one of
the things she didn't approve of?
Lucy. We found a soda
bottle in your mother's office.
When we ran the prints,
it was a match with
someone in our system.
That someone was Shaun Hammond,
your boyfriend.
Why would he have been
in her office though?
I was hoping you could tell me that.
Do you know where Shaun was last night?
He was out with friends but
he has nothing to do with this.
Lucy, Shaun has a long list of priors.
B&E, aggravated assault
He wouldn't hurt anyone now though.
And especially not my mom!
- Hey!
- Hey.
Any luck with the
photos that witness took?
Yeah, actually. I'm glad you asked.
I'm running an AI program
that should clear up the
blur and compile everything
into a composite of the killer's face.
Oh wow. I just saw
Rachel, the sketch artist
down at The Mugshot. Should I
tell her to pack up her desk?
Well, it's only a matter of
time. The future is now, Sarah.
Um Yeah he should be
an easy man to find.
All right, listen up.
Lucy is living with Shaun
Hammond in some warehouse
- on Bremigan Boulevard.
- Some warehouse?
She didn't give you an address?
DONOVAN: No, the moment
I asked about Shaun,
she clammed up. She's in shock.
I don't really blame her.
Hang on, I think what's on
his social media might help.
SARAH: The colours in that painting
they match those flakes that
Rex found in the judge's office.
Which is all the more
reason to bring him in.
And let's do it quick.
If I can clear up that
sign in the background,
I might be able to get us a location.
SARAH: That's the old McCormick factory.
There you go.
- Nice work.
- Thank you.
Bit of a fixer-upper.
You hang here. I'll check it out.
Shaun Hammond.
I'm with the SJPD.
I need to ask you a few questions.
SHAUN: Let go!
You can save that paint for the canvas.
Get him off me!
DONOVAN: You know that can of paint
could do a lot of
damage to a man's head.
I'm sorry.
I just panicked.
You know you're lucky that
we are only charging you
with aggravated assault and trespassing.
I had a handshake deal with
the guy who owns the warehouse.
I'm not talking about the warehouse!
I'm talking about the Supreme Suites!
I'm talking about Justice Cameron!
I'm talking about
specifically, last night!
I wasn't anywhere near there.
So, you're saying you didn't
talk to Judge Cameron yesterday?
- At the courthouse, yeah!
- Yeah.
We spoke to the bailiff.
He said there was a lot
of shouting yesterday.
I got a little passionate, sure.
I came home last week
to find Lucy crying
saying that her mom saw the studio
and didn't approve of
the way she was living.
Didn't approve of the
way she was living?
Or didn't approve of you?
She didn't really get
a chance to know me.
Just my record.
That must have really upset you, huh?
You couldn't get through
to her at the courthouse.
So, you followed her
to the Supreme Suites?
- And then
- Hey!
Who the hell do you think I am?
I'm not a murderer!
That's isn't the voice
I heard last night.
- Are you sure?
- Detective.
I've had to learn to trust my
hearing above anything else.
I'm sure.
The killer had a raspier voice.
Deeper, too.
Well, thank you for coming in.
Let me walk you to the front.
Oh no, I remember the way out.
All the signs around here
have braille on them, and
I'll manage on my own, thanks.
Let me get the door for you.
Ah, right. Someone
is eager to walk you out.
- Listen, have you ever considered
a guide dog before? I have some
great trainers I could refer you to.
Well, I never thought I needed one.
I've been doing fine on
my own so far, but
Thanks Rex.
- Well, aren't you stubborn?
You know what?
Alright, buddy. Come on. Let's go.
Any luck with that partial print yet?
When the killer threw the
vase down the garbage chute,
six pieces turned into sixty.
It's like the jigsaw puzzle from hell.
- Autopsy in?
- I just got it.
There's still a bit of a backlog
since Karma left for
her new job in Halifax.
You don't know what
you got till it's gone.
Yeah. Well, cause of death
was blunt force trauma
as we could suspect.
Cranial damage suggests
the killer had to have been at least
six-foot-one to deliver the hit.
Shaun's a little shorter than that.
A swab turned up traces
of sulfuryl fluoride.
- Pesticide?
- Yeah.
The judge's house was being fumigated
but why would she go back?
Well, I didn't find enough to suggest
that she stepped into the gas herself.
It was mostly concentrated
on her wrists and shoulders.
So, it probably came from the
killer during their struggle,
which would mean
the killer paid a visit
to the judge's house.
- Fumigation all done here?
- Yeah.
Nothing creeping or crawling in
there now or your money back.
Once I get paid, that is.
Well, there may be a
little delay on that.
Judge Cameron was killed last night.
Oh wow.
- Hey, hey, what's he doing?
He's alerting me to the scent
of the pesticide that you use.
It was found on Judge Cameron's body.
When was the last time you saw her?
Not since I started
the job three days ago.
Don't be getting any
ideas there, Columbo.
I'm just a simple bug
man, here to do a job.
Okay. You're not a suspect.
So, calm down, before you
start acting like one.
Anyone stop by when the tents were up?
Yeah, one guy did.
Yesterday, as I was heading
out on my lunch break.
- Mm-hmm.
- I gave him the address to her rental.
You regularly just hand
out that kind of information
- to a random passerby?
- He said he was from her work
and had some files to deliver.
I didn't think anything
of it at the time.
What did the man look like?
I didn't get a good look at him, man.
Did he go inside?
He could've.
But the gas I was pumping
in there would choke a man.
He'd have to be crazy to step in there.
Oh, I've seen crazier things.
I'm going to go inside. Rex.
I know you were in here.
What were you looking for?
Well, what was in here?
Rex, you get anything off this?
Well, done, Rex.
Very well done.
ROSIE: Judge Cameron
had always said to me,
we're meeting people on the
worst day of their lives.
She was really empathetic like that.
BROOKE: She sounds like she
was really great to work with.
Everybody seemed to like her.
Hey, Rex!
What are you doing here?
Detective Hudson!
I was just in the
middle of an interview.
On an active investigation, sounds like.
You think you could give us the room?
It was really lovely
speaking with you, Rosie.
I'll be in touch.
Wait for me. I'll give you a lift.
BROOKE: Thanks.
What did you tell her?
Just memories of Judge Cameron,
what she was like.
It was nice, given what's happened.
Can you tell me what was in this?
Judge Cameron kept all of her thoughts
and deliberations on active
trials in this notebook.
Even I wasn't allowed to read it.
We found it empty with the pages burnt.
That's bizarre.
She usually destroys her
notes for confidentiality
but she usually shreds it here
with the rest of the documents.
I don't think Judge
Cameron did this herself.
When was the last time she switched
the notebook out into that cover?
A month ago?
Six weeks maybe?
That narrows it down a bit.
CHARLIE: I thought you were
focused on The Battery Murders.
Well, when a story drops
in your lap like this,
you have to follow it.
It's not a story.
It's a sensitive investigation.
It's still in flux. Who
else did you talk to?
[BROOKE SIGHS] A couple of people
who were with her
during her final cases.
The guy who was stabbed
in that stabbing case,
- the passenger in that DUI car wreck.
- Brooke.
From where I'm sitting, those
people, they're suspects.
Where else was I supposed to start?
Besides, the list of her trials
is a matter of public record.
- Uh-huh.
- What?
Are you worried that I'm going
to crack the case before you?
You're going to have return
those files as evidence.
If you sit for an interview
about The Battery Murders.
The judge has seen hundreds
of cases over her career
but only five were in that notebook.
CHARLIE: Vandalism, petty
theft, B&E, DUI and car theft.
SARAH: And with infrared photography,
I was able to recover
a few pages on each case
from the burnt notebook.
JESSE: Ah, an all-star list
of non-violent felonies. I mean,
none of them really
seem that murdery to me.
Well, the question is which
one of them had anything to gain
- by burning those notes?
- Or the judge's death?
It's an automatic mistrial
when a judge passes during proceedings.
So, one of the cases wasn't
heading the way that they wanted.
- Any of these ongoing?
- JESSE: Well, carjacking,
B&E, and Banksy over here already
had their sentencing hearings.
SARAH: The notes I
recovered on those suggest
a couple of them took plea deals.
The B&E had a pretty lenient sentence.
So, we're not likely looking
at a revenge motive on those.
Yeah and petty theft over here,
I mean he only had a
preliminary hearing.
So, I'm guessing we can we rule him out.
So, that leaves DUI.
What do we know about him?
JESSE: Eli Newmore.
26 years old. He got loaded
and drove his car through
the front of someone's house.
The judge dropped a guilty
verdict on him last week
but he's out on bail before
his sentencing hearing.
Well, that sounds like
a good place to start.
Let's bring him in, Rex.
Eli Newmore?
I didn't just see you
driving this car, did I?
I thought your license was
suspended after that DUI?
Maybe you didn't then?
Look, I've got a couple
of weeks left of freedom
before I go to prison for ages.
Can we just be cool about this?
- Hmmm.
Anything in here that might
violate the terms of your bail?
Okay. Well, I'm just
going to have to impound this
and we're going to do a search.
And you're going to have
to come with me, so
Come on.
Be cool, huh?
We're just heading down to the station.
Couple of guys, having a chat.
CHARLIE: Eli Newmore.
Son of hotel developer,
Laurence Newmore.
It says here that before your DUI,
you'd just completed
a business undergrad.
So, what happened?
One big dumb mistake.
- One big dumb mistake
where you drove into
somebody's living room
and you killed a father of three.
Where were you two nights ago?
At home, with a friend.
It's going to sound stupid
but we were celebrating
my next three birthdays.
Your next three?
Yeah, it's how many I'm
going to miss while I'm away.
My lawyer says I'm lucky
I've got a clean record.
I'll probably be out
for my 30th birthday.
You seem sure about that.
Recommend the maximum
sentence of ten years.
No chance of early parole
based on good behaviour.
Showed clear lack of remorse.
What the hell is this?
These are Judge
Cameron's personal notes.
She had no intention of giving you
a first time offender slap on the wrist.
I knew that judge had it out for me.
So, that's why she had to die?
I want my lawyer.
And I'd like this,
I'd like this out of my sight!
LAURENCE: Okay, I'm not
trying to be disrespectful.
I understand you have hard jobs.
You know? I know what it means.
But I'm just trying to tell
you that's my son, okay?
- It's my son!
- Have you charged him?
- Sir!
LAURENCE: Have you charged him?
You have no right to keep him then!
- I want to see my son now!
- Sir, you need to settle down!
- Now.
- All right!
Thank you.
Look, we have a right to hold Eli.
On what grounds?
Breaking the terms of his bail,
by driving.
And suspicion of murder.
No, no. You can't
There is no way you can prove
he has anything to do with that.
We'll let our witness and
forensic be the judge of that.
You've got the wrong man.
Okay? Even with all
the mistakes he's made,
I know Eli is a good kid.
I'm a father myself.
And I know they all start out that way.
But Eli has to face up to what he did.
Can you account for his
whereabouts on Wednesday night?
He was home all night.
- Are you listening to Brooke's interviews?
- Yeah!
Yeah, she's really good, Charlie.
I think she won herself a new listener.
Well, just give me the Cliff's
Notes. What'd you learn?
Okay, so Brooke spoke to Eli's friend
about the night of the murder, okay?
Now this guy says they
met not at Eli's house
but at a park to drink
and that Eli left before the
time the judge was killed.
Laurence Newmore just told Joe
that Eli was home all evening.
Hey. What ?
Can you play this one?
Yeah yeah, I haven't played
that one yet. Let me see.
- CHARLIE' VOICE: Our guy's resourceful.
I'll give him that.
Did you pick up any more
pieces of that broken vase?
Did you know that Brooke was
recording you at the crime scene?
No, I didn't. But I actually
meant this one right here
that's date stamped for
the night of the murder.
anywhere in St. John's,
I'm told you can see The Battery.
- Can you make that clearer?
- Mm-hmm.
MAN: You can't do this!
BROOKE: You're telling me that I caught
the whole murder on tape?
I must've kept the
recording going by accident!
Oh my God! This is
going to be podcast gold!
Yeah, I also heard the recording
that you made of me and my colleague.
That's completely unacceptable.
Well, what else was I supposed to do?
I hear a murder and I can't get
a straight answer out of
you about what happened!
You think I felt safe
staying here after that?
Okay, I didn't think
about how terrifying that
must have been for you.
You know,
when my vision started to go,
I had to promise
myself I'd be resilient.
Learn to trust my other senses because
I couldn't live my life terrified.
- That's not always easy.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's hard to
hold onto your courage
- when something like that gets thrown at you.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry for going behind your back.
It's just hearing the judge die
was a lot to process.
So, I did it the only way I knew how.
By turning it into a story.
I think that's the
reason why my listeners
turn to true crime in the first place.
It helps us makes sense
of the worst things
- that we couldn't explain.
- Well,
I'll admit I listened to your tapes.
You have a knack for detective work.
So, does this audio of the
murder blow the case wide open?
Yeah, well maybe.
My techie is trying to
clean it up right now
to see if we can get a clear
sample of the killer's voice.
But hey. Listen, while I have you,
do you mind if I send you an
audio file from an interrogation?
If it's the voice that you heard,
if we match it to your
audio later, it'll cinch it.
Here, just hang on.
COMPUTER: Incoming audio file.
Play file.
ELI: I want my lawyer.
And I'd like this,
I'd like this out of my sight!
Detective Hudson, I'm sorry,
but this isn't our guy either.
Brooke, promise me you'll stay
in The Suites until I say so.
Did your team find
anything in Eli's car?
We just finished and you were right.
Rex was alerting to traces of sulfuryl
fluoride on the steering wheel.
Which means he was at
the Judge's house but
Eli should be our guy.
Brooke couldn't identify his voice.
Sounds like you're ahead of my bad news.
That tracks with what I have.
We finally found this
under the driver's seat.
But then after completing a
print, it didn't match Eli's.
I've got to go.
Rex, come on.
Detective Hudson, I was
just about to call you back.
Brooke, I'm downstairs. I'm going
to have to have to come with me.
- Why?
- I wasn't straight with you before.
But I will be now. I
think you're in danger.
Is that why you sent
a cop to come get me?
He's on his way now.
I didn't send anybody.
I'm downstairs. Don't let him in.
Hang on!
Just a minute!
LAURENCE: Listen, please.
I just want to talk to you.
I know you're here! Come peacefully!
No more grasping in the dark, Laurence.
Good job, partner.
DONOVAN: I know what it's like.
Every kid makes poor choices.
You want to fix everything for them.
But did you really think
that killing the judge
was going to make everything go away?
I heard from our lawyer
that Judge Cameron was gonna
come down hard on Eli.
I just wanted to reason with her.
So, it must've really stung
when you read her notes.
Ten years is a long time.
Ten years is his entire
future wiped away.
She wouldn't listen to me.
She accused me of trying to bribe her.
Everything spun out
of control from there.
Oh come on. I don't believe that.
Not for a second.
You went to find her at home.
And then you came across her notebook
and you burned all of her
deliberations on Eli's case
before you even talked to her.
I was angry.
I overreacted.
You got rid of all the evidence
knowing full well that if
she didn't listen to reason,
all of the documents on
that case had to disappear.
That's premeditation,
right there.
If I could go back
I'd have burnt this book
somewhere you'd never find it.
I'd do whatever it takes
to give Eli a fair trial
and protect him.
No loose ends.
That's the voice I heard.
LUCY: Oh God!
Are you all right?
SHAUN: I've slept in worse places.
Did you catch the killer?
It was a man trying to stop
your mother from doing her job.
I'm truly sorry, Lucy.
But hopefully you can
find some closure in this.
Nothing's going to make up for the
time I could have spent with her.
- I never even got to make her proud.
- Hey, hey.
That's not true.
I talked to her.
I was a little busy
fighting off accusations
of being a killer to tell you earlier.
But I explained everything to her.
She was just a little freaked out
to see you living a life
she didn't understand.
But she cooled off.
DONOVAN: And Shaun, I'm truly sorry.
But we recovered this page
from a notebook that your mother had.
It seems to be a list of expenses.
Darkroom equipment.
Bed frame.
- Oh God, we do need that.
Safety inspection, $450.
She was just worried about you.
And it may have seemed like an argument
but it just shows that the
last conversation with your mom
proves how much she loved you.
You two look great together.
- How's the training going?
So far, so good.
Iris is learning to match my speed
and well, I'm learning
to maybe slow down a bit.
Well, that is the beauty
of a good partnership
is you find that sweet
spot in the middle.
Ready to hold up your
end of the bargain?
I'm a man of my word.
Detective Charlie Hudson.
You were the detective with the SJPD
- assigned to The Battery Murders.
- That's right.
It was a very tricky case, to be honest.
St. John's had never seen
that many murders before,
certainly not that quickly.
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