Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

Rivals x For x Survival

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! We will now take you to the exam site.
Isn't it great that we all passed? It's too early to celebrate.
We've merely earned the right to take the real exam.
What's wrong with celebrating a little? We're making progress.
Rivals x For x Survival Zaban City Gon and his new friends have arrived in Zaban City, site of the Hunter Exam, aided by the Kiriko Navigators.
As Navigators, our job is to identify worthy Hunter applicants and guide them to the exam site.
In other words, it would be extremely difficult for someone to reach the site without a Navigator's help.
Hey, wanna try one? It's Zaban's famous panda-frog-on-a-stick! A true delicacy! This brooch was excavated from Zaban's underground palace.
I bet that it's a national treasure.
You know, Zaban City is quite a shady place.
Prosperous cities tend to attract all sorts of nasty types.
What are you doing, Gon? We're going! Yeah! I believe that is the building.
Huh? It's so tall! They have a really nice building.
So this is the exam site This is what draws Hunter applicants from across the world.
My first shot at the Hunter Exam Was this how Dad felt, when he first arrived? Hey, guys! Hmm? Over here.
What? Here.
Wait, this isn't funny.
Isn't that an ordinary restaurant? You can't possibly mean that Hunter applicants from around the world are meant to assemble here? I do.
Huh? No one would ever expect the Hunter Exam, with its millions of candidates, to be located here, right? That's true.
Welcome! Is the back room open? What will you have? The steak combo that opens your eyes to the light.
For three.
For three How would you like them? Grilled over a low flame, until cooked.
Got it.
Let yourself into the back room.
Wait here.
Wait? Where are the others? I can't wait for the steak combo.
Gon, that was just the password to get us inside.
Oh, we don't get to eat? One in every ten thousand Hmm? The number of applicants who make it this far.
You've done extremely well for first-timers.
Well, good luck.
Thanks! I would be happy to serve as your Navigator next year, as well.
What? It appears this room is an elevator.
Bastard That meant that he expects us to fail this year.
Once every three years.
What's that? The frequency with which a rookie passes the exam.
Huh? It's that unusual? Some cannot endure the exam's physical and mental strain.
It's also not unusual for veterans to break the rookies, who consequently never retake the test.
So I guess candidates are willing to risk everything to become Hunters.
But of course, my friend! Hunters make the most money in this world! No! Hunters are the most noble in this world.
Glory hog Money grubber! Gon! Listen Every year, over fifty Hunters make the list of the world's hundred richest people! Hunters are associated with hunting wild game and treasure, but they are all second-rate.
True Hunters work to protect people and the natural order.
Now, look here Once you're a Hunter, most countries will give you a free pass! And no charge to use public facilities.
How are those benefits? Hunters have many difficult and important responsibilities, such as preserving cultural artifacts and endangered species, as well as capturing wanted criminals and unscrupulous Hunters.
The fame and money That's why people wish to become Hunters! Profound knowledge, a healthy mind and body, and unyielding conviction Those are the qualities on which Hunters pride themselves! Gon! What do you think? Which kind of Hunter do you hope to become?! Well, when you put it that way I think we've arrived.
We'll continue this later.
Strange atmosphere down here.
They clearly differ from the Hunter applicants we saw at the port and in the city.
Each is a master, in their own right Excuse me Everyone's really tense.
Please take a number.
Here you go.
Be sure you wear this on your chest at all times.
Be careful not to lose it.
Haven't seen you guys around before.
You can tell we're new? More or less.
After all, this will be my thirty-fifth attempt.
Thirty-five times?! Well, you could say I'm an exam veteran.
That isn't something to brag about.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
Thank you.
My name is Tonpa.
I'm Gon.
These are Kurapika and Leorio.
Hey, are there others who have taken the exam a bunch of times like you? Well, I have the most experience here, but there are a few others.
For instance, there's him Number 255, Todo, the wrestler.
He's unmatched in strength.
And he's smarter than he looks.
On the other side, we have number 103, Bourbon, the snake charmer.
He tends to hold grudges, so you don't want to end up on his bad side.
And then Number 191, Bodoro, the kung fu master.
He's getting old, but there still isn't a better martial artist around.
Then you have the three brothers, Amori, Imori, and Umori.
They perform consistently well, thanks to their excellent teamwork.
And number 384, Gerreta, the huntsman.
He specializes in killing all manner of creatures, by blow dart and club.
There are many more, but they have taken the test the most times.
Ah Oh, how peculiar His arms seem to have become flower petals.
No smoke and mirrors here.
Do take care.
When you bump into someone, you really should apologize.
That psychopath is back again.
Again? Does that mean he took last year's exam? Number 44.
Hisoka, the magician.
Last year, he was a virtual lock to pass the test, until he all but killed an examiner he didn't like.
A-And they're still allowing him to retake the exam this year? Of course.
Every year, the examiners and test content change, and the examiners are the ones who choose the new content.
The devil himself could pass if that were the examiners' determination.
That's just how the Hunter Exam works.
Anyway, no one likes him.
You should stay away, too.
He looks dangerous.
That much is for sure.
Oh, right A little something to mark our acquaintance.
How about it? Oh, appreciated.
As it happened, I was thirsty Thanks! Thank you.
There he goes.
He always plays the nice guy, despite being nastier than anyone else here.
Tonpa, the rookie crusher Best of luck to all of us! The juice I gave you contains an extremely strong laxative.
One sip, and for three days, your guts will be a non-stop roller coaster.
You'll need diapers to take the exam.
Hunter Vocabulary Leorio Tonpa-san, this juice must have expired.
It tastes funny.
Seriously? That was close! H-Huh? That's strange Impossible! That laxative should have practically no taste nor scent.
I'm very sorry! I didn't realize the juice had gone bad.
It's okay.
You don't have to apologize.
Is your stomach okay? Y-Yes I'm fine.
I've sampled all kinds of mountain grasses and plants.
So I can usually taste when something's bad.
R-Really? That's amazing Damn I had to run into this wild mountain kid.
Sorry about that again.
I'll see you around.
Talkative old man Still, there's something wrong with this year's rookies.
That number 294, Hanzo, too.
He seemed gullible when I approached him.
Don't tell anyone else, but I'm actually a ninja.
Huh? Oh, really? I seek the legendary scroll Shh The Ultimate Ninja Scroll.
That is why I desire to become a Hunter.
I've heard that it's hidden somewhere inaccessible to ordinary people.
Anyway, it's boring here Yeah, I guess So, how about it? Let's toast our new friendship.
As a ninja, I make it a point to never drink anything someone else offers.
I-I see I could tell by his eyes that he's no fool.
One false step, and I could've been in real danger.
Speaking of danger, there's number 301 That guy just oozes peril.
I can't even go near him.
Then there's that guy I can't stand, number 187, Nicolas.
Must've been tough to make it here.
Not really.
Everything went as predicted by my data I used historical data, from past Hunter Exams, to calculate this year's location.
Quite simple.
Frankly, I was bored senseless.
R-Really That's amazing.
My name is Tonpa.
Nice to meet you.
Tonpa-san, is it? Oh, there you are.
This is your thirty-fifth attempt, the second-highest number by one person.
And with thirty, you have the most consecutive appearances.
Very impressive.
Please, it's no big deal.
How about it? Let's drink to our new friendship But you have yet to actually pass the exam.
I assume that's because you're too absorbed by your other objective.
Eh? Tonpa-san, the rookie crusher.
What? Well, I won't share my knowledge with anyone else, seeing as you hold the consecutive appearance record Goodbye.
Bastard Just you wait.
I'll break that snotty nose of yours.
Hey, Tonpa-san! Could I have more of that juice? Must be my nerves.
I'm really thirsty.
Eh? Oh, sure What the hell? The laxative he drank earlier should have taken effect by now.
What's going on? It's only a laxative, but if he imbibes that much, he could die of dehydration.
Worried? I'll be fine.
I've trained.
Poisons won't affect me.
Poisons? He knew what was in the juice? But he still drank it? Number 99, Killua.
This year's rookies are all insane Well, it doesn't matter.
That just means crushing them will be all the more worthwhile.
I apologize for the wait.
The entry period for Hunter applicants has ended.
The Hunter Exam will now begin! A final caution.
If you are short on luck or ability, you could very well end up seriously injured or even dead.
Those who accept the risks, please follow me.
Otherwise, please exit via the elevator behind you.
Very well.
All 404 applicants will participate in Phase One.
Of course, no one turned around and left.
I'd hoped a few might withdraw.
Wh-What? The people in front started running.
He's picked up the pace.
I neglected to introduce myself.
I am Satotz, the Phase One examiner.
I shall lead you to the exam's Second Phase.
Second Phase? What about Phase One? It has already commenced.
It's already begun? This is part of the test? You must follow me to Phase Two.
This is the exam's First Phase.
Follow you? That's it? Yes.
I cannot tell you where or when you must arrive.
You need to follow me.
I see how it is.
This test is weird.
I expect it's an endurance test.
Fine by me.
I'll be right behind you! But there is the mental stress of not knowing how far we'll have to run.
He's also testing our mental fortitude.
The exam's First Phase begins, amidst a mix of warriors and knaves.
One candidate is disqualified before it even starts.
The total number of Hunter applicants is 404.
Next time: Hope x And x Ambition.
Time to go fishin'! Yeah!