Huge (2010) s01e05 Episode Script

Movie Night

? Huge" - ??? -????, Thanks.
This song was inspired by a poem I found.
Why does time move forward and never end? Why can't I somehow become a child again? Owoh - # Oooh # - How much did you read? I opened it to see whose it was.
I can't believe you would do that.
- I'm your friend.
- We're not friends.
You killed it.
Morgan Lake and Ryan Boone are dating.
Which I totally called.
I mean, you could just feel the chemistry between them in the movie.
My sister and I are obsessed with him.
Hold up.
According to a source, he gave her a platinum friendship ring.
Yeah, but that doesn't mean they're together.
Are you kidding? Look at this body language.
He's unconsciously protecting her with his arm.
I heard they don't even like each other, they just pretend to be in love to publicize the movie.
Plus he's gay.
No he's not.
I saw him making out with a guy in Heaven.
It's a club in London.
Like you saw Dr.
Rand calling the chef her dad? - Yes! - Ryan Boone can't be gay.
Why do you care? It's not like you're gonna get with him anyway.
Stop making fun of me! Oh, Sierra, come on.
Sweetie - I never saw Phantasma.
- Shut up! - My mom and I were gonna go, but - But what? she lost her job that week and we basically had to move.
I've never read the books Oh, you have to read the book before you see the movie.
This girl comes to this new town, right? And she keeps seeing this guy everywhere, like, he keeps appearing and reappearing and appearing and reappearing, because, like, he basically is everywhere, because he's, like, a ghost.
It's romantic.
Just something to look out for.
I know a few campers have gone to the infirmary complaining of a sore throat, just so they'll be given - Salt.
To gargle with.
- Exactly.
- And then they put it - On their food.
And that covers salt.
Oh, oh Movie Night.
This summer we're going to institute a "no sleeping bag" rule because of what happened last summer - Hey, man.
- Hey.
There was an incident.
Two campers ended up in the same sleeping bag.
Luckily the the incident was nipped in the bud.
I mean, well, nothing happened.
But do keep an eye on your kids.
If you see a couple getting too involved, kissing, uh So kissing's not allowed? Kissing of a prolonged nature is not encouraged.
Cause basically, if you die in a state where you gave your heart to someone who betrays you, you get stuck in limbo.
So anyways, they get together.
And he's from the 1700s, so he's like a super nice guy, like he recites poetry and all this stuff.
And they want each other so bad, but they can never have sex, because, you know, he's a ghost.
- They can't even kiss? - Never.
Are you ever gonna give George that hoodie back? - It's comfortable! - Oh, is that why you sleep in it every night? He never asked for it back.
Do you think that, like means something? "Oh, Sandra! - Keep my hoodie forever!" - Shut up! You're not scared to write in your journal, after what happened to me? If something's really private, I write it in runes.
I could teach you the code.
You want me to? No.
For, like, 18 different reasons.
You don't actually know if he read all of it.
Maybe he's telling the truth.
Come on, you're gonna open someone's journal and only read the first page? I mean, do you really buy that? I don't know.
The fact that he did it It's just Unforgivable.
Are you really gonna go the whole summer not speaking to him? Oh, I could go a lot longer than that.
I love not speaking to people.
Hail to thee Camp Victory Where hope shines like a star Although the summer sun may set We promise we'll not soon forget - # Camp Victory # - # How wonderful you are # wWw.
To There she is.
- I feel sick.
- Yo, Ian! You wanna go to the nurse? It won't help.
I get like this when my parents fight.
Confrontation makes me physically nauseous.
Let me talk to Will.
I was there, I know you didn't read it! I told her 18 times! And she still doesn't believe me.
Screw her, if that's what she thinks, you know? I thought she understood me better than that.
So You're not gonna eat that? No, I am.
Attention everyone, I have some very exciting news.
Tomorrow is Movie Night! So I've compiled a list of some thought-provoking and interesting films for you to choose from: Stand and Deliver, - Sir Richard Attenborough's Gandhi - Boring! Wuthering Heights and - And - Dreamgirls! - Old School! - Phantasma! I mean, it just came out on DVD! Oh, OK, uh Actually, the last film on the ballot is one of my personal favorites: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.
No way! - Never heard of that one.
You'll find a ballot on each table under the, um snalt shakers.
And may the best film win! They never pick a good movie.
Trent, come on, let's go.
We're out.
See you at the boat safety thing.
He's so hot.
Can you give this to Will? Please? "So even though I no longer trust or respect you, - the truth is " - Abigail, wait! The truth is what? "The truth is, I still really want to write a song with you.
It's not even that I want to, but I need to.
It's almost like I have no choice.
" So what are you gonna do? What's up, Doc? Hi.
That's just the kids voting for what movie to watch.
"These choices suck.
" People have strong opinions.
- Oh, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg? - You know it? Jacques Demy's 1964 transcendent tale of love and loss? Oh, yeah.
I lived in Paris.
It was that or finish college.
I've always wanted to go to France.
I came this close in high school.
- But I missed my chance.
- You only get one chance? Well, I'd better get digging.
Wait, you're gonna build the fence yourself? Yeah.
Well, I thought - You left me that message - I know, I just didn't realize You wanted to put in a fence, I just assumed - I see - wanted to do was put in a fence.
I just thought you were going to recommend someone.
Hell, it's just a cyclone fence.
- I have no idea what that means, so It's a snap.
A child could do it.
So, next to your heart is the xyphoid process, and like we talked about, clasp your hands, align your elbows One, two, three, four, five You're gonna come over here, make sure there's a seal with your mouth Take turns practicing.
And, uh, use these.
For your own protection.
- George! - Hey.
For showing us the mouth-to-mouth stuff.
- What's up, George? - Well, it's a law.
- Trent, this'll be fun.
- Yeah.
Do we have to wear these things? - Uh, yeah, you do.
- Here, Chloe.
Hey, you know, I think I might still have your hoodie.
- Oh.
- Yeah, I do.
Sorry I didn't think to return it before It's fine.
I washed it.
It didn't shrink or anything.
Yeah, it's cotton.
I still can't get over that song.
It was like good enough to be a real song! Yeah, it was really good.
The night before? He couldn't even play it for me.
He had no idea what it even was.
That's amazing.
Do you wear that all the time? What? Oh.
It's like a reminder to never give up and keep working out 'til I get the body I want.
Shut up.
You look good.
I really want a six-pack.
So what movie did you vote for? Uh, none of them really sound that good.
I wish we could watch Caddyshack.
Well, no one really watches the movie anyway.
Yeah, I heard last year, this girl crawled into some guy's sleeping bag and they did it with Dr.
Rand like two feet away.
That's not what happened.
People exaggerate stuff.
I just hope the Umbrellas of Whatever movie is in English.
Why do you want to write a song with me? Because I never wrote anything good before Talent Night.
And that was because of you.
Your words.
So Do you want to or not? He's my best friend.
He's been there for me through everything.
Like when my parents split up? I'd come over every night and he'd hold me while I cried.
I miss him like crazy.
I've used up two phone cards since we've been here.
So wait, who in this cabin has had complete sex? I'm a virgin.
I thought you did everything but.
So? That doesn't count.
I've barely done anything.
I would want it to be with somebody who I really care about, you know? - Yeah.
- So what did you say? Nothing.
I haven't said anything yet.
It's just, I don't get why he wants to write a song.
It's like, what does that mean? Maybe it means exactly what it sounds like.
He appreciates your talent and he wants to collaborate.
- Yeah, OK, but he read my journal, and - Maybe.
And now he wants to, quote, "write a song with me," unquote? Therefore, whatever he read in my journal is not preventing him from wanting to write a song with me.
I have nothing to add to this conversation.
Look, I'm sorry I said "therefore.
" It's just If he still wants to hang out with me, - that means - What? What does it mean? Just that he wasn't freaked out by whatever he read in there.
You should ask Michael to Movie Night.
You think? I mean, he's sweet.
- Well, I asked him about you.
- What?! - Chloe! - What? Hey.
That Lady Gaga sure works hard at whatever it is she does.
I just hope she has people who look out for her.
I hope so too.
Could I get some ice tea? I I want to bring some down to Wayne.
He's here.
Building a fence.
- Himself? - Yeah.
Why? It doesn't mean anything.
I'm sure it's probably something he does on the side all the time.
I don't think so.
When a woman lets a man build her a fence - I'm gonna pay him.
- Yeah.
And then brings him iced tea.
Parts of the world, that means she's interested.
Well, in this part, it just means - After all, he's a man.
- I realize that.
And you're, uh, beautiful.
Well Thanks.
You are.
Thanks, Dad.
Thanks for the iced tea and everything.
It's just a cyclone fence.
A child could do it.
You work fast.
That's because everything I do is dangerously shoddy.
So, uh You do this kind of thing a lot? No.
What's that? Oh Here It's unsweetened.
I can get you some stevia.
I'd rather lick money.
So which movie won? Uh, all the votes aren't in.
Well, don't be surprised if there's a write-in vote for Phantasma.
That is not the kind of movie I would ever choose for my kids.
Why not? I think it sends the wrong message.
What message is that? The whole "We're destined to be together; I'd die without you " Have you seen it? My daughter made me see it.
It's actually kinda fun.
- You have a daughter? - Audrey.
She's with me most of the summer and every other Christmas.
Happily divorced, going on six years.
Did you know that tea was discovered by accident? I did not know that.
Trent, let's go! So what terrible movie do we have to watch? I can't tell you! The results are top secret.
Well, I guess we shouldn't be distracted from our real job, preventing teen sex.
I mean, that story about the sleeping bag Oh, my gosh, you don't even know.
It was actually me who fod them.
Rand doesn't know the whole story.
She thinks it was just kissing.
They snuck off together.
It was this popular boy and the girl was younger and kind of innocent? I mean, he basically kind of used her.
I just feel so protective of these girls, you know? They're so young.
So, like, are you and Chloe a thing now? I don't know.
I mean, we'll probably hook up again.
- She's really hot.
- Yeah, she is.
Maybe I'll hook up with Kendra on Movie Night.
You guys know it's wrong to put pressure on a girl, right? Hey, they put pressure on us, dude.
You have to be the responsible ones.
Just because you might have, like, expectations Trust me, my expectations couldn't be lower.
Just make sure you listen to what she wants.
Or ask.
That's all I'm saying.
This has been The Advice Corner with George Yeah, you don't care So at home, are you, like, in a band? Not really.
You know those drums in the rec room? I think they still work.
If you ever wanna, like play with someone Not that I'm any good, but I could learn.
Hey, there's a girl out there! - It's just Will.
- Oh - Crap.
- What does she want? Go out there.
So what's up with them? So So, this song.
Like, what do you want it to be like? Good.
Uh, no.
Um, I don't know.
A love song.
That's what you want? Yeah.
But not cheesy.
Something real.
Let's do it.
- Hey there.
- Hey.
Look over there.
What is that line of Longfellow's? "Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, blossom the lovely stars, the forget-me-not of the angels.
" Oh.
I almost forgot.
Uh Just in case.
OK, there's something I feel we need to address.
That sounds like fun.
Because maybe I'm sending some kind of signal.
Or Or something, which I would Well, I hope isn't the case, but, uh - But what? - You offer to build me a fence, without any discussion of payment Well, I had to, you know, kind of figure out And you told me that you lived in Paris, and that you're divorced, and then you quote Longfellow, and and you bring me this movie! I just I mean, I just want to be clear about my situation.
'Cause it could cause certain misinterpretations on your part.
And I just Do you see what I'm saying? You're saying you just need a fence.
I actually left you an invoice.
In the door to your office.
Well, uh I'd better get this post in before it gets dark.
Yes, of course.
So now we'll see where this will go Maybe I can let you know Hair a golden halo Can't stop looking Hair a golden halo Can't stop staring Wanna climb into those big blue eyes Tangled in your yellow hair But you'll never know my name Well it's like, if you know a guy's gonna be feeling you up, that affects your choice of bra.
Can I borrow your eye shimmer? Sure.
So apparently, last year, this crazy slut hooked up with three separate guys on Movie Night.
Like, she just went from one sleeping bag to another.
No, no, it was just one guy, but she got pregnant.
- What?! - Here.
So are we, like, gonna sit in a group, or? I mean if you and Trent wanna be alone I thought maybe you were gonna sit with Michael? Yeah, you know, that's actually Yeah.
Or maybe someone else.
I'm just gonna see what happens.
Playing the field, I get it.
- No, just one.
- OK.
And your blanket.
- Do something for me? - Why? I mean, yeah.
If you could, like, sit with Amber? Just 'cause I don't want her to feel left out.
'Cause she doesn't have a boyfriend.
You're the best.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Where were you today? I thought we were gonna work on the song.
Yeah, I had some stuff to do.
You still want to, right? - Yeah! - OK.
She hasn't found a place to sit yet.
I just need to, like, get near her without being too obvious.
What about you? Anybody you want to sit with? You really didn't read it.
Your journal? No, I told you I didn't.
I know.
I mean, I believe you.
Am I sweating? I feel like I'm sweating.
Just go.
Because it makes me feel ugly Just like all the little girls All over the world, singin' I want to be loved I want to be yours to call "my little" Lover, you're gonna make me feel like - Hey, Amburger.
- Hey, Pizburger.
You wanna get in on this blanket? It's quality.
- Let's do it.
- Cool.
And the rain becomes the clouds And the clouds become the sky Hey Ian! - Ian, where are you going? - I gotta write a song.
It's Movie Night.
I got better things to do, all right? I really don't care about the stupid movie.
Do you have the movie, Dr.
Rand? Thanks.
- Oh! That's OK.
- Sorry.
Have you ever loved a dead man? Phantasma! Sounds crazy, I know.
And six months ago I'd have said the same thing.
But everything I thought I knew was about to be irrevocably, and inescapably, shattered.
I don't really care about Movie Night either.
Pretty good acoustics in here.
Listen, I I wish I could do what you do.
What? Just make something, out of nothing.
Anybody can be creative.
You just have to find your medium.
Hey, do you like Nickelback? I can see you, I can hear you but the tombstone says you died 300 years ago.
When someone dies with a broken heart, they can't cross over.
So I'm stuck here.
But I would never hurt you, Callie.
You're the most beautiful creature I've ever seen.
This is crazy.
All my life I've been afraid of people like you.
Say it.
Just say it! Ghost.
It must be so lonely being dead.
- What? - You're in Trent's cabin? - I'm trying to watch the movie.
- Wait.
Just I Has he said anything about me? Like, do people talk about that That it was me last summer, in the sleeping bag with that guy? - Wait, what? - Shh! - That was you? - Shut up, it's not I just need to know if Trent knows.
'Cause we were supposed to sit together.
I just need to know if maybe he heard something about me that wasn't true.
Or something that was true.
I haven't heard anything.
- Who was the guy? - No one.
Just a guy.
He didn't come back this year.
Were you in love with him? No.
It wasn't I I just wanted to know what it was like.
He was popular, and when we got together, I kinda got in with his group.
I mean, we both got something out of it.
You should go back to the movie.
I would do anything for you, Cal.
I've even sworn to protect you from the ghost tribunal.
But now I realize that the best way to protect you is to stay away from you.
You can't mean that.
If you love me, then you'll stay with me.
No matter what.
I've waited 300 years to find true love.
Before you came, I had no hope that I would ever feel anything again.
You changed me, Callie.
And I need you to know that before I go.
Go? Where? Asturo, don't.
Where you going? I'm I'm just tired.
You don't understand.
You're too young.
m old enough to know what I want.
I feel the same way, Callie.
Believe me, and you'll never know how much this hurts me I'm no good for you, Callie.
We can never really be together because of what I am.
You deserve a guy who can take you to the prom, who you can grow old with.
If I can't be with you, I don't want to be with anyone.
I need you to forget about me.
Pretend I never existed.
Don't you think I wish I could, Asturo? I can't live without you.
You're the breath in my lungs.
You're the beat of my heart.
There is so much angst going on here.
You mean in the movie? Or here? Both, I guess.
I can't imagine feeling like that.
So intensely passionate about another person.
You mean like being in love? Like anything.
I basically identify as asexual.
Whoa, whoa, wait.
What? It's just how I am.
I always kept waiting to feel the feelings everyone else talked about, but I just never got there.
In a way, I feel really grateful I don't have to deal with all that.
Was Asturo a ghost? Yes.
Crap, one of your girls is gone.
Just watch the movie.
I'll find her.
hair on the back of a cat stand on end? Absolutely.
Yet do I love him with a passion that can never be exorcised? Yes.
Endlessly, entirely, all-consumingly yes.
Why is Chloe out there? Maybe we should just stop.
- You know? - Cool.
This was cool.
Oh, hey.
Is the movie over? No.
I kind of thought we were gonna sit together.
Do you even like me? Of course.
I just didn't know if you wanted to be, like Or if it was a one time thing.
I just want what you want.
So does this ever get in the way? Like when you drum? My soul is in torment.
If I can't kiss your lips soon, I'll go mad.
Then let me die.
Let me become like you and we can be together.
So Not into ghosts? I guess not I mean Not in that way.
I just felt like being somewhere else.
Is that OK? Am I in trouble? Technically, you're not supposed to leave the area.
But since you're not with anyone Are you still afraid? Yes.
I'm afraid.
But how badly I want you.
I'm watching this going, like, "Why doesn't she just date a normal guy, save herself all the drama?" But that's what makes it romantic.
If he was just alive and she could kiss him anytime maybe she wouldn't want him so much.
That's deep.
It is? Here.
Uh Don't stay out here too long.
Hey! wait up! Here.
I got inspired.
Wow, great! Wait, wait, hey.
I can't read your handwriting.
- Oh - Can you tell me how it goes? You're my addiction.
You're the itch I can't scratch.
How did I fall so hard so fast? You're my affliction.
You're the salt in my wound.
I feel you breathing from across the room Wait, wait You're my addiction You're the itch that I can't scratch But I'm just a ghost to you, just walk right through.
You can't see what's real about me I'm just a ghost to you No, no, no, it's like No, it's like this.
But I'm just a ght to you Just walk right through 'Cause you can't see what's real about me I'm the wound and you're the salt It's all my fault It's all my fault Will.
It's so good.
I've felt like that so many times.
Yocould get a lot of tail with this song.
A girl who hears you sing that? It's like, she's not gonna date you? Oh, Rader.
Love is a nightmare.
God, I know, right? - That was so awesome.
- My favorite part And he never takes this off.
Except for now of course.
It just makes it kind of - official.
- That's so romantic.
- Totally.
- What's wrong with me? Aw, babe I cheated on him.
Lights out in five minutes! wWw.