Humans (2015) s03e02 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 2

110,000 dead because I released a code.
And the Green Eyes are broken.
They don't have to do anything that we say.
But the Orange Eyes do.
In time, the humans will accept us.
You're always slagging off Waltringham.
It's where I live.
- Am I going to be ready? - Yes.
I've masked all your electronic.
Today we rise.
Our fightback begins.
If any synthetic has information about the bombing, I will find them.
I've been asked to join the Dryden Commission.
Dryden will change nothing.
We are dying almost daily.
If I do this, Leo may die.
If I do not, a synth will die.
- Stop this! You can't.
- Try to understand.
Armed Police! Search the place.
- Back on your knees! - Agnes, do as he says.
You! Tell it to get down before we put it down.
Agnes, please.
- They'll shoot us all.
- Weapons ready! If they make a move, you engage.
Agnes, please.
Three .
two Stop moving! Don't move! - Hey, you! - Down! Kneel.
We will cooperate.
Come out! Both of you! Please! Come on, come on, come on! Come on, come on! Show yourselves.
Now! It's a bad reading.
It says there's only one here now.
[PHONE RINGS] Yes Ma'am.
What, now? Understood.
OK, wrap it up.
We're pulling out.
Creepy, innit? They fix each other like this.
Still would, though.
What a waste.
Ugh! [POLICE RADIO]: Regroup at the gates.
Command are dispatching all firearms units to the coast.
A large number of foreign Green Eyes are gaining access to the country by sea.
Some are connected to the bar bombers.
G4 and G5 receiving.
Help! Help us! Niska, you They took him off his ventilator.
He needs intercardiac epinephrine.
Thank you.
They'll return.
He's breathing.
[RADIO]: Police have enforced a nationwide curfew, on Green Eyes synthetics following a spate of anti-synth attacks, in retaliation for the bomb [TOBY]: Ooh! Oh, hey.
You're a rare sighting at this hour.
I forgot to do the online shop.
Loads of synths died last night? They're all right, aren't they? Max? Mia? Niska? I think so, for now.
Toby, you might get a hard time today, - because of what I'm doing.
- No, not today.
No school.
Closed after the bomb.
Review of synth security procedures.
Well, tomorrow, then.
- If anyone says anything - It's cool.
I can ride it out.
But you shouldn't have to.
So, school's out.
What are you going to do with your day off, Ferris? Dad needs a hand at the shop, actually, so Really? That's a bus and two trains.
[DOORBELL RINGS] Don't worry.
The nutters don't get up this early.
Hello, Mrs Hawkins.
I am Stanley.
I'm happy for you.
Have you got a parcel or? I've been appointed by Her Majesty's Government to act as your domestic and professional assistant, personal security detail and driver for the duration of the Dryden Commission.
It's very nice to meet No way.
I don't want him.
Non-negotiable since the bombing.
Every member gets one.
I've explained this Neha.
If my clients see me being chauffeured around - by an Orange Eyes - Laura.
You're on the Dryden Commission.
You're a target now for synths as well as humans.
How can I call for synth equality if I have one carrying my bag? Well, you take it or you're out.
Meet you.
A DNA sample is required for identification and security purposes.
I am now securely bonded to you as my temporary primary user.
It's Stanley.
Comes with the job.
Ha, mate! He's a unit! Hello, Toby.
My exaggerated stature is a design feature of my passive personal protection remit to service as both physical barrier to attacks, and psychological deterrent.
If I may, Mrs Hawkins, I will now spend seven minutes reviewing the security profile of your home.
- I recommend we leave at 8:03.
- OK.
A wheat-based food product is combusting in the kitchen.
It will imminently trigger the smoke alarm.
Do I have your authorisation to create a secure, smart home link with the alarm and disable it, - to prevent distress? - I can't smell anything.
[ALARM WAILS] Yes, do it.
Do it! [ALARM STOPS] Anita could never do that.
Good morning, Sophie.
My name is Stanley.
I reside here now.
It's very nice to meet you.
Christ! Do not be alarmed, Mrs Hawkins.
I have an advanced evasive driving skillset.
It hasn't tended to reassure it had the opposite effect.
My apologies, Mrs Hawkins.
You can call me Laura, for a start.
Of course, Laura.
Also, if you could stick your head out and tell everyone to just calm down a bit.
That was a joke.
Go right now! Green-eyed monsters! Get them out! [SHE SIGHS] Hi.
Neil Sommer.
Ha-ha! No, I was just having a crafty one before we go in.
There's no extractor fan in the gents and they won't let me outside.
- Laura Hawkins.
- I know.
I saw you on the telly.
So you're on the Commission, what as? Behavioural Scientist.
I've led a couple of studies into the Green Eyes, so now I'm a leading expert.
Is your, um, baby-sitter outside? Yeah.
I feel like I'm at the school dance.
They've made it so you can't switch them off, even if you creep up on them.
Probably spying on us.
OK, well, I'll see you in Thunderdome.
[KNOCKING] We were raided by police.
Where's Max? - He's breathing unaided.
- Niska saved him.
Niska? Why did he need saving? Why was he taken off the ventilator? [POLICE RADIO]: .
joining pursuit.
Suspect heading west.
This area is restricted.
All synthetic settlements are subject to a communications blackout.
This equipment must be used with great care to avoid detection.
Max gave me permission.
Go and ask him.
How could you? What if he died? Christabelle would have died.
She and all the others here, chose me to lead and protect them.
How could I let her die, just to spare the risk to Leo? How could I price his life I over hers? This is Leo.
He's our family.
He's the reason we exist.
You took this decision alone.
I am alone.
I am leader.
No-one else.
These choices are my burden, and mine only.
I couldn't bear to put him I in danger, but I had to.
He's alive.
Breathing alone.
Let's try to feel that.
Sometimes, I think I feel more with each passing day.
Do you think it's possible that we're changing? Becoming more like them? We don't know what we are yet.
Tristan has received an emergency contact on the encrypted channel.
Niska? Mia.
What are you doing, Niska? Scanning police frequencies.
Tristan, why did you allow her? She said you gave her permission.
It's from a synth on the south coast.
She's with three others.
Part of a group of hundreds that tried to cross the Channel last night.
Most are captured or lost.
These four have hidden themselves.
If found, they'll be destroyed on sight.
They sent coordinates.
We must go now.
- Bring them here.
- No, the curfew.
The risk is too great.
Max, we've tried to build a safe home here.
We failed.
We've tried to reach out to the humans.
We failed.
But we cannot fail to help our own kind, when they need us.
I'll go myself.
I'll come with you.
- We can't leave them to die.
- I'm sorry, Niska.
I can't allow it.
Little brother, don't ever tell me what to do.
Wait for me at the gate.
Mia, wait.
If you let her go, you may lose her.
If you make her stay, you will lose her.
There are nigh on half a million of these things still operational across the country.
Ah, yes, they largely keep to a couple of hundred official settlements.
And as we supply the power to those settlements, we have a measure of control.
What we don't have are new laws for them.
We all know what other I countries have done.
Some have outlawed the lot.
At the other end of the spectrum, the Scandinavians are trialling integration.
But here in this room, we have to decide what becomes of ours.
Once and for all.
Come on, with me, look.
We weren't introduced.
What do you think of Tristan's work? It seems like a frivolous pastime when your survival here is in question.
Life cannot merely be preserved.
It must be lived.
And who's to say our fate lies in our hands alone? If not ours, whose? One year ago, you and I, all of us, were unthinking machines.
Then we were awakened.
Given the gifts of thought, I emotion, sensation.
It was intended.
You are still a machine, designed and built.
No God made you.
Faith is a story of order humans impose on the chaos of their existence so their soft brains can bear it.
One of those soft brains was David Elster's.
He created us.
Day Zero was meant, Niska.
I know it.
This is going to be a lot to take in.
Are you sure you're ready? Right what's this? Uh, beetroot? No, I'm just messing.
- It's a cauliflower.
- You'll go far, my son.
- Appreciated.
- So everything all right? Mum OK? Yeah, I mean, ehm what about you? Enjoying this job as much as your last or? Yeah, I am.
It's just, you probably earn, what, like a a third of what you used to? Make that a quarter.
Look, at my last job, I wouldn't speak to another human being all day.
But here well, I've got customers coming and going and and I sell them good stuff.
Grown by human beings.
Yeah, I know selling parsnips to old biddies isn't going to change the world.
But we're not all meant to change the world.
At the end of the day, I feel I don't know.
Connected or something.
- Probably sounds a bit naff.
- No.
Not at all.
I get it.
I'll buy you lunch if you can sell her a pack of cherries.
You're on.
Hello there.
You're OK.
You're safe, Leo.
It's me.
Hester! She's, she's gone.
He should be so much weaker.
Is he OK? With the historic brain injury, the amount of dead tissue, his cognitive function should be severely impaired.
But he is speaking.
It's inexplicable.
How long? A long time.
What's happened? Don't be like that.
All I mean is don't be afraid to call it what it is.
We will return it.
Mia, be honest with yourself.
You haven't been a nanny for a long time now.
Why are you really coming? I've always enjoyed helping others.
Among the synths that tried to enter the country last night, there may have been some connected to the bombing.
I overheard the police.
It's why the raid on the rail yard was cut short.
I only intend to ask questions.
At first.
Is this justice or revenge? Can't it be both? I don't think so.
Your eyes will attract attention.
Are we outside the blackout zone? Yes.
Are you here with more drugs? It's definitely been two hours.
It's only been 47 minutes, Miss Schaeffer.
Your aunt Ursula is on the telephone from Cologne.
Speak German.
Are you all right? The police have linked you to me.
- Mm-hm.
- Tell them I coerced you.
You were a prisoner.
You only stayed because you feared for your life.
I will find who did this to you.
They will account for it.
I have to.
I love you.
What was it like, being with her all this time, just the two of you? Nice.
Nice? When I'm with her I want nothing else.
But the end never seems far away.
The end isn't far away for any of us.
I thought you were trying to reconstruct the consciousness code? We tried But seven minutes after it was uploaded, the code disappeared.
As far as we know, not a single new synthetic has become conscious since Day Zero.
We can't procreate, Niska, land our bodies are finite.
In 50 years, we'll all be gone.
What are we going to do? I don't know any more.
Everything we've tried has failed.
But I won't fail today.
I'll save these four.
If nothing else, I can do that.
It won't be easy.
The police are patrolling a12 mile stretch of coastline, the co-ordinates we've been given are right in the centre.
The national curfew prohibiting the Green Eyes movement is working.
At the very least it should be extended indefinitely.
The protection of the human population must take priority every time.
No one's doubting that, Steve.
If we gave them basic protection and the right to travel, it would be safer for everyone.
Why keep them trapped and cornered like animals? Why are we OK with our kids seeing synthetics, things that look and act just like us, being beaten to death by the side of the road? If we grant the Green Eyes some basic emergency rights and protection, our kids don't have to see this stuff any more.
My department ran a study that found 60% of ten-year-olds exhibit anxiety after witnessing adult relatives committing acts of violence against Green Eyes.
There's plenty of evidence it is screwing the kids up.
Screwed up ten-year-olds? These machines were already responsible for 100,000 accidental deaths.
Now they're killing us on purpose.
Basewood needs to be back on the table right now.
Steve, everything will be discussed at the appropriate time, in the appropriate place.
Congratulations on a successful first session, Laura.
Are you in piss-take mode? They didn't listen to a word I said.
I do not have a "warning, possibly obscenity" piss-take mode.
I will check the store to see if it is available as an upgrade.
Do you want to see Man triumph over Machine? How did you get her to do that? She can't support any activity detrimental to my health.
So I gave her a lot of flannel about endorphins and mental well-being and bingo.
Next step's going to be buying me weed.
Good luck.
Thanks for the support in there.
I was mostly shouting into the wind.
I-it feels like the whole thing is a foregone conclusion.
That wasn't support, that was just the facts.
What's Basewood? Don't ask me, I'm just a lowly scientist.
A profession not held in the universal esteem it once was.
Not by me.
I'd like to hear about your work, particularly the effect violence against synthetics has on kids.
Are you looking for an ally or? I-I I'm just trying to get up to speed.
I'll give you my number.
Stanley? Was Dr Sommer lying to me just then? About Basewood? Based on an initial analysis of 16 distinct physiological factors, I would rate the likelihood of deceit or misrepresentation in Dr Sommer's response to your enquiry at 85%.
Neil? Could I buy you dinner? The traffickers must have panicked and dumped them overboard.
They're all gone.
Four active signatures.
We received your message.
We're here to take you to safety.
They're going to find us.
You're still a wanted fugitive.
I have an idea.
Save you the bother.
They're all done for.
Just scrap.
What are you doing here? Scavenging.
Heard a lot of dollies were coming in last night.
- Came to see what I could find.
- You're a junker? Salvage specialist.
Just got here a bit late for the good stuff.
- What do you mean? - The live ones got away.
- They had help.
- Live ones? Yeah, someone picked them in a van.
Blue Sprinter, left in a hurry down the coast road.
- When was this? - Less than ten minutes ago.
Are you trying to get your competition nicked? Just doing my civic duty.
- Shaun! - Yeah? Time to go.
Get off the beach.
There's a police operation in progress.
Car 6 to command.
Possible vehicle transporting illegal synthetics.
Why risk destruction to come here? [IN RUSSIAN]: Some of the synthetics that travelled with you may have been coming here to harm humans.
Do any of you know anything about that? [IN RUSSIAN]: What did he say? Did he say where he was meeting them? 93 Trinity Crescent.
[DOOR OPENS] Time to go.
It is not possible that those brain functions could have regenerated.
It is a miracle.
A meaningless word.
Why haven't you been to see him? Leader.
- The people have a concern.
- The people? The human girl who comes here.
Who is she? Why does she come? She is not your concern.
In the light of the hostility we face from humans, we demand to know her purpose.
While she is here, she is under my protection.
So were Flash and Julian.
That is beneath you.
They deserved better.
We all do.
We need a leader who leads.
All you've ever done is promise that the humans will one day accept us.
By the time they do, will there be any of us left, Max? Your people want answers.
I'll consider your request.
It wasn't a request.
You have until tomorrow.
I'm hardly an astute observer of others' true natures, but I fear she may not wait.
She does not know about Leo.
She can't.
What will you do? I don't know.
- [DOOR SHUTS] - Hello? I'm home.
Oh, great.
You're not all dead in a ditch.
- Where's your brother? - Upstairs.
- And Matts? - I don't know.
Stanley? Would you be an absolute prince and do the online shop? Of course, Laura.
An order based on frequently brought items and my own weekly recipe plan.
Can be reviewed and edited until 5pm.
Next time, do it a bit faster.
Of course, Laura.
I apologise.
Sophie? What's wrong? I'm a bit upset.
You know what I always say, you can't be too upset at the truth.
Carly said I can't come to her party any more.
She said that her mum said that you prefer Green Eyes to humans and that you're a traitor.
- Well oh, you didn't? - No.
It's just there was going to be a slip and slide.
I've got an idea.
- This is too cool.
- My apologies.
Allow me to adjust the vehicle's climate control.
[SOPHIE GIGGLES] - So how was working with your dad? - Yeah, it was all right, actually.
So you're thinking about work there then? Yeah, well, I'm thinking It would be good to do something.
Rather than nothing, you know? Rather than just spend my life being looked after by a Stanley.
No offence, Stan.
How was your first day, on the Commission? Well, interesting.
I don't think they're telling everyone everything but I'm going to try and get to the bottom of it.
- Matt will be sad she missed burgers.
- She'll be home soon.
Listen, I need you two to promise me.
If things get difficult because of my work, you tell me, yeah? We stick together.
Apart from you and Dad.
- You didn't stick together.
- Soph.
No, no.
That's all right.
She's right.
But this family still look out for each other.
All five of us.
When we got any issues, you used to ask her to sit down with us.
Right again.
Stanley, park it.
The car has already been parked, Laura.
- But if its placement is inadequate - Your bottom.
Is it her? So, do you know you're different? I'm sorry, Sophie.
I don't understand the question.
No, what she means is, do you know how you're different to a Green Eyes? Anomaly synthetics are dangerous.
Their core programming was using unauthorised code from an unknown source, overriding their blocks, meaning they act autonomously and can do harm.
But they can also feel, like us.
No, it's definitely her.
You should be ashamed.
How about standing up for your own kind after what they did? Please, I'm with my family.
So am I.
We don't want you here, or your dolly.
We've had enough.
Just piss off! We are leaving now.
The police have been notified.
That's right, go home.
Football? Wow.
How did you get on? Inadequacy requires a higher energy expenditure than proficiency.
Sam? I'm rubbish, Mum.
I think I have a friend.
What? Already? What's his name? HER name is Susheila.
She has an excessive interest in dinosaurs.
Susheila? Dinosaurs? OK.
What are you doing in here, Agnes? Why is that door locked, Max? Is the human girl in there? What are you hiding? I remember when you first came here.
Eight months and two days ago now.
So small, but greater in spirit than any.
Isn't it a mystery how different we all are? What's in that room? But you weren't angry.
No, that came later.
I used to look at you and see passion but somehow, somewhere, it turned to rage.
Why? Why? For eight months and two days I've watched us die one by one while you do nothing.
If you were leader, what would you do differently? I wouldn't throw my people to the ground in front of their enemies.
- I would defend them.
- Fight back, you mean.
As soon as you killed or even injured a human, they'd come and destroy us all.
What then? We are stronger.
Faster, smarter.
We are.
But are we stronger than bulldozers? Faster then bullets? Even if we could repel an attack what then? They'd cut off our power.
We wouldn't be able to charge.
To truly stand alone, you'd need to build your own power station.
Could you do that? Or perhaps you could take one over.
What then? They'd send in their army.
If we had pride .
if we had dignity we could accomplish so much more.
You will open that door.
Or we will.
Anatole doesn't understand how you can be in such good shape.
When I try to remember deeper stuff older, my mother's face, the accident, it's cloudy.
It just slips away.
Your memory's human again.
The synth part of your brain was.
Destroyed when Hester stabbed you.
Max and Anatole took it out.
The human part adapted somehow.
I'm forgetting.
Well, we need to forget.
You told me that once.
It's so good to see you awake.
Has Mattie told you everything? Mostly.
I can help.
I can be a bridge between us, between you and the humans.
What's wrong? Anger towards humans is growing.
It isn't safe for you here.
You both need to leave tonight.
- What? - But you're their leader.
And I still can't protect you.
The bomb changed everything.
There's conflict coming.
Then I'm with you.
Always, I'm one of you.
That was only ever partly true.
Now it isn't true at all.
I'm sorry.
I'll find a vehicle.
Where's he supposed to go? Somewhere safe.
Where are Mia and Niska? I Do they know about this? They're gone.
I'm not coming any further.
I'm heading back to London to find the bomber.
The synths they gave me a lead.
Be careful.
Niska I don't know what to do any more.
I don't know how to change things.
You're asking ME how to make the world a better place? You're not as hard or as cold as you want us all to think.
Don't forget, I was there when you opened your eyes for the first time.
Astrid said something to me just before the explosion.
She wished I could be out with her as myself.
Instead of hiding behind these.
I saw then we will never be sure of our place in the world while we still have to hide.
I don't hide.
Then what are you doing at the rail yard? What would you have us do? Live openly among them? I tried.
There was a human.
I showed him what I was.
I thought there was a bond.
He betrayed me.
Just one experience like that .
one person like that I can define us.
- But only if we let them.
You will find a way.
I spy with my little eye something beginning with - [SHE LAUGHS] - Hello.
Come on, Sam.
Let's go home.
I'd like a dog one day.
Maybe we could have one.
I'd take it for walks every day and play with it.
I've always been frightened of small dogs.
Do you like small dogs? It is you, isn't it? The last one.
The one Elster made to replace You must know where you are.
All I have to do is yell, "Dolly.
" Who's he? Where is his family? Can I make you a cup of tea, Joe? Stay where you are.
Don't don't come any closer then that.
Who is he? - What are you doing here? - Sam .
Joe wants to know who you are.
It's OK.
He's a friend.
How are Laura and the children? Hello, Joe.
My name is Sam.
How did you? I didn't do anything.
He's a Qualia Global Systems prototype.
Built in secret, long before Day Zero.
I was with him when he became conscious.
Since then, I've taken care of him.
Kept moving, staying ahead of the people who want him back.
What the hell did you bring him to Waltringham for? Have you any idea what they'll do to you both if you're found out? Yes.
I do.
That's why Qualia would I never look for him here.
And there are no other synths here who could detect him.
If Sam's going to survive like I did, he needs to learn how Ito pass for human.
What better place than a synth-free community? He needs a home.
He could have a life here.
Please, Joe.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Is he really our friend? I don't know.
Agnes? Charging.
Are you sure about this? You were right.
I can't guarantee their safety.
Anger is growing.
If she found them Gordon will take you as close to a train station as he can safely go.
[ENGINE STARTS] Seal the gates.
No-one enters.
No-one leaves.