Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e09 Episode Script

Beware x Of x Prisoners

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! I I give! Huh? What? Bastard You just confirmed all my suspicions! You're a worthless piece of trash, who's only good for sabotaging other applicants! Exactly.
That's what I do every year.
And I plan to continue the tradition.
I'm not looking to pass the Hunter Exam.
Beware x Of x Prisoners The Third Phase of the exam is taking place at Trick Tower, a prison for long-term prisoners.
Gon and his friends have chosen to partake in a five-on-five battle with some of the prisoners.
Due to Tonpa's actions, they've already suffered one loss.
The next round will pit Gon against Sedokan.
What will happen in the upcoming battle? Now, then Sedokan As you can see, I'm not very strong.
I don't really enjoy fistfights or other physical activities, such as running and jumping.
I do.
But I'm not too good at using my head.
As I thought.
So I came up with a simple game we could both play.
A game? Yes.
It doesn't rely on either mental or physical activity.
What kind of game? We each light a candle at the same time.
The one whose candle goes out first is the loser.
What do you think? Yeah! That's easy to understand.
Let's go with that.
In that case decide which candle you want to use.
Press O for the long one, or X for the short one.
This will be determined by majority rule.
We have to choose one? This is a trap! Normally, you'd choose the long one, so he must have done something to the long one! That would be the safe assumption.
But it might be a trick, and he's actually tampered with the short one.
When you put it like that Yes, there is no end You've got a real dilemma there.
You keep your mouth shut! Yeah, yeah.
When presented with a clearly uneven choice, people become suspicious and hesitate before deciding.
Yes, this is a real dilemma.
What's worse, if you make the wrong choice, the resulting mental anguish would be much greater than if the problem had offered two fair options.
Take your time.
This may be a majority decision, but you're free to discuss it.
We have plenty of time.
Hmm Hey, which one should I choose? Damn Which one should we take? Gon, you decide! We'll abide by your decision.
Choose the one you think is best.
Are you sure about this? He never thinks anything through.
Instead of wasting time fretting over what to do, let's rely on Gon's instincts.
Instincts, huh I get to choose? Okay! Then I choose the long one! You want the long candle? Because a longer candle will burn a longer time! Er, he's just taking it at face value? I knew he wouldn't think this through.
Well, that's that.
It's not like we can figure out which one is the trap.
You get the long one.
I'll take the short one.
Now, we light our candles together.
Normally, how long would it take that candle to burn down? Five to six hours? Whoa That was close.
A strong wind is coming from below.
That means we should watch our step No time to relax, huh If you don't pay attention, your candle will go out.
That's because you're planning to do something bad.
Otherwise, your candle would go out first.
I won't do anything.
After all I've already taken steps.
See? Hey! Look at Gon's candle! The flame suddenly became stronger! He must have hidden gunpowder or some other highly flammable substance inside, to make the candle burn faster! H-Hot At this rate, his candle will only last another two or three minutes.
Damn! Hey! That was dirty! I knew you tampered with the long candle! Heh, you're wrong.
I had four candles prepared.
The dilemma you faced was mere camouflage for the actual trap.
You were given the impression that only one candle had been interfered with.
The choices were so uneven, you didn't consider the possibility that both had been.
It didn't matter which candle you picked.
Either way, I would have handed you an oil-soaked candle.
If the fire is stronger, then a little breeze won't extinguish it.
He's fast! I win! Yes! Oh, he has a real spring to his step.
And the ability to take advantage of a bad situation.
I'm impressed by this boy.
Yay! I won! Good job, Gon! Now we have a win! Once Kurapika and I win, we can advance! Hmph, you fool.
That's the result of reliance on tools and cheap tricks.
If you want to fool someone, you have to sacrifice a bit.
Just watch.
All right.
I'll go next.
Hunter Vocabulary Lippo I'm next! Majitani That's one freaky body And face Look here! I've killed nineteen people, but it bugs me that nineteen is such an uneven number.
I'm so glad I've gotten to meet number twenty.
Now we have a serial killer? I insist that we put our lives on the line.
I won't accept some half-assed contest.
Blood! Entrails! Agony! Well? You must be scared now Very well.
Huh? You can decide how we settle this contest.
I'll agree to your choice.
O-Oh You've got balls.
Hmph I know you're quaking in your boots.
How long can you maintain the tough guy act? In that case, I also propose a death match, where we fight until one of us surrenders or dies.
However, don't expect me to stop when you surrender and beg for your life! Well? Surely you're scared stiff now? Very well.
I accept.
Huh? Let us begin.
Is he an idiot? Didn't he hear what I said? We're fighting to the death! Wait, he should have been scared once he saw me! Hold on.
I forgot to mention something.
No weapons allowed.
We'll beat each other to death with our fists.
After all, while I may be hired as an examiner, I'm still a prisoner.
I'm not allowed to carry weapons.
I see.
I understand.
Anything else? If not, I'd like to get started.
Huh? That little bastard He had a concealed weapon! That was close.
However, it appears that he doesn't rely on it.
He's that confident in his fighting ability? No, that doesn't seem to be the case.
Hmph, maybe he wants to run, but he can't in front of his friends.
Or he's so stupid, he can't even imagine how scary I am? Yes! That must be it Well, in that case, I have a couple of cards up my sleeve for dealing with such fools.
Hey, now.
Is Kurapika gonna be okay? This guy looks dangerous.
In what way does he look dangerous? As far as I can tell, this guy's just a blowhard who doesn't have the guts to hit anyone, let alone kill anyone.
You don't need to worry.
Huh? Why not? Because when I look at him, I don't get chills.
What does that mean? Time to show you the ace up my sleeve! I'll see you dead! Here he comes! Wow He made a hole in the floor with his bare fist! That was perfect And I still have one more trick.
A tattoo of a spider with twelve legs That's Yeah, I recognize it.
Anyone aspiring to become a Hunter has heard of it.
That's the symbol worn by members of that notorious band of evil thieves, the Phantom Troupe! Really? Yeah, definitely.
They're famous.
I heard about them straight from Kurapika.
Between the steel implanted in my body that gives my arms the strength to shatter rock, and the Phantom Troupe symbol After seeing both, no one would want to fight me! What's wrong? Cat got your tongue? I'm Majitani, one of the Phantom Troupe's four kings! Consider that first strike my way of saying hello.
This is your last chance to surrender.
I'm still willing to Huh? Wh-What's wrong with you? Huh? Wh-What? O-O-Okay Wait! I get it! I surrender! Consider this a warning First, a real Phantom Troupe tattoo has the member's number on the spider.
Second, they don't bother counting how many they've killed.
Third, never mention the Troupe again.
If you do, I'll kill you.
Wow Kurapika Well, saw that coming from a mile away.
Yup You okay, Kurapika? Yeah, I'm not injured.
Also, is it safe for us to be near you? From the moment I saw him, I knew he was weak.
And mentally, I knew that tattoo was a fake.
But as soon as I saw that spider, everything in my sight turned red Well, I can't really blame you.
Actually, to tell the truth Hmm? Even when I see a real spider, my personality changes, and I enter a frenzy.
You should have told us sooner But this means that the rage in me remains as strong as ever.
I suppose I should be happy.
We should keep Kurapika away from spiders.
Damn you, Majitani You were completely worthless.
His facial scars were from a botched plastic surgery operation.
That's one hell of a fraud.
Hey, you understand, right? After two losses, our backs are against the wall.
Let me handle it.
I have a good idea.
Okay! I'll secure our victory! Kurapika has defeated Majitani.
Another win, and they will clear this trial.
How will Leorio handle the next challenge? Next time: Trick x To The x Trick! The trick to the trick is to trick I can't say it.
Don't just give up.