Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e06 Episode Script

A x Surprising x Challenge

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! How wonderful I really do love that look.
But I was pretty excited, as well.
I was so scared, I wanted to run away.
But I couldn't.
And at the same time, I was excited.
Isn't that strange? A x Surprising x Challenge Looks like we made it in time.
Leorio Leorio! Man, that stings Why am I all beat up? Huh? My memory is kinda hazy.
We probably shouldn't tell him what happened.
Yeah Gon.
Killua! I can't believe you actually got here I thought you were done for.
I just tracked Leorio's cologne.
Cologne? That was how? You definitely are weird.
Excellent work, everyone.
Phase Two of the exam will occur here, in the Biska Forest Park.
So, I shall take my leave.
Best of luck to all of you.
Will all applicants who passed the First Phase please enter? Welcome.
I'm Menchi, the Second Phase examiner.
And I'm Buhara, the other examiner.
Wh-What was that sound? You must be hungry.
I'm starving There you have it.
Phase Two will involve cooking! C-Cooking? Wait! Cooking? We're here to take the Hunter Exam! That's quite right.
Your challenge for the Second Phase is to produce a dish that will satisfy our palate.
Why do we have to cook?! That's because we are Gourmet Hunters.
Huh? Man, what a letdown.
They're Gourmet Hunters The Gourmet Hunters Menchi and Buhara Their selection as examiners could prove problematic.
Only fifty applicants No, depending on the task, it's possible that fewer than ten applicants will pass Phase Two.
So, Gourmet Hunters, what are we supposed to make? Buhara.
The required ingredient is pork.
Pork? As in pig meat? You're free to use meat from any species of Biska Forest pigs.
You must use the cooking facilities here to prepare the pork.
And you only pass if we both find it delicious.
And we will evaluate more than just the taste.
Don't underestimate the intricacies of cooking.
Got it? When we've both eaten our fill, the exam will end.
We get it.
We get it.
Let's just start.
Then, the exam's Second Phase begins now! Free to use meat from any species of pigs? You have a real nasty streak.
Choosing the ingredients was my job.
Only one species of pig lives in the Biska Forest, correct? I hope they don't get themselves killed.
Hey, little piggy? Catch a pig and cook it.
This is way easier than the First Phase.
I hope it will be that simple What was that about, Gon?! Found them.
Huh? Pigs! Uh They're chewing on bones.
Don't tell me They're carnivores? Huh? What's that? These pigs are crazy! The Great Stamp, the world's most ferocious pig.
They use their large, stout noses to send their enemies flying.
If you're too slow, you'll end up as their dinner.
Take that! What? Huh? Just maybe Could their foreheads be their weak points? So, the pigs evolved large, strong noses in order to protect their soft foreheads.
Oh, my.
They caught a lot.
This year's applicants are very talented.
However, the difficult part is yet to come.
Now eat the pig and send me to the next phase.
Okay, it's evaluation time.
Taste testing.
Tastes good! It's overcooked.
The tough texture ruins the flavor of the meat.
What? You haven't even tried it! It's plain as day.
Damn it Okay Dive in! Huh? Why? Charred on the outside, uncooked inside.
Your fire was too strong.
Honestly All they're doing is roasting the whole pig, like it's all they know how to do None of them has made any effort! No one's passed yet And Menchi hasn't even taken a bite Hey! Can't anyone out there satisfy me? That's it! This phase of the exam is a cooking test, but they're judging us on originality and powers of observation.
I see How do you like my cooking? Is this supposed to be a kiddy meal?! I'm next! It's basically the same thing! I am next! Please judge my creation.
Finally, something that resembles an actual dish The point is to use the provided facilities and ingredients to highlight the main feature, the pork.
In other words, the taste is insignificant! Yuck! Huh? Appearance is important, but only if it also tastes good.
You're no better than #403! Too bad! No better than #403 That was so much food, I'm stuffed! Yeah, I'm stuffed, too.
Therefore, no one passes.
We're finished here! It's over? What the hell? As I expected, she's lapsed back into her old bad habits.
What should we do, Chairman? I suppose I have no choice.
Fine, I'll have to go in person.
Hunter Vocabulary Menchi Zero people passed? Are you serious? Does she really mean it? The exam is over? This isn't funny! I won't accept it I absolutely refuse to accept this! In the end, you've still failed.
Stop screwing around! You asked for pork, so we risked our lives to— I said to prepare the pork in a manner we both found delicious None of you made anything remotely delicious.
You all did almost the same thing.
There was no effort made Just when I thought someone actually tried, they only changed the appearance.
No one attempted to emphasize the flavor.
I'm positive that none of you took cooking seriously! Pork dishes are all the same Just say that once more.
Any more crap from you, and I'll shove my arm up your ass and knock your teeth out! Don't you mess with me! There's Menchi's bad habit again I don't want any lip from a bunch of After all, only a handful of chefs amateurs who can't even roast a pig! in the entire world can satisfy Menchi.
Hey! What did you just say? Why don't you repeat it to my face?! In other words, you people don't have the guts to try anything new.
Shut up! I'm not trying to become a cook or a gourmet I want to be a Hunter! Yeah! Yeah! My goal is to become a Black List Hunter.
I refuse to let a mere Gourmet Hunter decide my fate! Too bad you got stuck with a mere Gourmet Hunter as an examiner Better luck next year? Why, you Don't mock me! Buhara, don't interfere.
Well If I hadn't intervened, you'd have killed him, right? Probably.
Let me clarify this We frequently venture into the dens of ferocious beasts, searching for ingredients.
Every Hunter knows some form of martial art.
You lack focus and the willingness to experiment.
That alone disqualifies you from becoming Hunters! That said, it would be excessive to fail every single applicant.
That's the symbol of the Hunters Association! Is it someone from the Selection Committee? Wh-Who's that geezer? The Chairman of the Selection Committee.
He's in charge of the Hunter Exam Chairman Netero.
Well, I work behind the scenes.
I only take action when there's an issue, like now.
So, Menchi-kun Yes, sir.
You failed all of the applicants because you disapproved of their reluctance to try new things? No, sir I lost my cool when one of the candidates insulted Gourmet Hunters.
And I made the exam harder than necessary.
In other words, you're aware that this exam was unacceptable.
Yes, sir.
When cooking is involved, I lose control.
I'm unqualified to be an examiner.
I will resign as examiner, so please redo the Second Phase! But it would be difficult to find another examiner on such short notice.
I apologize Very well.
How about this? I'd like you to continue serving as an examiner.
But you must also participate in the new test you propose.
Is that acceptable? I'm certain that will help the applicants to accept the results.
That's true Then the new challenge will be boiled eggs! Boiled eggs? Chairman, can you take us to Mt.
Split-in-Half in your airship? Mt.
Split-in-Half? I see what you're doing.
Certainly, I can.
Now, everyone Look down there.
Wh-What is that? A Spider Eagle's web.
They build webs down there? Look below the web.
Those are Those are Spider Eagle eggs.
Spider Eagles build their webs in deep ravines, to protect their eggs from predators.
This makes their eggs one of the most difficult ingredients to obtain.
The eggs are also known as dream eggs.
W-Wait a minute You don't mean we I sure do.
What? Even if she can grab some eggs, how will she climb back up? Hey She jumped down! Is she trying to kill herself? No, she's not.
Huh? That looks fun This ravine has updrafts that help the hatched chicks fly up to the web.
Now I just need to boil the egg.
Y-You must be joking.
No reasonable person would jump down there I've been waiting for this! Okay! Count me in! Wait! I haven't finished explaining everything! Catch you later.
Let's go! Not yet.
Why not? There's no wind.
There isn't always an updraft.
When's the next one? Wait.
What? The web won't hold us all! Gon, not yet? Damn, I can't wait for an updraft! It's gonna snap! Now! And the rest of you? I guess you quit.
It takes courage to concede, too.
This is damned good.
Much better than the eggs you buy in a store I can see why they're called dream eggs.
Hey, Todo-san.
Would you like a bite? It's delicious Now you've experienced the joy of discovering how good something can taste.
We're risking our lives for that joy.
I was completely outclassed this year.
I'll be back next year! The applicants have learned that, whether you're a Black List Hunter or a Gourmet Hunter, calling yourself a Hunter requires an enormous amount of determination.
Only 42 applicants remain.
Next time: Showdown x On The x Airship! Use soap when you wash your hands! R-Right!