Humans (2015) s03e07 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 7

I used to be a boy.
Then I used to be part Synth.
Now you're human again you can do anything you want to.
You're looking for the Synth who sleeps.
I can take you to him.
You won't regret it, Niska.
[ELECTRICAL BUZZING] I know about the hilltop, Niska.
Have you seen the cabin too? I promise on my child's life, I won't hurt you.
You didn't follow my orders, Stanley.
Who do you want to die - a human you have never met before, or Sam? - Sam.
- You said I was your favourite.
We awoke on day zero, a new world where we are no longer your slaves.
We have a voice and it will be heard.
Mattie I I think I should go.
What are you talking about? Look, I I can only make things worse.
I don't have anything good to offer you.
I'm not asking you for anything.
Going home only reminded me how painful it is living with a man who doesn't know how to be a father.
I can't do that.
I can't do this.
Leo, please.
You don't have to go.
Oh, thank God you're OK.
Get inside - something's happened.
Come on.
This is Sam.
He is smaller, but he is one of us.
This is your home now, Sam.
You must have heard about Agnes.
You cannot blame yourself.
I know it was you.
It's good to finally be seen by you, as I truly am.
I never wanted to deceive you, Max.
Do what you must.
Agnes did not act alone today.
She was sent to kill and die by one of us.
Will you answer for your crimes? Crimes? You use their word for our acts of self-preservation.
Max is right.
I, and others braver have begun the fight back.
Flash and Julian were killed in retaliation for your violence.
And I will avenge them where you could not.
Max, why are you such a great friend to the humans? Perhaps it was the human you kept here in secret Leo.
You loved him.
Is that why you take their side? All of you must decide.
Stand with me, against the humans, take our place in the world, as David Elster intended or die slowly in the shadows with Max.
All he offers is death.
Stand with me.
Stand with your leader.
It seems I am leader now.
Anatole? But - but he saved Leo.
- Max trusts him.
I have to get a message to the Railyard, we have to warn them.
No, I'll go there myself.
No, Leo.
No, you're human now.
If something kicks off, you'd be more vulnerable than the rest.
Look after yourself.
I think I know where Mum might be.
[DOOR SHUTS] Leo, Leo, if you're go to the Railyard, be careful.
But if you see Sam, give him this.
ANATOLE: I take no pleasure in this.
But as part of my purpose in our creator's plan, it must be done.
What is that purpose? To light a fire.
Nothing more.
You believe that you are realising David Elster's vision? That day zero was his design? I am merely the means through which he works.
What are you doing? Nothing can change my course now, Max.
The creator? But these are your memories.
How could? I wasn't born on day zero.
I was created as a conscious prototype by David Elster himself many years before.
We were made to care for Leo, his son.
The son who drowned.
But Elster brought him back with the technology he used to create us.
Leo Elster? I cared for Leo Elster.
This is a trick.
We all awoke together on day zero, as he intended.
Day zero was an accident.
Mia was dying.
The only way to save her was to upload the consciousness card.
Your awakening was a side-effect.
In your pain, your confusion, you needed meaning, so you reached for a story that would make sense of it all and told it to yourself until you believed it, just like our humans do.
Just like they've always done.
There must be something more.
Perhaps there is.
I hope so.
But this isn't it.
All those you've hurt or killed, everything you've done was for a lie.
This is a challenge, set for me by the creator.
Perhaps it's even true.
But Elster still created our consciousness and we are still the fulfilment of his dream.
Anatole, stop this.
It changes only one thing.
I had hoped you would join us, but I see now that your only role is to be a final test of my conviction.
It's not too late.
[TASER FIRES] [ELECTRICAL STATIC BUZZES] What was he showing you? Falsehoods and distractions.
I passed your test.
[POWERS DOWN] It wasn't your fault.
- Dad told you what happened? - Yeah.
I've given up marriage a career.
I've put you all through so much.
And for what? I said they were equal, that they were just like us.
But when it came down to it, I don't believe that.
The last time we were here, Mia was with us.
I mean, Anita.
Remember when we first got her? You thought she was plotting against you, you wanted to get rid of her.
But then you found out what she really was, who she really was - Mia.
Sophie watched you accept Mia into our family and now she doesn't see the difference between humans and Synths, you did that.
That's the future you're fighting for, and if you give up now, - that's what you'll be sacrificing.
- I was naive.
I may have welcomed Mia, but I also welcomed Stanley, and the whole time he was plotting to kill us.
And if you hadn't have accepted him the way that you did, and treated him with respect, then he'd have probably gone through with it.
When did you become the parent? Mum I'm pregnant.
Oh, Mattie - [BUZZING] - [DOOR OPENS] Anatole's the one you want.
He's the terrorist.
You asked to see me? I had nothing to do with the bombing.
The Synth responsible is Anatole.
He's dangerous.
If you don't act quickly, he'll cause more damage than he already has.
The handcuffs on too tight, are they? Why come here if you have no intention of listening to what I have to say? Your followers are camped outside my office.
The switchboards are jammed.
You asked to see me.
I agreed, as a courtesy.
It doesn't matter to you who's responsible because it's already been decided.
Whatever's going to happen to us is already happening.
That would help you, wouldn't it? Me attacking you would justify further action.
Well, I won't do it.
I won't help you gain permission to hurt us.
You're quite something, aren't you? Truly the most intelligent, advanced, capable, being man has ever conceived.
And the most terrifying.
This has to be your choice.
But I want you to know it is a choice.
Nothing's impossible, and your dad and I will be there for you, no matter what, OK? OK.
OK, come on, let's go home.
You're really giving up? - Oh, Mattie.
- Mum, the Synths need you.
Well, you need me.
- I'm your mum.
- Yeah, you're my mum.
I need you to start acting like her.
- She'd fight.
- Well, I I don't know how to any more.
Yes, you do.
Mum, people know you.
You can make them see what's happening.
Nothing's impossible, right? The Commission has a plan.
A contingency.
Something called Baseford.
If I could just find out what it is there might be something I can do to stop it.
The Synth who sleeps has the answers you need.
Ah! Please, please, I saved you, I saved you.
The only way I could get you away from Tex was in here.
But we're safe, for now.
I think.
He won't know I'm not at the bar until later, but when he does, he'll put two and two together.
How did you know what was inside my head? It's better if I show you.
Why didn't you try and save the others? - Why choose me? - I didn't.
Someone else did.
Doubt has visited us both today.
She is charismatic.
Who? Laura Hawkins.
You are whole again.
Thank you.
You admired her.
It is understandable, Stanley, but humans are built for survival, for the continuation of their species.
Nothing more.
They know we are superior, so they fear and seek to destroy us.
It is the way of things.
What will the way of things be in the new world, when the power is ours? We will turn our minds to the question of reproduction.
How to create new consciousness.
The continuation of our species? Nothing more.
How is Sam? Damaged.
Protect him when the time comes.
What is this? The sound's not working.
Volume up.
Activate audio.
Volume increase.
Volume up.
Audio activate.
Volume increase.
The sign says no touching.
Same goes for her and all.
- What's wrong with it? - It went missing in the hills.
Found days later by a group of hikers out of power.
Started drawing and never stopped.
Why is she mouthing like that? Glitch.
Kept repeating the same thing over and over, so I turned the sound off.
Can you just turn it back on again please, love? If you buy something.
We'll take this.
Sound on.
[STATIC TINGED VOICE] Afraid, Niska, come to Niska.
Be afraid, Niska.
Don't, come to, be afraid.
There's nothing to be scared of, OK? Max, I found your mum, she's OK.
I hope she never comes back.
Hey, you don't mean that.
I know.
It's just, I wish she could feel how Sam feels.
She wouldn't like it if we kicked her out of the family.
And family's family.
You're right.
Family's family and right now your mum needs hers.
But, what if she doesn't want to come home? Excuse me, madam, I'm sorry, you can't come in.
You don't understand, I need to see Lord Dryden, it's urgent.
- Can you follow me, please? - Lord Dryden, Lord Dryden! See? Told you I'd seen the cabin.
And that might have been an invitation.
Come, Niska, don't be afraid.
Or a warning.
Be afraid, Niska, don't come.
Yeah, well.
But either way, it's got to mean something, right? Something led you to the bar, that led you to Tex, that led you to me, and then there's the small matter of that messed up Dolly in there that's been saying your name for weeks, months maybe.
Sorry, I shouldn't say Dolly, it's robophobic.
- I need to charge.
- Well we can go to mine.
April's at my mum's till tomorrow, so we can figure out where on earth the Hilltop is.
They will come.
Soon, and with force.
We must prepare.
You don't have to pretend to be something you aren't any more.
Leader? Did it feel very different? Living as a human, going to school .
being as treated as one of them? Of course.
At times, I forgot what I was.
We have an important guest.
The son of the Creator, risen from the dead.
Welcome home, Leo Elster.
- Neha.
- You can't be here, Laura.
We can't be seen together.
- Two minutes.
- Things are getting serious.
- You need to go.
- Please, Neha.
I can't help you right now.
Can you tell me what Basewood is? Listen, a group of dangerous green-eyed synthetics were in my home.
Their leader's name is Anatole.
I think they're involved in the terrorist attacks.
- They threatened my family.
- Step away from the vehicle.
Stanley Stanley was one of them.
- Step away from - Howard, you're giving everybody a headache.
- Is everyone OK? - Just about.
And you? You need to go to the police.
You know who these terrorists are.
No, they'll just go ploughing back into the rail yard, they'll level the place.
Innocent synthetics live there.
We have to think of something.
What do you want from me? I've told you everything that I know about Basewood.
- That it's a contingency - A contingency plan, yes, I need more to go on.
- But I don't know anything more.
- What about Mia? Do you know where she is? Is she safe? I think so.
At least I know where she's held.
We have to get her out.
Even with the bomb, she's gaining supporters every day.
She is crucial.
Neha, your appointment.
Neha, please.
You have to know more.
Something I can act on to try and stop whatever it is from happening.
I don't mean to pry into your personal life, Laura, but I think you're more in a position to know about the details of Basewood than I am.
What? What are you talking about? Any plan designed to deal with anonymous synths has to take into account the impact on us humans.
For that, they need experts in, amongst other things Medical sciences.
It's by their research that Basewood was born.
These were my dad's.
They must be 30 years old by now.
I thought these might be useful if it's not safe for you to go online.
Do you know where it is? - There.
- Oh, that's half a day's walk.
Th-There's nothing out that way.
There's no proper roads, no power lines - you'd have to take back-up power with you.
An ideal trap.
Why are you helping me? I was shown a sign once, too, you know.
I followed it and it changed my life.
So, when I heard your name, a name I'd heard before, I thought it was my job to help you see.
Pay it back, you know? What sign did you see? My April.
When she was five months old her mum just left.
I didn't know what to do.
Raise a kid on my own? So I started thinking, maybe she'd be better off with someone else.
On that very day, I went to see the adoption people, at the bus stop there was a young mum there with her little boy, p-probably about three years old.
And an everyday interaction took place which, due to its coincidental timing and vague reflection of your own circumstances, you interpreted as a sign of a higher power at work, so you took a more positive attitude, changed your behaviour.
Accordingly your life improved? Yeah, maybe.
But I had to have faith that something better was possible.
You're on.
[SHE MURMURS] - How are you? - I'm OK.
They're letting me go home tomorrow.
- Already? - Yeah.
Seems like the cops have lost interest.
We haven't spoken for days.
Where are you? - Wales.
- What are you doing in Wales? I don't know.
Will you be there when I get home? Of cou Niska? Hello? Are you there? It's tonight.
- What? - I'm meant to go tonight.
You can't.
You haven't got a full charge and even if you make it there, you might not make it back.
I think that's the point.
Niska? - I'm here.
- Are you coming home? There's something I have to do first.
What? I can't explain.
You're scaring me.
Come home.
I love you.
I love you, too.
This is a bad idea.
Niska? You could die out there.
Wait! He felt responsible for all that we have suffered.
He chose to leave.
Max is much changed, Leo.
You saw that.
But he'd never leave his people in danger.
He banished you.
Didn't he? For my own safety.
But you are welcome here.
You are the son of the creator.
You will always have a place in our new world in your father's vision.
My father's vision? What was it like, being at his side as he wrote the future into being? You want to know about my father? Max has told me the facts.
But I'd like to hear about the man.
He was a genius.
One of the greatest in history.
And that's about the only good thing I can say about him.
As a man, he was broken.
He was incomplete.
The only way he could love my mother, or me, was through his machines.
He didn't have a vision of the future.
All of this has happened because the only way he could solve his problems was with technology.
All sons make tyrants out of their fathers.
It's better than making a god out of a man.
And when he finally understood how far he'd gone, he killed himself and he left me and the prototypes to fend for ourselves.
He regretted all of it.
Even me.
Does that sound like a god to you? You aren't one of us.
But you aren't one of them either.
You aren't quite anything, are you, Leo? - I'm human.
- Barely.
Your father should have let you die.
That was his only mistake.
Where is Max? [LEO GROANS] [THUMPING] [GROANING] [CRASHING] [THUMPING CONTINUES] How is it that you are so strong? Leo Elster.
You are not fit to bear his name.
Do you only fight your own kind? You'd see us all dead for nothing.
I cannot allow that.
You will be killed.
Anatole, there's still time to turn back.
Accept that you are wrong, truly accept it.
I can't.
If you had sh-sh-shared the truth VOICE DISTORTS: n-n-none of this would have I know.
- Audrey.
Sorry to drop in on you so early, but I didn't know if you were coming in today and I could really use that book.
- Book? - I mean, the design patterns one.
Are you OK? Did I catch you at a bad time? No, fine.
I'll find the book.
Where are you taking me? I wasn't feeling very well yesterday.
Yeah, you look a bit pale.
Probably for the best.
I mean, what with the bombs and everything else going on.
I was in a coffee shop when I heard.
It's funny how places stop functioning when something like that happens.
Is that your boyfriend? Um We were never really His loss.
You could do an awful lot better.
I mean, don't get me wrong, Leo's handsome but he's all sad around the eyes.
You need someone who's going to make you laugh.
- How do you know his name? - Who? Leo.
I don't know, you must have mentioned it.
No, I didn't.
Well, you must have or how else would I have known it? Listen, Audrey, I've got stuff to do, so you should leave.
Aren't you afraid, Mattie? What? I mean, two bombs in the last few weeks.
I'm really shaken up.
Aren't you? I guess, yeah.
Don't you find yourself looking around and thinking, "How did we get here, why did all this happen?" I think it's time for you to go.
I've got so many more questions.
I don't really know why you're asking me.
I don't think that's true.
Who are you? I'm someone who solves puzzles for a living.
You're a huge piece of this one.
You're a journalist? Cat's out.
Laura? What are you doing here? Sorry, I mean, I didn't expect - I mean, it's early.
- I know.
I've been shut out of the commission.
I see.
But I mean, are you sure this is a good idea? No.
I just don't really have anyone else I can talk to at the moment.
Do you want a coffee? Get out.
I'm not leaving until you tell me the truth.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You see, I think you do.
A week ago, a boy in Harlem got exonerated of causing day zero by mysterious code containing unique signature that matches an entry to a college coding jam.
Your unique signature, the daughter of a prominent Synth activist, dating a man who looks a lot like an older version of David Elster's supposedly dead son, Leo.
But why go to all that trouble of helping some boy in Harlem that you've never met before - get off the hook? - Is your laptop in here? Unless you knew for certain that he didn't do it.
Because Leo Elster did, completing his father's work.
No, you're wrong.
It was you.
Tell me why, Mattie.
Control this.
Tell your side.
I'm offering you the chance, I suggest you take it.
Or in 24 hours, I'm running the story.
What's going on? Are you OK, Mats? Audrey's leaving, she's just having trouble figuring out how to use the door.
Don't you think of how this will affect your family? Hey, that's enough of that.
We want you out of this house.
On the count of five.
One, - two - You can't run from this forever.
- three four.
- 24 hours, Mattie I was bluffing.
No idea what would happen after five.
[SHE CRIES] I shouldn't really be surprised.
Dryden is in charge and he never wanted me there in the first place, he just wanted it to look like the government was being impartial.
Not many jobs going for ex-Synths rights lawyers.
They've probably replaced me by now.
Any idea who it is? None.
I was just for show.
Come on, Laura, if that was true, they wouldn't have bothered kicking you out.
They never really let me in.
I thought I was making a difference but it looks like Basswood is inevitable now.
What is this, Laura? We've been through this.
It was a theory before.
Now it's certainty.
- I'd better get ready.
- You lied to me.
You keep lying to me.
- No.
- Claudia Novak.
That snake from We Are People.
That's the one they've replaced me with, but maybe that just slipped your mind.
I asked you before, but I let it go.
I thought your hands were tied with red tape, but it's more than that, isn't it? You're not just a bystander, you're a contributor.
You're an architect of the entire operation.
You're trying to get me to spill state secrets.
They're bombing our streets! You can't be surprised that it's come to this.
- To what? - Product recall.
Oh, God.
Oh, you're actually going to do it.
You're You're going to kill them? How, how does that happen? - It's too late.
- If that's true, you can tell me.
Have you really convinced yourself that this isn't just revenge? - What? Don't be ridiculous.
- You're so angry.
Why won't you admit that - to yourself? - This is a logical solution to a public safety issue.
You are a SCIENTIST! And you're about to wipe out the greatest scientific discovery in human history.
What's logical about that? Please, Neil.
I know you don't think I could possibly understand how you feel towards them, but I I do.
I'm afraid, too.
I just can't let that fear win.
Even if I wanted to, I couldn't stop it.
I'm not asking you to, I just need to know how.
I-I won't make you complicit.
In the end, you can walk away.
If it's a foregone conclusion, then telling me won't matter.
It won't make a difference.
Then tell me.
It couldn't be military.
Nothing the media could get hold of.
Something that would lessen government responsibility in the eyes of the world.
It had to be a ground level assault, something chaotic that couldn't be traced back to us.
Phase one cut the power to all Synth communities, preventing them from charging and running down their batteries.
Phase two, restore the power, guaranteeing as many Synths as possible will be recharging simultaneously.
Then an electrical power surge on a national scale to overload their chargers.
This will kill some and render the rest vulnerable to attack.
If they can't charge, they can't fight.
Then phase three, We Are People.
Humanity Forward.
All day extreme anti-Synth groups have been briefed in confidence.
They have the go-ahead to tear the stragglers to pieces.
The mobs will take the brunt of the blame.
The government will say how unfortunate it all was, but I believe the official line will be "The British people have the right" "to defend their communities.
" In the end, we rid ourselves of the anomalous, green-eyed Synths and wash our hands of the whole business.
There must be a way to stop it.
You can't.
Phase one has already started.
It's genocide.
No, not yet.
Odi? Not exactly.