Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

Departure x And x Friends

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! Departure x And x Friends Whale Island Gon's still trying to catch the Lord of the Lake? Huh? Y-Yes He's been at it for a week, non-stop.
You promised he could take the Hunter Exam if he caught the Lord of the Lake? What a fool! Five adults couldn't manage to reel in that monster.
How is a child supposed to catch that beast? Mito-san doesn't want him taking the Hunter Exam.
But Gon's old man was the same age when he caught it He can't do it.
Got him! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I got him good! It's huge! This is the Lord of the Lake? It's been twenty years! I know! It was Gon's father that time, right? He's his father's son.
Gon actually caught the Lord! Look, Mito-san! Mito-san! I caught the Lord, as promised So I can take the Hunter Exam, right? Right? I'll do my best.
I promise to become a Hunter! It must be in the blood No one has been able to catch the Lord after Ging pulled it off, at the age of twelve.
And now his son has accomplished the same feat, at the same age.
His eyes have the same shine as his father's.
We can no longer stop him.
Are you sure about this, Gon? Uh-huh.
Your father abandoned you when you were still young to become a Hunter.
I know.
He chose becoming a Hunter over raising you! Isn't that amazing? Huh? Being a Hunter is so great, he was willing to abandon his own kid! It's a dangerous job! You never know when you might lose your life! Don't you understand? I don't.
But I want to know more! I want to become a Hunter and discover why it was so important to my dad! You really are Ging's son I promise I'll pass the exam.
I'll pass the exam, and I'll become a Hunter! Just promise that you'll come back safe.
Can you do that? Uh-huh, I promise! Pinky swear made Whoever breaks their promise has to swallow a thousand needles.
Sealed with a kiss! Gon Thank you, Mito-san.
Good luck! Knock 'em dead! I'm going to become the best Hunter in the world! Once I'm the best Hunter in the world, I'll come back! The best Hunter in the world? Kid doesn't respect us.
Every year, there are millions of skilled applicants for the Hunter Exam.
But only a handful are selected.
Don't say stuff that you can't back up, boy.
What are you doing, Katsuo? At this rate, you'll never make a decent sailor.
Why are you bent over? Hey, losers! Don't slack off! A-Aye, sir! Hey Didn't you hear me? Move that box! A-Aye, Captain! Hold on.
Thanks! A storm's coming.
How can you tell, boy? That's what the seagulls are saying.
What? Plus It's a huge storm that's coming! It's true I can tell by the smell! That boy Those eyes Could he be Captain! The mast won't last much longer! We should lower the sails! Don't be stupid! The fun's about to start.
Here we go! Full to port! Let's fly! Hunter Vocabulary Gon Those waves weren't much Hey, take the helm.
A-Aye! Damn, this is one lousy crew.
Not a one of them can stand.
And they're supposed to be taking the Hunter Examination.
What a laugh! Here are some herbs.
If you chew them, you'll feel a little better.
W-Water It's coming, so hold on.
That boy This is one sour apple I see.
There are a few tough nuts on board.
Excuse me! H-Here is your water! Thanks.
Now drink your fill.
I really appreciate it, Katsuo-san.
First, tell me your names.
I'm Gon! I'm Kurapika.
It's Leorio.
Why do you want to become Hunters? Hey! If you're not an examiner, you can't boss us around! Just answer the question! My dad is a Hunter.
I left Whale Island because I want to know why my dad desired so much to be a Hunter.
Whale Island So this is Ging's son.
The day has finally come.
Hey, kid! Huh? You're not supposed to answer his question! Why can't I tell him why I'm here? Not a team player, huh? I don't wish to reveal why I'm here.
I agree with Leorio.
What? Hey! Aren't you younger than I am? Show some respect! It's quite simple to avoid pesky questions by offering a plausible lie.
Hey! Are you listening to me? However, it is quite shameful to rely upon deceit.
That said, if I were to tell you the truth, I would be exposing my deepest secrets.
That is why I cannot provide an answer.
Hey, you Don't ignore me! In other words, you refuse to answer my question.
Hey, Katsuo.
Aye, Captain.
Tell the examination board that we have two more dropouts.
What do you mean? You still haven't figured it out? The Hunter Examination has already begun.
What? There are as many Hunter wannabes as there are stars in the sky.
The examiners don't have the time or resources to review them all.
So they hire people like us, to trim the fat.
I've already notified the board that everyone else on this ship had to withdraw.
If they couldn't handle a little storm, they'd stand no chance in the Hunter Examination's later stages.
In other words, you only proceed to the main exam if I pass you.
So think carefully before you answer my question.
So he says Should have told us sooner.
I am the last survivor of the Kurta Clan.
Four years ago, my clan was annihilated by a band of criminals.
I wish to become a Hunter and hunt down that band, the Phantom Troupe.
So you want to become a bounty hunter? The Phantom Troupe is a Class-A bounty.
Not even the most grizzled Hunters can touch them.
You'd be throwing away your life.
I do not fear death.
I fear only that my rage will fade over time.
So, in other words, you want revenge.
Does that require that you become a Hunter? That may be the stupidest question I've ever heard, Leorio.
That's Leorio-san to you! Places accessible only to Hunters Information otherwise unobtainable Actions otherwise impossible There are more reasons than your brain could possibly handle.
Hey! Why do you want to become a Hunter, Leorio-san? Me? I'll make it short.
I want money.
Money can get you everything! A big house! A nice car! Good liquor! You can't buy class with money, Leorio.
That's three times now.
Step outside.
I'll end the filthy Kurta bloodline, here and now.
Take that back, Leorio! Take that back! That's Leorio-san to you.
Hey, boys! I'm not finished yet! Just let them go.
Huh? Mito-san once told me If you want to get to know someone, you need to make an effort to learn why they're angry.
It's important for them to understand why they're mad.
So we should let them settle it themselves.
Captain! L-Look If we get caught by that waterspout, the ship will sink.
Lower the sails now.
Aye! I'll help! Uh-huh, come with me.
I'll take the helm.
Aye! Full to starboard! Hurry! The waterspout is gonna catch us! Take back what you said! Take back your words, and I'll forgive you, Leorio.
How many times must I repeat myself? You should show me some respect.
I won't back down.
Then I have no choice Katsuo-san! Damn it! Pull 'em out! Now You idiot! If we hadn't grabbed your legs, you'd be shark bait now.
Honestly How reckless can you be? But you did catch me.
Huh? You both caught me! Well, I guess so Gon! Katsuo-san! Thanks, Gon! You saved my life.
I couldn't have done it alone.
These two helped save you.
Huh? Thank you very much! No, you don't need to thank me.
Well Yeah, I'm glad you're okay.
Yeah! So I'll be returning to my station! What? I apologize for my rude behavior.
Sorry, Leorio-san.
Wh-What's with the sudden change? We sound like strangers Just call me Leorio Leorio works.
I'm also sorry.
I take back everything I said.
I was wrong.
No, it's okay.
I like you guys! Okay! I'll take responsibility for bringing you three to the port closest to the exam site.
Really? What about your test? Like I said It's my decision to make.
And all three of you pass! Yay! And so began Gon's journey To follow in his father's footsteps and become a Hunter.
Next time: Test x Of x Tests.
Look forward to it!