Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

Showdown x On The x Airship

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! Now! Now you've experienced the joy of discovering how good something can taste.
We're risking our lives for that joy.
Showdown x On The x Airship After clearing the exam's Second Phase, Gon and his friends fly through the starry sky, toward the site for the Third Phase.
Allow me to introduce myself to the forty-two remaining applicants.
I am Netero, Chairman of this year's Hunter Exam Selection Committee.
I am his secretary, Beans.
Originally, I'd planned to make my appearance during the exam's final phase, but as I'm already here I'm loving this tension in the air! So I think I'll stick around for the rest of the trip.
We are scheduled to arrive at our destination tomorrow morning, at 8 AM.
You'll find dinner waiting in the dining hall.
You are also welcome to get some rest.
In other words, you're free to do as you please until you are contacted.
Okay, Gon! Let's explore the airship! Yeah! How can they have so much energy? I'm hitting the sack.
You can say that again.
However, I do have one concern Hmm? What's up? How many more phases are there? Oh They've never mentioned that, have they? On average, there are five to six phases.
Which means we still have three or four to go All the more reason to rest now.
But you should be careful.
Huh? The secretary only told us when we'll arrive at our destination.
It's possible that the third exam could take place on this airship itself.
And it doesn't necessarily mean we'll be contacted at 8 AM.
Huh? Are you serious? Hmm, that does make sense You might wake up to discover that the exam has already ended.
If you plan to make it to the next phase, don't let yourself relax on this airship.
What the hell Well, that was some good advice.
We shall bear that in mind.
Let's all do our best.
Yeah, right Here's hoping that you're both nervous wrecks, come the morning.
There's no chance that the next phase will be held on the airship.
Were that their intention, they wouldn't have said that we were free to do as we pleased.
They would have told us to stand by.
Hey, how many applicants do you expect to make it? You mean pass the exam? Yep.
This year, we have an impressive group.
Though I did fail them all at one point But doesn't it depend on what the upcoming phases consist of? That's true But didn't you notice it? One of them had this whole aura thing going on.
What do you think, Satotz? Oh, yes.
I like the rookies this year.
Ha! So you agree? I think #294 has a good shot.
I'm partial to #99.
He looks like a selfish, spoiled brat.
What do you think, Buhara? Well He isn't a rookie, but #44 is the one I favor.
I'm sure you noticed, but when #255 was throwing a fit, it was #44 who was really on the verge of killing someone.
I did notice that, of course.
He could barely restrain himself from tearing off our heads.
But didn't you realize? He was already that way from the first moment we appeared.
Really? Yeah, that's the real reason I was so edgy.
He kept challenging me.
I had a similar experience.
He should be carefully monitored.
Though it pains me to admit this, we are birds of a feather with him.
However, his affinity for darkness is far stronger.
As Hunters, we are continually seeking out rivals.
Ultimately, the Hunter Exam is but a place to find opponents worthy of respect.
And every once in a while, we encounter someone who hits the floor running, when we try to slow things down.
An oddball of sorts.
Hey, there! Kids! Stay out of the kitchen! Go eat in the dining hall! Wow, awesome! Look, Gon! Hmm? What is it? Whoa! It's like the ground is covered in jewels! Yeah! Hey, I was wondering Hmm? Where are your mom and dad? Hmm They're alive.
What do they do? They're assassins.
Huh? Both of them? That's your first reaction? You really are a riot! Huh? You're the first person who's ever responded seriously.
Well, you're telling the truth, right? What makes you think that? It's just a hunch.
That's weird People only like me because they can't ever tell whether I'm serious.
I'm from a family of assassins.
So they're all assassins.
And my family has really high hopes for me But I can't stand it.
Who wants to have their life planned out for them? When I told them I wanted to decide my own future, they all snapped! My mother had tears streaming down her face, as she told me I have the potential to be a top assassin.
Horrible parents, right? It's natural their kid would go bad.
We ended up fighting.
So I stabbed my mother in the face, my brother in the side, and ran away from home.
I'm sure they're out for blood now.
But if they find me, I'll send them packing.
When I become a Hunter, I'll start by capturing my family.
I'm sure they're worth some hefty bounties Something wrong? Ah, Netero-san Did you see anyone coming from that side? No.
When did he You're pretty fast for an old man.
That little trick? I barely moved.
What do you want? You don't have to do anything until the last phase, right? No need to be so unkind.
I got bored, and was looking for some companions.
By the way, I meant to ask the two of you Any thoughts on your first attempt at the Hunter Examination? Uh-huh! It's fun! And there haven't been any of the written exams I was dreading.
I'm disappointed I expected the exam to be far more difficult.
I assume the next phase will be more entertaining? Well, now I wouldn't know about that.
Let's go, Gon! Now wait just a moment.
Would you care to play a game with me? A game? If you're able to defeat me, I shall let you be Hunters! Really? I'll play! How about it, eh? Hunter Vocabulary Netero Now, I'll go over the rules of the game.
If you can take this ball from me, before the airship reaches its destination, you win.
I believe that we're scheduled for an 8 AM arrival? Well, that still gives you nine hours.
You're free to attack me however you'd like.
I won't touch you.
Huh? That's too easy.
You can't call that a game.
Why not give it a try first? We just have to take the ball? Yeah.
Then I'll go first.
Go ahead.
He's looking down on me.
I see lots of Killuas! This is an assassination technique.
Rhythm Echo Practitioners use a certain rhythm to create after-images, confusing the enemy.
I am astonished that such a young child has already mastered that technique.
Damn, he keeps darting around.
Is he really an old man? What? That's it? In that case, I'll stop his movement! Ouch Right on his pivot leg! Ow! He didn't hold back with that kick.
If I were an ordinary person, that would have shattered my leg.
Damn His legs are hard as iron Killua! Tag! Tag! It's my turn! What will this kid try? He appears to be a very honest boy.
Okay! Oh He has a quick first step.
But he'd need another ten years before attacking me head-on.
I guess he is just a child.
Huh? From above? Ow! Idiot! We know that you can jump really high! Control your strength! For a moment, the old man relaxed his guard! No kidding He may appear simple-minded, but he clearly uses his head.
I messed up there.
They should keep me entertained until the morning.
Those two were pretty shaken.
I bet they're too nervous to get a wink of sleep They're sound asleep? You boys aren't getting anywhere.
Why not attack simultaneously? Why, you Okay I'll get you this time! Here they come.
Netero-san hasn't even broken a sweat.
Ow! So we can't beat him without subterfuge.
Your attacks are getting boring.
He kicked off his shoe to increase his range? A chance! I think not.
You and your little tricks! It's mine! I commend you on your efforts.
You're amazing, Netero-san! Really amazing! Forget it I give up.
I lose! Huh? Oh? He's quitting? Why? We still have time.
And just now, we came really close.
You really have no clue, do you? The old man has barely used his right hand and his left leg.
What? But we're still powerless against him.
We could chase him around for a year, and never take the ball from him.
Oh, you figured it out? And here, I thought I'd fooled you.
So that's what he was doing.
You really know how to piss me off, old man.
Let's go, Gon! Oh, I'm gonna play a little longer.
Huh? Didn't you hear what I said?! It's useless! You won't be able to take the ball from him! Yeah! I don't care about the ball.
We've only used up half of the time limit.
I'm gonna make Netero-san use his right hand before the time runs out.
I see Yeah, I got it.
Good luck.
I'm getting some sleep.
Say, Netero-san Hmm? How did Killua do that thing where he walked slowly, and it looked like there were a bunch of Killuas? That technique is for those engaged in underground work.
You have no need to learn it.
In fact, you should not learn it.
But it's an amazing technique, right? It requires an intensive amount of training.
Killua's really something! You fool.
Damn it! Now I'm in a bad mood.
Well, I guess there's nothing for it.
Wait up, kid.
You bump into us, and then ignore us? Bastard! If I hadn't stopped then, I'd have ended up killing that old man to get the ball.
Oh, he's moving faster.
Here it comes! He'll feint for the ball, but attack my stomach! O-Ouch! One more! If he head-butts me in the stomach again, he'll shatter his skull.
But if I relax my stomach, I'll be the one suffering.
I'll run away.
Ah, is he dead? You just used your right hand! I did it! Hooray Hello, helmsman? It's me.
Is the flight going well? I see.
I'm sorry to ruin it for you, but could you fly a little slower? During a game Netero proposed to kill time, he's seen something in Gon.
The airship and its 42 applicants approach the site of the exam's Third Phase.
Next time: Decision x By x Majority? Majority, majority Authority! Minority?