Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e08 Episode Script

Decision x By x Majority?

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! One more! You just used your right hand! I did it! Hooray Decision x By x Majority? Dawn breaks, as the airship carrying Gon and his friends approaches its destination.
The Third Phase of the Hunter Exam is about to begin.
I apologize for the long wait.
The airship will soon arrive at its destination.
Wow! Is that where the next test will be held? What is this place? There's nothing here.
Ahem Everyone, the exam's Third Phase will begin here, at the top of Trick Tower.
Trick Tower? To pass this phase, you must reach the tower's base alive.
The time limit is seventy-two hours.
With that, we will now begin the Third Phase.
I will pray for your success.
No way.
So it's finally my turn? Best of luck to everyone! Are we supposed to climb down? That would be suicide Maybe for a normal person.
But a top-class rock climber can handle this, no problem.
Wow He's going down pretty fast.
Looks like I'll be the first one to pass the Third Phase Stop! Stay away! Stop! Stop it! Help! G-Guess we can't climb down the side Yeah.
What's up? There are fewer people around.
What? I count twenty-three, which suggests almost half of the applicants have already found an exit.
No way.
When did they do that? That means there must be some hidden doors that lead below.
Kurapika! Leorio! What is it, Gon? Look.
I found a hidden door.
I see now.
So we can descend by flipping the stones.
Okay! Great job, Gon! Let's head on down! But I'm confused.
About what? There are also hidden doors here, there, over there, and over there, as well.
That many? Five hidden doors, located in the same area.
It sounds suspicious to me.
Some could be traps.
And it looks as though each door can only be used once Seriously? We tried opening a door someone else used, but it wouldn't budge.
Judging by the door's size, only one can fit at a time.
In other words, only one person can use each door.
We'll have to split up.
Gon and I decided that we're each going to choose a door.
No hard feelings if one of us springs a trap! What are you guys gonna do? I can live with that.
Luck is part of the game I have no objection.
Then that settles it.
Let's go, on the count of three.
I guess this is goodbye for now.
We'll meet up again, at the tower's base.
Let's go One! Two! Three! Huh? Huh? What? That was quite a brief farewell.
Oh, so all the doors led to the same room "The five of you must follow the will of the majority to reach the goal.
" Five of us? Look There are five stopwatches.
There's an O and an X button.
Could it be that we won't be able to leave this room until another person drops in? That is correct! Who's that?! My name is Lippo.
I am the prison warden here, as well as the Third Phase examiner.
Prison warden? Multiple routes through this tower have been prepared.
You have chosen the path of majority rule.
Cooperation will be key if you wish to clear this phase of the exam.
One person's selfish behavior can derail an entire group.
And you can't start until you have five members.
Best of luck, gentlemen! We can't move on until someone else arrives? What do we do? We have to wait, I guess Did you need something, warden? The test begins now.
Take your assigned positions.
Oh, come on! It's been two hours What if the others all took different routes? Only a fool would still be at the top of the tower! Calm down, Leorio.
Complaining won't help.
But What if no one shows up before we reach our time limit? Hey! I can't just sit here and Quiet! Huh? That sound Good grief Tonpa-san.
It's the old man.
Okay! I see.
So the door appears once five people arrive and put on the stopwatches.
"At this door, select O to open, X not to open.
" Forcing us to use majority rule already? The answer should be obvious What? Who pushed the X button? Sorry, that was me.
I pressed the wrong button by mistake.
Stop screwing around, old man! Are you blind? Like I said, it was an accident.
How can you accidentally press the wrong button?! It doesn't matter.
The door opened.
No, it does matter! This guy deliberately pressed the wrong button Let's go.
We don't have time to bicker.
That's right Even if he keeps pressing the wrong one, the rest of us just need to press the right one.
Okay, let's go! Damn Seriously Another question so soon? "Which way do you want to go? O for right.
X for left.
" Right Or left Huh?! Wh-Why would you choose to go right? Normally, you should go left That is true.
Studies have indicated that people who are lost or stuck at forks unconsciously tend to go left.
I've heard that before, too.
Wait! The numbers don't add up! Which button did you press? Right.
Y-You guys That's why they chose to go right To outfox the examiner.
If the examiner knows that people tend to go left, the left path will be more difficult.
So we're just simple-minded! We? Wh-What is this place? Look over there.
The applicants have arrived.
Remove the shackles.
Jeez I'm finally free.
Hunter Vocabulary Tonpa Allow me to explain, gentlemen.
Before you are some of Trick Tower's prisoners.
Prisoners? The Hunter Exam Committee has also officially hired them as examiners.
You will be fighting against the five of them.
The fights will be one-on-one.
Each person may only fight once.
You are free to use any method you like.
There will be no draws.
A win is declared when the opponent admits defeat.
You may pick your order.
It's majority rule.
So secure three wins, and you may pass.
The rules are simple.
Tsk Majority rule again? Well, I prefer straightforward rules.
However, the actual fights will not be quite so simple.
The prisoners' sentences will be reduced by one year, for every hour they delay the applicants here.
In other words, their goal is also to buy time.
I understand And we must reach the goal within seventy-two hours.
So time will be critical during these fights.
Okay, I'm up first.
Bendot Choose your combatant! What should we do? He said that we can fight with any method.
So that means anything goes.
We don't know what they'll try to pull There's too much at stake without knowing what they have up their sleeves.
Given that, I shall No, I'll go! Tonpa-san? I'll act as a guinea pig, so we can discover what they're up to.
Consider this an apology for before.
Hey, are you serious? Sure.
Plus, you guys don't actually trust me, right? Do you really want me to be the tiebreaker, when the score is 2-2? You have a point Then it's settled.
Tonpa, you're Th-That was a surprise I didn't expect Tonpa to volunteer.
He called himself a guinea pig.
Will Tonpa-san be okay? Now, let us determine the method of combat.
I propose a death match.
A death match? They fight until one dies? No Don't let him provoke you! Well? Very well I accept! Huh? Seriously? I commend you for your courage! T-Tonpa Let the fight begin! I I give! Huh? What? Did he just give up? M-Maybe he meant "Give me a sec"? What did you just say? You win if I admit defeat, right? I give up I lose! Wha Wha Wha All right I win this round.
If we win two more rounds, you lose.
You won't be able to advance or turn back.
You'll be stuck here until the seventy-two hours are up.
Should that come to pass, our sentences will be reduced by seventy-two years.
Man, that was a disgrace.
He looked a lot stronger up close Bastard You just confirmed all my suspicions! You're a worthless piece of trash, who's only good for sabotaging other applicants! Exactly.
That's what I do every year.
And I plan to continue the tradition.
Wh-What? I'm not looking to pass the Hunter Exam.
I'm only in it for the thrills.
The thrills? Yes.
The Hunter Exam is a trial meant to crush confident young people's dreams.
The moment of despair, when ambition and hope give way, gives me a sense of exquisite pleasure.
Especially when I'm actively shattering these rookies' dreams.
I don't plan on becoming a Hunter.
I've already had enough fun this year.
It's time for me to bow out.
You bastard Stop, Leorio! But They want us to waste our time, fighting amongst ourselves.
However, if their goal is to buy time, then the old man made the correct choice.
Huh? That bald guy is probably a former soldier or mercenary.
Had you fought him, he would have started by crushing your throat, so you couldn't have given up.
Then he would have tortured you, without killing you, for the rest of the remaining time Th-That was one of the possibilities I took into consideration You look sick.
My plan was disrupted.
I was going to take my time, punishing him Don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
Sedokan If we defeat two of the remaining four, then we win.
Regardless, we need to win three rounds and advance.
Who's going next? Me! I'll go! Are you sure? Uh-huh! The next opponent doesn't look too strong.
But you can't let your guard down.
He's still a criminal.
Uh-huh, I know.
Tonpa's actions have placed Gon and his friends at a disadvantage.
What is their next opponent, Sedokan, planning to do in this match? At the start of the Hunter Exam's Third Phase, there were 40 applicants.
With 1 eliminated, only 39 remain.
Next time: Beware x Of x Prisoners.
And watch your back! Be careful when you're out late.