Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e11 Episode Script

Trouble x With The x Gamble

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! Then, I'll let go of him.
Whoa! Wait! I'm awake! I'm awake Don't let me go! However, you're down to twenty hours.
But now we have a 2-1 lead.
Now It's your turn! What do you want to bet on? Trouble x With The x Gamble In the five-on-five battle with the prisoners, Gon and his friends lead 2-1.
They're one win away from victory.
The fourth round is a series of wagers, with time as the stakes.
What will they bet on next? Well, are you going to tell me what the next bet will be? Or have you lost your nerve because I've figured out your scheme? Very well.
Leroute and endangered species trafficking H-Huh? She's really cute That old guy's probably dancing on the inside.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Then let's bet on whether I'm a man or a woman.
Huh? What's wrong? Is there a problem? N-No.
She's obviously a woman Or could she be a tranny? No, she's gotta be a woman.
That's fine, but how will you prove if I'm wrong? Oh, right I'll let you examine every part of my body.
Until you're fully satisfied.
Seriously? Her body? Leorio will bet she's a man.
Huh? Why? Okay, I've decided.
I bet ten hours that you're a man! I knew it.
Dirty old man Huh? But how did you know? This way, even if I'm wrong, and it turns out she's female, I'll still get to examine her body! It's a win-win situation.
Actually, please be wrong There you have it.
I get it now.
Okay! Reveal the answer! Too bad I'm a woman.
R-Really? Would you like to check? B-B-But of course! A mistake I do not regret.
Just watching hurts He's gonna lose.
Huh? The opponent has seen through Leorio's strategy.
He's been betting conservatively, to minimize damage from either outcome.
A gambler who focuses on avoiding a loss won't ever win.
I guess Leorio just doesn't have what it takes.
As expected.
His approach to gambling doesn't frighten me at all.
He'll never beat me that way.
Now it's your turn to think of a gamble.
What do you want to bet on? This is no time to celebrate.
I only have ten hours left Leorio has no more room for error.
If he loses the next wager, the overall score will be 2-2.
And we will have fifty fewer hours to escape this tower.
Leorio I can't lose the next bet, but I can't think of anything that'd be a surefire win Oh, that's it! We can bet on whether I'm a man or a woman.
No, that wouldn't work Hey, old man You're thinking aloud.
I know.
Leorio! Huh? How about whether or not you're still in your teens? Come on, Gon! I don't look that old I'm clearly a teenager! T-Teenager? But he looks like an old man.
Right! In that case, we'll use rock-paper-scissors! A bet on who'll win a game of rock-paper-scissors! Sure.
Rock-paper-scissors? Why did he have to pick such a difficult wager? Huh? Rock-paper-scissors is hard? I happen to be quite confident in my rock-paper-scissors skill.
Just recently, I won a gourmet vacation in a tournament in the shopping district.
Let's see, then.
I'll put eighty hours on my victory.
E-Eighty hours? Is something wrong? I'm free to bet as much as I want.
W-Well, that's true.
And if you lose, I can still only take ten from you.
Don't worry.
She doesn't need to bet eighty.
Ten would suffice.
What if she loses? Or is she that confident? As anticipated, he's starting to stress.
He's so easy to read.
While rock-paper-scissors has simple rules, the game itself is quite complex.
If you consider the game from a probability standpoint, there's only a one-third chance of losing.
However, if your opponent can predict your reasoning and control your reactions, defeat becomes much more likely.
In other words, simple-minded Leorio will be at a disadvantage.
I see.
All right! I've made my decision.
What? It's obvious what you'll use.
I can read minds.
Liar! Your bluffing won't scare me! You'll believe me soon enough.
As planned, he's losing his cool over a blatant lie.
She can read minds? She's lying.
She must be lying But what if she's telling the truth? Leorio will use rock.
Huh? Let's do this! Rock Paper Scissors! You were right.
Good guess.
Nervous people unconsciously avoid any action that involves opening up.
In other words, by making Leorio uncomfortable, she ensures that he's less likely to use paper.
So if she sticks with rock, she's guaranteed a win or draw.
As I was explaining, rock-paper-scissors is actually a mind game.
Now I see.
Hold on.
Since we both used rock, wasn't that a draw? What of it? A-ha! So you were lying about being able to read my mind! If you really could, you'd have won.
Right? What's so funny? I deliberately gave you that tie.
Quit lying! Did you forget? We're trying to stall you here.
If I chose to, I could force an indefinite series of draws But that wouldn't be any fun.
So I'll end this with the next turn.
Well? What will you use next? Think hard.
Come on.
Damn! That's it.
When someone loses confidence, they crave reassurance.
That makes him more likely to either use the same hand, or, in an effort to regain his confidence, to use a stronger one than in the previous round.
Meaning that she wants Leorio to choose either rock or paper.
If she uses paper, she's certain not to lose.
Then Leorio just needs to stay a step ahead! Well, if he could calm down, that might work.
Leorio! What is it? Hey, you'll win if you go with scissors next! What? Scissors? Go ahead and try.
Then she'll just use rock.
No, she'll go a step further and choose paper.
Wait, then she'll take another step and use scissors No, no, then she'll take another step and use rock Man, I have no idea what to think! Here we go! Here comes the draw! I win! Rock-paper-scissors really is complicated.
Now the score is 2-2.
Worse yet, we have to give up the fifty hours he lost.
I was pretty confident in my rock-paper-scissors ability.
Pretty pathetic showing, then.
What was that?! Well, I can't argue with you on this one.
Say, how much time do they have left now? Fifty-nine hours, forty-five minutes.
Which means they actually have fewer than ten hours left.
It doesn't matter how much time they have.
Because my opponent will die.
Hunter Vocabulary Rock-Paper-Scissors It's finally time for the last round.
Guess I'm off.
What? Killua? What's that supposed to mean? Damn it! I really needed to win my round Gon This guy is totally pissing me off! Now, now.
Don't give up before we even know what the contest is.
Well, if it's something like mental math, I'm surrendering.
That's right! Depending on the opponent, we still have a chance! That little kid is their last member.
Never thought I'd see him fall prey to that monster.
Poor thing.
He's still so young.
I didn't want to use him.
However, the Hunter Exam has no mercy.
If he dies here, that's fate.
I'm removing his handcuffs.
You guys are getting too scared Idiot, stop! Is he really that terrifying? Isn't it all just ancient history? That guy You know him? We should take the loss.
Killua! Don't fight him.
Why not? Johness the Dissector.
Johness The worst mass murderer in Zaban's history.
He chose his victims randomly.
It was a famous case met with brutal deaths by his hand.
The victims had one thing in common.
He murdered all of them with his bare hands.
He was known for his iron grip, the power in his fingers.
It's been so long since I touched human flesh.
You don't have to face that psychotic killer There's always next year.
Hey, Killua Killua! Damn it, was he even listening to me?! We should let him go.
He could have a plan.
How are we settling this contest? Contest? I believe you're confused.
This will be a one-sided massacre.
I have no interest in the exam or any offer of amnesty.
I just want to hear you scream.
Really? Okay.
Then the loser is the one who dies.
Yeah, that's right.
I'll tear your body apart.
Wh-What? I'm so cold.
That's mine.
G-Give it back.
That's three wins, two losses.
We pass, right? Yeah, you win.
By the way, you must be itching for some action, since you didn't get to do anything.
Want to play with me? I'll abstain.
Oh, okay.
Who is he? That's right.
You guys don't know.
Huh? Don't know what? Killua comes from an elite family of assassins.
Eh? A-An elite family of assassins? I'm back.
What? Uh Well, good work! Across the bridge, you'll find a small room.
You must spend the fifty hours you gambled away there.
Well, let's go.
Yeah! R-Right Gittarackur, applicant #301, is the second to pass.
Total time, twelve hours and two minutes.
I figured you'd already crossed the finish line.
All right! Hanzo, applicant #294, is the third to pass.
I'm the first to finish! Huh? Total time, twelve hours and three minutes.
No! I don't believe this I came in third.
Good grief.
We have to spend fifty hours in this room? Killua.
Huh? Can you tell me how that technique works? Technique? The one you used to instantly remove his heart.
Oh, that wasn't even a technique.
I just ripped it out.
Ripped it out? But to make it easier, I manipulated my body a bit.
Y-Your nails Wow! Mass murderers are still only amateurs.
I used to be a professional.
But my old man would've done better.
When he removes a heart, you won't see even a drop of blood.
How reassuring.
As long as he's on our side Well, then.
We have more than two whole days.
What should we do, Killua? First, we should search the room for any kind of entertainment.
Yeah! Man, you kids don't have a care in the world.
Gon's team of five has passed the trial, with three wins and two losses.
However, they must spend the fifty-hour penalty in this small room.
They're running out of time.
Next time: Last x Test Of x Resolve! Think like a fish! You can do that? Yep!