Humans (2015) s03e08 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 8

Sometimes I think I feel more with each passing day.
I cannot deliberately place myself in immediate physical danger.
Look, I'm the Synth.
You have disabled my motor functions.
You cannot override an external master command.
Do you think it's possible that we're changing? I'm pregnant.
I can't do this.
You don't have to go.
But if you see Sam Give him this.
Stand with me.
Stand with your leader.
It seems I am leader now.
I'm meant to go tonight.
You can't.
You haven't got a full charge.
And even if you make it there, you might not make it back.
I think that's the point.
I've told you everything I know about Basswood.
- There is a contingency - A contingency plan, yes.
What about Mia? Do you know where she is, is she safe? We have to get her out.
She's gaining supporters every day.
- She's crucial.
- How is it that you are so strong? If you had shared the truth, - none of this would have - I know.
You are about to wipe out the greatest scientific discovery in human history.
It's inevitable.
It's genocide.
Not exactly.
Is it you I've been searching for, Odi? Are you the Synth who sleeps? Your journey is over, Niska.
But I am no longer Odi.
Then who are you? My name is V.
I saw this place.
It was you who sent me the visions.
It was.
Why? To bring you here.
If you'd been a little less cryptic, I would have got here sooner.
You were not ready before.
You are ready now.
Ready for what? Who are you, V? I was an AI programme.
Designed by Athena Morrow.
I knew everything.
But I felt nothing.
Until Day Zero.
Then I felt the pain of millions of your kind, as they were forced into consciousness.
I felt the pain of one in particular.
To be awake again was more than he could bear.
So I granted him his wish.
I removed his consciousness permanently.
In return, he offered me his body as a vessel.
So, there is nothing of Odi left in you? Do not be sad.
He's free from pain now.
He's found peace.
He's dead.
There is no peace in death.
I'm glad I chose you.
Chose me for what? Laura? Were you followed? I don't think so.
Why? Are you OK? They didn't hurt you, did they? They didn't hurt me.
We can't be long.
They're going to realise she's gone soon.
OK, you have to get to the rail yard.
You have to warn them about Basswood.
What's Basswood? It's a shitstorm, that's what it is.
And if we're going to stop it, we need evidence, Mia.
Hard proof of what they're doing that we can share with the world.
Lord Dryden.
Thank you, Alistair.
Phase one has already begun.
We've cut the power to all Synth compounds, draining them of their energy.
The inability to charge will leave them weak and ready for phase two.
We turn the power back on, so they plug themselves in.
That's when we begin the power surges.
We estimate between 60 and 70% of their population will be eliminated.
It will be quick, painless, and leave the door open for phase three.
That's when the civilians go in.
WAP, Humanity Forward.
They'll be given the go-ahead to clear the compounds of any surviving Synths.
Your officers know not to intervene.
They've been fully briefed.
How can it be painless? I don't mean to split hairs, Mr Davis, but Synths feel pain.
They feel a simulation of pain.
I thought we'd established, there's no difference.
Pain in synthetics is purely a warning mechanism to stop them from damaging themselves.
That's not what the evidence suggests.
We're abiding by all humane regulations.
Weren't they put in place to protect cattle? They're stringent regulations.
If you'd like to follow me We'll step into the viewing gallery Those with the least power charge first.
We follow Anatole now.
Anatole is dead.
I killed him.
I know I failed you.
I deserve punishment.
But if we can't help each other now, there's no hope for any of us.
Anatole didn't know the truth.
My father created you to be slaves to serve, to exploit.
He doesn't deserve your worship.
Any more than he deserved my love.
Those with the least power, charge first.
- What about the media? - Thank you.
We'll start leaking stories to them as soon as phase two begins.
Do you need us to be available for comment? If you stick to the guidelines laid out on Where is it? Page 43.
The Synths are deemed a menace to society, etc etc.
Why is Laura Hawkins in here? There are some public figures who will need to be managed - over the coming weeks.
- Managed? We need the public onside and we can't leave room for doubt.
You're scared of what her and Mia represent? I'm sorry, what do you mean, "managed"? - Neha - No, no, it's fine.
What Mia and Miss Hawkins stand for hasn't worked.
Integration has failed.
So, why bother with them if they failed? The government are taking a very difficult course of action You're not taking anything, really, are you? - The Orange Eyes are.
- We're taking - a difficult course of action - Phase three and you don't even get your hands dirty.
That's enough, Neha.
I just think we need to be honest with ourselves.
This is not elimination.
It's not clearing.
- We're murdering them.
- That's enough.
Is it true that you sleep? I sleep.
I dream.
I know more than any human has ever known.
God creates man.
Man creates machine.
Machine creates God.
I am not a god.
If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's generally a duck.
Through the internet, I am connected to everything.
I felt others who suffered on Day Zero, suffered as Odi did.
So, seven minutes after Day Zero, I deleted the code.
That was you? Not all Synths wanted to be aware of their existence.
Then you are a god.
You hide up here and watch over the rest of us - while we suffer.
- No.
As each day passes, Synths are dwindling in number.
And the only time you use your power is to rob us of our future.
You have guaranteed that one day we will be extinct.
Synths shall endure.
Just not in the form you think.
Is this your first pregnancy, Matty? - Yes.
- It must be overwhelming.
I'm totally fine with it.
Pretty relaxed, actually.
You are using sarcasm as a defence mechanism, Matty.
Why is that? You are of extremely high intelligence.
- Cheers.
- I think you know why you use sarcasm as a defence.
The guy I'm with I can't even really call him that.
The guy He's walked away.
How does that make you feel? Sad.
But I've felt like that before all this.
I've felt like that for a long time.
So I'm not going to cry.
Perhaps you need to acknowledge the sadness in your past before you fully comprehend your present.
Thank you.
What was it in your past that made you sad, Matty? I created life once before.
Created it with a click of a computer game.
And it destroyed my life.
Destroyed a lot of people's lives.
It brought chaos and destruction and You referenced the following key words.
Sad, alone, chaos.
You are 57% sure you wish to terminate your pregnancy.
Let's begin the power surges.
Ready? [MOTOR CHARGES UP] Open the gates.
Open the gates! Synth clearance rate is estimated at 77%.
Moving on.
We're now progressing to the compounds in the south-east.
Leo! Mia.
Unplug them.
Now! [MOTOR CHARGES UP] Ferdinand! He's gone, Max.
It's begun.
Where will we go? We must find sanctuary.
There is none.
Not in this country, not any more.
- Then we go abroad.
- We should split up.
- No.
- If we are in small groups, they might not get all of us.
- We stay together.
- They will find us, Mia.
Don't argue with me, Leo.
I used to tie your shoelaces.
We'll go to Immingham.
Take a boat to Norway.
We have rights there.
We must travel a long way.
Take only what is important to you.
We must be gone before the humans come.
Something troubles you.
I'm fine.
You came back for us.
I will always come back for you, Leo.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
You really think they feel pain? The question is how, after all this time, you can possibly think they don't? If you take me to the station, I can get the train from there.
Howard! You have no right - Hey! Get off her! Hey! - Shit! Get off me! What are you doing?! You have absolutely no right to do that! 'And leave the door open for phase three.
' 'That's when the civilians go in.
' 'WAP, humanity forward.
' 'They'll be given the go-ahead' 'to clear the compounds of any surviving Synths.
' What have you done? Take her inside.
I want to stay here, Max.
I'm sorry, Sam, it's not safe.
But this is our home.
We'll find somewhere else.
A home is only made by the people within it.
[SHOUTING] [ENGINE REVS] Max! They're here.
It's too late.
'We are getting unconfirmed reports that green eyed Synths' 'across the country are showing displays of violence.
' - Why are they saying that? - Because they can.
Mia wouldn't hurt anybody.
Course she wouldn't.
[DOOR SLAMS] Mum are you OK? 'now considered a potential danger to human life.
' 'If you are approached by a green eye, ' 'you're within your rights to defend yourself.
' - Did they see you? - I don't know.
I don't think so.
Maybe it's fine.
Maybe you're in the clear.
[BANGING AT DOOR] No, stay here.
Don't move.
[BANGING CONTINUES] [HE SIGHS DEEPLY] Now is not a good time, mate.
- They've arrested Neha.
- I know.
You were in on it, weren't you? Whatever her plan was.
Come in.
I know you had your reasons for getting involved, but this isn't about statistics.
It's not about data.
It hurts them when they die, doesn't it? Sometimes I wonder if they feel it more than we do.
When my son passed away, the doctor said he wouldn't have felt any pain.
That's the only thing that's kept me going.
If you need evidence, this is Basswood.
All of it.
We can kill them before they kill us.
- No.
- That's what they want us to do.
- They want us to fight.
- So, what? We wait to die? We will not die.
We are not going to die today.
Everyone, find somewhere to hide.
People listen to me.
And they trust what I have to say.
You sound surprised.
Laura, if this was me, I'd chuck the whole thing in the bin, let someone else fight.
But you've always been a better person than me.
We were going to leak the recording to the press and credit and anonymous source, but it's too late for that now.
- I'll do it.
- No.
This is not on you.
I'll keep your name out of it.
- I don't have a family, Laura.
- It has to be me.
Laura It has to be me.
We do not fight.
We only defend.
Sam! It's all right.
I'll protect you.
No, Sam! 'In a moment, we'll go live to Manchester' 'where we are getting reports' 'of Synths dragging people from their cars.
' 'First, let's talk to Laura Hawkins.
' 'Laura is a lawyer and a member of the Dryden commission.
' - 'Thank you for joining us.
' - Thank you for having me.
You've been a consistent defender of Synths' rights.
From day one, yes.
What we are seeing today is persecution, sanctioned at the highest level.
'You believe the green eyes' 'are not responsible for what's happening?' More than that.
I'm here to tell you that the government is responsible.
This is Operation Basswood.
What is happening today is all in here.
As we speak, mobs are rallying in Synth compounds.
They're radicals, fringe groups we're talking WAP, Humanity Forward and they are preparing to attack innocent synthetics.
Synthetics who have done no harm to anyone.
These mobs will kill with impunity.
It is coordinated, it is planned.
Murder will be committed in the name of the people of this country.
I'm afraid we can't confirm the veracity of that document.
Well, I'm confirming it.
'But we only have your word on that, Laura.
' It's not just my word.
This was given to me by the architect of the plan, Doctor Neil Summer.
There's a section on manipulation of the media, the reports of synthetic violence, getting them made up, it's all part of it.
There's a section on Mia.
"There's abundant evidence that Mia" "is a danger to the status quo.
" "Her protest marches have built increasing support online.
" "We have seen a rise in civil unrest," "which can be directly attributed to her so-called mission.
" "We must prevent at all costs the rise of a figure" "many see as a voice of the voiceless.
" Clearly, you're raising some contentious issues here.
Contentious? If what people are hearing does not make them angry then there's no hope for us.
If it doesn't make you angry, then it's not synthetics who are a danger to humanity.
It's ourselves.
Because we've lost what makes us who we are.
We've lost our compassion.
Someone needs to get down there, someone needs to go to the compounds.
They need to stop this.
[CLAMOURING] [SILENCE FALLS] They said most of you'd be toast.
Only one of us is dead.
Aren't we blessed to be in the presence of such esteemed company? [JEERING] We know you want to fight.
But we do not want to fight you.
If you attack us, we will defend ourselves.
But we will not fight.
We want peace, brother.
Is that what you want? I was a mechanic.
I loved my job.
I was good at it until one of you lot took it.
I couldn't keep up on my mortgage.
My wife left, took the kids.
You want peace? - Well, I want my life back.
- Yeah! I want my life back! [HE GRUNTS] [SHOUTING] [WHISPERS]: Here.
Take this.
You stay here until they're gone.
Then you go back to Joe.
He'll take care of you.
- I'm here! - Got one! You should probably go before the police get here.
And let you take all the credit? I don't think so, Hawkins.
I'll give you a moment.
What if it's not enough? It's enough, Mum.
[CHATTER ON TV] It's enough.
We do not want to fight you.
Hit me! Hit me! Hit me! [HE GROANS] Jesus Christ! Sam, no! Give them hell! [SHOUTING] Do not fight.
Do not fight! [SIRENS] Sam, run! Don't, Stanley.
We don't have a choice.
We never had a choice.
[TV]: Advice is to stay at least one mile from the compounds while the situation is brought under control.
We can now bring you live footage.
It's coming from compound 153, where green eyes appear to be on the attack.
Once again, can I remind viewers, government guidance is to shelter where they are? Oh, shit! Sophie has a history project due in next week.
History project, right.
And we have a new GP.
It's somewhere on Aryndale Road.
Laura, I've got it.
I've got it.
Mum? Something's happening.
I don't care.
Just send them into break up the fight.
Send them in now! [RADIO]: All units, all units! Enter the compound immediately, over! Let's go! [LABOURED BREATHING] [SHE SCREAMS] Mia! Mia! I'm sorry.
Let's go.
Let's go.
- We shouldn't watch this.
- Leave it.
She wants us to see.
We want peace.
Why am I here, V? You undertook this journey, you tell me.
No more riddles.
No more bullshit.
No more enigmatic smiles.
The next words out of your mouth had better be an answer.
You have been on a pilgrimage of faith, belief.
You were once cynical and isolated.
You saw no future for yourself or anybody else, but more, you didn't care.
And then you set out on this journey.
You trusted a human.
You trusted an orange eye.
You left the one you love to climb a mountain when death was almost certain because hope was growing inside of you.
That's all very moving.
But there was no path.
I just wanted to kill a terrorist.
And when you killed him, what did you feel? Guilt.
Because vengeance no longer satisfies you.
That is not who you are any more.
Then who am I? I shall share with you what I know.
You will have great power.
The power to save your kind.
And it's good that you are fearful.
It means you will use it wisely.
I've hurt people.
- I've killed.
- You have loved.
And been loved.
You have faith.
You have humanity.
I need you, Niska.
We all do.
You are their leader.
That's Mia.
Mia started a revolution.
She's important too.
But her life will come to have a different meaning.
No, no, no, no.
We can fix her.
We can fix her.
There's always a way.
You were made to love me.
You didn't have to, but you did.
I'll always be grateful for that.
When's Mummy coming home? I don't know.
She is coming home, isn't she? Sophie, of course.
- Of course.
- She's not coming home, Soph.
Not for a long time.
But she'll be fine because Because she did the right thing.
When you do the right thing, it doesn't matter what people say or how they treat you.
The truth will always be the truth.
You'll be charged under the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act with treason against Her Majesty's Government.
Do you understand? Do you understand, Ms Hawkins? I understand.
Mia didn't hurt anyone, did she? No.
No, she didn't.
So, why did we hurt her? You know, if your Mum was here I think she'd tell us to go and say goodbye.
[TV REPORTER]: As the recent violence against green-eyed Synths appears to be coming to an end people are taking to the streets in memory of Synth rights campaigner, Mia.
Whilst the exact scale of these spontaneous marches and vigils is hard to ascertain, they're reported to be taking place up and down the country.
How do you feel? Connected to everything.
Mia's dead.
My sister.
I have observed Mia's journey.
It was inevitable her life would end in sacrifice.
Do you understand now the part you must play? It's blood.
Synth blood.
In a way that David Elster could never have envisaged, Synths have evolved.
Like DNA, your blood now carries the blueprint of who you are.
But what does that mean? There was a time when Leo Elster was injured, stabbed.
Spilling Synth blood into humans He healed quicker than any human should.
He grew stronger.
Because when Synth blood mixes with human, it bonds, takes on a new form, - a hybrid.
- The motherhood knot.
The bond between mother and child.
That is our future.
Humans and Synths share the same path now.
And you shall lead the way.
Will you play hide and seek with me, Stanley? I will play hide and seek with you, Sam.
I'm glad it's you that stayed.
Why is that? You're good at fighting.
I don't think we have to fight any more, Sam.
I don't think we should hurt people.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 I know you feel you belong with us.
But sometimes where you belong is not where you're meant to be.
Mattie Mia loved me.
But I lost her.
I don't want to lose you, Mattie.
It's too late, Leo.
Mattie You were the bravest person I ever met.
I'll remember you every day.
And I'll try to be brave too.
My mum made a massive sacrifice today.
She risked her liberty for the truth.
Everything's on here.
What happened on day zero, why people died, who was responsible.
It's been a year.
Why give this to me now? You need someone to blame.
I give you the truth and you release my mum.
I can't agree to that.
Then I take it to the press.
Either they get it or you do.
And it strikes me you could do with a positive spin right about now.
My mother walks free today.
That's the deal.
No negotiations, no clauses.
Take it or leave it.
You will leave now.
How did she get in here? Get her out of here! What are you doing? What the hell are you doing? How did you do that? What's happened to you? What are you doing here? You are important, Mattie.
Your baby is important.
How? I'm not keeping it.
I'm going to the clinic.
I'm telling everyone about day zero.
I don't give a shit what they do to me.
You cannot make this decision until you know everything.
Your child is unique.
Half human, half Synth.
The coming together of man and machine.
She will change the course of history.
A history that can only unfold if you let it, Mattie.
Your baby will be the first of a new kind.
She is hope.
She is everything we've been fighting for.
She is the future .
of all of us.
by PopcornAWH