Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

Test x Of x Tests

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! Okay! I'll take responsibility for bringing you three to the port closest to the exam site.
Yay! Test x Of x Tests Dolle Harbor After winning the captain's favor, the trio of Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio arrived safely at Dolle Harbor.
Thanks, Captain! I had a great time! I had fun, too.
Right! As a token of my appreciation, I'll give you some advice.
Advice? Look.
See that big cedar tree on the hilltop? Uh-huh.
You should make your way there first.
It's a shortcut to the exam site.
A shortcut? Got it! So, I just need to head for that tree! I'll do that, Captain! Thanks! Best of luck! Yep! Same to you! Take care! Rest easy, Ging.
Your son has grown into a respectable young man.
Huh That's strange.
Why? According to the notice I received, the exam is supposedly being held somewhere in Zaban City.
Right now, we're here.
That tree is in the opposite direction.
Perhaps you misheard him? No, he told me to head toward that cedar tree.
I see And this notice isn't any help! Where, exactly, in Zaban City are we meant to go? Our task is to find the exam site, using a limited amount of information.
Just another test before we'll be allowed to take the Hunter Exam.
I-I knew that I already knew that! Anyway, I'll go have a look.
The captain must have had a reason to suggest that.
Hey, hey You're serious? The bus to Zaban is about to leave.
We should just take it.
Hey! Man He's gotta learn that you can't trust everyone.
Huh? Hey! Kurapika! Gon's behavior interests me more than the captain's advice.
I'm going with him.
Oh, is that so? See ya.
Wasn't very long Nice knowing you.
Guess he's not as independent as I'd thought I'm just gonna take the bus! So it was a trap Seems none of the buses have made it to Zaban City.
Rookies usually fail this part because they're too naïve.
Wait, wait, wait! Wait for me! Well, I knew you guys would be lonely without me.
And it's no fun traveling alone.
So I decided to stick with you guys a while longer.
This is a creepy place I don't see a single person.
No, there are plenty here.
What? Wh-What's with the freak show? Exciting E-Exciting? Exciting Exciting.
Exciting two-choice quiz! You boys are headed for that tree on the hill, correct? To reach that tree, you must pass through this town.
Huh? I shall administer a single-question quiz.
H-Hold on! What's going on here? You'll have five seconds to state your answer.
Give the wrong answer, and you're disqualified.
You'll have to give up on taking this year's Hunter Exam.
I see Then this is part of the Hunter Exam.
I see how it is.
I happen to be a quiz expert.
Only one question? Your answer will be either the number 1 or 2.
Any other answer will be considered incorrect.
Hold on! All three of us share one question? So if one of them answers incorrectly, I'm disqualified, too? As if that would happen! What scares me is the high likelihood of the vice versa happening.
What was that? But you know This way's easier, since only one of us needs to know the answer.
I'm not good at quizzes.
I suppose Fair point.
Hey, there.
Hurry it up.
Or else I'll answer the question first.
Who are you? He followed us here, all the way from port.
Huh? Seriously? Sorry, kid.
I happened to overhear your conversation.
What will you do? He seems eager to take it.
We should let him go first.
That way, we'll know what kind of question to expect.
I don't mind.
I have no objection.
Then I'll get to it.
I'll leave a trail of traps behind me.
Here is your question Evil villains have captured your mother and lover.
You can only save one.
Select 1 for your mother, or 2 for your lover.
Which will you save? H-How is this even a quiz? The answer is 1.
Oh? Why do you say that? Because you can't replace your mother.
But you can find another lover.
What? You may pass.
What? You just have to tell the old lady what she wants to hear.
Hey, now! That's all bull! How was that the right answer? We're supposed to give the answer the old lady wants? And that's considered correct? Hey, say something! I won't put up with this sham.
I'll find a different route.
It's too late.
Refuse to take the quiz, and you're disqualified.
Th-That's just ridiculous! Different people would expect different answers! There is no right answer! No right answer I see! Leorio! Wait! The cat-eyed boy has figured it out.
Not another word from you.
Say anything but the answer, and you're immediately disqualified.
Wake up, Leorio It's a simple trick Gon Here is your question Your son and daughter have been kidnapped.
You can only rescue one.
Select 1 for your son, or 2 for your daughter.
Which will you rescue? She's making fun of us Five.
Go ahead and count down, you hag.
Time's up.
Don't stop me, Kurapika! I won't be satisfied until I've taught this hag a lesson! Calm down, Leorio! How am I supposed to calm down? You'll waste our correct response.
Correct response? We gave the right answer.
Silence was the correct response.
Silence? What do you mean You hit the nail on the head.
There is no right answer! Precisely.
This quiz had no right answer.
However, we could only state In other words, we weren't meant to respond at all.
Silence was the only response.
But what about that other guy? They never said he gave the right answer.
She only said, "You may pass.
" In other words, this path is the wrong path.
Am I right? Precisely.
The correct path is over here.
This leads directly to the tree.
Walk two hours, and you'll reach the top.
Oh, so that's what this was about A couple lives in the cabin beneath that tree.
They serve as Navigators.
If you meet their standards, I believe that they will guide you to the exam site.
Gran, I'm sorry for my rudeness.
Don't be.
I don't mind.
I do this job because I enjoy meeting people like you.
Huh? Do your best to become a good Hunter.
It's no use.
I can't think of an answer.
You were still trying to find an answer? You can stop.
Huh? Why? The quiz is over.
I know.
But But you know What if I run into a situation like that and I can only save one person What should I do then? It wouldn't be right to choose just one But one day, I might have to make that choice.
That's right.
That is the true purpose of this test.
You must be prepared to face the worst possible scenarios Because harsh reality strikes without warning.
You must be prepared for the day your paths diverge.
Hunter Vocabulary Kurapika It's totally dark out "Walk two hours," she said? It was two hours, two hours ago! Damn.
Beware of Magical Beasts! Another "Beware of Magical Beasts" sign? Are we ever gonna make it to the exam site? I'm hungry! I need to take a dump! Leorio! We'll leave you behind! I've gotta take a leak, too! I see it.
Hey! Hello? Anyone home? Are they out? We're coming in.
It's a Magical Beast! A Magical Beast? A Transforming Magical Beast, the Kiriko! They can take human form! That's an extremely intelligent creature! There's a woman in his arms! And the guy on the floor needs medical attention P-Please Please save my wife Leorio, we'll leave the injured man to you! Got it! He can follow that faint shadow, even through this dark forest.
Kiriko! Let her go! Take her from me, if you can! Wow! He can talk! That Magical Beast, the Kiriko, uses human speech.
That makes this a lot easier! Hey! Silly Kiriko! What? H-He's fast! Kurapika! He's so reckless Stupid kid.
You'll pay for this! Wait! Are you okay? Are you injured anywhere? I'm okay.
What about my husband? How is he? Don't worry.
Our friend is taking care of him.
Please take me to my husband! Those tattoos You're Kurapika! You okay? Leorio? Whew Guess you guys are all right.
How is that man? Yeah, no worries.
The wound wasn't as deep as it looked.
I gave him some painkillers, and he's sound asleep in the cabin.
I see How did you know? How did you know I was an impostor? I didn't think that you were.
I told Leorio to take care of the injured man, and he consented.
Given the Magical Beast is still on the loose, I attacked you for foolishly leaving an injured man on his own.
That's all.
Now I need you to answer my question.
Who are you? Wait! For a kid, you're pretty quick.
Didn't expect you'd land a blow on me.
You're about to discover the high price that accomplishment came with! Who are you? You aren't the one I hit.
Are you his friend? How can you tell that I'm not the same one? Huh? Your face is completely different.
And your voice is a little higher and thinner.
What? Did I say something funny? Hey, sweetheart! Come out here! You're gonna love this! Hmm How many years has it been since someone was able to tell us apart? I'm ecstatic! Can you tell their faces and voices are different? No, not at all You see, the one Kurapika and I beat up is the husband.
Which one are you talking about? Allow us to introduce ourselves.
We are the Navigators.
Our family provides support for the Hunter Exam.
I'm their daughter! I'm their son! Man, you had us fooled.
The Hunter Exam changes site every year.
It's quite difficult to locate it.
So we Navigators help by guiding the applicants to the site.
Oh, that's how it works.
But we don't help every candidate.
We test applicants to see if they're qualified to take the exam.
You successfully used the most vague of hints to determine that we weren't spouses.
The hint was these tattoos which, in this region, mark a woman as single for life.
Kurapika-dono demonstrated that he is very knowledgeable.
Therefore, he passes.
Way to go, Kurapika.
Yeah You never realized my true identity.
However, you dressed my injuries faster and more thoroughly than any doctor.
Most importantly, you continued to reassure me that my wife was safe.
S-Stop it It's embarrassing Your kindness makes you worthy to take the Hunter Exam.
Thus, you pass.
R-Really? Thank goodness You did it! And finally, Gon-dono.
Yes! Your superhuman physical ability and powers of observation make you worthy to take the Hunter Exam.
You pass.
We will now take you to the exam site.
Isn't it great that we all passed? It's too early to celebrate.
We've merely earned the right to take the real exam.
What's wrong with celebrating a little? We're making progress.
Honestly, you people really should think.
Hey! Why must you be such a smart-ass? Stop moving around! If you fall, blame yourself! Gon and his friends enjoy a brief journey through the sky.
However, they still haven't reached the starting line.
Next time: Rivals x For x Survival.
I'm going to do my best!