Huge (2010) s01e07 Episode Script

Poker Face

C This is my second time.
I lost 26 and a half pounds.
Then I gained some of it back.
Basically all of it.
Oh, my God, are you trying to get kicked out? I do not intend on getting kicked out.
Nor do I intend on losing weight.
I found her a great chef.
Who does she go with? This guy.
Why him? I really want this to work.
- Dad - I heard you.
Shay feels very strongly that you should take her place as Spirit Quest leader.
Hey, do you know that girl? Sorta.
Why? Just wondering.
Do you remember where we came from? - It was this way, right? - Wait This is way too long for them to be gone.
We can't go back to the woods! You can do whatever you want.
Stay here, go down the road I don't care! I'm going back how we came.
I gotta go find 'em.
You found me! [Sierra] I'm y totalldreading it.
I mean, have you guys heard anything? No, but I bet you anything they're gonna announce it soon.
- God.
Don't talk about it! - What's happening? - Weigh-in.
- Oh, God, I hope not.
This is about the time they had it last year.
Right? Yeah.
It should be soon.
It's no big deal.
Just remember, it's not about the number, - it's about how you feel.
- [Sierra] Oh, really, Chloe? - That's easy for you to say.
- I don't wanna lose too much, though.
Trent likes my badonk.
[Amber] So when exactly do they weigh you? - Like, after breakfast? - [Sierra shrieks] Oh, my! You guys, there's a giant bug in here! - Oh, God, it looked right at me! - It looked at you? It's not even moving, you pansies.
No, wait! Don't kill it.
Let me take it outside.
- No, kill it! Kill it dead! - What if it doesn't die?! What if it ends up, like, half alive? - Wait, get a bigger shoe! - It's a living creature! Just because it's not cute doesn't mean it should die.
OK, get me a cup.
Not mine! Here, use mine.
[all shrieking] [all sighing] Teamwork.
Hail to thee Camp Victory Where hope shines like a star Although the summer sun may set We promise we'll not soon forget - Camp Victory - How wonderful you are I just want to thank all of you for picking up the slack while Shay's been gone.
And special kudos to George, who stepped in at the last minute and lead an outstanding Spirit Quest.
[applause] Finally, there will be a weigh-in this week.
Please, don't tell your kids yet.
I don't want to give them time to worry about it.
I'll make an announcement the day of.
So, uh, that's everything.
- Oh, my gosh! - Hey, you guys! - Hey, you're back.
- How are you? I'm fine.
It was my kid, but it's OK, everything's fine.
- Oh, Shay, I'm so sorry.
- Oh, no.
What happened? - She had meningitis.
- [Poppy] Oh, my God! They got it in time, so she's OK.
Well, we're all grateful that you're back, and and What's your daughter's name? [all] Roxy.
and that Roxy's OK.
One minute she's got an earache, the next minute my mom's leaving me a message, hysterical, they want to do a spinal tap, which, thank God they did.
It saved her life.
So, what'd I miss? - [George] A lot.
- [Poppy] George did [all talking at once] Meningitis.
That's so scary.
You know, um, I never said anything to Dr.
Rand about what happened at Spirit Quest.
The girls going missing.
I'm just worried, like, what if she hears about it from one of the kids or something? That would be really bad.
What are the odds, though, that she'd really find out? [Shay] And five, six, seven, eight! - The right knee! - [dance music plays] And left knee! Right knee! Miss me? And left knee! Come on, guys, next weigh-in could be any day now! Oh, man, I totally had this dream about Shay last night.
- I just remembered! - [Shay] Around the world! Hey Hey, guys! This is my interpretive dance about the dream I had last night about Shay.
[laughter] Piznarski! - Is this cabin time? - No.
Is this your own personal screwing around time? - No.
- I don't think so.
Twenty sit-ups, now! Everyone down! Twenty sit-ups! Do not waste my time! You just laughed yourself into You know what? Let's make that 50 sit-ups! - [all groaning] - Thank you, Piz! [Dante] I'm sorry, everybody! Ian.
So when are we gonna jam again? Whenever.
I mean, I'm working on a lot of solo stuff right now.
I get into a head space where I have to be alone, but - another time? - Yeah, yeah, whenevs.
- [Trent] Chloe, let's go.
- [Chloe] All right.
- Don't forget the medicine balls.
- I won't.
- You don't have to do that.
- I want to.
- You do? - Just let me.
Becca, I need you.
I need your book.
I have your book.
- Um Yeah, I know.
- What book? This book she let me about Native Americans.
I'm interested in that.
Me, too.
Me, too.
Uh So can I keep it? I don't mean keep it, I mean No, sure you can.
For a while.
I wouldn't just keep it without asking.
That wouldn't be right.
It sounds like a really good book.
It is.
I would probably really like it.
Maybe when you're done with it? Uh, yeah, sure, OK.
Uh OK.
It's really interesting.
It's about various Native American beliefs and spiritual practices.
What? Dad, I told you, the kids are supposed to do this.
They have been.
Ever since that, uh, that Spirit Test.
- Quest.
- Yeah.
So how's tricks? When's that loud girl you don't like coming back? You mean Shay? I don't not like her.
Her, um, her daughter was sick.
Roxy? Even you knew she had a daughter? - What do you mean, even me? - I don't understand this! We've worked together for five summers now.
How could she not have told me? - Am I that hard to talk to? - Damn, it's hot.
What? Don't take it personal.
There are just some things that, uh, people want to keep to themselves.
[Ian] I guess what I'm most scared of is letting people down.
I mean, my parents paid so much money.
It's like they're really expecting me to come back different.
ano id These high expectations, whether they come from us or the people in our lives, can be destructive.
All anyone should expect of you, all you should expect of yourselves, is that you try your best.
And I see you all doing that.
It was cool that you said that.
- I mean I can relate, or - Thanks.
I just I would've raised my hand, but I'm always afraid she's gonna call on me.
You should share more.
I know, I just never really know what to say.
[Chloe] Amber! - See ya.
- Yeah.
[Becca] It's amazing.
I can tell I'm getting in shape.
Even just this walk is easier.
I don't get so out of breath.
[laughing] I feel great.
I'm definitely gonna share next time.
I just wanna scream every time we're in that circle.
"No pressure, as long as you're trying as hard as you can to shrink to an acceptable size.
" Your shoe's untied.
Wait! Wait, hold up! [panting] Oh, my God! Amber spoke to me.
For no reason! Turns out she was listening to my share.
I can't even remember what I said! [panting] Why did I run here? In your cabin, does she ever talk about anyone - she might like? - Can you not be on top of me? Sorry.
Um She doesn't really talk about liking anyone.
Oh Well, if my name were to come up, could you see how she reacts? Well, I would be the one - to say your name up, cause - Would you? Awesome.
[man on TV] Next up, who will our bachelor choose? This is it! This is it.
There are nine onion rings in this basket.
When I call your name, please step forward.
- Shasta.
- Oh! - Will you accept this ring? - [Dante] She deserves it.
- Whatever, dude, sympathy pick.
- A little recognition for her good deeds.
The next name I'm gonna call is - Albany.
- [cheering] - Dude.
- I knew it! Ta-da! I got ponchos.
- What is that you're doing? - Shuffling.
OK, I'm only gonna show you this once.
[chuckles] [Dante] And to the deuce Six no help, snakes on a plane.
Eight, you got the bullet and the dealer gets the lady! [laughing] Two elbows.
I will see your elbows and raise you.
- Me, too.
I'm out.
- Why, you have Ah! Don't tell us what he had.
Call! This is fun.
OK, down and dirty.
Read 'em and weep, kids! - I didn't have anything.
- I knew it! Your voice goes up when you lie.
I have two pairs.
Straight flush.
Three of a kind.
You are a natural.
- Hey! - She's cheating.
- [Becca] I don't cheat.
- [Shay] What are you doing? Are you gambling with these kids? It's macaroni.
Come on, let's go play Ping-Pong.
Yeah, that sounds OK.
Um, glad your kid's OK.
[Trent] I bet I've lost, like, ten pounds, at least.
[Dante] I can't tell.
That's 'cause you see me every day.
[scoffs] I can tell, [grunting] 'cause my pants fit differently.
- [grunts] - Come on, watch it, fat ass! - What? - Cut it out! I mean it! You guys, Amber's outside.
[Alistair] What's she doing here? [Trent] I think she wants you.
- That's obviously it.
- [Trent] Booty call! Stay here, guys, I'll deal with this.
[Trent] Yo, G, invite her in! Hey, I just came to borrow that book.
Amber, you can't be here.
You're supposed to be in your cabin.
Yeah, sorry.
I just thought - Amber, have my baby! - Piznarski! It's after evening bell.
You have to go back to your cabin now.
[indistinct chatter] - [cell phone ringing] - Dr.
Rand, could I? - Oh, shut up! I - Sorry.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Not you.
It's this thing.
I can't get it to stop making sounds.
Look at all these emails! - Jeez.
- Parents.
And this is before the weigh-in.
Just wait till after.
- Dr.
Rand, uh - [phone beeping] At one point during Spirit Quest, um, two of the girls We couldn't find them.
- Was one of them Will? - Will.
Uh, and Amber.
I see.
Uh Well, I'll have to speak with both girls, of course.
Of course.
I want you to know, I see it.
- See what? - What you've done.
You've really affected them.
And isn't that why we're here? To reach out to a kid and actually change their life? Yeah.
[Ian panting] So you have no idea why she came to my cabin last night? I didn't say anything to her.
But you're still going to, right? 'Cause I mean, I need to know if there's still hope.
I'll try to find out, OK? - [moaning] Braaaains! - Get off, Piz! - Braaaains! - Dude, get off! [Shay] OK, everybody stop! Piznarski! Apparently, we're not on a run here.
We got ourselves a comedy act.
I mean, is anybody laughing? I'm sorry, I'm doing it.
Come on.
Nobody's laughing.
- What's the problem? - Nothing.
Bull! It's not nothing! Every day I see you goofing around, not doing any of the work.
- Why? - I don't know.
- I asked you why! - I I don't know, OK? Do you think you're better than me? - Is that it? - No.
Look at me, Piznarski.
You don't want to be here, do you? I wanna be here.
- [Shay] I didn't hear you! - [sniffs] Do you wanna be here, Piznarski?! I wanna be here, OK? Then get it together! Let's pick it again, guys.
[Will] I can't believe how horrible that was.
- [Becca] I know.
- [Alistair] Oh, my God.
[Will] I feel so bad for him.
I hate crying in public.
Or in private.
Are they making us wear bathing suits again? Every time.
Can we talk about something relevant? Like what? - Global warming? - [chuckles] I'm just so sick of hearing about the weigh-in.
Easy for you to say.
You've actually lost weight.
What? Shut up.
Didn't you have some plan to, like, gain weight while you were here? [sighs] Why does everyone take me so seriously? I said that just to mess with people.
I'm not an idiot.
You're exercising this much, you're gonna lose something besides your mind.
Well, you definitely have.
More than me.
I don't think that's true.
And anyway, I don't care.
- Bet you this hat.
- It's my hat.
No, if I win and you've lost more weight than me, then I get to keep the hat.
If you win, you get it back.
I'm not gonna bet on something I already own, assface! Screw you! I took it.
I appropriated this hat.
Don't mess with me Schonfeld! I will jack you up! There's something weird in your hair.
Hold still.
[Ian] You don't understand my head-related needs! I have a whole Chewbacca situation going on up here! I am not gonna partake in a bet that is designed to prove how much weight you haven't lost! - [whistle blowing in distance] - Think I haven't lost any? It's not about the number.
It's about how you feel.
I think I made it worse.
[whistle blowing] This skirt would be super cute on you.
I can't wear stuff like that.
I look pregnant.
Ambien, you're so hard on yourself.
You're like one of the most gorgeous people I've ever seen.
But do I look like I've lost anything? Of course you have.
Seriously, don't stress over it.
Drove myself crazy last year.
Now, I just feel like I can just relax.
Read this Seventeen.
They have this "Body Peace Treaty.
" You, like, need this.
"I vow to never blame my body for the bad day I'm having.
Quiet that negative voice in my head.
" "And know that you're beautiful just the way you are.
" Just try to remember that, OK? [laughs] Yeah.
[whistle blows in distance] Amber? Dr.
Rand wants to see you in her office.
- Are you in trouble? - No.
I didn't do anything.
- What about your food stash? - No way.
It's buried.
I haven't even touched it since the first week.
Why not? Why are you here? You in trouble? - I didn't do anything either.
- Then it's probably nothing.
So you know Ian? Your boyfriend, or the short guy? What? No, no, no, um We're not together.
- Like, at all.
- Sorry, I just I just thought, you're always together, so Yeah, we're friends.
Amber? Amber, I know how much you want to be here.
How hard you worked to be here.
You do? Well, isn't it true that you paid for this yourself? Yeah.
It's nothing to be embarrassed about.
- I think it's admirable.
- [chuckles] OK.
And I believe, because you worked so very hard to come here, that if something happened that goes against the rules of the camp, that you would tell me.
Did you and Will leave the campsite on purpose? Is there anything else about that day that you want to tell me? No.
Of course, you understand when I heard you had gone missing again, my concern.
But I want you to know I believe it was an accident.
I see the change in you, Will.
- And I think it's to be commended.
- I haven't changed.
I just mean I see how you've opened yourself to this experience.
- Oh, what's that in your hair? - Nothing.
- Well, here, let me help.
- It's fine.
- I could just - I like it like this.
Hold still.
All right.
Oh, uh Oh Ow.
Uh Got it! And there.
That's better.
So, you guys nervous about tomorrow? - Yeah.
- No.
As long as it's not, like, one pound, I'll be happy.
- Right? - Don't sweat, Athena.
All right.
That's what I mean.
I hate guys like that.
- What? - How he keeps calling you Athena.
No, he doesn't mean it like He's just trying to be cute or whatever.
Seriously, does it bother you? 'Cause I'll talk to him.
Ian, it's not a big deal! I like it.
We talked.
On Spirit Quest.
- He's actually really nice.
- If you say so.
Have you considered maybe you're, like, jealous? Have I considered it? Of course, I'm jealous.
I'm jealous of everyone who's better looking than me.
That's not the point.
Lights out in five, guys.
[Trent] Man, I am not looking forward to tomorrow.
[George] Lights out, guys.
I love these kids.
That's why I yell.
It's the only thing that gets them to wake up! People say I care too much, which pisses me off.
There's Dr.
Rand! Dr.
Rand! Join us! I never drink beer.
Me neither.
- Thanks.
- [laughter] So that was great news about your little girl.
I got lucky.
When you called, the other night, you sounded so calm.
No sense losing it.
What good will that do? I didn't realize you had a child.
- What? - You never told me.
- Yeah, I did.
- No, you never mentioned it.
Well, you never mentioned that our chef was your father.
But he is, right? Yeah.
Yeah, it's not a secret.
The other night I walked into the rec room, he was playing poker with the kids.
I broke it up.
I figured you'd want me to.
You can't have them playing poker, gambling.
I mean, I hope that he understood that I had to.
Did he mention it? Yeah, he did.
He understood perfectly.
So she lives with your mom while you're here? Yeah.
They're really close.
- I'm getting eaten alive.
- Yeah.
Me, too.
[door slams] I was just resting my eyes.
You were gambling with the kids.
- What? - I am in charge of these children.
I am responsible.
Do you even understand what that means? What am I saying? Of course, you don't.
That's not fair.
No, you know what's not fair, Dad? It was for fun.
Just ask the kids.
What's not fair is being thrown out of your home when you're 11 years old because your father - gambled away the rent! - I know what I did.
I'm sorry for what I did.
But that was the past.
No, it's not the past! I live with what you did.
You left us with nothing, and I live with that.
- Dot - I was a fool to trust you.
You, with that name on your arm that you've been hiding! Who is she, Dad?! What else are you hiding?! - You're still here? - I work here.
I'm not gonna walk out on these kids just because I'm mad at you.
I can hardly see them - [sobbing] - Well, I'm busy, I'm sorry The sorrow's not the same With the merger in its place - The hardest thing to understand - [mouthing] Good luck.
- Is what I'm - The hardest thing to understand - Is what I'm doing - The hardest thing to understand Hey.
Let's do this.
[Ian] OK.
So I'm just gonna add your current weight to your previous weight, which is already on the card.
OK, you can get down now.
You're doing really great, Ian.
Keep it up.
See ya, George.
[indistinct chatter] Take this, OK? Destroy it.
- Is it bad? - No.
I haven't even seen it.
I don't want to know.
I don't want to let a number decide my whole view of myself.
I feel good.
I just want to focus on that.
That's smart.
I'll get rid of it.
Are you OK? What happened? Nothing.
It was fine.
I lost a little.
He said I was doing great.
[voice trembling] I don't know why I feel like this.
'Cause it's so freakin' hard, and you still have so much left to go? [laughs] That could be it.
I know.
How are you feeling today? Let's just get this over with, OK? Careful.
I'm really proud of you.
[Becca] Will - [Amber] Hi.
- [Dr.
Rand] Hi.
- Can you hold this for me? - Yes.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
Here you go.
One pound? Don't be discouraged.
Every body is different.
Kids who are much bigger than you tend to lose the first pounds more quickly.
Just remember, it's not a race.
[both grunting] - [Chloe] So? - You were right.
- I lost six pounds.
- All right! [danceusic playing] Ladies stand up 'cause it won't be long And you're looking so good and e body's on 'Cause the beat don't stop - Ladies, we are on fire! - [lghter] We should do those peely-face masks tonight to celebrate.
- Amber? - OK Work it, girl! Baby Got Back, Part Two! [laughter] Hey, Amber.
Um Did you still want to borrow this? That's OK.
[Chloe] This is my new dance move.
Hop on the scale! OMG! Hop on the scale!MG! Keep the cosmos coming Get the ice Get your head down, girls It's Friday night With the rat-tat-tat when they play us a show Got the club house packin' and you're ready to go And the DJ's playin' our favorite song Just a minute to funk It won't be long Well, it's ladies first and it's Friday night All my girls are dressed up to the nines Yeah, luck be a lady and we're ready to shine - Oh, oh - We be up in the club Yeah, it's ladies first and the feeling's right So throw your hands up to the sky I mean, logically, I knew I lost some.
I don't know why I was so nervous! Well, it really shows.
You look great.
What are you saying she looked like before? I wasn't saying anything.
God! - How much did you lose, Will? - Eat me.
[music continues softly] You know, some of us choose to come here.
And maybe that makes us idiots to you.
But I can't help it.
I want to lose weight.
I just Is this really what you want? If this were the 16th century and everyone thought that this was beautiful and that being thin was ugly, would this still be what you wanted? It's not the 16th century, Will.
You know what? Forget it.
Why can't you just be happy for me? Because I don't want to get infected by this crap! I can't! Well, it's ladies first and it's Friday night All my girls are dressed up to the nines [man] This is the last one.
[man 2] Stack it over there with the rest of them.
Hey, man, you mind finishing up? I gotta - Hey, Amber, wait up.
- Leave me alone.
Please, just let me apologize.
- Forget it.
It's fine.
- This is my fault.
I should never have let anything happen between us.
It was really unfair to you.
It's not like I didn't want to.
No, I know.
If I was a camper, or you were older But that's not the situation.
I have to be I have to be the responsible one.
Is that really why? 'Cause you can You can tell me.
Amber, you're Any guy would be lucky to be with you.
We can't do this here.
- [George] Oh, sorry.
- [Amber laughs] It's OK.
[rock music plays] Sharp face Piercing through the crowd Soft voice never seemed too proud Bright lights Come and shine for you Bright lights Shine another view Destroy! Who wants to play next? Your eyes Somewhere in a dream Your mind Somewhere in between I know the world is gonna shape you now Did you say You had enough You had enough Did you say You had enough Did you say You had enough You had enough Oh, that's so good.
That's great.
No, uh, don't wake her.
Just tell her that I called.
I love you too, Mama.
[hanging up] [crying] Rough day? I know.
So, um Did you ever get a chance to you know? Find out? About Amber? Forget it.
It's stupid.
No, it's just I couldn't get anything.
It's OK.
Hey! Your hat just likes it better on my head, OK? Get your own! Ow! You grabbed my hair! [pop music playing] [Sierra] Which of these feels lighter to you? For the next weigh-in.
I mean, I'm definitely taking my earrings off - for next one, too.
- That's smart.
Also, pee first.
It really makes a difference.
Good one.
I learned that from Coco on Love (Handles).
Do they make you lose weight on that show? No, but there was this challenge where they had to reveal their true weight to the guy, because he wants a relationship built on honesty.
I would never tell a guy my actual weight.
I told Trent mine.
And he told me his.