Huge (2010) s01e08 Episode Script


Previously on Huge Any guy would be lucky to be with you.
[Amber giggling] Come on, you don't have to play this game.
Well, this is Not funny to me, John.
[Joe] Were you in love with him or something? He's married.
Dorothy wow! Have her home by midnight.
She hasn't even mentioned me, has she? - Who? - Chloe is my sister.
- What? - We're twins.
She's just too embarrassed to admit it.
[Pop music playing] [George] So when exactly will you be 17? [Amber] March.
So, fairly soon.
My heart hides wait, don't Sorry, that was totally too fast.
It's it's not that.
I just have a thing about my stomach.
This this There's no way to explain this.
- What? - This.
There's There's no way to explain this.
To anyone.
- What if someone saw us? - Maybe we should meet in the morning.
Before everyone wakes up.
'Cause if anyone saw me out, I could just say I got up early to watch the sunrise.
It's not a lie 'cause I'd actually like to do that.
That's smart.
That's really smart.
rand] Oh.
Oh, my God! [Wayne] Mmm.
What did I tell you? Mmm, my Oh, my God! Mmm! When was the last time you went to a drive-through? - I don't eat in cars.
- Well, this is a truck.
- [Both chuckling] - I try not to eat in any vehicle.
So, uh meet you tomorrow night, same place? [Both laughing] Oh, tomorrow night at the library, they're playing breathless.
The real one, not the Richard gere one.
What's wrong with Richard gere? Oh, my.
[Laughing] [Clears throat] Actually, I have something.
- Tomorrow night.
- Well, get out of it.
I can't.
I [inhales] I'm in a 12-step program.
Not one of the cool ones.
Um, the one for food.
There's a 12-step program for food? Mm-hm.
So that why you don't eat in cars? - I'm sorry, is this a problem? - Oh, no.
This is all completely legal, because I discussed it with my sponsor beforehand.
I've been discussed? [Both chuckling] So what's tomorrow night? Seven years abstinent.
Um moist towelette? [Laughs] Thank you.
Can I come? Dad? Were you waiting up for me? No, just, uh Changing your bulbs.
So how did it go? - Fine.
- [cell phone ringing] [Joe] So, uh What do we think? - What? - About Wayne.
What are you, texting, or sexting, or whatever they call it? Dad.
No uh It's, uh, it's It's just Wayne.
We're seeing each other again tomorrow night.
- What? - Nothing.
Can't I be happy about that? Sure.
So this is how you look when you're happy? Yup.
I'm just glad that things are working out so well.
Me too.
You deserve it.
[Snoring] [Floorboards creak] [all cheering] Yay!! [All] Happy Birthday! Aw, you're the best ever! Happy Birthday, cancer gal! "Your ruling planet is the moon, which represents major feminine energy and nurturing.
You may have a hard exterior but underneath, you are sensitive, romantic, Moody - [Scoffs] - [laughing] And you're a loyal friend.
" Oh, yay! [Cheering] Girls, girls I think we should all take a moment to really realize how special this is.
This is the day Chloe came into the world! Oh, poppy That's so sweet.
Hugs! [All fussing] [All reciting] We are grateful for our friends.
We are grateful for this new day.
And as we begin this new day, I urge you to be mindful of something.
We've just had a weigh-in.
With some truly inspiring results.
[Clapping, cheering] It's good to acknowledge our accomplishments.
But it's also important to acknowledge that getting what we think we always wanted can sometimes be very scary.
It's often just as things are going really well, that we will sabotage ourselves.
So just be aware.
There may be a self-destructive part of us That doesn't want us to get better That's more comfortable with pain.
So remember The more willing we are to look at this destructive part of ourselves The less power it will have over us.
Ok, enough talk.
I'll see you at breakfast.
[Sighs] Yo, g I think it might be alistair's birthday.
I mean it is his birthday.
I'm on it.
[Indistinct chatter] I want to invite Carter, but then is it weird - if I don't invite Sierra? - Yeah, kinda.
Screw it, it's my party.
[Laughs] This is gonna be awesome.
So what's up with the drink situation? Does anyone have anything? This counselor, Anton, will buy you stuff if you give him money.
Piz is looking into it.
- Oh, my God, you're amazing! - I do what I can.
I thought that was so interesting, about how we sabotage ourselves.
People mess themselves up in all kinds of ways.
To like, keep themselves from actually being happy.
Yeah, people are idiots.
I heard there's gonna be a full moon tonight.
It always makes me feel like something's gonna happen.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Have you ever done runes? They're these stones with symbols carved in 'em.
They're used to divine the future.
I love that word.
We should do it.
Yeah? I didn't think you'd be into runes.
I didn't think I was into larping, either.
I think your nerdiness is contagious.
So what does your family, like, do for birthdays? Nothing special.
My mom makes this chocolate cake.
And sometimes we go to dinner Like, just you and your parents, or? We should play "never have I ever" tonight.
Oh, my God, so much! I just think you and Trent would be a cute band.
- Cute? - You know what I mean.
It's just it's so obvious he wants to be like bff with you.
- [All] Surprise! - Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! - [Trent] A birthday, man! - You don't have to do your chore! - Yay! - So who has to do his chore? Piznarski! - What?! - We also made you this card.
Thanks, guys.
- This is redonkadonk.
- Hey, let's go.
That's supposed to be a top hat.
When you open it It's a rabbit.
It's magic.
The art is just visually arresting.
[Ian] There's no excuse for a birthday without cake.
It's just wrong.
- Ice cream cake.
- God, yes.
No, store cakes suck.
You guys want my mom's chocolate cake.
- [Ian] Come on.
- [alistair] She makes this cream cheese frosting Stop talking about cake! Best present you ever got.
My sister got all the toys I wanted.
Like those sky dancer dolls? They could fly? She had all of them.
And I'd get, like, gi Joe.
[Chuckles] You ever try to make gi Joe dance through the sky? It's super depressing.
- That sucks.
- First activity starts in ten minutes, guys.
I hate when someone gets you a present that just shows they don't know the first thing about you.
It's like they bought a present for the person they wish you were.
Oh, I know! My parents got me seven habits of highly effective teenagers.
It's like, "hi, I'm your son, have you met me?" "Oh, yeah, it's a pleasure.
" [Pop music playing] [George] Hey, can't you go any faster? I'm gonna wear my cloak tonight.
No, I'm gonna wear my cloak tonight.
- Big Willie style.
- No.
Uh, hey, I figured out bridge to our song.
Sweet! When can I hear it? Never.
No, soon.
It's totally not refined, but I could play you part of it tonight.
Yeah! Come with us, we're doing this fortune-telling rune thing.
I don't know what that is, but it sounds awesome.
Guys, keep moving.
I don't want to see socializing.
Ok, feet on the ground Ok, you're using your head too much You're lifting your neck.
Keep your neck straight.
- Let your ab muscles do all the work.
- I got it.
That these are meant to be the best days of our lives well, yeah so come over here I know these walls are coming down I told my parents I don't want anything except a car.
My cousin got a black lexus when she turned 16, and I was so jealous.
So when you have your birthday at home, like who's there? Like anyone besides your parents? I'm just wondering, 'cause you don't talk about your family that much.
- Did he tell you? - What? [Sighs] Yeah.
He mentioned it.
Ok, so now you know.
Anyone else I should know about? You're not related to shay, are you? [George blows whistle] And that's time.
Ok, next station.
Come on, let's go! - Anton flaked out.
- What?! I don't know, he had some change of heart where he realized it was wrong to sell booze to kids and he doesn't wanna go to jail or whatever.
I know, screw him, right? - This sucks.
- I'm sorry.
Did you know you have the same birthday as this kid in our cabin? You know what, forget it.
This party's not gonna work.
[George] Hey, stations, guys.
What's going on? Chlo, come on.
We can just hang out.
We don't need alcohol to have fun.
Are you kidding? There's already nothing to eat.
It's, like, not a party! - Are you pissed at me? - No.
I just What did he say, when he told you? My brother.
Just that you guys don't really hang out anymore.
Which is whatever.
That's not my business.
We'll have fun tonight.
Even if no one else shows We will still have fun.
My lower back And my butt.
[Laughing] Sorry.
Amber! I need to speak with you right now.
What's up? I'm having everyone sign this card for Chloe.
- Would you just write something? - [sighs] Sure! So are you coming to board game night? It should be really fun.
Um maybe.
Well, no pressure.
There's some glitter pens in there, too.
[Indistinct chatter] [Trent] Hey, Ian.
A bunch of us are hanging out after dinner, kinda for Chloe's birthday? So if you wanna Oh cool.
Yeah, uh is it a big group, or? - Just us, Amber, Carter - I'm in.
So Carter's gonna be there? Yeah, you should totally make out with her again.
No, because she hasn't talked to me since movie night.
And I found out she has a boyfriend back home.
- So just stop.
- Rough.
You guys wouldn't believe what just happened.
Trent, like, invited me to hang out with them.
- Meaning, them, Chloe and Amber.
- Wow.
I thought you had total contempt for, like, that whole group.
Yeah, most of them, but this is my chance.
To talk to her.
Hey, if you wanna miss out on a sweet neopagan ritual, it's your loss.
I mean, we could do the rubes thing another time, right? - It's runes.
- Yeah, anytime.
Crap, ok, don't talk about it in front of alistair.
I don't want him to feel bad that Trent didn't invite him.
Hey, do any of you like risk? 'Cause not to brag, but I'm really good.
Well, we're actually doing this runes thing tonight In the girls' cabin.
It's, like, a girls' night.
- [Chloe] Amber, hurry up! - [amber] Go ahead, I'll meet you.
? - [amber] I got you something.
- What? Close your eyes.
Unscrew it.
[Sniffs] Oh, my God.
Where did you get this? You're not gonna believe this.
Poppy has a bottle under her bed.
Poppy gave you booze? No, of course not! I snuck some and then watered down the bottle - so it looked like it was still full.
- [chuckles] Oh, my God We could get in so much trouble for this.
- [Giggling] Happy Birthday! - I love you! [Chuckling] Ok never have I ever Had sex outdoors.
[Trent] Dude, sex with yourself doesn't count! Damn.
All right.
[All laughing] - [Boy] Gross! - Uh, I'm I'm good.
Trent doesn't party anymore since he made varsity.
Yeah, I just realized I'd like to still have a liver when I'm 30.
More for me! [Carter] How many calories do you think are in that? - How the hell should I know? - Ian, what's up man! - Hey, Ian, what's up? - Thanks.
No thanks.
- Happy Birthday.
- Thanks.
- [Carter] Ok, Trent, it's your turn.
- Ah, cool.
Ok, so Ian, you say something you haven't done, and then whoever has done it puts a finger down.
- So put your hands up.
- So I have never Shoplifted.
- [Clearing throat] - [trent] Amber?! - Whoa! - What? [All exclaiming] - Elaborate on this, please.
- Ok, well, God.
So, um my friends and I would go to the mall, like, every weekend in ninth grade and they would have me take stuff, because the store people would never suspect me.
- So I got really good at it.
- [laughter] It's true, you have the most innocent face.
I'd be way too terrified I'd get caught.
I almost did get caught.
It was it was the scariest thing ever, - that's why I stopped.
- [chloe] Good job.
I didn't know that you were such a bad girl.
Shut up! - [All laughing] - Ok, whose turn is it? Anyone? You? Ok.
Hey, you're here! Yeah.
Seemed like the place to be.
Thought I'd just hide out here Uh hang out here.
Yay! So thank you everyone for coming! I was afraid I might have to play these by myself! And you need more than four for most of them.
So let the games begin! Literally! [giggles] Please come pick a game.
It would make me happy.
- [All laughing] - [dante] Ambien.
I dare you - To kiss - Oh, my God! - Chloe.
- What? - In your dreams, piznarski! - A dare's a dare.
- I don't make the rules.
- Holy crap, do it.
Do it! [Exclaiming] - [Dante] Go! - [giggling] Come here.
- [All cheering] - Yes! Yes! [Trent] Victory! - [All laughing] - [dante] Yes! Yeah! Too cool! Too cool! [Amber] I'm ok, I'm ok! - Piz! - What? Truth or dare.
- Truth.
No! Dare.
- Yeah Hey, you can't tell her what to say! I dare you to kiss a boy! - No - Not it! - Not it! - Not it! No, but I meant truth.
I said truth first! No way, you already picked dare.
But you told her what to say, it doesn't count! I don't feel well, I'll be right back.
It totally counts! You're not getting out of this, a dare's a dare.
- [Chloe] Wait, here.
- I don't want to touch his face! - You always do this! - No, I don't! Just do it, it's not like it means anything.
You know, unless you're actually gay.
- Yeah piz, why are you making such a big deal out of this? - 'Cause it's gross as hell! See, I would do it, because I know I'm 100 percent straight.
I didn't say I wouldn't do it, I just don't want to touch your face.
Then pick somebody else.
She just said "a guy.
" I don't care! Pick someone.
I got it.
That really gay guy, alistair.
[Gasping] Oh, my God.
Yes! Absolutely! Right now.
Where is he? Let's get this over with.
Oh, come on, don't bring him into it.
I'll take one for the team.
- Come on.
- Dude! Get away from me! Not even if I was gay! Come on, let's do this thing.
And it has to be a real kiss! Wait! We gotta wait for Chloe and them! [Boy] Just find us, all right? You know when you feel like you have to throw up but you can't? Oh God, honey Can I do anything? Do you wanna go lay down? - Yeah.
- [ian] Um, hey.
Are you ok? - Yeah.
I'm gonna go lie down.
- I'm going with you.
No, don't leave your party.
- I'll feel so bad.
- I could walk you.
- If is that? - Thanks.
- Hey, what happened? - Ok, don't be mad.
They went to go find alistair.
- What? - So piz can kiss him.
Oh, my God Why did you let them go?! I I was waiting for you! I'm so stupid right now.
I can't believe I made myself sick.
It happens.
I feel like crap.
Oh no! And I made you leave the party.
No, you didn't make me.
[Amber] I'm, like, so failing at walking right now.
[Ian] No, you're doing good.
Come on.
Oh, we're here! [Ian] Well, I hope you feel better.
Drink plenty of water, ok? - Get some rest.
- Oh, thank you so much, Ian! Um [Amber retching] Oh, dude! You sick? What do you think? [Panting] Here.
God, this is so gross! You want me to get poppy? No! I just [Sighs] I just drank too much.
Well, I'm supposed to go meet Becca, so - [Amber retches] - Oh, jeez.
[panting] Whose washcloth is this? Uh, no one's, it's a community cloth.
Oh, good.
So where'd you get the hooch? From George? - What? - I was just wondering No, but why would you say George? I just noticed you guys are close or whatever.
[Scoffs] I wouldn't say close.
I barely ever talk to him.
Amber, I know this is none of my business, but I feel like I should just say something.
You're not making any sense.
I gotta lie down.
I saw you, ok? You and George.
No one's ever gonna believe that.
I mean, everyone knows you make stuff up.
I didn't tell anyone.
I just How old is he? Please.
I'm begging you.
Please don't tell anyone.
It could ruin his whole life.
And he's such a good person.
[Panting] Your hands are shaking.
You should lie down.
Come on.
I'll clean up.
[Giggling] [Whispering] Wait, stop, stop.
Stay here.
[George] You guys want some lemonade? - I'll take some lemonade.
- Ok.
- Extra lemon.
- Oh, hey! [Whispering] Come here.
Come here.
Hi, um piznarski wants to talk to you.
- Ok.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God, he's coming.
He's coming.
Scoot down! Get down! Shh! - [Alistair] Hey.
- [dante] Hey.
They got scrabble in there? Yeah.
That's a that's a good one.
- Right? - Yeah.
What'd you wanna talk to me about? Um, I dunno.
So you're, like gay, right? I don't really think of it like that.
I don't like labels.
I'd rather just be a person And another person - And be comfortable in who I am - Hey.
- [Alistair] And who we are.
- Shh! But is the other person a dude or a girl? There's no other person.
I just mean Like in theory.
- [Exclaims] - [laughter] Shh! Um I'm sorry You're a really nice guy, but I like someone else.
It was a joke, dude.
[All stifling laughter] [All cracking up] [Laughter continues] [Laughter continues] Why the hell did you do that?! - Calm down! - It was just for fun.
Shut up, Justin! It wasn't my fault, it was your dare! No, this was not the dare! What do you expect me to do?! [Crying] Forget it.
It's too late! [Trent] Chloe [Crowd cheering, clapping] Hi [laughing] I'm Dorothy.
I'm a compulsive overeater.
[All] Hi, Dorothy! - Will? - Becca? Hey.
What are you doing out here? Just thinking.
I had a weird night.
Is will here? She was supposed to be, but she never showed.
I thought she might be with you, actually.
I haven't seen her.
Probably got caught up in something else.
You know how she is.
I do.
So how do these work? You're supposed to draw one, and it gives you a message.
Think of a question.
Keep it in your mind.
When I was a kid, I always wished I had a twin.
I guess a lot of people do.
'Cause it's, like, then you'd never be alone.
But that's what sucks about it.
You have to share everything.
Even this place.
This was, like, my place.
And then he wanted to come too.
I was so mad.
I loved what you said.
Really? I didn't plan anything.
[Laughing] Well, what did I say? How it's sometimes hard just to let yourself be happy.
Oh, yeah.
How you didn't even feel like you deserved to take the candle, until your sponsor reminded you that Right.
"Progress, not perfection.
" Did you know that people used to believe that you were susceptible to evil spirits on your birthday? That's how the whole celebration thing got started.
People would gather around the person whose birthday it was To protect them.
I was glad I was there tonight.
- You mean Because you identify? - What? Because you think you might be a compulsive overeater? - No, uh, no.
That's not what I - I thought Sure, I could afford to lose a few pounds, but that's not what I was - [Cell phone rings] - Oh, I'm sorry.
- I, um - Do you need to take that? No, I No.
What were you saying? Just that it was an important night for you.
And I want to I want to know you.
Is that ok? Ok.
[nervous chuckle] So, uh can I call you tomorrow? [Chuckles] ? I kept having this feeling that something was gonna happen.
And then at spirit quest It happened.
It's just It's so hard To like be around someone, and have to pretend you don't feel what you feel.
But it's worth it.
To feel like this.
You have to be smart about this.
- I know that.
- I'm just saying.
I did see you in the woods.
It could have been someone else.
- We're being careful.
- [door creaks] Becca, I'm so sorry.
I was seriously on my way, but then Amber got sick It's my fault.
I threw up I figured you'd just come back.
Oh, it's fine.
I had my book.
Look, can we do it now? The rune thing? I'm really tired.
Another time? Sure.
- Hey.
How're you feeling? - Ugh.
- Oh, dollface - [amber] How was your birthday? And what is she even so pissed about? Because it's, like, she doesn't even know the guy.
It was still wrong though.
You could have at least told him it was a dare first! Cut me a break, ok, I was drunk! I was just doing what other people were telling me to do.
I'm a pawn in this situation! - What's going on? - Nothing.
The party kinda went South.
- It was good you didn't stay.
- What happened? - [Door creaks] - Hey.
Hey, Ali, no hard feelings, right? - [Trent] Jeez.
- [door slams] Hey, Athena? We're really sorry.
You can hit me if you want.
I'm serious.
- [Toilet flushing] - What did you do to him? Alistair? [Panting] I hate myself.
I hate myself, too.
No, you don't.
You should, but you don't.
[Rooster crowing] Hello? Don't be scared, it's just me.
- Hi.
- Oh, hi.
Sometimes I like to get in a run, when everyone's still sleeping, uh, and watch the sun come up.
[Stammering] Me too.
Not today, today it's just, uh I have something.
I've been thinking a lot, um About what you said.
About sabotaging yourself? - Mm-hm.
- I was wondering How you resist? When you I mean, when one of the kids is tempted To do something? Self-destructive? [Inhales] How do you help them Not do it? Well, uh by being a good example.
Of course.
But the truth is, it's It's up to the individual.
- Right.
- It's a choice.
No one can make it for us.
It's who we choose to be.
Weren't you going that way? No, I'll just walk back to camp with you.
[Indistinct chatter] [Air hissing] - [Ian] Hey.
- [alistair] Hey.
So what did Trent say to you? It was pretty heartfelt.
He thought I would, like, never forgive him.
Piznarski won't even look at me.
- Screw him.
- Seriously.
I could care less.
You wanna know the lamest part? That was my first kiss.
You know, my first kiss sucked, too.
You know those braces that are designed to look invisible? - My tongue - Oh, no My tongue got caught in this girl's Like, machiavellian flytrap of a mouth.
Shut up! It was horribly embarrassing.
That's my point.
- Wait, you forgave him? - I had to.
I mean how could I not? [All gasping] [Pop music playing] In the end is this all we can ask for breathing every day - Need help? - Oh, thank you! In the end is this all we can ask for Hi, there, ambidextrous! [Laughing] Do people ever call you that? See my best friend when I was little was ambidextrous.
- It means that - I know what it means.
- Are you ok? - Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just weird when you think something's gonna happen But then it doesn't, and [Sighs] You don't know why.
What do you mean? What didn't happen? Just when anything doesn't happen.
Oh, is this about boating being cancelled? They had to.
There's a chance of thunderstorms.
Right, George? Yeah.
They had to cancel it.
It was too dangerous.
So, then When can we go boating again? Well, there's a lot of other activities.
- [Poppy] That's true.
- [george] So maybe you should just focus On those other things.
I just Really wanted to go boating.
Thanks, anyway.
I think maybe she needs a hug.
Yeah, I can I can finish these if you wanna Ok.
Keep concentrating on your question.
It's blank.
[Chuckles] This is so sad.
My question was, "will I ever be in love with someone who loves me back?" No, it's ok.
It's actually a good rune.
Listen "The unknowable.
This rune should be taken as exciting evidence of your most immediate contact with your own true destiny, which, time and again, rises like a Phoenix from the ashes of what we call fate.
" Oh [Chuckles] Still not sure that answers my question.
- Ok, you go.
- Ok Let me think of a question.
Hold this.