Huge (2010) s01e01 Episode Script

Hello I Must Be Going

- Yeah, over there - Smile.
Great! Can we, like, take a moment and just ponder how sick this is? Just get a bunch of fat kids, stick 'em in bathing suits and add cameras.
Um, excuse me They don't let you do the picture with clothes on.
Oh, my God.
I never would have guessed that.
Thank you.
You know, this could be my summer to gain weight.
I feel like, inside me, there's an even fatter person just trying to get out.
It's not.
Can I say something? It's not that bad here.
This is my second time.
I lost 26 and a half pounds.
Then I gained some of it back.
Basically, all of it.
But you meet people.
People hook up.
I mean, not everyone, but See, everyone's overweight.
So the playing field is more like, there is one.
That's somewhat cool.
OK I guess it's not that different from the real world.
What is she even doing here? Hi, we hate you.
- Just kidding.
- Oh, OK.
Cute suit.
I tried that one but it gave me back rolls.
Oh, my God, I know.
Hey, um Are you kidding? You're so thin.
You're totally the thinnest girl here.
That can't be true.
Look at me.
- Look at me! - Look at me! Do we have to take our shoes off? I think it's, like, optional.
It's good to see you again.
I gained the weight back.
Well, good for you for coming back.
- And welcome Willamina.
- I prefer Will.
Well, every camper must be in their bathing suit for the "before" picture, Will.
This is the start of a very important journey.
And we ask that you begin by taking an honest look at yourself.
That sounds so great, but I lost my bathing suit.
That's no problem.
You can use the community suit.
Community suit Oh! This is weird.
I found my suit.
It was on my body! Good.
Well? Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Nice! Yeah! - Yeah, that's it! - Yeah.
I like that! Well, who have we here? I'm Dr.
- Oh, man! - I can't believe it! - Whatever! - She's crazy! - Oh, my God.
Why did I just do that? - How embarrassing.
I love you, baby Hail to thee Camp Victory Where hope shines like a star Although the summer sun may set We promise we'll not soon forget - Camp Victory - How wonderful you are OK! Hi, I'm Poppy! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your lives! So, find the bunk with your name on it.
- This one OK? - Yeah, all right.
Watch out.
You want the top? You can have it.
OK OK! I'm gonna come around and look through your bags.
If you have anything that's not allowed, just give it to me now, no questions asked.
That means any kind of food, even gum.
- What if it's sugar free? - Is it gum? Great! All right.
Everyone gets a journal.
It's so we can express our feelings.
Don't have 'em.
Oh! This also includes: cigarettes, breath mints, lozenges, certain forms of lip gloss Oh - What's that? - Toothpick? Is it flavored? It's wood.
Wood flavored? OK, I guess it's all right then.
I also need you to relinquish any phones, MP3 players, video games, OK? That's cool, Caitlin.
I always have it with me, so it's the first thing I see when I wake up.
Swish! Can I borrow some tape? Willamina! Thanks.
These are her only friends.
They're thin-spiration.
What's this? Cough drops count as lozenges.
Do you have a cough? You can totally go to the nurse.
I'm fine.
Congrats, Willamina! You're clean! - I don't want to run.
- Come on.
You have to try.
I'm Shay! Your worst nightmare! She lives to make people cry.
I love her.
You'll be packing in three hours of exercise every day, minimum! Team sports, Tae-Bo, hiking, yoga, hot yoga, waterskiing.
Be warned: I got me a new assistant coach, and he is tough as nails.
Give it up for George! I wanna, wanna be A part of something Better than they gave you I wanna, wanna be A part of something Better than they gave you - Hey.
What's up? - Oh, yes! - Let's get moving! - Yeah! Just a few more laps, guys! I wanna, wanna be A part of something - Better than they gave you - Here we go.
I wanna, wanna be A part of something - All right! - Better than they gave you Check you out! What's your name? - Amber.
- Keep it up, Sandra! You're doing great! It's Amber! I can't do any more! There is no "I can't.
" Do you hear me? Now get up off that rock and give me 20 jumping jacks! Good evening, campers! Allow me to introduce to you the newest member of our Camp Victory family.
Chef Joe Salzniak! No seconds.
Nice to meet you, too.
Who wants seconds of this stuff anyway? High-five.
You're like the slowest eater I've ever seen.
I chew every bite 30 times.
That's hardcore.
I've been dieting since I was ten.
It's probably the thing I'm best at.
- I might even skip my dessert.
- I'll take it.
You really think that's a good idea? Absolutely.
If I'm gonna gain weight here, I need to fully commit.
It's your life.
Can I ask you a personal question? Are you holding? Relax.
I'm not gonna bust you.
I want to buy some.
Chase it down, turn around Are you trying to get kicked out? My parents said if I get in trouble here they'd send me to one of those boot camps you see on Jerry Springer.
So, trust me, I do not intend on getting kicked out.
Nor do I intend on losing weight.
I said "nor.
" That's how serious I am.
Loosen up It's not enough I wanna feel it taking its toll Transaction Satisfaction My only avenue with no responsibility There's nothing you can do Does it get to you? It's gonna getcha It's gonna getcha It's gonna getcha falling off the ground, inside out You know how, like, you can look in the mirror in the morning, and say, like, "OK.
I look OK.
" Just so you can, like, get through the day? Like in junior high, I knew I was big.
But there was this kid, Kyle Curtis.
And he was like the fat kid at our school.
And I, like, clung to that.
Like, I'd look at him and I'd think, "At least I'm not him.
" Till one day after PE, we were at the sinks at the same time.
I could see us both in the mirror.
And I was as fat as him.
Maybe fatter.
Kind of shocked me.
Ian, thank you for sharing.
OK, who haven't we heard from? Will? Sorry I'm down with my fat.
Me and my fat are like BFF.
Everyone wants us to hate our bodies.
Well, I refuse to.
No one here wants you to hate yourself.
Our focus is on health.
Oh, right, health.
You want to tell me she's here for her health? - Don't say what I'm here for! - OK, girls? This is about listening.
No one's mentioned what it's like to be without your favorite foods.
Caitlin? It feels really good.
I hate that sharing circle.
- I'm just gonna make stuff up.
- No, you should be honest.
People are really supportive here.
At home, I have to pretend I don't even care about food.
But my mom still locks the cookies in the trunk of her car.
Like I'm a criminal or something.
So next time we share, you have to say how you're in love with George.
- Hi, George! My name's Sandra! - Shut up! - Hey.
- Sorry, I Oh, no worries.
Pixies? I saw them play in London last year, the reunion tour.
What? Oh, I hate you.
I don't hate you.
Um - That must have been - It was.
I got up front by pretending I was with this guy in a wheelchair.
That's awesome.
We were, like, rocking out to Holiday Song.
r so long, I thought it was: "Here I am, with my ham.
" - It's "with my hand.
" - Yeah, I know.
So you've been to London? I can't believe I was scared to talk to you.
What? No, I just thought you were too cool, or whatever.
Why would you ever think that? Well, you did that dance thing.
And I was like Hey, do you know that girl? Yeah.
Sort of.
Why? Just wondering.
Rand wants to see you in her office.
I've been in touch with your parents, Will.
Actually, I've been thinking about it, and I prefer Willamina.
Anyone caught selling food cannot remain at this camp Willamina.
So I had to be sure that your parents would be able to make other arrangements for you should that become necessary.
Do we understand each other? Yes, ma'am.
Actually, I prefer Dr.
And you're going to owe me five dollars in three, two, one, boom! Where's my money? Just ask! Boom, right there.
- There it is.
- First down.
Hey, my friend is really into this show Solaris X-38.
It's on in like three minutes.
- Not really.
- There's this thing - that we seriously need to watch.
- It's serious.
Thank you.
Come here.
Come on, best seat in the house! Amber ratted me out to Rand.
- Thanks.
- The guys are super hot this year.
You don't understand.
Sitting on a guy's lap is not something I do.
Remember last summer when you sat on Mike Duffy's lap - at movie night? - He was gay.
It didn't count.
And he was flirting, right? I mean, that was flirting, right? Definitely.
So was I OK? Did I seem like a normal person? Sort of.
- Should I have flirted more? - You were great! Just don't get tied down the first week.
Remember, this isn't like the real world.
You can seriously have any guy here.
Oh, my God.
This is so huge.
I'm gonna need that back.
Caitlin, magazine? Give, please.
- Do I look any thinner to you guys? - I can't tell.
OK "What Your Eye Makeup Says About You.
" "When you glam up for a night out, do you reach for: A: A thick eye crayon in bad-girl black" Yes.
"B: A dewy shimmer, hold the mascara or" Nah! "C: Long false lashes, the spikier the better!" Definitely "C.
" OK.
So, Rand thinks I'm selling food.
Well, aren't you? Well, if someone has a problem with that, they should take it up with me.
You think I care what you do? I don't.
None of us do.
So get over yourself.
I just feel like nothing's happening.
Miley Cyrus walks her own dog.
That's She's so down to earth.
Look what I stole! Amber's shorts.
Tell me what you wanna know But, wait This is too mean.
You know what you want It'll be hilarious, just wait till you see her Started out Everything you seeking Is more than just another friend Is that what you want? OK, here we go - Looking for a song - How many? I'll take the box.
So does your BFF Amber know that you partake in the black market? Yeah.
She does.
But she's a good person.
She wouldn't snitch.
Even on you.
You've been gone far too long You got it! OK, guys, I'll be timing you.
I'm having some serious muffin top issues right now.
Please don't mention muffins.
OK! On your mark, get setgo! I can't be gaining.
That's not possible, right? Maybe it's a metabolism thing.
'Cause you suddenly start burning so much more calories, maybe your metabolism, like, got confused.
Is that a real thing? I don't know.
I'm not a scientist.
Come on, ladies! Yeah, get on top! There you go! Use your balance, use your balance.
Get the rope, get the rope.
Don't worry.
I've got you.
Here we go.
Wait a second! - There you go.
- Oh, God.
There you go.
One step at a time.
Wait Wait a minute! Let me down! - Lower your foot.
- No! No, let go! - Just lower your foot! - Let go! - Let go! - My God, are you OK? I'm fine! Uh OK, you guys, just head back to your cabins, OK? Ran out of luck Ran out of luck Ran out of luck Ran out of luck Ran out of luck Ran out of luck again Sandra! Wait! Sandra, I'm so sorry.
Here, maybe tie it around your waist.
Listen, don't be embarrassed, all right? Every person here has had embarrassing stuff happen.
If I told you some of the stuff that's happened to me Like what? Uh.
OK, uh Well, I'm deaf in one ear.
- Oh.
- Yeah, so there's stuff I miss.
Like, senior year, I was at this party, and this girl kept turning around and looking at me.
And And finally she said, "Do you wanna make out?" And I was like, "I mean sure!" And she gave me this weird look.
And it turned out she was saying, "You're on my coat.
" - Wow.
- Yeah.
So you're not the only one.
Just remember, you're a really cool girl, Sandra.
- I better - Yeah.
Shay's gonna freak when she finds out I sent those guys home early.
I'll see you later.
- I'm really sorry.
- Just let it out.
What is your problem? You don't need Dr.
Rand to tell you what to say! - No, you're not sorry! - I'm sorry.
- What's going on? - Caitlin's gone.
What? I can't tell you guys details yet.
Rand's coming by Wait, is she OK? What happened? We have a right to know! I found out she's been throwing up.
I had to go to Dr.
They kicked her out? I know this is upsetting, and but let's wait for Dr.
Just stay here, OK? I'll get her.
I thought this place was about helping us.
Couldn't they have given her counseling or something? They can't do that here.
It's too serious.
So who told Poppy? - Why are you looking at me? - Wait, did everyone know she was? I didn't.
I thought, maybe.
I mean, the way her face was always so puffy? And brushing her teeth every minute? We were in the same cabin last year.
You kind of couldn't not know.
So did you tell on her? No, but I'm glad someone did.
Why? So she gets kicked out? Cause it's the right thing.
Didn't you ever think you should say something? - You're supposed to be her friends.
- I was being a friend.
You don't know anything.
Home is the last place she should be.
You're the one who gave her all that crap to eat.
What did you think was gonna happen? And you're the one who made her stare at this crap! Hey! - Get off! - Stop! - Stop it! - Get her off of her! - Get off of me! - Oh, no.
What's going on here? What happened? I'm busting out of here.
Will? Hey.
Just returning your mix.
- You can keep it for longer.
- Well, I'm leaving tonight, so - What? - Yeah.
I can't deal with this place.
I'm going to my uncle's.
Well - I'm on Facebook, so - Yeah.
We'll talk.
Here, keep it.
That's Thanks.
I gotta go.
And that is why warming up is so important.
Thanks, Piz.
I cannot stress this enough.
This is to avoid pulling any muscles, getting hurt, getting cramps, or injuring yourself.
- OK - What's wrong? Chafing.
This is an issue which affects a lot of you.
You want to make sure to put baby powder on the affected areas Becca? Where's Will? She ran away.
And it's partly my fault.
I told Rand about her stash.
I didn't want to get her in trouble.
I just I just couldn't take having that stuff around anymore.
Look, she hated it here.
It's better that she's gone.
I'm a horrible friend.
I am.
I told on Caitlin.
I didn't think that they could kick her out for that.
I'm so stupid.
You can't tell anyone.
Neither can you.
I'm gonna start with some fries and a chocolate shake.
That Beyoncé she's everywhere.
The first week's the hardest.
Well, they're all hard.
But you can come to me.
If you have any concerns or or for any reason.
You don't need a reason.
Because I really want this to work.
You know? Dad? I heard ya.
Hey, sweetie! I got your fries here! You want them or not? She does.
So what happens now? I'll be in the truck.
Funny Last train's come and gone.
There's no bus service on Sundays.
So you were probably planning on hitchhiking.
Which means you'd rather risk your life than change it.
Not so much funny as sad, if I may say.
Don't let your fries get cold.
- I don't want them.
- Go ahead.
You're not a camper anymore.
I'm not eating them in front of you, OK? And no, I don't want to change.
Why should I? Just cause my parents are ashamed of how I look? - Listen to me, Willamina - Will.
I know why you're running away.
I know you're scared.
I'm not scared.
I just think everything you stand for is crap.
No offense.
She's had a very long day.
I'm sure she'll want to talk to you in the morning.
I remember the day I carved this.
I wanted to go home so badly.
Your parents think it's best if you stay with your uncle, rather than place you in a different camp.
They said we can call him now.
You know the number? I wanna stay.
It was messed up for me to sell food.
But I vow I will never do it again.
I said "vow.
" So, can I stay? Will, yay! Lights out in 15.
So, listen.
She drags me back here in this gross truck.
And she refuses to call my uncle! I'm so glad you're back.
Wow, Amber Your face really looks thinner.
- Really? - Totally.
How about me? Do I look any fatter? These are never gonna look right again.
I mean, that sucks.
George gave me his hoodie.
Got any more of those? I've only been off sugar for about 3 hours and I already feel like defacing private property.
Tell me it gets easier.
Lights out, ladies.
It's not that it gets easier.
but you start wanting it.
I want it.
I'm so damn hungry that toothpick made it worse.
Shut up! I should have had that shake when I had the chance.
I did double chocolate shake right there in front of me.
Give me like extra large, or double scoops of chocolate.
The icecream itself was like - Double.
- Ok, that's enough.
- What's the chocolate syrup? - I'm asleep.
I know.
I am too.