Huge (2010) s01e02 Episode Script

Letter Home

Previously on 'Huge': [Will] Everyone wants us to hate our bodies.
Well, I refuse to.
I'm down with my fat.
Welcome to the first day of the rest of your lives! - You want the top? - You can have it.
You wanna tell me she's here for her health? You don't know me.
I got me a new assistant coach.
Give it up for George! - [applause] - I'm deaf in one ear.
- What's your name? - Amber.
Keep it up, Sandra.
You're doing great! Don't get tied down the first week.
You can seriously have any guy here.
- Do you know that girl? - Yeah.
Sort of.
Allow me to introduce to you Chef Joe Salzniak.
I really want this to work.
- Dad? - I heard you.
- What's going on? - Caitlin's gone.
I found out she's been throwing up.
You're the one who gave her all that crap to eat.
And you're the one who made her stare at all this crap! - Stop! Get off! - [yelling, grunting] What's going on here? [geese honking] [Ian] Dear Mom and Dad: [Becca] Sorry I didn't write sooner.
[Chloe] Camp's fine.
[Alistair] The food is very small.
My counselor is great.
I have more than one friend! [Amber] They put fruit in the salad here! [Becca] I met this really cool girl named Will.
[girl 1] We all sit in a circle and talk about our feelings.
[girl 2] I'm so sore from kickboxing yesterday.
[Chloe] Can you send me my light blue top with ruffles? [Amber] I tried mango! It's amazing.
Way better than a regular fruit.
I can't wait till you see me when this is all over, and I'm thin.
I'm starting to feel like it's actually possible.
- That I could be - Done! I did ask for money, but I also said I missed them.
You have, like, ten pages.
Way to make me look like a bad daughter.
Me and my mom are really close.
'Cause it's just the two of us.
- We're almost more like sisters.
- I wish I had a sister.
So you're an only child, too? Maybe you could write to my parents.
I'll pay you.
With the money they send me.
"Dear Chloe's Parents: You don't know me, but" [both giggling] [Chloe] You could probably get a car out of them.
[Amber] A new car? Thanks, you guys! - [Chloe] Where's that magazine I lent you? - [Amber] I don't know.
[Chloe] There's this article on how to wear a romper.
[Amber] That's so impossible.
No one can wear a romper.
[Dorothy] So Willamina's parents want to know how she's doing.
- Who? - The girl who ran away that night? Oh, the rude girl.
- What are you doing? - Reading.
When I'm done with a page, I tear it off.
That way I know where I am.
Why carry around the whole book when you're half done with it? Used to annoy your mother, too, as I recall.
I don't find it that annoying.
I'll just say she's adjusting.
- [keys clicking] - So, what does she think about all this? - Your mother.
- She's fine with it.
- So you told her.
- Yep.
- I, uh of course.
- What did you say? Just that you had contacted me, and you know.
The truth.
Yeah, the truth is usually best.
[keys clicking] - [rock music playing] - [Poppy] Mail fairy! Give me your letters and I shall mail them.
- Ooh Let me help you.
- Thanks.
Can I say something? Chloe's in the bathroom, basically telling people you stole her magazine.
OK, it fell on my bed, and when I see propaganda that I know is destroying girls' brains, it's my duty as an angry feminist to destroy it.
So I guess you can't afford your own magazines.
Cause you have to cut up mine.
Right? - Don't even talk to her.
- Yeah, don't even talk to me.
It's fatspiration.
[scoffing] - [keys clicking] - [Dorothy] Dear Mom: There's something I have to tell you that I should have told you months ago.
But I couldn't find the words.
Dad's here.
At camp with me.
Hail to thee Camp Victory Where hope shines like a star Although the summer sun may set We promise we'll not soon forget Camp Victory How wonderful you are Huge - Episode 2 ; Letters Home You're thinking: "Oh, she's such a bitch!" Guess what? I don't care.
All I care is that you push yourselves past your fear! The thing is, at the rec room, Amber was smiling a lot.
[Ian] I think it was at me.
I mean, it was near me.
I mean, I know she smiles a lot in general, but even taking that into account Can I say something? What is it you actually like about her? - I mean, she's pretty - Dude, come on.
She's not just pretty.
- She's beautiful.
- [whistle blowing] [Shay] Work harder! This is how change happens, people! Every girl has a cubby for her things, plus space in the bathroom for their toiletries.
- Can we live here? - [giggling] As you can see, a lot of the girls have put up some photos, and some art, whatever inspires them.
So please.
Let's get you unpacked.
Daisy, help Dani put this stuff in the Ducky Room.
[Dani] Come on, Daisy.
It's nice that you're all here to help her get settled.
- Of course! - Wouldn't miss it.
And it's great that you're so close.
But I think your daughter probably needs some room right now.
So she can become - Her own person.
- Absolutely.
Sometimes it's best in these situations not to linger.
Just drop her into the mix.
Let her - Sink or swim? - Well, we're not gonna let her sink.
- No, of course.
- Of course you won't.
[Chloe groaning] My thighs are super chafing! [Amber] Right? Welcome to my life! Mamabear? Did you pack my dandruff shampoo? Here she is.
Everybody, meet Danielle.
- Hi.
- [exhaling] - Hey.
- I'm Poppy, your counselor! [giggling] Oh! We are so happy to have you.
Now our cabin is complete! And this is her family.
- Are you guys together? - Oh! We had these made last year.
This is weird, they don't have you listed as Danielle Dodson - [all chuckling] - Our name isn't Dodson! See, we were at Disneyland to celebrate Daisy's birthday And we met this family in line [together] The Dodsons! - From Canada! - They called the line a "queue.
" They thought it was so funny that our names all start with D - Daisy, Dani, Deb - [Drew] That wasn't even on purpose! - Those were just the names we liked! - [family laughing] So we switched names while we were in the line.
And the whole ride home we were cracking up about being the Dodsons! [Dani] I don't even know why it was funny! - But it's so funny.
- [chuckling continues] - And we just never stopped! - [laughing] Well, we should let the girls get to know each other.
Yes! Great! - [Poppy] OK, girls - Uh, hey, Mom? - Do you have any aspirin? - Are you getting a headache? - We're not leaving yet.
- OK.
so just make sure you really include her, OK? I mean, think how you would feel.
- You get what I'm saying? - [Becca] Uh-huh.
- [Chloe] Yeah, sure.
- Thanks, guys.
- [Amber] That run killed me.
- [Chloe] I know.
My calves are burning.
So, Will - [indistinct music playing] - How's everything? - Keepin' it real.
- I got an e-mail from your parents yesterday.
They'd really love to hear from you.
- OK? - OK.
So why are you starting so late? Um, well, I was signed up, but I wasn't sure if I could come, - 'cause I had this other thing.
- [Chloe] Oh, uh-huh.
Oh, my God! [gasping] What part are you on? She just found out he's a ghost.
Oh when he waltzes with her in the cemetery? - I know! - Amber you have to read these books.
And he's like, "Forever is a promise?" I swear, if they don't end up together, I'm gonna lose it.
[Dani] The fact that he carries her from a burning church [Chloe] I know, right? [Dani] He's the most perfect guy ever.
I can't wait to find out what her family says.
[Chloe] Oh, they totally freak out.
[Dani] No, don't tell me! [stammering] I understand I do.
But I think it would be easier for everyone if you leave now.
It's just that a headache is usually the first sign.
That she's experiencing anxiety.
So if we could just you know, for a little while? We won't interfere with anything.
Please? [Deb laughing] That family is mind-boggling.
They're like from a whimsical children's book.
- They should solve mysteries.
- [chuckling] And she's not even embarrassed by them.
What a freak.
The best part about this place is you get to be away from your parents.
- Yeah, thank God.
- Why, what are yours like? They're both just really unhappy people that fight pretty much constantly.
Do you think they still have sex? - I hope not.
- Mine do.
Really loudly.
It's revolting.
[Dorothy] Attention campers If you have not yet chosen your weekend activity, please do so on the lawn directly after lunch.
What are the choices? I hope it's something I can even do.
As long as there's not a ball involved, I'm good.
I know, I hate when they make us do actual sport sports.
Organized sports are responsible for, like, the four worst moments of my life.
How many worst moments have you had? Getting hit in the face with a dodgeball.
Getting my period during rope climbing.
Mike Brofman asking me out and then calling me a fat slut in front of 50 people.
Getting hit in the face with a dodgeball during a different time Forced to wear a jockstrap? Being called queer 'cause you hate sports.
No offense.
- Here you go.
- Thanks a lot.
- Delgado? - Just a second.
Ah! We have to check just to make sure no one's sending you any edibles.
Let's see Cute! Here ya go.
OK guys, you can either do basketball or soccer with Shay, or circuit training with me.
[indistinct chatter] - What's circuit training? - Who cares? George lets you take a 15 minute bathroom break.
Amber, I had no clue you were so interested in circuit training.
- Shut up! - What? Why is it so interesting? Just the guy who's leading it.
Amber's obsessed with him.
Shut up, I'm not obsessed.
I think he's hot, who wouldn't? He, like, is hot.
- It's just a fact.
- Hey, Sandra! - You still haven't told him? - It's too late now.
I should have corrected him the first time, - but doing it now would be weird.
- [laughing] That's so funny.
[George] Um, hey! So guys I'm thrilled there's so much enthusiasm for circuit training, and everyone's going to get a chance to try it eventually Soccer.
You, you, you, you, you.
- Wait, me? - Uh - So Sandra's with me? - Who's Sandra? You, you, you.
Basketball! [whooping] Let's get it percolating up in here! Up in here! Oh, yeah! Let's go! [whooping] Just stand there and try to look interested in the ball, but don't get involved.
- That's my strategy.
- I can't play.
I have cramps.
No, it's worse.
I have hysterical pregnancy.
Maybe I can will myself to get a nosebleed.
I used to be able to do that.
- How do they pick teams? - People have, like, argued over me.
Like, "We had to have him last time.
" - "No, we did.
" - "I know.
She can be the court.
" - Let's go! - [whistle blowing] [indistinct cheering, chatter] Two minutes at each station, then rotate to the next.
OK! [Amber] Hi.
- Sorry Go ahead.
- No, uh, you I'm not even that into the balls.
I just like them cause they're so non-threatening.
Same here.
I think I'll throw caution into the wind - and try the weights? - Whoa, whoa.
I don't know if anyone here is ready for that.
Don't worry about us, OK? - We're just gonna observe.
- Pretend we're not here.
You You ??? - What's that? - Nothing.
It just goes out sometimes, it's fine.
Seriously, I played in the finals last year with my knee way worse.
Just played through the pain, you know? All right, I'm gonna be going around in groups, so I'll check in on you.
But if you start to feel any pain, I want you off this court.
- Got it? - Got it.
And for the rest of you I want to see pools of sweat.
[whooping] OK, guys, so I'm thinking no zone defense, no double teaming.
- [Trent] His - Do I seem gay to you? - What? - Like, on a scale from one to Ellen.
I don't know.
I never met any lesbians my age, so Well, some people apparently think that about me.
What do you think? Three second rule? - No three seconds.
- It's not like I care.
It's just, hypothetically, what if I wanted to hook up with a guy while I'm here? [Trent] Where's the ball? Will, toss me the ball.
- Like, a specific guy? - Hypothetically! - Will! - What?! The ball? And you can't kick the ball.
It's a foul.
[ rock music playing] Guard, dude! At night you leave your lover I'll be your special friend I'll count down baby all day and through the night - Boo-yah! - [yelling] Don't Go to the basket! Dribble! Until we meet again - [Trent] Oh, my God.
- Sorry.
[Trent] Will, get it! Can you just get the freaking ball, Will? Can you do that? Who died and made you Shay? Well, I'm supposed to explain a game to people and they're not even trying to get it.
I don't wanna get it.
You're obviously obsessed with this crap.
But You're talking about the number three sport in the country! Which you don't even know how to play? I just don't see the point.
What is it about this that you love so much? Does it make you feel extra manly or something? You know what? Just don't play! Why don't you go sit on your ass and complain some more? Till we meet again Until we meet again Until we meet again [Trent] It's like, just because you personally are bad at something, don't trash someone else just for liking it.
I mean, she acted like I was a total dumbass for even caring.
Oh my God, I know.
There's a reason why billions of people like sports.
I mean it's fun.
It builds leadership.
I should've said that.
It's just something that people can do together.
If you don't know what else to do.
Like me and my dad, we would always watch sports together, even more when my mom died, and he'd help me practice and get really into my games.
It's just something that can bring people together, where you don't have to talk, or if you don't know what else to do.
- Your mom died? - Yeah, a super long time ago.
The point is, people who hate on something they don't even understand, are so, like ignorant.
Oh, Will? I just wanted to check and see if you had a chance to write to your parents yet.
Why? 'Cause they're, like, worried about me? Why don't they write to me, if they miss me so much.
Maybe they're waiting for some indication you'd be receptive.
Look, I obviously can't force you to write Awesome, thanks.
- I'll miss you.
- Love you, sweetie.
You take care.
Love you.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
- You're very welcome.
- Well, all right then.
- See you in the morning.
- OK.
What? We're just gonna stop by to see how she's doing, before No, I'm sorry.
I already agreed to let you stay much longer than is normally permitted.
Now I'm just gonna have to draw a line.
But we already reserved a motel.
And it's a long ride home.
What if she? I mean, we'd hate to get halfway, then have to come back.
If you come back tomorrow, you are sending her a message that you don't think she can do this.
- But we promised her.
- Just one more morning She's expecting us We so appreciate everything you've done.
- You've been so patient - Just a quick check in the morning and we're outta here.
Come on.
[sighing] [indistinct chatter] Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Waiting to use the phone? Could I talk to you for a minute? Um, OK.
So, uh I feel really stupid.
Why? I just found out I've been calling you the wrong name all this time.
Oh, that! That's OK.
Well, I promise I will never call you Sandra again.
- I like Amber better, anyway.
- Thanks.
I mean, I didn't pick it, duh, my mom did.
Was that who you were waiting to call? - What? - Sorry you lost your place in line.
Hey, do you wanna just use my phone? Is that allowed? I'll be around.
Just find me when you're done.
My God, it smells amazing in here.
Blueberry banana muffins.
Don't worry, I used oat bran and flaxseed and applesauce instead of butter.
And be honest.
I can take it.
Actually, I never eat after dinner.
One measly muffin? I can't.
So I just did a really stupid thing.
It's that family I tell them they have to go, and they listen and they nod and they ignore me.
And I let them get away with it.
Well, stand your ground.
Like you did with your mom.
In your email.
Here, you can eat it tomorrow.
[phone beeping] [sighing] Hey, Mommy! Hi! Yes, it's really me! Oh, my God, Mom, it's so incredible here! The people are so nice and Well, yeah, thatne girl's still a jerk, but it doesn't matter.
So what have you been doing? And don't say, "Nothing.
" I know.
I know, well I'll be home soon.
Well, you can go without me Yes, you can, Mom! Just try to ignore her when she says stuff like that.
Try to think positive.
OK? Listen, I gotta go.
There's There's all these people waiting in line and I'm really sorry but we'll talk again soon.
I miss you, too.
[phone beeping] - Hey.
- Oh, hey.
- You have a good talk? - [sighing] Yeah.
You really miss your mom, huh? I don't know.
I mean This is weird, but talking to her made me realize how glad I am to be here.
I mean, like really glad.
So, that's good.
And it's It's OK that you don't miss anyone.
I do miss someone, though.
Your your boyfriend? - [bell clanging] - [Poppy] Evening bell! Back to your cabins, guys! - Evening bell! Get on back! - Time to go Yeah.
See you later.
Thank you again.
- [keys clicking] - [Dorothy] Dear Mom: I've tried to write you several times, because I don't want there to be secrets between us.
You see, Dad contacted me.
He was having a hard time.
One thing led to another and I offered him a job.
I'm starting to realize that this connection can never really be broken.
Even if it seems like it can be.
And maybe it won't work out, but I have to try.
I'm sorry this is hard for you.
But I want to get to know him.
Because he's my father.
- OK, we super have to go right now! - Just a second.
Yes, you're still cute.
Let's go! [groaning] Oh, OK! [door opening, closing] - Oh! - Hey, all the other girls left for their activities.
- Don't worry.
I won't tell.
- Oh, I'm not I mean, I'm actually sick.
So, um, thanks.
I really hate basketball.
[chuckling] Well, that makes sense.
- You're more the artistic type.
- What? I like your artwork.
- On your bunk? - Oh.
Oh, look! The letters are made with little body parts! - That's so creative! - It was just something I threw together.
- I was bored.
- Your parents must be so proud of you, to have that kind of imagination at your age.
We're really not that kind of a family.
It was Dani's idea to come here.
I think she's beautiful.
It's hard.
You want to support them, but you don't want them to have to go through the same pain you went through.
So! You hate basketball That's so interesting.
You are such an interesting girl! What exactly do you hate about it? [pop music plays] [George] Keep your back up.
Keep your back straight.
Thirty seconds, thirty seconds.
[George] And that's time.
Good job, everyone.
Let's move on to the next station.
- So did your parents leave? - No, they're still here.
I know people think we're weird, 'cause kids are supposed to hate their families But I just never felt like that.
That doesn't mean I don't know they're embarrassing.
Like my dad says words when he sneezes.
Like [mock sneezing] "Watch out!" Allergy season is a total nightmare.
Don't get me started on my mom.
She's constantly starting conversations with strangers, - and homeless people.
- [chuckling] You're lucky, though.
That you get along.
What? You're just cute.
[Trent] Alistair, pass! [Will] You really didn't have to walk me all the way down here.
Oh, that's all right! We just wanted to see the rest of the camp! And I happen to love basketball.
- Get on point, Trent! - Guard! [Trent] Alistair! Pass! Go to the basket! Do something! Don't think I don't see you, Will.
You're looking at five extra laps tomorrow morning! - I had really bad cramps.
- Cry me a river! You think I don't have menstrual issues, too? Please! You gonna let your uterus control you? [whistle blowing] - Let's go! - Here, here! Looking good out there, Will! [ The Joy Formidable: Whirring] [Shay] Get in the game, Will! [guy] I'm open! Pass me the ball! Come on! Dude, where are you going? This much delight Fills columns to new heights Shoot the ball! All these things about me You never can tell You can do it! HM Colors burn bright Turn the dial on my words I can feel them fall short Turn the dial Try my love Try my love Wash these hands [indistinct] [clapping, cheering] Where's Trent? [Trent] I know it's been awhile since I wrote.
And I feel bad.
I'm really glad I came to camp.
I've been thinking about a lot of stuff.
I figured out, when you add up all the hours after school and during school and summers and weekends, I've spent, like, three full years of my life playing sports.
Just because it was something to do.
I'm not sure how it even started.
It's not like I woke up one day going, "This is my passion in life.
" Now it's just this thing that I am.
When did that happen? I'm not even sure why I'm writing this.
I just feel like there's no one else I can tell this to.
I really miss you, Mom.
Love, Trent.
[groaning] I keep scoring against myself.
Ah, yes, all part of my master plan.
My rise to the top of the competitive foosball circuit.
- Hey.
- [Dani] Hi.
So you know how sometimes people will sometimes make assumptions about other people? - Woo! - [groaning] Sorry, what? Will's not gay.
Oh, OK.
All right, then.
That's so Mom.
- Take it.
- Wait! [gasping] She's fine.
They went to the aquarium! - And the otters were there! - Yeah, I know.
I got a postcard, too.
So how's your cabin and everything? It's fine.
I gotta go.
Dear Mom and Dad: A crazy thing happened today.
I, your daughter, played basketball.
And I liked it.
I actually scored.
I'll see you soon.
[Will] But you're never gonna know that.
I can't tell you what's good about this place, because you'll just pat yourselves on the back, like, "Didn't I tell you she'd love camp?" And you'd feel totally justified for making me come here.
And it's not that simple.
I can't forget that you sent me here.
That I'm not good enough for you.
You tell me all the time.
When you comment on how my shirts don't fit, or exchange little looks when I reach for dessert.
I try not to care.
But it hurts.
It hurts! And I'll never say that to you, either.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sensitive gums? - Me, too.
- Weird.
I want to apologize.
I think I acted kind of cold to you.
And it wasn't about you, I just The girl who was here before you we were close.
And [sighing] It's just, you know how you can not know someone very long - but it feels like you did? - Yeah.
And she left.
And when you came in, I just felt like she was being erased or something.
I'm sorry.
[chuckling] I didn't mean to get all emotional, I just - You miss her.
- Yeah.
But even when people leave, they leave a mark.
Like they change us.
So just don't forget her.
Oh God, I got zit cream on you - [both chuckling] - It's OK [crickets chirping] Don't you wish you could take chub and just like, put it somewhere else? Like, if some of this could just migrate to the boobular area? I'd have no more problems.
"Cancer: That mysterious hottie will finally show you he cares.
" - Ooh! - Ooh - Accurate.
- Dani, what's your sign? Dani? - [sobbing] - Dani? [gasping, panting] I better get Dr.
[ Kings Of Convenience: Homesick] She really seemed OK.
Homesick Cause I no longer know Where home is - [keys clicking] - [Dorothy] Dear Mom: Sorry I haven't written in a while.
I've been so busy.
Nothing special.
Just the way it always is at the beginning of the summer.
Hope you're doing well.
Love, Dorothy.
I've traveled far and I've burned all the bridges I believed as soon as I hit land All the other options held before me Would wither in the light of my plan [Joe] It's all in the wrist.
See, you want to use your left hand to balance the ball, and your right hand to guide it.
Up and in.
Now, here Try it like that.
Well, you've still got to practice.
Personally, I aim for the backboard.
That's not any kind of rule.
That's just what I do.
Hey! Not bad! You want a turn? Faked you out, didn't I? Can you stop me? Huh? Where home is [Joe] Give it a try.