Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e10 Episode Script

Trick x To The x Trick!

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! Consider this a warning First, a real Phantom Troupe tattoo has the member's number on the spider.
Second, they don't bother counting how many they've killed.
Third, never mention the Troupe again.
If you do, I'll kill you.
Trick x To The x Trick Leorio has volunteered for the fourth round.
If he wins, the group's victory is assured.
But can he win? Okay! I'll finish up the job.
Toss that guy out, and send in your next competitor! We can't do that.
What's that? We can't move him yet, because his match hasn't been settled.
The match hasn't been settled? What do you mean? He's still alive.
He was only knocked out.
Did you forget? This was a death match.
The fight doesn't end until one contestant surrenders or dies.
He's still alive, and he hasn't surrendered.
Tsk Damned technicalities! But she's right.
I agree.
I see Hey, Kurapika! Go finish off that worthless trash.
I refuse.
Huh? Why?! The fight is over.
He'd already lost his will to fight when I punched him.
I will not fight someone who's lost.
Screw that! Then what do we do? They're claiming that the match hasn't ended! Let him handle it.
Huh?! Once he wakes up, we'll have our answer.
Hey, now We only have so much time left.
We can't afford to just sit and wait! I have no intention of killing him! Come on! Hey If you don't want to dirty your hands, I'll do it.
Killua? You haven't ever killed anyone before, right? Are you scared? I have never considered whether murder is frightening.
But this is a one-on-one battle.
You aren't permitted to interfere.
Okay, then But we're working as a team, so you shouldn't be too selfish.
Oh! You do say useful things sometimes! Keep it up! Don't you understand that you're screwing up our chances? I'm sorry, but I won't change my mind.
You stubborn fool Fine! A majority decision O to kill him, and X to leave him alive.
Ready, and Why isn't it working?! Maybe it's because we're asking the question? Huh? The watches only work for questions presented by the examiners.
I see Okay! Then we'll use a show of hands! Those who agree that he should be finished off Now! You traitor Weren't you just lecturing Kurapika with me? We're supposed to be a team A team! But it's pointless! He's not gonna change his mind.
Hey, Gon! Why do you oppose killing him? Kurapika's right.
He was on the verge of surrendering.
Let's wait for him to wake up.
We don't know how long that will take.
I should just You shouldn't force others to do things.
Different people have different circumstances and ideals.
No one asked your opinion.
Hey A majority ruling implies that you're asking everyone's opinion.
Damn it! Fine! Do whatever you want! Leorio Man, what's wrong with these people? Now he's sulking.
None of this matters if we can't even progress.
Don't you people get it? Just leave him alone.
Fools They've fallen for the trap of the majority decision.
You would expect it to be easier for five people who've just met to make decisions by majority rule.
While this method appears to revere each individual opinion, in actuality, it suppresses the minority.
When a person consistently finds himself in the minority, his opinion is always rejected.
His alienation, anger, and discontent lead to antagonism.
Eventually, the team dissolves.
After all, we're rivals in this Hunter Exam.
None of us would just stand by and watch, as our chances were hurt by someone else's dumb mistakes.
But having been caught up in the spirit of this test, he's begun using majority decision in unrelated situations.
And he made the mistake of holding a discussion before the vote.
He even used majority decision in its worst form, a public show of hands.
Unlike when people press the buttons of their own watches, everyone knows who diverged from the majority.
So the minority can't even protest the decision.
When someone feels they have no say, and that their opinions are constantly rejected, the group breaks down.
In this case, it means all five of us will fail the exam.
It's just a matter of time.
The atmosphere on the other side is gloomy.
I've been waiting for you Hisoka.
I'm not an examiner this year.
I'm here for revenge.
Since last year's exam, all I've focused on was killing you.
Today, I'll get payback for my scars! Hmph.
Those scars merely show that you were an incompetent examiner.
You're blaming me for your own inadequacies.
Keep yapping! Prepare to die.
Dual wielding? Infinite quad wielding! Take this It's not over yet! Up, down, left, right.
Front and back You have nowhere to run! You'll be cut from every angle, by my endless stream of blades.
Dodging my infinite attack waves is impossible! I'll have you writhe in pain until you die, Hisoka! It would indeed be difficult to dodge your attacks.
Thus, I should simply stop the blades.
Impossible It took me over half a year to master catching those blades! Oh It was easier than anticipated.
I appreciate your futile efforts.
Damn it! Hunter Vocabulary Hisoka Hisoka, applicant #44, is the first to pass the Third Phase.
Total time, six hours and seventeen minutes.
Tsk Is something wrong, Gon? Uh-huh.
I get it Hey It's quite possible that he's already dead.
What's that? Well, it's been several hours, and he hasn't moved an inch.
Damn It's too far away for us to tell.
Hey! We want to check his body! What's that? He could already be dead.
I already told you, he's only unconscious.
How many hours has it been? I can't just take your word for it! Then let's make a bet.
A bet? On what? On whether he's dead or alive.
What would we wager? Time.
Time? We will settle our match through a betting game, a gamble.
And we'll use time, rather than chips.
Look at the monitor on the wall.
We each have fifty hours.
However, we can only wager multiples of ten.
We continue placing bets until one of us has no hours left.
A match where we gamble time We'll take turns deciding what to bet on.
If you end up with zero hours, your time limit will also be shortened by fifty hours.
And if you end up with zero hours? Our sentences will be extended by fifty years.
If these terms are acceptable, I'll check whether he's still alive.
Leroute Serving a 112-year sentence for endangered species trafficking and illegal gambling.
This match sounds like her kind of game.
Man, this chick is whack.
She's willing to risk extending her own sentence.
Consider your answer carefully, Leorio.
If you lose, we'll have fifty fewer hours with which to escape the tower.
You shouldn't talk After all, this is your fault, for not finishing him off! Fine! I won't say another word! Hey, we shouldn't fight amongst ourselves! Keep fighting, keep fighting Right! I accept! Okay! I chose our first bet, so you can decide how many hours we'll wager on whether he's alive or dead.
I bet ten hours that he's alive.
What's this? You were the one whining over his being dead.
Very well.
Then let's check.
You're being pretty cautious Weren't you going to not say anything else? Ten hours, huh? This was the obvious choice.
Even if I'm wrong, as long as we confirm his death, Kurapika will have won his round.
If he's really unconscious, I'll just kick his ass.
See? He's only unconscious.
So it seems.
All right Leorio has the lead! This is bad.
Huh? It's possible he isn't going to wake up.
What do you mean? Remember when that woman walked near the guy on the floor? What of it? I thought then that he was already dead.
But on second thought, they'd obviously prefer him alive, but remaining unconscious.
If he doesn't wake up before the test ends, it shortens their sentences by seventy-two years.
So if he doesn't wake up That's my point! That's been their intention all along.
Well, it's your turn.
Decide what we'll bet on.
Let's see How about we bet on whether he's truly unconscious? Huh? I see.
Hey, what am I supposed to do? The note didn't cover this.
When I woke up, a note next to me told me to feign unconsciousness, and to hide the note in my mouth.
I understood the plan immediately.
If I can buy time by pretending to be asleep, our sentences will be shortened by seventy-two years! So, then what do I do? Should I stay down? Very well.
I bet twenty hours that he really is unconscious.
Okay, got it I'm supposed to keep acting like I'm unconscious! But how do we confirm whether he's really unconscious? Oh That's simple.
This guy's heavy I'll just toss him off the edge.
Wh-What the hell?! If he's actually unconscious, he'll fall to his death.
Are you insane? His match hasn't been settled yet.
We can't accept those terms.
Don't worry.
If he falls and dies, we'll forfeit the match, which will give you two wins.
Is that satisfactory? Yes, it is.
What was that? Don't be ridiculous We're talking about my life here! But then I'm changing my wager.
I bet forty hours that he isn't unconscious.
Everything I have left.
Heh, little sneak.
Finally showing your true colors.
Then, I'll let go of him.
Whoa! Wait! I'm awake! I'm awake Don't let go! Wait! Whoa I'm gonna fall! Good morning.
You people are crazy.
I've had enough! I'll take the loss! Forget the sentence reduction! It's safer in prison You knew that he was awake.
I actually aspire to become a doctor.
All I had to do was check his eye movement.
However, you're down to twenty hours.
But now we have a 2-1 lead.
Now It's your turn! What do you want to bet on? Majitani surrenders, giving Gon and his friends a 2-1 lead.
However, in the time-betting match, they're down 80-20.
What will Leroute choose to bet on? Next time: Trouble x With The x Gamble! Bulldog Bulldog Bulldog scramble!