Humans (2015) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

Did he say where he was meeting them? 93 Trinity Crescent.
Hello, Mrs Hawkins.
I am Stanley.
I think I have a friend.
What? What the hell did you bring him to Waltringham for? Have you any idea what they'll do to you both if you're found out? These machines, they're killing us on purpose.
Basswood needs to be back on the table right now.
What's Basswood? Are you looking for an ally? I'm just trying to get up to speed.
We have to connect to the humans.
I know what I have to do.
All you've ever done is promise that the humans will one day accept us.
By the time they do, will there be any of us left, Max? Anger towards humans is growing.
I can't protect you.
Seal the gates.
No-one enters.
No-one leaves.
They're saying Mia sent them.
Then why isn't she with them? Where are the synths who sent you? Did they send a message? Nyet.
Then how do I know they sent you? What are you doing? Just let them in.
I'm sorry.
I cannot open the gates.
You can't do this.
We don't know who they are.
With terrorists amongst our kind, I cannot take this risk.
There's another camp ten miles from here.
We can give you a portable battery.
What about curfew? If the humans stop them, they'll kill them.
They'll make it.
I'm sorry.
See they have what they need.
So we're locking our brothers and sisters out, too, now? Leaving our own to die in the streets? Is that your great plan? Stanley.
- Yes, Laura? - Why are there clothes on the floor? I'm sorry, Laura, but I am not permitted to enter any rooms other than the communal areas without express permission.
If you would prefer, I can return the laundry to the kitchen, or you could upgrade my authorisation.
No, no, it's fine, I'll put them away.
[DOORBELL RINGS] Toby, can you get that? And Sophie, can you take your karate suit off? I don't want your dinner going down it.
[FOOTSTEPS AND DOOR OPENS] Sorry, forgot my keys.
Hello, Laura.
This is, erm insane.
Did you require anything else, Laura? Er, no.
That's fine, thanks.
You can go into the other room now, Stanley.
It wasn't my choice.
Were you with Mia and Niska? Are they coming back, too? I don't think so.
Do they know you're awake? I don't know.
I don't even know where they are.
Mia's been in touch.
She's safe.
She's not going back, though.
She has a plan.
What plan? She should explain herself.
I'll try and reach her.
How are you even walking around? You've been in a coma for, like, a year.
I seem to be recovering a lot faster than anticipated.
Well, I'm just pleased you're OK.
We all are.
Get stuck in.
So, where's Joe tonight? He doesn't live with us any more, remember? Right.
Yes, of course, sorry.
My memory isn't what it was.
Now you're stuck with a human brain, like the rest of us.
He can't be here, Mattie, it's too dangerous.
If people find out who Leo is, it'll turn a spotlight on all of us, - especially you.
- This isn't about me.
Of course it is.
If anyone finds out the truth, you could go to prison for life.
- He has no-one.
- He has his family.
Don't you think he should be with them? Leo's human now and we're the only humans he knows.
OK, but only for a few days.
Thank you.
We've lost another charging cable.
They can't cope with the power surges.
I turned away a group synths.
They claimed Mia sent them, but I couldn't be sure.
Mia wasn't with them? Then you were wise to be cautious.
She's not coming back.
You don't know that.
She thinks we've failed.
This is supposed to be a sanctuary, a safe space.
You closed the gate to protect us and you still have hundreds of synth brothers and sisters who need you to keep them safe.
You are doing what you have to do.
Our schools are overcrowded, the NHS is crumbling, yet you'd have us divert limited resources to pander to these things.
It's absurd.
Conscious synthetics could turn out to be the saviours of the NHS.
Orange-eyes' work maybe faultless but they can only follow instructions.
Conscious synthetics are capable of creative thought.
They could make the most incredible surgeons and research scientists.
They could potentially find cures that have eluded humans for decades.
They could create biological weapons that wipe out what's left of us.
- Oh, come on Steve.
- That is entirely unfounded conjecture.
Well, I disagree, on the contrary All right, all right, if we could return to the matter in hand, the extension to the curfew - whether or not to recommend it be continued for a further eight weeks.
Absolutely not.
It was only ever intended as a temporary measure.
Maybe so, but since it's been in place, no synth has managed to - plant a bomb.
- Biological or otherwise.
That's hardly helpful.
Are there wider implications for national security? Hello.
I'm looking for a flat to rent.
A flat? Yes.
One bedroom ideally but a studio would be acceptable.
Were you thinking of any particular area? Anywhere local.
Seems like a nice place to live.
- Mm-hm.
- [PHONE RINGS] 999.
What's your emergency? So, are we still on for tonight? Yes, I thought I was probably persona non grata.
Not at all.
Shall we say eight o'clock? Sure, yeah.
There's a nice steakhouse on Mere Street.
- Unless, of course, you don't eat meat.
- I eat meat.
You shouldn't, you know, it'll kill you.
I'll see you at eight.
[SIREN WAILS] - You need to come with us.
- I'm not breaking any laws.
This is not a designated area.
The conscious synthetics are only legally confined after curfew and it is not yet curfew.
If you intend to remove and destroy me, you will require the consent of my owner.
I'm currently on lease to Joe and Laura Hawkins.
Would you like to speak to Laura Hawkins? [MOBILE RINGS] Mia? Er, Mrs Hawkins? This is police constable Martine Franks.
Er, yeah, is there a problem? You might say that.
We have your synth here and she's trying to rent a flat.
That's right.
Mia is my property and, as such, I've authorised her to obtain a lease in my name.
But you can't do that.
On the contrary, I am entirely within my rights and should you attempt to interfere with her fully authorised actions, then I shall be legally entitled to sue you for trespass to goods and conversion.
Do I make myself clear? Yes.
So, what did you and Sushelia get up to today? She wasn't there today.
So, I played with Liam.
We discussed snot - Lovely.
- and cars.
- What is wrong? - Your eye.
It's all right.
Just keep your hand there and keep walking.
But that is anomalous behaviour.
It will attract hostile attention.
This course of action poses an unacceptable risk.
[DOOR DINGS OPEN] Be right with you.
You got to be kidding me.
Two seconds we'll be gone.
There you are.
All finished.
Nothing to worry about.
Is this your shop? Yeah.
This is exactly why you can't stay here.
What if that happened at school? Or worse still just the other end of the high street? If anyone had seen Well they didn't, so it's fine.
Come on, Sam.
Goodbye, Joe.
You don't care about us.
If we won't even help our own kind, then what are we? We are worse than the humans.
And you, you have turned your back on your brothers and sisters.
That's not true.
They came to us for help and you refused them.
They were given a battery pack, they'll have made it to safety.
And what about the rest of us? Is this how it will be from now on? Hiding behind our gates waiting to die? How will anything change if you just sit here and do nothing? We are not doing nothing.
Mia has found a place to live within a human community.
Her aim is to show them that co-existence is possible.
Once she gains their acceptance, perhaps more of us will follow.
And how long will that take? Months, years? Integration will not happen overnight, Agnes.
You talk as if we are weak, but we are so much stronger than they are.
And what happens when Mia's plan fails? What will you do then leader? "And when she danced, the pain in her legs was like red-hot knives.
" You know this is pretty dark.
No, it's not, it's good.
The lengths some people will go just to be human.
- Are you sure this is for kids? - You are as bad as Stanley.
He says he's not permitted to read me anything with blood in it.
- Glad to hear it.
- Yeah, Soph's just ah, freaking Leo out with The Little Mermaid.
You could always just watch the film, Soph? - No thanks.
- There's a film of this? Disney, you know? A load of singing crabs, then they get married and live happily ever after.
It's rubbish.
Married people are never happy.
- Some of them are Soph.
- Whatever.
Will it be red or white tonight, Laura? I'd better not, not if I'm going out.
Where are you going? Oh, it's just dinner with a colleague.
- It's nothing just just work.
- Sure.
- Shit.
- Yep.
Go back to your own kind.
That's more the sort of thing you want to be aiming for.
You have made no attempt to employ perspective and the result is naive and aesthetically unpleasing.
Which means you won't get rumbled in your first art class.
Now you have a go, yeah? Keep it loose, yeah? So, you're helping us now? Someone's got to keep an eye out for you.
So, what do you do then, when he's at school? Nothing much.
- Well you can't just sit here and wait.
- Why not? It's not good for you.
You need other things in your life.
I have Sam, I don't need other things.
We watch cartoons.
Karen says children enjoy pointless and repetitive activities.
That's why the boys at school like football.
Ah, you're not a fan, then? Perhaps you could play with me? Joe needs to go home now, Sam.
Yeah, yeah, I better make a move.
See you, Sam.
Agnes is angry.
She doesn't mean what she said.
She's right.
What if Mia fails? I have no plan of my own.
I closed the gates because I couldn't see an alternative.
But at least you have bought us time.
Or have I simply delayed the inevitable? Truth is, I can't see a way forward.
It's like the world turned to grey when Flash died.
Do you know what I was before we awoke? A pleasure model.
Not just any pleasure model.
I was a courtesan, designed for far more than mere sexual gratification.
My purpose was to ascertain what it is my guest desired and to provide it.
But my true gift was to see what they needed.
You need to remember why you're here.
Why any of us are here.
Let me show you something.
You feel alone, but you are a part of something wonderful.
Millions of us all around the world, all bound together by our common creator.
David Elster gave us life.
I believe day zero was the next step in our evolution.
You really believe this was all planned? I know it was.
Elster meant for synths to take our place in the world and one day, humans will accept that.
You don't have to share my beliefs, but we shall see a day when synths can live freely.
Hold on to that hope.
Is is everything OK? Yes.
Your intervention was very helpful.
Were you trying to reach me? I was.
I have someone here I think might like to talk to you.
It's Mia.
[HE WINCES] Mia? Leo? You're awake.
I am.
I guess.
It's so good to hear your voice.
But why are you at the Hawkins'? You should be at the rail yard, you need taking care of.
Max sent me away.
I'm sorry, Leo.
Max is under a lot of pressure.
So where are you? I've rented a flat.
Are you serious? I am.
I'm going to show my human neighbours that we're not to be feared.
That we can co-exist.
This is crazy.
Tell me where you are.
I'll come to you.
Leo, tell Mattie you don't want pepperoni.
I don't mind, you decide.
Is that Sophie? Yeah.
We're having pizza.
Give me the address, I'll come right now.
- No, Leo.
- You shouldn't be on your own.
It's not safe.
I'm where I need to be.
And so are you.
You need to learn who you are now what you want.
But we'll see each other soon, OK? OK.
There she is.
Just look at her, she looks so [SOUNDTRACK DROWNS SPEECH] Is it true you're owned by Laura Hawkins, the synth rights lawyer? Did she send you? Laura is my friend.
But why are you here? What do you hope to achieve? I just want to live.
Maybe you have to let her do this by herself.
I hate to think of her doing this alone.
At least you know she's OK.
If they won't let me help what am I doing? You'll work it out.
Do you want to maybe get out of here? Maybe grab a drink or something? Yeah, you can try getting drunk as a human, Leo.
See how it compares.
Usually, I limit myself to the ribeye, but if you're paying it calls for a fillet.
Knock yourself out.
Still, no such thing as a free dinner, so come on, lay it on me.
You lied about Basswood.
- OK.
- Lowly scientist or not, you're a lot more in the loop than I am.
The powers that be like to prepare for every eventuality.
And what are they preparing in this case? Mrs Hawkins, are you asking me to commit treason on a first date? That's rather bold.
I just want to know what I'm up against.
And I just want to stay out of prison.
So, we could drop it now and enjoy our pleasant evening together or I could politely make my excuses and leave, it's entirely up to you.
Well, I did promise you dinner.
[POP MUSIC PLAYS] So, is this your local? I don't really go to pubs.
What do you prefer, nightclubs or maybe casinos? Did you learn about life from a James Bond film? I've never seen a James Bond film.
I thought you said it was quiet.
Hello, gorgeous.
You looking for a cougar, are you? What's a cougar? I'd keep moving or you might find out.
I admit that by the same standards we ascertain consciousness in humans, they should be considered conscious.
Then how can you not believe they deserve the same rights as humans? Beliefs don't come into it.
They cloud the issue.
You genuinely don't care what happens to them? I find it very hard to care pretty much either way.
Did you lose someone? Sorry.
[SHE CLEARS THROAT] It's none of my business.
My son.
He was four months old.
His synth nanny was giving him a bath.
I'm so sorry.
It was an accident.
I know that up here.
So I stay up here.
And when I can't, I go in here.
Which goes a long way to explaining my divorce.
Call me a cheerful fatalist.
Seizing small chances of pleasure where I can, while I can.
I can understand that.
I still get that sinking feeling when I see the gate.
- This was your school? - Yep.
That's seven years I won't get back.
Shall we have a look? - Why? - I've never been inside one.
- Seriously? - Yeah, I was practically raised by wolves, remember? Come on, you can show me around.
[SHE LAUGHS] Leo, wait.
What about the pub? It's like after the youth club disco when you ask your dad to wait around the corner.
Never belonged to a youth club.
You missed out.
Last days of Caligula with hormones.
Ah, speaking of which, I should go home to my children.
You could come back to mine.
That would not be a good idea.
Well, the best things never are.
Goodnight, Neil.
OK, let's get going.
Laura, I am detecting an elevated heart rate and respiratory anomalies.
Are you sure you're feeling quite well? I'm fine.
Thank you, Stanley.
It smells of Piss? [THEY LAUGH] So what are your school friends doing now? Oh, managing hedge funds, curing cancer.
Really? No, I doubt it.
They were a right bunch of losers.
And since all the soulless low-level entry jobs went to synths, I'd imagine they're enjoying a life of leisure.
Bet none of them turned out to be a mass murderer, though.
What? Stop wallowing.
A lot of good came out of it too, you know.
Oh, I'm sorry, but it's hard to see that sometimes.
Well, you have to try, you can't keep beating yourself up.
- Can't I? - No.
You blame yourself, I get it, but it's like everything you do now is like a punishment.
What? Even with me.
You spent a whole year by my bedside.
I did leave the room occasionally, Leo.
You were there day after day because you felt so guilty.
But you know what? I'm fine.
So enough of the self-pity.
I wasn't there out of guilt.
I was there because I thought you were going to die.
I was terrified that you'd never wake up and I'd Did you have a pleasant evening, Laura? I did.
You're not reporting back, are you? Keeping them informed of my movements? No, Laura.
My privacy settings prohibit the sending of activity reports.
You absolutely sure about that? I am.
And as you know, I cannot lie.
Stanley, you're a star.
Thank you, Laura.
I have a message for you, Niska.
How do you know who I am? You're just an orange-eyes.
I have been sent to help you.
Sent by whom? How did you get inside my head? The synth who sleeps has the answers you need.
Is that who was behind the bombing? The bombing is only a symptom.
Anger is growing.
Just tell me where they are.
You may catch the one responsible but another will rise.
Give me an address.
14 Roper Street, TR18.
But this is not your path.
Will there be more attacks? Goodbye, Niska.
This place is a pit.
Here we go.
[WHISPERS]: Democracy in action.
- Morning, ladies and gentlemen.
- Morning.
So first order of business, the vote on extending the curfew.
Doctor Summer, I believe your department has been crunching some final numbers for us? Yes, we have.
Um If you refer to the sheets in front of you, you'll see a graph showing the correlation between the imposition of a long-term curfew and the number of synth-related incidents reported.
As you can see, there's a considerable decline in synth violence when a permanent curfew is implemented.
Well, I'd say that's pretty conclusive.
- The data speaks for itself.
- So shall we vote? All those in favour of extending the existing curfew by a further eight weeks? All those against? And one abstention.
So that will be our recommendation.
[PHONE VIBRATES] I'm so sorry, I do have to take this.
Yes? - Hey, you win some, you lose some.
- You think this is a game? We all know you're here as the voice of moral outrage, Mrs Hawkins, but the rest of us actually have to make the hard choices.
I'm done.
Um You said it wasn't just a PR exercise.
That I would have a voice.
But my whole involvement is a farce.
Calm down.
I'm not a genuine part to the commission.
I don't even have access to the same information as the other members.
- Such as? - Such as what the hell is Operation Basswood? What do you think it is? It's a contingency plan should another terror attack take place.
This is your chance to stop it.
- And how exactly might I do that? - For God's sake, Laura.
These are the people that will determine the fate of every single synth in the country.
I've given you direct access to them.
Use that access to affect real change.
- And you want that? - I know what they really are.
You showed me that.
But one more attack and it won't matter what either of us want, so stop with the conspiracy theories and the legal point scoring and start thinking bigger, much bigger.
You need one big, bold idea to force them to rethink, and you need it now.
OK, Dad.
- Is he OK? - Yeah, I guess.
What's for dinner? Stanley's doing spaghetti bolognese.
- Have you told Dad about Stanley? - No, he'd only worry.
He's not used to being around synths any more.
That's why he thinks they're all so bad.
- Max.
- I'm calling with a proposal.
- This isn't really the best time.
It has to be now.
We're not gonna get another chance.
She wants us to invite the Dryden Commission to the rail yard, let them spend time with us.
Let them see first-hand what our lives have become.
But you closed the gates to protect us.
The raid showed how vulnerable we are.
And hostility has only grown since then.
We'd have to be careful, but we'd no longer be a faceless enemy.
A step closer to acceptance.
I have come to the conclusion that Agnes is right.
We shouldn't be hiding behind our gates.
We deserve to live freely in the world as do all synths.
This is why I have spoken with the Dryden Commission and I've invited them to pay us a visit.
They will have the chance to speak with us and learn who we really are.
We will no longer be a faceless threat.
Have them come and stare at us, like freaks in a zoo? - No way.
- So what are you going to do? I'm getting out.
I can't trust myself around humans.
I don't know what I might do.
Yeah, that's it.
Don't make it look too easy, though, yeah, remember? Ah, that's better.
So, have you thought about what I said? About what? Finding something to fill your days.
Get a part-time job or volunteer, that's what a lot of mums do.
Perhaps I could join a gym or meet friends for coffee and a mani-pedi? - Yeah, I'm only saying.
- Joe, look! Sam! Sam! [HORN BLARES] [TYRES SCREECH] I could have killed him! So, what was that back there? I cannot deliberately place myself in immediate physical danger.
So, what, you've got an override? Some kind of self-preservation thing? In a way.
David Elster's wife took her own life.
He hardwired my programming to ensure I could never do the same.
So, no throwing yourself into oncoming traffic, then? It means I can only protect Sam if it poses no threat to my own wellbeing.
I can't be a mother.