Huge (2010) s01e06 Episode Script

Spirit Quest

Previously on Huge I just need to, like, get near her without being too obvious.
[Will] You used to be friends with Chloe? She was a completely different person last sommer.
If she's really a person.
(??) ?? Chloe.
A female.
Do keep an eye on your kids.
If you see a couple getting too involved, kissing Kissing's not allowed? Kissing of a prolonged nature is not encouraged.
This is actually an area of the camp that we consider off limits.
Lake knoll tennis camp asked me to take a look at your property line.
I left you a few messages.
Yes, you left me quite a few messages, Mr.
- Wayne.
- Mr.
Wayne's my first name.
You're gonna build a fence yourself? Yeah.
Look what I found.
The forget-me-not of the angels.
Ok, there's something I feel we need to address.
You're saying you just need a fence.
Corinthians 14:15.
"I will pray with the spirit, and I will also pray with the mind.
I will sing with the spirit, and I will also sing with the mind.
" And now, as we go into our final prayer Let's close our eyes.
And let's remember that we can ask for anything.
For simple things.
[Whispering] Pink vespa.
[Whispering] Thighs that don't touch.
We can ask to be made kinder.
For instance, to be given more of "the milk of human kindness.
" Ok, let's pray.
How religious do you have to be where you have to go to church even at camp? I don't think it's that weird.
I mean, why would you stop going just because you're at camp? I go to service here.
Just not on sundays.
What? Oh right, you guys do it on fridays or whatever.
Fridays, yeah.
Fridays so you're really Jewish? So you pray and stuff? Yeah.
- [Trent] Think fast! - Oh.
Oh God, my stalker.
Sorry, dude.
You wanna play? Uh, I'm actually Pretty sore from rock climbing.
That's cool.
I think he thinks we're friends.
- Aw, it's kinda cute.
- No, it's not cute.
- Yeah, it is.
- No.
He totally wants a bromance with you.
Let it shine, let it shine let it shine everywhere I go I'm gonna let it shine everywhere I go - [Dr.
rand] Poppy, take over.
- Sure.
Everywhere I go I'm gonna let it shine let it shine, let it shine let it shine George, we have a problem with I know, if you give me one more chance, I promise I'm gonna do better.
With shay.
She's been called away on a family emergency.
Do you know what spirit quest is? The, uh camping trip? Shay feels very strongly that you should take her place as spirit quest leader.
She has faith in you.
She does? She told me you were an eagle scout, which is impressive.
Yeah, it's just this thing I used to do.
And she also mentioned that you have native American ancestry? Oh.
My grandfather.
But then my grandmother remarried.
And, um That's who we always spent time with.
So I don't even really think of him as my I can't even believe I even told shay about that.
Sometimes I can't stop talking.
Like now.
I would send another counselor with you, to assist.
We would keep the group small this time.
But I need to know.
Do you think you can handle this? Water purifier: Check.
Kind of beat up, but Oh, I found the first aid Kit.
And I spoke to salty about the hot dog situation.
So what exactly did Dr.
rand say? What? When she asked you to lead it.
I can't remember.
I wa3 sort of in shock.
Oh, she said shay told her I'm part native American.
Which I hope isn't the reason they put me in charge of this.
I mean, why me? You've worked here longer than I have.
When I was a camper, Dr.
rand led spirit quest.
It changed my life.
I can't believe you were ever overweight.
Well I was.
I can't believe your room is so much bigger than mine.
Ok, so does everyone have water? - [All] Yeah.
- Awesome.
So we're basically gonna be hiking South from here.
Um You're wearing high socks, right? You have to, 'cause of ticks.
I don't think I can do this.
We'll be fine.
I mean, the hike is super long, but once you get there, it's just, like, trust exercises and stuff.
You should be able to get reception on this, even up there.
If there's any problem.
Of any nature.
[Laughing] Nature Sorry.
One sec Ok.
[will] So basically this quest is just camping, right? No, it's It's deeper than that.
It's sort of based in this thing where See, some native American tribes traditionally have these vision quests, where they go out and connect with nature and confront their true selves, and find their purpose.
I mean, it's not as cheesy as it sounds.
You know, when you're out there and you're doing stuff? It's actually You know, magical.
Um or something.
Don't bother, she already decided it sucked.
Guys? Uh, let's rest here.
Everybody, please, make sure you're hydrating! Um, George? Are you ugh! You positive we're going the right way? Well, this is how shay said to go.
She faxed me these instructions last night.
[Poppy] Jeez Louise, how many pages is that? - [George] Thirteen.
- [poppy] Thirteen pages? Are you superstitious? No, it's just, that's a lot of instructions.
I'm just doing what she told me.
And we have, like, twelve spirit-building activities to get through.
It's just Dr.
rand wasn't using all those instructions.
She was encouraging us to explore our Dr.
rand put me in charge.
And maybe that was the wrong decision.
Hold on a second.
Hey, hey, watch out.
It's slippery! No! - Oh my God.
- [dante] Nice.
- Stay back! Don't move! - I'm so sorry [Poppy] George, stop! George, stop, you're getting wet! Don't you see what this is?! This is a sign.
This was supposed to happen.
Let go of the plan.
Just let yourself be guided from within.
Oh, my gosh.
Hi! Wayne? Hey.
This is so funny, I was just about to call you.
Why is that funny? I I mean It's good to see you.
Well, I'm not gonna not finish what I started.
No, no, of course not.
Do you need anything? I got it.
- [Door shuts] - [truck starts] [George] Finally! Ok, I know you guys are tired, but we should really start pitching the tents before it gets dark.
- [Dante] Um - What? Did you know it was gonna take this long to get here? No.
I did not.
We took a wrong turn.
Well, I said go to the left, but what do I know? So right now you're gonna choose a buddy.
[Poppy] Wait! We're supposed to choose the buddies.
Get them out of their comfort zone.
Shay let us pick our buddies.
Well, Dr.
rand always said this is about opening yourselves up to new experiences.
You have to embrace the unknown.
Chloe, you go with Becca.
Amber and will.
Phil and Eric.
Piz and Ian.
Trent and alistair.
Every team grab your tent stuff.
Let us know if you, uh, need help.
Guys, we're losing daylight.
Come on.
[Chloe] Hey.
So should we just seup here? Yeah, I don't care.
Here's fine.
- Shoot - No, remember? It's - Just give it to me! - No, it's twisted - [Shrieking] - What's wrong? - Something bit me.
- No, no, no.
- Something bit my neck! - It's just mosquitoes.
You have to look.
Do you see anything? Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.
- Uh-oh.
- What?! What? You might turn into a vampire soon.
You are evil! - Evil! - Don't bite me, don't bite me! [Both laughing] [George muttering] Why don't we all form a circle? I was thinking we might just send them back to their tents.
Well, I think we should do something.
Why can't we just? You don't have to raise your hand, piznarski, you can just Wait here.
This is the talking stick.
Only the person holding the talking stick can talk I think we all know how the talking stick works.
What are we gonna do now? Well Well, I think we're gonna We're going to, um Do a thing where we Listen.
To the To the quiet Ness of nature.
That's great.
Everyone close your eyes.
[Chuckling] [Cracking up] [Clears throat] - [George] Shh - Sorry.
I'm sorry.
That was uncomfortable, right? - Yeah.
- [poppy] We're not used to silence.
We spend so much time surrounded by noise, you know? So I think we should all head back to our tents for the night.
Remember, stay clwse to your buddies, never keep anything edible in your tents because there's wild animals out here and if they smell food, they will find you.
You do not want a run-in with a bear or a coyote.
So sleep well.
- Ok, sit back down.
Uh and pay attention to your dreams tonight.
You could dream something that could help you understand yourself! That's the whole point of this.
So tomorrow, we're going to share an experiential, um Experience, after which you will understand yourself in an entirely new way.
Wait, you said a bear, right? [Girl] I got so many bug bites.
Hey, so, uh I appreciate you trying to help, but you you keep correcting me in front of the kids - Oh, watch out for the root - Oh, thanks.
I just think it's a bad idea to argue in front of them.
I realize that! But I'm the one who's done this before.
Well, it's like, when you promise all that stuff about tomorrow and how meaningful it's gonna be We have to do something! Just figure something out! So now it's my job to figure out an activity that's gonna change them forever? Well you obviously don't want my help, since you're the one in charge! - Poppy - Why don't you call your native American grandfather.
Ask him.
It's never gonna end it circles 'round and 'round as soon as you get up it comes and knocks you down again I want to try to help it's late I'll try tomorrow then you'll borrow all of my ideas as your own, oh! you've got to get up, get down you've gotta get some gasoline so you can speed up morning.
So you can get up so you can get up doesn't nature make oatmeal taste amazing? So I had a weird dream about you last night.
What? You were drinking out of this giant milk carton.
And it was getting all over your shirt.
And then I realized It wasn't normal milk.
It was the milk of human kindness.
And I wanted to taste it, but you were, like "This is mine.
" So I, uh You didn't give me any.
And now I'm totally mad at you.
Because of what I did in a dream? Whoa, check it out, check it out.
Come on, dude, give it to me.
- No, no - [groaning] Come on, come on.
Go back home.
Hey, so, uh How is it being all alone in that tent with Ali? - Screw you.
- Ok.
So guys, start thinking about choosing a new name.
A name that reflects your true self.
Like, any name? Maybe someone who did this last year can explain it.
Becca? Ok.
Well, you're given a name when you're born, obviously, but some native Americans believe your real name is the one you choose.
And you just Keep taking new names, throughout your life, - as you change.
- Like diddy.
So you just pick a name you like? It's more like When you find the name that's really you, you just know it.
It can come to you from a dream, or, like, an animal.
I have a book that explains it better, if anyone wants to borrow it.
Can my name be banana slug? - Sure! - Cool.
That's a girl's name.
I know.
Ok, so when you go out in the woods, think about your new names.
Well, really it's about looking for firewood, which we're going to need for tonight.
So every team gets a map and a compass.
Remember, you wanna look for dry wood.
And please, stay together.
That's why we have the buddy system.
- You want this? - [george] Here you go.
One for you.
And remember to watch out for poison oak.
And good luck! Give me a hand with these salt shakers, will you? It's, uh it's not salt.
It's "snalt.
" A salt substitute.
Don't you mean "snubstitute?" Not really salt.
I've been living a lie.
What is it you got those kids doing again? Quest for fire? - Spirit quest.
- Ah.
It's to help them see themselves differently.
Force them out of their comfort zone.
What's so bad about a comfort zone? Nothing.
Except when you're in one, nothing changes.
Take you and me.
All those years, no contact.
Nothing changed.
But then when you reached out to me and asked me for a job I never asked you for a job.
I asked you if you knew of a job.
You know, I can finish that fence if you need me to.
Wayne's doing it.
He's out there, working on it right now.
He was here yesterday, too.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
He'll probably finish it today and that'll be that.
- [Becca] He said dry firewood.
- [chloe] This is dry.
No, remember last summer, we gathered all that wood and shay said it wouldn't work? God, she was so mean.
Do you remember what name I chose last year? I've been trying to remember.
Pine cone.
Pine cone.
And you were - [Laughs] - [both] Running turtle.
Come on.
You know you can't eat those mushrooms, right? 'Cause they might be poisonous.
And you can't always tell.
Whatever, these aren't the right kind anyway.
What kind are you looking for? I don't know the technical name, but it's supposed to make you trip balls.
This kid drew me a picture.
[Laughs] That doesn't even look like a mushroom.
I'm just gonna keep looking.
[Joe] Back at it, I see.
[Wayne] Yup.
Can I give you a hand with that? Not easy running a place like this.
- But she's a good kid.
- Yeah.
[Laughs] She's still a kid to me.
You know, she's not mad at you.
She's mad at me.
Oh yeah, why's that? Because I left.
When she was 11.
Never came back.
Well here I am, now.
Trying to be her dad.
Well, that's good.
If at first you don't succeed Try again.
Here's your phone.
There's a whole chapter in here about spirit quests.
In case you care.
I called my mom.
To get my grandfather's phone number.
I thought he might be able to tell me something I could use to make this more spiritual.
- Well, did he? - Uh, no.
It turns out he's dead.
- Oh, no.
- Yeah.
I'm really sorry.
I hadn't seen him in a really long time.
My mom started telling me all this stuff I never knew about him.
Like what? Like that his chumash name was night dog.
And his father was considered one of the wisest men in the tribe.
And he taught me how to fish.
I don't remember it.
Let's get out of here.
I'm serious.
This is a failure.
Let's just get the kids and go.
Listen to this: "A powerful urge to leave the quest location may overwhelm the seeker.
And a sensation of insanity may take over.
" Oh! Oh, no.
Ok [Amber] Crap.
I broke it.
[Ian] Sorry.
[Poppy] Ok, everyone remember this exercise is about trusting your newfound buddy.
Feel their energy as they guide you.
You're completely dependent on them.
[Amber] Where are we going? You're walking too fast.
You're supposed to trust me.
Ok, well, it feels like we're going in circles.
Oh! [Amber] God! You know what? - See? This is what I said! - Sorry.
- Well, let me help you.
- God! I'll be back! - Amber, where are you going? - The bathroom.
Take your buddy! Will! Go with Amber.
- [Groaning] - [poppy] Hurry back.
There you go.
Now everyone remember [Will] Hey, wait up! Hey.
You find anything yet? No.
Hey, wait Hey.
Look at this one.
It doesn't look like the picture.
Well, it's definitely not poisonous.
I guess try it and see how you feel.
[Door closes] Oh, um I had to coach beginners' swim this afternoon.
My hair got wet.
So this is your real hair? This is it.
Well, you look You look just fine.
Thanks, dad.
[Knocking on door] Um ok, where's my phone? - Uh, you're holding it.
- Oh, right, um I'm a little nervous.
Sure, you're Outside your comfort zone.
Dorothy wow.
- This is her real hair.
- Dad.
Have her home by midnight.
Yes, sir.
[Door opens, closes] We're far enough away now.
No one's gonna see you.
Ok, just go over there and don't look.
Like I wanna watch you pee? Go farther away! Go! Just do it already, I'm not looking! [Amber] Could you just, like, talk or something? I can't go if it's this quiet.
Um well This is definitely the worst spirit quest I've ever been on.
Granted, the only one, but, you know.
I'm not judging I don't mean to be closed-minded about this crap.
It's just, I believe what I believe.
That's it.
Do you remember where we came from? [Amber] I'm never camping again.
It was this way, right? Uh no.
No, we came - Wait.
- And we don't even have a compass.
No, we do.
I thought you broke our compass.
Ian gave me his.
I told you we didn't have to go this far from camp! Just shut up and let me figure this thing out.
- Gimme that! - Wait! What? You idiot! Why would you do that? - What's wrong with you?! - We don't need it! - We'll just retrace our steps.
- What the hell? No We came from this way.
No, we didn't.
I definitely remember seeing that tree.
All the trees look alike! It's This way.
Are you sure? No.
This is way too long for them to be gone.
I hope they're not out there trying to find their names.
- I should never have said that.
- It's not your fault.
I gotta go find them.
I'm definitely feeling it now.
It's really mellow.
How do you know about mushrooms and stuff? Oh, my family's really into camping.
We used to go all the time, before my sister started hating us.
That sucks.
I always kinda wanted a brother or sister.
Trust me, you don't.
She doesn't even want people to know we're related.
Your sister sounds like kind of a bitch.
God, she hasn't even mentioned me, has she? Who? Chloe is my sister.
Wait, wait, wait what? She's just too embarrassed to admit it.
Why did you pick the name Athena? She's the goddess of wisdom.
She's awesome.
Yeah, but I mean It's not exactly normal to pick a girl's name.
Why does it matter? I like the name.
I don't see why I should have to choose a boy's name just because people expect me to.
I'd rather do what I want.
No, I get it.
It's like, you have this personality.
That people see you as.
And it's like You start to think maybe that is all you are.
Jock or whatever.
That's not all you are.
If it were, my sister wouldn't like you so much.
Wait, does she, like, talk about me? [Snorts] Not to me.
But I can tell.
I mean we're twins.
Wait you're twins? I know we don't really look alike.
No, you do.
A little.
What was she like when you were kids? Bossy.
When we used to be out like this she'd always make me stay up with her 'Cause she's She's scared of the dark.
It's a good name.
Ok, um, for the last time We'll tell you as soon as they're back.
But right now, I need you in your tents.
Ian? I need you in your tent, please.
Can you just give me a second? Just a little time? I never thought I'd die like this.
Shh! You hear that? Ok.
Don't move.
Wait Did he say we should look them in the eye, or we should never look them in the eye? It's not an animal.
[Car passing] Come on.
Do you know the number for the camp? - No.
- Me neither.
I'm starving.
You don't have any money, do you? No.
We're closing, girls.
They have to be looking for us by now.
You really don't have any money? No, obviously not.
- We're closed.
- Oh, ok.
[Bell jingling] [Amber] We should retrace our steps.
If we go back the way we came we'll probably run right into them.
No, when you're lost, you're supposed to stay where you are.
You wanna stay here? Great.
I swear they threw away a bunch of perfectly good donuts.
Focus! We can't go back to the woods.
We have to try to find some more civilization.
But is there any, even? If we keep walking up and down this road, we'll run into something.
Honestly I'd feel safer in the woods.
Well, that's weird, d wrong.
Guess what? You can do whatever you want.
Stay here, go down the road, I don't care! I'm going back how we came.
Great! We'll see who's right! Amber! Will! Amber! Why is this happening to me? Why? Grandpa? Huh? Or night dog, or whatever your name is? [Sighs] My big chance to prove myself, and I lose two people.
Thanks for dying.
Big help.
Help me please.
You found me! We should go find will.
Ready to go home? [Dr.
rand] But why Paris? I mean - [Cell phone ringing] - Oh, um Sorry.
I have to, uh Poppy? Are you all right? Well, I'm just calling because Well, because - Oh, my God.
- [dr.
Rand] What? Uh I just wanted to let you know it's going great.
George is doing a wonderful job.
And I just thought you should know.
Yeah, that's all.
- I'm glad.
- Ok, I'll see you tomorrow! - So everything's ok? - Yes.
Oh, good.
So Paris? Paris.
Uh [Girl] Oh, my God, where were you? - [Becca] You're back! - [alistair] Oh, my gosh! I'm so glad you're back! Thank you.
[Dante] Hey, amberger.
[Tent door unzips] Oh my God, what are you doing?! - I came to see you.
- Shh! Don't wake her up.
I just I thought you might be scared or something.
'Cause it's It's so dark out here.
I'm glad you came.
You're really warm.
You're freezing.
"I pray to the four directions.
To the West, which gives us rest and reflection.
" I'm telling you.
It was the most intense experience of my life.
And that kid alistair? He's really deep.
Athena! Toss me the bug spray.
Ok, good.
[Chloe] You're the best.
I think I've gained some weight, can you tell? So I think what happened is, I actually grew a second butt.
That's really serious.
Maybe you should see a doctor.
I'm eping it.
It makes me look totally like j-lo.
Oh yeah, uh-huh the boys love my second butt oh yeah, uh-huh [both] ? the boys love my second butt ? oh yeah, uh-huh - I'll help you.
- Thanks.
No problem.
Folks, saddle up.
[George] "I pray to the four directions.
To the West, which gives us rest and reflection.
We pray to the north, which gives us patience and purity.
We pray to the East, which gives us energy and emotions.
We pray to the South, which gives us discipline and direction.
We thank you for these gifts for without them, we could not live.