Huge (2010) s01e10 Episode Script

Parents Weekend Part 2

Previously on Huge I need to just like get near her, without being too obvious What about you? Anybody you wanna sit with? It's so hard to just be around someone and - and have to pretend you don't feel what you feel - Yeah.
What if someone saw us? - [gasps] - It was a joke, dude.
I was a fool to trust you, with that name on your arm that you've been hiding.
Who is she, Dad?! What else are you hiding? So, uh, Parents Weekend starts tomorrow.
You need a haircut.
Come on, tell me who you're into.
The blonde, right? We're getting divorced.
This is a good thing.
- Go get me some cucumbers from the larder.
- It's locked.
I guess I'm gonna have to find a new hiding place for this now.
You still have that food, right? - It's buried in the woods.
- I really need some.
- You really haven't been out here? - Nope.
- Now, I kinda feel bad for asking you.
- Don't.
I wanted a reason.
I'm so sick of being told what and when to eat.
I don't get you.
I think that's an understatement.
You can't hate this place as much as you say, or you wouldn't still be here.
I don't hate everything about it.
I like the people.
Like Ian? Like Ian - and Becca and Allister and - Come on, I [sighs] I won't tell anyone.
You know who I like.
OK, fine, I have a hot throbbing crush - on Salty.
- Eww.
Oh! I think we're digging in the wrong place.
uh We're probably not supposed to eat stuff that's buried underground for a long time anyway.
Come on, let's get back.
I just thought of something.
[whispers] Ladies first.
[whispering] It looks so weird in the dark.
- [imitating Salty] No seconds! - Shh! - You sure there's no security cameras or anything? - Are you serious? Excuse me for being paranoid.
That smells so good.
- Oh, my God! - I know.
We have to move them so it doesn't look like there's a big hole missing.
Look, we just take this row off the end, and it looks normal.
It reminds me of when I was a kid, I used to raid other people's kitchens at sleepovers 'cause my parents never kept any junk food in our house.
I miss thatWhen you were a kid how you could just eating a brownie without feeling bad about it.
How come they aren't here, your parents? They're just caught up in work or something.
I don't know.
which is like 12 sizes too small.
Which, apparently, I'm supposed to be fitting into any day now.
I'm gonna burn it.
- That's a joke, right? - Well, velour doesn't burn great.
But I have burned other stuff they've given me.
That's horrible.
I bet it was really expensive, too.
Money doesn't matter to them.
They're rich.
You mean you're rich.
Yeah, so? It's possible they didn't come 'cause they thought I wouldn't want to see them.
Which is somewhat true.
If I ever tell my mom I didn't want to see her - She'd freak out.
- Is she always like that? - Like what? - I don't know.
She's having a hard time right now.
We're living with my aunt who she basically hates.
Indigo? I gotta say, that's a cool name.
- What are you doing? - This way I taste it without swallowing the calories.
- I know, it's gross.
- No, it's sick! Put that down.
- Hey! What is your problem? - That's like eating disorder crap! - Oh, God.
- Do you not see how screwed up that is? You were so upset about Caitlin, now you're doing the same thing! It is not the same thing.
How could you even say that? - Shh.
- I would never do that.
Sorry, I thought I heard something.
We should go.
Hail to thee Camp Victory Where hope shines like a star Although the summer sun may set We promise we'll not soon forget - Camp Victory - How wonderful you are Baby doll! Where do you hide your towels? - [Amber] One second, Mommy.
- [Sighs] - Hey! - [Gasps] This is a hot track suit! - Let me see.
- Whose is this? - It's Amber's.
- Ooh, it's from Core.
- "It's not just a gym" - [All] "It's a lifestyle!" - Fancy.
- How come you've never worn this? - OK, you have to put it on right now.
- Yeah, baby, put it on.
[mouthing] And parents, because this is the last day of Parents Weekend, if you have any questions or concerns, please know that I'm here for you.
Um, then I died, but you can come back as a zombie.
So I was like [groans] - This other zombie was like - Hey! What happened to your necklace? - Sorry.
- It's fine.
No, no, I just bought that for her last week.
The clasp must have somehow Sorry, Trent, what were you saying about zombies? - Um, who cares.
- Hey, don't give her a hard time.
He's not So we're, like, making out and I was like " Ok, this is kinda cool.
" And then his body stays the same, right? But his head turns into my eighth-grade Spanish teacher.
So I'm trying to decide if it's still worth it if I forget his head exists.
- But then I woke up.
- Are you and Amber friends now? What? No, not even kind of.
It seems like you're talking more lately.
We just had some stuff to talk about.
Rand] Shay.
FYI, I told Poppy to set up a crafts table on the field.
It's another way for people to connect.
I think it's needed.
I agree.
Good call.
Well, great! All right, then.
And look, don't worry, we're all set.
- The new guy will be here tonight.
- The new guy? The new chef.
He's a genius, by the way.
The minute your dad told me he had to leave, I thought, "another perfect person".
- Oh, yeah? - I just thank God this guy was available.
- Imagine if he wasn't.
- Yeah.
But it's gonna be a smooth transition.
I hope your dad doesn't feel bad about this.
It seemed like he did when he told me.
But it's all gonna work out just fine.
Yeah, uh, I have to speak with him, actually.
- So - Dr.
Rand? These parents have some questions.
[all clamoring] - [blowing whistle] - [All shouting] - Come on, guys! - [Rock music plays] Come on, guys! [shouting] God, they look so happy.
They are happy.
I'm happy, too, supposedly.
Would you, like, stick around? I really don't want to be alone with them.
Of course.
[girl] Hey, Jesse, over here! [girl 2] Come on, he's waiting.
[girl 3] Bob, I'm over here! [boy] Tracy, you guys ready? [Tracy] Yeah, let's go! My aunt has that book.
I found it in the rec room.
- It's pretty stupid so far.
- Seriously I could write a better book about guys.
- Did your parents leave? - Yeah.
They said to tell you it was great seeing you.
Yeah, it was nice seeing them, too.
- What? - What? [laughs] You looked like you were gonna say something.
Why did we stop being friends? I don't know.
- You were the one who stopped talking to me.
- I'm sorry, OK? I'm not mad.
I just need to know.
If I did something No, it's not like that.
You didn't do anything.
I just wanted to hang out with Caitlin and that group.
Which makes me a bitch, I know that.
It's not like I don't know that.
I wanted to be different.
Like a different person.
I know.
I get it.
So What? Nothing.
[cheering] Keep focused, guys.
- Nice, man, getting into it.
- Yeah! You were right behind him.
Keep it up, guys.
I know you were out after lights out last night.
I've decided not to tell Dr.
Is that so? I'm hoping if I give you another chance, you will follow the rules from now on.
Like the way you follow the rules Maybe you wouldn't care if you were thrown out, but someone like Amber would.
So if you're gonna break the rules, do it without her.
You're worried that I might get Amber thrown out? Me? Don't tell me what to do again.
Hey, Athena.
Yeah, don't call me that.
- Did you get my note? - Yeah.
You didn't say anything, so I wasn't sure if you actually got it.
- No, I did.
- Great.
So I just I just figured, we gotta live together, it's probably better if you don't, like, totally hate me.
I don't hate you, Piznarski.
To be honest, I'm not really dwelling on it.
Oh - So, then, we're cool? - Yeah, sure.
I am getting too old for this crap.
- [Jessica laughs] - That Shay's a lunatic.
- I think you like her! - Hey, I see your girlfriend's got the right idea.
Wanna introduce us? Can we like go, somewhere else? Yeah, sure.
We can do whatever you want you wanna do.
Hey, Jess, didn't you wanna see the rec room? Um, you know, I'm actually beat.
I'm gonna go find a place to lie down.
- You guys go on.
I'll catch up later.
- OK.
[cheering] Nice, nice, nice.
Keep going, guys.
- Focus.
- Hey, let's take another picture - and get that George guy to be in it.
- Mom, no.
He's busy.
- Baby, I'm kidding.
- Oh, my God.
You're no fun.
Ugh, I look like my mother.
You do not.
Well, you look good in pink, I'll give you that.
Where'd you get it from, really? And don't lie to me.
- Will gave it to me.
- Will.
- The girl you hate.
- Not like a present.
She just didn't want it.
So she just gave you a brand-new, probably hundreds of dollars warm-up suit, out of nowhere? It's not out of nowhere, exactly.
You're not friends with her.
That's what you said, unless you were lying.
- Why would I lie about that? - How should I know? How should I know why you lie about? - Are you stealing again? - What?! No! Then where the hell did it come from? Sh! I just told you! Do you mind? We're having a private conversation.
I need a cigarette.
Dad? - Did you lose something? - Hey, Chloe.
- Hi.
- Yeah, my necklace slipped off somewhere.
- Oh, no! - Yeah.
I've been all over.
I think it's just gone.
I hate when I lose jewelry.
The worst is one earring.
[laughs] I know.
Could you give this to Trent when you see him? Sure.
I'd leave it on his bed, but you might see him first.
I'll make sure he gets it.
So, how long have you been with Trent's dad? Um God, almost two years.
- Wow.
- So I guess, um, Trent doesn't Did he even mention me? No, he he, um, he just keeps things to himself.
[sobbing] It's OK.
Shoot, this is so embarrassing.
No, it's normal to cry when you're pregnant, isn't it? I don't know anymore.
[sighs] Thanks.
I should have known better than to come here.
I mean he wants to be alone with his dad, which makes sense.
I can't expect him to just open up to me.
I'm not his mother.
Yeah, but it's good that he has you.
Cause he needs one.
- I'm sorry.
- No, no, no, don't be sorry.
This is for you.
I don't hate you.
I just want you to go.
- Dot, please just - I don't want to hear.
How could you do this - to these kids? - I'm sorry, but there are things you don't know.
- Like Joyce? - Yes.
I was married again.
- For a while.
- And what? And you have a sister.
I don't care.
She's 15 years old, and she needs me.
- Does she? - Yeah.
She's been getting into trouble.
- And her mother said - I don't care! I know you don't.
Her mother said if I don't come and get her, she'll put her in juvenile detention, and I can't let that happen to her.
So you're gonna walk out on me again.
- I have no choice.
- Where were you when I was 15? - You're right! I should have been there.
- I don't want to be right! I hate you! I do! I believe you.
- This was a mistake.
- No, this was good.
What's her name? Violet.
[sobbing] I'm so worried about her.
I know.
I know.
It'll be all right.
You can do it, Carter! Whoo! [cheering] Whoo-hoo! [cheering] [panting] That's my sister.
- [yelling] - It's so great to see her win.
Is she You like, you see her, right? - At activities or - Yeah, I know Carter.
Is she doing OK? It's just that I always seem to say the wrong thing to her.
You know? I mean, I don't have a problem with this weight stuff.
It's like, how can I really know what she's going through? Where's Dad? Uh, Dad! - Dad! - [Laughing] Uh coming! - See ya around! - Yeah, OK.
[laughs] Hi.
Has Ian played you any of the songs he's written? I've only written like one.
The one we wrote together is much better.
- No.
- Wait, you guys wrote a song together? Nice.
- Trent, you should get up there.
- What? Yeah, Chloe told me that you play the drums.
Um, no, I'm not any good.
- That's not what Chloe said.
- Wait, you play drums? - I don't! - She just said you play drums.
Just drop it, ok? Sorry, we were just watching.
Sorry, that was wonderful.
You two are very talented.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
We're gonna go.
Please, can we go? No, wait.
Maybe he could give us a beat.
- We have a beat.
- Trent, come on.
On my count.
- One, two, three, four.
- [Playing drums] [playing guitar] - [applause] - [Cheering] - Fabulous! - Whoo-hoo! - What's your band called? - We're not - We don't have a name yet.
- [Mother] What about The Ghosts? - Mom! - What? Is there already a band with that name? That was so good! - Isn't that cool? - Yeah.
It's nice.
- [Trent] Bye, Jess.
- Oh! [Trent] See you guys.
- Thanks for listening to me ramble.
- Sure.
- So proud of you.
- Thanks.
Hey! [laughs] I can't believe you were gonna leave without saying goodbye to me.
Well, we're just, um, hitting the road.
- Where'd your mother go? - She said she'd be right back.
Is this your car? Can you give me a lift? [laughs] I'm just kidding.
Not really, though.
Don't even look at my car, it's a wreck.
It's not even my car.
[laughing] Baby, where ya going? I'll be right back.
[sobbing] Hey.
Look It's no big deal.
It's not even like my parents are together anymore.
What? Yeah, they basically just told me.
It's Um Thanks.
Sorry about your parents.
It's fine.
To be honest, um, [sighs] That's kind of a relief.
I so could use a tissue right now.
Here, with my sleeve.
- What? No, that's way too gross.
- No, I don't mind.
Anyone would mind.
I I mind.
Seriously, it's really fine.
It's one of the five uses of clothing.
What? What are the other uses? Um, well, there's.
uh Covering, um Warmth Fashion.
Come on, just take it.
I feel you're like the nicest person I've ever met.
I don't know what to say now It's ok.
I can't believe I freaked out like this.
You know how you can make yourself believe something and and then you realize what a total fool you were to even hope for it? Do I know? That's my entire life.
Just the fact that we're even having this conversation What do you mean? Okay.
When I first Uh When I first saw you, I had this kind of massive crush on you.
- What? - It's true.
- Shut up.
- It's true.
I mean, obviously, I didn't think anything could happen.
Why not? Cause you're cause Look at me.
We should get back.
- To our parents.
- Who? Oh, yeah.
You know, we should stay in touch.
Unless you're seeing anyone.
Well Sort of.
But nothing serious.
I mean, you're not in love, are you? [laughs] Damn.
She's lucky.
- Safe trip.
- [Door shuts] Hey, um, is Salty around? No, he left a few hours ago.
Do you know where I could find him? No, sweety, he had to leave his job.
He had to go home.
[Ian] Alistair! Oh, my God, I am so glad you're here! You're not gonna believe this! Everyone, let's gather around.
It, uh It may have been hard for some of you to have your parents be here.
[all murmuring] And.
and And then to have to say goodbye.
And All hail to thee Camp Victory Sing praises loud and clear Although the summer sun may set We promise we'll not soon forget The courage wand the friendship [all join in] We found here So here's to thee Camp Victory Where hope shines like a star And when our summer days are gone Within our hearts you will live on Camp Victory How wonderful you are One more time! All hail to thee Camp Victory Sing praises loud and clear Will! Hey.
I don't feel well, OK? Go back to the fire.
- Come on, you can talk to me.
- I don't wanna talk.
I didn't ask you to follow me! Screw you, Will.
I am so damn sick of trying to be your friend when you obviously couldn't care less about me.
- Come on, don't be like that.
- Like what? Expecting you to talk to me? You won't even admit what just happened! Do you think I'm stupid? - Do you think I don't know? - I don't think you're stupid.
I don't care.
I'm done.
I am done being your second choice.
It hurts too much.
Hey, D.
[boy] Hey, wait up.
[boy 2] Where were you? Why don't you let me help you with that.
That's OK.
Come on.
See? I'm, uh, good in emergencies.
- I just am.
- This isn't an emergency.
No, no, I meant when your dad told me he had to leave.
He was so worried, he didn't want to, you know, burden you.
He's quite a guy, your dad.
I mean, I'll be honest, I wasn't a fan of his food.
But the way he cares about you? See, I never had that.
I'm sorry.
Can't change the past.
Thank you.
For finding the perfect chef.
Well, who knows? I guess you'll form your own opinion.
Yes, I will.
Will? Did you not hear the last bell? I broke the rules.
Last night I took brownies from the kitchen.
I know.
Salty told me.
So that's it, right? You have to throw me out.
I'm not sure it's that simple.
Yeah, it is! Both Salty and I feel strongly it would never have happened if he hadn't shown you where the key was.
This has been a challenging weekend for you.
To have your parents not show up I know what that's like.
So what, now I'm just absolved? By the way, he wanted me to tell you Hold the follow through on your What were you like when you were fat? I hated myself.
And now you don't? Less.
And that's it? That's the big improvement? You hate yourself less? Yes.
Back home I never noticed the stars.
But here you can really see them.
You really can.