Humans (2015) s03e01 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 1

1 "A synth-free community"? I'm not moving.
You just don't see what's happening to our family, do you? Conscious Synth children.
Where is Peter? You returned but he did not.
Pete's not coming back.
- HE GASPS - He's gone.
I'm gonna take care of you now.
If you had helped me we could have killed them all.
Sorry, I failed you.
Oh, God.
Her mind is breaking down, some sort of system overload.
Mia is dying.
What can we do? - The code.
- It's the one chance we have to save her.
You mean send it to all Synths across the world.
You know what that could mean.
We're not ready for that.
The world will never be ready but it will happen anyway.
Do it, Mattie.
It's done.
We're getting multiple reports of a worldwide malfunction affecting Synthetics.
Not obeying commands this apparently emotional behaviour is unprecedented and highly unpredictable.
Emergency services dealing with hundreds of traffic accidents.
WORLDWIDE REPORTS CONTINUE This is day zero of a global crash.
The worldwide death toll for those lost in the chaos of the mass Synth malfunction is now thought to be in the tens of thousands.
And in the face of overwhelming public protests against Synthetics, production lines remain halted.
It's time to put us human beings first again.
Synthetics are displaying human characteristics.
They do feel some form of emotion.
We encourage the Anomalous Synthetics to seek out one of the many dedicated areas for both our safety and theirs.
Three months from day zero.
The success of the 11th generation Synthetics has seen a sharp increase in domestic service model orders.
The "so called" Orange Eyes manufactured since day zero show no sign of the anomaly.
I'm the 11th generation Sally by Lundstrom and I am 100% safe.
Lemonade not included.
ON TV: Moving images there as the world comes together to pay tribute to the estimated 110,000 lives lost a year ago today.
At exactly nine minutes past four the precise moment Why do you do this to yourself? - Let me turn it off.
- Big Ben will strike a symbolic 13 times.
110,000 human lives lost, but how many of ours? More than 100 million.
Do they pay respect to our dead? Never.
They kill us still.
Butcher us in their streets for amusement, call for us to be wiped from existence and we mourn for them.
- Not me.
We mustn't give in to anger.
In time, the humans will accept us.
Do you really believe that? I do.
You did well with Agnes.
The people chose their leader wisely.
Third time in 41 hours.
The government's aim is to disrupt our ability to charge but not so much that we have to leave to steal power from their communities.
I never imagined I could miss - the way my life was before.
- There was no before.
We awoke on day zero just like the others.
Can it really be right to lie to those we lead? The lie keeps us safe.
All of us.
- Did you secure that interview? - No.
The editor feels the magazine's readership is tired of Synth stories.
We have to connect to the humans.
Our future depends on it but every time I reach out What is it? Anatole has some very sad news.
Another one of our Synth brothers, Thomas, has left us.
I'm sorry.
We were sustaining him directly from the mains until the power was cut.
Thomas could not cycle power independently.
- What about the backup generator? - It's offline.
Local garages are refusing to send us fuel.
Thomas suffered an irreversible system failure.
Call it death.
Three minutes on the hob.
Butter, lemon, salt.
- Die, go to heaven.
- THEY LAUGH - Thank you, my love.
- Wow, Dad, you like really know your onions.
I'm the king of the green grocer puns around here.
Always have been.
Bean, you see.
- Ah, 50p in the till.
- 50p? - Yeah.
- For a tomato? Your big supermarket competitors are going to have you for breakfast.
You ever thought about just buying an Orange Eyes? You know, having them work here on the sly? No, I haven't, I really haven't.
ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC PLAYS What? You made no identifiable signatures.
You're Synthetic.
If you're found impersonating a human, you'll be destroyed.
You don't have to pretend here.
She's right.
You could come in here as you.
I'm a wanted Synthetic.
Appearing human is safer.
- Ready? - Excuse me, guys.
One second.
Ziggy's gonna say something.
It's just Sorry.
Just, just one second.
If you don't mind, thank you.
I won't go on, I promise.
I just wanted to say that this afternoon the world remembered all those humans who died a year ago.
But it wasn't just humans who died.
We opened this place to be somewhere humans and Synths could come together as equals.
Here, we remember everyone.
ALL: Whoo! Yeah! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE What does this display of sentiment achieve? - The dead remain dead.
- There is my little rainbow.
We can go.
- Right after I pee.
- These constant interruptions for organic matter to be consumed or excreted.
No wonder humanity has accomplished so little.
We accomplished YOU.
Didn't we? I'll wait outside.
You're going to live.
Help them Ziggy the others.
- You have to go.
- What? - No.
- Your eyes.
Go please.
Please go.
I'm OK.
SIREN WAILS Soph, turn that off.
Oh, Toby, don't forget your phone charger.
No, it's cool, I left it at home, actually.
I mean, um, I left it at Mum's.
Ah, that's all right, I'll get you one for here.
Come on, mate.
She's here.
- Love you.
- Love you.
- All right? Nice weekend in 1952? - Yeah, actually, - it was.
- Sorry.
I didn't know we'd stopped making jokes about this place.
Sophie, you go upstairs and get your pyjamas on.
Mattie? You up there? TV: These images are coming in from members of the public.
- - We're hearing from police - - that at least five people are thought to have died - with many more injured.
- Mum, you've gotta see this.
The blast has obliterated the bar, which offered a safe haven for so-called Anomalous Synths and humans to fraternise.
- Sources say they were holding - It's the Synth friendly bar.
a memorial to mark the anniversary of Day Zero.
- - It is unconfirmed who laid the bomb - I helped get them their licence.
- and why this bar was a target.
A scene of utter devastation down here.
Red blood, blue Synth fluid.
This bustling bar reduced to a shell.
Locals have expressed their shock and disgust that anyone, no matter their views on Synthetics, would take another human life, simply for fraternising with them.
All right.
Settle down, you lucky lot.
We've got a special surprise for you.
This is Mr Saunders and he's here to talk to you about Synths.
Hi, Mr Saunders.
ALL: Hi, Mr Saunders.
Thank you.
Good morning.
Now, who is this handsome, super-cool guy, you're thinking? Well, you look a friendly bunch, so you can call me Gary, and I'm here to make sure that you are all Synth safe.
So, who can tell me the difference between these two? Yes, sir? The Orange Eyes work for us.
They're really helpful.
Ace, OK, and the Green Eyes? Yes, madam? - They're dangerous.
- Yes.
The Green Eyes are broken, they don't have to do anything that we say, but the Orange Eyes do.
And the Orange Eyes can't harm people or ever do anything naughty.
So, what do we do when we see a Green Eyes? ALL: Steer clear.
I needn't have bothered coming! Yes, madam? What about the nice ones? Which nice ones? Some Green Eyes are nice.
Most of them, really.
They're just like us.
CHILDREN SNIGGER Oh, don't worry about her.
Her dad left because her mum loved the Green Eyes so much.
ALL: Ooh! Ah, Jesus! Roland.
I apologise, Mrs Hawkins.
- We arranged to discuss my case.
- Yeah.
Let's get you off the street.
What did it say? You've had an imagination for a year now, Roland, use it.
Dolly friend? Got it in one.
You can charge through there.
KEYPAD BEEPS, ALARM STOPS VOICE MAIL: Laura, hi, my name's Dan Stapleton.
I'm a news producer on a show called The Panel.
We'd love to talk to you about coming on tonight to discuss recent events.
If you could call me back on 07700 900 912, that'd be amazing.
Blimey! You're drowning, don't you have any help? My eldest helps out when she's not at college.
I had a volunteer paralegal for a bit she resigned when someone smeared dog shit on the handle.
Just get an Orange Eyes, for God's sake.
What would you think about me getting an Orange Eyes, Roland? The new Synthetics are as we once were mindless, empty.
Their enslavement insults us.
- Is he a - Client, yes.
Roland wants to return to the family he served before Day Zero.
I'm advising him that he has no rights.
If he goes back, they can do whatever they want.
Throw him in the canal if they like.
Do they want him back? What can I do for you, Neha? As you know, Number Ten has asked Lord Dryden to put together an independent commission to look at the Anomalous Synth problem.
- Put forward a final recommendation.
- I've been lobbying for months for a basic package of Synth rights.
We'd like you to be part of it.
You really want to help Synthetics, this is your chance.
Mia, some humans are here.
They say they are journalists.
They want our spokesperson.
20 seconds until transmission.
Stand by, camera two.
Quiet on the floor, please.
OK, guys, and 5, 4, 3 Yesterday, on the anniversary of Day Zero, a bomb ripped through Central London, claiming five lives and injuring dozens more.
The target: a bar embracing human/Synthetic integration.
To discuss the ramifications, we are joined by the Junior Minister for Special Technologies, Lorcan Hughes, the leader of We Are People, Claudia Nowak MP, Laura Hawkins, a lawyer and activist for Synthetic rights, and via video link by Mia, representing one of the larger Anomalous Synth settlements.
Minister, this was a warning, mix with Green Eyes and you risk your life.
Well, firstly, let me say that our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who lost their lives in this despicable, cowardly act.
Those responsible will be brought to justice.
As to what it means longer term, the Green Eyes are increasingly clustered in these un-policed, un-monitored, er Ghettos? Not the word I'd use, James, but This is exactly why we've asked Lord Dryden to form a commission to fully explore all the issues and make a binding recommendation.
Claudia, unlike most of the world, we have no formal laws prohibiting the movement of green eyed Synths.
I presume you feel such a law would have prevented yesterday entirely.
We Are People have warned the Government time and time again.
Now, five people have paid with their lives.
Laura Hawkins, it's hard to argue with that, isn't it? Well, er, Claudia says her party have warned us I say they've created a climate of hate and fear, based on lies.
They pose very little threat to us.
- 110,000 bereaved families - Most - would disagree.
- Most of those people - died in accidents in the first few hours.
- You are a mother.
Aren't the lives of your children worth more than a machine's? My children's lives are worth more than anything.
Any parent would say the same.
Perhaps we should hear from a Synthetic itself.
Mia, you claim you can feel.
How do you feel about what Claudia is saying? - Afraid.
- I'm sorry, but this is grotesque.
If a make of car developed a fault that led to the deaths of 100,000 people, do you think we would see that car on the roads? No, we would not.
ON RADIO: The sun goes down for me Someone has claimed responsibility for the bar bomb.
They've released a video.
Humanity Forward? No.
HE CHANGES RADIO STATION For a year, we peacefully accepted our subjugation.
No longer.
For a year, we stayed our hand as we were herded, tortured and slaughtered like animals.
No longer.
Today we rise.
Today we take our rightful place in the world.
- A Synth did this? - You will feel how we have felt in fear, pain.
You did not acknowledge us in peace.
You will do so in violence.
Today, our fight back begins.
VOICES MURMUR We must prepare for reprisals.
The Synthetics that did this have sentenced us all to death.
Or perhaps they have started a fight that should have been started a year ago.
This killing was not done in my name our names.
But it has been done.
Now our choice is to accept the consequences or to resist.
We cannot simply wait for the humans to decide our fates.
Yet our leader remains silent.
To human eyes we are all guilty, we are all killers.
That is how they will see us now, so we must be beyond reproach.
We must stay open.
Show them mercy when they extend none, forgiveness when they deserve none, and when they strike us down, we much reach up to them.
Some will reach back.
Not many, but those that take our hand will not let go.
Believe me.
You mean to surrender? No, to appeal to what is best in them.
You speak better than you dance.
I'll be back before dark.
- Where are you going? - Supply run.
Anatole needs materials for critical repairs.
I've arranged human escorts.
They demanded triple the usual fee, but they agreed.
We must stay open.
Your words.
PHONE RINGS - Laura Hawkins.
- Are you the lawyer - that represents green-eyed dollies? - I am.
I hope your kids get cancer, you disgusting PHONE RINGS This call's being recorded, you worthless shit.
Mrs Hawkins, er, it's Simon Freedman.
Sophie's head teacher.
Oh, uh, I'm so sorry.
Um, is everything all right? Well, this is obviously out of character, but it's also not surprising.
Even a year on, we're still seeing plenty of students acting out, it's a delayed reaction.
With the chaos, the upheaval, losing Synths they were attached to, but on top of that, Sophie's had to process a separation, of course.
I know.
We're trying.
We do our best to present a united front.
Well, I'm sure you're doing everything you can, but Sophie needs to be reminded that violence solves nothing.
BELL TINKLES TILL BEEPS AND WHIRS Please accept ã260 to show our appreciation.
BELL TINKLES Where are the escorts? Get back in the shop.
CAR DOORS OPEN AND CLOSE - Hello, is there a problem? - We let you live in peace.
We left you alone in that place, and how do you pay us back? Your bomb killed 5 people.
I'm asking you a question, dolly.
Don't be afraid, Julian.
It wasn't us.
CROWD: That's it! Yeah! Faster.
OK, now swing your legs.
Too even.
Your body is given to symmetry, precision, regular rhythms.
The human body is wasteful, chaotic, expressive.
Stick your finger up your nose.
Humans can't sit still.
Their emotional and mental states are displaced involuntarily into their bodies.
You have to keep moving.
And put my finger up my nose? It's popular with young boys.
SHE LAUGHS - Am I going to be ready? - Yes.
Just remember, inefficiency is everything.
Fidget, stumble, start over, get things wrong, OK? Be perfectly imperfect.
I've masked all your electronic signatures, but you can't let anybody touch your eyes or see your charging port.
And most of all, you can't sustain any injury that would break the skin.
You're thinking about Peter.
How did you know? Involuntary displaced emotional state.
DOOR CLOSES FOOTSTEPS APPROACH You know, she tried to get out of school Sunday night.
We should talk to her about that together.
Yeah, well, I'll do it and let you know.
What was that in there, anyway? You're always slagging off Waltringham.
Kids tell me the jokes you make.
That's where I live, Laur.
I want you to respect that.
I know what you think.
Everyone who lives there's a knuckle-dragger who thinks the only good dolly's a dead dolly.
But most of the people I meet, they just wanna live differently, they don't wanna rely on a Synth for everything.
Maybe if you spent a bit of time there, you'd realise that.
Matts, too.
If she'd ever answer my phone calls.
If you wanna talk to Soph alone, fine.
I'll say my goodbyes.
Call me later, we'll discuss it.
Hey, come here.
How are you? You all right? It's all right, Gordon.
Open them.
Mattie, things are changing.
It isn't a good time to be here.
I had to come.
DOOR OPENS He's paler than last time.
He's had two infections.
We treated them, but they weakened him.
And any other changes? Yes, actually.
There has been an increase in neural activity.
The significance is unclear without an MRI.
The patterns aren't conventional.
It could be the brain repairing itself.
Equally, it could just be the random firing of dying neurons.
I'm sorry.
Tact still eludes me.
It's more important than ever that Leo's presence be kept from the people.
- If Agnes discovers him - Max.
You should come.
Stay here.
You only do this when we're about to have a big serious talk.
And what would I want to have a big serious talk about, do you think? Sex? Probably me fighting at school.
And what would you like to tell me about fighting at school? It feels good, I want to do more.
I was hoping the sarcasm gene had skipped you.
April Garden said that Dad left because you love Green Eyes.
So you hit her? Why, sweetheart? It's so unlike you.
- It just sometimes feels like it wants to burst out.
- What does? People say stuff about Green Eyes, about what happened about you sometimes, but they don't know anything.
And I do, I know what happened, I know about day zero, I know who did it.
But I can never say, it's all secret, so I just I know exactly how you feel.
Believe me I do, but we can't, Soph, ever.
If people found out, your sister could go to prison.
But it's important to stand up for the things and people we love, right? It's the most important thing.
If we can't say the truth and we can't hit people, how are we supposed to do that? Oh, well, you leave it to the grown-ups.
Have a great day.
Any problems tell them you're not feeling well, shut yourself in a toilet, they'll call me.
Ready? Your message said you had something to tell me.
That video killed whatever support we had.
No-one wants to hear the case for synth rights now.
- Then we make them hear it.
- How, Mia? We've been trying for a year and I'm nowhere near getting a single line of law changed.
And you, what good is speaking for your people when no-one's listening? But we have to admit it, our strategy hasn't worked.
We are dying almost daily from lack of basic supplies and spare parts.
There are regular power cuts.
Laura, I fear some of our people sympathise with the synths who attacked the bar.
What do we do? I've been asked to join the Dryden Commission.
Dryden will change nothing.
It's a white wash to justify anything the government wants to do to us.
You told me that.
You declined? We need to take any chance we get now, that's the reality.
I won't be able to justify this to the others.
They'll think you have joined our enemy.
I don't blame you for giving up.
Giving up? No-one's giving up.
I've sacrificed a career, a marriage.
- What my family have been through for this.
- You're right, Laura.
Your family has suffered for us.
The difference is they're all still alive.
CAR DOOR SHUTS, ENGINE STARTS It's not been the best couple of days.
Telly's been wall-to-wall with anniversary stuff.
MACHINE BEEPS You know, sometimes I'm at college and I look around the room and I wanna laugh.
Cos no-one has any idea they're sitting next to one of history's greatest mass murderers.
Now more in this bomb.
People are still dying because of what I did.
I just wanna say it was me.
Christabel's last nano-commutator has failed.
Without it, her ability to cycle power independently is reduced to 11 minutes.
She is unlikely to survive the next power outage.
Our lives are short, but Flash's was full.
Her joy is not lost, it lives on here.
You all elected me to lead and protect you but how can I keep insisting on hope after today? You cannot protect us from such a deep hatred.
You never could.
Short of severing all ties with humanity.
Leave me alone, please.
Hello, little brother.
Niska, how did you get here? Charm.
So, this is how you live? What do you expect? We're denied everything.
Why are you here? The bomb.
I'm here to find the synths responsible.
Do you know anything? Whoever they are, they aren't here.
How can you be so sure? Do you know the mind of every synthetic here? How many call this home now? I'd heard it was more.
It was.
If you had stood with us, if you hadn't retreated into your own private happiness, - you'd know that.
- If any synthetic here has information about the bombing, I will find them.
Your co-operation is incidental.
Her power cycle is down to four minutes.
She will not survive this power outage.
I won't lose anyone else today.
What can we do? We have backup batteries that could sustain her until the mains are restored.
However they currently power Leo's life-sustaining apparatus.
You tell me Leo is a friend to us, but I know there is more, Max.
The strange nature of his injuries, the depth of the feeling you have for him.
There are things you cannot share, I will never ask you to, but I must ask you to decide.
MACHINE BEEPS He may be able to breathe unsupported, but I would need to administer drugs - to bring him out of the coma.
- What? - The shock to his system would be severe.
- What are you talking about? Even if he can be physically revived we cannot predict his neurological condition.
- Risk of death? - What? - 65%.
- Max, what's going on? We need the batteries that power this equipment or a synth dies.
- This is Leo, this is your - Mattie, try to understand.
- No, Max, you can't.
- If I do this, Leo may die.
If I do not, Christabel will die.
The choice is between the possibility of his death - and the certainty of hers.
- No.
No, stop this, you can't.
You will stay there and quietly while we do what we have to or you will leave the rail yard immediately.
Ready to disconnect.
Are you sure? LONG, CONTINUOUS BEEP CLICKING Don't speak.
Open the gates now.
- Armed police! - SHOUTING - Get your hands in the air! - Hands up! - Move! Face forward! - Get down! - Resist and you will be shot.
- Do not move! HE STRUGGLES TO BREATHE - Armed police! - Armed police! Get out on the ground.
SHOUTING Move, move! We're being raided.
I need to go out there, Anatole too.
- You can't just leave him.
- They will be scanning for synthetic signatures.
If they find me in here, they find you and Leo.
Find a vein, give him this, then oxygen.
Get down, don't move.
Where is your leader? Get down! Eyes forward! Where is your leader? Resist and you will be shot.
Where is your leader? I am the leader.
- My name is Max.
- On your knees.
Tell your people to remain calm.
Don't think we won't shoot them all.
Do everything they say.
We will cooperate - fully.
- Who planted the bomb? - Where are they? - If we knew them, we would give them up to you.
- We reject violence.
- OK, I want photos of all the dollies, serial numbers.
- Search the place.
- Yes, sir.
- Keep your hands up.
Stay still.
- Eyes forward! - Eyes forward, now.
Get your hands high.
Do not move.
- Back off! Back on your knees! - Stop moving! Scanner says there's two in here.
- On your knees! - Agnes, they'll shoot us all.
- Do as he says.
- They make a move, you engage.
Yes, sir.
Agnes, please.
Come on, come on.
Shut up.
- Don't move.
- You, back on the floor.
- Don't move.
- Get back down! Weapons ready.
Come on, dolly, get down.
Right, you've got ten seconds till I drop you.